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File 132813302917.jpg - (45.93KB , 400x300 , ExteriorTest-757318.jpg )
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Ok. This is almost technically against the rules because it's not actually a project, but this guys blog and resources could be very very useful for some of you guys who are creating games.

Scroll down for some really good tilesets that he's giving away that could be edited easily for pony games, and also some interesting discussion about game development in general.

I can't think of a better board for this sort of thing. Feel free to suggest anything else you guys have found that have helped you!
>> No. 33141
But nothing there is compatible with FiM styled graphics...
>> No. 33142
You have a poor imagination if you can't think how these would be useful to a game developer making a tile-based game.

They are all free, and EDITABLE.

That's the point. It's a great starting point for those who want to find know how tilesets are made, how to make nice looking edges and seams, the algorithms used for things like placing shadows in tilesets. Editing each one to the FiM style is no problem.

This is far better than starting from scratch.

File 132766433339.png - (262.22KB , 1278x1500 , 42964 - Awesome_Face awesome_series cheerilee smil.png )
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I'm developer of this site. Lately I've been thinking of adding some kind of error images on errors.
I'm looking for ideas on what to add on most frequent error pages:
404 - Not Found
500 - Internal Server Error
502 - Bad Gateway

I also recently learned about HTML5 AppCache. This allows me to add a error page for when user client has no internet connection and I was thinking of putting some image there too.

"Error: no internet connection" or so
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>> No. 32928
404 - from Owl's Well That Ends Well, there's a scene where Spike is searching around the library, I think for a quill. At one point, he pulls what appears to be a saddle out of the drawer.

500 - Derpy's cloud-hopping scene, since 500 is a catch-all error condition ("I just don't know what went wrong!")

502 - My understanding of a 502 error is that some setting on one of the servers was set wrong so that a pair of them don't communicate properly. Derpy would be excellent here, especially if you can shop her into Dash's hogtied scene from Fall Weather Friends and switch the robes for computer cables.
>> No. 32964
>At one point, he pulls what appears to be a saddle out of the drawer.

It IS a saddle but by it's frilly aspect and the way as Spike is holding at it, the scene is played as if a kid had found a pair of his big sister's panties.

You have no idea of how hard I laughed when I first watched that scene.
>> No. 33068
I was looking at images from the Derpy scene and ended up using her for 404 also. I also decided that I want a transparent image without embedded text.

As for 502 I'm not really sure any more that I can serve error page for it as it is returned when I stop the web server process. I think it is served by the hosting company.

I still need to do the offline page and make an apache version of the 500 error in case the whole application crashes.

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Youtube embed play button
  COPYPASTA Cuz I'm lazy!

Welcome to the MLP :: FiM - On A Cross and Arrow Voice Casting Call.
Basically this is a written fanfic, waiting to be told in an actual story with actual voices of each character.

This is basically a project where I can make full of my free time being in vacation from the studio.

MLP:FiM CrossNArrow is a fanfic where the mane 6 meets the colt versions of themselves. Very surprising story waiting to be voiced.

Soo... Here's the list of characters needed to be taken.
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>> No. 32763
Yes the project is still on!

BUT WE NEED A FLUTTERSHY! The first episode is all but done, but we need a Fluttershy.
>> No. 33036
Are you talking Colt or Mare?
>> No. 33045
Nvrmind. We got the one and only Pierce Smoulder for the part!


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Hey guys, I'm going around the brony community looking to see if anypony who can play an instrument well is interested in collaborating on generating some music for MLP's classical music ponies. I've seen a lot of music representing Vinyl's products and I figured it'd be nice to have a classical brony group to juxtaposition with that.

I can play the piano. But I need somepony who can play the cello to be "Octavia" or somepony who can play the violin to be "Viola", same with Harpo and Beauty Brass.

If anypony is interested let me know
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>> No. 32991
If you need any brass instruments, I got you covered on any Tuba parts, I mean any. Also, I've got a rented bass bone until May, and I have a trumpet although I've just recently picked it up.
>> No. 33022
I can play the trombone, and the flute (however my flute is in bad disrepair at the moment).
>> No. 33023
[email protected]

^-- email

File 132774375195.png - (597.87KB , 2338x1700 , a day for awesome.png )
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Ok. first off I'm not sue this is the right place. Dont really spend a lot of time here. Any really. So yeah. Here is what I want to do. I've had this idea kicking about for a month or so. I dont think I've seen it anywhere else, atleast not seriously. What I want to do is simple, well the idea is.

