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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 132946699194.jpg - (6.78KB , 224x224 , imagesCA0CUT0Y.jpg )
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This is a neat program, the art looks just like the original characters, im enjoying the interactions between the differant ponies. But... I was wondering if you'd have the chance, in a newer version that you can add some more interactions. Such as:

-> If Rarity isen't on the screen and Spike and Twilight is on the screen, that Spike will follow Twilight around.

->When Rainbow Dash and Applejack are in close range, they do the "Spit on hooves" Brony clutch. And sometimes Arm wrestle.

->(This one might be too much) When Nightmare moon is on the screen, the main six of the ponies avoid her by running away, or will try and fight her.

-> Add Owlicious in the pet section, so Twilight has a pet to follow her around too.

-> When Diamond Tiara and the cutey mark crusaders are on the screen, Diamond Tiara will harrass them.

File 132891359935.png - (77.39KB , 359x347 , 82952 - mic_the_microphone music rap.png )
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This is Rusty Bucket, aka. DJRBDash, from a while ago and I wanted to do this project from what the events that our young MictheMicrophone has been having.

Couple nights ago, he opened his paypal up for donation so he can go to BronyCon this Summer during his livestream, and soon, he got around more than $1000+ dollars. This led to him crying, speechless, and thankings to everypony that was there.

The day after, he feels that the ones who donated too much we're too generous, and plans to refund most of the large donations, while he thanks us still.

MictheMicrophone thanks us too much, but we thank him too little, so I thought of this project during class today

It's basically a little similar to his THANK YOU RAP that he made a couple months ago, and I felt this needed to be done
(P.S. If this is probably ignored, I'll probably just do this myself)

Basically, the song is "Been Dreamin'" by TheLivingTombstone and there are two parts in the song with 16 bars each.
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>> No. 33986
Another Quick Update:

Having 8 people do 2 bars each is good, but I've noticed something in Mic's and my own version of this rap, the ending is different.

This means that I need somepony to do those last 2 bars, SPECIFICALLY, like that!

Whoever does it first get's that slot automatically, so first come first serve as well~
>> No. 34002
Unfortunately i have to drop out of this. I just can't get a hold of a working mic. sorry everpony :(
>> No. 34127
Soooooo, how was everypony's day?~

File 132892996217.png - (14.34KB , 138x118 , rect4262.png )
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Howdy howdy! I've already begun work on an animation that's a little homage to the crucifixion scene from Life of Brian. However, I need a little help!

Specifically, lady help. Hearing Applejack sing in Eric Idle's voice is funny the first couple times, but I'd much rather she sound like Applejack. You see where I'm going with this? Sure you do.

I happen to have an instrumental version right here:

So... if you supply the sound, I'll create the cartoon. Sound fun? :)

Also my Skype ID is "gesmehod", if that helps.
>> No. 33730
Oh silly me, that's not the instrumental. This is the instrumental.
>> No. 34108
File 132939102803.png - (171.88KB , 405x415 , poike.png )
>> No. 34116
File 132941103036.jpg - (21.40KB , 420x238 , badabumtiss.jpg )

File 132919374300.jpg - (868.83KB , 627x1990 , RAINBOWS.jpg )
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Ahhh, just got done with it. My fingers are absolutely burnt to hell from making the wings, and the wig was a pain to style.

Wings are made of actual feathers, dyed light blue with Kool-Aid. They're adjustable with use of wiiiire, herp.

I unfortunately realized too late after buying it that the cutie mark is actually colored in the wrong order. Buuut, it's okay. ; 3;

The outfit is based off of a popular human RD design by suirobo on DeviantArt.

U-uhrm... Thoughts on the wings?

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>> No. 34082
OP again

I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY agree. It's been bugging me how light they are. But on the test feather, the kool-aid would either not alter it at all, or make it a royal blue that is much too dark and bright for Dash. So I had to give up an settle. OTL

I'll have to test out different ways to color them next time if I ever remake them~!


