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File 132745568386.png - (66.80KB , 1024x768 , New Canvas.png )
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Im making a 3D custom pony for a brony friend (( because she is really nice and i feel like making her fan pony )) dose anypony know where i can get some MLP:FiM Reference sheets?
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>> No. 32450
Thank you so much!!!
>> No. 32453
OH MY LORD! Where was this when I was making Lunar Shadow!? This reference is terrific!
>> No. 32454
You're welcome

I dont know. I got it from Hoppip a few months ago when I was asking for tips on plushie making. Figured it'd be good reference for Random's project as well.

File 132651800069.png - (24.77KB , 512x512 , Locket.png )
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For the "Fan Service" request thread see: >>31582

I probably should have made this thread first as opposed to the fan service request thread. It slipped my mind at the time I'm terribly sorry about that.

I'm creating a My Little Pony RPG via Unity 3. The battle system, albeit inspired mostly from Paper Mario, is going to be made from scratch.

Here's a list of details for my project after the cut. If you have any questions that you want to ask. Ask them. That's what this thread is about.

List of Details:
-The game is an entry level RPG that plays like a point and click game with reflex commands and single digit statistics where 1 hit = 1 HP.
-The stage, or background, of the game is 3D while the characters remain 2D to capture the animation of the show, including a level camera angle as opposed to an overhead camera.
-The game will focus on rewarding exploration, strategic combat, problem solving, and helping others.
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>> No. 32451
File 132745805772.png - (143.91KB , 296x290 , EvenMoreSmubBarSteward.png )
>Still wondering why you haven't reported the thread yet if I am paraspriting.

I did some thinking. I acknowledged my mistakes, I apologized for them. I'm ready to move on. It's all a learning experience.

I reported this thread around three ish hours ago for my own behavior requesting lock down of the thread. Thread's still here unlocked and I'm not banned from /collab/.

And here you are pushing the subject on how I exposed myself as a parasprite who shouldn't be here and that this whole thread was a pathetic attempt at paraspriting everypony on Ponychan.

If I was paraspriting, would I admit that I'm paraspriting?

It seems like you're paraspriting me.
>> No. 32519
File 132753540668.jpg - (1.00MB , 2592x1458 , 2012-01-25_11-59-50_265.jpg )
Sageing because of lack of a new question.

Instead I have some more artwork. Enjoy.
>> No. 32520
I'll eventually make a tumblr or something for this project. If not my own personal tumblr.

So all updates will probably be forwarded to the tumblr. I'll still keep an eye on the FAQ thread here. Unless the parasprites chased you away from it if not, then that's okay.

I'd rather wait until I have some screenshots to show before taking more questions.

File 132733700477.jpg - (473.05KB , 1920x1400 , Nathan Field Pony.jpg )
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Hello Ponychan,

I'm a High School Senior with a passion for 3d Animation. I've got a few ideas for pony videos and short films, but I'm lacking the skills and resources to create what's in my mind. I'd like to get a team together, but I'm not exactly sure how... So I'm calling on the bronies to help me spread the word - if, well, you know.. its okay with you...

Basically I’m looking for anypony with any 3d skill – modelers, riggers, animators, lighting and rendering, storyboarding, after-effects and editors, ect.

You would have no idea how much it would mean to me if you were to share this. I still need to finish a portfolio for college, time is running out, and there isn’t a whole lot I can do on my own.

I really hope you consider posting this or at least sharing it elsewhere. People can contact me via any of these links

DeviantArt –
Facebook –

File 131797172275.gif - (31.16KB , 192x188 , Queen_LaurenFaust.gif )
23185 No. 23185 Locked [View] [Last 50 posts]
Do you have an awesome OC desktop pony that you think others would enjoy but don't want them to be lost to the sands of time in the giant threads of the regular desktop ponies or didn't post them because they wouldn't be included in the project? Well then post them here!

Here are a few to get you all started

Nyx -by StarStep
I knew lots of people wanted her so I made a cute one I hope you will enjoy.

Drunk Berry Punch with Wine bottle Tony Stark -by CANDYBAG
The whole reason I started this thread. How did my desktop survive so long without this? Bravo CANDYBAG, bravo.
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>> No. 35942
Have you asked over on the DTP thread about old Gen ponies?

They have Surprise and somepony is working on Fyr-Fly
>> No. 35945
Ok we have a new thread to post in
>> No. 35947
File 133267326321.png - (114.67KB , 510x504 )
Locked by request.

File 132589596217.png - (221.72KB , 730x1094 , octavia.png )
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Im not sure if this is the right section but i plan on working on a cosplay for the next anime convention in my area. I am a male who wants to either do an colt human version of octavia or rarity. For rarity i thought a white dress shirt, white jeans, white vans black vest, and the black aviator glasses. As for octavia all i could get is pink bow tie. Much help will be appreciated.
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>> No. 31450
If you are overweight and over 20, do a favour to everypony (plus yourself) and don't cosplay at all.

Plus, transgender cosplay is creepy as sin and it makes the fandom look exactly as the parasprites wants it to look.
>> No. 31454
For both characters, go for some formal wear. If you're going to do this, be classy and clean.