I want to create a 22 minute episode, with similar feel, quality, look, and sound to the real thing. With original stories.

Things that we dont expect Hasbro to do, but are still in the realm where we would be too surprised if they did it. Like an episode where Dash wins a ticket to see Octavia in concert, and Pinkie laughs at her for liking slow boring music. Rarity understands, and they go together. Or maybe an episode about Lyra having to find a gift for BonBon.

One thing I want to stress, is that if this is done it will be done right. The story and writing must be just right. The backgrounds, the easter eggs perfectly placed. The movements, flawless. The voices, like a recording.

I need a team. A team willing to do it all. To go that extra minute. Everything from the ground up will be a collaborative effort. The story idea voted in. The actual wording, refined by people. Everything else pretty much the same as it normally is.

So. Are you willing to do it? Are you willing to create an episode?
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>> No. 32897

You should give your best right off the bet when trying to recruit people for a team under your command.

The extent of your skills displayed there counts as your exam, to determinate if the skilled artists and people that lurks around could find you worth of their time or not.

It sucks, but that's life for you.
>> No. 32912

I just have to reply to strengthen what >>32897 said. The more stuff you have to hype people up front the more hype (fuel) you'll get back!
>> No. 32986
I haven't abandonned the project, but I have taken in all the actual advice here, and I'm finishing up the script. Using an actual screen play format, so it wont need to be translated.

The one thing I just found out I cant do, is song write, I tried my hand at it, but I think my lyrics suck. I'd like somepony else to redo them. Aside from that, I'll be able to have the script and written storyboard finished shortly. Also to avoid distaste and most judgement, I'll be starting a new thread then. Hopefully this one will die out.

File 132785858116.jpg - (79.65KB , 500x500 , pony_thread-(n1304126606192).jpg )
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Yep, I'm doing it. And before you say "Oh look another Pony RPG. lol fail", Let me enlighten you. This RPG is fully open world. You create your own pony, name them, and then you are plunged into Equestria where you can explore every known area, meet every known pony, go on tons of quests, and have fantastic battles.
Here's the basic concept: (Copied from a thread I made on a different forum)

You start off by customizing you pony. You choose you name, mane style, gender, type (unicorn, earth, etc.), and colors. You then take a short quiz determining your cutiemark. The quiz also affects reactions of certain ponies to you. Once this is done, you are plunged in Ponyville as the "New Pony in Town."

The gamplay is pretty much quest-based free roam rpg based. You can talk to other ponies, take quests, go on journies, explore Equestria, and meet friends and enemies.

Gameplay (Conceptual);
Your pony always has an overall reputation which can be increased by doing quests or by attending events or making descisions. Depending on descisions, reputation may lower as well. There is also "sub-reputation" which is smaller reputation between groups of ponies or towns. Here's the list of sub-reps's:
-Mane 6
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>> No. 32965
Ironically, I actually got spritework done today.
Go figure.

Anyway, thanks for the advice.
>> No. 32968
While I'm not sure what you mean by "ironically", good stuff! The more you have to show the more people will be interested.
>> No. 32978
I'll have the sprites ready for screenshot showcase thus weekend. I promise. :)

File 132779703038.jpg - (147.65KB , 1675x1501 , stuff.jpg )
32907 No. 32907 [View]
This will be an ongoing project. Here's all the info you need: It will be an audio series about a kid who hates ponies and gets sucked into the world of Equestria, and would be shown around by one of the Mane 6 (kind of like Fluffy’s Dan Vs. FIM). Ultimately the Mane 6 would help the kid get back to real life.

Intrested? I need these things,
At least one good artist who will draw all the pictures for the show.
Voice Actors. Need anypony who can do Mane 6 or other characters from the show.
A good audio editor or editors to help out with the editing process.
Send me an email at :[email protected] or add me on skype at: mlp.fandub
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>> No. 32933
Theres better things people would like to read, sorry.

