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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 130673319498.jpg - (208.64KB , 2880x1800 , 130523477242.jpg )
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I've decided that over the Pony drought, I'm going to be making a PMV for every single song in Pink Floyd's album "The Wall."

I'm not going to say a lot of words because it's late and I'm tired, so I'll cut to the main point and probably derp most of what I say. here we go.

Where does the community come in? Well, bronies, if you like to make PMVs and want to be part of a pony edition of Pink Floyd's epic album, just post below with your preference of song ( or I could just assign you one.)

Don't know what "The Wall" is?
Find the 1 hour movie on youtube and watch it. The entire thing. Now. Whatever you're doing, The Wall is probably worth missing it.

Once everypony's done, we assuming anypony but me decides to partake in this will post the pmvs on our own youtube accounts, and I'll link them together in one playlist, for EVERYpony to enjoy.

If anypony has already done this and I just haven't herd of it then I swear I'm going to go insane and start destroying things.
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>> No. 45667
Is there anybody out there?
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File 137997894400.png - (126.02KB , 465x256 , gerty-sad-1.png )

I'd love to see something like this happen but it looks like
this is nothing but bumps since early last year. Perhaps
somepony should compile a list of what parts got made?

File 136484030291.png - (117.57KB , 558x680 , Double Deerboom.png )
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Hey Ponychan. After the disappointment of Double Rainboom and with the direction the fandom is heading towards as a whole it was decided we take action. The old argument 'If you can make something better why don't you?' still stings so we're going to take the sting out.

And so has begun working on our own board-collaboration on a future fan-episode that may manifest. A Fan-Episode done right, one not clutching onto memes or 'sowacky crossovers' for ideas and actually trying go achieve competent writing and animation. Right now we're mainly trying to hammer an idea together, and anything from animators to musicians to concept artist and conceptual editors in this early stage would be helpful.

The current discussion over it is being handled on, hashtagged '#do-or-deer.'

If you have anything to contribute and are interested please head over.
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File 137043901936.png - (173.14KB , 507x454 , heh heh.png )
Oh heh, and here I was telling someone this thread did not happen.


Ah well, I hope Do or Deer comes through, but I don't fully approve of all the restructuring that I'm hearing about.
I think for a colla the rules should be stated first and you stand by them.
Don't throw them out on a whim.
>> No. 45082
Restructuring? I heard that the entire project was stolen by a bunch of scumbags on Tumblr.
>> No. 45096
I remember saying that as well...

It was...

File 130906892064.png - (30.17KB , 241x270 , HMPonyFinished.png )
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So, I started replaying ye olde Harvest Moon 64 a couple days ago. Nostalgia and all that. Then I had an idea.

A couple hours in, it hit me that you could essentially replace all the humans with the MLP cast and the game would still make sense and none of the ponies would be at all out of place. Then I figured that, since I don't have much else better to do, I could actually try to make the whole damn thing and see how it goes.

I've dubbed it My Little Pony: Budding Friendships which seems like a pretty good name and unless somepony has a better idea, I'm sticking to it. I don't have much for now, just this post, the character concept (over there to the left) and a design sheet where I'm just writing down all the things I want to do and have in it.

Mostly just wanting to see if anypony would be interested in this.
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>> No. 45750
Oh wow! This seems like an excellent idea! I really want to--

>Feb 19 2012
>bumped by spam

... oh...
>> No. 45758
i was thinking on start making small harvest moon pony game but i can't promise nothing
>> No. 45761
I was thinking about doing one myself, but I know I have neither the talent nor patience to pull it off.

File 137927502628.png - (161.44KB , 800x200 , Austraeoh blue sunshine.png )
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Hey everypony, we're a group of people looking to turn the fanfic Austraeoh into an animated movie. Now if you've never read it before, it's going to be a pretty big challenge, so we're looking for any volunteers to apply.

Right now, we're only looking for writers. These awesome people will get to turn the actual story into more of a movie script.

Now for some good news! You don't actually have to have read it yet to apply! Obviously though, if you want to work with us, you will be expected to after you're accepted (if you are!)

So, before we go away, have this application form [], and have a dashing day!
>> No. 45759
That... is a pretty tall order you're asking for.