Thanks for the feedback by the way, guys. c:
>> No. 34087
I think it's totally RD. It might not be the fan's humanised version of RD, but quite frankly that's the fans problem. I'm not even sure what's 'too sexy' about it. It's a sportsy type top that you'd see in a gym, and short shorts which sporty chicks wear all the time.
>> No. 34115
File 132941089839.jpg - (31.87KB , 233x423 , tumbs.jpg )
Whatever you are doing...keep doing it because this looks awesome =)

File 132865519908.jpg - (47.30KB , 375x523 , TwilightSparkleCard.jpg )
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Sometimes I like to make Pokemon cards based on things like Anime and Video Games. I decided to make some based on MLP, and I thought you guys might like to see them. The tool I use for this is... kind of limited, and doesn't look great, but it's better than nothing, I suppose. There was a tool I used to use that was MUCH better (and you can see the difference if you look at some of my earlier cards), but the site got taken down.

Anyway, I'll upload my MLP cards here (just the Mane 6... for now) and if you like them, check out some of my older cards, here:

(Old, better tool)

(New, less awesome tool)
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>> No. 33678
Yeah, I was planning on doing some more, but I haven't yet.
>> No. 34065
File 132933756435.png - (30.04KB , 197x194 , 130522899636.png )
Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy should be flying type. Pinkie's card makes me giggle, but if you're going for a professional look, I would advise against using stock art directly from the show or promotional material.
>> No. 34113
There is no flying type card...
And uh... What, do you want me to draw them or something? Cause I can't.

File 132875717271.png - (408.51KB , 848x1094 , CreepingDarknes.png )
33611 No. 33611 [View]
I'm pleased to announced that Pen Stroke's story, Creeping Darkness, will be made into a fan-made 15-part animated mini-series! This is an open crew-and casting call to the ever-talented Brony/Pegasister community, because for this production to go underway, animators and voice actors will be needed. Before we can begin production, we're going to need key positions filled:

Executive Producer: The_Cinema_Pony
Director: The_Cinema_Pony
Assistant Director: *Anonymous Brony*
Writing Adaption Team: The_Cinema_Pony & *Anonymous Brony*

Animation Director: (Open)
Animator: (Open)
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>> No. 34083
I found this for zane:
>> No. 34090
I don't have voice samples for them off hand, and just for the record, Zane has been cast. I'm going to have an updated post up soon, with the cast and crew thus far listed.
>> No. 34094
I could stand in for the dark presence voice...
I could upload vocaroo or whatever tomorrow.
It's the middle of the night and my roommate would probably not like to be awoken now =)

My skype is pantless_ninja if you need to contact me for any reason.

File 132754241154.jpg - (5.92KB , 536x272 , manehattan.jpg )
32527 No. 32527 [View]

Me an another friend have been thinking; there's no all in one pony site. Think Bulbapedia. But 20% cooler! So we where planning it (She came up with the name) and I was wondering if y'alls would help out. We would have:

> Forums
> A wiki
> A section with links to other sites
> A blog

And that's just for starters. We'd be using a Cloud IDE called ShiftEdit, so that anypony online can work on it, if they so desire. People who help code would get a percentage of the profits from ads on the site, and could become administrators on the forums. We're ideally looking for the following kinds of people:

> People who can do graphics, and preferably have access to a drawing tablet.
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>> No. 33038

So whenever you act like a pretentious jerk to others is OK, but when other people treats you the same you start squealing and demanding justice and the same respect you deny to others.

I agree with >>32699 as people like you are the worst kind of person to create a community, as their immaturity and paper-thin feelings makes them start banning people out or bully others for not thinking the same as you.

In other words, "nightmare site" was a pretty accurate description and your reaction was a great preview of what to expect there.

No thanks indeed.
>> No. 34076
ohai sock puppet
>> No. 34084
Proof, please?
Also, why would you necropost just to start a fight that isn't even yours?

I've noticed you like to play devil's advocate and it would be good for everypony here if you could just stop doing that.

File 132872008247.png - (127.60KB , 1054x799 , Fighting_Is_Magic-2012-02-08_16_46_51.png )
33580 No. 33580 [View]
Me and Another programmer are doing a make a complete game in a month, For this we have deiced to make a quick and rough version of "Fighting Is Magic" but in a more "NES" Style. However when going though code dev, We lost our artist. We are in urgent need of one.
If you can make art (Like what is going to the first post of this thread.) Then please get in contact with us.

