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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

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Realeasing an alpha version of the Ponies on linux project I'm working on. Nothing too special yet, but it is in constant development, and wanted to give us linux ponies something to get excited about.

Download URL:

If you have absolutely no programming experience, this is probably not ready for you yet. There is a little bit of code modifying that is needed for it to compile and run.

There is a large todo list at the top of the main.c file, and I hope I commented it well enough for you to figure out what is going on even if you don't know GTK+. I am also taking recommendations on what else to add(feature creep, yay!).
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>> No. 36242
Is it safe to assume that this is dead, or is the lack of a git/mercurial/subversion repo masking any progress?
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rainbow dash
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File 137215069117.png - (54.60KB , 581x502 , spoiler.png )
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Hi. I've had a script for a feature length movie complete since last year. This script is for a movie based around Derpy traversing dangers to rescue her daughter and getting caught up in her grandmother's secret. This is a basic outline of the plot.

Anyway, the point of this post is to request some storyboarders to offer help with the storyboarding because I've had this project at a standstill for far too long.

If you're interested, say so and leave me a way to contact you.

(Image is just because I was required to post one)
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>> No. 45245
There are no "account names" on imageboards.

Also, your script is pretty bad, man. Some of the guys in the thread pointed the major flaws out.
>> No. 45248
He ignored each and every of those comments and kept asking for free helpers instead.
>> No. 45249
That wasn't him. That was just someone putting his email and name into the fields and pretented to be him.
Doesn't change the fact his script is bad, though.

File 136744410188.gif - (6.02KB , 391x236 , appleglory.gif )
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Give me your dropbox name and ill invite u
My original effort:
What is AppleGlory:
A fun little fan series animated and programmed in Scratch! It stars AJ and Dashie on their adventures with their pony friends!

People helping:

Rainbow Dash: Open!
Luna: Open!
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i would love to help with this. Maybe do some singing or a little VA work but i cant do any of these characters -__- all i can do is an EXTREMELY amateur Rainbow Dash but im not ready to make it public. so instead i have some Sapphire Shores and Gilda just let me know where to put it up
my email is:
[email protected]
[email protected]
>> No. 45226
I think i could help you^^.
I can do some scriptwriting...and maybe some voices ( I'm not sure if i can really do some voices but I'm sure i can do some scriptwritings.)
here some email:
[email protected]

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File 137068155443.png - (89.62KB , 511x146 , metaphoricalproductions.png )
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Howdy all! This is an opening post to let you all know about a project I've been working on over the last seven months; MLP:FiM Fight for Harmony TCG! I have been involved in a little card game creation in the past and was looking for an avenue to explore in creating one of my own from scratch. MLP gave me this avenue and I've been thoroughly enjoying myself so far.

So what is Fight for Harmony? The game is (currently) a two player game designed to play at a relatively fast pace with multiple different play styles. The game revolves around reducing the health of your opponents Mane 6 card to zero before they can do the same to you.

At present the game is in the late alpha stage. Many of the cards have been designed, an initial version of the rules have been created and many of the game mechanics have been finalised. However, as one might expect, there are still issues with balancing to work out and some cards are still in development.

Even so the project is going well and I'm currently looking for comments, criticism and thoughts on how the game looks, problems you may see and anything else you want to throw in. The project is being run from my Tumblr page primarily although I will also be using this thread and a development thread over at the UKoE forums.

So why not give it a try? I'm also working on a plugin for Lackey so that everyone can enjoy the game and will be releasing videos on this as time progresses. Anyway, more information about the game along with an initial alpha download version of the cards and rulebook can be found on my Tumblr and UKoE thread, I'll link both below. Hope everypony enjoys!
>> No. 45111
I'll have to check this one out.
>> No. 45138
File 137116082808.png - (89.62KB , 511x146 , metaphoricalproductions.png )
Thanks! The project is slowly approaching Beta now. The new card designs have been finalised and will be slowly released over the coming weeks/months depending on how fast things go. You can check my Tumblr for card updates as and when I get them up. This week is Mane 6 week so I'm updating daily.
>> No. 45219
File 137185117996.png - (141.48KB , 378x528 , twilight sparkle.png )
A lot of progress is being made on the beta release of the game now. Various sneak peeks at forthcoming cards are up for viewing on my Tumblr page (see first post).

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Youtube embed play button
  I am working a pony horror adventure game titled The Underworld's Cello. It stars Octavia and is set in a haunted house, where she must find Vinyl before the wrathful denizens of the house her first.

Please see the embedded video for details.

Thank you and have a nice day.
>> No. 45160
You made me curious about the project. Please give me some technical details about the game.
>> No. 45212
i would like to help but i dont think theres much i can do...but ill do my best to assist

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Youtube embed play button
  Not sure if this classifies as a project, but her it goes:
I am The Quizzical Brony. Basically what I do is take topics from comments and put out my opinions with facts to back them up. If anyone could check it out, post a topic, subscribe, or give me feedback, that would be great.

File 137133776757.docx - (30.74KB , MLM Auditions - READ ONLY - Copy.docx )
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After spending nearly two years in development, it is my pleasure to announce open auditions for My Little Musical! My Little Musical is an original two-act audio production, planned for release as a digital concept album. Now that the music and book are approaching completion, we are in need of voice actors, singers, musicians, and sound editors and mixers to help make this project come to life!


The following post will have the document for musicians and sound designers.

For more information on the project, visit our website at
>> No. 45162
File 137133784782.doc - (38.00KB , MLM Musician-SD Audition Guidelines - READ ONLY.doc )
This is the attached document for musicians and sound designers! If you have any questions about either document or the project itself, feel free to ask so in this thread.

