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11737 No. 11737
Yes...that's right...YOU HEARD ME..i'm planning on making an abridged series. if you're female or have a VERY CONVINCING female voice and you think you can sound like any of the mane six ponies or at least close to them or any other character in the MLP FIM series. then leave a comment here and send me a
E-mail at

[email protected]

this series will span from episode one and up! i will be in charge of editing and script writing however anypony else who wishes to pitch in is welcome to offer to help! at the moment i need roles for:

Twilight Sparkle

Rainbow Dash


Pinkie Pie



Nightmare Moon

Mayor or Ponyville


Princess Celestia

And don't worry i won't go simon from American idle on you even if you sound like a dying cow....>.> i want everypony who is willing and wants to be apart of this to audition! even if you don't make the mane six you may get a walk on role as one of the add on ponies! :)


Q:How do i audition?

A:Simple! as long as you have a mic and recording software you can do it easily!

Q:What exactly do i need to do in order to submit an audition?

A:Just record your voice to any lines from MLP FIM scene(s). ad-libing is encouraged! make sure to include your user name of choice and the roll you are auditioning for in the beginning of the recording though so i know what i am listening to! :)

Q:What is Ad-libing?

A:More or less it's adding words onto the scene that were not originally written into the script this is usual done in either a humorous manner or just to add a little flavor to the scene!

Q:I haven't heard from you in awhile or not at all since i sent in my audition. what's the deal?!

A:If i have not responded to you by e-mail it is most likely due to the fact that i have not had a chance to get to your individual audition yet. don't fret though! i'll get to it soon!

Q:I didn't get the role i wanted. Does this mean i won't have a part to play in the abridged series?

A:Not necessarily. you may be cast in as one of the walk on characters such as the first ponies Twilight meets in episode one or even later down the road!

That's about all for this thread so comment here and let me know if your interested and send me those auditions!

once again the e-mail is [email protected]

Please direct any questions you have to the same E-mail address or in this thread.
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>> No. 11833
(sorry my english)
send diamond dog trying, or you dont have it?
>> No. 11834
Hmm, do you have to be a girl/have a convincing girl voice to audition for Spike? This seems like fun but there is no way for me to sound like a girl or anywhere close to a girl, hehe.
>> No. 11849
File 131136972890.png - (176.76KB , 639x360 , 8523161-(n1302407727765).png )
no you don't have to sound like a female to audition for one of the male characters. :)
>> No. 11851
i wasn't looking for voices for the diamond dogs as of yet but hey if you want to try to audition for them go ahead^^
>> No. 11854
File 131137025770.jpg - (54.43KB , 583x381 , 131014983522.jpg )
That does sound normal, yeah. Might as well give it a try, you'll get an e-mail from me some time today I guess!
>> No. 12059
Email sent with various mane cast and side character voices attached. I hope you find something you like in the offerings! This project sounds like fun!
>> No. 12060
well if i wasn't trying to create something fun and comical i wouldn't try to be doing an abridged series^^
>> No. 12062
File 131149320248.png - (176.76KB , 639x360 , 8523161-(n1302407727765).png )