You can find me at:
[email protected] (Email)
benjojo12 (Skype)
benjojo207 (Steam)

You will be given full and major credit when the game is done (As one of the top 3)
Thank you for reading.
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>> No. 33776
For time reasons we are just doing AJ and RD.
We basically need sprite sheets in the same style of DTP but ~general fighting~ (Like kicking, Jumping. Special combo etc) If think there is a better way to do the art style then we are more than welcome for suggestions
>> No. 33974
Still no one up for the offer?
>> No. 34040
Ok, Me and the other programmer have decided to halt the project. It's a waste of time unless we can find somepony to help us out.

File 132854335232.png - (6.16KB , 520x397 , Chip\'s_Challenge.png )
33453 No. 33453 [View]
Have you ever played a game called Chips Challenge? It was one of those old classic Windows games from back in the day of Win95 (also had a rep even predating that period.. but I remember it from Windows 95)

Basically you played as a boy named Chip and you ventured around a large series boards collecting computer chips, avoiding obstacles and solving puzzles. The premise of the game was that you, as Chip wanted to join a club hosted by Melinda the Mental Marvel. But in order to do so you'd have to complete her challenge.

And now to the real topic of this thread which is a bronified version of this game! The Great and Powerful Trixie has her own special club and for you to be able to join it you'll have to accept her challenge and enter her magical Game of DOOOOM

I was thinking of who the player would be in the game, and its a mix between Snips&Snails or Sethisto from EqD (because, you know, I like kissing major plot for attention :P herp derp... )

The graphics would certainly be revamped to have a more fitting Pony-ish theme and besides collecting computer chips, maybe the player could collect wizard hats or crystal balls or something.
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>> No. 34004
Dont worry! I'm making it! xD

atm its just a small bit at a time though. A kind of before bed project where I add a few lines of code/graphics. But since it'll be such a small simplistic program it shouldn't even require even that much ;)
>> No. 34010
You could have this story instead with Spike collecting gems for Rarity, but maybe that's Spike's quest...
>> No. 34011
actually, Spikes Quest is a Metroidvania style game where Spike sets off into a subterranean world to rescue the main six from The Diamond Dogs (there's way more to the story than that, but that's for another topic. c_c)

And again, I really like to keep the story involving Trixie and her 'club' because its a perfect mirror to Melinda the Mental Marvel and her computer club)

thanks for the suggestion though! :)

File 132834805886.gif - (9.84KB , 72x288 , FirstPonymation.gif )
33302 No. 33302 [View]
Hey everypony, Clutter Trot, the head of the Role Pony Game project here. Because I recently got a new gif animator, and since I haven't posted here in forever, I figure I drive into some of the aspects of using flash to draw your graphics.

Unlike most ponies, I'm using Flash to draw my sprites instead of using raster graphics, the main benefit of doing this is that the sprites will look more like they do on the show. Also, because I'm using repeated symbols, it makes editing the template much faster than conventional methods because if I edit one instance of a symbol, all other instances of that symbol follow suit.

However, one of the problems with drawing your sprite sheets in Flash is that the exports are going to be off by sub pixels, meaning you can not correct the incongruities in MS paint or some such program. Don't even try, you'll just make it worse. This is because the pixels are rendered where they should be, but the colors blend in such a way the appearance of unintended swaying is induced.

Now the template is farther along than this one, it's just what I had ready and I wanted to play with my new thing.
>> No. 34005
File 132922222252.gif - (10.16KB , 72x288 , 37.gif )
Here's a latest version by the way. Only 10 days later.

File 132919880584.jpg - (68.78KB , 500x500 , 132619201007 - Copy.jpg )
33998 No. 33998 [View]
It took me a month and day without sleep but I made this myself in time.

I wanted to share it with my fellow bronies. So what do you think?
>> No. 33999
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 34118
File 132941378928.png - (26.55KB , 945x945 , PinkieShrug.png )
Needs more pony.

File 130652894873.jpg - (107.39KB , 1280x720 , Ponyville.jpg )
8123 No. 8123 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Going to try tackling this, if anypony can help me get an accurate map of ponyville please contribute
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>> No. 33895

I was actually thinking of making a map of ponyville as well, because I saw a map of Ponyville, and it was rather horrifying.

