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File 131041064078.png - (35.89KB , 480x320 , SpikesQuest_FirstLittleEdit.png )
10544 No. 10544
The Diamond Dogs are at it again! They've kidnapped the main six and have retreated back to their underground abode. Its now up to Spike to venture down into this massive subterranean world where he must explore every nook and cranny, find items (and special gear) to help him on his quest to rescue his friends. But is there more to this story than there seems?

Game style: Metroid/Castlevania/Cave Story

Pretty much you play as Spike and explore a massive underground world (with a few exterior connections). You collect items (and gear) to help you proceed to hard to get locations. Also as you rescue your pony friends they each help you in certain ways throughout the game (Rainbow Dash could be summoned to transport you to a certain location, Fluttershy's calming magic is needed to calm the dark settings of certain rooms for you to progress, Twilight Sparkle's magic is needed to move certain blocks for platforms, etc, etc)

The included screenshot is a very VERY early photoshop rendition. I've only began to sketch out maps (on paper) and to fiddle around with graphics and maybe a bit of coding here and there.

I just wanted to get some opinions while I progressed. This thread may be my game production progression thread :3 so lets get this party started!
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>> No. 10558
I forgot to include Zelda on the Game Type description. Item-wise the game would greatly borrow from Zelda. (items such as: the hook shot, boomerang, bombs, etc)
>> No. 10570
Will he have a single main weapon (like Link)?
Or will he have multiple main weapons (Cave Story)?

Fluttershy's calming magic is needed to calm the dark settings of certain rooms for you to progress
One of the best parts of Metroid/Zelda is the abilities having multiple uses. This power seems like a one trick pony unless it has additional effects.

Other than that, looking forward to Spike's Metroidvania game.
>> No. 10571
I'd like to give him multiple weapons so the Castlevania/Cave Story setup will do :3

And the Fluttershy trick will have multiple uses. I've had an idea of having a certain cave monster who blocks the entrance of a certain room and no matter what you throw at him he wont die or budge.

Summon Fluttershy and let her work her magic and he'll simply give in and move out of the way. (think of the walrus in Zelda Links Awakening)

There's also a couple of rooms where by some dark magic things like doors or platforms will be hidden. Fluttershy's magic would calm the evil energy and the hidden things would be revealed.

So yeah, she'll have multiple uses ;)
>> No. 10607
>> No. 10620
I can see AJ moving heavy things and Dash helping Spike with a race or out running something, I know Pinkie can do some cheering up for somepony but what will Rarity will do...make something for Spike or whip up something for somepony?
>> No. 10621
I applaud this great concept. My concept was too uninspired and I lack the skills, and patience to acquire them) to make it work. This contains the same elements I imagined and the best of luck to your team.
>> No. 10634
An outrun sequence sounds like a great idea for RD. If fact I may use that for the boss battle required to rescue her and I may add the race concept as a kind of mini game :)

As for what Rarity will do, once she's rescued she'll return to the surface. And when you find a way to get back to Ponyville you can visit her at her home where she'll be making certain 'outfits' that can help you on your quest. These outfits will require special material that you'll have to scavenge around for in the caverns (and possiby forest inspired settings) you'll need certain gemstones or material used to make certain fabrics. I'm still debating about how this system could work.

Applejack will also return to the surface and set up shop in Ponyville where she'll sell you apple cider to refill your health and a few other apple goodies. I haven't given this store much thought yet though.

As for Pinkie.. I figured she'd be the first pony you rescued so she could pop up at certain times, break the fourth wall and explain to the player how to accomplish certain things (confusing Spike while at it) she'll be our Navi for this game ;)

Oh, and while in Ponyville you can visit Pinkie's home to play mini-games.. that might be where I could do the race sequences with RD


this type of game design can be totally overwhelming. especially if your only team member is yourself. I'm still toying around with code trying to figure out what sort of graphics system would work best with this game. There had been many times that I considered making it a Metroid Prime style game going in first person 3D. But lately I've felt it would just look good with good old classic Metroid/Vania 2D style.
>> No. 10666
Go with what feels "true" to you. This may vary from person to person. I was more or less of the same opinion as you. I can't see an mlp game running in 3d, maybe because the cartoon is 2d and we feel we have to be true to that aspect too. I can see aspects of 3d in a fim game, mainly in regard to boss fights, imagine taking on Nightmare Moon in a 6 on 1 across a lan connection, that battle is far more epic in 3d. Though I can also see it being pretty epic in 2d. Basically, pick a style and see it through. Sorry I can't be of more help.
>> No. 10688
File 131052123406.gif - (113.82KB , 600x600 , spiderfall.gif )
Yo bro, this shit sounds awesome. I will gladly give you my assistance as somepony with a lot of time on their hands, if you'd like a semi-constant helper. Just doing my part for something that sounds badass.

>> No. 10689
well, I will be needing some beta testers as well as somepony who'd be willing to give some opinions on certain things if your really interested.

I may piece together a production forum specifically for this project so keep an eye out for that too ;)
>> No. 10690
Oh? I'd be happy to do testing or opinions, my friend. Always happy to help my bronies. :3
>> No. 10704
That would be awesome, actually. I'm better at opinions and suggestion when I can feel some conception and try it.

Hmm... have you considered something like Castlevania:PoR style? Also, main character IS Spike, right?

What's about battle system? Grinding/specs system? Free-exploration like SoTN?
>> No. 10711
>Hmm... have you considered something like Castlevania:PoR style?

You mean like there being a hubworld in which you access certain levels through paintings or something?

>Also, main character IS Spike, right?

Indeed ;)

>What's about battle system? Grinding/specs system? Free-exploration like SoTN?

I actually want to take the Metroid/Zelda approach and keep it simple. The player would only need to grind for money and other such items. I may use heart containers like in Zelda (you start with 4 and work your way up) and there would certainly be more powerful weapons as you progress.

All this kind of inspires the player to explore. so yeah...
>> No. 10769
I wouldn't mind being a tester, It'll be a new thing for me.

And I kinda prefer this kind of play for 2D games. Big red heart like ruby's for a heath upgrade, small ones restore it. Color bits to tell how much they are worth?
>> No. 10793
File 131057437589.png - (51.75KB , 1024x600 , earlypreviewofdemotest.png )
Ayep. That's pretty much the way I have it planned ;)

I started to do some serious coding last night. I may have a first test demo ready later this evening (its 10:58 am here in Tennessee now) so keep an eye out :D

but also remember, since this is a test demo dont expect much. The graphics will be basic shapes (unless I take the time to do some graphics work instead of coding today) the demo will be to test simple platforming elements. Note the screenshot included here: Basic and boring looking graphics (all currently drawn by code). That red box that you see there will later be Spike's collision box. but for now it acts as the player's sprite... The demo I'll post here later will have more than what's in the image, so please dont panic (yet. lol)

Here's a list of things 2b tested:

Tile platform collision system:

there are 9 different types of tiles.

1.) Scenery Tile - these tiles are simply meant for decoration and exists on both layers in game (foreground and background) the player sprite will simply pass through these undisturbed.

2.) Obstacle Tiles - These tiles are completely solid and will make up the majority of the game. The player cannot pass through these tiles.

3.) Platform Tiles - The player can jump through and land on top of these tiles. Also when pressing down and the main action button the player can leap off thee tiles into the area below (this is used in games like Kirby, Castlevania and I think some Metroid games)

4.) Ladder Tiles - These tiles function as a single ladder. The player can climb up or down on these.

5.) Global Ladder Tiles - These tiles act as an open ladder allowing the player to climb on it in all four directions (example: Mario World fence ladders)

6,7.) Upper Left Slope & Lower Left Slope Tiles - These two tiles make up a single slope facing the left edge of the playfield. I literally have to hard-code the player's Y position (every 2 pixels forward or back sets the player's y position up or down a pixel according to where they stand on the tile.) These are the tiles that may have the most bugs.

8,9.) Upper Right Slope and Lower Right Slope - See description above...

And of course there's the player's movement (left and right moves the player left or right and the 'z' button makes the player jump)

everything is pretty basic here so again, don't expect a full fledged game ;)
>> No. 10794
File 131057489725.png - (153.38KB , 480x360 , BroHoof.png )
Hey man, you got a messenger? I'd love to discuss this game with you in a more active form. ^^

Also, I'll be waiting. I'm in the same time-zone as you. I'm in Virginia. :D
>> No. 10795
Yes, I do, actually.
AIM: Avesthefox
Yahoo: Avesthefox
Skype: Avesthefox
MSN: [email protected]

I'm about to hop in the shower and then fix myself a late breakfast (stayed up late coding, and thus woke up late) so dont get discouraged if I dont respond instantly. lol :P
>> No. 10805
which one you mostly use?
>> No. 10806
I use Trillian so almost all of them are online (Skype is separate, but its on anyway)
>> No. 10835
File 131060053076.png - (7.81KB , 240x160 , S_Q_ Test Demo #1.png )

Spike's Quest - Test Demo #1
July 7, 2011

There's not much to this little demo. But I spent quiet a few hours working on it.

This demo is just to show off an early build of the platform engine and a very basic tile engine.

1.) Jump control and gravity. (button 'z')
2.) Climb ladders
3.) Fresh tileset created for demo tests
4.) Basic tile collision engine
a. Obstacle tiles (solid tiles. you cant pass through them.)
b. Platform tiles (stand on top of them. the leap down feature not yet added)
c. Ladder tiles (amazing up and down climbing action!)
d. Ladder Top Tiles (added to assist the basic ladder tiles)
e. Scenery tiles (they do nothing... they're there just for decoration.)

That's all there is to it! Play around with it and let me know what you think. Critiques and bug reports would be most apreciated.
>> No. 10843
Ok I play around and you got the basics down so that's good. I feel like the falling down speed should be tweak a bit. The speed is ok and the jump is perfect. That's not going to be the default screen size is it? I kid kid.
>> No. 10844
I'm using the Gameboy Advance resolution to give it that special GBA feel ;) you will be able to resize it with the next demo so dont panic!
>> No. 10866
What this guy says! The fall is a little fast. But I love that resolution and the look of your tiles. :) It's a nice little engine.
>> No. 10902
File 131065515759.jpg - (112.05KB , 964x722 , 130222333059.jpg )
Production Start-Up Log for 7-14-2011

This thread is now a production Blog (for now) until I've conjured up enough inspiration to put together an official Blog (or website) for this project.


Started work on a tile map editor for the game shortly after posting up yesterday's test demo. Much of today's production will be focused on that program. And maybe a few add-ons to the current game engine.

I also tweaked the jump (slowed the gravity value from '4' to a '3' which looks much more smoother. I'll need opinions on this supposed fix when I release test demo #2 later this week.

Also I've decided that for the music for this game I will actually reach out to the brony community as a whole and see what can come out of that. I'll start accepting music entries very soon! First I'd like to put together some of the in-game tile-sets so I can make some dummy images (to help inspire the direction needed for the music). Also with this package (with the dummy screenshots) I'll include an actual freeware music editor (the same music editor used to create Pixel's Cave Story's OST) I'll require the music submissions to be created using that software and nothing else. :P If your wanting to play around with this software now and not wait around for me to post the production package then here's a link to the software download: (Org Maker 2 is the most preferred especially since its in English.)

And as an additional bonus here's Cave Story's full soundtrack in ORG format so you'd get an idea of how this wonderful software can be used:

And even though I wont be accepting music entries until later your free to e-mail me your work: [email protected]

Also please dont forget to try the test demo I posted up here earlier. Just in case you dont feel like scrolling through the entire thread to find it then here's the link again:

That is all the news I have for now.

Until the next update have a tiny fawn. Lets call it Bambi. :3
>> No. 10904
Location and music need to have the same feel to it, I know the bronys here will help with that.
>> No. 10955
>> No. 10986
*bucking #2*
>> No. 11008
File 131074411525.jpg - (172.73KB , 1024x600 , tilemap_progress.jpg )
Yesterday's work had its ups and downs and I feel like I literally did not accomplish much. Sure the tile editor has progressed greatly but I hit a snag while trying to figure out a way to link tile information between the editor and the game itself. I stayed up til 3 this morning trying to solve this particular problem.

Now that I've got a bit of sleep in and I'm 'fresh' and awake (note the sarcasm on the word 'fresh'.. I'm groggy as fuck this morning!) I think I've finally figured out what needs to be done...

So I discarded the problem code from yesterday to tackle this obstacle with renewed energy and fresh ideas. I anticipate today to be a very productive day. :)

So with all that being said, all I have to show for my work yesterday is this screenshot. Its only a small part of the editor. its the tile palette in fact and it functions perfectly just as it should! Now all I need to do is apply that idea I had this morning that would link the tile information between the editor and the game. And then after that I may begin work on the map screen itself.

Wish me luck!
>> No. 11012
Good luck! I can't wait to see this game finished! :D
>> No. 11074
Please keep going! I don't want to see something this awesome die! I've been waiting for a Metroidvania MLP game for quite a while, and this just looks downright perfect!
>> No. 11088
File 131082706373.png - (105.17KB , 634x766 , Happy derpy.png )
Hah, no way! Another Blitz programmer making an MLP fan game?

Happy B3D coding then :)
>> No. 11120
File 131084291888.jpg - (204.80KB , 1024x600 , tilemap_progress#2.jpg )
Ugh! I stayed up late last night watching Dr. Who on Netflix on a 3DS. and thus I slept in late (just now getting up) its 1:19pm at the time of writing of this post.

but before all that, I can assure everypony here that there was so MUCH progress yesterday. the map editor is coming along quiet swell and I was able to add a whole bunch of code almost entirely snag-free and almost entirely un-distracted!

Screenshot shows what progress has been made. It may not look like much but the map is far more operational than it was the day before!

Today will be spent adding a few additional features (one very important addition would be the ability to save maps and then upload them to the game) and then a polishing up on the code in whole. After spending hours coding something there's usually always a mess of unnecessary code to do away with :P

If anypony wants to know what I used for the first test demo map, well here's what I did:

Data beta_tiles
Data 04,18,18,18,18,18,18,18,18,18,18,18,18,18,05
Data 11,15,15,00,00,15,22,15,22,15,00,00,15,22,09
Data 11,14,14,00,00,14,14,22,14,14,00,00,14,23,09
Data 11,14,14,00,00,14,22,14,22,14,00,00,14,23,09
Data 12,21,03,00,00,14,06,06,06,14,00,00,01,21,13
Data 04,20,19,00,00,14,22,14,22,14,00,00,17,20,05
Data 11,16,00,00,00,14,14,22,14,14,00,00,00,16,09
Data 11,16,00,00,00,01,02,02,02,03,00,00,00,16,09
Data 11,16, p,00,00,09,10,10,10,11,00,00,00,16,09
Data 12,02,02,02,02,13,10,10,10,12,02,02,02,02,13

first line of code " .testmap" is a label for the data below it. I could make several of these data bits and call them ' .level1 ' and ' .level2' and so on and in the code I have to call them into memory using these labels. Pretty straight forward, really.

Second line of code "Data beta_tiles" reads into the program what tileset to use for the level. For this demo we're using a tileset I simply named "beta_tiles"

And for the rest of the code...Every number after the Data tag and in between the commas represents a tile. The numbers themselves are the frame numbers of the tile-map image. So tile# 01 represents the first, tile#02 represents tile number two and so on.

To those of you who are not code savvy, this is the most primitive way to produce in game level maps. It works, but its often a pain to have to go through and manually type in the number of each tile. Also for me to add things like items, doors, enemies, etc I'd have to add a whole other block of data to act as a layer over the main tile data and that's.. well... a pain if I may say so.

To think that that data set I posted above only represents one whole screen of tiles. Just think of what an entire level would look like. That's a huge block of data!

And That, my friends is why we need map editors! ;)


Dont worry. I dont plan to let this one die. ;) I feel like its a promise and a gift to the brony community. so I have to finish it no matter what! Its just a slow process of coding and graphics design, and planning. :P


Glad to see another Blitz User! :D I'm Avesthefox on the forums (though I hardly ever post there) if your ever curious. ;)

Blitz is such an awesome coding tool! Maybe not as powerful as these more recent C style languages, but its easier to learn in my opinion. I've been a Blitzer since 2002 but thee past three years have been the height of my learning curve.

To think, I was gonna use my old version of The Games Factory to make this game... but despite being easy to design with, that program is just to dang buggy!

Blitz 3D ftw!
>> No. 11158
File 131086826830.png - (956.40KB , 755x653 , steven_magnet__request__by_enma_darei-d3dopo3.png )
I'm Noopony on, though I'm really only active in the German part of the community.

I really had a lot of fun with good old B3D, but I switched to BMax a couple of years back and I'm pretty happy with it. The OOP is a bit lacking here and there, but apart from that it's my favourite language (for games, at least).

So anyway, good luck with your project and keep us posted.
>> No. 11204
File 131092872986.jpg - (263.65KB , 1024x600 , progress.jpg )
Stayed up late again marathoning Doctor Who. and again I wake up late (1:09pm this time) lol I need to stop doing that :P


Once more, I've got quiet a bit done. I can now save maps and use them in the game! And because of that, I can now start focusing on the game engine itself. I'll add more features to the map editor when I need them, but the focus of this project is not to put together the ultimate map editor. :P

I may be working myself double effort (and time) today to put together Test Demo #2. When will it be ready? Well, if not tonight then possibly tomorrow night (I've got my bets on the later)

Things to look forward to in the second test release:

1.) Fixed jump and gravity speed
2.) Screen scrolling
3.) Added tile collision testing:
[indent]- Slope tiles (four types all together)[/indent]
[indent]- G Ladder tiles (unlike regular ladder tiles these let you go up,down,left or right)
4.) Added ability to change screen resolution
5.) Added new tile layers so now there's a foreground.
6.) And possibly Spike's sprite.. but it may not be animated (yet)

Keep an open eye. I'll be posting a link very soon!
>> No. 11217
Right just don't burn yourself out dood, last thing we need is something rushed.
>> No. 11218
I'll try not to. In fact, thinking about it, maybe I should extend the demo release to Wednesday and only release them on Wednesdays

does that seem fair?
>> No. 11226
Uh hold on, let me check my scheduled

*see's gaming at 6 PM for every Wednesday*

yeah I think it's ok, gives you time and lets me piss off people who has sticks in them and have trouble walking. My kind of fun.
>> No. 11241
>"lets me piss off people who has sticks in them and have trouble walking. My kind of fun."


anyway.. Wednesday it is then! :D
>> No. 11266
File 131097847786.jpg - (258.90KB , 1024x600 , progress - 7-17-11.jpg )
[see screenshot] What your looking at is pure and beautiful progress! :)

So what has been done so far?

1.) I've got the slope tiles working rather smoothly.
2.) I had a few snags between the tile editor and the game but they've been fixed.
3.) Upgraded the beta tileset to assist in the coding and to sort of beautify the map.
4.) Got the tile layers to function like they should. I was worried about how I was going to do it but dawgonit I got it!

Still, I have til Wednesday before posting up the second demo. So I have plenty of time to tweak, tinker and add to it. I think the second demo is going to be something well worth looking forward to! :)

Anyway, I'm posting this start-up log rather early... its 3:39 in the morning here and I figured I should brag about my hard work before bed. ;)

later on today when I wake up I'll continue my work on this game. Expect great things!
>> No. 11267
And I forgot to mention that you can now resize the screen. But I'm sure the screen shot here speaks for that fact.

I'm sure there's other things I forgot to mention.. but all will be revealed soon. ;) g'night bronies!
>> No. 11351
>> No. 11440
File 131110189389.jpg - (71.97KB , 480x320 , progress 2.jpg )
I honestly did not get very much done yesterday as life intervened. I got called away to do some work for family.

But I suppose what little I did complete is better than nothing at all.

I've been working on the g_ladder tile function which functions like a chain-link fence that you can climb around on. (example: some Super Mario World boss castles have these) unlike the default ladder tiles the g_ladder tiles enable you to climb in all four different directions.

You'd think something like this would be easy to program. Well... not entirely... In addition to working on these types of tile I had to produce 8 additional tile types:

g_ladTop: tiles that are the top of the fence ladder
g_ladBottom: bottom tiles of the fence ladder
g_ladLeft: left tiles f the fence ladder
g_ladRight: right tiles of the fence ladder
g_ladTL: top left tiles
g_ladTR: top right tiles
g_ladBL: bottom left
g_ladBR: boottom right

Each of these additional tile types serves a purpose. Not only to define all 8 corners of a fence ladder but also to tell the program when to cancel out the g_climb flag (upon leaving the fence ladder you fall from it and not keep climbing) without these, you could climb off the g_ladder tiles and continue to climb just about all over the screen, and we cant have that! :P

When I left off from yesterday's progress I was having certain difficulty getting this to work 100% there were several little snags that kept on popping up. The player would fall in the most unlikely places while climbing around.

I'll continue to work on this today and after that I'll begin work on tomorrow's little demo.

That is all I have for now. Again, wish me luck!
>> No. 11444

Nice, I always did like the SMW fences. Now they just need those fancy side-flipping tiles (not really, but it would be neat).
>> No. 11629
File 131118586605.png - (10.34KB , 112x112 , The Pony Lab.png )
Nothing really new today except that I'll be putting together this weeks demo. I'll post it up tonight 6:30 central eastern time.

Things to look forward to that may or may not need testing:
1.) Slopes
2.) Screen configuration (activated through an external program)
3.) Scrolling
4.) Fence ladders
5.) Foreground and background layers

And there may be more. I dont rightfully know just yet but if there are I'll post it up with the demo link later on.

