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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 132855084819.png - (22.28KB , 223x173 , preview.png )
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Some friends and I have recently been putting together the beginnings of a classic online pony RPG. Currently, we have a private demo build with a standard MMO engine built from scratch that works - and a committed team that will stay on the project until completion (maybe past that). We have an abundance of programmers, devs, and testers, but need additional resources in graphic art and spriting.

Check out the link below, we would really appreciate your help!
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>> No. 33549
There's more than a few of them, actually.

Nope, we've created all content used on our own.
>> No. 33551
Be very careful when you say stuff like this. The sprites are clearly exact copies of Urimas' pony sprites.

I dunno if you are the person who is making the sprites or if somepony else is making the sprites, but either you or that person is lying or is misinformed.
>> No. 33552
Thanks for the heads up, but I'm completely sure the sprites we have so far were newly made. The sprites indicated in the link you provided are different in resolution and shape.

File 132850079961.jpg - (55.80KB , 700x700 , ponileg.jpg )
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I cant draw backgrounds well and the ponies I draw for animation are mis shapen. I find that it is easier to vectorize and import these shapes to flash and manipulate them rather than tracing and drawing each and every pose. I know it's a dirty trick but Im desperate with a long animation to do. I'd like it to appear as if it was produced by the studios themselves.

Are such things legal? (Giving credit of course)
And has anypony ever done something like this?
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>> No. 33478
@ "Wikipedia"

1. Wikipedia is not a source, some random guy wrote that.
2. They HAVE been taking down full episodes, and PMVs etc. are probably legal as fair use parody (though the song played would not be since it's untouched).
>> No. 33480
Wikipedia is a secondary and tertiary source of information. This means all the information found there should be just a rephrasing of the information found elsewhere.
>> No. 33487
Well thanks everypony, I guess I could start without worrying.

File 132837428009.png - (85.72KB , 1024x768 , mods.png )
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Hi /collab/!

My thread in /now/ will be moved here soon but until then I'm in need of a little advice/help on a different (yet similar) topic.

I created/run the website and it's going great, but, I came up with an idea for another site. It is still in the very early stage of development but it'll get there. only to be unsuccessful and disappointing

I won't give away too much just yet (I would hate for somepony to take my idea) but I am giving a heads up that I am going to need help with making the site look pretty and function well.

I can do the coding, but I have a terrible sense of matching colours and whatnot and my sites end up looking cheap and "HTMLY" (if you know what I mean... which I don't really expect you was a bad joke..). An example of my poor colour coordination is my recently made Mod area for my Anypony Email Mods. See pic. *cringe*

This project may be a while down the track (or it may be next week!) and who knows whether it will even be successful, but this is what I am looking for.
>> No. 33471
Are you still looking for people?

File 132839710868.png - (13.32KB , 270x52 , xlogo-stepmania_png_pagespeed_ic_lMDwIYF7bW.png )
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I think it would be cool if we made a MLP Stepmania theme and simfile pack. The simfiles would be all of the actual songs from the series, plus, optionally, various fan favorite remixes. I would personally prefer if it were a pad pack (since I play pad), but I think we could at least have Challenge level songs which are Keyboard-only.

Of course... I can't add much to this project, since I've never made simfiles before and have no idea how to make a theme, but... just throwing this idea out there.
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>> No. 33393
Nopony else likes this idea? :(
>> No. 33449
You are not the first to come up with this. Here are the previous threads on the subject. Hopefully, you'll find them useful.

Also, don't have skill? Perhaps this is your chance to learn something new, with the strongest motivation a brony can have. I took two computer science classes just so I could program ponies.
>> No. 33462
Eeew, who the hell uses Stepmania 5? Everything after 3.9 is broken as hell.

