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File 132661567355.jpg - (154.13KB , 620x464 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-group-title-card1.jpg )
31723 No. 31723 [View]
Greetings everypony! Some time ago somepony here had posted an iTouch project they had done, and had stated they were modifying it for iPad use. I bookmarked the thread, as it was relevant to my interests, but had yet to acquire said device. Having now acquired an iPad 2 I would like to jailbreak it and kit it out in MLP-goodness, however the thread I had bookmarked has 404'd. Does anypony remember where to get that theme? Or point me in the right direction? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

File 131506030845.jpg - (167.99KB , 1164x1600 , falloutequestria2.jpg )
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Alright! Time for a new project!

I'm sure a large magority of the Brony community has at least read part of Kkat's epic fanfic "Fallout Equestria" (If you haven't, what are you sitting around here for?) so I'm sure you know of their DJ-Pon3 and his radio station is mentioned throughout the story. There are several sets of lyrics for songs and tons of awesome lines from DJ-Pon3. So I got to thinking...

What if we made actual recordings of these songs and some DJ bits?!

So that's what this thread is for! Unfortunately, most of the songs are only partially written (and I have the lyric writing ability of Scootaloo) s o that's the first place I need help. I need people to find the sets of lyrics in the story and turn them into a full song!

I already found the first one. Chapter 6 - Sung by Sweetie Bell

...How did this happen? What have I done?
I was only trying to help, but I caused so much pain.
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>> No. 19100

Thought I'd give this a shot!
I don't know how much help I'd be, but I also can sing (If you need a male singer at any point) and I can make an attempt with the lyrics.
If you like what you hear, my e-mail is [email protected]
If you don't like's ummm...not.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to listen.
>> No. 24053
Hey did this idea die or is it still going on?
>> No. 31708
I'd love to audition for this, but I have no idea if its still going on.

File 132473327573.jpg - (30.01KB , 400x300 , biggie.jpg )
30667 No. 30667 [View]
Fellas, I know this is a lot to ask, but I got an idea for something that might be funny.

A collection of producers, collaborating and contributing beats, for a selection of dudes who MC over them

What im saying is, pony rap. It doesnt have to be in character or anything, Im just hoping itll be quite funny or even sound pretty awesome.

Ideally I was hoping to get some females in on this and do mane 6 rap battles but obviously female voices are hard to come by, let alone show similar ones, and then convincing them to rap is a losing mans game so I guess anything will do.

I have currently got Jessy, a /co/ artist and female voice extraordinaire to have a pop at doing something, but thats it.

So what im saying is, If you feel you have an interesting voice and got a nice flow, why not try rapping for me? might be fun
or if you feel you would like to apply your talent to producing us some great sounding beats for our MCs to rap over, do that. otherwise, if anypony would like to help me organize it, thatd be great, im a busy guy.
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>> No. 30742
File 132486779271.png - (131.46KB , 288x287 , R - Happy.png )

Alright. These 3 pieces are the most relevant to this project:

But here's my general page too:
>> No. 30771
this stuff is just fascinating. i really like it, plus its near perfect for this.

I have potentially a couple other producers but leading them here for the project may scare them off so for now ill just micro manage both sides of the project.

tell me when you are ready to start producing, and if you know anypony in the rare catchment of 'pony fan', 'rapper' and 'willing to do pony rap' then do direct them here
>> No. 31703
File 132658774457.jpg - (43.60KB , 845x945 , dj_w1sh____neon_lights_by_johnkapid-d4i1r4c_png.jpg )
I totally am willing to try it out, but not real sure what to rap, or if there is a script I can use.

File 132654533806.gif - (24.01KB , 106x96 , Ice_Blitz_trot_right.gif )
31673 No. 31673 Locked [View]
Here's a preview of my desktop/browser pony
>> No. 31675
OC ponies are meant to be posted in this thread and -only- in this thread:
>> No. 31676

File 132652962931.png - (432.99KB , 1000x1000 , seaponies.png )
31664 No. 31664 [View]
I'm having a marathon of the old mlp generations 1-3
i have already gotten past g1 and we are on g2 and will make fun of a g3 movie so please stop by

File 132640152771.jpg - (21.83KB , 346x241 , my-little-ponies_4520.jpg )
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Hello, my name is Cheese. For those who have been lurking /oat/ a few months you know that I am currently making a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic role playing game that plays like a point and click adventure game.

Well, due to some recent events I feel that any future topics about my game will be redirected to /collab/. And by future topics I mean one. This one.

The rules about my game is that, aside from the heroine's background, it follows strictly canon. Anything mentioned in My Little Pony media (toys, TV shows, books, ect) is canon. Anything not mentioned in media is not canon. I am going to focus on G4 ponies, but media from previous generations is accepted as canon also.

Here's what you can or cannot suggest for fan service.

You may:
Request which characters you want to see again in the game.
Request which personality traits that background characters will have as an NPC.
Request which locations you want to see again.
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>> No. 31635
Probably a mix between Monkey Island and Paper Mario statistics (where 1 hit = 1 HP). Except the sprites are 2D instead of 3D paper cut outs and ponies who sit on the sidelines have "assists" that are activated by trigger, at random, or by player command.