Hope you consider joining us on this journey!

- AW
Director of My Little Musical
>> No. 45202
Bump! Auditions close on June 30th!

File 137157355488.png - (469.94KB , 465x858 , 86df2cd02651f2d11c231fad1e0b73cc.png )
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Type: Arcade

Os: win xp, vista, win 7.

About: new full version of WolfPuncher2 is now available, will you be able to beat Rainbow Dash score?
find out playing WolfPuncher2

little hint
don't let the wolf die give him sometime to recover after couple of punches but not to much or you luse


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Youtube embed play button
  Hi there guys! I want to share with y'all a game project I'm working on. Check out the embed video, and the following link if you want to read further!

Thanks for your time!

File 137083913463.jpg - (21.92KB , 420x300 , ddd2f349a181e90a54ad8d02483052bd.jpg )
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So Ponychan, I am creating a fighting game, it will contain a few pony characters, but will not solely be a pony game.

I am in need of Voice Actors among other things, but if you would like to contribute in any way, then you can, just contact me on skype, which is kutter.butter

Pic Unrelated
>> No. 45113
Get some cash and get age30 voice actors, they're better than a teenager.
>> No. 45114
Try posting some more details. And please, use a related picture. This doesn't look serious. Show some proof that you know what you are doing.

File 132193504986.gif - (366.21KB , 400x414 , Party Soft.gif )
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I think I just had a good idea, bear with me. What would everypony think about making a dating site to help "bronies" find "pega-sisters" (I still hate that term.) Anyways, who else thinks it would be a good idea to make a free dating site for MLP fans? Also who is capapble?
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>> No. 42796
lol, fooled me.
>> No. 42802

Funny thing, the female to male ratio on that site is nearly 2 to 1
>> No. 45104

The idea sounds great, but think about it. 99% of the fans of the show are men, and I've never once met a pegasister who might just as easily be confused for a male. Face it, all nerd fandoms are largely the basement dweller archetype. The attractive people are a very small portion, almost as small as the % of cloppers.

File 137029480950.png - (31.47KB , 250x250 , ZzHjNEDsnNvI8JUmQ4Tg.png )
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Hello everybody, I'm here to let you know about this fan project my friends and I have been working on. It's a MLPFiM inspired trading card game, and we've been working very hard to create a plugin for LackeyCCG to make it playable online.

Right now we're in a public beta, but we are far from finished. Cards and decks have been tested in closed environments, but we would really want feedback and criticism on how to make it better or how to fix any problems we have overlooked.

We're also in need of pony artist to help us create original art for all of our cards.

If you're interested in helping out, we have made a forum that you can join right here:

We also have a wiki to act as a rule book and card database right here:
>> No. 45059
Could you give us a little bit of insight of what type of TCG it is? Maybe some of the mechanics and whatnot so we know the basics before we look at the cards?

A bit unrelated: You might want to work on the wording a bit. I took a look at a few and it seems so unnatural at some places.
Look at Blaze for example. The text "unless its leader -3 elements" just

I assume 'leader' is the player. Perhaps a better wording would be "Unless its leader pays/expends/whatever 3 elements." or something along those lines. Then again, I just skimmed over the rulebook, so If I am wrong just ignore.

I'm also pretty confused on how a player is supposed to win. It takes harmony, but how much?

Last edited at Mon, Jun 3rd, 2013 23:58

>> No. 45095
The rules say it takes 30 Harmony Points to win. However, many of the rules seems rather difficult to read, and it's utterly confusing trying to figure them out.
>> No. 45100
I fully agree on that. Why is the amount of 'harmony' needed listed ONLY in the terms page anyway? It's just set up horribly.

File 137058586390.png - (4.33KB , 355x105 , poniesthemmorpg.png )
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Hey there, for a little while I worked on this HTML5 engine for a RPG, right now you can walk around, choose your character from one of the Mane 6 and see other people walk around. Well, that's better than nothing, but someday I would like to see this as a full-blown 8-bit-ish MMORPG, that would be nice.

I've thrown out some ideas in a Google Docs just here:

Play the engine demo:

Of course, I'll need help, if somepony here is a talented artist or musician, please email me. Or if you have more good ideas, please comment or email me and I'll consider it.

File 133353815811.jpg - (94.98KB , 1024x724 , 2d7f63_3255241.jpg )
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Hey guys, I'm staring a new, pretty big, but not very important, project. I'm going to attempt to organize and produce Colt Dubs of all the episodes of My Little Pony. I know philsterman already does this, but he does clips, whereas I want to redub the complete episodes. In order to do this, I will need:

Voice Actors: both male and female (primarily male, seeing as this is a rule 63 version)

Audio Editors: people to edit the audio tracks together, including the voice free BGM and any sound effects

Video Editors: people who will sync up the new audio to the video once it's done.

THE DEADLINE TO SIGN UP FOR ANY OF THESE PARTS (assuming somepony actually does) IS MAY 1, 2012.

I can answer any more questions if you wish.
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>> No. 39317
Perhaps, but there may be a good narrator voice, which doesn't suit Celestia's character. So for now, we're keeping them as separate characters.
>> No. 39323
I emailed my audition! If you didnt get it, I put the link here too:
>> No. 45085

Many of the cast went off to pursue other interests, sadly, myself included. Some of us still contat each other but this didn't end up picking up.

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Youtube embed play button
  I just finish the first episode of my radio drama hope guys like it based on the rise of nightmare moon and has Luna, I know how much we all love her. But yeah here it is we also try to get a new episode out every month to month and half. So enjoy!
>> No. 45051
Where is here? What is the title? What is the story description? Is this a one guy production or did you find other people to help?

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