Rarity: White and purple fedora, White suit, purple vest, purple handkerchief, and the only diamond you should have is on your tie pin or cufflinks. I don't know about the aviators. I've thought that was more of a RD thing.

Octavia: Get the right haircut, and get a clean shave. Black tux, cumberbund, pink tie, and maybe treble clef cufflinks or something.

>> No. 32172
This, with a few more suggestions.

For Rarity, get a pair of glasses with clear lenses (or no lenses at all) and purple frames - go for a pair that looks pleasing on your face, rather than one that looks exactly like Rarity's reading glasses.

If you're willing to render the pants useless for anything other than cosplay, go ahead and find a way to put cutie marks on either the back pocket or the legs of the pants. You could embroider, use a printable iron-on transfer sheet, or a felt cutout, for example. Alternatively, you could find a classy messenger bag in black, white, or leather, and put the cutie mark there.

File 132707458595.png - (160.93KB , 805x749 , Sketch205653-1.png )
32100 No. 32100 [View]
The domain is available for sale.
I'd like to buy it, but I have no idea what I'd do with it.
A link shortener seems redundant, although is the same length as and easier to read.


If we can come up with a use for it, would anypony be interested in contributing toward buying it?
>> No. 32101
File 132707541994.png - (235.01KB , 938x851 , 131492972851.png )
Google Apps domain maybe? Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Talk, Google +, Blogger, YouTube, etc. All

That would be cool, right?

>mfw I have no idea how to fund all this awesome
>> No. 32110
File 132708141916.jpg - (56.17KB , 574x528 , 1282532610125.jpg )
>Your offer is too low.
>Premium domain names typically sell for three or four-figure amounts, and sellers will simply not respond to a bid if it is too low. If you need help setting a price, you can request an expert Domain Appraisal. You are REQUIRED to enter a bid of at least 60 EUR.

File 132687896037.gif - (728.42KB , 600x600 , lol i am an internet.gif )
31933 No. 31933 [View]
I am giving away full FTP and SQL access to my website,, for anypony willing to build whatever project they like on it as long as its pony related and generally a good idea. I will fully fund the website's hosting myself and generally help out with technical issues. The website currently on that domain is a dummy login page, it does nothing. :P
I will also be giving away the CSS and HTML of that specific page.
e-Mail me with ideas at: kelbongers[at]live[dot]nl
>> No. 31951
What's the server's specification? Available CPU, RAM, bandwidth? Where is the server located? What software is available? Is it running Linux and Apache or Windows and IIS? Etc, etc, etc.
>> No. 31955
are you crazy?

File 132631248681.png - (613.88KB , 994x467 , PONIES PLAYING DND HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME.png )
31547 No. 31547 [View]
Today, I had the idea to make a pony text adventure. I am teaching myself Python, so it is fully possible for me to make this a reality. But the idea I have for the game is also MASSIVE, and would take a lot of work. So I thought "Why not get some help?"

Basically, it's a generic fantasy text adventure set in Equestria where the player can be a pegasus, earth pony, or unicorn, each type of pony with 2 classes available to it. The player is a member of an adventuring party going into the Everfree forest on a mission from somepony high up in the government or whatnot.

I have many more ideas than this, but I thought just the basics would important first. I have ideas for what I would want this game to become in the far future, but those aren't relevant right now, and I feel that actually making the core game is more important than making the game prettier. But once the core game was made, I would want voice actors, artists and sound designers for it.

Anypony interested?
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>> No. 31928
Python's a great language to learn. The biggest question I'd have for you is: how much experience do you have programming (in any language)? This might be a bit much for a first-time project, but sounds about right if you're familiar with other languages.
>> No. 31929
I have 4.5 years of programming experience in various languages including python. I'd be very interested in helping out.
>> No. 31931
If I can find some spare time between work and Desktop Ponies, I may help out as well. Sounds like it could be interesting :)

File 132685643150.png - (34.63KB , 185x185 , 130814655828.png )
31926 No. 31926 [View]
Check this site out I have made: allows you to browse pony pics in a new way :D
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>> No. 31980
you click on the arrows to vote on your favourites in the pair and then get a new pair, or you can choose the middle arrow if they fit well together. Images are random.
>> No. 32020
Did you know that's how Facebook originated?
>> No. 32023
Thats kinda where I got the idea from! Also I have not seen anything out there like this with ponies, its a popular concept I know!

File 132125213246.jpg - (375.50KB , 626x957 , 1319295806254.jpg )
27653 No. 27653 [View]
So I’m making a youtube channel for MLP: FiM comic dubs and I’m in need of female and maybe some male VA’s. I usually don’t hold open auditions but I sadly don’t know many female VA’s and I’m always interested in hearing new talent.

As of right now I have a VA for Derpy Hooves, Princess Celestia, and maybe Twilight Sparkle. Though I’m unsure at this time so that means Twi is free game to audition for.