I doubt the game is going to be very long (aiming for 15-20 hours or less for the main quest if you skip the cut scenes). There's no level grinding because all XP you get is from helping other ponies. Even then only the heroine can level up one attribute at a time (which are costly). Most of your power will come from outfits and accessories.

Other than that the battles are fast paced, but focus on using strategy with limited power and teamwork. As for exploring, you use the heroine's "artifacts" and the ponies' abilities to solve puzzles to progress.

This is as bare bone as I want to design the core game. I do want to add a crafting system and mini games eventually, but everything else is variety, level design, and fan service.
>> No. 31650
You know what, I think it's better if I create an create an FAQ thread.
>> No. 31655
FAQ thread is up: >>31654

Check it out for more details about the project.

File 132640917252.png - (370.66KB , 928x289 , TheCelestian.png )
31587 No. 31587 [View]
So I decided to start a news blog, with high aspirations. My objective? To become EQD's mane competitor. Of course, I'm a long way off right now, as I only started up on Monday.

What this means is; I need content. [i]And[i/] an editorial team.
If you fancy applying for a position, or just submitting some content, my e-mail is in the e-mail field.


(I'm assuming this is the right place to put this, seeing as /www/ is going to be cleared out, from what I understand.)
>> No. 31625
I'll repeat my advice I gave to Bronyland - try to think of ways you can set yourself apart from EqD. Give me a reason to visit both them and you.

Personally, I'd like to see a blog that doesn't shy away from mature, controversial, and other topics that upset most people and that doesn't normally get covered.
>> No. 31628
We would post things like that, if we had the information to post it.

We're the working pony's news blog. And by that I mean we have a Page 3.

To set ourselves apart from EqD, we're trying to make our posts a little more humorous where possible, and we plan on covering a wider spectrum of content. I feel that EqD has got to the point where it is just posting the same content from the same artists and we want to give others the chance, if only others new we existed.

No. 30730 [View]
Hi, I thought about making a side-scroller 2D quest-thing single player game, well, obviously about the MLP universe. Im pretty new on ponychan, I just would like to know if there is a place for a game like this, and if somepony is working on a similar game ( to not be all stupid and making something similar ). Thought about it, since I have all the coding ability to create a game like that, and some great ideas. Not promising anything, just would like to know if people like the idea.
Thanks :>
( If I have any English mistakes, bear with me, its my third language |: )
>> No. 30736
Your english is quite good, actually.

Anyway, there are several projects like that. Go to, they have most pony fangames. Not to say you can't make one too!
>> No. 30743
Here's another list of pony games

Here are some projects on this board which may match your description (in no particular order and I'm probably missing quite a few).

Derpy Delivery >>156
Pony Platformer >>25396
Spike's Quest >>10544
Derpy's Adventure >>29141
Mega Spike >>27984
>> No. 31614
There is no such thing as to many pony games, but yeah as said before 2d games are happening. So I want to encourage you but it is rather your choice.

But I don't think anypony would say no to another promising project. (I would recommend demo or something to show work before asking for help (if you need any), it generally gets people more interested in the idea.

Also I wanted to welcome you to pony chan.

And yeah your English seems good, and congrats on your being up to 3 languages.

File 132503144277.png - (161.58KB , 1600x1544 , RD CM.png )
30820 No. 30820 [View]
I would like some help in making a semi-animated version of the fan fiction "My Little Dashie". Sadly, I personally have no talent whatsoever, so this is more asking if anypony could do this. But basically I think it would be really good to find a good animator and artist, voice actors, and a live action actor, and a home to film in, to make it as good as possible, again, I probably could not help much though (talent-less) but I would love to see this happen, and do what I can if there is anything

(If you're on board email me at [email protected])
>> No. 30837
oooh, yikes. you probably are not going to have very much luck finding people to help you, especially if you can’t do anything to move the project forward yourself! I wish you the best of luck, of course, but you are asking for a LOT by asking for animators, actors, etc. not to mention the equipment and software needed for such stuff.
>> No. 31612
File 132644131140.png - (192.80KB , 918x871 , buck yeah!.png )
>pic completely unrelated

This sounds rather cool and I like the idea the main thing I have to comment on is

>and a live action actor,

from the sounds of it you just need one nearby person, but since you need one I would recommended a suggestion for this at your closest meetup if you live near one.

Besides that suggestion, im sorry I cant really help much myself. I hope this project goes well, it sounds really cool.
>> No. 31613
File 132644142327.png - (192.80KB , 918x871 , buck yeah!.png )
oh right forgot to ask

>semi animated

with everything else said im thinking that means like who framed roger rabbit? (or similar things)

File 132574927456.png - (2.39MB , 1600x1000 , 132386224618.png )
31251 No. 31251 [View]
If this belongs in another section please notify me.

I feel like decorating my game system and don't know who to use or what picture.
What I want from you is some help please.

Here is the criteria:
1. I want you to suggest characters from the show. It doesn't matter who as long as it isn't any OC character or crossover character.