And for the rest of this week I'll begin work on a proper sprite for Spike. The red square box thing kinda gets dull after a while :P

Wish me luck as usual. :)
>> No. 11670
the demo will be a bit late, guys... give me another hour to get this darn thing ready :P
>> No. 11675
File 131120656130.jpg - (97.93KB , 539x401 , testdemo2prev.jpg )
Spike's Quest Test Demo #2
Released on 7-20-11

This demo is to test the following:

- Slopes
- g_ladder (aka fence ladders like from Mario World)
- screen scrolling
- screen size configuration
- fixed platform tiles
- fixed jump and gravity speeds
- foreground and background layer tiles

Be sure to run the config.exe file to set your desired screen resolution.
Bug reports, opinions and compliments are most appreciated!

Download Link:
>> No. 11677

Looking good, gravity and movement are fine, nothing weird with the platforms.
>> No. 11701
Nothing to report so far, the controls are solid. Climbing the chain fence is ok, same speed as the one in Super Mario World. Like that you press the jump on a ladder to zip down to the bottom.

And a random note; got my flank kick by Blanka today.
>> No. 11746
File 131127111530.png - (2.83KB , 320x431 , spike sprite.png )
A new day and a whole new week of work ahead. Today I've decided to begin work on Spike himself. That red box with white outlining will be no more after today.

The next week as a whole will mostly be focused on graphics and the next demo will be to show off those graphics and possibly one major test that I'll be requesting opinions on.

With the addition of graphics I may be releasing the production packages to the public for the in game music. Like I said in one of the recent updates, before the music I'd like to throw together some dummy screenshots with various different tilesets that will set the settings of the game. This would help the would be composers to get the right mood for the needed music.

I still request anypony out there who may read this post to please give the most recent demo a spin. Any such help here with this game would be greatly appreciated.

download link:

I know it may not seem like much but I've poured many hours and my full attention into this project in the past week. This game will continue to progress and with progress it will continue to get better and better. It wont be long before the game itself starts to take shape into what its supposed to be...

So with all that said I shall now get back to my work. Stay tuned!
>> No. 11813
File 131132837629.png - (901B , 150x40 , bloggerlogo.png )
So I finally went and did it. I went and created a blog for this project!

So,if you have a blogspot account and happen to be following this project then by all means please go and add me to your watch list! :D

Yes, the layout is still one of the basic default templates. I may customize it down the road but the main priority for now is the game.

Speaking of the game, how far have I got exactly? Well like I said yesterday I wanted to begin work on Spike's in game sprite and that's what I've been doing.

Right now I dont feel there's anything worth showing screenshot wise but there will be something soon!

Again, stay tuned for further updates!
>> No. 11906
You have a good solid start, I like it! Assuming you're using Game Maker, here's a couple of things that will help though:

- If you go to the far bottom right corner (in the short nook) and jump, you'll see the screen shake pretty violently to follow "Spike". If you reduce your HBor and VBor a by about 2-4 block's worth it will get rid of this and make the camera move much smoother.

- When "Spike" gets on ladders and fences, you can visibly see him snap to orient to the ladder. This means your grid snap values are way too big. Reduce them to give the game better immersion.

That's all I can see right now, and both of those are pretty quick value fixes. Again, really solid start, good collision detection (you're being sure not to use solid, right?), good movement, all around good. I hope to see more from this.

Good luck,
>> No. 11909
Actually I'm using Blitz 3D for this. I'm aware of the snap at the top of the ladder but that wont be very visible once the main sprite is applied.

Much appreciated for the advise though ;)
>> No. 11912
And yeah, the snaps at the bottom will be fixed too. :P
>> No. 11926
File 131141895811.gif - (7.31KB , 128x128 , SpikeWalkvs1_0.gif )
So yesterday honestly wasn't all that productive. I spent much of my time watching Equestria Daily for this Blog Post here:

Yep, I went on ahead and submitted this project as news granted possibly a bit too early but news nonetheless. I wanted to try and draw some more much needed attention to the project so I figured why not hit up ol' Seth? (yes, I'm a most wretched little attention whore. Sue me!)

Also I've just started officially using the new blog:

I will update this blog a few times a day concerning the project's progress so if your really interested in this game and would like to follow along then I'd highly recommend you subscribe to that blog :)

btw the pic is animated. Its not the final walking animations really but its a start. I'll be animating the arm a bit more since it does seem a bit unnatural the way it is now (thanks to a few kindly chaps over at the blog for pointing that out)

So this morning I'm up and about. Got a full pot of coffee and my laptop set at my dining table. I plan to go full throttle on the project today and pound as much code into Blitz Basic as the day would allow!

So wish me luck and as always stay tuned!
>> No. 11927
Oh lookit. Its BlitzMax. Have fun coding with BASIC.

I know I am. /sarcasm
>> No. 11928
Actually I use Blitz3D which is somewhat better than Basic.. or so I've been told

One of these days I'll purchase BMax but until then I'll use what I got.

It could be worst. I could be using my old copy of The Games Factory which honestly is a buggy mess despite how easy it is to use...

Anyway... Dont judge me! :O
>> No. 11934
Well at least its not going to take as long to complete the game knowing that he uses blitz3d. Im pretty sure in blitz3d you can just start adding sprites and testing collision while in a language like C/C++ you have to learn several different apis and even when you do know them, you have to write code for tedious tasks like texture and memory management , fonts,api initializations ,etc. So its probably better that he is doing it in blitz3d if you consider that he can just get to game making without dealing with most of the issues above.
>> No. 11935
This man speaks the truth. It's not really suitable for large projects, but I couldn't think of a better language for a small 2D platformer like this.

I wouldn't really call BMax a variant of BASIC with it being OO, modular and having pointers and all. Also, it's the only Blitz language not having Basic in its name.

But yeah, we should really lead this discussion somewhere else not to hijack this thread. Sorry OP!
>> No. 11936
Eh, its no problem, really.

I've toyed with the demo of Blitz Max before... it does seem a bit more complicated but within just a few hours I started to figure things out. The software only costs $80 which is actually cheaper than Blitz3D for some silly reason.

If I do buy BMax I'd have more cool features such as using png files with alpha layers and things like that. Also if I do decide to convert this project over to BMax I'd have the ability to port the game to os's like Lynux and Mac which would actually be pretty cool :)

Anyway, back on topic.
>> No. 11940
Bmax uses BASIC for coding. Its a pain, but it works.

Anyway. Props to you Misterbull.
>> No. 11948
File 131143422831.png - (783B , 39x58 , Spike.png )
Please, oh please, use this Spike sprite then I done it
>> No. 11972
that's a pretty cool looking sprite if I may say so myself. However if I were to actually use it I'd request you to scale it back down to its proper resolution. (the small none pixelated version before you upscaled it)

But really since I've been hard at work with my own sprite I'm not sure I want to abandon it just yet for another one.

Is there more to that sprite than just the one static standing frame?
>> No. 12005
Curious only. Are you sticking with diamond dogs, or will there be enemies that are native to levels?

Say (this is part of something I am working on, no stealing) a you have a will-o-wisp, but it is only on a swamp level.
>> No. 12015
Certain enemies for certain areas. It would be boring if it were just the diamond dogs. lol :P
>> No. 12021
AI programming is going to be so fun.
>> No. 12067
File 131149610554.gif - (2.35KB , 17x30 , Spike_tiny_walk.gif )
But your Spike sprite bigger than mine. Whatever here a walk animation
>> No. 12087
I'll tell you what.. you e-mail me your contact information (instant messengers mainly or just your e-mail. whatever your comfortable with) and we'll talk.
>> No. 12089
File 131151044499.jpg - (15.74KB , 298x283 , 130214306659.jpg )
Lately I've been upgrading the tile system for the game and a bit of tweaking on the game engine. I've also fixed the snap distances of the ladder and I'm currently considering the sprite talent of another person other than myself.

The tile system upgrade will allow me to have more tiles in a tileset than what I was allowing myself before and I'd be able to assign each tile its own individual layer and obstacle type more easily (before this upgrade I was assigning these things manually which meant more code than what was really necessary) I'll continue working on this upgrade throughout the day and then I'll move on to other things.

If I do decide to let this anonymous user design the in game sprites then I can just focus on other things such as the tilesets and some other much needed code. I really wanted to make this project 100% my own but considering the amount of work that lays ahead I finally figured that things would probably progress faster if I let other people in on the work. And yes, that includes the in game music that I've mentioned a couple times already.

I still wish to tackle everything else alone. But if somepony else would like to contribute their talent to the project then I wouldn't mind seeing what you got. That's not a promise though.

Another person offered to try and port the game to the PSP as a homebrew game. So I guess that's another thing that can be considered as additional help.

More news to come soon! Be sure to check the blog for additional updates.
>> No. 12101
File 131152217554.png - (13.08KB , 320x240 , akuji_the_demon_03.png )
I tried out the latest demo. I'm so glad you're not going with floaty Cave Story jumping! It's kinda played out, IMO.

If you want some inspiration (and a great game, to boot), I highly recommend trying the game Akuji. I can't help but be reminded of that game, in a very good way.

Also, I could argue game design forever, but I'm strongly opposed to the idea of having a hub town, and having "buyable" upgrades. I don't know if this'll get read, but if it does, I'm more than willing to elaborate.
>> No. 12105
I'm always listening ;)

and rest assured none of the upgrades will be 'buy-able' I prefer scavenging myself. The only things I'd imagine that would be sold in shops would be simple items like health and things of that matter.

And also, please do elaborate on what you mean by hub town. You mean like the Mimiga Village in Cave Story or something?

The screenshot of the game your talking about looks awesome, I'll have to look it up and give it a try. Thanks!
>> No. 12202
File 131160056718.jpg - (108.00KB , 480x320 , update 7-25-11.jpg )
Yesterday I spent many painful hours trying to code the tile system upgrade. In fact I did not get the darn thing to function properly until late last night. Thankfully now that task is now behind me and I can now work on more other newer and exciting things! [/flutter_yay]

Now with the addition of the new upgraded tile system I've gone and added a simple parallax background system with just a couple simple lines of code. And then I went and completely fixed the slope tile function which was a little jerky.

And now I find that I'm having bug trouble with the ladder tiles. When at the top of the ladder you cant climb down for some silly reason. Such bugs are common after certain code overhauls :P but I'll deal with that today.

As for this morning I took a little break from the game to just clean up the production folder. Its truly amazing how messy these things become when in use!

More to come soon. Stay tuned and be sure to check the blog for additional updates!
>> No. 12219
That why you always separate files into their specific folders they belong in. Anyways, glad you seem to be making progress either way.
>> No. 12237
File 131162265742.jpg - (239.55KB , 745x497 , custom folder.jpg )
Custom folder ftw ;)

I'll be using this template for future demos.
>> No. 12247
I am the sprite artist and I want this *-*
>> No. 12311
File 131168872276.jpg - (69.66KB , 528x240 , 2d&3d.jpg )
In the upcoming test demo I'd like for everypony to run one specific test for me.See the two screenshots? Notice there are two different background types here. One is your standard 2D background the other one has 3D cubes in the background.

What do I wish to accomplish with the 3D backgrounds you might ask? Well, remember one of the old DS Castlevania games - Dawn of Sorrow?

If not then have a look-see at this screenshot here:

Now doesn't that background look just awesome?

Now imagine Ponyville done up in a style like that. Yeah, that's what I'd like to accomplish here.

But the problem is that with some computers, mainly the older ones with crappy graphics cards often cant render 3D graphics from Blitz 3D created software. That's where this next test demo comes in. You can switch between 2D and 3D background modes in the config.exe so I'd like for you bronies to play around with it and tell me how well it runs on your machines. Does it work? and if it does then does the 3D effect the game's performance?

I'll try to have the demo ready for tomorrow (remember I post these demo runs every Wednesday). Until then be patient and stick around. there's more progress to be had! :)
>> No. 12401
File 131177253883.jpg - (76.46KB , 473x600 , 130077012540.jpg )
Hey guiz, guess what today is?

Today is Wednesday! And that means today is Demo day!

That means that today I'll be spending production time throwing together an executive file compiled with all my hard work. All for the sake of showcasing it and bug testing.

As always I'll try to have this demo up and ready for your downloading pleasure by 6:30 CE time (or Tennessee time) so be watching for it around then.

What's to be expected?

- Spike sprite. No more red box thing!
- 3D and 2D parallax background option
- New tile system means more new tiles
- Completely new customized folder view

With the demo I'll include a bug report file with currently known problems. If you find a bug check that list. If its not listed then report it.

That is all for now. Keep watching!
>> No. 12412
Hey, Misterbull. I've been keeping an eye on this project and it looks very interesting. I love a good Metroidvania.

I'm also interested in making an MLP action-platformer. Very different story and abilities, but same genre and such. However, I personally have almost no experience in making games, aside from some small turn-based projects with no physics. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on learning to make a proper platformer. A few questions coming to mind at the moment.

What is the value of a tile based system?
How do you handle collision and walking upon sloped surfaces?
Collision in general. Currently I was thinking that each animation would have a series of manually created hitboxes tied to it, but I dont know if this is the optimal method.
Any other advice that comes to mind would also be great. Feel free to ignore this though, I imagine you're plenty busy working on your own game.
>> No. 12429
Its all really a learning experience. And there are many many methods for doing certain things.

I've only tinkered with programs such as Blitz 3D, The Games Factory and Quick Basic over the past two decades and I still feel like a total newbie. but that may be because I honestly havent made it a full time thing. Just the occasional tinker here and there.

It takes patience. And quiet a bit of it! But stay at it, put your mind to it and you can achieve great things!

And now, on to your questions:

>> "What is the value of a tile based system?"

What exactly do you mean by 'value'? o.0

>> "How do you handle collision and walking upon sloped surfaces?"

its not too complicated really. You measure the distance of the player's x position as compared to the tile that he's on. Here's a bit of the code I used for slopes:

;Right Slope
If tile\typ=LR_slope
If ImagesOverlap(player,player_x,player_y,tile\img,tile\x,tile\y)
If jump<1
If player_x>tile\x And player_y>tile\y+4 Then player_y=tile\y+4
If player_x>tile\x+2 And player_y>tile\y+3 Then player_y=tile\y+3
If player_x>tile\x+4 And player_y>tile\y+2 Then player_y=tile\y+2
If player_x>tile\x+6 And player_y>tile\y+1 Then player_y=tile\y+1
If player_x>tile\x+8 And player_y>tile\y Then player_y=tile\y
If player_x>tile\x+10 And player_y>tile\y-1 Then player_y=tile\y-1
If player_x>tile\x+12 And player_y>tile\y-2 Then player_y=tile\y-2
If player_x>tile\x+14 And player_y>tile\y-3 Then player_y=tile\y-3
End If
End If
End If

If tile\typ=UR_slope
If ImagesOverlap(player,player_x,player_y,tile\img,tile\x,tile\y)
If jump<1
If player_x>tile\x+2 And player_y>tile\y-4 Then player_y=tile\y-4
If player_x>tile\x+4 And player_y>tile\y-5 Then player_y=tile\y-5
If player_x>tile\x+6 And player_y>tile\y-5 Then player_y=tile\y-5
If player_x>tile\x+8 And player_y>tile\y-7 Then player_y=tile\y-7
If player_x>tile\x+10 And player_y>tile\y-8 Then player_y=tile\y-8
If player_x>tile\x+12 And player_y>tile\y-9 Then player_y=tile\y-9
If player_x>tile\x+14 And player_y>tile\y-10 Then player_y=tile\y-10
If player_x>tile\x+16 And player_y>tile\y-11 Then player_y=tile\y-11
End If
End If
End If


Notice how my slopes take up two tiles per slope. one tile covers the lower half the second covers the upper half. All I do for the player is I compare the x and ove him up or down accordingly. I hope that makes some sense if not then read this article here:

somewhere in there they discuss slopes. It may be helpful.

>> "Currently I was thinking that each animation would have a series of manually created hitboxes tied to it, but I dont know if this is the optimal method."

You mean collision boxes? Well, look at the past two demos I've posted up here. Notice I use a red box graphic in both of them for the player. And when it comes to the actual sprite I just make that box invisible and use that as a collision box with the sprite positioned over it ;) ... again, there are many methods out there for doing this.

>> "Any other advice that comes to mind would also be great. Feel free to ignore this though, I imagine you're plenty busy working on your own game."

I'm not the ignoring type of guy :P .. s'all cool, bro
>> No. 12433
Thanks for the information. To clarify my first question, what are the benefits of dividing the play area into tiles, as opposed to placing platforms and other entities using loose, pixel by pixel coordinates?
>> No. 12445
for me, tiles feel more organized and systematic. While platforms can feel a bit more realistic but could be a bit harder to program (unless your using some simple software like The Games Factory or MMF)

But then again, I really haven't tried doing free floating platforms so I really cant say for sure.
>> No. 12454
File 131180342230.png - (21.10KB , 480x320 , tdemo3_preview.png )

Spike's Quest Test Demo #3
Released on 7/27/11

This demo is to test the following:
- Spike's animation
- 3D/2D parallax background (optional through config.exe)
- New tile system allows more new tiles.
- Customized folder layout (do these custom folder themes work on all computers?)

Run the config.exe before running the demo and select which background mode you'd like to test. There's 2D and 3D mode and of course there's your screen resolution setup.

Spike's animation is still a bit buggy and it certainly doesnt look perfect just yet... Still a work in progress!

If you find a bug, check the bug log. If its not listed then report it!

That is all. Happy testing! :)
>> No. 12464
The 3D option didn't give me any slowdown. It runs just as smoothly as the 2D one on my laptop.

I'm liking the engine so far. I spent way longer just jumping around on that area than I expected. Metroidvania is my favorite genre, so I'm really looking forward to the finished game.

The flexible window option is otherwise handy, but could you force it to keep the correct aspect ratio? It distorts easily when resizing the window.
>> No. 12466
unfortunately no I cant force it to keep the aspect ratio. I'm using all three of the screen modes that Blitz 3D allows... the screen flexibility is just one of them and so far I havent found a way to do away with the blurryness.

I'll ask around the Blitz Basic community though and see what they have to say

I should add... there's a secret passage somewhere in the demo. somepony find it and snap a pic :3
>> No. 12472
Its making a lot of progress, but I did encounter one bug. While holding the back and forward arrows at the same time (don't ask why I was doing this), the sprite goes all funny.

Keep up the good work.
>> No. 12476
File 131180920166.png - (7.56KB , 401x185 , codes.png )
The games running incredibly fast here, like, too fast, making jumps a little trickier than they should be.

Are you using the CreateTimer and WaitTimer commands?
Or do you just have those disabled to make the demo run fast as possible for testing :?
>> No. 12478
actually, I never thought to use it... o.o

of all the things I forget to use really. my apology
>> No. 12482
File 131181029997.png - (25.08KB , 496x358 , bug.png )
Easy to overlook :)

This is looking great anyway, love the mario world style fence thing :D

I got one bug, screenshot attached, which left me stuck and I had to close down. It seems to happen sometimes if you jump around on the ladders while holding down. I can't get it to happen on the floor with a solid tile though, the very bottom-right one.
>> No. 12484
added to the bug log. thanks :)
>> No. 12500
Wow your collision method sounds very inefficient.

I'd recommend implementing a collision algorithm like separating axis theorem(S.A.T) or minkowski difference.Then Start pruning the total amount of collision checks by using a Broad phase collision grid or a quad-tree.

Both methods require a bit of knowledge of vector math.

I think S.A.T is harder than minkowski difference to implement ,however, S.A.T is much quicker because you can determine if the object is colliding by just checking the first axis if the first axis is separating then there is no collision.This speeds up collision checking a lot.

All i really know about the other algorithm(minkowski difference) is that it requires that you subtract all the points from polygon a and b. this makes a combined polygon with all the sides merged together.
If the merged shape has an point on the origin then there is a collision.

minkowski difference:

separating axis theorem:

Once you implement one of these collision methods you can check collision against any polygon.
This will enable your game handle more geometry.

This is really just a recommendation you dont have to do this but it is a good learning experience.
>> No. 12523
File 131182819958.png - (67.63KB , 671x480 , Secret Passage in Spike's Adventure.png )
Found The passage way. Cracks and the floating platforms were a big give away. Not saying the current style is bad, as it will help people with not as much skill of noticing secrets like me, but if you want to add an extra bit of challenge, make it a little more subtle. but either way, good none the less. Might I suggest a acceleration system in the falling when you jump or walk off a cliff as I know the style of games your trying to replicate do have that kind of system.
>> No. 12547

my collision method may not seem very effective. But the important thing is that it actually works. Still, I'll give those links a look and see what I can learn. Its always nice to learn new things! :) much thanks!

lol I knew it would be a giveaway. But if I had not mentioned it then you probably would have never found it ;) I guess I kinda ruined the fun when I gave that little spoiler
>> No. 12548
File 131185574967.jpg - (13.97KB , 300x199 , software-bug-300x199.jpg )
so I've got my work cut out for me today. Plenty of bugs reported here and there. Most of them concerning animation, ladders and platform tiles.

There's also been plenty of good suggestions out there that I should probably consider.

Sometimes today Demo #3 will be announced on Equestria Daily so I'm expecting possibly more bug reports.

Oh yes. I definately have my work cut out. But it was to be expected!

Still, so far I am very pleased by the overall response on Demo #3

So today I'll be wondering around the internet collecting these bug reports and updating the log. And then I'll begin working on them one by one. There are so many other things that I want to do but I feel that certain bugs should come first.

Wish me luck!
>> No. 12551
Updated Demo #3 zip with new Bug Log and additional information concerning player controls.
>> No. 12676
File 131191647863.png - (126.90KB , 900x688 , sick.png )
When ever I tried the 3D BG the game lagged a bit in the top and bottom right corners.
>> No. 12695
File 131193664224.png - (9.42KB , 530x372 , config progress.png )
Since after the release of Demo #3 I've been busy logging bug reports. I've also been busy adding to the config system as you can see in the screenshot.

