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File 133503315512.png - (443.36KB , 3200x2000 , Vinyl Scratch Wallpaper.png )
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What's up every pony!

I've been following the ask pony blogs for a while and finally worked up the nerve to make one myself. one little problem: I can't draw.

So here's the deal. I'm looking for an artist to help me with an ask tumblr blog. I'll write the script and try and provide some basic designs, but I'd really appreciate some help in the art department.

The new blog is at askponysphinx.
>> No. 38256
File 133671482213.jpg - (29.11KB , 471x350 , 132831303447.jpg )
i'll help ya if you want
>> No. 38258
File 133671507424.png - (3.17MB , 2718x2520 , and_that__s_how_equestria_was_made_by_egophiliac-d4jdwjs.png )
Send info to [email protected]

File 138912903129.png - (2.34MB , 1304x5001 , rect3238.png )
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Pack of my mlp models almost all files have provide texture and source svg for texture
all files are in Blender no obj

since models are based from my little pony friendship is magic some rights are reserved by Hasbro

so you can't really use thous models for commercial use

if you use it you can add me to credits but its not necessary :3

Download at:
>> No. 46104
Some of the models aren't textured when you open them up.
>> No. 46126
yep unfortunately the the paths to textures don't exactly match up but the texture and uv data is there so it should not be a big problem

File 138725220681.png - (73.71KB , 640x480 , castlepinkiepreview1.png )
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The game actually centers around Twilight. After falling into a deep slumber she suddenly finds herself in a sort of eternal nightmare. A complex castle themed world haunted by strange monsters and evil (and often mutated) Pinkie Pie clones.In order to escape this nightmare, Twilight must destroy the monsters, banish the Pinkie clones back to the abyss, collect all the gold tokens in each level (to pay the ferrypony at the end of the game to take you out of the nightmare) and a few other things to be named.

As to why this nightmarish world exists, who the villain is and what the motivation was, I havent yet entirely worked out. But I hope to gain some ideas as this project progresses.

At first, this game was intended to be a sort of mini game designed for project: Spikes Quest (a metroidvania style game staring none other than Spike himself [check the blog: ]. It was one of a few videogame themed mini-games that you collected throughout the SQ world and played in a segment called Pinkie's Arcade Room (this also included other games such as Snips Challenge (a parody of the classic Chips Challenge) and Celestian Towers (a parody of Mystic Towers for Dos staring Starswirl the Bearded). I recently decided to do away with this segment in favor of turning these mini games into actual full fledged projects. This is a side project that I'll be working on along side of Spikes Quest, and when finished, I may proceed to work on the other projects mentioned here.

The Game:
The game was originally planed to be a spoof on the popular classic FPS Wolfenstein 3D. You explored 3D-ish levels finding secrets, battling Pinkie Clones (I wouldnt say you killed them, rather 'banished' them back to the abyss in which they came) collecting keys to unlock doors and other basic cliched videogame tasks. Like Wolfenstein 3D, the maps were to be layed out in a grid-like geometry, but instea
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>> No. 46030
File 138809559040.png - (175.94KB , 640x480 , 3.png )
anaglyph #2
>> No. 46031
File 138809566561.png - (215.40KB , 1280x480 , 4.png )
and a stereo 3d image (cross your eyes til the images match up)
>> No. 46124
First, I'll apologies for the lack of updates here. The production of Castle Pinkiestein has been a bit rough-going and for a number of reasons. One, I've found that on some lower end computers (namely, my Acer Aspire One Netbook) runs at a crawl, so I've been trying to work that out (struggling on the decision to either downgrade back to the original Blitz3D or find another language that would handle my project regardless of hardware). Two, I've been struggling with collision detection regarding seperate meshes that are not apart of the global world mesh (again prompting me to debate on downgrading to Blitz3D) and Three: I'm still experimenting and learning on methods for creating Quake style geometry for the world meshes.

All these things have been very time consuming and I've had to put my other major project (Spikes Quest) on the back-burner until I could make Castle Pinkiestein production friendly

I've just managed to put together a half functioning door system that hides/unhides certain rooms while certain doors are opened/closed which kinda helps with the slow rendering situation (or so I hope, havent tested it on my Acer Laptop just yet) so there is still hope.

On the downside, if I do have to downgrade to Blitz3D, that means no multi-platform support (Mac OSX and Linux based OSs) because Blitz3D only supports DirectX7 which is strictly PC based. So let's hope I'll never have to do that :P

I'll start updating more again soon, once I get things rolling again.

