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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

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Could somepony make a pony version of this? Could be adorable.

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  (THIS THREAD HAS BEEN MOVED TO >>/media/26892)

Please support (:

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File 132609620630.png - (91.46KB , 640x394 , Ghost Toast.png )
Did somepony say ghost toast?

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Hai bronies, I am interested in doing a brony song but don't have the ability or resources to create/remix music for it can only sing, anyone interested?
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*Pony song even
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File 132599352175.png - (302.65KB , 512x432 , 35801 - lazy_uploader_indeed reported screencap twilight_sparkle.png )
This belongs in /collab/

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Waddup /collab/,
what's going on you ask?
Oh not much..except I just made this awesome

>tell me what you guys think
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..what do you think?

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Accidentily posted this in the Fanimation thread before, sorry for being a n00b.

Hey, Bronies. I'm in the process of creating a sorts of stategy/RPG/Shooter game for UDK. It's early in development, but will consist of Ponies for main characters. Right now, I'm putting out some art and scenery models. Once I get enough assets, I'm going to submit it to ModDB.

Although the game will be MLP themed, none of the Mane6 will be featured, as I don't want to look everywhere for a voice actor.

I want the game to actually be fun, not just for bronies, but for everypony.

I'm looking for anypony who may be interested in giving me a hand- especially coders. If your a Brony and know your way around UDK, animation, coding, or other skills, send me a PM
thanks :D

File 132574258815.png - (49.76KB , 256x256 , 49-rainbowdash.png )
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So I made so super sexy website.

But its full of absolutely positioned DIVs.

Probably because i used WEBPAGE maker.

and i need to make shit work and all, so i need a web designer. Plox
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More info:

This is a new Streaming brony radio station.

I'm going to have talk shows with other bronies about whats going on with the brony community and play music submitted by other bronies and interview people.

If you are interested please reply.
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Maybe this should be in /www/? I have an anon helping me with my site there atm.

I will check it out when I get home :)

We'll talk later, my lunch break just ended
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File 132584740959.png - (238.05KB , 800x655 , 132463659275.png )
ahhhh sorry I forgot.. Please send me an email and I'll reply, emailing is easier on my phone than posting here, I've had a look at the code and i know of at least one solution

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Hi Everypony! I am SnowQueenRarity and I am working on a yt page for MLP:FiM based PMVs and reviews of the series. I need help with the gathering of amazing pictures and music that is inspired by the world of Equestria. I currently have one video posted on YT and currently working on a second, as well as my first review. I have a few ponies lined up thus far, but am in need for more. Credit will be given properly and all help I can get is much appreciated.


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I planing on making a pony map for TF2 ,for the [poni3] server. Does anypony have any ideas what it should be structures , themes ,features
>> No. 31224
An Everfree forest map sounds like a good idea.
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File 132579645272.png - (23.12KB , 120x120 , pinkie_pie_avatar_2_by_metalbeersolid-d3icha6.png )
It would be good the Apple Farm or the House of Rainbowdash.

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I'm working on a little project and could use some help. Does anypony know a website where I can find pictures of all known cutie marks and the ponies to whom they belong?

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here you go.
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I made this using java just to see what you guys think of it, if you like it then I'll probably keep working on it. As of now there is only one enemy and one npc to show how things work but later I will add in bosses, special moves, and maybe even additional party members. It kind of has two game modes. When roaming the overworld I like to think of it as "Zork" mode ("kill enemy", "pick up stick" etc.). When you fight something the game goes into a more traditional turn-based fighting scene that will be heavily expanded later.

Anyway if you find any bugs or have any suggestions please feel free to let me know.


To Play:
1. Use Winrar or 7zip to extract file.
2. Run "run.bat"
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On media fire it says the file was Invalid or deleted. Sorry

File 132565311611.png - (139.76KB , 815x855 , 132460438220.png )
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Hey everypony! I was wondering if there is a pony desktop pet such as this
If there is can I have a link? If not I want you tec savy people to create one. This would be so appreaciated! Love you all!
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You mean desktop ponies?

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>> No. 31216
PURE GENIUS! How could somepony not have thought of this before?

OP you are a genius!

File 132556833440.png - (152.40KB , 900x900 , sad_lyra_by_mcawesomebrony-d422m75.png )
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Hello everypony! I am in quite a conundrum. Since making it to Bronycon in NYC next weekend is virtually an impossibilty for me, I've decided to host my own meetup in western Massachusetts later this year. However, i need some help. I need to have an estimate on how many people would show up, the cost of the event, where to have it and what to do. Any help would be appreciated. I'm thinking about having it either this summer or fall
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Have you used Are you active on or Facebook? Have you found other fans through those sites? If not, be sure to use them to find other fans who would also be interested in meeting up.

File 132564371984.png - (151.80KB , 894x894 , shrugpony_twilight_sparkle_by_moongazeponies-d3cvkds.png )
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Hey, fellow Bronies. I was just taking a look at some people creating renders of 3D ponies, and it got me thinking- What if I were to create a 3D RP MLP Game? (Say that 3 times fast.)

I haven't really gone much into detail, but I'd like to get some concepts out. I'd propose the engine to be UDK. I already am proficient with Blender 3d, but I'll need some help later on.
All I ask of you now to give your input or ideas, or even offer help once I get started into the technical stuff.

If you guys would be so kind, add and PM me if you have some ideas or interest.

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