It still looks very basic with dull code-drawn graphics but as you can also see I've advanced the screen resolution system a bit. The program can now read your graphics driver and output what resolutions are available for full screen mode on your computer.

I've spent the whole of yesterday implementing this system. Half the day alone was trying to figure out just how to get the dratted scrollbar to work :P

It probably would had been somewhat easier using the Visual Basic gui system (I think its VB, I could be wrong) but I decided to just hard code everything through Blitz 3D. The system is now fully functional and I can now proceed to the next project which is a custom control system where you can customize what button layout you want to use to control Spike with. That project may take a few hours to complete but I've got all the time in the world. :)

Other news, Equestria Daily finally posted up the update concerning the Demo 3 release. I've been debating about whether I should send Seth every Demo update (once every Wednesday of course) but I cant help but feel that every demo release will really be news worthy. For example, I believe Demo #4 may only focus on the new config system and some minor bug fixes. Demo #5 on the other hand may have the addition of connecting additional maps via doorways and screen exits as well as moving platforms and a health system. Demo #5 would probably be much more newsworthy than Demo #4. Wouldn't you agree?
>> No. 12699

Yeah, things like interconnect rooms, health, etc are probably more worthy of being posted than config and bug fixes.
>> No. 12713
File 131194860196.png - (12.05KB , 494x368 , Screenshot.png )
So...Running the version (as found at through WINE 1.2.2 in Ubuntu 11.04 the game itself looks great and runs great (the window's a bit small and I can't figure out how to change it, but I'll deal with that), but config.exe produces a window that looks like this.

I don't know if it's a Linux-Windows compatibility issue, or if you're gonna help me out as an Ubuntu user, or if you just hate Linux, but I didn't see this in any of the bug-lists so I thought I'd just put it here.
>> No. 12717
What I'm going to assume is that Lynux does not recognize the default font that the program uses and thus produces those weird square things as a replacement... :P

I can try swapping the font and then test it on a Lynux based machine with wine but I cant garentee anything as I've never really used Lynux before.

I'm still considering the purchase of Blitz Max which would enable me to port the game over to Lynux and Mac. though I would have to go back and port the code over entirely as BMax and B3D are extremely different in their coding language.

We shall see though...

Also sorry for the inconvenience of this matter...
>> No. 12722
File 131195051641.png - (152.83KB , 465x536 , pspgamestreaming.png )
I've just applied the option to switch display drivers. Meaning if you have more than one monitor connected to your computer and you'd prefer to use a specific one then you can simply set the program to use that monitor through the config exe!

For this example I'm using my Sony PSP as a secondary monitor and streaming the game to it through a program called PSPDisp. Its not the greatest way to play the game but it'll do as an example for right now
>> No. 12726
I've noticed that in demo 3, if you get to the blue platform in the far left (above the starting position) and press down, spike's falling animation plays for as long as the button is held. Is this intentional (or fixed)?
>> No. 12727
its a bug... I knew about it before publishing the demo but did not have time to fix it (I had a deadline for the demo...)

Basically it only happens on none-solid platform tiles and is a part of a code that's supposed to enable you to drop down from the platform like in Castlevania. (hold down and hit the jump button) I just need to fix the animation to recognize the ground_detect flag which is set to false when the player does this

its also been reported by other folks and logged. I should have it fixed before demo #4
>> No. 12741
I can't run config.exe, when I try, I get the message ''memory access violation" why is that?
>> No. 12742
Have you moved any files around? o.o that's the only explanation I can think of.

What are your computer specs?
>> No. 12755
If you're going to switch, better sooner than later! :)

I've used both Blitz3D and BlitzMax, unless you're dead set on using the 3D features, I'd switch to Max. It runs way faster, and allows you to do more things to the graphics... rescaling and rotating images in real time (sure, Blitz3D has rotation and scaling - but you can't do it in real time without major slow down), it also allows recolouring and alpha transparency stuff. I've been working on a big game in Blitz3D for a couple of years now, and I wish I had started it in Max - too much trouble to convert now =[
>> No. 12844
File 131202811872.png - (2.41KB , 289x151 , thiscodeisajoke.png )
Yesterday I spent some time adding a few finishing touches to the config.exe code with the addition of a Display Driver selection menu and a few minor tweaks on the full screen resolution menu. One bug that I'm sure about but cant test atm is this:

- you start the game on one computer and you select the first option on the full screen selection menu.

- You then move the game on to another computer. The other computer's first full screen setting has different vales for width x height and depth.

- Game would probably error out because of this.

so for Demo #4, if any pony out there has multiple computers that may have different values for a certain mode, please test this out and let me know something.

Unfortunately I still wont release that demo until Wednesday so for now just go about your daily business.

In other news I've finally got around to fixing some bugs. I now have two different logs because of this. One log is for bugs and suggestions that have yet to be touched the other log is of the bugs that have been fixed each following a simple answer to the problem.

You can find these logs here:
Bug Log:

Fixed Bug Log:

Today's project shall be to resume work on bug extermination. Currently working on ladder related bugs. I go through a can of Raid every hour. Its that tedious. :P

If only code in related image could really work then life would be so much easier. (code is a joke that only code bronies may only get. :P )
>> No. 12872
That would be awesome magic code, but I am scared of what the PinkiePie(x) function might do =S
>> No. 12971
File 131210088290.png - (69.14KB , 240x160 , sq3d.png )
If you've got a Nintendo 3DS then open up your internet browser and tap the following link:

Pretty nifty, huh? Of course, its not real. I was just fooling around with layers in Paint Shop Pro 7. Exported two seperate images for the left and right eye, opened it up with my 3D imaging software and BLAMO! 3D Spikes Quest!

So now that you've seen this, answer me this, would you play the game if it could be viewed like that?

I could probably make it happen though it might cause terrible lag due to the screen being rendered twice. But wouldn't it be cool?

On to other news, today I'll be going on a rather long road trip. I'll be riding back seat with my laptop and other devices in tow so I should be able to do some coding for four hours straight. I'll be visiting relatives down on the gulf coast for the next three weeks though so my progress may be slowed a bit.

Still, keep checking in! I'll try to update as much as possible!
>> No. 13163
File 131219932560.png - (4.80KB , 56x56 , bmxlogo_small.png )
I've been kind of stuck on one of the bugs lately... and because of this I might actually have to delay Demo #4 for another day. Bad news aside, this should give me some time to improve on other things before the 4th demo release.

I'd like to actually make the next demo something more than just a few bug fixings and the new config system. In fact I'd like to expand things a bit.

That being said, I'm thinking about getting Blitz Max and upgrading the game into that language. I have the money and the time to do it, the real question is would I have the patience of the game's followers?

In the long run I feel it'd be well worth the investment! I'd be able to port the game to Lynux and Mac (no more Wine conversion issues! [FlutterYay] and I'd be able to do certain things I normally cant do in Blitz 3D.

As far as 3D backgrounds are concerned, there are ways to apply such but right now it is the least of my worries. :P

Anyway, to those of you who are following this project, would you mind maybe waiting another week for the 4th demo? And what are your thoughts about me changing to BMax?
>> No. 13343
I think it would be a great move on your part to go for Blitz Max, considering Macs are gaining popularity for home use, and also it means no one's left out on the fun.

Also I don't mind waiting w extra week for a new demo.
>> No. 13351
File 131229265788.png - (102.71KB , 800x800 , 130185816604.png )
Its just as I've feared... The switch from B3d to Bmax would mean I'd need to code everything again from scratch. (direct conversion is a buggy mess and can be totally overwhelming.)

At least I have the basics down and the graphics so that should cut down the time needed to recode all this.

The language swap will take a good deal of getting used to but so far it hasn't been so hard. :)

Anyway, time to get back to work. Wish me luck and I'll keep everypony posted on the recoding progress!
>> No. 13488
Thank you so much for sticking with this despite having to code it all over again! As a game programmer myself, while there is the lucky project now and then that can all get coded in one hit, it's more likely that something needs to be changed around somewhere between 2-8 times. :) The benefit is that all of the creativity and learning that happen the first time around usually don't have to happen again, just writing everything back down with perfection.

Good luck, I think I speak for many people when I say that you have plenty of people thinking about your project and mentally supporting you day in and out. :)
>> No. 13490
those are very encouraging words.

Thank you. :)
>> No. 13497
File 131237264854.png - (52.02KB , 1024x600 , Bmax code window.png )
Re-coding progress is awfully slow going at the moment. But progress is still progress!

I've been putting many hours into the rebuild of the map and tile data editor which has been somehow exciting. The more I progress in this new language the more confident about this project I actually feel!

Still, slow progress is slow. I'm really worried about whether I'd have anything ready for a demo next Wednesday. I have a whole week to finish the tile and map system and then also have a functioning game engine to work with it.

To top it off, since I'm visiting relatives for the next couple of weeks, my production time is a bit hampered with the occasional chore or visiting time. That, and well my grandparents gripe about me being on this laptop all the time :P

Anyway, aside from life and the occasional stress over demo deadlines, I've recently started up a twitter account for the project and directed a blog feed to it if anypony here wants to subscribe to it:!/SpikesQuest

basically all you'll see there are the usual blog updates and the occasional random tweets here and there. I'm new to twitter so I really dont know how everything works. But maybe it'll grow on me over time...

I should also remind everypony to subscribe to the blog:

there I post daily updates (like what you see here) and some additional tidbits about the game. Twitter should also record all that if you'd rather just stick to the twitter account.

More to come soon!
>> No. 13612
File 131244671296.png - (135.04KB , 350x280 , borimir's programers remorse.png )
lol I wasted so many hours on a coding snag only to find out I misspelled a variable name :P

pic related...
>> No. 13616
File 131245127561.png - (69.94KB , 1024x600 , tdata_editor finished.png )
After a full day of coding I've finished converting the 'Tile Data Editor' code to Bmax! It works exactly how it should allowing me to set each tile's depth layer and obstacle type by the click of a button.

Now I just need to finish the map editor and then I'll proceed on to the game itself

the good news is that the game's engine should be a straight and easy port :) much of that code will be just copy/pasta from the old B3D code. And the map editor was already half done while working in the tile data editor. I just need to add the functions to create and edit a map and then save it to the map data folder.

Things are looking up! I may just yet have something ready for the Wednesday deadline!

>> No. 13864
File 131251453816.jpg - (16.36KB , 380x350 , 1d5ef876e7bfe9b0cee39450ded9715527363332.jpg )
YES!!! This game is going to be epic! I'm love me some 2d platformers and knowing that this will be like Castlevania/Cave Story... I'm really looking forward to this! The concept sounds amazing and i really hope that the development works out for you! But will it be compatible with an xbox controller? I don't think that I can do it without, much like Super Meat Boy, I just play better with one.

I'm looking forward to future updates!!! :D
>> No. 13901
Once I get everything working again via Blitz Max code I'll be redoing the config system where it will have game pad support. Now as to whether or not you can use an XBox pad is currently unforeseen, but I wouldn't doubt it!
>> No. 13924
File 131254500767.png - (83.19KB , 1024x600 , mapeditor80%done.png )
The map editor is almost fully operational. And by that I mean that I still need to tweak the save/load map functions. Everything else is almost perfected :)

I also added alpha layers to the beta tileset. As an example by alpha layers, see those lanterns in the screenshot? you can actually see through them! That's the beauty of BMax and alpha layers, you can use these things to create some pretty fantastic looking particle effects and other things!

Anyway, with the map editor nearing its completion I'm looking forward to working on the game itself :) I cant wait to see my hard work in action!
>> No. 13944
File 131255928232.jpg - (109.96KB , 1000x1000 , 130176274983.jpg )
I've been giving this some thought and I think I might delay the 4th Demo until the first Wednesday of next month (September 7th) here's the reason why...

reason #1.) I dont actually own Blitz Max yet and I wont have the money to purchase the full license until the third of next month.

reason #2.) I dont currently have access to a Mac OS or a Linux OS atm, I have an old Mac laptop at home and a second PC I can install Linux on. I'd like to have the 4th demo ready for these OS's when its released and even f I did have these systems in hand I wouldn't really be able to do a Linux version as there's no BMax trial version for Linux. :P

reason #3.) I actually want to make the 4th demo worth your download with all sorts of awesome features :) more time = better stuff!

>> No. 13960
Beautiful alpha stuff will make the transition worth it :)

I made a test in BlitzMax of Xbox controller support a while ago and I got every button working fine except the left and right shoulder/trigger buttons (and the big middle button o'course) - it's incredibly simple to get working, except for the analogue sticks and D-pad which are a little less intuitive. I'm sure you can figure it out, but if you need help with that, or anything else BMax related, feel free to message me on AIM: 'AngelTifu' - I'm no expert, but I've used the program for a few small projects and such :)
>> No. 14039
File 131262895785.png - (36.31KB , 652x439 , mapeditor100%done.png )
Map Editor has been finished, I can now begin work on the game itself. [/flutteryay]

I'll begin work on it later on in the day but for now I'm in a hurry with other things [life related]

But stay tuned!
>> No. 14128
File 131270323587.jpg - (168.13KB , 945x945 , 130079508789.jpg )
I see you've been busy. How you doing?
If you need playtesting, let me know.
>> No. 14146
Hey, PinkieFan, long time no chat! :)

indeed I have been pretty busy. But I'm glad to have you tag along :)
>> No. 14149
File 131271292430.jpg - (10.77KB , 228x284 , 130198337883.jpg )
I'llbe honest. Yesterday I did not get much of anything done :(

Did some heavy work for the family, putting a bed together, helped gramps fix a lawn mower, moved a huge roll of carpet from the trailer to the shop in the back yard,did a bit of yard selling with my auntie. And by the time I was actually free from it all I was too sore to think about coding.

To top it off I just figured I may need to rewrite a certain chunk of the code and that was sort of off putting too... :P

But my fingers are crossed that today will be slightly different. Life will have to intervene every now and then. That's to be expected.

Anyway, its still very early in the morning and I should try to get a bit of work in on the game. Wish me luck!
>> No. 14295
File 131279037379.png - (48.55KB , 231x250 , Spike&Shield.png )
A new Item Log Entry has been posted!

You can see it here:
>> No. 14305
File 131279845970.png - (63.85KB , 282x187 , Health Items.png )
Another Item entry has been posted:
>> No. 14307
File 131280051403.png - (25.56KB , 480x320 , blurry sprite.png )
The good news is that I almost have the game's engine running perfectly.

The bad news is that after porting the entire code to BMax I now have a huge bug infestation! That and not all the actions I had working in B3D are working as they should. I'll need to tweak the code a bit and get things underway. I hope to have a video up Wednesday of the working code and a few nice little additions :)

Also, I've started posting item logs, ad soon I'll start posting enemy logs and other neat things. Its the least I can do for boring you all to death with my programing updates :P
>> No. 14475
File 131288998665.png - (313.42KB , 600x653 , 130139982032.png )
A new Game sequence log has been added. It involves Derpy Hooves!

You can find it here:

Also three new items have been added to the Health Items Log which you can find here:
>> No. 14478
File 131289097206.png - (217.97KB , 1004x793 , 130247322353.png )
I'm happy to let everypony know that the game seems to be functioning near 100% to what it was before the BMax transfer. I even managed to fix a few of the bugs that were reported from Demo #3!

Just a few more tweaks and I'll start to add new functions such as spitting flame balls and a door system that would enable me to link maps to each other.

I is a happy brony!

Still, since I am visiting relatives for another week and a half, progress will continue to be a bit slow going. The next test demo isn't due out until possibly next month (when I'll be able to purchase the full license for Blitz Max) But I do plan on releasing videos on an official Youtube channel for this game.

Stick around and I'll keep you posted! :3

(I couldn't come up with a good pic for this update so have a cool picture of Derpy instead!)
>> No. 14651
Getting a late start on everything today. Video will [probably] be ready later on but unless your new to this project then dont expect much in surprises.

The video will only be showcasing the engine running on Blitz Max code with a few simple bug fixes and the addition of alpha layer support.

Speaking of bugs, I've just about eliminated them all. Now the only problems I can see is that the engine could use a bit of speeding up.

I'll have more soon so stay tuned!
>> No. 14746
File 131304417854.png - (72.08KB , 291x274 , 1297455941623.png )
I've been sick with nothing to do, so if you want any help, give me a quick email.
>When I saw this thread I was like, "Hey, I know that guy! So that's why I haven't seen him in so long."
>> No. 14755
File 131306586944.jpg - (261.46KB , 1000x1000 , 130272952812.jpg )
Not muchto report this morning... yesterday was a busy day (away from the game) gramps needed my help replacing a belt on a lawn mower which involved removing the chassy. (however you spell that) and one of my distant cousins had a huge birthday party.

So no.. nothing at all was accomplished on the game...


Oh stop looking at me like that! I have a life beyond this silly project ya know!

I shall commence work on the game today if I'm not pulled away from it again. If it keeps your faith a little longer I've done some new map work this morning so not all is lost :)

On a second note, today is the one month anniversary for the start-up of this project!

Pinkie Pie would be pleased if we threw some kind of silly internet party or something. :P [Pic semi Related]
>> No. 14956
File 131316127328.png - (45.98KB , 318x269 , 130196781786.png )
Another late update and again with the lacking of anything to update about. Yesterday was just another busy day helping gramps with that rusty old greasy lawn mower so naturally I havent been able to get anything done on the game.

I know this could start making me look bad (and I hope it doesnt) I've heard the comment before that no fangame ever gets finished because the creator's get so caught up with life. I really dont want you nice folk to think that way about Spike's Quest. I want you all to know that this game is still fresh on my mind and I am NOT making excuses to not work on it.

Every little chance I get, I try to do something with the project and I try to post an update every day. that should let you know that I'm still strong minded about this game.

So I ask y'all to please be patient.

More will come soon, I have huge expectations for this project.
>> No. 14958

You've got a pretty big advantage, workin' solo. No team member drama, nopony can quit on you but you. As long as you keep interest and keep working, you're golden. Afterall, we're not going anywhere, take as long as you need.
>> No. 15125
File 131324230058.png - (57.41KB , 1024x600 , tpushwindow.png )
Yesterday I spent several hours adding a few additions such as breakable blocks and the ability to spit fire (still a work in progress)

and this morning I've been up a few more hours fixing a few bugs that came with the new additions. And right up to now I've taken a break from code to work with a nice piece of software called Tone Pusher.

This software is capable of outputting random 8bit like sound effects and exporting them into .wav format. It comes in rather handy and I believe that it was once used to create the many sound bits for Cave Story.

Of course, if the majority of folk here dont like the 8bit retro sound then there are some nice chaps offering their help in making some proper sound for the game. Either way, Spike's Quest is destined to have some awesome sounds! :)

Now concerning music. I've mentioned before that I wish to put together a development package with music in mind and post it out to the public to the advantage of any potential composers out there. The current choice of software is called OrgMaker which is freeware and again was also used for the music of Cave Story. I've already had a few nice brony-folk approach me wanting to compose music for the game so I'm feeling kinda confident in that portion of the project :) I'll post more about the music package when it becomes ready.

Stay tuned!
>> No. 15297
File 131334399355.jpg - (47.04KB , 640x480 , HNI_0089.jpg )
Not much to update on today. yesterday was a full day down in Gulf Shores with family (which was costly on my budget but fun!)

I went to bed around 9 last night and woke up just a couple hours ago (around 12) I guess a full day at Orange Beach and then a huge meal at The Original Oysterhouse (of Travel Channel's Man Vs Food fame) consisting of gater bites, shrimp gumbo, a burger and fries can really take it out of a guy :P

So now that I'm up (and still a bit sore and burned from the sun) I can now go get a quick shower, have a late breakfast and commence work on the game.

I feel that yesterday's little tropical adventure was well worth losing a bit of production time over. :P
>> No. 15504
Not much to report on today been busy, of course. Still tweaking a few bugs and pondering where to go next.

Feeling kinda homesick but I've still got a little over half a month to go before I get to go home :P

So to put this update short: "Meh"
>> No. 15645
Added a few sound effects to the game last night. Had to tweak a few of those sounds for it to sound right. Will continue to work on this later this evening when things quiet down around my surroundings here.

I may even add a health system and a few little traps here and there.

More to come soon!
>> No. 15981
File 131363641339.jpg - (256.89KB , 1690x1700 , 130196983751.jpg )
Yeah, I almost skipped a day on updating things. Let's just face the facts, I have nothing new to post about and things probably will continue to be slow until I'm home free from my little 'vacation' in Mobile Alabama. Family will continue to demand my attention with trips to the beach or some sweaty yard work plucking weeds and other fun stuff like that.

And because things will continue to be slow and nearly unproductive, I may not have much to post as far as updates go.

I swore I'd never skip a day in updating and trying to keep this project alive but I may have to break promises for some very logical reasons.

The good thing is that this project aint dead! And it wont ever be dead unless for some silly reason I get a cease and desist letter from Hasbro or The Hub or the whole fanbase suddenly tells me to stfu and gtfo (which I just cant see happening)

I guess the purpose of this update is to just notify everypony interested in this project that there may be days that you wont see any actual updates and all because I really just dont have anything to say.