File 132980381982.png - (383.95KB , 2835x2835 , 132641954273.png )
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This aims to be a replacement and improvement upon /fic/, in that it will provide both intuitive and well-structured software-level means to facilitate peer review of written works and ideas (fanfiction in our case), but also an advanced registration-is-optional web forum for discussion of fanfiction, literature and writing in general.

Firstly, to all who posted in the original thread in /fic/, I am truly very sorry, but meaning to report the thread to have it moved to /collab/, I accidentally deleted it. I am still reeling with frustration and shame that I have lost all the opinions and input of everypony.

This is based loosely upon my ideas so far in addition to some suggestions that have been made. The relational map:

In a nutshell: every comment, review, request, story and thread OP will be a post or a subclass thereof. The idea behind this is to make one unified reporting, changelog and this-is-in-response-to system and one CRUD (create, read, update and delete) for parcels of submitted text on the website, and then reuse it by extending it with other models based upon it. Minimum re-writing of code by keeping it D.R.Y. and such.

General Layout / Design
As for the view (the naming scheme not necessarily as follows) there are four navigational tabs:
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>> No. 45639
Okay, how's about this; The stories are still organized by stories, but you can still branch your own version off of an individual chapter.
Like when you're setting up a new story it gives you the option of selecting the parent story, and then selecting the last chapter to precede the new story.
Thataway, you can either 'read from series beginning' or 'read from story beginning' without having to bother with finding the next story.
(Also you can disallow branching from your story)

Sorry for the messy writing, am on phone...
>> No. 45707
Perhaps. Considering the idea of a web of compatible but otherwise unrelated stories I don't really like the idea of parent stories from a structural standpoint, but this might be the best way to do a story with multiple endings.
>> No. 45721
Yeah, I was just looking at the ease of implementation. If you have all the chapters separated you'd have to figure out how to navigate the chapters efficiently.
(You wouldn't want to have a link to 20 different chapters that all come after the current one, it'd be a structural nightmare!)

You would have to figure out which 'Story line' to stick to from beginning to end. And that could be hard to coordinate and setup!

Last edited at Tue, Sep 10th, 2013 00:48

File 138952249953.png - (1.67MB , 1376x806 , Безымянный.png )
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Borderlands 2 is a great game, and there are several references to MLP there too. So I thought... Why don't I pump it up to eleven?
The game has lots of different posters, banners, billboards et cetera that could be relatively easily replaced with images of our favourite ponies.

The question is, should I really put my effort to it?
The Borderlands community is totally not interested in it, so I decided to ask here: should I do it, or is this not worth the effort?

The task will take quite some of my time, and I do not want to waste it on a project nobody needs. I have already started ripping textures and templates though, as they could be used for more than just MLP mod.

To prove that my words are not hollow - here is an image with CL logo hologram replaced with Princess Luna. Don't mind weird Twilight Sparkle map replacement - it is made as a test of a composite color-coded texturing and I didn't got it right :P, I thin'k I won't bother with composite textures such as this one.

File 138889609113.png - (258.51KB , 1024x1260 , equestria_girls__dash_winking_by_dblokt-d6b5xb5.png )
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Hey ya'll just wondering if anypony was getting round to making an equestria girs left 4 dead 1 or 2 mod mor the survivors? because the pony mods are all well and good but get a bit clunky and in the way, so if anybody could make an equestria girls mod where the survivors are any of the mane 6 that'd be great! ^_^ obviously I've never been on a forum before let alone this one so I'm not expecting much, but if anybody does make a mod for someone else and not me be sure to upload it to the left 4 dead maps!
Thanks for reading and a very special thankyou for making it IF you choose to (even if not specifically for me! ^_^ )

File 137157018842.png - (75.35KB , 640x480 , 8443_516642231723540_1635625468_n.png )
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little something I'm working on my free time

tho there will be no playable version any time soon

this pic i did as a simulation on how it might look like if it was baset on mario kart

and a picture that start it all, at first it was just meant to be a little joke of ponykart cause of dead threat here, and wanted to bump it as well
then after playing for sec in blender and make some models just for fun I tho that I could actually try and make something out of it

so yea it probably won't look nothing like this

Last edited at Tue, Jun 18th, 2013 09:11

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>> No. 46033
File 138810467153.png - (21.87KB , 336x278 , serv.png )
server prototype
>> No. 46034
File 138810472347.png - (163.43KB , 816x638 , list.png )
>> No. 46038
File 138867919496.png - (290.64KB , 816x638 , server.png )
server options

