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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

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File 132504147470.gif - (146.22KB , 125x92 , abandon thread.gif )

File 132503985431.jpg - (61.23KB , 420x600 , 420px-Angry_Marine_Smackdown.jpg )
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heya, im working on a project to make an Equestria faction in warhammer 40k. Is thier anything I need to take into consideration when making this?
I have the 5th edition rulebook as well as the dark heresy rulebook. Do I have the necessary materials to start mapping them out? (modeling comes later, much later. I want to make them balanced first)

in short what rulebooks would I need and how do I go about actually doing this? Im pretty new to 40k...

File 132494410288.jpg - (32.58KB , 285x288 , euro-1.jpg )
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Hello Ponychan!
We are a group of bronies located in Madrid (Spain).

Do you remember the EqD event called "Ponies around the world"?
Sadly, at that time we didn't have ponies at the stores here. But now we have them! (And McDonalds ponies will arrive next week!).

So our plan is to do something similar (pics of ponies + statues/important buildings/etc) but we don't have a name for our project yet.
We want a name that could be easily related with our city (Madrid) and with a sound familiar to everypony (for example, including pony related words: mare, hoof, cutie mark...)

Can you suggest us a fitting name? Thank you very much! :)
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Madridhooves Social maybe?

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File 132487277752.jpg - (156.73KB , 1032x774 , pony_feeds_reader_by_nolcip21-d4jt2g2[1].jpg )
I've created an application for Rainmeter that shows on the user desktop the feeds for the sites Equestria Daily, Celestia Radio and Brony News.
I believe it's not just can be interesting but very useful.
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File 132482406010.png - (166.05KB , 900x594 , fallout_equestria_logo_by_dotrook-d49gjgi.png )
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Calling all Drawfriends!

I'm DarcySupremest
and I am the Admin of Suprmest Fan Fiction reviews

I have recently started working on a yearly celebration on Supremest.
In a few weeks I'm going to completely redesigned the website.
For a whole week from Monday: I'm going to review a Fallout Equestria side story and interview its author.
leading up to Sunday when I'm reviewing the original Fallout Equestria and Interviewing Kkat.
I have Somber (Project Horizons) No One (FoE Heroes) and Kkat organized and ready for their interviews.
and the next 3 i have all set out and ready.

File 132469295979.jpg - (66.73KB , 600x496 , sega_sonic_flatbill_cap_headwear.jpg )
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I really want a big face flatbill Derpy hat, would anypony know somepony that could make such a thing?

File 132463077997.png - (27.96KB , 256x256 , Vinyl Scratch.png )
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So, basically this is something crazy I just want all of the coder bronies that have experience with creating stuff based off of YouTube.

What will this actually be?

A YouTube for bronies, because obviously we have quite a few parasprites on YouTube, which have been taking down the good videos that we watch.

Now, I do realize a project of this magnitude makes me out of my damn mind, but it would be a heck of a lot better than using YouTube, where we are very susceptible to parasprites.

Why is this being done:

Parasprites on YouTube have been attempting to shut down our community, and I think we are all tired of this.
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hey man I had the exact same idea, i have a contact who works in computer programming and is also focusing on a project like this, he even has a way of avoiding the DMCA since his company is in Canada. So hit me up at [email protected]

My contacts email is [email protected] and dont worry he said i could post his email.

So hit us up so we can make this dream a reality!

File 132441460618.gif - (73.18KB , 676x409 , MKFLogo.gif )
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I hope this is the right place to post this...

There's an (among others) Mario fangame focusing on crossovers called Mushroom Kingdom Fusion:

I just found out it allows custom skins, so anypony good at spriting feel like making some ponies? I'm thinking maybe Dash over Sonic, Fluttershy over Tails... Of course, the real fun would be powerup design, since MKF has Mega Man Suit and Sci-Fi Suit, as well as additional suits for certain characters, in addition to the main fire and flight power-ups.. Anypony with me on this?
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Metal Slug. Mario gets a leather jacket and buzzcut, and can fire in the 8 cardinal directions.
>> No. 30702

Maybe you could put her in a royal guard's outfit, and she could shoot thunderbolts or arrows instead of bullets.
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Again: can't change projectiles!
I think Pinkamena with a gun would be best.

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Ok, so I asked around in /chat/ where I should put this, and as it is a project they suggested here.
The idea is to have a series of fanfics written as a series of "journal" entries made by the ponies set in an alternate reality where nightmare moon has taken control of equestria and put the mane six in POW camps. The journals would be individual ( a different journal for each pony).
I am open to suggestions as to how the alternate reality came about, however I think a believable beginning would be that dash left with the shadowbolts, and celestia retreated with her forces to the everfree forest (or another location)
So, what do you think?
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I can do editing! Allow me to demonstrate...

October 23, 2010

I woke up groggily with a splitting headache, no idea where I was. The last thing I could remember was Rainbow Dash leaving us on the other side of the bridge, but after that... it's all a blur. My legs ached as I struggled to my feet. I could tell that I must have been lying down for some time, from my thirst. The room, or rather, the cell I found myself in was dark and dingy. "How did I get here?" "Why was I taken here?" Questions raced through my head. After fully regaining consciousness, I cast an illumination spell to better look around, the cell filling with a soft purple glow. The only notable things were four grey walls, a rusty metal bed with tattered, mildew-covered sheets, and a large steel door with a slot in the bottom of it. I attempted to look through the slot, just as it opened and something slid through and hit me on the face. It was a tray of food, and a small bowl of water! I was famished from not eating in.... well, I wasn't sure how long it had been. I ate the food greedily, and the world around me grew dark as i slipped into unconsciousness...