loved the sound clips! sent ya a reply by e-mail!^^
>> No. 12064
I'd like to help out, but I'm not too sure I can sound like any of the ponies, I'll think on it for a while and get back to you.
>> No. 12066
File 131149543294.png - (178.51KB , 639x360 , 7413691-(n1302407831225).png )
you don't have to sound 100% like them...heck chances of that are 1 in 1000. What i am looking for in voice actors or actresses is people who can sound as close to the mane six or any other character in the series as possible. you don't have to sound perfect. :)
>> No. 12196
File 131158901640.jpg - (12.49KB , 160x160 , bucking threads.jpg )
>> No. 12226
File 131161599562.jpg - (73.92KB , 500x500 , fluttershy president.jpg )
We have an Update! so far we have Roles filled for Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Trixie and possibly Rarity or Flutttershy. HOWEVER these roles are not set in stone! we are still awaiting more auditions. those of us have adapted to these roles will be making a promotional video soon though. we hope this will spark interest within the Youtube community as well as the bronies who surf that site.
>> No. 12248
>> No. 12250
Isn't there already one. I'll admit it's not good but still.
>> No. 12263
File 131163706973.jpg - (19.00KB , 341x180 , 131041061160.jpg )
Yes, but this one is -ours-! And the other is really good too. They will be horses of very different colours, in the end, I think. Always more room for creativity and insanity!
>> No. 12494
File 131181358026.jpg - (21.32KB , 254x261 , scootaloo will fucking kill you and look adorable .jpg )
This is my abridged series! There are many like it, but this one is mine.
My abridged series is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.
My abridged series, without me, is useless. Without my abridged series, I am useless. I must write my abridged series true. I must be funnier than my enemy who is trying to compete with me. I must make my audience laugh before he makes them laugh. I will...
My abridged series and myself know that what counts in this competition is not the bad jokes we make, the voice actors we hire, nor the hits our video receives. It is the laughs that count. We will make them laugh...
My abridged series is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its components, its jokes, and its team. I will ever guard it against the ravages of over-management and damage as I will ever guard my legs, my arms, my eyes and my heart against damage. I will keep my abridged series humorous and ready. We will become part of each other. We will...
Before Celestia, I swear this creed. My abridged series and myself are the defenders of humor. We are the masters of our competition. We are the saviors of my life.
So be it, until victory is Equestria's and there is no competition, but harmony!
I'm not entirely sure what that was about, but I was inspired.
On topic: I can't do female voices, but I could help with script writing (or editing) for you, if you'd like. I could also do male voices, but I don't think there are any males in the show I could do a good voice for (Spike is basically a female voice anyway, Big Mac would sound forced if I tried it (though I still could if you wanted)). I might be able to do one or all of the jock ponies though.

Good luck!
>> No. 12541
File 131184892802.gif - (558.69KB , 591x510 , 1239-(n1299101634444).gif )
go ahead and send in an audition if you want^^ we are still looking for voice actors and actresses
>> No. 12554
File 131186098041.jpg - (55.73KB , 1280x800 , Scootaloo_Totally_Lost_Cause-(n1303416428264).jpg )
Is there any need for an overly dramatic voice?

I can do overly dramatic voices. Not quite Christian Bale but... Good.
>> No. 12555
File 131186137135.jpg - (44.65KB , 429x519 , 1300499991865.jpg )
Also, how PG are you planning to keep this series?

I probably shouldn't bother sending in an audition that swears a lot if you're planning to keep it at about the level of the original show, y'know. :P
>> No. 12560
File 131186644852.png - (297.00KB , 1280x720 , 11626_-_gyrobowl_portal_portal_2_scootaloo_valve-(.png )
Alright, I sent in a few takes. Hope you like them.
>> No. 12562
File 131186654337.png - (245.79KB , 711x515 , 1298182103916-(n1299926903973).png )
lol this series will go as far as i think most likely PG-13 with some swearing but nothing too over the edge and swearing will most likely be a rare thing but it all depends on the script. however if you feel you wouldn't make a decent voice actor we are always looking for help with the script! but we are not going to write one up for the first episode till we get a full cast. that said send in a voice audition. go ahead and audition for any roles you want. i even encourage you to try some of the ones you mentioned in an earlier post like Big mac and such. the more roles you try for the bigger the chance is of landing one!^^
>> No. 12564
File 131186711644.png - (59.53KB , 232x227 , 1304345789238.png )
I sent in a few sets of lines. I really only have the one voice I can pull off (unless I just read lines in my normal voice, which wouldn't sound very good), but you could probably use it for at least one character.

Working on the script would probably be more in my vein. I'm not exactly a thespian pony. But I'm an articulate one, or so I'd like to think.
>> No. 12565
File 131186756753.gif - (161.20KB , 160x160 , 22102921PrCElsL1-(n1295792948146).gif )
I listened to them and while i'll admit you do have a good voice. we are looking for female voices for the mane six however you said you weren't using your normal voice so i thought perhaps you could give them a shot in your normal one perhaps try for a male role such as Hoity-Toity or possibly another male role?
>> No. 12568
File 131186846750.gif - (575.10KB , 640x480 , 4531_-_tagme-(n1303363892317).gif )
Well, I can try. But my normal voice is...