I almost missed a day. No biggie. Life still goes on and we can all rejoice to see another lovely day in this crazy world. :)

Tomorrow and Friday I'll be doing actual vacation stuff. A lovely trip to Dauphin Island where I'll get to explore a large old Civil War fort (Fort Gaines, rumored to be haunted) and go fishing on the beach with my ma and step pa and on Friday I'll be going to Boone Town where I'll get to waste my money on the slot machines and eat an expensive buffet. If any pony is interested I may actually post pictures of my little adventure in my next few updates to fill the void of production-less time. ;)

If anything, these fun little trips are always inspiring me with my projects so maybe I'll get a proper boast of confidence and inspiration for Spike's Quest

Oh, and to keep things interesting, I'll post Fluttershy :3
>> No. 16059
Good. I was starting to get worried there, This project is AWESOME! I CAN'T WAIT!
>> No. 16237
File 131378344448.jpg - (126.61KB , 556x300 , arrg!_me_treasure!.jpg )
So yesterday was a day filled with fun, sand, fish and civil war history. I even brought back some nice little trinkets to remember the trip by (see crappy 3DS pic) and I took plenty of pictures which I'll be posting up later on!

Today is casino day and I may go blow the rest of my month's budget on the slot machines (wish me luck, bronies!)

Tonight when I get back home I plan to go full speed ahead on the project and get stuff done for once! Stay tuned, tomorrow may have a nice update! :D

In the meantime here's a question to my fellow bronies: After the casino trip, What should I do with my winnings? Should I go blow it all on Ponies? Or should I go blow it on Ponies? chose my actions wisely for I take this question very srsly... liek teh internetz.
>> No. 16293
File 131380254812.jpg - (111.08KB , 819x614 , 130075684072.jpg )
It should be spent wisely. Much deliberation, intense meditation....nah, just buy pony merch. I wish Celestia were white. She looks so good in this picture.
>> No. 16316
File 131381694269.jpg - (75.89KB , 640x480 , HNI_0099_JPG.jpg )
typing this from my nintendo 3ds. already spent my entire budget on the slot machines and now i'm just relaxing on the third floor of the casino while my family continue their gamble downstairs. the wifi here is a pretty nice feature...


scratch that, i've just been moved back downstairs by the nice security guard cause aparently i was in a vip only zone. these blokes really need to put up signs [where they can be seen...] warning about these things...

oh well... i explored the gift shop and they had baseball caps with horse ears... fascinating... if only i had $12.00 to get one.

did i mention i'm kinda drunk? yea, they serve free drinks here... had three white russians over the past few hours... damn theyre delicious!
>> No. 16391
File 131386507292.png - (180.52KB , 600x1080 , 130089980458.png )
Alright, so I've had my fun and now its time to get back to work. today I'll be adding new entity functions such as springs, that health system I promised a few days ago, a counter function that would enable me to create a counter with an image font and use it to display item quantities, a new jump and gravity system, a hazard system, a door system that would link maps together and possibly a brand new tile-map specifically for the game and an entirely reworked config system since the BMax settings are almost entirely different from the B3D settings...

I have my work cut out for me and I have a deadline to have a working demo by the 7th of next month.

Wish me luck! I'll need all I can get of it!
>> No. 16392
:D It's the best MLP FiM toy representing the character's look I've ever seen!
>> No. 16473
File 131393392920.gif - (92.99KB , 330x400 , BangHeadHere.gif )
> puts in some code for crouching
> crouching code successful. adds additional code for crawling
> crawling code half done, hits a snag where player cant seem to shoot fire while crawling
> spends several hours trying to solve problem
> head desk after figuring that the program may actually have a keyhit limitation ('down' key[crouch] + 'left'' or 'right' key[crawl] + 'shoot' key may be too much to detect all at once)
> hopes my figuring is wrong. consults help from Blitz Basic community

oh the joys of programing... :P
>> No. 16496
File 131395248081.gif - (5.02KB , 128x128 , spike_crawling.gif )
See Spike crawl!

okay, it aint perfect yet but it'll do for the time being. thr animation is kinda smooth though and I'm 'somewhat' proud of it :)
>> No. 16558
File 131402043107.png - (3.28KB , 128x79 , spike_fireball.png )
Yesterday was a day for much work and progress :)

You can now crouch and crawl under narrow spaces in the game. Unfortunately you still cant shoot flame while you crawl and I'm still not sure how I'm going to fix that. Fact is, the keyboard is a very limiting device and only so many key presses can be detected at once. The problem wont exist with a gamepad however.

Once after I finished the crouch and crawl functions I then advanced the flame breathing function. What was once just a static red oval is now a flaming projectile with a neat-o looking particle tail (still needs work, but it looks effective for now )

Also while enhancing Spike's flame breathing ability I started to get the idea of acquiring different types of flame breathing techniques. With Spike being a young dragon and all flame breathing will be his primary weapon throughout the game. One of the flame upgrades he'll pick up in the game is Ice Breath which would enable him to shoot cold fire that would freeze his enemies. This would function like the weapon upgrade system in Metroid pretty much. :P

I'll post a log about the many fire breathing upgrades later on. But for today I have other plans for production time. I'll keep you all posted as things begin to progress! :)
>> No. 16693
File 131410860890.jpg - (32.76KB , 604x588 , 130137706813.jpg )
the game's sound folder is currently junked up with random bleeps and bloops and the code could probably also use a little sprucing up as well but its all good, really :)

Added a hazard system so now Spike can get hurt. Currently the only existing hazards are spikes (on ceilings walls and floors) but despite the ability to lose health, Spike still cant die yet. That would only require just a few additional lines of code, a death sequence and a restart prompt screen.

Aside from the hazard system, there really isnt much else to report on. I've tweaked the code here and there, added a few new tiles to the beta tileset and edited my todo list.

Maybe I'll get enough done today to have something worth showing off tomorrow, but no promises...

In other news, I only have 9 to 10 more days before I get to go home [/flutteryay]. And I'm really excited about the most recent Pony updates for season 2. I'll be stocking up on M&Ms, Popcorn and cream soda for each new episode :) Who else is excited?
>> No. 16812
File 131419593014.png - (26.86KB , 480x320 , sqprev.png )
Added a simple explosion animation for the item blocks for after Spike destroys them and then tinkered around with the sound effects again.

will be adding a health bar today.
>> No. 16817
This is really making huge strides in progress.

Keep it up!
>> No. 16990
File 131426817000.png - (13.28KB , 240x160 , hearts!.png )
For this morning's little showcase I have for display is the heart system located at the top left of the screenshot there.

So what's so nifty about it? well, they function just like the hearts in Zelda for one, meaning 11 of those heart pieces have to be collected. you originally start with 3 heart pieces in the game and you gradually level up with additional ones throughout the game.

I believe that I'll actually make that a challenge in the 4th test demo. y'all will get to go on a little scavenger hunt trying to locate all additional 11 heart containers whilst exploring an extensive map and avoiding obstacles (and other things)

Did I mention that the each heart piece also consist of 4 halves and the current heart flashes (making it visually easier to see)?

>> No. 17093
4 halves, eh? =P

Strange math aside, looking awesome! =D
>> No. 17131
yeah, sorry.. I'm not sure where I got that from.. I meant 4 pieces :P
>> No. 17195
File 131432859806.png - (123.50KB , 395x254 , mainsixponies.png )
I've posted up a new log concerning the mane six ponies and their function to the game. You can read about it here:
>> No. 17334
File 131441858902.png - (161.86KB , 500x387 , 130273163759.png )
Its not even the 27th yet but I wanted to post this early anyway to get it off my shoulders , so here we go :P

I've been doing some thinking and I cant help but feel that the code is a complete and redundant mess. Yes, it works, and it feels so much more advanced than what it did over a month ago. But its still a huge mess and filled with many redundancies and unused variables.

That's why I've decided that after the 4th test demo, I'm going to be rewriting huge chunks of it to make it look more cleaner and readable. Most of the planned rewrite is for the map system entirely, the player controls and tile collision system are both perfect as they are but I may could touch them up as well.

That being said, I predict that that project may be a few days hard work, but since I'll be home by then I wont have any distractions from family to slow me down. You might not see a 5th test demo until a month after the 4th release...

But Once this project is complete I am strongly considering making it completely open source for the coding curious so I'd like to at least make it easy to understand :) It'll be well worth the extra time!

Also I plan to translate it to Lua script so that I can port it to the PSP as a homebrew project. So a nice clean code here would be very helpful when it comes to that project :)

>> No. 17335
And a final note before I go to bed...

This is possibly some potential bad news for Linux users... I may or may not be able to get tdemo #4 ported to Linux in time before the official release date. I've been doing a bit of reading up and aparently its not easy to port the game without some additional coding.

But dont take my word for it just yet. I dont currently have a Linux OS on hand to attempt anything and I wont have one until I get back home in just a few days so there may still be some hope.

I'm really hoping that the Mac port wont be such a bother as well. :P
>> No. 17474
File 131451778538.jpg - (29.72KB , 476x312 , gamepad supportjpg.jpg )
This is probably one of the greatest updates I've made in a long while. Some major accomplishments have been made on the game and I need to brag about it. :3

First up, I've finally got a descent screen resolution system working. I had it working just fine before the BMax transfer but after that (and the grand majority of this month) I've been working with a tiny little game window. Now you can resize it or even go full screen with it! So far the new system has been tested on two computers and works on both w/ no problems.

Second major update, the game is now compatible with a PC game pad (see crappy pic)! :D that and I'm just a few steps closer to piecing together a custom keyboard scheme so y'all wont be stuck with one setup. In Demo #4 you will be able to pick what keys to use for jumping, shooting and moving around.

So, with those two major things in working order I need to start working on the new config system so y'all can set this stuff up to your liking ;)

More to come soon!

(and sorry for the crappy picture... the Nintendo 3DS camera really has been disappointing me lately...)
>> No. 17813
This is looking great. Keep up the good work!
(I wish I could actually contribute in some way...)
>> No. 17890
File 131472352018.png - (59.07KB , 1024x600 , in game text.png )
I have successfully put together an in game text system that allows me to use a custom font from a PNG file. this of course would be used for dialog, reading signs and in game prompts. I stayed up til 3 this morning working on it. Now all that's left for this function is to creat a border and a few other little things.

That's all I have for now.

>> No. 17891
File 131472417136.png - (2.64KB , 64x128 , font.png )
I'll have to brag a bit. I designed the font myself :3 while to some that may seem a small achievement, but to me its not everyday that I get to put my font designing abilities to the test.

font is in pic though it may not show up very well on brightly colored backgrounds
>> No. 17893
So, when can we expect the next demo? I can't wait to try all this new stuff
>> No. 17896
the 4th demo is scheduled on the 7th of next month (8 more days)

I'm literally pressed to get things ready before then but I'm positives that I'll have it ready :)
>> No. 18030
File 131479929883.png - (22.44KB , 480x320 , in game text part 2.png )
Stayed up late again tweaking the dialog system. I now have a working yes/no prompt and a few other simple goodies that improve the flow of the dialog. Also done dome heavy graphics work that makes this system all the more visually pleasing ;)

Next few days will be crunch time meaning I'll be trying to work more harder and faster on the game in order to get things ready for the 4th demo which is due out in 7 days. That deadline alone is what's got my nerves in a huge knot... I hope I'll have everything ready by then. If I dont I may have to delay. but let's pray it'll never have to come down to that. :P

On a positive note, I've got just a few more days before I get to go home! :D I'm a happy brony.

er... I hope my apartment hasnt burned down or got robbed while I was away this past whole month D: that would suck!
>> No. 18037
Heh, that's pretty much how I feel whenever I leave the dorm for the weekend.

'Did I leave it unlocked?'
'Did I unplug the lava lamp?'
'Did I store all my pony drawings in the iron safe underneath my desk, where no one can ever find them?'
>> No. 18043
I've started a blog post concerning the mini games that you'll be able to play in the game.

Check it out here:

And if you have any cool ideas for a mini game then feel free to post it in the comments section there on the blog ;)
>> No. 18130
File 131486706376.gif - (18.28KB , 64x64 , heart_container.gif )
Its 3 in the morning and its also the first day of September. I have six days to have that demo ready and I still have a ton of work that needs to be done...

aside from that headache I can happily report that things have been as productive on the game as usual. I spent all of yesterday (and up to now) reorganizing code, cleaning the code up and adding a few little new things here and there.

Check the picture for an animated take on the heart container. Yea, I spent 3 hours working on that image :P

And now I'm going to bed... ;;c_c
>> No. 18255
File 131497158201.png - (102.71KB , 800x800 , 130185816604.png )
Today is payday! [/flutteryay] and that means that today I can purchase my official license for BlitzMax. That makes things for this project all the more official and I can feel more at ease about it when posting up the test demos :)

On to other news!

My late night coding is slowly starting to pay off! slowly and surely I'm getting closer and closer to my goal for demo #4. But indeed it is very slow going which brings me to the sour part of today's post...


Would it disappoint any of you if I said that I may delay the test demo for one more week? I could probably get it out on time, but I cant help but feel that it'll be far from perfect. Crunch time here is making me miserable with worry. One more week would probably be more than enough time to get everything perfect for this release.

If I do delay it, that would move the release date from the 7th of this month to the 14th.

>> No. 18267
Hey, you're the expert on this. I'll leave it up to your judgement. If you think it's worth it to wait, then go ahead, but you better make the demo AMAZING!
>> No. 18278
File 131498435869.png - (105.75KB , 520x456 , Oh dear crap!.png )
I'd be more than okay with a demo delay.
this game has me very intrigued, and I can't wait to see what you come up with and how it plays so if the demo is delayed I'm okay with that.
>> No. 18288
I'm fine with it being delayed. Just do whatever suits you the best.
>> No. 18586
I haven't forgot about you guys. I just really haven't had anything to report on.

Progress is still progress and I've been getting things done but nothing really noteworthy :P

As far as news goes:

Due to popular opinion I will be delaying the 4th demo until the 14th. this will be the official release and the last ever delay. I promise. :P

And tomorrow I'm going home! If only this horrid weather from Tropical Storm Lee doesn't mess things up and we dont end up on the side of the road from hydroplaning (however the heck you spell it). :P any of y'all good christian bronies out there set me out a good prayer, k? thx
>> No. 18759
File 131526279076.jpg - (66.23KB , 602x952 , 130497719697.jpg )
Great, I'm going to eagerly wait for it so I can playtest it on the show.
>> No. 18761
on the show? o.0?
>> No. 18764
Ah, The Brony Show

sorry about that, since I've been busy working on this thing I seldom ever get around the community :3

anyway, it would be an honor!
>> No. 18865
File 131533326649.gif - (528.87KB , 591x510 , 130110053925.gif )
Made it home yesterday. was a bit tired from the long drive so I took the day off.

today I'm spending a few hours trying to get Blitz Max to work on my mac and I'm trying to install Ubuntu to work on an old laptop so that I can have the demo ready for those platforms come next Wednesday :)

So far I do have the mac version up and running though the code seems to be having problems with the player x and y position at start-up. I'll have to tinker with it when the demo is ready for porting

Ubuntu is honestly being a pain when it comes to installing it on an old laptop but I hope to have it working within the next few hours

once those tasks are done I can then finally get back to working on the game full time!

Its great to be home again. n_n
>> No. 19023
File 131542168958.png - (395.57KB , 1600x1158 , sad pinkie is sad.png )
I'm feeling a tab bit grumpy... and for good reason.

I'm still stuck trying to get BMax to function correctly on Ubuntu. I've worked with it for hours installing packages through a terminal and I finally had it working only to find out that because I was forced to use a dated none-Intel version of BMax that it wasn't going to build the game for testing for some very complicated reasons...

That's when I glanced over and saw that my little Eee Pc Netbook has Intel Atom. So now I'm working on installing Ubuntu to that laptop and then I'll try my hands at the more up to date BMax on that partition.

I'm grumpy because I've spent all that time trying to get the dratted software to run while I could had been coding the game... -.-

I really just want to have the demo ready for Mac and Linux when its launched next Wednesday... why does it have to be so gosh darn complicated?!?

well hopefully I'll get some code in tonight when all this nightmare is done and over with. :P

Have a sad Pinkie Pie for my suffering.
>> No. 19108
File 131548852728.png - (814.82KB , 961x371 , SQ Production Area.png )
BEHOLD! my crappy attempt to combine two images together...

from left to right:
1. EeePC Netbook running BlitzMax in Ubuntu
2. behind the netbook:
- two gamepads
- empty Lipton Green Tea bottles
- a fake PSP that runs emulators (hidden)
3. My 12th cup of coffee and three boxes of mint gum
4. Acer 5000 Laptop running Blitz Max on Windows XP
5. A wireless keyboard sitting on top of the Acer
6. Wireless mouse and behind it a real PSP and Nintendo 3DS
7. a 3rd generation PowerPC running BlitzMax on Mac 10.3.9 "Panther"
8. sitting on top of PowerPC is a Wacom Bamboo tablet (best tablet at a cheap price! :D )

you are looking at the new and complete work station being used to work on Spike's Quest.

All three major platforms just now got 20% cooler in 10 hours flat.

>> No. 19117

>> No. 19127
Damn that is an awesome setup. Your demo's coming out in a week, new season is coming out soon, Listening to awesome fan music... Life is good this month.
>> No. 19237
I wanted to play the new Star Fox 3D today but it seems my local Wal Mart wont have it til Monday... :(

oh well, On to the news!!!111one

Progress progress progress and MOAR progress :3

Yesterday was a very eventful day. Moving platforms, and the such.

If I keep going at this rate then the demo should totally be ready to meet its deadline.

I'd tell y'all more but I dont want to spoil much.

Let me just say that Demo #4 might be huge when its ready.

Oh, and the game looks awesome on Linux :3
>> No. 19256
File 131558943868.gif - (446.52KB , 512x146 , SQLogo4tdemo4.gif )
Something wicked this way comes ;)
>> No. 19265
File 131559401025.png - (123.61KB , 342x295 , 129714087369-1297028995240-(n1302143141452).png )
And all of a sudden I hear a ringing of choir Angels.
>> No. 19482
I've actually been working almost nonestop on this demo. Its already pretty dang huge and I'm not even half done with it yet... :P

Is it normal for a game's test demo to become an actual game itself? 'cause that seems to be the actual case here... I actually have high hopes that somepony might even do a LP of the darn thing. Yeah, its that big. Or I'm just over exaggerating my hard work here :P

But indeed... working nonestop here with the occasional hourly break where I sit down to my Netflix to watch Kevin Sorbo beat the living stew out of mythological creatures.

I wont be updating much between now and release day. Let me point out that even though it is scheduled to be released on the 14th I actually aim to have it finished and ready the day before (the 13th for those who cant count) I want to see this thing released early in the day and hopefully get an early spot on EqD with it.

There's also rumor that it might get played on the Brony Show. not sure about the specifics on that (one of the nice chaps posted in this thread earlier a few days back about it. but that's all I know...)

Anyway, it's 2:36 in the morning and I've been up since 7 yesterday morning coding and putting together graphics.

yeah. my brain hurts.

dag nabbit I STILL have a good ways to go!
>> No. 19673
File 131581726558.jpg - (63.55KB , 600x548 , 130756786925.jpg )
Oh there's still plans to do it. We'll probably play it next episode and show it off, since this episode is only hours away. However I'm still looking heavily forward to it with eager giddiness.
>> No. 19681
hey, awesome! I'll be tuning in :D just let me know when the show is. I'll be at my computer pretty much that whole day so shoot me a line!
>> No. 19683
File 131583552340.jpg - (22.29KB , 300x400 , edrink.jpg )
Oh, RockStar Sugar Free Energy Drink™ dont fail me now! Your my only hope against the ongoing wearyness that beckons me to stop working! The project must go forward! Coffee is losing its touch and green tea has become like normal water to me... Push me onward RockStar Sugar Free Energy Drink™ and help me to finish the task at hand!

Curse you Star Fox 3D with your fantastic 3D graphics on my 3DS for being so tempting. You tempt me to stop my work so I can play with you for hours no end. But I have defeated your cunning! I MUST ENDURE!


Oh great. Now I'm talking to inanimate objects. Have I become Pinkamina? God forbid.

The demo is coming along just fine though :) I have two days to get everything functioning, get the packages built for all three of the os's and set up promotional stuff to e-mail EqD and post on random forums

this is going to be one hell of a week... at least until the 14th which then I hope to just be sitting at my computer repeatedly hitting the f5 button to read comments.

Onwards I must go!
>> No. 19693
File 131584928057.jpg - (189.33KB , 644x700 , bomb-ass tea.jpg )
Well the show today is at 6PM PST - 9PM EST. We run the show every Monday and the link to the livestream can be found at
>> No. 19727

If a demo is ever released the same day as season 2 premiere, it would be the BEST DAY EVER
>> No. 19729
are you actually suggesting I delay the demo for 2 more days? o_O

'cause its actually tempting...
>> No. 19732
You know what? Do it. Don't think just do it, and don't bring Spongebob to sing that song.
>> No. 19780
File 131589024386.jpg - (42.84KB , 450x621 , 129890031591-(n1298961953971).jpg )
I came on to ponychan to find this thread and beg you to release a preview video of your work so far.

But I like the idea of delaying it another 2 days if you need a day or so to wind down. From your home pics I can see you've been hitting the energy drinks pretty hard. xD

Take a day off. Watch some Ponies.
>> No. 19790
So a nice brony here on Ponychan suggested that it would be awesome for me to release the demo on the day MLP Season 2 airs... it would in a sense... make that day 20% more cooler

and so I've decided that it was a good idea.

I now have two extra days to cram as much into this demo that I possibly can.

For those of you who might be a bit disappointing by this little delay be of good cheer! I'll be releasing a video shortly with a short preview of what's to be expected :) and the extra time means a great deal.. trust me!

anyway, its 4:03 in the morning... I'm only going to allow myself just a few hours of sleep before starting back up work again

if anypony is worried about my well being here.. worry not. I'm only pushing myself this hard just for this demo release. I want it to be exceptionally good to everypony here since y'all had to wait so long.
>> No. 19803

This is a good idea for a lot of reasons, the biggest one is you having more time to work at your own pace without feeling so stressed for having to rush to reach a deadline.