File 137728366235.png - (177.08KB , 445x445 , 131185703147.png )
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please repost it

And now I have to go to lunch. see you guys around 12:15 I guess...this day just gets better and fucking better

File 137176530962.gif - (40.56KB , 360x360 , Apple_Bloom_on_the_verge_of_tears.gif )
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Hello there ponies!
I was wondering - I want to do something productive, and I thought of doing a pony version of Gigi D'agostino's "bla bla bla" video. The problem is, I really suck at drawing - and, also, I wanted to achieve an effect similar to karpet-shark's pictures. I know there's nothing much left to do after actually drawing it, but I would totally want to learn working with gif files and videomaking, and what is better than ponies to start with?

So, um, if nopony can help me, at least please, picture that idea in your mind. This way it will somehow be done!
>> No. 45215
I've also sent a message to karpet-shark's deviantart page, so I'm waiting for the response.
>> No. 45218
File 137184679235.png - (406.26KB , 970x720 , 135370910099.png )
Aw, she unfortunately can't help me. I guess I have to ask you guys for help.
>> No. 45620
Hmm, perhaps instead of drawing it, you could find piece of cardboard in a solid colour.
Then get a string and try to form the scene with that.
Do it with stop motion. Well that's just an idea, it would be very creative, but take a long time.

Oh and have fun!

File 137712684716.png - (139.83KB , 800x600 , Turbo Wind.png )
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Hello everypony, I've decided to make just a simple diary vlog on my bronyhood and how it ties deeply into my life. If you guys want you should check it out, I would greatly appreciate it and it'd be an honor to receive feedback from you because I'm ALWAYS looking to improve! (Entry #1 is just the intro so please watch #2 after and give it a shot, thank you ^^)

I promise you WON'T be disappointed! ^^

Last edited at Wed, Aug 21st, 2013 16:18

File 137208806558.gif - (436.83KB , 600x374 , 3672101.gif )
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Questria: Princess Destiny has finally revealed itself! Doxy's website just posted teaser images and a link to the Kickstarter for the project created by "SuperGameDev Admin" Just thought you should all know. I'm sure they'll be making an official thread here soon enough
check out the project here

Last edited at Mon, Jun 24th, 2013 08:54

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>> No. 45594
You said it.
>> No. 45601
it's absolutely shameless. I want these guys to fail and fail hard.
>> No. 45615
Its flexible funding they keep all the money.

File 137689077169.gif - (662.16KB , 645x600 , 1367465894686.gif )
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So ponychan, we've got a project coming along that is a secret to everybody.

We're looking for several people interested in a ponification of a very beloved game. We ESPECIALLY NEED 3d modelers. We're also interested in flash artists, animators, and coders familiar with the unity engine and C#. Email the linked email for more info if you're interested. The project has been going on for two months now, and we'd like some new ideas to bring to the table. Thanks!
>> No. 45608
File 137689309807.jpg - (49.49KB , 268x265 , 1343504441669.jpg )
Great, now I'm curious as fuck
>> No. 45609
File 137689595348.png - (191.56KB , 500x500 , ----.png )
i could help im really good at game design and mechanics
>> No. 45610
File 137690514413.png - (437.40KB , 1280x720 , Rainbow_Dash_Biting_Wood_S2E3.png )

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Youtube embed play button
  MPT3K Looking for Artists

Artists and Fans of MST3K! The dedicated staff of Magical Pony Theater 3000 is looking for stills or animation artists and other personnel who can lend a hoof. If you haven't seen it, we put out a pilot recently as well, put in the embed.

And our current project is 'pen and pencil ready' as it were. We have a script, ready voice work, editors and even a theme song! Now all we need is some help with the animation stills. Send us an email if you'd like to jump on and get started right away as we're already in production but want to speed things up and improve quality, so drop us an email. Even if you're not an artist, we'd still like to hear from you and see if there might be another way you could help.

[email protected]

Of course we don't discriminate either, if you want to do full on animation, that's cool to.
>> No. 45584

5 month bump

File 134138715756.png - (299.28KB , 1104x1588 , 1336356964560.png )
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Has anypony made an mlp tabletop rpg (dungeons and dragons style).
If so, linky? If not, we should DO THIS
>> No. 40414

and here:

Pretty sure there are others but these were immediately available to post.
>> No. 40429
A friend of mine runs a pony version of his furry table-top game at meetups all the time. It's pretty cool.