File 131124492934.png - (54.27KB , 200x200 , pony flag.png )
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Yes...that's right...YOU HEARD ME..i'm planning on making an abridged series. if you're female or have a VERY CONVINCING female voice and you think you can sound like any of the mane six ponies or at least close to them or any other character in the MLP FIM series. then leave a comment here and send me a
E-mail at

[email protected]

this series will span from episode one and up! i will be in charge of editing and script writing however anypony else who wishes to pitch in is welcome to offer to help! at the moment i need roles for:

Twilight Sparkle

Rainbow Dash
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>> No. 31239
damn sorry for the spam but it said that it wasen't posted : /
>> No. 33358
Youtube embed play button

We need a voice actress for Gilda the griffin for Episode 5 so send in those audition clips!


>> No. 33361

File 132805377644.png - (140.74KB , 880x1000 , mlfw2287_huge.png )
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I've seen lots of 2D sprite games posted here, and I do love me some good old-fashioned two-dimensional goodness.
However, I think an MLP game that has the style of animal crossing, with perhaps higher graphical fidelity, although that's not really a large factor for me.
In my opinion, it lends itself really well to that type of game, and with the same kind of graphics that's going to be used in PonyKart I don't think I would ever leave my computer.

The option to have large multiplayer servers would probably make sure that nopony leaves the comfort of their own house ever again.

For those not in the know, Animal Crossing was a simple yet entertaining 3D game which heavily involved your relationships with other animals and overall adventures.
I know this will probably never happen but we could all dream right?

Opinions? :)
>> No. 33106
I know there's somepony on /co/ who's working on this
>> No. 33334
One of the major influences in design for Budding Friendships is Animal Crossing.

Otherwise, it's a Harvest Moon style of game, and it's 2D. A true Animal Crossing game in 3D would definitely work with ponies, I think. But I haven't seen anything exactly like that, myself.

File 132273382306.png - (80.92KB , 656x518 , 72577 - derpy_hooves Ditzy_Doo MUGEN rainbow_dash recolor.png )
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>> No. 33285
This picture is stolen. The original picture was taken by Cyberlizardman on Deviantart. He made the character as well and it's not even finished. proof. Check the date.
>> No. 33291
>Not using Mugen 1.0 (the new one in HD)
>Not capping RD vs Omega Tom Hanks
>> No. 33325
Youtube embed play button

File 132829249841.jpg - (44.15KB , 1000x1000 , LOGO.jpg )
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A friend and I will be working on a project soon to make a pony version of Red Dwarf using our OC’s and some characters from our site:
Though the series will be comic based, we want a full length animated episode to really get people interested, therefore, we need the following:

-3 FEMALE voice actors
-An Animator

The script is being written, and is well on it’s way to being finished.
The episode we are working on is our version of ‘Polymorph’.

The characters we need voicing are:
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>> No. 33316
>we want a full length animated episode
yeah have fun with that
>> No. 33318
>>33316 Well, not a FULL length episode, but something of reasonable length....
>> No. 33319
I don't really see the point in bumping this, because quite frankly, nopony cares.

You're trying to recruit some people, right? Well here is a hint: nopony is willing to work for a complete stranger for no good reason.
Imagine a random person came up to you on the street and asked "hey, do you want to work for me?", would you accept?
Well of course not. You'd first want to know if the project is worth working on(so far, all you've shown us are a logo and some uninteresting generated OCs) and if the person asking them is a good leader(in the indie business, a leader has to do some actual work as well. If you can't draw, make music, write or etc, nopony will bother working with you, and definitely not work for you), and so far, you've shown no signs of being such a person.

Further more, animators and voice actors(specially female ones) are not easy to come by, and even if there are some, they'd much rather work on something worthwhile(like their own work, or for some other, better, project)

If you REALLY want such a thing to be made, here's what you have to do:
Learn how to animate and make some stock animation, put it on youtube, and then if the animation is good enough you might find people who are willing to voice act.
Alternatively, get people interested in your project. To do so, make a story so good that it gains enough fans(I'd say it'd have to be at least on par with "Fallout:Equestria"). And since you are planning on making a comic, you'll have to have good drawing as well. Using generated ponies is useless. Again, this is something you have to do by yourselves.

