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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 138580264434.png - (100.00KB , 1024x768 , untitled.png )
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Yes, it really is.
BTW, does anyone happen to have any resource images that would fit into this? the ones I'm using are... Sub-par.

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Youtube embed play button

I'm looking for 2 male voice actors for the main lead and the narrator for the audio drama: "The Crystal Empire Saga: Act 2"

What sort of voices I'm looking for:

>> The Main Lead.
> Just mimic the style the placeholder voice did in the trailer. Noble, Heroic, Powerful.

>> The Narrator.
> The Narrator is basically an older version of the main lead. Refer to Act 1 to know what his voice is like. Old, Enigmatic, Noble.

File 138462119056.png - (457.98KB , 1280x1633 , rubbish.png )
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I noticed that /mlp/ has a book series. We should start our own book series but instead of it being just random trife put in a google document we should actually write real books. What do you think?

Pic some what related. It's their "book" if you even want to call it that.

File 134000106886.png - (64.39KB , 676x384 , Screenshot.png )
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Hello /collab/, I've been working on a game called: My Little Pony: Equestria Adventure.
To put it simple, it's a 2d speed based platforming game. You control any of the mane 6 through various Equestria based levels, fighting off enemies and overcoming obstacles. It's a simple run from left to right, jumping game. There will be eigth different areas, each with sevel levels to play through. It's onyl going to be a few hours in length and will follow a linear path and have simple cutscenes to tell the story. The game is being developed in GameMaker 8.1

The Story:
There are many alternate realities that parallel Equestria. Some changes might only be small, like Derpy’s eyes being normal, or ponies walking on two legs. But one world exists without something almost all Equestrians thrive; magic. The land of Equustropolis is a technologically advanced world with giant cities and gadgets to help fulfill every need. Without any magic to fall back on, they had to rely on technology to do things. However, one day they discover a small spark in the abandoned castle that lets them travel to another world. A world filled with magic. That world is the Equestria we know and love.
The Equustropolites soon find out that they can use magic in miraculous ways. Everything from fuel to using it as a building substance. The quickly start harvesting all the magic they can. This does not go unnoticed, however as Princess Celestia orders the mane six to stop it. In order to do this though, they must find their alternate selves scattered all over Equestria, get the codes that each of them have, then use the machine that lets them cross to the other world. There, they must destroy the spark that originally let them travel between the two dimensions, ending this once and for all.

The game is a fast paced platformer, as mentioned before. Since almost all the magic in equestria is gone, the pegasi cannot fly and the unicorns cannot use magic. However, Twilight creates a low magic spell that lets the magic six home-in on magic source and finds a way to use this as a weapon. That is the games main way of attacking. While in the air, pressing the jump button again will
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File 138423571547.png - (422.56KB , 1366x768 , Screenshot (153).png )

Welp, I have another demo. This time 4 polished levels and a Boss. I honestly don't think I'll ever finish this thing, but hopefully this is fun enough to please anyone who has been eagerly waiting. Enjoy~
>> No. 45910
Chrome picked it up a malicious. Probably a FP.
>> No. 45913
It's showing as malicious because it's a completely unidentified .exe from an unknown and uncredited publisher. I made the game, and even my system still tells me that it's evil. That's the problem with modern virus detection systems; it flag anything that could 'potentially' harm your system even if it wont.

File 138384262863.png - (206.95KB , 643x279 , valuable lessons.png )
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So, a while ago I saw on youtube someone made a silly voice over for one of those talking pony toys. This one specifically,
That made me think what if I could sound mod the commercial toy?
I bought one and after quite a bit of work I got it apart. I think all it would take is to get a different chip, code it with the new voice and solder it back in place. Sadly I have none of these skills, but I'd be willing to learn.
After a little research I found this
and I think, though it's a tad bigger than the existing chip that it could work so long as it can do the same things.

Could anyone give me some guidance?

File 137676175525.png - (238.34KB , 640x480 , gta2 mlp.png )
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working on a small mod and map for gta2
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>> No. 45880
you can download the map over here :3 if theres any bugs please send here a post with it
>> No. 45882
Will this be free to download? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
>> No. 45884
? the map is already here to download >>45880 but its only a multiplayer map not planing on creating actual missions for it just wanted to play with friends in ponyville :p but in the link theres a source of everything i done so far so who know maybe someone will add something more and gta2 is free on rockstar classic so i don't quite get your question

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File 138240034310.png - (545.20KB , 1179x1700 , Lyra Base Suit Concept Final.png )
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Hello everypony!
Starlight Studios is developing a game called Megamare-X, and we're looking for at least one level designer to help us make it a reality.

The game is a jump-and-run-and-shoot platformer modelled after Megaman-X. More information is available upon request, but the important point is that our level designer must be able to analyze and understand how a Megaman-X level works and is constructed.