Well, normal. Nothing that fun. I'll make an attempt though.
>> No. 12569
File 131186917074.jpg - (109.49KB , 470x457 , 12994636712-(n1300469226948).jpg )


don't knock yourself out now! I don't want any unconscious ponies in my thread...>.>
>> No. 12570
File 131186928874.jpg - (297.27KB , 945x945 , 1301250564550-(n1303470167958).jpg )
I tried Hoity Toity and Big Mac.

It ended poorly, but I sent you it anyway.
>> No. 12571
File 131186967127.png - (176.76KB , 639x360 , 8523161-(n1302407727765).png )
Ended badly?!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I LOVED YOUR BIG MAC VOICE! true you lacked the accent for Hoity Toity but you pulled off Big mac very well! i also think you could do some other male walk on roles if possible. you got skype? if so send me your skype name by e-mail and i'll add you^^
>> No. 12572
File 131187015069.png - (214.14KB , 357x568 , 1300470651851.png )
You liked that?
Well, okay...

Sent you an email with my skype, I'm on right now.
>> No. 12682
File 131192505251.gif - (439.99KB , 240x135 , headrub1.gif )
>> No. 12688
File 131192933295.png - (379.72KB , 1024x566 , 1303083646881-(n1304279787198).png )
Yay! People like me.
>> No. 12697
File 131194028375.png - (178.51KB , 639x360 , 7413691-(n1302407831225).png )

you don't check you're e-mail much do ya? i'm still waiting on that reply for when you're open to do that promotional
>> No. 12711
File 131194789242.jpg - (22.58KB , 288x322 , 130769550974.jpg )
Well, I'm female, but I've always see myself as having poor vocal control. I'll try and do all the ones you still need... Maybe I can get one of them right. Let's see, you say you still need...

Twilight Sparkle ( Referencing this comic: )

Rainbow Dash

Fluttershy (This is one of my favorites)


Nightmare Moon

Mayor of Ponyville

Princess Celestia

I have no idea how to do Spike, sorry.
>> No. 12712
File 131194844782.png - (502.76KB , 788x638 , WeMustGoDeeper.png )
>You could try one in your normal voice.

Okay yeah sure why not. Maybe you can try it for something I'm not thinking of.
>> No. 12716
File 131195027352.png - (346.30KB , 750x942 , 5749_-_fluttershy_hipstershy-(n1302592106815).png )
in my honest opinion i could say that i liked your Twilight Sparkle somewhat. the only other one i think you did fairly well was Celestia however the funny thing is i think you had them backwards your nightmare moon sounded like celestia and your celestia sounded like nightmare moon..:P
>> No. 12719
also your normal voice imo was your best one out of the whole gander. i'll get back to you on this but if you don't make any of the major roles you would possibly have a spot as some of the walk on ponies.
>> No. 12720
File 131195048246.png - (177.48KB , 453x453 , 131068914078.png )

I was afraid I'm bad at this. Impersonations have never been my strong suit.
>> No. 12724
LOL I just emailed you back! If I dont catch you on skype personally I will have line readings ready probably tonight, as all of my gear showed up yesterday!
>> No. 12725
File 131195073245.gif - (19.33KB , 518x595 , Lightning Streak.gif )
Co-Producer Rinni here, cast member and technical director.

Karylin, listening to your voice I can tell several things about you immediately. Firstly of which is that your 'Natural' voice that you posted to us is not your natural speaking voice. Trust me, I know when somepony is pushing their voice.

Second, outside of that you have some interesting character responses. You Twilight sparkle while not actually sounding like twilights voice does pretty much sell her character. You could do the role pretty well and we will certainly keep you in mind for her.

As for two things that got my interest though. Listening to your renditions of Queen Celestia and Darkness Moon I cant help feel you got their personalities backwards. Your Nightmare moon rendition has the regalness and tone of Celestia while talking how Nightmare moon talks and your Celestia well... Actually she sounds more like fluttershy!!