File 132815689343.png - (925.99KB , 900x686 , rainbow_dash_dragonback_bracelet_by_bradscc-d4oa0p8.png )
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hello everypony

I was wondering if you could help a fellow fan out. You see my boyfriend is making MLP Jewelry for a up coming convention and needs to know how many to make.

So I figured the best way do that would be a poll if you could please post your favorite pony , it would give us an idea on the popularly of each pony.

also if you have been in art you will know that i have already posted this and im sorry, i really dont know where to post this.
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>> No. 33183
File 132821822732.png - (329.63KB , 3938x1625 , 132555051622.png )
Looks awesome, Rainbow Dash is my favorite.
>> No. 33270
File 132830861626.png - (172.53KB , 851x938 , Twilight-Sparkle-smiling-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-twilight-sparke-24881471-851-938.png )
Twilight Sparkle is my fav.
>> No. 33274
File 132831291844.png - (298.47KB , 606x735 , IMG_1025.png )
Fluttershy :D

File 132614804356.png - (86.53KB , 334x500 , a.png )
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Hello everypony! Today, myself along with some friends have launched a new website ready for public beta testing -

It's basically your source for all your pony music online and on the go, without the need to actually download any of the music in order to listen to it.

It's still heavily under construction, and that's the very reason every single feedback would be highly appreciated! We are still undergoind major updates, adding new features and songs, and your help is very much needed!

You can check out the site at, as well as the contact addresses where you can drop off your feedback and/or ideas or suggestions.

Thanks alot! /)^ε^(\
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>> No. 33238
Feature request: an option to just push play and listen immediately, and when it's playing, an option to dislike/skip the current song and have that choice saved in a cookie, or in my account if I'm logged in. Essentially a simplified version of Pandora or
>> No. 33248
File 132829846493.png - (105.87KB , 252x379 , Toph_Just_As_Planned.png )
>> No. 33258
You should work with these guys:

they keep an archive of over 8GB of pony music with tags and artists.

File 132219638987.png - (260.55KB , 931x368 , play2.png )
28650 No. 28650 [View]
Introducing... The Humble Brony Bundle! ( )

So, what is the Humble Brony Bundle? A way for bronies to come together and create a fund to buy one big copy of the Humble Indie Bundle. By pooling our resources we can easily become one of the top ten contributors. Spread the word far enough and we could reach number one!

And by helping the cause you'll be supporting charity, indie gaming, and good publicity for all bronies everywhere!

Why should you join the Humble Brony Bundle cause?

You can see more info on these points at the Humble Brony Bundle website, but here is a quick overview:

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>> No. 29032
File 132260749018.png - (303.37KB , 602x693 , jackpotchickenpie.png )
So, the surprise? The Humble Indie Bundle wanted to thank us and recognize us for all we've done and provided the Humble Brony Bundle with 10 gift keys to give away!

So, together with Equestria Daily, I'm happy to announce the Ponies at Play art contest! Go take a look for more info:
>> No. 33102
File 132806171345.png - (13.69KB , 219x226 , android-logo.png )
Bamp. There's a new bundle!

>Pay whatever you want to get four excellent games for Android mobile devices, as well as any Windows, Mac, and Linux computers you have: Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Osmos, and EDGE. Customers who pay more than the average will also receive World of Goo, an indie classic and an Android delight!

OP, you still accepting money?
>> No. 33228
Yup, the Humble Brony Bundle continues to operate, both during and between Humble Bundles! As a matter of fact we surpassed the $20,000 total raised mark!

File 132477475881.png - (329.04KB , 744x1040 , mlp_card_game__spike_mane_party_card_by_masterage-d4iv3e5.png )
30694 No. 30694 [View]
I figure it's about time to throw it to the theoretical wolves.

I've been working on a mlp card game, as an exercise to help me get rid of a block for my commercial series. It went much further than expected.

I am not working on the one here that eventually got to EqD.

Anyway, the goal was to keep it simple, within the show's original demographic, while keeping the cards easy to print and readable on both card stock and screens (while providing a programming shortcut for the latter), AND be complex enough to reward deck-building WHILE allowing one to use any two ponies they want.