So i started looking for a decent overview map of ponyville, and i've come accross this page and see youre already in development.

I was also thinking of making a king of the hill map with the town hall as the point.

I havnt worked with hammer really before, i've been learning it these past few days, and well 3D modling to create buildings, ( ie Maya, 3dmax, ect) I cant do my self. I have though, been lookin into learning maya, i was starting to work with it to make a tree similar to the show, using textures i would create from the show and edit them to fit properly with the game.

I have really only worked with KillingFloors Sdk, and i usually make everything using brushes and not using a 3d moddling program.
>> No. 33901
I've been working on a 3d model of poNyville over the last week or so.


I started with the fan made map on deviantart, but I then adjusted it to correct its horrible inaccuracies and add season 2 locales lie the hospital.
>> No. 33979
File 132917965502.gif - (32.85KB , 600x683 , 110536 - animated artist_madmax boot boot_to_the_head clapping clopplauding Lyra vermin_supreme.gif )
Woah, back from the dead, my name isn't even the same as earlier :D

Anyhoo, I didn't mention earlier that I have experience with Google Sketchup. It's not the ideal program for map creation, but I could help with the model creation if needed.
As for porting those models into something like TF2....
Yep, somepony else will have to handle that.

File 132913987015.doc - (93.50KB , CodexEq_doc_doc.doc )
33959 No. 33959 [View]
I've been working on a 40k codex for MLP:FiM but I need some help. I've written bios and a short history and while feedback on those would be great I really need people to play test it so I can balance points. Also to make it look really good some art would be massively appreciated but really it's points balancing that I really need feedback for.

Thx and email or comment if you have any feedback. I can take criticism

File 132907089546.jpg - (58.57KB , 700x700 , 131040702255.jpg )
33910 No. 33910 [View]
Hey there! I am looking for an artist to make a nice mockup, theme, or layout design for the music section of my website at

I can do all of the HTML stuff, and things on the page can be easily changed. Does anypony want to take a crack at making this thing look nice? I don't want to start advertising it until it does =D

Please contact me here or at [email protected]
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>> No. 33913
i could produce some good backround theams for the thing and if you want
and beutyfful rainbow bash filly pic :) i just finished reading my little dashie and this pic is exactly how i imagined dashie
>> No. 33931
File 132910073924.png - (59.12KB , 444x612 , 80952 - artist zlacker cloud nom_nom rainbow_dash.png )
Thanks for the reply! Sorry about the lack of information.

What I am looking for is somepony that can design any of the following parts for the webpage:
- The colour scheme
- Header graphics (like the Pony Projects title, perhaps with the subsections of Music, etc.)
- Body imagery and design.

The most simple option would be a colour scheme, like the song titles this colour, backgrounds this colour, etc.

Next up could be doing a mockup in any image editor just to show colouration or element location.

The most time consuming option would be to design the web page as an image, which I would then use parts from the image and HTML/CSS to recreate it.
>> No. 33932
File 132910081995.png - (59.12KB , 444x612 , 80952 - artist zlacker cloud nom_nom rainbow_dash.png )
Thanks for the reply! Sorry about the lack of information.

What I am looking for is somepony that can design any of the following parts for the webpage:
- The colour scheme
- Header graphics (like the Pony Projects title, perhaps with the subsections of Music, etc.)
- Body imagery and design.

The most simple option would be a colour scheme, like the song titles this colour, backgrounds this colour, etc.

Next up could be doing a mockup in any image editor just to show colouration or element location.

The most time consuming option would be to design the web page as an image, which I would then use parts from the image and HTML/CSS to recreate it.

File 132893513140.jpg - (12.89KB , 450x213 , 12355320373513105.jpg )
33739 No. 33739 [View]
I'm going to customize my 91 carolla and totally ponify it. I was wondering if anypony knows of any vinyl companies that will do custom vinyls of the mane 6, derpy, spike, and trixie. If not, how can I get these images on my car myself.
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>> No. 33755
File 132897163827.jpg - (38.84KB , 600x317 , 132625305988.jpg )
>> No. 33757
like this?
>> No. 33784
I was'nt really serious. just wanted to say something random.

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