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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

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I guess after 4 months it is time for a new thread. (Previous one here: >>29647)

V1.40 test 2 has been promoted to the official V1.40.
Get it here!:

But that's old news. Lets talk about new stuff. I've actually been off the ponynet for almost a month - so I haven't included any of the new art from my last update (or answered any e-mails....). My time is getting rather limited lately so I hope all of you won't mind a much slower release schedule.

That said, there is also a new test version, V1.41 TEST 1 (link in next post).

I've been repeatedly asked for some sort of feature that lets ponies "cycle" in and out so you're not stuck with the same ones unless you manually add or remove them.

Now you have it. I call it pony houses. This is how you use it:
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>> No. 44352
Ive downloaded and extracted the zip but the thing isn't working properly i can launch it and start the ponies but they don't interact or make any noises the houses also don't seem to work at all... :( help plz
>> No. 45532
1.42 does not work on Windows 8. It downsizes into a small window, and when it's finished loading it closes itself. Is there a new version that I don't know about?
>> No. 47582
File 142864928176.jpg - (438.27KB , 590x931 , rapunzel_by_hachiyuki-d8cyhwj.jpg )

File 137547670803.png - (44.19KB , 500x327 , fnagame_1.png )
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This is quite possibly the greatest fnagame ever created

Also, it has alicorn Cheerilee in it too

File 131474846979.png - (221.19KB , 608x871 , drinkan.png )
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While /oat/ based MLP Drinking Game is fun and random (and got featured on Equestria Daily -, you can't really call it "good looking", or even "print-ready". Fillies and gentlecolts, I hereby present you with the "Drinking is Magic - Let's Make It Look Good" project.

What I want to do:
The main goal is to have 100+ print-ready cards packed into nice A4 sheets (16 cards on each one) for easy printing. Every card will have a generized layout (different color palettes for every type), including fonts, text placement, and other stuff like that.

How I can help with this?
Oh, there are many different ways.

Right now I've got the basic Action-card layout planned out (you can check it on the left), but I still need some suggestions about the color palette, placement, and other things. Any and all opinions are welcome.

I also need help with card balancing. A lot of these were made by all sorts of people, and I highly doubt that they are really compatible with each other. Some cards need to be thrown out, while others have to be reworked.
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>> No. 28353
File 132190498320.png - (373.72KB , 756x759 , dash3.png )
Unfortunately, I have no idea at all (because I haven't managed to print these out yet).

Theoretically the card dimensions are kept in a 60:88 ratio, so they could fit those sleeves rather nice when printed on the right paper size (M:TG sleeves are 63:88, 63mm x 88mm to be exact)).
>> No. 37988
Are there plans to make a version 2 of this? Because I really enjoyed the first one.
>> No. 45489
File 137527838035.png - (160.45KB , 566x529 , I'm flawless.png )
I wish that I had the knowhow to create these cards as professionally as Pinchy did.

Anyways, we could whip /oat/ back into shape with this.

File 137504321317.png - (33.62KB , 1151x275 , newnewlogocroppedspaced.png )
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Hello /collab/!

I'm contacting the ponynet on behalf of Blue Chaos, a game dev startup. The current project of the group is a 2.5 D MMORPG called Equus Online. Right now we are in the early stages of the game, and we are in need of bodies to help, PRIMARILY:

4-5 programmers who are adept at any or all of the following:
C++, C#, Java, Unity, and Client/Server interaction (in no particular order)

1-2 storyboarders/writers who will compile input from team members to generate the story/quest structure of the MMO

Of course, we are always looking for new members in all sorts of disciplines, including Concept Artists, Texture Artists, Map Modelers, Sprite/Character artwork, etc. Details of Project Equus and currently open positions may be found in the following Google Doc: pony-DHmAaplW7a7YivvulAEJv8IBM/edit?usp=sharing
>> No. 45477
Link is dead.

File 137463497345.png - (761.28KB , 2227x1080 , CMC.png )
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Hello everybody! I just wanted to introduce a fairly new project to /collab/, see what y'all think, and to see if anybody would like to participate. I will post updates as the project progresses and see where this will go. This will mainly be an update thread thingy.

I call this project "The Adventures of The Cutie Mark Crusaders". It will consist of animation shorts depicting the silly life and craziness the crusaders get themselves into. I started on it in April as my brain child, and made sure I organized it thoroughly till I was ready to start it. Btw, I address myself as "Tabby" and named my team "Team 5" :3.