Get your rest, get your sleep and after you release the demo, get your free internets.
Lots and lots of them.
>> No. 19810
File 131593801804.jpg - (55.67KB , 547x600 , 130756891087.jpg )
Why am I reminded when a game I really wants to play gets pushed back...

...well I guess only one pic can express my feelings on this
>> No. 19811
I could always reconsider the option :P
>> No. 19812
it seems your not the only pony here who's not happy with the delay. also somepony kindly pointed out that by releasing it on S2 day would risk having everypony forget about Spike's Quest...


I'm so confuzzled right now :/

well, I'll do what I must do. the delay is cancelled the demo will be released tomorrow

the video bit was being a problem anyway. I cant get camstudio to record at a decent speed. I should be spending that time working instead of fixing recording speed issues :P

now to double the effort in getting the demo ready!
>> No. 19815
File 131594207053.png - (37.93KB , 200x139 , 130480051678.png )
Personally I was just kidding about that, I'd deal with the delay. But yeah, I think you might have a hard time being heard when everypony would be going nuts over the new episode that day. Sorry to burst your bubble man, but think of it this way. Gives bronies something to do to pass time quicker and funner before Saturday
>> No. 19817
File 131594214520.jpg - (89.77KB , 589x375 , classy_troll.jpg )
I'm the one which posted that thing just to make you even more unsure xD

Hahahaha sooooo TROLLED

I know your kind, and jesus, you people(creators) get waaayyy too easily confused and unsure on what to decide xD, stick with your first option, make it as good as possible for showing it to the fans(omg i'm giving orders luulllz)
>> No. 19818
OhU. 9_9

I'll get you back... in the demo! >:D
>> No. 19819
File 131594294568.jpg - (766.89KB , 3072x2304 , PICT0019.jpg )
You know a developer is desperate when he/she installs the coffee pot at his/her work station..


well poo.. I'm stalling!

I just about need a hawt mistress with a whip to keep me in line. Anypony got one in hand?
>> No. 19924
I'll just say it flat out... I really, truly dont know when this thing will be ready. believe me when I say I've been awake since 9:00am yesterday morning working on it (and before that I only had an hour or two of sleep)

I'm groggy as heck... I've got plenty done no doubt but I still cant shake the feeling that it wont be ready before this evening. ... one thing... there's a problem with it slowing down gradually while playing it and I don't know if its a memory leak in the code or what...

I'm just asking y'all to bear with me on this... you will get this demo one way or another, even if I have to publish it unfinished...

I'm gonna go get some sleep now. I'll start working on it again whenever the heck I wake up. :P
>> No. 19944
How much time do you have on your hands o_O?!
>> No. 19951
More than enough. I work a weekend shift at a factory as a data collector (where I sit at a computer all night for 12 hours straight inputting numbers) so I have the whole week to do what I like
>> No. 19952
Ever read up on how much of a pain it was for the developers of Sonic X-treme to develop the game? They pretty much worked themselves to the point of exhaustion.

This kind of reminds me of that. I'm looking forward to this game big time because Metroidvania style games are my favorite. But I wish maybe you'd give yourself some more time and take a break. I would much rather you get the rest you need and release a good demo then rush one out and drive yourself insane in the process.

That is just my 2 anonymous cents.
>> No. 19953
I need one more day, guys. Just one more...

I'll be pulling another all nighter (plus the rest of this day) to get it done and I hope to have it ready in the very early morning hours. like around 1 in the morning... yeah.

Have mercy! D:
>> No. 19955
I should actually take your advise. but I've delayed this thing like 4 times already.. plus the one delay I just pulled just now..


I just dont want you guys to lose faith in this thing
>> No. 19960
Okay, guys, you may hate me for this or you may respect me for it.

I've decided this whole deadline thing is really just killing me

how about I just release the darn thing when I feel its good and ready?

it may take a day or two but at least it will relieve the pressure off me and I can work in total freedom

now this wont mean that I'll be getting lazy on you guys. I'll be working hard at it. but these all nighters are just stressful and I'm sick of worrying about it.

>> No. 19962
File 131603222952.png - (181.27KB , 1437x1435 , 130480311218.png )
I'm okay with that. I know it's a pain to try and meet a deadline and if it ends up affecting the quality of the work I'd rather not have a deadline at all. Besides I can be patient.
>> No. 19968
Whenever you're ready is great with me. Besides, I'll be occupied with "other stuff" this weekend.
>> No. 20066

Do what you think you need to do so this game is exactly what you want.
We're only here to enjoy Spike's Quest when it reaches the point you want to share it.
>> No. 20133
File 131612736483.png - (32.17KB , 480x320 , screenie.png )
Y'all at least deserve a nice little screenshot ;)

so much has been accomplished. I almost regret to think that its not even done yet!
>> No. 20230
File 131618117037.png - (140.22KB , 778x452 , Test Demo 4 Preview.png )
I'll just leave this right here and hope to god that it actually works for everypony...
>> No. 20237
Working good on my windows machine. Now to test the demo...
>> No. 20243
You, sir, are awesome.
You also need a homepage for this game so people could post feedback and donate internets to you.
>> No. 20244
File 131618515133.png - (49.03KB , 496x356 , quest1.png )
Beat it! The windows version worked fine for me.

It was fun. I found most of the containers pretty easily, but the two that require you to go through the same hidden place took me a while. Also, I see you like Link's Awakening. Wasn't expecting to see that puzzle there.

There didn't seem to be a full screen mode. That or a stretchable window would be nice, the game is pretty tiny on my monitor.

That aside, I didn't find anything worth criticizing about. Good job on the game so far.
>> No. 20248
File 131618567445.png - (68.56KB , 493x358 , spike.png )
Awesome game. I really enjoyed it. I felt that metroidvania vibe while looking for the harder containers.

Also that one parasprite room is pretty great. When I got the secret item and attempted to travel back to the flag, I'm not sure if it was intended that I fell in there again somehow. I was spamming the up key in front of the door (because the sound effect will repeat if you keep doing that) and it looked like I glitched through a wall and fell into the room.

It could have been intended though..I just looked away for a second and I was in there!

Over all, I think its great.
>> No. 20270
File 131619762494.png - (93.81KB , 897x1750 , 130480214922.png )
Obvious meme is obvious

But it was awesome. I can't wait for more and more of this!
>> No. 20286
Hey, are you still gonna do a playthrough on the show? if you are let me know when!

also have you got any messengers?

here my handles if you do:

skype: avesthefox
msn: [email protected]
yahoo: avesthefox
aim: avesthefox

>> No. 20290

In the follow the signs room, I encountered a very minor problem (for me). If you hit up again while you are reading a sign, it will still do the interaction. So I would be reading one of the signs, and since I'm used to hitting the interaction button to continue text, I would hit up again instead of z, and I would have to start over.
>> No. 20303
The Demo was Great! I love what I see and I want more (but don't rush yourself on my part).
>> No. 20324
I should remind y'all that there is a Dev Blog :3
your internetz are greatly apreciated :D
>> No. 20357
Since the release of Demo #4 I've taken the time off to try and just enjoy myself. Yesterday I spent the free time treating myself to the China buffet across the street from my apartments (my fortune cookie said I looked 'pretty'... lolwat?!?) and then I went for a short little nature walk and then the rest of the day I continued marathoning the complete series of Kevin Sorbo's Hercules while periodically checking every website that I submitted the demo to (so far the most comments on it have come from here and Ponychan, elsewhere it hasn't been very popular) :P

There have been quiet a few bug reports. thankfully not as many as Demo#3 last month. (one person reported that he thinks the file is infected and he cant seem to delete it... but there's only been one report of that... rest assured!)

And the feedback so far has been 100% positive from bronies and none-bronies alike ;) Many people have played it and got the best ending too which pleases me! (I was worried that I might had made the heart piece search a bit too tough in some areas)

The demo will have a spot in Equestria Daily's 'Nightly Roundup' and there will be a Let's Play of it on in Monday's Brony Show ( so I still have hope that it'll attract some kind of attention. :)

but the demo being popular or not... the game will continue to progress! I swear to all my fellow bronies that I will continue to work hard on this game and I will make sure it meets completion!

So... for today?

More time off! It is Pony day after all! :D Season 2 is here y'all!

I'll begin work again come Tuesday. I've already got quiet a todo list developed for test demo #5.
>> No. 20361
File 131625566501.jpg - (89.77KB , 589x375 , classy_troll.jpg )
Hahahaha i see what you did there ;D
>> No. 20402
And what was that my paraspritific friend? ;3
>> No. 20404
Youtube embed play button
  A VERY special thanks and shoutout to SWFlash here for this wonderful playthrough! A warning though, if nopony has played the demo yet, this thing will spoil the heart locations. just a slight warning if you'd rather find them yourself!

Enjoy the demo either way! All playthroughs I know of will get special mentions here! :D
>> No. 20405
File 131628194709.gif - (57.01KB , 100x100 , 130480158199.gif )
Wrong site! That's the website for the Bronyville podcast!

Our site is Sorry about the confusion.
>> No. 20502
Youtube embed play button
  Another nice little play-through with funny ramblings! Check t out!
>> No. 20504
I've been enjoying my time off. Spent much of that time frequently checking forums, websites and youtube for anything related to the project. so far not much aside from the couple of simple LP's of the demo (which I've documented here)

I'll have to admit, I'm a tad disappointing about the response. true I did enjoy the attention that it did get (and I am very thankful to all of you for sticking with me through the making of it) but I guess I got my hopes up way too high.

For one thing my biggest dissapointment was the EqD post. Dont get me wrong, I love and respect Seth and Cerial for posting my stuff (when I request it).. the disappointment really comes from the timing of the post. the 100th Nightly Roundup of EqDaily got flooded with comments about the latest episode of My Little Pony and the excitement about episode 2 as a whole. All the projects (including Spike's Quest) in the roundup were simply ignored. Overshadowed by our beloved Ponies. I would had gladly joined in with the celebrations if not for my utter disappointment...

But it made me thankful that I didnt wait to release the demo right at that time. or else the demo would had probably been left in the pit of forgetfulness where nopony would had cared to touch it as much as they'd prefer to celebrate the second coming of Ponies.

Despite my disappointments I still feel the urge to keep moving forward with the project. The fandom is still strong and so the purpose of this project is equally just as strong! The few comments I did get about it were all positive comments with good critiques and bug reports. And its that type of attention that urges me on. That and how far the project has come!

When I first posted about the project in Ponychan it was nothing more than a concept. a Metroidvania style game involving our beloved baby dragon, Spike who sets out on a quest to rescue his pony friends. And in the duration of a whole three months that concept evolved into an actual reality! The 4th test demo so far was one of my most greatest accomplishments in game design! And I guess I can say that its one of my first successful games ever created (yes, I'm counting this demo as a completed game ... in a way)

And now my attention has shifted to the sequel of that 'game'. Test Demo #5 I imagine will take the engine several steps further to the actual real game! I see in the future of my hard work: wall sliding and jumping, monkeybars, Donkey Kong style barrel canons, bending bridges, Zelda type items, keys and locked doors, more brilliant puzzles and so much more!

We may even be seeing the end of the old beta tileset (the sci-fi dungeon scenery used in these past four demos) as I plan to begin working on the actual in game tilesets, setting sceneries for the caverns, Ponyville, the forests and other things to be named. And when those tilesets are good and ready I'll launch a sub project that other people can contribute to. And that would be the in game music.

Anyway, that's all the ramblings I have here. As always, stick around and I'll keep updating as I have always been doing! :) These next few weeks are going to be exciting ones!

PS. if you make a play through of any of the demos I ask that you please send me a link so I can add them to the LP list here in the blog! Much thanks! :D
>> No. 20517
File 131634611394.png - (373.72KB , 756x759 , 130611197610.png )
Oh, so you're Avesthefox on the forums that spotted Applejack in my 2D illumination thread!

That explains a lot. You're game looks fantastic by the way. I haven't gotten around to play it yet, but the video looks really good.
>> No. 20519
Rotaty platforms?! Ohgoshohgosh this is getting so awesome, way to go =D
>> No. 20530
Yeah, your 'Nopony' on the bb community, right? I recognized you there because you've posted here before about it. That illumination demo looked fantastic btw! :D
>> No. 20639
I have been soooo tempted to cut my little break time short and get back to coding! There's so many new things I want to add to the engine, that and newer graphics and some other really awesome things :3

For one, I anticipate working out the working mechanics of a simple bending bridge! I almost had it figured out once upon a time but I never really applied it to a platformer. This is my big chance!

I'm only continuing my break because later this evening The Brony Show will be hosting a live LP of Demo 4 ( and I decided I'd wait until after that moment to resume work on the game.

So indeed, yeah. Production will resume tomorrow!

PS. It seems they did something on Demo #3 a couple months back too.. I've been meaning to check it out.
>> No. 20660
Don't be afraid to hide containers and items in "difficult" places.

Part of the fun in these type of games is searching every nook and cranny for items and secrets.

I played the demo and I really enjoyed it. I haven't really ran into any major glitches or design flaws yet.
>> No. 20673
File 131646181569.png - (77.16KB , 246x248 , 130575376241.png )
Depends on how your bendy bridge should look, but a very simple verlet integration algorithm will usually give good results. It's easy to implement and very cheap calculation time wise
>> No. 20761
I'm posting this update rather early (before bed) so I wont be so forgetful about things if I were to post it sometimes tomorrow.

First up, The Brony Show!

Test Demo 4 had a nice little short segment of the show last night. Short and sweet, Circuit Mane had some nice words to say about it and I rather enjoyed the humor of the stream's chat while he played it :3 I sorta wish there was more of it on the show but they had plenty of other news and a stream of this weeks MLP. Still, I give them my greatest of gratitude by promoting them on my blog and the Ponychan thread. Thanks guys!

If somepony has never seen their show then I highly recommend you go check it out! they host their shows every Monday at 6pm pacific, 9pm eastern. and if you've missed out you can always watch the recorded streams whenever they're released.

Now on to the maine news.

Me being the CRAZY pony that I am (according to Circuit Mane himself) shall resume work on the project tomorrow! First order of business: to piece together the config file for the game. It wasn't included with Demo 4 because after the switch from Blitz 3D to Blitz Max I had to completely redo it and I honestly have not given myself the time to even do that yet. The config system will allow you to set the control buttons (via keyboard or gamepad) set the screen size and maybe even adjust music and sound volumes. Once I have that working then I shall begin working on the bendie bridge mechanics.

So much to do! And I can hardly wait to do it!

Stay tuned!
>> No. 20772
File 131651008152.png - (31.49KB , 512x448 , LotR Caves.png )
Several years ago, back before the internet was popular and I was still in middle school I remember playing a game for the SNES. The Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Rings Part 1 was its label and I both hated and loved it. I loved it only for its brilliant music, its beautiful yet nostalgic graphics and the overall atmosphere of the first couple of areas.One of the major settings was the caves, and it was this setting that intrigued me the most! They were dark, dank and the sounds were distant and echeoy with the occasional distant thud and dripity drops of water. They actually made me feel like I was exploring a mysterious cave system. I especially loved how the lighting system worked in these caves. the closer you got to the big central torches the brighter your player's sprite became! It looked as if you truly were stepping out of the shadows! Oh, if only the game were so graceful in every other element of its existence. But the massive flaws of this game is not why I'm writting this post.

I've always wanted to recreate that feeling of mystery and brilliant nature in my own game, and here comes along Spike's Quest, a game I've come a long way in developing, and thus comes my chance to do work some magic!

I imagine the game starting out with Spike falling through a large hole in the cavern roof and landing with a splash in a small lake. In this one large room there are several pathways but only one you can access as the others would require special items or upgrades to advance through. There would be a couple of large stone lanterns to light certain portions of the cave (and an outside light from the hole in the roof) Also in this particular room there is no music, just the distant creepy echoes of drip drops and the occasional thud. There'd also be a couple of pesky bats waiting to swoop and attack our hapless baby dragon their annoyed squeeks actually echoe along with Spike's movement. Oh, and Pinkie Pie is caged here too which she'll clue you in on some things, but that's getting off topic... anyway, once you leave this area and head into the next, the music actually starts to fade in with a nice brilliant haunting theme.

Yes, I want this game to have an actual atmosphere in music, sound and visuals.

Doesnt that just sound glorious?
>> No. 20919
I've quickly thrown together a simple YouTube channel for the purpose of showing off development work and an occasional trailer! Now to install cam studio and tinker with that for a few hours :P

Be sure to subscribe if you dont mind the occasional boring development videos :P

Nothing much new on production as I've been kinda side tracked by some personal things. Expect something cool soon though!
>> No. 21076
Youtube embed play button
  Progress so far includes a smoother jump/fall engine and an almost functioning bendy bridge (coded entirely from scratch). The jump bit may not seem evident in the video but now when the jump variable reaches 0, instead of the abrupt fall speed the fall variable now increases from 0 to the max fall speed which makes a perfect jumping arc. also Spike's in the air longer. As for the animation, it may not also seem evident in the video but its there, smoothing the transition from jump to fall :)

the bendy bridge as you could probably tell is still a work in progress and has been so far the biggest headache in development. I hope to get it smoothed out soon and applied to the main engine.
Wish me luck!
>> No. 21119

I played the demo and it was quite fun. However, the style and "feeling" it gave to me was quite familiar and it wasn't until today that I could put my finger on it.

It greatly reminded me of these Fantastic Dizzy games I used to play on my first computer, so congrats: if this is the kind of level you could achieve on your hoof demo, then I can't wait to see what else will you achieve on future projects.
>> No. 21175
Youtube embed play button
  Today's update is a short and simple showcase of a functioning bending bridge system. Not only do the bridges bend but you can also manually fall through them like you can the blue platforms. It may not seem like much but I've spent several hours trying to figure this darn thing out! So enjoy this short video of me bouncing around on the things as if they were trampolines!

In other news, I've decided that once Spike's Quest is finished I plan on taking the engine and using it to make something entirely original! So all yee naysayers out there who criticize me for not being original with this game go boil yer heads! :D (this could also mean I could somehow profit with this engine if used properly.(and by original, I mean not a fan game based off a certain franchise... My OWN ideas dawgs!))
>> No. 21176
I should add, that last bit about profiting?

I was kidding! I totally like to make freeware stuff :3

>> No. 21219
File 131680640483.png - (23.46KB , 200x160 , phantom discord.png )
There's a new Boss Battle Log added at the Blog!

you can check it here:
>> No. 21326
New blog post contains multiple images not particularly related to the game, so I'll just throw in a link to it instead of copy/pasting it today

Oh, and this weeks episode was fricken EPIC!
>> No. 21349
File 131688616725.png - (107.61KB , 352x298 , 131309533609.png )
I love Metroidvania type games and Spike is my favorite character, so obviously I am loving this project so far! It's so interesting to get a peek into a games development from pretty much the ground up.

And since you started talking about the bosses, mind if I throw an obvious idea your way? Basically, a Hydra fight, you fight a few individual heads in separate rooms as mini bosses and then later on the whole thing.
>> No. 21506
> Web service used to store test demos exceeds bandwidth limits
> Contacts the guy who hosts service requesting bandwidth upgrade
> He obliges and then finds out the cause of Bandwidth limit break
> Asks me about the license of the content and feels it could put his service at risk
> I explain to him that the franchise and the company it belongs to doesn't mind
> feels somewhat embarrassed about the game's content and feels obligated to explain the fandom
> writes a huge block of text explaining the fandom and why I'm in the 'herd'
> still waiting for a response with huge knot in stomach
> also hopes he doesn't go blab to my sister or outside friends about it

Is it wrong for me to feel so... ashamed to be a brony right now? :(

In other news I've got more work done on the game and was going to put up a video but the current circumstances has me questioning my bronydom... I hope this feeling fades before morning!
>> No. 21511
I would be really sad if this project died for such a silly reason. It seems you're on your way to making something genuinely awesome. If you got sick of making it or real-life stuff came up that would be understandable, but to stop because you're worried what people might think of you?

>Is it wrong for me to feel so... ashamed to be a brony right now? :(
Eff anypony who makes you feel ashamed for something you love. Seriously. There's only one person whose opinion of you is important: You.

Anyways, I'm loving what I've seen so far of the project and I hope you don't get discouraged!
>> No. 21514
Yeah its always tough admitting to somepony you don't think will understand. Just think about do you enjoy participating in the fandom? I know I do and I appreciate the love you're putting into it as well. Remember there's nothing wrong with liking a cartoon show. So keep your chin up and keep doing what you enjoy.
>> No. 21516

Thanks, guys! Those are some really encouraging words. :)

I love this fandom simply because of good people like yourselves.

I'll have that video up early in the morning, mark my words!

But I may need someplace else to host the test demos...
>> No. 21527

You always could store your demos on a mediafire account (you can create folders and browse through them at will) if your current host is being an plot.
>> No. 21529
Well he's not being a plot, really. I'm just respecting his concerns about copyrights and stuff like that.

I think I've tried Mediafire before and it gave me problems, but I may give it a second chance. :P
>> No. 21611
Youtube embed play button
  Today's video showcases the bomb and the bomb blocks which I think looks totally cool while in action!
I may even make a few little Zelda style secret doorways that you have to bomb to gain access to. Just putting that thought out there for opinions, of course. :)

And in other (good) news, I've recovered from my little shame spell yesterday. The guy who hosts my web storage thought my brony explanation was pretty dang funny (in a good kind of way) and told me to think nothing of it. And with that bit of news I can feel rest assured about continuing to host the test demo downloads at that domain!