File 138303316250.png - (639.14KB , 1024x576 , bg_mane_6_wallpaper_by_episkopi-d4j2x2h[1].png )
45863 No. 45863 [View]
I just had a thought. We've got some incredible talent in this fandom, and I think it could be put to incredible effect if the right people throw their efforts together. What if we asked Hasbro for permission to run a fan created, fan written, fan animated, MLP apocrypha series? There are a few people I'm confident would back such a movement, though I'll refrain from naming them so as to not put words in their mouths, but I think we might actually have a shot at that. Someone legal savy could probably help with that end of things, but there's got to be a way to convince Hasbro to let us do that. I mean, I'm pretty sure Vinyl Scratch is never going to get a speaking role, but we could do that. Lyra is never going to be a main character, but she could be if we do this. It's apocrypha. It doesn't have to be canon. Sure, I could just stick to fan fiction, but I want to see if there's anypony else who thinks this could work, or if I'm just overly excited.
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>> No. 45903
Oh, god... Teen Titans Go! is probably the most ANNOYING cartoons that Tara Strong has voiced in...
>> No. 45941
File 138568892110.jpg - (16.92KB , 401x363 , attourney4.jpg )
:D That eagerness.

But fan works are not directly profitable for Hasbro. Although they might be a company that tolerates it for promoting their franchise.

You could ignore intellectual property and copyright, and make your series unlawfully. I do not encourage that, though.
>> No. 46024
I'll say! Let's do this! I'm in! I have also had this idea for a time now! I might have some strings to to tug! On the less, there are many ways to do this! All we need is some kind of teamwork to get it started.

File 138701621186.png - (177.18KB , 894x894 , pony_id_by_muzzen-d4jdtuq.png )
45978 No. 45978 [View]
hey! i need help! i found this oc of emilie autumn (my musical goddess) and want to turn into a sprite! i have most of it done just need help with mane tail and cutie mark
>> No. 45979
File 138701626983.png - (515B , 34x40 , emilie autumn sprite.png )
here's what i have so far
>> No. 45982
File 138712100292.png - (1.32KB , 56x50 , this.png )
I can help! Here is an example of my work!
>> No. 46006
>i have most of it done just need help with mane tail and cutie mark

In other words, all what you did was grabing a template, recolor it and then expect other people to do all of the important work for you.
For free, no less.

File 138379590591.png - (233.12KB , 1920x1200 , game.png )
45895 No. 45895 [View]
Starting a blog about my progress on my Pony Gauntlet game. It's a hack n slash with ponies.

The basic idea is programmed. Needing to work on content more such as art, maps, monsters, etc.

This marks a fuller dedication for the Pony Gauntlet game.

Something playable is available on the tumblr at for Windows computers.

A description of possible places to help is also listed there.

Dungeon mode works, Campaign mode does not (there are no campaigns available right now), campaigns basically being a collection of duneons played in a series.
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>> No. 45936
Crash after character selecting
>> No. 45958
Very possibly with the current release (0.1).
Do you remember the mod? Dungeon, Campaign? LAN or Arcade?
I remember this crash and I think I fixed it by now.

Currently bulding 0.2

See the tumblr for updates on progress. Another release is imminent once I make items user-generate-able.Currently close.

Then I'll work on finishing implementing bombs, special effects and a few more dungeons that aren't just random garbage.
>> No. 45972
File 138681903992.png - (192.83KB , 1920x1200 , game7.png )
It's come to my attention that lack of updates here make people think this project has stalled.

It certainly hasn't. The tumblr has been updating and so has the game.

Breakable walls and a more dynamic, externally-loaded item system is implemented now. There are also more hooks in place for when my sound engineer gets off his lazy butt.

Perhaps it’s time I formally define my project for others:

Pony Gauntlet is a multiplayer game where you take your colorful pony friends and try to get to the exit. In your way is an army of monsters ranging from the undead to citizens of the Everfree Forest and beyond. Loot, keys alchemic bombs and powerups are also scattered through the maps you must traverse in order to finish your campaign.

A core concept from the beginning is the ability for players to modify their game contents without touching a line of code. Player and monster descriptions are in plain text format and easily modifiable and it’s easy to drop in more. In addition maps can be hand-edited with nothing but a basic image editor and a cheat sheet telling you what to color your pixels to turn it into a full playable map which can be linked to other maps with easily-creatable campaign files.