So obviously the Mane 6 will be up for audition along with well known background and one shot ponies (Ex: Lyre, Bon Bon, Trixie, Doctor Whooves, Princess Luna, etc.) and as far as audition lines go you can simply pick three short lines (Or make up a line if you’re auditioning for a background pony) from the show and record them as your audition (Here’s a link to the episodes) and you don’t have to sound exactly like the original VA’s but if you sound close to the the original that’d be cool, though the important thing is the acting. I’d rather have a good actor than a perfect voice double.

As for males you can just send me a sample of any voice work you’ve done since the females have a large amount of resources to draw upon while the colts in the show aren’t really predominant.


- I will not extend deadlines for anypony.
- I won’t be giving out critiques unless I feel it’s necessary
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>> No. 31892
Youtube embed play button
  First ponydub comic dub.

Still looking for a Rarity though.
>> No. 31900
Youtube embed play button
  Nice job Ivan, yeah finding good Rarity impersonators is hard.

This was the best one I could find
>> No. 31921
I'll give you an audition for Rarity some time tonight, if I get the chance. Otherwise, tomorrow for sure.

File 132348745091.png - (1.18MB , 1920x1080 , 93231 - artist-microgrid dj_pon_3 Neon_Lights Not_Everypony_with_Sunglasses_is_a_DJ vinyl_scratc.png )
29704 No. 29704 [View]
The Ne-ON Lights is an online radio show set in Equestria so no OP (Out of Place).
The radio show itself takes place 2 hours right after The Vinyl Scratch.
This one takes place in Equestria's Present day and the show airs 2-4 days a week.

It has 2 parts, one the scripted radio show, the 2nd... the independent Q&A.
The independent Q&A takes questions from the blog:
And also, taking questions from skype callers. Like Ghost :3

After the show, the show will be edited and posted on youtube.

The host here is of course... Neon Lights a.k.a. DJ-W1SH.
The co-host... Fleur. Which would add a twist ^^
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>> No. 30082

Please do contact me in Skype :) I'll be on everyday.
>> No. 31704
So just curious, is there any roles left or have I stumbled upon this to late? Cause I really love DJing and have always wanted to try to be involved in this somehow.
>> No. 31906
If you want a ad, and you like it, I'd love to offer mine, I created it with intention of being a bit cheesy and obnoxious, so keep that in mind. :D

File 132670493171.jpg - (26.08KB , 333x493 , saddle-bags.jpg )
31771 No. 31771 [View]
why has no one made messenger bags like the pony saddlebags with the cutie marks and all?
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>> No. 31859
Fine... I'll design my own.

Who knows, maybe I'll sell the design to Hasbro and make bundles of cash. I'm sure they're always looking to expand merchandise.
>> No. 31861
Oh, but they have made them:

If that were true, I think it would be THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING! :)
>> No. 31864
File 132678055186.png - (41.89KB , 256x256 , rainbow_dash_is_laughing_at_you-(n1301444693704).png )

File 132676804121.png - (196.50KB , 640x360 , mlpfim_ep2101.png )
31832 No. 31832 [View]
Hey everypony, first time posting on Ponychan so let's see how this goes.

I'm both a model rail guy and a brony, so I thought i'd try and combine the two. I've seen at least two different trains in FiM and it's really got me working on ideas and such.

The thing is, I'm not too keen on making scale ponies, as it's just a bit out of my reach. Would anypony be able to tell me the smallest pony figures you can buy, ie Mane Six. Also, could you tell me how these measure so I can work out what model rail scale is suitable for it.
>> No. 31836
File 132676959573.jpg - (64.51KB , 1222x767 , PinkiePieFIMtrain.jpg )
The smallest figures would be the blindbags. Just so you know there is a railroad with Pinkie Pie in it and a fluttershy and sweetie belle carts planned for future release.

Anyway the best board for this would be /merch/ for future reference

File 132229410521.png - (81.02KB , 640x480 , Mane6-Blue.png )
28713 No. 28713 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
>MLP: Fighting is Magic - Thread IX

It's a bird, it's a plane!
It's thread X!

The guidelines:

- First. Let's try to keep the wildly Off-Topic stuff to a minimum. We don't mean to keep you from posting the unrelated comment once in a while, but when one beceomes twenty, it gets a bit hard for the DevTeam to spot important stuff and legit questions at a glance.

- Second. As with off-topic, let's keep discussion on gaming matches to a minimum. Commenting mechanics is okay, but commenting on particular matches only a few of the thread readers got to see confuses some people as of what's going on. Use discretion. If it's bound to become a 20 posts discussion on how awesome somepony's comeback was from the brink of defeat, it might be better suited for Skype. If it's just an one-off in-joke or witty remark, it could go in the thread, but, once again, avoid lengthy discussions if the subject matter can't be understood by reading the thread context, please.
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>> No. 47499
File 142335558867.jpg - (745B , 2x2 , ChristmasGirls.jpg )
>> No. 47500
File 142335558984.jpg - (745B , 2x2 , ChristmasGirls.jpg )
>> No. 47502
Youtube embed play button
  I love my little pony so so so so much and I want to play

File 132665630356.jpg - (5.33KB , 226x223 , images.jpg )
31741 No. 31741 [View]
Submit all your pmvs here :D
>> No. 31766
Hello, /www/.

I'm sorry for your loss, but we have standards here. Your URL doesn't work.

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