I is a happy brony! :D
>> No. 21620
Can't wait for a volcano run scene, where you run from the exploding bombs to reach the exit.

Btw, will the environment ever change, per levels?
>> No. 21625
yeah, this environment was really just created for test runs, but the original game will have different locals :)
>> No. 21762
File 131717491947.png - (114.40KB , 242x495 , desired shading.png )
Posting a late blog post tonight as there's not much to update on (but I should try to keep y'all updated regardless) At the moment I'm trying to figure out a way that I can apply a shademap to each of the in game maps. If I somehow succeed in doing this I could add a whole new layer of atmosphere to the game. But right now I'm stumped on how to get this thing to work how I want it to...

For it to function properly, I need to somehow mask out the background so that the shademap would only affect over the foreground objects. BlitzMax does have some pretty advanced masking commands but I'm just not sure how to apply them properly. So currently I'm seeking help with this from the Blitz Community. Its all very slow going atm :P

I hope to get more things done tomorrow! So stay tuned.
>> No. 21801
File 131718235465.png - (101.89KB , 785x443 , Angry_twilight_sparkle-1-.png )
>> No. 21819

Did you even read the thread?
>> No. 21824
what is this Luna Game that you speak of? o.o I've never even heard of it
>> No. 21826
Think cupcakes and never look into it.
>> No. 21940
Development Log for yesterday and today (so far):

- Added new collisions for active bombs
- you can now manually fall through the moving platforms (down button + jump)
- coins now bounce
- fixed slope collisions
- ceiling detection bug fixed (kinda)

for the rest of this day I'll be working on:

- finishing up coin collisions
- top status bar
- custom counter system

No video today as there's not much to show off...

stay tuned!
>> No. 21946
I Haz an Idea.
How about using the simple formula of ''object'' changes into X something.

Such as the coins all turning into parasprites xD
>> No. 21947
lolwat o_0
>> No. 21949
O O O! Or using the coins as bombs xD or using them as ammunition for a mini-gun ;D
Alright i'm just high ;)
btw the last idea with x changes into y was more of a trap idea =)
>> No. 21950
lol, I figured as much xD

you see a muffin
muffin turns into face hugging alien
>> No. 21956

ooh! I've got an idea! Secret path turns into a spike pit!!!

Oh wait... :P
>> No. 22245
File 131754328535.png - (5.64KB , 160x144 , tripworld.png )
Lately I've been pondering the graphical style for Spike's Quest. And I'd honestly like to have everything in beautifully detailed (like most Metroidvania style games), even though a 16 x 16 tile system can be very limiting when it comes to detail. So I've gone to take a look at other games that seem to master the art in tiled pixel crafting. One game is that of a certain forgotten Gameboy gem: Trip World! This game was never released in the US and they say that its one of the most hard-to-find games out there. But I have it in its rom format. And I can testify that the game is absolutely gorgeous for a Gameboy game!

The game is overly simplistic but the graphics are beautiful and the characters are cuter than kittens. The levels are linear (with a few hidden pathways and other things) I'd totally recommend it if your looking for a game with uber cute pokemon-like critters and game-play that's almost as easy as reciting the alphabet (backwards) but I'm writing this section about the graphics. The original Gameboy had a limiting palette (4 shades of green) and to achieve beautiful graphics such as what you see in the screenshot here, one much really have allot of patience! The art style here is very similar to what I'd like to do with Spike's Quest, and considering that I have a far grander range of colors to work with, I could certainly achieve this style and possibly much more!

So what you see in the screenshot there is possibly a scaled down preview of what to expect (graphics wise) just imagine it on a larger window with more colors, details and of course, Spike .. and ponies :3

In other news...

these past few days I've just been tinkering here and there. Admittedly I've been rather slothful and lazy (a common phaze that comes and goes) my sleep schedule has been totally out of whack since I pushed myself so hard to get Demo #4 out two weeks ago and I've been trying to get myself back on track ever since.

But I am still working on Spike's Quest... just at a slower rate than usual.

I'd like to try and have the 5th demo ready by the 20th of this month so here's hoping I improve my work rate in the next week or so...

In other not so SQ related news...

my 29th birthday is just 6 days away. I think I'll celebrate it by ordering a pizza and buying a bottle of fine wine. And maybe I'll marathon Ponies too :P
>> No. 22254

thanks to a follower from the blog I now realize I have the date wrong on my last log post. Its supposed to be 10-2-11 and not 10-6-11


I would delete the post and post it again, but instead I figured it'd be faster just to post my acknowledgement of my error :P
>> No. 22266
You can always use copy-paste. (just sayian)
>> No. 22267
I always do :P

I was just bein' a bit lazy this morning
>> No. 22269
Alrighty Then!
Btw watch out with this next question ;P

Are there gonna be power ups?
>> No. 22270
meh, no spoilers really necessary here. I've already unveiled enough here and on the blog (the only thing I wont spoil is the story)

Spike will acquire new techniques with his fire breath and I may throw in a Sonic the Hedgehog inspired bubble shield system that Spike could use if he has enough power in his magic meter (different shields would defend against different elements or add to the health bar every 500th millisec)

so yeah, there would be different kinds of powerups. if indeed those are the kind of powerups you were wondering about
>> No. 22276
Here's two games you might be interested in:
>> No. 22308
Youtube embed play button
  New inspiration log has been posted at the blog.

you can find it here:
>> No. 22647
I'm slowly starting to get my sleep schedule back on track by avoiding unnecessary naps during the day and I'm also considering my health (starting to do a bit of walking each day and eating healthily)

All those things truly do matter when one is tackling a massive project such as a Metroidvania style game (or anything else).

My slothfulness these paste couple of weeks has slowed me down in development and I'm not at all happy with it so I intend to do something about it.

there's plenty of coffee in the cabinet and my usual daily dosage of Lipton Green Tea in the fridge and I have plenty of videogames to help feed my creative muse. So why am I having such a hard time getting back to production?

Yesterday I've only got just a bit done with SQ (gui graphics) but today I'm going to try and get much more done than I have been lately.

I need all the energy and inspiration I can get if I'm to make this next demo epic.

So wish me luck!
>> No. 22815
Here's to all the luck you'll ever need! (clink glass sound effect).
>> No. 22938
File 131782343983.png - (4.55KB , 94x56 , coin overview.png )
Some people didn't seem to know what those weird little spinning things were in Demo #4 (after you've destroyed certain blocks) but I'm sure most of you know that they are just coins. :) and they'll be used to purchase certain things from shops in the game's world.

Check the icon in the image here. Those coin icons appear briefly after you've collected a coin, first they zoom in from an 8 x 8 scaled version and to the full form (what you see in the image) and then they zoom back out while fading away. That may seem insignificant for a blog update (and it is) but I just wanted to brag a bit about the detail I put into those coins.

Look closely and you'll see actual engraved images. Bronze coins have the head of an unnamed earth pony. Silver coins has a full bodied pegasi and gold coins have the head of Celestia.

The styles are inspired from Ancient Roman Numismatics (I'm a collector in that field ;) - )

I just had to brag about them. :)

More to come soon!
>> No. 22949
Coins? insignificant?
Say that to Sonic.
Anyways you sure you don't wanna give them a special abillity or something? maybe a coin boss?
>> No. 22953
nah.. coins are only good for spending. though some games out there do make a few exceptions.

There are some RPG's (cant name them off hand) that allow you to throw gil at your enemies in an attempt to inflict damage. But I cant honestly see that happening in a Metroidvania style game..

but then there's also the original Zelda where your rupee counter also acts as a counter for your arrows... that might be something to consider for an item in Spike's quest

as far as bosses go... I dont know, I've got mixed thoughts on that. Some reason I keep picturing Spike battling the god of luck who wears a jesters hat and thows gold around in an attempt to hurt you. :P

Oh, a minor correction for ya, Sonic relies on rings. Not coins ;)
>> No. 23330
As far as this morning goes I've managed to successfully plug in a boomerang function into the game's source code and the day before that I finished working in the item grab system.

But for the rest of the day I intend to celebrate that which is my birth.

I am officially 29 years old today.

So far, no cake, no gifts but a few nice "Happy birthday"s from friends and family.

So from this day forward here's looking forward to year 30 :)

I'll resume work on the game tomorrow and hopefully have a new video up by Monday evening.

Stay tuned!
>> No. 23339

Hey, happy birthday, man.
Like a good wine, people only gets better and better with age.
>> No. 23354
File 131810289125.png - (162.13KB , 895x892 , rainbow_dash_HOORAY.png )
Happy birthday!
>> No. 23385
File 131813094388.png - (66.16KB , 452x428 , pinkie_pie_cake_costume_by_eonmaster-d43fxrm.png )
Happy Birthday!

You better be living it up tonight then. Have a great one.
>> No. 23406
A day late but still happy birthday dude, now go have a Pinkie Pie party!
>> No. 23493
File 131818879634.png - (112.41KB , 1280x800 , tset2preview.png )
So I finally started work on a new tileset for the game. This tileset is labelled 'The Celestial Gardens' in the production book and what your looking at is just the first couple of hours of work in Paint Shop Pro. Within the next week it'll start to look more and more fuller and brilliant with statues and brilliant decor.
This may also be the official tileset for test demo #5 :)

As far as coding goes, I havent done any today, but I'll be getting around to doing some later this evening (I want to work some more on this tileset first and get it working in the map editor :) - )

Please feel free to post your opinions. :)
>> No. 23499
Another Paint Shop Pro user?
Please marry me.
>> No. 23819
As some of you might have noticed, my updates have been getting slower and slower to the point that I hardly ever update daily like I used to. The fact of the matter is that I'm suffering what many call 'Creative Burnout'

I'm having a hard time focusing my full energy at this project and I keep desiring to do other things (like doing absolutely nothing other than playing videogames or watching movies on netflix, or browsing the internet)

Facts to be these past couple of days I've done nothing but browse Youtube or piddled around on my XBox 360.

Maybe I do need a break from the game. A vacation, if you will. A few weeks give or take. I want to finish this project, but first I really need to refill my own personal energy meter.

I've just finished reading an article about creative burnout (you can find it here: ) and I intend to follow the advise given in that article.

So for the next week or so I plan on getting myself active in other things. Going out for a daily walk (with it being autumn, its a perfect time to do so! ;) - ) maybe I'll begin work on another little side project and maybe I should go read a good book (lord knows that its been months since I've read one of Tolkien's masterpieces.)

Hopefully within a week I'll have my creative juices flowing again.

If anypony here has any good advise about tackling creative burnout then please feel free to post it here. :)

And please dont lose hope in this project!
>> No. 23866
By how hard you were working, I was starting to think you weren't human. I love the work you've done so far and I'm glad your taking a break to make it possible to do better later. Take as long as you need!
>> No. 23900
File 131849102551.png - (239.01KB , 615x543 , 131617512524.png )
I'll be watching for this to pop up again. Enjoy your break dude, you've earned it.
>> No. 24109
File 131861240111.png - (582.88KB , 1280x719 , 130497992060.png )
I will never lose hope! You get some rest and come back coding like a maniac!
>> No. 24112
suddenly the lyrics "She's a maniac" pops into my head and then I get an ear worm

thanks! ;)
>> No. 24273
File 131871921897.png - (22.19KB , 240x160 , celestial gardens preview.png )
The much needed break has been very effective! I now have the desire to start back work on the game again. Enough with the lounging around doing nothing all day, I feel the need and desire to be productive! :)

The image here just showcases what I had got done with the new tileset so far (before my break). Still a long ways from completion, but its looking pretty spiffy (its just the basic layout so far, will be adding other details and some extra bits) it also needs a good tweaking as you may can tell... I'll resume work on it Monday along with some coding. ;)

Also I'll be taking the advise of that article I posted in the last blog post and I'll begin work on a secondary side project. It may or may not interest you (it wont be pony related) but it'll give me something else to do to help avoid certain future burnout. What is it? I'm thinking about doing a game in 3D, it may be a fps Heretic/Doom style game or it may be a 3D Mario 64 style platformer. If anypony here is interested then I'll keep y'all posted here until I have an official blog for it ;)

For now I shall enjoy the rest of my time off getting things organized and cleaned up again...

( It honestly doesn't help that my current food budget for the month is at $10.00 and all I have to live on is Ramen noodles, bits of chicken and a few boxes of rice :P but I'm managing! )
>> No. 24516
File 131885690736.png - (70.85KB , 480x272 , flutterpreview.png )
So today I begin refreshed from my week long break from the game.

Of course now I have the 3DS Pony project which will also keep me busy and productive when I become burned out from working on this game (check the 3DS Pony thread here: )

I'll be spending the first half of my free time working on the 3DS Pony Project and then the second half will be spent working on the game. I indeed have my work cut out for me... But I promise not to work myself too hard (to avoid risk of another burnout)

my break times will be spent outdoors on nice little nature hikes or just a walk a few times around the block.

But enough of the blab here. There's much work to be done!
>> No. 24830
File 131906071470.png - (300.46KB , 480x272 , flutter prev 11.png )
I hate being guilty for anything (as I'm sure just as any other pony hates being guilty for anything)

When I decided to try and tackle two projects at the same time I should had seen what was coming. Lately I've been spending my whole days working on the other project.

I thought maybe I could work one project the first half a day (that being the 3DS pony project) and then the other project the second half of the day (that being Spike's Quest) but by trying to do this I've learned something a bit awful about myself. Once I put my mind to one project I tend to focus on that project the for the entire duration of the day!

So... I need some opinions...

either I focus on one project one day and the other project on the day after (and so forth) or I focus on one project the first half of the week and the other the second half.

Which one sounds best?

(the included pic is from the 3DS Pony project, feel free to comment ;) - )
>> No. 24839

I don't fully understand what the 3ds project is. I took a look at the thread, but I didn't quite get the gist of it.

I don't have a 3ds, so I'm biased on which one I think you should finish first.
>> No. 24844
I think it's best to work on one project for awhile and maybe take some notes to look back on it and remember your place on one on the project while trying to get some ideas for the other one. Working on two projects might burn you out faster so I'm kinda worried about that happening. Just don't work yourself to death and work on one project for maybe 1 or 2 weeks and try you hand on the other one...longest post ever.
>> No. 25435
File 131947600063.jpg - (116.34KB , 894x894 , 130480150515.jpg )
Going day to day from projects might sound good but I'm worried that you'll feel progress is slow since you only focus on it for a day at a time. I think a good half and half a week on both projects will work best
>> No. 26597

cause I'm starting this back up again tomorrow.

>> No. 26636
File 132039409548.png - (101.33KB , 320x256 , 130735259431.png )
Celebrations must be prepared!
>> No. 26641
the fun has been doubled?
>> No. 26642
Okay, so it has been over two weeks since I've even touched this project (or blog, or even PChan thread) the markings on my project dry-erase board have possibly dried to the point that I may have to scrape them off :P and the dust has caked so much on the project books that you could quiet literally slice it like an actual cake.


back to work tiem?


I'll try to work towards something worthy of updating on by this evening.
>> No. 26851
So, since yesterday I've just been piddling with the source, and getting to know it again.

I guess there's some truth that if a programer hasnt touched his code in a month he just as well had not even coded it at all... That saying means that its tough to remember everything you did if you've left your work for a long time.

But I'm slowly readjusting. Already I have some pretty spiffy ideas for the game and I'm looking forward to incorporating those ideas into the project :)

Oh, and this also means I'll be getting back to doing daily updates again. I find that by doing that it kinda helps keep me hyped about my own project, even if there isnt much going on production-wise (there's no excuse, I have all the free time in the world! and yet I find myself being a lazy flank... I need MOTIVATION!!! :O )

More to come!
>> No. 27126
So today I did quiet a bit of cleaning up on the old code and while at it I added a few small things here and there to help make the code more easier to work with.

But now I'm stuck trying to figure out just what the hay is wrong with my 'pause game' functions (used for the inventory screen and other such things)... for some reason its not reading the pause button while in the pause screen, and that's a pain in the noggin... :P

Oh well, at least I got some work done! :D

Oh, and just in case y'all havent noticed, I'm working bi-daily meaning I'm doing what I can every two days on the code. The other spare days are spent on other projects. I find it works nicely giving me that extra boost freedom I've been needing.

So stay tuned for another update on wednesday and then another on friday and then the next on next Monday. (Saturdays are strictly off days and Sundays begin my production on the other projects again)

see how that works?

it may slow things down a bit but it'll have to do until those other projects are completely off my slate :P
>> No. 27597
:):(;);(O.oXD>3 :3$.$
>> No. 27628
huh? o.0
>> No. 27771
I may be thinking too far ahead here but I've had a thought and I've been thinking about it for the past couple of days.

I may actually make Spikes Quest a trilogy project. The third game would be labelled 'Spike's Quest 3 - ''Dragonborn'' (insert Skyrim jokes here :P) and may actually be a 3D third person Metroid style platformer.

the second game is not yet labelled but would keep the traditional 2D gameplay and would actually have an overworld map kinda like Adventures of Link on the NES

Also just because I havent updated lately doesn't mean I haven't been productive. I've finally got the pause function to work and I'm about to begin work on the inventory screen where you get to select your second hand items and stuff like that

its just been a bit slow.... Blame it on Bethesda.

Confound ye Skyrim!
>> No. 27789
File 132138714157.png - (58.01KB , 400x400 , 130480229206.png )
You have permission to Skyrim for a week, then get back to the game. I'm getting more anxious to play it!
>> No. 28139
I'm feeling a bit burned out on Skyrim. Its still an amazing and brilliant piece of software but sometimes there needs to be a line and this is it :P

I'll continue to play it in small doses but no more staying up til 5:00 just to level up my character and etc etc

I know I've said it many times before already, but Spikes Quest really needs some love and I havent been really giving it any for the past couple of months. I guess when I got burned out on it after Demo 4 it really kinda left a scar and that's why I've been having such a hard time getting back to work on it.

I'm hoping that today I can get my inspiration and motivation back on track. Anypony got any good game suggestions to help with the inspiration bit? Maybe I should revisit Metroid Prime again that was one of the games that inspired SQ from the start.
>> No. 28678
I ultimately am amazing at the work so far really, I would say if you are looking for inspiration, just make sure you don't play a game you know you will get frustrated playing if looking for more. Maybe re-watch a few MLP shows?

I wold suggest starting back up slowly, if you do to much after such a long break you might burnout faster again.
>> No. 28681
good suggestions :)

I haven't completely left the project or anything. atm I'm just trying to work myself back up again. I've been watching a few random LP's on youtube of various games to help boast my inspiration.

And also I've been rearranging my work area (again) I find that the more I change my area the easier it is for me to work. I've been really creative with that project lately :3
>> No. 29011
*bucking for great justice*

I'ma try to break my lazy phaze yet again today... :P
>> No. 29045
File 132261789566.png - (4.63KB , 129x98 , inventory1.png )
These past few weeks I've been toying with the inventory system. What you see in the picture is what I have so far and it may or may not be final.

So your probably wondering what some of these items are and what they'll do in the game. Well allow me to explain each one for you. :)

items from left to right / top to bottom:

Use to blow up bomb blocks, or bust open a wall to reveal a door. It can also be used to exterminate certain enemies. But watch out, its explosion can hurt you!

This item can be used to kill certain low level enemies or stun mid leveled ones. It can also retrieve certain items that you cant normally reach.

Bow & Arrow:
Can kill mid leveled enemies but can only stun high level enemies. Also when an arrow sticks n the wall you can use it to spring yourself up to certain unreachable platforms!

Note: The use of a single arrow will deduct 1 bit of gold. When you run out of bits then your out of arrows. This borrows heavily from the method of the first Legend of Zelda on the NES

Grapple Hook:
If there is a special grappling point horizontally across from you then you can use your grapple hook to quickly launch yourself across to it. Or if there's a ceiling grappling point in your range you can use it to swing across to certain platforms.

When you equip this with your secondary action button (default keyboard key A) then you can use it to repel certain projectiles as long as you are facing in the direction of incoming projectile. The shield can also be used to get past certain areas where heavy wind normally blocks your progress.

Magic Flute:
When you acquire the magic flute you can use it to summon the aid of certain Ponies that you've already rescued.(when you rescue a pony and they have a summons tune, you automatically learn it from them)

Owl Charm:
Use this magical charm to summon the aid of Owlicious (am I spelling the name right?) once summoned you can latch on to his talons and use him to reach certain hard to reach areas. Keep an eye on your magic meter though! when you run out of magic your owl friend will vanish!

Wand of Fire:
This wand will produce three blue fire balls that will orbit around Spike causing damage to any enemy who comes in contact with them! This will use your magic though so use it wisely!

note: this will not double as a shield! Projectiles can still hurt you!

Fire Shield:
This crystal orb will produce a bubble shield around Spike that can protect you from fire/flame projectiles. You can also walk on lava! This will eat up your magic though so use it wisely!

Ice Shield:
This crystal orb will produce a bubble shield around spike that will protect him from ice attacks. It also gives you the ability to magically walk through certain ice walls. Again, it uses up your magic. Use wisely!

Green Apple:
Health item that you can only purchase from Applejack's apple store. Fills up five hearts. You can only store ten of these in your inventory.

Apple Cider:
Another health item that you can only get by purchasing it from Applejack's Apple Store. This item will completely fill your heart containers and magic meter.


Yes, I am perfectly aware that this inventory borrows heavily from the classic Zelda Inventory. :P But is it really such a bad thing? I did try to give some of these items some extra functions such as the ability to use the grappling hook to swing across areas or use the arrows that get stuck in walls to bounce to higher platforms. But I dunno...

I'd like to hear some opinions...
>> No. 29122
File 132272831729.png - (41.50KB , 108x123 , Bump.png )
Random game video + free bump
>> No. 29925
Demo #5 will be due out for the 5th of January.