Much of the public information on the project can be found at

What we are not looking for is simple level layouts. We are also not specifically looking for someone to do art (tiles, backgrounds) for these levels, though that skill is handy if you have it. What we are looking for is someone who understands (or is not averse to learning) what makes a level fun, what features can be added, how the enemies and their positioning contributes to the level, and how a level is meant to teach a player over time.

If you're really interested, we also require that you be online and attentive. We use skype to communicate with one another, and have team meetings often throughout the week, and you are required to be present at least once a week (more is better!). We do our best to keep times flexible, but being present and communicating often is vital!
>> No. 45859
/collab/ is dead, yo. You're almost better out seeking out /mlp/'s Game Dev thread, as it has a fair amount of programmers/developers who have nothing to do in their spare time.
>> No. 45860
File 138284237128.png - (122.17KB , 800x800 , p_thisromero.png )
Ah, I think I'll be able to help you guys out.
I know pretty much how the algorithms or how the stages work in Megaman X.

In fact, almost all Megaman games except the Battle Network series and anything after that series there.

So any design from Original, X, Zero, ZX and ZXA.
If you want an X6 Gate style stage, I can do that!
If you want something that is like Rainy Turtleloid's stage? I can do that too~!

Well then, I should send an e-mail now.

File 136370873216.png - (232.58KB , 544x416 , MLPFIMtitle.png )
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So yeah this is an RPG I'm working on atm in my spare time. I'm using RPG Maker VX and I'll be posting updates here and demos when i have the spare time.

>Features i have planned for the game:

>Side-view battle system with pony battler sprites.

>Cut scenes from the TV show will play out IN GAME at certain points in game.

>An interactive friendship system. (The higher your friendship level with that pony, the more powerful they become.)

>Tons of sidequests.
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>> No. 44501
238mb? thats a little big
>> No. 45843
File 138187238227.png - (74.08KB , 1079x802 , Screenshot 4.png )

It has come to my attention that I need a team. While I have been doing everything on my own thus far, I need to have others who are skilled in using RPG maker VX!

Positions that need filled:

>>Tileset artist:

Your job as a tileset artist will be to draw up tilesets for the game and format them so they can be used with SwapXT.

>>Map Designer:
>> No. 45850
It only seems big because the file host is slower than molasses. As it is, the game is only 230 Megabytes, or almost 23% of a Gigabyte. That is pretty darned small nowadays.

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File 138125742282.png - (405.42KB , 830x650 , MySignedPony.png )
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Hi Guys I have just started devolop a new fan Pony Called Sweety BatterSea. However she is in very early stages and i have only done up a plan for the ponys desigin and im going to need some people to help me with the fan art im going to draw, i need people to work on the backround and shadow for the fans Art.
>> No. 45833
Hello Sweety Battersea. You will likely find backgrounds to use on DeviantArt. The folks at will help you learn about drawing shadows and also pony anatomy.

Good luck.
>> No. 45841
File 138166593407.png - (26.26KB , 450x400 , Sweety Battersea.png )
I have converted my drawing from paper to fanart and i had to change ALOT of things first up The Name Was already taken without me knowing and its name sounded like a book, so i changed it to the name SweetyLicous Second of all I had to change the Color Pallet cause it also was close to another fan pony, Then I removed the horns and the red bow tie on the head because of Messages of people being offended, Changed the eye shape, removed freckles, Changed Eye Color to a slightly lighter blue, Changed Ponys skin to White, Added Scarf with same colors as the mane. I'm still working on the backround expect to see another update soon
>> No. 45849
File 138202187799.png - (208.94KB , 1280x1214 , twilight_velvet_twilight__s_mum_by_drfatalchunk-d5dp4rw[1].png )
It looks a lot better now, but I can't stop thinking of her as Twilight Velvet (a.k.a. Twilight's mother). You have to admit, they're pretty darn similar.

File 138132085887.png - (443.92KB , 691x477 , pon3.png )
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Hey /collab/, here's my game.


Formal description:
A 3rd person, rhythm-based shooter where you take the control of a dj pony called Vinyl Scratch. Take your mighty Bass Cannon to the arena of monsters and kill them all with wubs... or die... painfully.

Honest description:
Seriously, what am I doing with my life? D:
Nobody would like to play this...
>> No. 45837
File 138139206034.png - (552.65KB , 789x634 , vinyl_with_her_bass_cannon.png )
Some in-game screenshots can be found here:
/gallery/3qn9cedw/ []

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File 137740684592.png - (145.10KB , 800x599 , party.png )
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Hello. I'm the leader of Team Tracy, a team currently producing a visual novel based off My Little Pony. We're all fans, it's non-profit.

We also don't accept donations, and everyone working on the project just does it in their spare time because they want to, not because they're being paid. Because they're not being paid.