File 138673858190.jpg - (138.00KB , 1024x768 , image.jpg )
45965 No. 45965 [View]
Please contact me if you a interested on this idea
Email:[email protected]
>> No. 45968
What idea? I think you forgot the entire description of it.
>> No. 45970
Ok had like rarity could pop crystals from the ground
>> No. 45971
I don't follow. Please begin with the explanation of what you are talking about before moving on.

File 136922191765.jpg - (150.60KB , 1920x1016 , Pony_2013-05-22_14-04-27-866_avi_20130522_140852_906.jpg )
44965 No. 44965 [View]
Hello, I'm a programming student from Korea.
I've made a game about Rainbow Dash since Dec 2012.
My engine is almost completed, but I need your help because I'm poor at 3d modeling and design. If here is someone who wants help modeling or designing, please mail me or visit my blog.
Thanks for reading.
>> No. 44971
Perhaps you should provide an explanation of the game in English?
>> No. 44973
time for some google translate magic

(Close of the day I lost ... Now I feel? ㅋ)

In recent years, then work the UI, FPS drops too saw is performing optimization tasks.
Bojamyeon big for updates
* UI Enhancements: Given UI textures in high-resolution monitor with high resolution mode also able to bust ISSprite keulraeseuyi scale factor has been added.
* Global illumination calculation has been improved. Thanks to interpolate between the two lights, and can turn that.
* Perform some optimization FPS scored a 10-20 degree rise.
* Rip scalability could fix ISEffect class, hit pay extra part, different shader code can respond flexibly to changed.
>> No. 45969
Make it open source and then i will contribute.

File 138048005999.png - (347.68KB , 800x600 , Title.png )
45814 No. 45814 [View]
Hi, /collab/!

I'm working on a game project that involves a crossover of Super Robot Wars and My Little Pony. It's tentatively called Super Pony Wars, but if anyone can make up a better name...

This is the tumblr site for the project. I do my updates here:

I'm only making a proof-of-concept, and I plan to finish it with at least all the basic functions of the game by the end of November.

Art is pretty crappy at the moment, but I will polish them in time.

Until then, I will post updates here, and the tumblr site.
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>> No. 45956
File 138625865500.png - (217.89KB , 800x600 , screenshot117.png )

Sorry if this is kinda necroposting or something. I just didn't feel like updating here, because I felt ignored. But I didn't stop.

The link above will take you to the tumblr blog that I kept to keep my tracks, as well as the executable file for the demo I made.

I would like to get your feedback, if you are okay with it :I. Would you guys be interested in playing a game like this?
>> No. 45964

>> No. 45967
Well...this certainly put me in a better mood...

File 131630632525.png - (583.34KB , 1157x641 , seems legit.png )
20448 No. 20448 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Alright, so the last thread
Was autosaging, and I couldn't even find it on the board, so I'm not sure how it's still alive.

Basically, this is the thread for MI bronies to figure out what we're going to do next. The southern MI meetup went splendidly, and the Ypsi/AA area bronies have gotten together since then for the premiere, and we've discussed (both RL and in-thread) the need for a new way of handling that.

So this thread serves three purposes: Temporary area for us to discuss mini-meetups, a discussion forum for how to handle the next major meetup (and possibly improve it) and an area for us to figure out a more permanent way of contacting each other.

Ponies, I call on you.

>pic hasn't been related yet, and hopefully will stay that way
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>> No. 22176
I'm back from going AWOL!

Just sayin'.
>> No. 35028
File 133083560238.jpg - (715.07KB , 1536x2048 , IMG_20120301_181004.jpg )
Oh hey look at that, I had no idea there was a Michigan brony thread. good thing I found it because I'm an MI brony.
>> No. 45963
File 138668222413.png - (305.12KB , 1023x619 , Снимокджлж.png )

File 138593824501.jpg - (381.58KB , 1377x1000 , 630d4a2ed966cbb5661a8f8fa36a84c0.jpg )
45947 No. 45947 [View]

Users play in one of four regions, each with a different economic specialty. Registration is free. Use of the Marketplace is absolutely required, particularly if you're not in Burrozil.

Currently, only the fundamentals of the game are present; there is no window dressing at all. (A front-end designer is badly needed.) Alliances aren't in yet, and even basic user stuff like messages isn't done. New users sacrifice these creature comforts for a head-start and a chance to play it while it's new.

No, it's not just >BLOC for pony ponys. This game is designed fundamentally differently.

Please report all bugs/weirdnesses to this email or this thread.
>> No. 45951
400+ users.

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