Why am I going back to using deadlines again? Well simply because since I've done away with them I've become way too relaxed even to the point of doing absolutely nothing for long periods of time... I'm pretty dang upset with myself about it... so yeah.

Strict deadlines for the sake of motivation and being productive. :P

>> No. 29939
I've decided to extend the deadline to the 30th, giving me more time to make the demo worthwhile ;)

but from this time until then I'll be working my flank off everyday (maybe except Saturdays) until the demo is finished to 'perfection'
>> No. 30004
Today I'm putting the inventory system on hold in favor of enhancing the map editor. This will be in favor of an easier to use interface as well as the ability to use more than one tileset for different maps.

Also I've often considered making a special map editor that other people could use to make custom Spike's Quest levels with a level player emulator. This could be used to make some challenging levels of your own to share with others. Kind of like those Mario Bros level editors that we often see floating around the internet from time to time. Not sure if such an project would be ready for the next test demo, but we shall see!

Another note, I've been considering redoing Spike's sprite set making it look better and whatnot. its a huge 'maybe' though so dont go expecting it :P
>> No. 30216
I'm not the only one who read OP's first post entirely in Spike's voice right?
>> No. 30229

>> No. 30424
File 132448194300.jpg - (712.77KB , 3072x2304 , PICT0033.jpg )
I've got a $100 holiday bonus for the month so today I'll be going out to buy myself an early Christmas present.

I'm leaning very heavily towards a new laptop, one that would be able to run all my needed software without dumb outdated errors :P I'm hoping the new virtual atmosphere of a new computer may also help inspire me to be more productive on these projects.

I do have a valid excuse for not being very productive in recent days... (see picture) meet Millie (short for Millicent, and named after Millie from the oncew popular Ozy and Millie web cartoons), another early Christmas present from my grandparents. She's quiet the handful! Since its too cold to walk her I'm having to house train her on those expensive blue pet pads and at night I have to keep her in a little baby play-pin and dagnabbit, she gets LOUD at these times!

Still, she's quiet a bundle of joy. My grandmother sugested I keep her for a few days and see if I can handle such an extra amount of responsibility... and while I'm on the fense about it, I cant help but adore Millie regardless of how messy and yappy she may be :3

I'm trying to work out ways that I can keep a watch on her while I work on my projects. I'm honestly a bit stumped... so if anypony here has any good advise about keeping new young puppies while still maintaining large personal projects, please post your suggestions here!

I'll try to keep y'all updated!
>> No. 30551
File 132456582856.jpg - (659.42KB , 3072x2304 , PICT0038.jpg )
Well there you have it. My new laptop.

I went to Wal Mart yesterday as I said I would and went computer shopping.

unfortunately they did not have the computer I was looking for so I ended up getting the cheapest thing they had.

Its an Acer Aspire One Netbook built in with Windows 7 Starter Edition (say it with me. "Ewwwwwww... starter edition!")

For those who don't know, Starter Edition is the absolute worst version of Windows 7 in that its very limiting. Its actually just a demo of the actual Windows 7 os (you literally have to hack the damn thing to change the desktop background! *RAGE!!!*), and so I found out the hard way that I have to spend a ton more money just to purchase a fully function-able Windows 7 OS.... Microsoft, I am disappoint!

But aside from that, I'm actually loving my new toy. The keyboard is of a perfect (and comfortable) size for me to do my work on, and the Acer, despite how small it may look from a glance (its exactly the same size as my Bamboo Tablet) is actually just right!

Also the computer itself is surprisingly light, making it all the more portable :)

And the battery lasts a descent 4 hours.

I purchased a cheap wireless mouse with matching colors to go with it. (please take my word for it... cheap wireless mouse is cheap. And not really in a good way... :P )

I spent the whole day yesterday installing my usual software (in between playing with and caring for my new puppy.)

And now I'm looking forward to doing some actual work on it. :)

Once more though, I say stay tuned! I'll try to keep y'all updated on any kind of progress.

Half of the day today will be spent doing last minute Christmas shopping :P

Wish me luck!
>> No. 30978
File 132534623570.jpg - (47.37KB , 380x253 , istockphoto_15151316-new-year-2012-litNew 2012 Calendar Add By Nasar Buneri 03459371871.jpg )
Well, ponies, tonight's the big ball drop marking the arrival of the big 2012 (our last year on earth according to a buncha tin foil hat wearing nutjob theorists... as far as I'm concerned, the Mayan did not predict it to be the end of the world, just the end of a cycle :P )

And so it is also that time where we all make a resolution, or a specific goal to carry out over the next year. Well here's mine:

1.) To faithfully carry out all my personal projects, that includes the 3D Pony Project, the Spike's Quest videogame, a faithful return to my old webcomic series and the completion of a few other projects that had been sitting idle on my todo list for several years now.

2.) To mark this the year of The Hobbit. What with Peter Jackson bringing The Hobbit to the big screen again at the end of this year, I've made it a goal to make it a big thing. Towards the end of 2012 I'll be arranging a series of personal parties to celebrate the upcoming movie and in those parties we'll be marathoning all thing's Tolkien (ALL the movies, including the animated ones! :D ). And then on the 14th of next December I'll invite all my good local buddies to the premier of The Hobbit. I'll buy all the tickets and after the movie I'll buy everypony a nice meal at The Olive Garden.... Eeyep, I'm going ALL out on this thing!

2.) To also mark this as the second great year of The Pony. 2011 is already known as The Official Year of the Pony, but I'd like to see another whole year of this Pony madness! Let's bring it, bronies! And if SOPA fails, I might even celebrate this with some crazy Pony marathon (including that one g1 movie... shoobeedoo.........eeyeah.... c.c)

3.) This year I vow to be a more healthier individual. That includes watching my diet. Being more careful with my sugar/carbs intake, etc, etc...

4.) To finally get me a car so I can stop being stuck at my apartment all the time. I'm already well on my way to this goal. :3

5.) To join the local art club and also try to produce an original piece of artwork at least once each month for the whole year. Maybe if I stick true to this goal I could start doing commission work. Lord knows I could use the money :P

6.) And officially on December 22, 2012 I'll be throwing a huge "I've survived the end of the world" party. Or at least I'll try to throw one. If I have enough money left over from my crazy Hobbit party thing :P If successful, I hope to not only invite local friends but maybe some of my good online buddies. Who knows, maybe I'll make it an online stream event :D

And that's all I have for this next year's resolutions. :3 So who else is celebrating the ball drop with a pizza and some Smirnoff?
>> No. 31017
File 132546864076.jpg - (11.20KB , 250x250 , 131714408528.jpg )
happy new year! Those sound like great goals/resolution things.

Glad to meet another hobbit fan.

Also I have been following you for a while, your game looks like it would be fun to play.
>> No. 31638
File 132649428811.jpg - (27.95KB , 500x375 , 129122765253706257.jpg )
Just to let you guys know I have not forgotten about y'all B)

currently reworking the tile and map system (again!)

bear with me. I'm hoping to get back to updating daily like I used to!
>> No. 31680
I was really looking forward to the fifth 05.01 demo, and was disappointed when it wasn't released

But I'm glad to know you haven't canceled the project ^-^
>> No. 31681
yeah, sorry about that :P

[bad excuse]
I kinda let myself get side tracked with a buncha other thingermabobies and such.
[/bad excuse]
>> No. 31686
File 132656899054.png - (95.17KB , 1024x600 , tdat editor #1.png )
Okay, so the image here displays the early rework of the tile data editor (this editor allows me to set the data of each tile for collision types and other such things)
what your looking at is a first attempt at a new open file system that reads into the tileset gfx folder and outputs its content. Using this would allow me to easily open the tileset image file (without having to manually type out the file name in the code...) to convert into a new .tdat file which would then be read by the .gmap file.

I'll also be advancing the tile system to where I can give each tile its own type of surface which would effect sound effects (such as the sounds of walking on wood/stone/wet muddy surfaces/etc)

I've still got a bit to go on this tiny little side project but it'll be worth it in the long run while working on the game.

More to come later!
>> No. 32067
File 132702396022.png - (73.84KB , 665x902 , more progress.png )
Holla bronies! Misterbull here with yet another potentially uninteresting update! I've spent the entirety of today coding and coding and coding and coding some more!

you heard right, I've been keeping myself busy!

Not that the progress I have here so far might seem of interest but I figured I still aughta show off what has been done so far!

The Tile Data Editor is still the focal project atm, it may not look like much of a change but believe me when I say this little program is almost 100% operational. I'm hoping I can move along to the Map Editor revamp tomorrow with what progress I have accomplished today here.

Rest assured, I'm not redoing everything. Just the editors. The game's engine is nearly perfect as it is and doesnt really need a revamp :P

Of course I'll tweak it up a bit before the next demo release.

But anyway, yeah. This just be another silly excuse to bump this thread again. Yay me!
>> No. 33013
Youtube embed play button
  Originally labelled by its creator as 'Canterlot castle.mp3' the name was changed because I felt it was more fitting for Ponyville. Oh, and the startup screen too. :)

Music by Artax from forums.
>> No. 33101
File 132806121301.png - (46.04KB , 662x342 , SQ Screen Res Change.png )
I've been working tirelessly on the editing software for the game in the past week or so. Staying up all night to work on it and sleeping/doing other life related things during the day. The Tile Data editor has been finished and is ready to use and so now I'm now busy working on the map editor. I'm hoping to make some headway into that tonight!

So... with the newer tile/map system being put into place there will also be some slightly notable changes to the game because of it.

The new map system now supports three basic layers for the tiles (more easily manageable than the 2 layer system of the recent demos), and the in-game entities (enemies, items, ponies, etc) are much more easy to manage. There's a new shading system which allows me to darken/lighten scenery with a somewhat dramaic result...

Annnnd the screen is twice as large then it used to be!

That's right, I've decided to up the resolution of the screen from the standard Gameboy Advance resolution to the old school dos res of 320 x 240.

I originally went with the GBA res because I thought it would be cool to make it feel like an actual GBA game. But over time I started wondering if I should expand it and give the game a bit more room to breath. And so we have the mock-up result in the supplied image of this post.

I would seriously like to hear some opinions about the sudden change... Does it seem to benefit the game or does it kinda ruin it?

Your opinions are very much appreciated! :)
>> No. 33103

First off, it's looking cool!
The res thing is not so much an issue of what looks better, it's more an issue of you designing the game to the res!!

You could make exactly the same game in 240 x 160 as 320 x 240, you just have less pixels to use for all your assets.

Looking at the screenshot you posted the bigger res version looks goon because you can see the whole "room", the smaller one only shows part of the room. This can be by design though, maybe you want the whole room to be a "puzzle" in which case getting a good idea of the layout of the whole room is better, but if you want it to be more exploratory then the smaller screen works better for that particular shot.

Of course either res works for either style, you just design your rooms differently!

So.. up to you haha.
>> No. 33113
Sounds like a good idea, 240x160 is pretty cramped. The higher resolution allows you to design more complex levels, since the player can see more obstacles at the same time.
>> No. 33174
This is getting more and more epic by the update :3

But since there is a level editor, do you think there is a possibility for allowing custom graphics?
I'm looking forward to seeing what everypony makes :3

Also, I'd really like to know how the level format works, and how you set it up. Currently, for my own game, I've planned to put all the level date for each level on a separate XML file. But I'm wondering how you made it ^-^
>> No. 33177
File 132820934506.png - (110.02KB , 1024x600 , gmap editor preview.png )

the level editor is made entirely from scratch code in Blitz Max (everything from memory from several years of personal experience)

the level reads a .tdat file which returns the tile image file and then the data of each individual tile for that image.

and then the level reads a .prlx file which tells the game which parallax background to use (first reading back the flag that tells the game if the background is a 3D mesh, or a set of images)

After that the level (a .gmap file) reads back the map width and height (measured by screens), creates the tiles accordingly (applying the tdat tile data to each individual tile) and then the data for the tile's shading and misc in-game entities (enemies, npc's, items, etc)

If I do publish these editors alongside (or after) the final game is published, then yes, you will be able to load your own customizable tilesets. In fact, that's one of the major improvements that the new map editor has! (in the recent demos, I've kept myself limited to just the one tileset)

In order to use your own custom tiles, you would first separate the tiles into the three groups (main layer, background layer, foreground layer.) The main layer is the tile layer that Spike interacts with and it has two sublayers (background and foreground) for a more manageable effect. Once you have your tiles sorted on a simple image template you would then have to run it through the tile data editor, where you'd set each of the main layer's tile attributes (type of obstacle, surface and then the tile's sub layer)

Once you've done that, then you would have to run a prlx editor to create your own customizable parallax background (unless you just want a blank background in your level)

when your done creating both the tdat and prlx files you can then run them through the map editor where you'd build your own map. You set the map's width and height (again, measured by screens) and select your tdat file. the prlx file is selected in the main editor.

So while your in the editor you can draw out your map with all three tile layers, the parallax background, misc entities such as enemies, NPCs, items, etc and set the shade properties of each tile.

Also for things like signs and doors you would have to manually set their properties. For signs, you would have to select a dlg file which gives each sign their dialog text. and as for the doors you'd have to tell the program which map each door leads to (currently I'm debating about whether I should just stick to setting that property manually in the code)

Once finished, you simply just save the gmap file and load it into the game!

currently I have to load the gmap files through the code. But maybe eventually I'll figure out a more advance and easier way of doing it.

I have been considering making a special map editor for the community and a map player to go along with it which would enable you to make your maps and run them through the player, like a mini game where you could challenge other players to get from point a to point b on your map :)

that's all I can tell you for the moment. the rest will be revealed in future updates.
>> No. 33192
File 132822721164.png - (34.59KB , 364x337 , shade system a success.png )
Check the image.

The test map is a bit rushed, but still effective for this showcase.

Now tell me that doesn't look cool! :D
>> No. 33193
File 132822755960.gif - (612.88KB , 640x360 , Applejack Lying Obfuscating Not True Nope.gif )

That doesn't look cool.
>> No. 33232
File 132826304975.jpg - (398.58KB , 1024x768 , 98528 - spike tuxedo.jpg )
How are you, Misterbull? Long time, no see.
Looks like you're still making progress on the game. I look forward to playing it!
>> No. 33279
The shading look really nice. Just as a question, how does it work? Another, though this is probably already answered, how are you making the game?
>> No. 33298
each tile has its own individual rgb value (red,green,blue) and they're set accordingly.

When an active object (player sprite) overlaps it it effects that object accordingly.

its a rather simple system that seems to work! :)

also the entire game is being coded from scratch using Blitz Max.

that's right.. coded... from scratch. I'm not using any of those easy point and click editors. I'm making my own.

Forgive me for bragging :P
>> No. 33661
File 132883835032.png - (100.56KB , 1024x600 , 3D Cube.png )
So I finally figured out how to get 3D to work in Blitz Max! (a handy little module called MiniB3D)

If you remember in Demo #3 I had y'all test a 3D background. That was done using Blitz 3D. And long since then I've upgraded the IDE to Blitz Max which from the very start does not actually support 3D in any way, shape or form (unless you create your own engine to do so...)

MiniB3D is a handy little module created and distributed freely amongst the Blitz community. It shares some of the simple functions that the original Blitz 3D IDE has, which is really nice! :)

So you may ask: why would I need 3D for Spikes Quest?

Simply because I'd like to enhance the background scenery. Much like what you see in some recent 2D Castlevania games!

Using a 3D mesh for the background would give me some additional features such as animated textures and a more realistic looking depth than your standard multilayered paralax background.

The 3D uses openGL (Direct X is optional, but is only available for Windows OS's. So I'll be using the first option here...)

Aside from the 3D tests (I've been setting up the module and testing it out on Linux and Mac as well as Windows) I'm still tinkering and adding things to the map editor. As of today I've got quiet a bit done but there's still much more to do!

Look at it this way: the more I get done with the editing software, the more advanced the game becomes! There will be thrice more features in Demo#5 than there was in Demo#4!

So be patient and stay tuned! :D
>> No. 34182
I may not be posting much but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy!

Still working on the map editor (installing the new 3D functions as well as adding new objects and other things to the palette ..) I know I've been at it for several weeks now but I'm sure that the majority of those following this project understands that good things take time :) Once I feel satisfied with the editing software I'll proceed to revamp the game's engine, and that's when you'll get to see the real beauty of my hard work!

I also realize that I haven't been submitting images or videos of the project like you'd probably expect me to... but really... who would want to watch a video of the map and tile data editor? :P I'll post an actual video when the game's revamped engine is fully functioning!

I've also given some thought to the Pinkie's Mini Game series for this project and I've considered doing a mini ponified spoof of Wolfenstien 3D (did I spell that right?) where Spike wonders around a nostalgic 3D dos-like setting collecting cupcakes and fending off Pinkie Pie clones with a pie launcher.

And I did announce in another thread that I've considered a bronified version of Chips Challenge... but I'm considering making that into another mini game for SQ.

On to other news...

As the topic of this post suggests, I'll be posting updates weekly now, as apposed to the old daily update method like I was doing before. This gives me more than enough time to put together something that might be of interest to you readers out there (heaven knows I've been boring you guys with my talk of coding this and coding that... :P you want actual game content, dont you? )

Also, when I post up that video I may actually ditch the old Ponychan thread and make a new one (I hate to do it... its been fun, but I'm getting the vibe that the old thread is a dead horse. A new thread could possibly spark new interests in favor of the project!)

And that's all I have for news for now. Stick around! :)
>> No. 34213
A bit sudden, I know, but I just wanted to throw this out there.

Due to the new episode announcement of MLP:FiM called 'Dragon Quest' (an episode involving our beloved baby dragon, Spike) I've decided to set the official release date for Demo #5 to that exact air date of March 17th!

That gives me exactly a month to get this baby ready!

(boy, am I in for a ride, huh?)
>> No. 34810
Thought I'd ask how it's coming. After watching all the work and little changes you have made to this, it is great to see a release coming up. Just wanted to let you know that some people are still excited to see this.
>> No. 34811
its always nice to see what little interest there is in this project. thank you. :)

the project is coming slow as usual, I do a bit of coding when I get myself motivated to do so. I know I've got a deadline coming up, so I'm about to haul flank and devote more hours to getting things done.
>> No. 34895
Me and my BF are big fans of Spike, and we would really like to see this project continue!
>> No. 35007
Waiting patiently for the release date while lurking most of the time.
>> No. 35070
File 133092655637.png - (45.98KB , 318x269 , 130196781786.png )
I'm having awful thoughts right now about not being able to meet the upcoming deadline. Yes, I've been progressing on the game, but even on a full work day I find that I can only accomplish so much!

Today for example I worked from 5 this morning up til now (11:30 pm) and I only managed to get about five minor things done in the map editor! So who am I kidding? I cant possibly meet the March 17th deadline!

Or can I?

Maybe I just need to stop counting down the days and keep my focus on making awesome things happen!

But this notice is a 'just in case' scenario. If I cant meet the March 17th deadline then I'll at least try to have a really awesome video or something ready to make up for the loss. And also if it comes to that then I'll just delay the demo until the end of this month.

Dont lose hope! I'm working as hard as my human brain would allow it!
>> No. 35089
Experience & organisation problems, I presume?
By the way... did you try to add enemies?
>> No. 35090
>Experience & organisation problems, I presume?

Not so much of organization problems (though I'll admit, the code is a bit messy atm), as for experience? I'm pretty well learned in this programing language to know what I'm doing, so I guess its all good there :)

No, the problem is... well... problem solving. Sometimes I encounter a bug or an error in the code and I often end up spending several hours trying to figure out how to fix it. For example, first half of today I was stuck trying to figure out why certain objects were not being effected by the shading system. I just finished patching that up just as soon as I saw the notification of your post :)

>By the way... did you try to add enemies?

The enemy palette has been installed into the map editor so you can count on the next demo having actual enemies :)

>> No. 35126
File 133107505065.png - (680.45KB , 962x962 , 130152094272.png )
The demo will be delayed until the 31st of this month...

Yeah, I know, I'm worst than Nintendo when it comes to releasing a major Zelda game :P

But I have some good reasons for this delay. First, me worrying about meeting the March 17th deadline is about to drive me mental! I'm working nearly feverishly trying to get things done but my human limitations are not wanting to cooperate.

I want to make Demo #5 twice as awesome as Demo #4 and so far, even though I've worked endlessly for the past week, I still have nothing to show for it!

The good news is, the editing software is done and ready for the 5th demo (I'll still tweak it as I go, but yeah, I can now start throwing together maps for the demo)

the bad news is, I still only have just the one tileset. And I'm pretty dang sure that most of you out there are tired of seeing the same ol' background for each demo. So the majority of this week will be spent working on actual graphics. The old deadline would had only given me just 10 days (not counting today) to finish everything, and I'll be quiet frank, it aint happenin'.....

Still, considering on that day (March 17th) that Spike is supposed to have his own episode named 'Dragons Quest' I should do something special for that day to make up for the lack of a demo release. Anypony here have any good ideas?
>> No. 35132
Dude, I don't care how long it takes as long as you keep status updates to tell us you haven't died from exhaustion. I love the work you've done already and I don't want you to kill yourself over it! Take your sweet time!
>> No. 35554
File 133193973679.png - (122.02KB , 684x402 , SQ Productive Livestream #1.png )
to make up for the lack of a demo tomorrowaI decided to host a livestream of my work on the graphics. It'll be going until midnight tonight and then starting back up again in the morning until the new Pony episode.

So if your really interested in this sort of thing then get in here!
>> No. 35566
File 133199303038.png - (30.17KB , 215x287 , SQ Productive Livestream #2.png )
As promised, the stream is back up again for the morning! I'll keep it up until about 10 minutes before this weeks episode and then start it back up again 10 minutes after.