Either way you definitely have talent and I'm sure Deathsia and I will be putting you on the list. We do hope you understand that we can't say "yes" yet until we have heard other candidates.
>> No. 12731
File 131195183122.png - (174.15KB , 910x526 , LyraPoisonJoke.png )
Celestia was the voice I redid more than any other. I think I redid it like, almost 10 times. No matter how many times I did it, she always seemed to sound evil. She kept sounding mocking instead of loving, and I was frustrated at my inability to figure out how to change it. Well, okay I guess that's probably a fault of the dialogue I was using, but I was trying so hard to say it and make it sound straight laced.

It's really weird that you say my Nightmare Moon came out sounding regal. I was trying to make it sound somewhat "Wicked Witch of the West"-ish since she has so few lines I didn't really know what to say and stay in character.

>'Natural' voice that you posted to us is not your natural speaking voice.
Oh I'm sorry, maybe I was just nervous and trying too hard. Here, lemme take a deep breath and read this post to you.

>We do hope you understand that we can't say "yes" yet until we have heard other candidates.
Oh yes, I understand completely, that's what I was expecting.
>> No. 12732
File 131195199374.jpg - (171.08KB , 900x753 , RubixCube.jpg )
>puts the first normal voice next to the second one I did

Holy cow I sound nothing alike between those two clips. WTF. O.0;

>fucking voices how do they work
>> No. 12736
It's probably a matter that you'd just done all those poncy put on voices just before recording your other so you did the accent without thinking.

:) I know when I've been practising my roles I have that happen. Same with accents I pull.
>> No. 12738
File 131195422490.jpg - (8.15KB , 228x251 , Tree.jpg )
Can't you guys try coming up with a more original title for a parody series. Obviously "The Abridged Series" has been done to death and when you really, really get down to it "Abridged" title parodies aren't so different from basic parodies.

LittleKuriboh himself said all he did was slap "Abridge" and what he did wasn't really anything new. So I think it'd be great if you ponies and/or colts could try coming up with your own satire title. It also shows some extra creativity.
>> No. 12739
Yes, well. We considered calling it "My Even Littler Ponies" then we considered adding the world "On Ice" afterwards but we couldn't find an ice machine and then somepony suggested calling it "Little Pony Pokies!" except that spike already went and did that so...

... For now we are just running with a temporary title!
>> No. 12740
File 131195524848.jpg - (59.18KB , 640x360 , oh look another troll.jpg )
>> No. 12745

I'm not paraspriting or even trying to parasprite in any way. Just making a suggestion is all.
>> No. 12747
Interesting word filter.
>> No. 12750
We weren't trying to make fun of you hun. I just have a naturally sarcastic nature. And I think Deathsia's response was to me not you :P
>> No. 12751
File 131196212037.png - (340.72KB , 400x524 , 4852_1606.png )
Mine Miniaturized Equine: Rapport is Thaumaturgy
>> No. 12754
File 131196464202.jpg - (45.53KB , 600x549 , 5470_-_caption_fluttershy_macro_meme-(n13027184787.jpg )

yeah it sort of was...when you quote somepony's reply in the link as seen above it means you are replying to their post...XD

but if he wasn't paraspriting then i am sorry for accusing you of such. it just struck me as a parasprite post.^^;
>> No. 12757
Ah, it's alright. I guess I can see why'd you think that or at least because of the image I used.

I am interested in this project as well and am looking forward to seeing what can be accomplished. After seeing what other bronies and ponies have done inspired by this great series, which also includes the ever-so-awesome Ponies Anthology opening I'm confident something well done can be produced here.
>> No. 12790
File 131199412753.jpg - (72.31KB , 600x600 , 1303596883733.jpg )
My Shrunken Steed: Solidarity is Sortilege
>> No. 13177
File 131221493438.jpg - (12.49KB , 160x160 , bucking threads.jpg )
Wwe are still looking for roles to fill so i'm bumping this thread in hopes of finding more actors or actresses^^
>> No. 13198
File 131222336432.png - (42.29KB , 223x398 , 1304290899324.png )
I'll pass this around to some of my brony friends, see if any are interested.
>> No. 13205
File 131222380613.png - (193.95KB , 564x326 , Super_Hard_Core_Stallions-(n1301724741399).png )
Also, I'm kind of sad nopony commented on my title suggestions. I was proud of them. Particularly the second.

