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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

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(THIS THREAD HAS BEEN MOVED TO >>/chat/38933558)

So while we ride out the mudfest this is the new MLPG. No one posts in this dead section anyway.

File 132563344193.png - (77.13KB , 1280x686 , Screenshot - 040112 - 00:21:33.png )
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Good day, ponies.

I have this little project of mine, a site to make it easy for ponies to engage in roleplay with their OCs. It's now online for a bit over a week, and I've had to see some issues with the reception.

For now, people make an account, create a pony, make a chat room perhaps, and leave the site. Asking users, I often hear the site lacks a central spot and overall has a very incomplete feeling on it.

Well, it is incomplete. I had to realise that I have ideas, no concepts. This is a clear case of Programmer's UI, the site is simple, stripped. And overall, it seems to "difficult" to start an RP there. The lack of RP leads to people not starting any.

To cut it short, I need help of somepony experienced with website design. I do all the programming, I am good at programming, but I need some collabs for concepts, site design, menu design etc.

Thanks for listening.
>> No. 31145
I forgot to say, the site can be found at

File 132556273514.jpg - (169.36KB , 891x1350 , 130722123635.jpg )
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Howdy y'all, not sure if this is the right area, but oh well. I'm needing a little help with something. I've decided to make a Total Conversion mod for Dungeon Defenders starting our 6 favorite ponies.

But before I can do this I need to create skeletal meshes, which I'm a little weak in for each of the mane 6. After that I can modify them as needed.

I would prefer to do a full ponified version of the game, but if I have to then I will just go with the humanized versions of the mane 6 like the picture.

File 132555908935.png - (303.39KB , 572x389 , fluttershy - happy ok eyes.png )
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Alright /collab/, I've got a bit of a task I need help with. I'm starting a My Little Pony: FIM / Brony club at my school and here's where I am: I laid out a nice little packet that has an explanation as for why and how the idea for the club came about, the signatures of about 20 people (10 is the minimum), and further information about when and where it will be taking place. I have already found a teacher to supervise (as required) and a room to use. The club has been approved by the school's administration, and now all I have to do is meet with our principal and discuss the club. Now, the part where I need you all to help is with the schedule. I have a pretty good one planned out, but need some help with it. I need ideas! Now, I wanted to have a segment of the club where we discuss some fanart we've found, but also make some of our own. I'd love to do some pony painting and pony drawing. Can anypony provide guides or how-to's? In addition, if anypony has any other ideas for "activities" let me know. Thank you all and let's hope the club is a success! :)

(fyi: I also made this same thread on /oat/ to reach more people)

File 132555589387.png - (118.99KB , 500x312 , mlp_s02e08_dash_.png )
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Hey /collab/ here's the deal, a friend and I have one night to make a super smash bros style mlp game it will be online borny to brony smashfest. If this works we might think of doing more, the problem is the lack of sprites.

If Anypony can or will create sprites for this game it will be running TONIGHT.

We only need sprites for 2 ponies, equal amounts of sprites, what ever style you see fit.

6+ attacks, walk, run, jump, anything else you'd like to see.

Find em, Make em, Discuss em, We need em.

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Hello,fillies and gentlecolts,and I present you...MY LITTLE CURSORS!I'm on a mission to make many OCs and characters on the show in the cursor world!Here is V.1-

So,if you would like a cursor of your OC this is what you do:
1.I will provide bases for unicorns,pegasi,earth ponies,and alicorns.(You can also give me 4 vectors of your pony)
2.Fill in the sheet however you want too.
3.Post here.
4.I'll turn them into cursors!

My DA is and I will upload the ponies separately there.That way you don't have to wait for the next version for new cursors.OCs will NOT be included on new versions of My Little Cursors,but instead be on here,just titled My Little OC Cursors.Also,you can request ponies on the show and give vectors for them,but you don't have too.So...Happy Cursor Year!
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>> No. 31225
Does anypony actually have proof of the Aunt Orange sprites being stolen?If not,why are we just "assuming" that they are?Would you like your hard work claimed to be stolen when it's really not?Who knows if it's stolen or not?And maybe we should ask others if they've made Aunt Orange sprites.
>> No. 31227
Im not assuming that it's stolen, but I'm not assuming that it's hers either. If you look at all her work before and after all the creating that she has done has been lacking. The only ones that looked allright are where she took somepony else's pony and tried animating it or recoloring, though the animations were always a bit choppy. So while I dont for a second doubt that she animated that sprite. I have a hard time believing she designed it. ie. the hair and necklace. No one from the current desktop pony team remembered making her so there is the small possibility she did make her which is why I've only said probably stolen. Normally I would have given her the benefit of the doubt but she kept doing wrong again and again so much that by the time this came up I just couldn't.