I have already officially recruited 3 AWESOME VAs for the three crusaders, each having a unique and accurate voice. Their voices are absolutely wonderful! I have 2 more open VA roles for Pinkie and Rarity (according to the script), but if you would like to find out more click the DevArt link below to check out the journal!

I have now begun on the animatic stage, and am super excited to see where this will go. Since I am just on the animatic stage, I do not have "official" footage to show, but if you would like, enjoy this short animation I made of Scootaloo practically tackling Sweetie belle :3. -->

Now onto the team information.
If you would like to help, I do have open spots in a couple of positions. If there is one thing I have a small amount of experience in, it's sound effects/music. So if there happens to be somebody who would like to volunteer and audition for a SoundFX/music position, I would be glad to have you on my team, and would very much appreciate it. (info link below)

The second position is simply a Graphic Arts position. BG vectors, prop artists, etc. anything to do with vectoring and art. I do require a portfolio as proof of experience, but I won't be too picky. (info link below).

File 133915693000.png - (88.33KB , 414x246 , 2BvEC.png )
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This thread is here to advertise and make some basic follow-up on the My Little Karaoke: Singing is Magic project. Official site is up at:

The aim of this project is to craft high-quality MLP songpacks for Singstar clones, such as Performous / Vocaluxe / UltraStar Deluxe. The current focus is on official songs, and I expect to move on with fan-made stuff after that.

I'm currently looking for people willing to help this project:
- Sync songs (rhythm and pitch) using a few authoring tools; the objective here is to be as accurate as possible.
- Background wallpaper artists; I'd love this project to have custom-made song 1080p wallpapers (instead of using screenshots from the show). There's also the opportunity of creating a whole MLP theme for UltraStar, and various other graphical assets.

More details are available on the official site. Do not hesitate to register!
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>> No. 40930
Project is close to its initial milestone, expect a release in a few weeks (days?). There are still a few things to iron out!

I you wish to be informed of the release date, you may want to register on:
>> No. 45432
Hello, I see this thread still exist so, well, there was a major update of the game a week ago, with more than 150 songs ! be sure to get your copy at :)
>> No. 45449
File 137432813485.png - (8.74KB , 178x295 , DrDoktorLurking.png )
I might be able to seed the torrent when I get a server

File 132976321464.gif - (77.65KB , 512x448 , screenyroll002.gif )
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Hello there again bronies! I'm back with another release of the MLP FF1 RPG! Downloads available from the public git repos

>What's new?
There were tons of changes between v1.0 official first release and this one.

Map system
- Allow navigating around maps and interacting with NPCs. Also allows random encounters. Currently only a test map exists with a few NPCs and a teleport event.

Menu System
-Start of a menu system is in development to allow displaying everything about your party
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>> No. 45103

All spritesheets can be found in the various sub directories of the data/actor folder
>> No. 45141
1. love the game so far
2. would you be horribly offended if i, added a bit of shading to the pixels, I feel more comfortable that way
>> No. 45413

Sorry for the late reply. The game is open source, free to fork and create derivatives. That includes source code and graphics. Do whatever pleases you

File 137253904322.jpg - (132.62KB , 641x552 , ponygarage.jpg )
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I need your help guys. I'm making a site for gathering pony stuff; For now these four are all I have gathered; PONY.MOV, Ask Jappleack, Ask Sweetie Poo, Ask Princess Molestia. Could you recommend some funny pony stuff?

Last edited at Sat, Jun 29th, 2013 14:00

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>> No. 45382
YEAH!!! Banned from Equestria (Daily) has been gathered successfully.
>> No. 45383
File 137350693405.jpg - (135.42KB , 641x552 , ponygarage.jpg )
There is a new pony in here.
>> No. 45406

File 137306939082.png - (61.30KB , 640x480 , screenshot104.png )
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What do you think about it. ( It's a arcade game).
>> No. 45341
If this link isn't working, try this.
>> No. 45358
Boring. It is too simple. And the controls is the only challenge in the game. The game would have been cakewalk if you had used normal controls.

The background for the first level has a lot of noise and is flat out ugly.
>> No. 45400
Well... I will work on this. btw. the control was a feature, because it's way more difficult. (and yes this background is indeed crap.... It was made in rush.)

Last edited at Sun, Jul 14th, 2013 02:10

File 137314703196.png - (220.82KB , 1200x730 , 2013-07-05_19_22_54.png )
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I'm a hobbyist spriter and skinner/texturemaker and I'm working on making textures for the 1.6 Minecraft horses.

You can download the latest packs here:
and here:

I'll also be updating this thread as I progress with the pack.