Alliteration, yo. It ain't easy.
>> No. 13245
Honestly I think you have the right idea with "My Even Littler pony"
>> No. 13288

>> No. 13292
File 131224187855.png - (80.45KB , 282x283 , the more I look at this the less I understand i.png )
On the one hand, I agree, because it sort of gets across the whole "it's a shortened version of the actual show" feeling. But on the other hand, I feel like it sounds like a joke of "what do my little ponies play with? My even littler ponies!" which may distract from the intent.

It would be possible to go the route of the Gurren Lagann abridged series, and just use a different term than "abridged series". The gurren lagann abridged series just called itself "Gurren Lagann, The Satire".

I dunno, just throwing ideas at the wall, and seeing what sticks.
>> No. 13300
File 131224534964.png - (176.76KB , 639x360 , 8523161-(n1302407727765).png )

i sent you a rply by E-mail^^
>> No. 13320

Hehe ^^ :D
>> No. 13374
File 131230766967.jpg - (43.22KB , 341x324 , 129916848755fluttersly-(n1303693051331).jpg )
A little update for you all we are now looking for roles for Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash! we still need a few other minor roles filled but at the moment i think we are doing good!
>> No. 13397
File 131231829331.gif - (315.36KB , 330x248 , 1298056689756-(n1298071628660).gif )
We have an update! at the moment we are looking for MALE roles. most preferably youthful sounding male roles. also we have a cast Update for you!

The Roles for each character are as follows:

Note: (?) stands for roles that have not been confirmed as of yet but are considered to be the best for the role at the moment and can change at anytime if a better voice actor or actress submits a audition.

Applejack: Toyloli

Rarity: Aether Naut

Fluttershy: Lauren Goodnight

Pinkie Pie: Deathsia(?)

Spike: Jaris

Twilight: ♬Karilyn♬(?)

Rainbow Dash: Not casted yet

Princess Celestia: ♬Karilyn♬(?)

Trixie: Lauren Goodnight

Big Macintosh: Scootawho

As meationed above we are looking for youthful sounding male actors for the roles of Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. the reasons behind this are going to be left undisclosed for plot related reasons. we are also looking for a male voice role to be played as Fluttershy's bunny friend Angel. The ideal voice role at the moment is a either a heavy Hispanic accent or (forgive the following use of words here if you will) Black gangster sterotype sounding voice. Once again the reasons for these are going to be left undisclosed for plot related reasons but we can assure you they will be comical!

with that said we are looking forward to more auditions and we hope to hear from more of you! :)

In other news the first episode script has been written up and more will be written up as time goes on. :D
>> No. 13400
Please keep in mind we still need female voice actresses fro Rainbow Dash,Pinkie Pie, and Twilight. but we ARE looking for male voice actors at the moment.
>> No. 13427
I would be glad to try for scootaloo just give me a bit to record it
>> No. 13431
File 131233732057.png - (102.09KB , 360x360 , chicken_doesn't_know-(n1304486421727).png )
Gave you my voice for Angel.

I may be able to fill in for Scoot/Sweetie, if you can't find anypony to fill the spaces. Not sure exactly what you're planning to do with them, so I'm not sure whether I could fill the roles.
>> No. 13433
Actually never mind my voice gets lower on recourding so I cant do it
>> No. 13434
I would like to help you in any way i can even if it is just helping with the script or editing I did take a year of video editing well kind of it was digital media but all i ever did te whole year was edit vids so yea
>> No. 13577

Added you to my skype :)
>> No. 13580
Hey there! I'll do a Rainbow Dash audition! I'm a little busy at the moment, but I wanted to let you know that I'm interested!
>> No. 13586
File 131242825498.jpg - (79.23KB , 608x790 , 1291514941149-(n1293783229980).jpg )

sounds great! look forward to getting your audition! no one's auditioned for her yet and we need somepony to fill that role! :)
>> No. 13589
We'll I think its about time I start auditioning for things. First up:

More on the way by tomorrow! (Hoity Toity, maaaybe rainbow, Steven Magnet, etc) B) fabulous!
>> No. 13590
File 131243104407.gif - (528.87KB , 591x510 , 130007470486-(n1300333288980).gif )
sounds pretty good so far can you do some standard lines of Pinkie pie for me so i can get a general idea of how you sound doing her voice under normal circumstances? if it's not to much trouble attempt to capture her hyperactivity if you can. if not it's fine either way. ^^
>> No. 13595
>> No. 13596
Hnnng I love MLP and I'm female. I found this thread through the voiceactingalliance forum.