Here be the link:
>> No. 35582
File 133202933386.png - (136.81KB , 640x480 , mock-up.png )
To the few who were in the stream with me, sorry, my computer crashed and I lost the stream completely.

thankfully I had the graphics saved (except for that 3D house.. for shame!)

but it was fun :) In fact, I think we can easily do it again! I'll stream every weekday monday through friday, 12:00 PM to 8:30 PM central eastern time.

Why am I doing this? Well because I find that I'm much more motivated when people are watching me work :) If you want proof check the image!

So feel free to join in! I'll post a notification with a link to the stream when it starts back up!

See you guys Monday!
>> No. 35587
File 133204093476.png - (254.86KB , 639x358 , AJ_wink.png )
Just want to say the graphics you have their look beautiful, almost SotN-esque (but I'm sure that's what you were gunning for). Spike's sprites, from what I've seen, are clashingly low-detail, though - if you're going for show accuracy then that's fine, but a consistent art style is always a plus.
>> No. 35588

>> No. 35589
actually I've been meaning to upgrade the sprite a bit. the original low quality sprite was done just to make it easier to add new animations (the higher the detail, the more work it would require to make new animations)
>> No. 35633
This is just a reminder about the stream today. It starts 12:00 PM and ends around 7:30 PM central eastern time (for those of you wanting to look that up, I live in central Tennessee of the US)

I'll post up a notice right when it starts.

If you cant make it, I'll try to recap it for you later, but mostly it'll just be me working on graphics, and perhaps later I'll show off some bit of code ;)

Come in whenever (or if ever) you feel like it!
>> No. 35641
>> No. 35705
I've just now wrapped up the stream for the night. Got quiet a bit done too! Though nothing really major. I worked more on the graphics and managed to throw together a few more tiles. Piddled around with my 3D modeling software at an attempt to create a 3D backdrop for the tileset-in-progress

And to the three chaps who joined me in the stream I managed to show them a very buggy, very slow yet somewhat function-able preview of the engine!

And since it was nearing quitting time we had a bit of fun with my buggy mess of a code. I played epic music while Spike slooowly (as in The Matrix style) crossed the room...

Was all in good fun :)

We finished up just by listening to some random bits of music. I brought about nastalgia sickness by playing the theme song 'The Neverending Story' and other cool tunes.

And then I called it a night.

All in a good days work, I say :)

Anyway, the next stream will be on Wednesday... same time, same place!

See y'all around!
>> No. 35724
That is an absolutely beautiful background. Looks like it's right out of Castlevania, you know, apart from the magical Alicorn. :3c
>> No. 35736
thanks! :)
>> No. 35775
Here's the reminder for today's stream!

Today's todo list:
- More tile work
- Implementing the 3D background for the current tileset-in-progress
- Work on the background 3D mesh
- andof course, progress in the code (I managed to clog that leak, so the game runs a bit more smoothly now. yay.

The stream starts at the same time as it did Monday... 12:00 pm to 7 or 8:30 pm central eastern time (I live in central Tennessee if you wanna look that up.

Keep in mind that the stream's ending is never absolute, the stream could carry into later hours, according to how active the stream is at the time.

I wont be there until I'm ready to start streaming, but for those who want to get an early start you can enter the stream chat to chat with other viewers until I come in and start things up.

Here's the link:

I probably should start a playlist there to keep folk entertained... sorry if its too quiet in there atm :P I'll spend some of my free time tomorrow taking care of that!

Anyway, I will post up a notice of when the stream starts. So see y'all there or sumthin!
>> No. 35780
>> No. 35792
File 133237975053.png - (125.93KB , 640x480 , stream 032112.png )
Spent much of the day texturing a 3D mesh and then applying it to the game to see how it looks and feels. The one chap who was there at the time commented that it definitely resembled Castlevania in its way of using 3D backdrops which was exactly what I was going for!

Yesterday I had tweaked the code a bit (I unfortunately had to trash the shading system because it was causing really bad slowdown with the game's engine) and needless to say it ran smoothly during today's stream :D

Everything's looking pretty dang nice so far and I cant wait to have a video ready to show all those who cant join in the streams!

Next stream will be on Friday, and then the one after that will be Saturday morning before the episode (after the episode, I plan to go out and enjoy life. so meh)

There will be stream on Sunday too, but it wont be SQ related. I'll be doing an art project then, but feel free to join in :)

Hope to see y'all on Friday!
>> No. 35809
When's the stream going to begin? Same time as the last ones? After seeing how hauntingly beautiful (in my humble opinion) your graphics are, I think it'd be interesting to see how the creative process goes.
>> No. 35813
same time as last. ;) 12:00 pm to 7 or 8
>> No. 35856
Here's today's reminder for today's stream :)

same time as always!

I'll go ahead and start it up and put on some music, but the actual work wont begin until 12:00 today.

Hope to see y'all there!
>> No. 35860
>> No. 35882
File 133255355452.jpg - (22.96KB , 571x534 , 130136996881.jpg )
So I worked the whole day away not realizing that the livestream was having horrible problems

this evening when I tried to type, it sent me a message that I apparently banned myself from my own channel

upon researching this terrible bug, it seems that it not only bans the moderators but the users as well...

I did notice a few users come in and out throughout the day but never heard a word from them... Was everypony else banned aside from myself?

please respond... I feel this bug may have given me a bad rep :(

I was able to fix it by resetting the channel... but still.. I feel terrible!

to top it off, once after resseting my procaster I noticed that the thing autoset to my webcam... I hope I wasnt working the whole day with the channel displaying my webcam.. that would be feckin embarrassing!


I'm feckin' MISERABLE!
>> No. 35884
File 133255497443.png - (22.38KB , 96x128 , window SG - Luna.png )
Despite the misery that Livestream hath caused me today, I realise I must keep moving along with the usual plans.

Tomorrow's stream starts early, 7:30 my time and ends 10 minutes before this weeks pony episode. The rest of the day will be spent with friends and family.

The stream after that will be Sunday, but specifically for another art related project.

The next SQ related stream will be on Monday though.

Hope to see y'all tomorrow... hpefully there wont be anymore bull-poop on Livestream's part... c.c
>> No. 35892
Supposedly I have the stream fixed. so those who were apparently 'banned' aside from myself are banned no more (stupid LS bug... I'm still a bit peeved about it... c.c)

So get in here! watch me do.... productive.... things....

>> No. 35894
Yes haha

I checked out the channel yesterday, only to see a webcam footage of you sleeping XD
It was quite frankly very creepy :V

I just assumed that you had forgotten to turn off the camera after telling the viewers that the livestream was over, or something :3
I tried to leave a message so you'd notice, but the darned thing said I was banned, so I left quietly :V

But don't fret about it; everypony makes mistakes. You're just gonna have to deal with it and move on I guess.

Anyways, I haven't checked this thread in a while, and my god are those graphics pretty =D
Now I'm just looking forward to the next demo even more!
>> No. 35895
well its no wonder people kept leaving quietly... I kept creeping them out xD

Sorry about that!
>> No. 35954
Oh heh

I believe you are having the everypony is banned + webcam problem again ^-^l|l
>> No. 35956
the webcam is set up currently for the art project today, and I just now fixed the ban problem .. Silly Lives[{T}roll]ream wont have its way with me today ;)
>> No. 35961
File 133269175911.png - (248.43KB , 494x398 , prev thumbnail.png )
No work on the game today as I'll be working on my current piece of artwork titled 'For I Have the Higher Ground'

I'll be streaming the entire progress on scheduled stream dates (much like I am doing with the game)

the stream has been in progress for the past hour, so feel free to join in!
>> No. 36007
I know I promised a stream today but I feel I should take the time today to actually get my apartment cleaned and some other important things.

I'll try to continue the streams on Wednesday.

>> No. 36111
Yes, there will be a stream today, but it wont start until 2:30pm CET

Since it seems I'm kinda getting a late start on everything.

However after today, I've decided to only do the streams on Fridays, since streams seem to totally drain me and also the fact that if you plan a stream a week in advanced more people are likely to show up.

also for today's stream I've decided that rather than working on that same tileset that I've been working on for the past couple of weeks I should change up the environment. what shall I work on? Maybe Ponyville, maybe the Everfree Forest or maybe a cavern setting. I'll decide when it comes time...

Anyway, I'd like to hear some opinions about changing the stream schedule up. Of course, I'm still worried that the reason not many folk have been showing up may be because I frightened them away the other day what with those nasty livestream ban errors and Procaster setting the stream to my webcam where my ugly mug was on the screen the whole time without my knowing...

I'm still sick to my stomach with embarrassment... c.c
>> No. 36114
>> No. 36127
Just now called quits on the stream for the night. it was slow as expected, but it went alright, I guess. I've started work on Ponyville if anypony wants to know.

Anyway, before the stream, I guess I was just being a bit too hard on myself which made me think about cutting the stream's up-time over the week. I was in one of those heavy doubt stages, not only concerning the stream but the project as a whole. I half wondered if I'd ever even complete it.

But during the stream, as I worked I kinda let up on those thoughts and started to feel slightly proud again. I may just keep the stream times the same as they were and forget about the time deduction thingie.

Next stream will be on Friday as promised. And I might actually start it extra early... like say maybe 7:00am CET

I know allot of you folks out there haven't been able to attend the stream due to work or school (or odd time zones), and believe me when I say I'd like to make it easier on y'all, I just don't know how to at the moment. I'm hoping that as Summertime approaches things will at least get easier for you school types!

anyway, I hope to see some of y'all in the next stream. Who knows, I might one of these days hold an announcement stream with the promise of a demo on that same day!

we shall see.... we shall see....

In other news, I will be hosting another art stream tomorrow starting early in the morning and lasting until late in the evening! It will be the continuation of the artwork labelled "For I Have the Upper Ground" feel free to come in and watch me draw!
>> No. 36128
Why must your streams always be when I'm not available to watch!
>> No. 36129
wish I knew... :( the stream could use more users, but unfortunately, it cant be available at the proper time for everypony
>> No. 36198
So I was about to set up everything for the stream, but of course I've been dragging my behind the whole time about it. A feeling of not really wanting to do anything at all today. Facts to be I've spent half of today watching YouTube videos... procrastinating.

So what is it with me losing motivation over the whole livestream thing? Most of it would be because of my usual disappointment on how few viewers I get each day. Most of the time I'm there by myself just tinkering away on some small bits of graphics or code, but sometimes one or two (or if I'm lucky, three) people would come in to check out my progress. But eventually they'd often just get bored and leave (or some other more important reasons, they'd leave).

Once again, I'm not griping or complaining about the lack of viewers. I fully understand that there are logical reasons behind the matter. I just tend to get bummed out about it sometimes, and I lose the will to keep working on things.

So I'm thinking that maybe the whole Livestream thing is becoming more of a burden than an actual asset. I'd probably work best if I scrapped the whole streaming thing and worked at my own leisure and without the depressing concerns of if I'm boring the hell out of my viewers or something.

So here's what's being changed. I wont be hosting a stream five or six times a week like I have been doing. But I will host a livestream on Saturdays before the Pony episodes to showcase what has been done and answer a few questions.

I'll also keep doing my art streams on Thursdays and Sundays, because I find great pleasure in having a few good chaps watch me draw things.

In between these stream dates, I'll work on the game. Building up the graphics and the code in an effort to make the Saturday stream damn well worth it!

And also between these times, I can try to build up hype and promote the upcoming streams through forums, blogs and the SQ youtube channel

What do you guys think of that plan?
>> No. 36199
File 133313250588.png - (318.42KB , 733x663 , letsmakemuffinsbro.png )
Once a week still seems like a lot - why not once every two weeks? The longer the time between each stream, the more 'special' the stream will be (thus, more views and such).

Also, have you considered advertising the streams on sites like equestriagaming? Might bring in some more views and more attention to your project in general!
>> No. 36246
File 133326007807.jpg - (7.71KB , 217x233 , index.jpg )
I've decided that due to the enormous stress this project has caused me in the past year alone that I am to cancel it and replace it instead with a newer much more worthy project.

Boots Adventure

you know, Boots from Dora the Explorer? yeah, that monkey thing... I'm making a side scrolling adventure with him because he's so much more amazing than Spike the Dragon!

The game will be a 4 level Mario style game where you go around collecting purple seashells and helping his Spanish human girlfriend (Dora) get from point A to point B.

There will be no enemies and there will be no traps. And the story is nothing more than to help some dumb blond mermaid who lost her precious pearl in a large jar of pebbles or something silly like that

Doesnt that just sound exciting? :D

Oh, and to make it even more epic, I'll be throwing in a brief cameo by Tom Bombadil from the Tolkien Novels where he'll help our monkey out by singing him riddles while prancing about on some random floating lily-pads.

You cant deny that's not epic!
>> No. 36256
Monkeys > Dragons ;)))
You could also add exploding bananas and some black banana which revives Michael Jackson and Bubbles. MJ could do The Thriller and Bubbles could ride the Ghost Rider's motorcycle and launch flaming ice chickens with his bazooka.
Also Donkey Kong would do the Macarena.

And that scene with Tom Bombadil prancing on lily pads can end up into a sweet artistic scene or a really cheerful one like Pinkie the pegasus jumping on lily pads while high and singing about liking big flanks and rainbow colored ponies.

But now really...Isn't there somepony which can help you with Spike's Quest?
>> No. 36258

Oh, I like those ideas!

Did I mention that the sea that the mermaid lives in is made entirely of chocolate?

And I can totally see Micheal Jackson's revival. It would be as if Jesus Christ himself were descending from the clouds, but with Thriller playing in the background instead of the doomsday trumpets!

Not sure about the bananas though. that would resemble too much of Donkey Kong, and I dont want Nintendo to send out hit-men on me for making a game more awesome than theirs....

Actually, the only help I'll need later on is just help with the music and what not. but that's not until much later. Artax from the Canterlot forums was going to help me with that but he kinda went his own way. Ah well :P
>> No. 36296
Just in case y'all didn't guess it. Yesterday was April 1st. And my whole 'Spikes Quest is cancelled' bit was a total April Fools joke. ;) (the whole Boots Adventure game concept should had been a dead giveaway, really...)

So let's get back to some actual legit news...

Taking the advise of Thirtyfour, I've decided to host the streams once every other week instead of every week. This means there will be one stream per every two weeks (twice a month) where I'll host previews, updates and maybe do some actual work for y'all's viewing pleasure!

As of now, I've decided to take a break on the graphics and code and start work on the game's actual documentation. These docs will include an actual story for the game, items that you can collect, enemies, NPC's, etc, etc and it'll all be quiet extensive with certain details and illustrations. However these docs wont be published to the public (unless you wont to be spoiled to heck and back) they will only serve as a reference for the game's development. I may actually spend a few weeks working on these docs and maybe... just maybe, I might release it as an actual online wiki a few months after the actual game is published!

Ad that's all the news I have for now. I'll try to keep you all updated. But if you dont hear from me for a while, dont lose hope! I may just be really busy working up something magical ;)
>> No. 38213
File 133654474755.jpg - (19.77KB , 450x248 , Imnotdeadyet.jpg )
I haven't updated in a month, so I figure I should bump this project thread before it eventually finds its way to the old thread shredders (I'm starting to wonder if /collab/ has one of those... apparently not as some other much older threads from like a year ago still exists in my watch list... :P )

I wont deny it... I've been severely neglecting this project. And I wont blame most of you if you've practically given up on it. But facts to be, I really just dont want to give up on it yet... or ever... I actually do want to see it through. The problem is with just how easily I can get burned out, or distracted by other projects.

Such is the fate of somepony who has bad ADD I guess...

Anyway, just bumping this thread up. I probably start a new thread entirely just to make the project feel somehow fresh and anew.

I may actually do that later...
>> No. 38239
Try choosing a simple goal to work to and focus just on that.

I've found that by tricking your brain into doing "just this one little thing, and that's it, I promise!" you can often get into the right mood to be creative and keep going.

But you've got to really trick yourself!

I don't know if it works for everypony (especially since you mentioned ADD), but I figured that it's worth a try. :)
>> No. 39684
File 133979185636.png - (6.15KB , 332x56 , monkey1.png )
Lately I've been contemplating the purchase of this new programing language called Monkey (developed by the same guys who did Blitz 3d/ Blitz Max/ etc) with it, I could port my work to other platforms.

If I do decide to make this purchase, I'm looking to maybe port Spikes Quest to the Android OS, so you can play it on the go!

the coder has support for the following:

HTML5, Flash, iOS, Android, XNA, Windows, Mac and PSS Apps

I'd still use Blitz Max or the Windows and Mac versions of the game though. Simply because Blitz supports the older versions of Mac, and I'm still used to using Blitz for Windows.

Anyway, what y'all think?
>> No. 39711
I don't think it it really matters that much at the moment; honestly I'm just glad that you're still continuing this project =P

Of course, if this would drive up your motivation to work on the project, it could help significantly. However, porting the game to another language can potentially be an tedious and/or frustrating experience =s

You have to consider what is most worth it. Personally I don't think a metrovania game would benefit from being portable. Portable games for smartphones should focus more on being short and precise, so they are comfortable to play in short pauses or on the go. A game where you have to search in every corner of the room might not be perfect for that format(or at least, worth porting for). Then again, several Metroid and Castlevania games have been released for portable consoles, although not smartphones, and I'm assuming Monkey would be fairly similar to Blitz so porting wouldn't be that problematic. Also, Monkey could be fairly useful for future projects as well, which is another thing to take into consideration.
>> No. 39736
Coding it in two different languages would be a lot more work. It would be easier to finish one version, then port it afterwards. It would be a good idea if it made working on the game more interesting to you, though.

I'd play an Android port if you made one. Android could use more good old-school games, I haven't seen any metroidvania games on it.
>> No. 40045
The response in my last update concerning the upgrade to Monkey coder was a mixed bag. What I failed to mention in that update was that the code transfer was a thought for later when the game was actually completed.

I dont intend on changing to an entirely different coding language anytime soon, so those of you who may have been concerned can feel rest assured. ;)

I have toyed with the demo version of Monkey and I've found that its an entirely different coding experience. There are some familiar bits of basic coding in it, but the language has its differences from Blitz Max. I'd still like to purchase it just to play around with it and see what I can do concerning HTML5 and the Android OS (I'd later like to try my hands at the iOS system as well as the other supported platforms)

But at the moment, Spikes Quest WILL remain a Blitz Max coded application.
>> No. 40146
File 134071848823.png - (27.63KB , 486x348 , SpikesMapEdit.png )
So today I started looking at the map format for demo 4, and it's pretty darn simple. Still don't know how to set starting point, message signs and doors, but it's probably not that complicated =P

Sadly, I'll be leaving on vacation tomorrow, so I won't have time to make a map editor or even a level set =/
>> No. 40164
the starting point, the doors, signs, and heart pieces for demo 4 were all created as manual objects (They're not listed in object stacks in the program's code)

each of the objects listed above were programed with their own flags that check to see if they exists in the map and if 'true' the program plots them at their designated x and y positions and draws them to the screen during the main loop.

also for each of those objects there's a maximum amount that can be used for each map.

Its all a bit complicated and if your wanting to learn more about it I suppose I wouldn't mind posting the specific information (the code has been changed completely since then so the system is entirely different and much more simpler to work with)
>> No. 40699
File 134227236835.png - (72.96KB , 1054x358 , Image7.png )
The config system has been updated! (nevermind the fact that it was missing from Spikes Quest Demo #4)

> New UI system entirely from scratch
> Key-mapping and gamepad support
> Background scrolls and changes colors (not neecesary, but kinda neat)

With the addition of the key-map and gamepad features I should note that during the game you can either play with the keyboard, or connect a gamepad and instantly start playing with that without having to change the settings to do so.

I may release a testing kit just for the config system later this next week. So if your interested in testing it out, please stay tuned.
>> No. 42104
Its been a while since I last updated anything on this project. I've been preoccupied. :P

Anyway, a short little update. I've just registered as a domain name, and in the future I'll be re-uploading the old Spikes Quest Demo files into the server (once I can afford a descent server to do so)

I've received a couple of complaints about the links to the old files being broken. That is because my old name at had long since expired (I plan to renew it eventually, but it wont be used for my pony projects anymore)

I do intend to continue work on SQ. I know I keep going on these long hiatuses but that's because I keep getting too distracted by other projects. Still, I'm hoping to maybe get something done in the coming months or so.

Dont give up hope yet, folks! :P
>> No. 42106
File 134816568495.gif - (668.48KB , 400x300 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-spiky-thing-goes-in-spiky-thing-comes-out.gif )
looks like this project is...
[sunglasses on]
...still alive
>> No. 42191
Youtube embed play button
  I'll just leave this right chear! :D
>> No. 42194
Very nice pixel art. There's a bit too much going on in the other layers, though. Fighting an enemy when you can't see Spike half the time would be frustrating. Backgrounds like that could work in rooms with no enemies, like save or puzzle ones. Ones with fighting or platforming would be better off with simpler ones.
>> No. 42195
Someone else suggested that on another forum actually, and I'll agree

this amount of detail is strictly for the clear rooms, with maybe a puzzle or two, but mostly just good clean in-between type of areas
>> No. 43386
Just thought I'd pitch in a short and simple notice that I'll be posting a huge update near the end of January, and I'll possibly have the next test demo ready by mid March.

I've been super busy on this project for the past few weeks. Reason why I havent done any progress updates is because the stuff I'm working on is stuff I'd like to keep secret for the time being.

Hope you guys are still interested in what I'm cooking ;)

Oh, and I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. Bring on 2013!
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