I think I did well.

The game is incomplete (mostly in part for my utter hatred of screencapping), and the card design will need to be tweak (especially that pink background on the Mane Party is a placeholder, at best).
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>> No. 32006
File 132697869607.txt - (8.93KB , MLP Rules Text V3.txt )

Should also be embedded.
>> No. 32107
Three, three card games on page 1!

A-HA-HA-Ha. *lightning*

Seriously, maybe a true collab project together or something XD

Anyway, for those of you that got a headache looking at those rules... it's a text version. It's going to give you headaches. I'm working on a visual rulebook.

And, as for the playtest, you might want to go ahead and get LackeyCCG. Best possible way to really do it without designing my own engine...
>> No. 33204
I've got a pdf sheet up for testing. Please print it out, and lemme know how it looks, what border you prefer, and which font you prefer. If you have a gripe about the design or notice something, then lemme know that, too.

Preferably Save Link As, as Chrome likes to bork thing up. The file is 28mb, and it should be ready to print.

Gotta have data if I'm to improve this thing. Dunno if I can even get any here anymore...

File 132822739986.png - (289.61KB , 854x390 , Untitled-3.png )
33195 No. 33195 [View]
Howdy folks, its time for some shameless advertising...

As some of you may already know from several EqD mentions in the roundups a few weeks back, there is a [email protected] team for us fans, called [email protected] Now, if you are unfamiliar with what this is, the simplest way to describe it is that it is a program that you set and forget, designed to use unused processor power to assist medical research. Just to keep this short, if you are interested, check out the link below:

Out of thousands of active teams, ours is soon to hit the top 400, with over 260 members. Would be nice to hit 300 and beyond. Pop in and say hi (you can post as a guest - we don't do that mandatory registration crap)

File 132822127115.jpg - (338.15KB , 1398x1000 , 130734398702.jpg )
33186 No. 33186 [View]
OK, I'm not sure if somepony else is doing this but i had an idea for a biweekly online gathering called The Biweekly Brony Rewind Night.

It's a way for similarly interested people to revisit an older or overlooked gem or maybe just revisit a long lost multiplayer experience.

I know what you're thinking, "What the hay does this have to do with ponies?"

Can you think of a better community to hang out and play a great game with? Short of the old idle thumbs community i believe the pony community has the best attitude to play and discuss the games we've left behind. The idea is to really get a community discussion and feel going, I only ask you are either at least 16 years of age or mature in your online mannerisms.

This is how it works:

Essentially, i start a thread (probably in the games board) in which you ponies nominate the game of your choice within either 120 or 240 characters. (haven't decided which)

File 131222378920.jpg - (221.52KB , 895x1058 , CIMTS.jpg )
13203 No. 13203 [View]
Hey Bronies, this is my first time posting here, so I hope the format is correct. I run a group on steam that enjoys role playing, and I have been engaged with the tabletop community here in north Texas for over a decade. So when combat came up, it was a messy mishmash of god-modes destroying everything in sight.

So I decided to do something about this, by creating a tangible total conversion of Dungeons and Dragons 4.0 (With World of Darkness elements mixed in). Here is the very early version of the tabletop, "My Little Pony: Courage is Magic"

I've provided four 'races', three of them being pony based and the last being an animal companion like those so prevalent in the series (such as Angel and Gummy). They each have different stats, and a unique feature that sets them out.

There are also seven classes, six of them based on the elements of harmony that the mane cast emponies. The last class is once again the animal-companion, which focuses on working in tangent with their pony master.

There's a WoD-type magic system, that's freeform and lets the players use their imagination on how to make it powerful.

Take a look at let me know what y'all think!
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>> No. 14025
File 131260881180.jpg - (70.45KB , 945x945 , 33616%20-%20celestia%20Gurren_Lagann%20Kamina%20oh.jpg )
This thread needs more Spiders for my army!
>> No. 33143
anypony download this before megaupload went belly up?
If so, can they put it back up on another site?
>> No. 33164

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