Anyway good luck on creating your own aunt orange sprite Rainbowshy. Looking forward to it.
>> No. 31228

You know that back then, Ponyluver said she would prove her innocence by spriting any other pony they could ask to her, because her skills were real and she totally not stole anything?

Except that she immediately backpedaled from her own word, because she didn't expected to get a request that -didn't- involved just recoloring a premade animation, and her solution to this new problem was simple: forget everything and pretend she never promised anything.

Months later, we are still waiting for the "proof" she promised to show everypony. Meanwhile, everything she has tried to submit since then have been nothing but plain recolors, mediocre edits or just other people's animations with some minuscule changes and her name slapped on them.

The level of skill she claimed to have back then was never seen again.

File 132511086394.jpg - (16.06KB , 200x200 , Pinkiepie200.jpg )
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1. How would I take a vector like this (see post image), take all the color that makes up pinkie pie into a single solid color; eliminating line details such as hair curls and eyes while maintaining the crisp shape of her outline?

The paint-fill tool doesn’t work for parts that have lots of interlacing lines or gradual color changes and I don’t have a steady enough hand to hand-fill the outer pixels without butchering the overall shape of the vector (which is the primary focus).

1.5: How would I do the above but protect their cuitie marks (and only their cuitie marks) from being filled with a single color and, instead, fill them with a different solid color (losing their details but maintaining their shape).

2. How can I compile a bunch of different vectors into a single image and re-size each individual vector so I can make it match the general size and ratio of the others within the same image?

I’ve experimented using the ‘more sizes’ option on google images when getting my vectors, but even with that, some vectors have a thicker whitespace than others, leading to different sized ponies that need a few tweaks to look similar in ratio.
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>> No. 31024
File 132547845995.png - (86.05KB , 1233x1199 , PinkiePieHiRes.png )
is this sort of what you wanted OP?
>> No. 31025
Sorry I didn't know somepony already answered your question.
>> No. 31036

Yeah it was answered already. But thanks for offering.

The way Sim City 4 region upload works is that it reads off of greyscale maps, with each shade representing a different height. I also realized that it trims and normalizes height differences, meaning the cuitie marks probably wouldn't have turned out looking proper in game since they would have been smoothed over too much, so I decided to just go with the outlines.

File 132504046872.png - (116.65KB , 500x421 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-fus-ro-dah.png )
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Hello again everypony. I made a post before concerning making a Friendship is Magic mockumentary. A friend and I have typed up some scripts for a demo of it. If you are interested in voice-acting, send a clip of yourself doing one of the line to my email. Email me also if you have anything to say on improving them. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to play Skyrim.
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>> No. 30869
>> No. 30930
Just to get straight to the point, the characters that need voices are each of the 'mane' six and Spike. Furthermore, you don't need to send in lines from the script. Honestly any lines from the show or just ad lib lines will do. Just be sure to email the lines (if you are interested) to me at [email protected] Thanks and have a happy New Year!
>> No. 31020
Well, that rules me out.
Interested to see how this turns out.

File 132515601348.png - (1.01MB , 1031x606 , Screenie0.png )
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Getting kinda crowded with these, eh?

Well here's what I have over the others:
- Custom built engine, made by me. Not game maker. Not RPG maker. This means pretty much no limits except how much time I'm willing to spend implementing things.
- Unique battle system. Tired of the final fantasy and dragon warrior ripoffs? Here's something similar, but completely different at its core. No long in-battle cinematics. No huge menus. Everything is realtime and simultaneous, with all actions selectable with 2 button presses, for fast and simple gameplay. No spamming the A button and occasionally healing to win, here.
- (Capacity for) Hi res sprites. Not obvious right now since I'm using crappy programmer art and vector rips, but my graphics will not be pixelated. 32 bit color rather than small palettes. It's not going to be pixel art here.
- A dedicated project leader that won't flake out on you.