Theres plenty of ideas out there though!
>> No. 32937

And there are more interesting things than an awful OC "created" by simply recoloring a premade template.
Most people never understands that OCs are called "ORIGINAL" characters for a reason.
>> No. 32973
File 132788333111.jpg - (24.63KB , 360x316 , HNI_0078.jpg )
best idea EVER!

File 132779417469.png - (353.58KB , 845x470 , 132777455777.png )
32901 No. 32901 [View]
Kinda don't feel like digging through 30 some odd pages on here and I went through a good bit of EqD's backlog of media content. Does somepony have a link to the various DA projects that had FiM Themes and Icon Packs? I recently got a new laptop and I'm looking to personalize it and this seems like the quickest means.

Many thanks in advance!!
>> No. 32908
I dont know about any themes but I remembered these icon packs
>> No. 32921
That is EXACTLY what I was looking for thank you 'very' much.

File 132677405692.png - (356.16KB , 969x557 , hammers.png )
31844 No. 31844 [View]
Hey there. I am wondering if anypony has any ideas for a website that should exist, but doesn't yet. That or perhaps there are some projects that might have a use for one. I currently have a Rackspace webserver all setup, but I haven't been inspired to create anything that I want to work on.

I am looking at making it with HTML/Javascript/CSS/PHP as that is what I have been enjoying so far, but I have experience working with a few other things. So any ideas or tips on where to look would be awesome!
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>> No. 32540
File 132754708843.png - (37.67KB , 1026x310 , progress4.png )
Okay, it wasn't exactly 'cake', but I got it working pretty much how I thought it should! The filtering works as you type (and probably kills the SQL server =3)

Tomorrow I shall start on the tags!
>> No. 32630
Woah, glad to see all this progress! It's great to see my ideas taking shape because of your hard work. Keep it up =)
>> No. 32850
It took until 2 AM, but I now have the adding of tags and the filtering of them working! Almost no songs have tags yet since I just finished that part, but I will take some time tomorrow to add a bunch of songs with tags.

I think I'll have to add some "song information" button that links a user to a page displaying all of the information about the song. This will include the stuff on the main screen along with the list of tags, remixes(not started yet), possibly lyrics (not started yet), etc. From there, changes can be proposed. I think there could also be a page that displays an artist's info, but I am too tired and rambling. Off to dreams of ponies!

File 132770039726.png - (30.05KB , 510x110 , PPLogo.png )
32787 No. 32787 [View]

A series of episodes based off of my little pony friendship is magic!

Any questions, post them here!
Or -
OR -

We'll answer any questions you have!

>> No. 32796
File 132770206126.png - (246.29KB , 593x621 , thefuckman.png )
>Can i be a male VA?
>Also, we need a spike voice actor.
>> No. 32798
The spike voice actor is unlikely to be male. Child male voices are either voiced by male pre-adolescents (which are usually not very good actors and would be pretty unlikely to find by a random callout) or women.
>> No. 32805

I'm such a silly pony

File 132743779994.gif - (94.41KB , 200x200 , derpy-endless-mail.gif )
32415 No. 32415 [View]
What more suitable way of honoring Derpy (everypony's favorite mailmare)... than a Letter Writing campaign!?

Just remember.... Keep It Positive!

This new /collab/ is is by request, in response to the threads here and here:



A group on a small MLP board that is hostile to "inappropriate" fanon has done a letter-writing campaign to Hasbro forcing the writer, Amy Keating Rogers, to apologize to corporate HQ for portraying Derpy in a fanon portrayal as a mildly handicapped / clumsy pony. They said it was an insult to disabled people. Hasbro referred it to Quality Assurance to "ensure this does not happen again".
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>> No. 32525
I guess my message, really gave them a wake up call about how they were only screwing themselves over royally.
>> No. 32536

Hey, M. A. Larson owns all other writers.
>> No. 32682
To the writers...
As a 16 year old fan of the show, I've learned many things about ourselves that I should have learned sooner. Everypony is different and has their own advantages and disadvantages in life, so a show that decides to include that needs to be embraced and not insulted. Most TV-shows these days portray society as perfect, which is certainly not true. What listening to the fanbase did is make this show even more cute and amazing. Please don't listen to the ones that try to find an argument in everything.
Sincerely, a huge fan, Alexandra Chois

File 132735706395.jpg - (66.90KB , 600x600 , 132159141067.jpg )
32550 No. 32550 [View]
I posted this thread two other times on /chat/ but nopony gave any suggestions. Here goes again.