2. You must post the pic that you want on the game system. Keep it simple.
>pic related I DON'T want anything like this

Other than that the winner gets recognition in the credits page and nothing else since I have no money to buy things for them and can't simply give away my game console.
>> No. 31262
Self bump of shame.
>> No. 31610
File 132643914175.jpg - (238.94KB , 1600x900 , gantz_rainbow_dash_by_johnjoseco-d411e0s.jpg )
I don't really know what you're after, but you can never go wrong with some Rainbow Dash!

>Sorry if I came off as brash or hurtful but I don't think my point will get across any other way.

I don't really see brash or hurtful.
>> No. 31611
File 132643995278.jpg - (138.28KB , 1400x787 , 131700876639.jpg )
maybe a bit complex on that pic though? Anyways since this thread is a bit lacking I will do a second post (I hope that's ok and sorry)

Also im not entirely certain but if you're just asking for general pony pics /pic/ might be the thread?

File 132597853545.png - (89.08KB , 414x356 , 1303710946887.png )
31339 No. 31339 [View]
Howdy Y'all, I've been thinking about how tragic and all the loss of ponyarchive is and I began to think. Is the reason that it was taken down because it hosted the files themselves? If so, would it be possible to make a new site which only served torrents without HASBRO stopping it? If it only served the torrent files, that's no grounds to stop it is it?

I would be fully prepared to put in the time for this project but the questions are:

Would it get taken down?
What should it be called?
Is there any real need for it?

Please reply, I'm counting on you Collab :) Any feedback would be appreciated
>> No. 31341
In the US, the DMCA makes linking to illegal content /and refusing to take it down on request/ illegal or at least it would have to go to court.

Outside the US it is probably legal. The sport streaming link website rojadirecta was twice ruled legal by Spanish courts only to have its domain name unfairly/illegally confiscated by the US.

Hosting in a country that doesn't respond to US pressure would be the best idea.
>> No. 31556
Why not just put everything up on Pirate Bay and seed it? In any case, the guys running Pirate Bay also run a hosting company that specializes in hosting stuff that people want taken down.

File 132621285808.png - (253.22KB , 800x600 , 130212018047.png )
31479 No. 31479 [View]
I've started thinking today on maybe opening up my very own official Pony fansite. I'm actually considering paying for an actual domain name, some webspace and bandwidth for this website.

In creating the site, I vow not to enter as a competitor against other sites, but to actually endorse and link to them. It would be my way of contributing to the Pony community as a whole!

The site would have multiple purposes serving as a massive repository of fanmade Pony related media including videos, music, artwork, customs, fanfiction, etc, etc. If I'm to include artwork/projects that are not of my own making, then the artist of said work would actually be given his/her own little area on the website where I'd post their artwork along with links to their own art website (including Deviant Art and the like) And I'd be doing this all with their given permission of course ;)

Also I would include a massive personal hand made wiki of sorts (all from simple html which I'm pretty darn good at!) of both canon and fanon (letting them both serve as their own alternate universes in the Pony world)

There will also be a forum created for the sake of art exchange, projects, roleplay and a general discussion.

And there will also be a built in chat system with multiple chatrooms that serve for different purposes.
>> No. 31542
HTML will only get you so far. If you want a truly dynamic website you'll need to learn PHP and SQL or bring somepony on like myself who knows how to program in it
>> No. 31551
well I would like to make the news part like a blog with a comment system.

And maybe I'd like to make the artwork section a bit more dynamic so that it could be easier to update.

I'll be honest, I'm not entirely PHP or SQL savvy, so I might consider your suggestion just for those purposes. Still, I'd like to do the complete website design myself, and then add the PHP functions when I feel its ready for it.

Before I go and buy the domain name I'll go ahead and host a production version of the site on my current personal domain if anypony here would like to watch the production in progress ;)

File 132631479002.png - (634.40KB , 1920x1080 , moarponi.png )
31549 No. 31549 [View]

This is a game that I'm working on to improve my skills in UDK. It features pony, too! Check out my ModDB page. The picture is a WIP of the NPC and character base model.

File 132624771142.jpg - (24.54KB , 300x187 , MLPlogo.jpg )
31522 No. 31522 [View]
Hey there, I migrated from 4chan's /co/,/m/, and /toy/ to here.

I've been working on this super secret project and I'm looking for some helpers. Mostly artists

Here is the Logo

No. 31413 [View]
I was watching Ace of Cakes when it hit me, why not make a pony cake? Now, this post is mostly a petition I will submit to Charm City Cakes to make a cake for the show's anniversary or for Lauren Faust's birthday. All you need to do is really just either post ideas for the cake and say that you support this, or something. I am really counting on the brony community for this because it would be a real treat for all of us to see them profile an MLP cake on Ace of Cakes
>> No. 31414
You realise the price tags on cakes from that particular place?
>> No. 31415
That's why I am relying on the community, although I did just check the price, and boy are you right. Well, that sort of sets this project back a bit though.
>> No. 31427
Why not the cake boss Who also happens to be in new york, has a TV show where he makes incredible cakes, and there also is another broNYcon coming up with Lauren Faust being there.

Imagine if the community could get together and commissioned a MLP cake, and it was on that show...

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