Help/pointers/encouraging comments always appreciated.
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>> No. 45355
File 137321946270.png - (81.30KB , 256x256 , terrain.png )
reminds me of my old idea to make a minecraft texture pack

too bad the usb it was on died and all I have left is a very early, rough version of things
>> No. 45396
File 137375972117.gif - (34.82KB , 360x360 , Luna_clapping.gif )
Absolutely delightful!
Can't wait to see Minecraft Luna.
>> No. 45944
The PMC link is down! If a mod could edit it that'd be great.
It didn't fit the criteria that define a complete texturepack and was removed as spam!
I went on hiatus and then my computer broke down, fortunately I didn't lose my copy of the pack.
I should be able to begin working on it again near the end of the month.

File 137308369458.jpg - (200.05KB , 949x1080 , Paramedic Dubs Logo1_1.jpg )
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Hello Ponychan, Paramedic Dubs here. If you need Electronic music in any of your projects, please contact me with information.

I'm posting this on collab because it seems like what I'm looking for.

I can do a wide variety of Electronic music, but I have nothing to put it to. If you have any questions or would like to collab, I'm here!

Here are some of my songs I made:

File 137264575215.gif - (58.37KB , 500x291 , want.gif )
45283 No. 45283 [View]

Animate it?
>> No. 45305
File 137291678628.png - (157.50KB , 490x693 , 134349739564.png )
Did you go?

No. 45196 [View]
Youtube embed play button
  Mane6's blurry videos used as a base, also my
own "original" animations.

Most basic attacks and animations done, I still need
to get rid of some filler images, I also need to
create a lot of "in-between frames" and special
attacks, at this time, she is approximately sixty percent completed and buggy as hell but not too much.

Also the animation has some mistakes that I'm
not going to fix and the sprites are not cleaned
so she has a nasty blue outline.
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>> No. 45204
>> No. 45207
yeah, Hasbro shut it down so now its for skullgirls
>> No. 45304
I would love to get ahold of the RD files

File 133798774596.gif - (71.81KB , 106x134 , drag_Pinkiepie_right.gif )
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This thread is made for the purpose of discussing all concerns in regards to the Desktop Ponies project ( >>36234 ) and the increasing stealing of its sprite art, so that these topics can be omitted from the actual project thread in order to leave space for actual development there.

Please make sure that the people you report as thieves are actually thieves. Be sure to compare the sprites they put up with the ones in the project. Being accused of plagiarism when you actually haven't stolen anything is a very serious issue, so please make sure you double-check before reporting people here.

List of known thieves:

Thief's name: pumpkinc
DA account:
She stole a dozen or so of DP animations, claimed to have created them all and went absolutely hysterical when she was caugh: she deleted messages, blocked out people who called her oun on her lies, broke into a string of sob stories and even harrased out people on their own DA accounts out of kiddy rage and (apparently) some mental inbalances she suffers of.
Status: All the stolen material was taken down by DA Mods.

Thief's name: charlie46
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>> No. 45290
mah, much compĺex... I drop the link, and if BotChan or any other can decide what make or what not make
>> No. 45294
Looks innocent and trying to track credit for individual pictures.
>> No. 45301

In simple english, this mean?

oh, and is a linux distro packaging and supporting that program ... not sure if that is Good or not...

As far I know that Linux Distro is free (no pay, no money, all for free in they spare time)

Last edited at Thu, Jul 4th, 2013 01:45

File 132753877969.jpg - (6.46KB , 244x123 , Cirno approves.jpg )
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As the title says I am creating a Touhou/MLP Crossover, inspired by the song Cirno Invades Equestria by HeZeD and Code, and remixes of Glaze and ZUN, I've got a bit of experience in the programming world, Through programs like GameMaker 8 Pro.

Also I'm not the best sprite artist so I was wondering if anypony could make some top down pony sprites for me, I would need: Twilight, Rarity, RD, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Apple Jack, Luna, and Celestia. Everything else I could manage to work out myself... Maybe....

For anypony unfamiliar with Touhou go Google it.
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>> No. 34665
File 133017579598.png - (644.50KB , 900x1381 , FancyRose.png )
Touhou? Really? I love that series! Not a great player, but...

Are you going to do this on Danmakufu or coded from scratch? I can contribute with the sprites if you want. Player-like or Boss-like?
>> No. 45255
If you want help with the project, you can come here. There are a lot of people who work on fan games, and we have everything from sprite makers to music composers.
>> No. 45286
top down shooter where characters know what gravity is.

me no likey the concept in and of itself.

A game crossover for the sake of combining two popular things... if thats your major motivator you should just stop.

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