Further features:
- Not going to be a ridiculously long project. I'm hoping for a 2-4 hour game so it is finished sometime this century. 'Course, if we finish fast, there's always room to make more...
- Non-standard item system. Still pretty simple, though: two equipment items being accessories (weapons) and trinkets (armor). Also, all equipment has slots for gems, which boost your stats based on which type of gem is placed in which type of item.
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>> No. 30970
Okie dokie, I'll just see what else is going on for the time being. I do hope you'll use those pre-rendered background that FF7 and FF8 used, I really like those 2 rpgs. I don't know anything about the older games.
>> No. 30981
haven't downloaded it, but judging from the screenshot. It looks a bit like the Valkyrie Profile series.
>> No. 30983
I effin' love you.

Valkyrie Profile is probably the second biggest inspiration for the battle system, next to FF6. Unfortunately there's no comboing or juggling, but the idea for simultaneous attacks rather than taking turns came from that game, as did the various controller buttons corresponding to different attacks.
Valkyrie profile proved to me traditional turn based battle systems aren't a complete dead end; prior to playing it I thought every RPG was going to go the action route (kingdom hearts, skyrim, etc) or tactical (final fantasy tactics, etc). Too bad the sequels sucked.

Progress report: Work has started on actual game content, with the new prologue/tutorial about half done... using a ton of placeholder art of course. I've got a couple people working on graphics now, but more is definitely better, especially anypony wanting to make animated sprites or backgrounds.

File 132529967370.jpg - (76.30KB , 497x983 , adorable.jpg )
30968 No. 30968 [View]
Hey, guys, I just wanted to know if anypony had any projects they need help on, big or small, and I will see what I can do :)
>> No. 30982
Well, what skills do you have?

File 132519177253.jpg - (18.12KB , 473x273 , Spike-mustache.jpg )
30912 No. 30912 [View]
Alright, mah Ponies?!
I'm an Industry Animator, Producer and Director, I take commissions during downtime, including flash animated shorts
What I'm asking is; If I opened animation commissions to make short 'episodes' with your own characters, what prices would seem reasonable?
The last time I made an custom animation, it was for a law firm and I was payed £60 for 1.5mins

TL;DR What would you be willing to pay to have your OC voiced and star in their own mini-episode?
>> No. 30943
I'm going to give you a heads up and say that unless your extremely lucky, free is going to be your best deal. Besides, I'm not positive but I think profiting off the franchise, wither OC or Cannon is still Copy Right Infringement.

Somepony back me up?
>> No. 30946
Not long ago, the Mods banned a guy who was suggesting payment for people taking commisions for fangames. The Mods claimed that they had no right to, and were entitled to absolutely nothing for their (fan) work.

Just saying, so you could avoid yourself some problems.
>> No. 30964
Ahhh... Very valid points... Thanks guys, I'll tread carefully - I already have a two people who want to buy an episode slot and I've already built an animation team, together with sound mixers, music composers, SFX and 3 voice actors.
Production begins in May, after University finals
Thanks again, I'm usually good at avoid copyright issues!

File 132528789897.jpg - (150.00KB , 1173x521 , fantasia+Pony.jpg )
30960 No. 30960 [View]
I had an idea just moments ago about the old movie Fantasia, or to be more specific the story of The Sorcerer's Apprentice and how it related to twilight sparkle... I thought about making an animation depicting Twilight Sparkle engaging in the battle against the brooms and the water (most likely when she was a filly) only to have celestia come and save the day and teach her a lesson, but all without saying a word in keeping the feeling of fantasia where the music is all that's needed to bring the picture to life...

i would love to make the animation myself but i have no artistic tallent to do so...

File 132495232696.png - (635.99KB , 1280x720 , Mane_6_Spot_of_Chaos_Undone_Season_2_Episode_2.png )
30780 No. 30780 [View]
Hello Fillies and Gentlecolts, allow me to first say, Hello, My name is Lumo
And I need the help of the pony and brony artists to produce a game that I hope would provide endless entertainment to the players
the plot is this:
You are a pony, an OC of your making. and you just arrived in Ponyville, mingle with the locals, help them out, do some quests, become a member of their town, make friends and strong foundations.
But all is not as it seems, as a new element of Disharmony has arisen, Malice.
Help track down the elements of harmony with Twilight and the rest of the girls, and some new characters along the way
Fight baddies, help ponies, and decide the fate of Equestria.
Travel across the land, going to cloudsdale, Canterlot, Ponyville, Fillydelphia, Trottingham, and the Everfree, in attempts to save the world from the hate that now corrupts the land and chokes out all happiness like some dark twisted weed.