My and a friend just bought and are building a blog on it called Brony/co/ (related to MLP obviously) and we were wondering if /collab/ could help us. So far we have a chatroom powered by TinyChat, and a page with YouTube links to all other episodes (season 1 only atm). So, got suggestions?
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>> No. 32649
In for a penny, in for a pound! Be the first blog dedicated to MLP gore and nightmare fuel. Every time an episode comes out, write a post about how it once again proves that Equestria is a

Here's anther one: a directory of all pony websites, including ones EqD would refuse to link to.
>> No. 32651
File 132759889258.png - (288.96KB , 2001x1000 , 155.png )
>> No. 32652

My thoughts exactly, both for this site AND the suggestions.

Plus, Equestria Daily is a site that links to as many places it's possible to increase it's traffic and attention. So if they refuse to link a site and give up that extra traffic, it's always for a very good reason.

File 132486546902.png - (278.09KB , 639x479 , PoniTactics.png )
30737 No. 30737 [View]

With an emphasis on CONCEPT.
Why? Because before embarking in an admittedly ambitious project, I want to know if the community is interested in a project like this.

What I have in mind is a plot-driven, character-based (non-massive) SRPG with multiple endings ala Super Robot Taisen, with that framework in mind I ran into several problems primarily concerning the plot.

My first attempts at making a coherent plot were about the Mane 6 having to repel an invasion from alternate, "evil" mane 6 counterparts and the fiendish wildlife of their world, with some subplots shoehorned in order to include every named character seen in the show.
That plot wears thin and predictable to me, and also is a little too much violent and dark for the show standards.

After the bad aftertaste of the my previous try at writing, I came with another idea: Basing the plot around the "ancient pony era" before Hearth's Warming Eve. The setting is perfect for this type of game, featuring conflict and politic intrigue from three different sides. But I think if I go with this setting, the game becomes "My Little Pony" IN NAME ONLY, featuring nor Mane 6 neither Friendship as it main theme.
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>> No. 32413
GM8 free or registered? If it's the former, I can do map design.
>> No. 32437
Well now I've read every reply so far, here's my imput. Keep in mind that this is the very first project I take a part in so my inexperience will probably drown you in sight.

First, I'm digging Stallion Tactics: Hearth’s Winter as a better name than PonyTactics lol.

I'm also liking your plot story ideas, I originally envisioned a 3-way conflict between the Unicorn Kingdom, the Pegasi Cloud-City States and the Earth Confederate States fighting for a MacGuffin that would end up freeing Discord.
Lilfut has also a more epic Idea of Pony vs Draconequus, I think it could make the story a bit too linear but we can work with that too.

As for the gameplay and mechanics, I have a .doc in my netbook with some ideas, written in broken English no less; Somepony might want to take a look at it.
As with pretty much everything I've had done with this project, it is very basic and disorganized.

But we can ditch it fast as you all seem to be much more knowledgeable about SRPGs than me; being my main referent SRT games which most probably aren't the best balanced or interesting given what I've read on some forums.
>> No. 32635

i take it you have already talked to WeeG about this? we already made a few steps in your absence. You should talk to him and coordinate, since he's a programmer also. Right now, i'll be checking out what a good plot can be, cause ive already made a different plot summary, but it's still related to Stallion Tactics.

File 130773980908.png - (243.51KB , 1000x750 , 11690 - absurd_res artist Scarab_Dynasty derpy_hoo.png )
32551 No. 32551 [View] [Last 50 posts]
If you have the time, PLEASE read this entire post.

Alright /oat/ I really need your help on this one. And mods, it would be super awesome if you could sticky this.