It's called TOON.
>> No. 45569
Equestria Gaming linked a couple

And there's this

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Youtube embed play button
  what am i doing with my life?
In short, I've been working on a project for the last 8 months and here's pretty much what I've got so far.
I've been playing around and testing it with my friends and I'm happy with the result.
The thing is, I want to hear some opinions from other bronies.
Would you be interested in an open, multiplayer, role-playing-friendly, post-apocalyptic (and most probably flat) world?
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>> No. 45514
File 137561237820.jpg - (121.96KB , 855x570 , IMG_4122.jpg )
Yup, I'm still alive. I've got some IRL problems with moving this summer. So... Yeah... Nobody cares, blah, blah...
I am working whenever I can, so don't worry if you happen to be interested.

>the gayest possible effect
Aww, I was just goofing around. I will use it for some magic though.

>So, what kind of tools are you using ?
Half a decent brain, months of free time and freeware stuff from the internet. I'm modelling simple .obj files, because I can easily manipulate them from the code and they take little effort to make.

>Need help with anything ?
Not yet. I will require help with sfx, music, testing and 2D graphics. But that will come later as I'm done with the first build. Right now Frédéric Chopin is letting me use his work.
>> No. 45558
File 137621097905.jpg - (132.66KB , 855x570 , IMG_4123.jpg )
I can't even access my scanner right now...
>> No. 45562
This looks like a really good idea and I know a lot of my friends would like this. My gaming group would like this probably if you did something with Fallout Equestria someday, or just by itself since we've been wanting a pony multiplayer game.

File 137624640939.png - (454.75KB , 777x1027 , Octaia abinajad o no se ke.png )
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Hi' I need some help, I need to ponyfy the Assassin's creed Brotherhood name but im not a natural english speaker so i dont know the right way to ponyfiy names, i was thinking in Ponys Creed Sisterhoof because the translated name of "sisterhooves social" in my country its like "La HERMANDAD de los Cascos" HERMANDAD = Brotherhood, if its wrong or it sounds odd please tell me, also if you have a better idea post it.

File 136683607046.png - (2.24MB , 2000x1918 , shipping chart easter 2012.png )
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The time has come to update the shipping chart.

I've been gathering the data for these for two years, and it's been a year since the last edition. Since I'm good with numbers but have no artistic talents whatsoever, I ask for help. Posting here too since /art/ is not very helpful yet.

The last chart, made by CiscoQL, is shown as the picture. He did a good job, but it's hard to fit in 72 characters and a crazy amount of ships on a single image. Since then, the number of characters has gone from 72 to 127 and the number of ships has gotten even crazier. I'm not sure if the new data can be made to fit in a single chart and not be a total clusterfuck.

If somepony feels they can make this chart and have it look good, then that's great. But either way I wanted to compile the data into more useful graphs. I'm a somewhat competent programmer, so I made a program to analyse the data and put it in fun tables - like listing the most common ships of the gayest characters.

But right now this is only a drab text document with a few tables. Nopony wants to read that, and that's where I'm asking for help. I'm asking for two things:
(1) Advice on what tables of information could be extracted from my data (from anypony).
(2) To make a chart and/or make the document visually interesting (preferably no more than one person at one thing).
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>> No. 44791
File 136725571224.png - (358.57KB , 1024x1024 , Untitled.png )
I worked on it a bit, here's how it looks right now.

The best thing would really be an interactive flash thingie. I would be able to provide any code for that if someone more used to flash could make the front end of the application. Anyone willing to try?
>> No. 45536
File 137582749073.png - (1.04MB , 1215x2546 , shipping-chart-export-small.png )
I scraped data from and assembled my own shipping chart at

I think putting the data into a grid and using only the most popular ships makes it a lot more understandable.
>> No. 45559
Where are most of the other mane 6?Doctor,Lyra,Bonbon and no Derpy?
There are at least 30 popular characters.

File 137573568534.png - (63.81KB , 191x263 , untitled.png )
45525 No. 45525 [View]
Howdy, I'm working on a pokemon combined with ponie game, but I can't finish it until I have certain sprites (back and front). So if you have any or you can make some, please feel free to email me and I'll let you know the specifics.

>> No. 45526

Sorry, but it's better if you do something else
>> No. 45528
>> No. 45537
awesome, thanks man.

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