What we need:
*Concept Artists
*Character Designers
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>> No. 30891

No. I'm saying ONLY having a plot to start from before asking for help is worthless, as ideas are VERY cheap. At least have done a substantial amount of coding OR art for the game before you ask, to prove to contributors you have something unique here.
>> No. 30948
Well I have some half-finished concept art of Malice and a few key areas of gameplay, but they're still in the inking phase.
>> No. 30951

Keep on mind that people can't see the ideas inside of your head, so whenever a person opens a thread to announce a project but doesn't provides visual proof, everything that person says and promises is automatically taken with a grain of salt.

After all, a promise is nothing but words and most of time, enthusiasm makes people promise things that are way, way far away from their real possibilities.

Think small, promise even smaller and work your way up from there, that alone can make a huge difference.

No. 30901 [View]
Hey guys, dunno if this is the right place for this but I am doing a little project for school about the brony fandom. I made a survey that I'd like a few of you to fill in. Here's the link:

File 132474399001.png - (177.55KB , 700x460 , awesome-pic-1.png )
30675 No. 30675 [View]
Hi everypony !

Because Christmas is the time of giving, we are inviting the whole brony community to show the Element of Generosity and make a difference in the lives of many children. Few things are as devastating as a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Young patients and their families are quickly thrust into an unfamiliar and often frightening world of medical decisions and hospital protocols. At the same time, they are typically coping with emotional upheaval and financial anxiety, and their needs go well beyond what even the best medical care can provide. But together, we can be the rainbow that will make them want to smile forever !

The Children’s Cancer Association, a top-rated, award-winning charity, provides supportive mentors to these children and brings friendship in a time of loneliness, soothing music in a time of crisis, resources in a time of turmoil and vital support in the midst of life-threatening illness. More than 40 talented artists have already offered their talent to support this cause in the brony way : giving back.

As a very special Christmas gift, every single donor will receive a digital copy of an exclusive music album. The involvement of the music community over at My Little Remix is truly amazing : in only a few weeks, and despite their high quality requirements, we are now looking at a 74 minute-long production ! Those who had the chance to listen to the teaser can tell you how high the quality bar is set. It also shines by its diversity : Classical, Electronic, Acoustic, Dance, Drum & Bass, Rock and Jazz are only a few of the musical genres featured. They are now in the final phases of mastering, and aim to have it ready in a couple of days at the latest. Donate now and you will be e-mailed a digital copy as soon as it’s done. We will also be sending solid copies of it to the Children’s Cancer Association to let the kids listen to it and know that out there, even complete strangers care about them and put in that much work, just to make them smile.

Additionally, the most generous donors will receive very valuable presents kindly made for this cause, although we are even now still receiving mor
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>> No. 30764
File 132489431800.png - (1.47MB , 770x1038 , derpy_monet_by_futtashy-d4dw0b3.png )
Bumping because WE JUST REACHED $3500 !

Keep it going ! 100% of it goes directly to the Children's Cancer Association, and you even get tax deduction ! Their Event Manager is on holidays right now, but this is also supposed to be officially posted on their site. The album should be released later on the 26th, and includes 83 minutes of music ! Be sure to follow the instructions so that you can get it as soon as it's released.

Thanks to everypony for being so awesome, and happy holidays !
>> No. 30858
File 132508540505.jpg - (150.49KB , 900x675 , rainbow_dash_scarf_by_mastertortilla27-d4iajp7.jpg )
Album released !

Everypony who already donated while following the instructions should have already received it. If you didn't, please send us a mail at [email protected], we will be happy to send you back the album as soon as you do, as well as make you eligible for the extra prizes !

Big brohooves to everypony who helped raising more than $9000 as of now, and enjoy your music !
>> No. 30875
ugh so many drives D: . I might be able to give to this one as well, but i am helping OSK >.<

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