As some of you may know, I've been writing and audio-editing for the BronyVille Podcast blog. It's been going quite good, but I've decided to start yet another weekly thing on the blog. With all the threads going up this past few weeks with words of encouragement, discussion threads about the current state of ponychan/the fandom, and general feel-good threads, I've come to realize that this community has some amazing writers. like The Soldier

This new weekly thing I'm starting is called "Quotes from the Fandom." I'll be taking cool sayings, excellently worded messages of encouragement, poems, bits from fanfiction, and stuff like that. I'll post them up on the site, have a small blurb about them, and cite the source. Mostly this is because I think there are some very eloquent posters/writers here on Ponychan and EqD who should be highlighted for their amazing prose.

But here's the problem: I don't have enough time to browse every board on Ponychan every day. As much as I would love to be on here 24/7, I simply cannot. Despite it being summer, I still have lots of work to do related to school and my degree, not to mention my job.

65 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 32618
>> No. 32619
Omigosh, it's you! I listen to BronyVille every time a new episode comes out. I love you guys.
>> No. 32620
File 132695438439.png - (132.21KB , 894x894 , shrugpony_cheerilee_by_moongazeponies-d3cvjvd.png )

Lol, I'm not one of the voices. I'm just the audio guy/writer.

File 132532210335.jpg - (132.29KB , 1900x1200 , mountains.jpg )
30974 No. 30974 [View]
Hey guys, I have a project I need some help on and somepony directed me over here. Basically I require a graphics artist (or multiple artists) for a video game I'm writing. The game is basically H. P. Lovecraft's At The Mountains of Madness, except set in Equestria and starring the mane six. I can do most of the work, but I'm not skilled at drawing anything so I'll need help with the graphics, is all.

I've written most of the engine code and designed most of the game already. It's written in javascript, and so will run in a browser window, and it will be 2D. I'll need three different graphical styles:

1) The normal mode of gameplay will be a standard top-down square grid style sprite system. I'll need character sprites for the ponies, also penguins and such, as well as tilesets for the settings. The settings will be: the antarctic, with snow and tents and things; the insides of the tents; an ancient alien city in the antarctic, out in the streets; within the buildings of the city; within the caves and cavern systems beneath the city.

2) The cutscenes will be simple. Animation is handled by the engine, and consists of simple zooming or panning or fading of images. The closest I've seen in a game to the sort of thing I'm envisioning is something like the cutscenes in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, so if you can't grasp what I'm talking about go look that up on youtube or something. All you would have to do is draw the pretty pictures, I can animate them. They should be colored, but I can do that too if it's too much of a timesink. They don't have to look spectacular; they could be cleanly lined or sketchy, I'm not picky about that. I'm also not picky about the style, whether it's true to the show or noticeably different. As long as it's proportional, expressive, basically as long as it looks nice. For characters, you would have to draw the mane six, probably spike, Elder Things, a Shoggoth, and penguins. For scenery, you would have to draw the antarctic, the tents, a range of gigantic mountains, the ancient alien city, the caves, etc, we've gone over this. The scenery should feel vast a
20 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 32442
Yeah, Story of the Blanks was certainly a big inspiration for this, but I don't think the 8 bit style matches the atmosphere here as much as it did there ... I'm thinking more of a sketchy or sort of watercolory style for At The Mountains. It'll also be a bit longer than Story of the Blanks, and there's cutscenes and things too, multiple endings ... so more content in general. But the gameplay is fairly similar, not much more than walking around and looking at things.

But yeah, thank you for offering your help ^^ For sprites we'll eventually need all the mane six and that's about it, and I don't know whether you were thinking about doing floor maps too ... or if you'd like to do the cutscenes that would be very nice as well ... I don't know, you should email me, then I'll send you the design doc I scratched up, and I guess we'll go from there.

In the meantime, maybe if you feel like it you can do a title screen? I don't actually know what the title should be, I haven't been able to think of a good one, but it would be cool to have a nice splash screen for it to go on. Maybe something with Twilight and Applejack gazing off at the distant mountains or something. I don't know, you're the artist, I don't want to dictate what you should draw lol
>> No. 32515
well I guess I'm going to have to cut clean and take my leave. The amount of experience I have isn't enough to really contribute much in the spare time I do have between class and other projects. Sorry I was overly ambitious and got ahead of myself :/
Maybe in a few months once this new found hobbie becomes more refined I'll be able to help. but until then, good luck.
>> No. 32522
Alright, well thanks for offering your help, anyway ^^
And good luck with everything! *hugs* :)

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