Wow that was a tricky one. (Fun fact: I was listening to U.N. Owen Was Her? on repeat throughout.) In other news, will the CMC be involved, since I'm a sick bastard?
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File 132466974964.jpg - (84.35KB , 640x480 , Photo on 2011-12-23 at 14_47.jpg )
congrats, your hired!
please e-mail that to me so i can archive it
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File 132443291366.jpg - (381.32KB , 2560x1600 , 1111111wallpaper-1125119.jpg )
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So, me and some other ponies were going to do a collab video where we all sing some song from the show. (not sure what song yet). So if anypony wold like to join us, let us know, we will try to get something set up I guess.
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File 132512195907.png - (92.68KB , 476x516 , *Sip*.png )
Well, I have three people I know would do it, and I think Woona is up for it, Krager probably forgot about this, and csubakka is on board as well.
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Sorry pal, seems like I'll have... like no free time to put together the track. School can be a bitch sometimes :C
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Youtube embed play button
  Hi everypony !
Christmas day is getting closer, and with it the launch of our community's charity event in favor of the Children's Cancer association ! Few things in life are as devastating as a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, but together, we can be the rainbow that will make them smile again !

The Smile ! event in a nutshell :
- On Christmas Day, we will release a link to our stand on GlobalGiving letting you donate directly to the Children's Cancer Association (CCA), so that we do not handle ourselves any of the money.
- Because we are doing this through a well-know charity, all donations are tax-deductible for you, and not taxed either way, so 100% of it will go directly to CCA.
- If we get enough donations before the 31st, CCA will receive an extra 500$ to 1500$ grant for our efforts !
- Every single donor will receive a digital copy exclusive music album crafted by the most talented brony musicians ! Right now, even after filtering for quality, we have over 80mn of quality music, and are still waiting for the last submissions ! You can find a 5mn teaser of it in the embed.
- The top donors by the 25th of January will receive gifts generously donated for this effect, such as paintings, scarves, clay or wooden ponies and art commissions.

How you can help
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File 132454547145.jpg - (6.87KB , 176x117 , 132424951070.jpg )
More info here :

Thanks again, and brohooves all around to everypony for being so awesome ! The kids need us, let's all put a smile on their face !
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Pen Stroke, known for Past Sins, has generously offered an additional gift prize : a custom, one-shot fan-fiction of any topic or theme excluding
grim-dark. (Up to ~10,000 words).

Thanks again to all the artists making this event happen !

File 132326563169.png - (360.15KB , 1438x908 , Mane6Fightstick3v1_1png.png )
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>mods, feel free to move this to /art/ if it would be more appropriate there

Hey bronies, need some help here. I'm working on making a fightstick, parents gave me money for upcoming Christmas (they've just given me the money for the gifts I want for the past few years, cause a Sapphire Vapor-X HD5770 1GB GDDR5 sounds like ancient Chinese voodoo witchcraft to them), and I need some input/help on the artwork.

I've got everything else all set and ready to purchase (including light-up LED buttons, très coolio no?), I just am TERRIBLE at all things art. The image here is one of 3 design ideas, with the other two to be posted below.

Any input/ideas/art anypony could provide would be MUCH appreciated!
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FIM is a 4-button fighter, and one of those buttons is "Special", and not a regular attack.

So the 6 button layout is a no-go. I'd recommend using the first layout you had, and then placing 4 buttons in a arc.
>> No. 30277

Hokay, yeah it's a four button fighter, I know that, but have you seen the official mad catz SSFIV fightsticks? Isn't SSFIV a six button fighter? Count the buttons on that one...

Usually the extra buttons are combinations of buttons (such as in the SSFIV mad catz stick), for things like throws. And anyway, why would anypony EVER want a four button stick? That takes away SO much of its versatility!

Also, there's six in MLP's mane cast. If I'm going to do what I said I was with the buttons, how could I ever cut two of them? I wub dem all too much! :3


Anything you want to contribute would be MORE than awesome!
>> No. 30549
Bumpin' again in the vain hopes of catching somepony's eye.

Also, just an fyi to anypony who DOES post: I don't get a chance to check these threads very often, so if I don't responded immediately don't worry, I haven't lost interest. Sorry about that.

File 132443745226.png - (412.99KB , 549x388 , Capture.png )
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Greetings, pony units.

(Sorry for re-posting. I tried to delete the previous one, and doesn't seem to do it, even if the password is correct)

This is Darth Equus, producer of the upcoming MLP RPG, Adventure of the Lunarbolts:

I need your help with sprite foals, mainly earth ponies and pegasi, both genders.

The premise is simple: I provide you with a sprite sheet base, you make pixel ponies from that base, (existing or original), I pay you per sprite sheet through Paypal.

Think you have what it takes? email [email protected]
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Wow! I have a brony friend who's been editing pixels for years, I'll have to tell him about this, awesome!
>> No. 30503
I also sent an email. I'm very interested in this, having been spriting and doing pixel arts for years. I've also been working on RPG games like this myself, so I know my way around them pretty well too. Hope to hear from you :)
>> No. 30547

Zecora's house isn't pixel art, it's just a resized screencap from the cartoon...

File 132455506245.jpg - (43.17KB , 307x512 , unnameda.jpg )
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So, I've been searching around for a battery widget similar to the attached image. The image changes based on battery status.

I cant seem to find any pony related battery widgets for Android and im considering making my own. I'm not experienced in android programming, but I can learn fast with the right tutorials :3

Has anypony seen any MLP battery widgets out there? Know of any good widget tutorials?

(image referenced is Maid-San battery found here:
VreXUud2lkZ2V0LmJhdHRlcnkubWFpZCJd )
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File 132455510629.jpg - (60.19KB , 307x512 , unnamedb.jpg )
dead batt.

File 142323511981.png - (276.79KB , 834x552 , twilight sparkle fashion.png )
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Sorry I don't know how much these cost. This is just for fun.

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