So, as you can imagine, we need help. We need three more writers, we need vectorers, musicians, drawers, and coders. I can teach you to code if you're interested in helping.
>> No. 45633
File 137741278809.gif - (2.32MB , 250x155 , 1358701285445.gif )
>> No. 45824
It's been over a month. Is development and writing still active? I don't want to discourage you, but please keep in mind that when fan projects stop updating, that often means they're abandoned. Hopefully you have the passion and tenacity to keep creating until Beyond Friendship is done.

One other thing: do you plan to create a slice of life story with a slow pace and a focus on romance? If so, seriously consider thinking outside the box of "visual novel = love polygon story." (After all, that's what Starswirl Academy, Pony Amnesia, *and* Harmony are already doing.) Be clever, write some other form of fiction, and present it as a VN.
>> No. 45831
File 138120642485.jpg - (32.77KB , 500x551 , rarityvn.jpg )
Nice to see a new visual novel!

If it is your first project, you might want to make it a *short* story. That way, it doesn't become daunting early on and you won't be pressured by anons waiting for it to be finished.

Good luck!

File 138075855132.png - (38.46KB , 640x480 , screenshot117.png )
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Hey there all! The Project Dash team is still alive and kicking and I thought it was about time I started up another thread.

The story goes that after freeing a mysterious princess from a dark crystal in a castle hidden within a valley, Rainbow Dash is knocked unconscious. On waking up she finds that her friends have been turned to stone and dark evil spirits are flying around and ponies are going mad. She must then set off on a journey across Equestria in order to revive her friends and save the world.

We're looking for level designers, those who think they can build a platform game level around a flying pony that moves as fast as a blue hedgehog. :P
That being said, levels fall into three categories:
Speed levels, puzzle levels and exploration levels.
Levels are made in Gamemaker 8's room editor.

We're also looking for people good with pixel/ sprite art.

If you're interested you can contact me at [email protected]
>> No. 45821
Man, it's been ages since I've seen this project around. It's been one of my look-towards projects for a while now, and as much as I'd like to help, the most I can really do to help is test.

Also, didn't you have a small forums for this at one point? Some bit of me remembers one, but I'm not entirely sure...
>> No. 45827
Youtube embed play button

We did have a small forum but since we talk through Skype on an almost daily basis it kind of fell through... :I

I'm glad you're looking forward to it! We're working up to a demo release in the not too distant future.

File 138102953569.jpg - (161.71KB , 1280x1326 , image.jpg )
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Project Name(w/ potential link)[SFW or NSFW]: doctor whooves equestrian adventures [SFW]
Episode Example (if applicable):
Genre(s): science fiction/ fantasy
Long-term project?: Y
Compensation: none, possible resume builder
Positions Needed: Anyone is welcome
Roles Needed: Princess Celestia, background characters, various villains
If for role, Sample Lines for [x character]:
“doctor? what in celestia’s name is going on?”
"who are you really? Doctor who?"
"for the last time doctor I would appreciate it greatly if you would kindly shut up!"

File 137175733029.jpg - (165.22KB , 544x416 , bandicam 2013-06-20 21-26-15-930.jpg )
45213 No. 45213 [View]
Hi there!
I want to make a Pony Rpg for you guy´ I will ask you some questions after I told you what the Game is about.
- You will travel in the Chaos.
-The Chaos is the place where discord is from. The Chaos is where the opposite of the elements of Harmony are.
-You will follow Discord on his way to do Celestias task.

Thats about it for now.
So, here's the first question.
What would you prefer to play?
1. mane Six .
2. "background" ponies ( which are, all pony's who we never get a real character line. "Background" ponies haven't a given personality. My conclusion about there personality and character would be based on fan stuff and behavior in the show if it's existing).
3. OC ponies.
2 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 45225
Well, I will definitely use classes.
Btw, you sadfully you have only place for 4 character
but I think that wouldn´t be a problem.
( I think about the possibility to play 1 background and take 1 of the mane six as a "partner".)
>> No. 45241

Some RPG Maker games I've seen get around that four-head limit by having a character select feature.

Since you appear to be using VX, there should be a custom Ruby script out there that lets you switch between characters relatively freely...
>> No. 45803
So, I'm nearly finished with the Maps, (and the story) , so what I want to ask you is: Would you like to play a part of the game and then say if this part is ok , or if it is not? I will upload a link in a few day if you would like to do that.

Last edited at Thu, Sep 26th, 2013 15:23

File 137999723403.png - (64.49KB , 544x416 , TitleAOTL.png )
45793 No. 45793 [View]
Greetings everyone.

I am Darth Equus, producer of the upcoming pony game, Adventure of The Lunarbolts.

Instead of using old or existing music, I'd rather tap into the pool of talented people in the fandom first, and that's why I decided to post here. My current musician is busy with life, and I need someone to cover the spots he cannot. This is the quality standard we'll go by when it comes to the music:

You will be paid per track, pending our agreement. You must be professional, serious, and good with communication. I promise not to use anything you make without having paid for it, or without your permission. All music must be your original work, not used in any other projects. Music that was made for other projects but not used before is okay.

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