Expect an audition for twilight from me soon.
>> No. 13599
Heres my audition for Twilight. I haven't exactly done anything like this before, so I hope I did alright.
>> No. 13622
File 131246217714.png - (98.80KB , 389x342 , 130850664601.png )
Hey who am I? Chopped liver? Just cause I'm a terrible voiceactor who didn't get it even close to right, means I didn't audition at all? Well I never!

Don't take this post seriously
>> No. 13624
That's weird, why didn't my tripcode work?
>> No. 13655
Youtube embed play button
Most Terrible voice acting i ever heard. my ears are bleeding!

>black dude stands up


>shoots deathsia*replace simon with deathsia in video*

Don't take this post seriously but i just had to do it..XD
>> No. 13712
File 131247384724.png - (293.12KB , 800x932 , RainbowDashisaTerribleSister.png )
Don't make me bust a cap in yo flank.

>pic unrelated
>> No. 13727
File 131247486258.jpg - (243.26KB , 591x619 , 1303475645152.jpg )
I know, right? I did a Rainbow Dash audition too!

Who cares if I used my Christian Bale impersonation for it?

>mfw I don't count as an audition

Take this post seriously, I dare you.
>> No. 13836
File 131250356276.jpg - (16.21KB , 200x200 , Twilight.jpg )

I'm sorry you two. i didn't mean to make you seem like chopped i completely spaced you two auditioned for her role. i've been busy as hell as of late so you'll have to forgive me^^
>> No. 14049
File 131264398136.jpg - (12.49KB , 160x160 , bucking threads.jpg )
>> No. 14050

Hey can you send a copy of the script to my email perhaps?

Skype still is being warghsdja

[email protected]

>> No. 14057
File 131265110913.jpg - (131.51KB , 404x405 , 1298044611748-(n1298047122535).jpg )
sent ya the script^^
>> No. 14072
File 131266223286.png - (208.35KB , 644x461 , ;__;-(n1304637378060).png )

I'm still waiting on a reply from you in this thread or by e-mail. i want to cast you as Pinkie Pie and Hoity but i need that info first or i can't do anything without an e-mail and possible normal speaking lines for Pinkie Pie...please get back to me asap!
>> No. 14088
File 131267822315.png - (205.74KB , 640x360 , 130302759535-(n1303669335584).png )
We have an update! at the moment we are STILL looking for MALE roles. most preferably youthful sounding male roles. also we have a cast Update for you!

The Roles for each character are as follows:

Note: (?) stands for roles that have not been confirmed as of yet but are considered to be the best for the role at the moment and can change at anytime if a better voice actor or actress submits a audition.

Applejack: Toyloli

Rarity: Aether Naut

Fluttershy: Lauren Goodnight

Pinkie Pie: Deathsia(?)

Spike: Jaris

Twilight: Buttercupsayian

Rainbow Dash: Not casted yet

Princess Celestia: ♬Karilyn♬(?)

Trixie: Lauren Goodnight

Big Macintosh: Scootawho

Buttercupsayian has accepted the role of Twilight Sparkle and we are happy to have her aboard! she's also an epic artist! CHECK HER OUT!

note: some of her works are NSFW but she's an awesome artist!
>> No. 14132
File 131270467595.gif - (29.03KB , 360x360 , 130645497152.gif )
So I can see that you haven't yet cast Rainbow Dash... and she is like my favourite. So I thought that you might scrape the bottom of the barrel and I gave it a go. Unfortunately, in reality it didn't sound like it does in my head (Sounds more like Insanebow Dash why isn't that my screen name?. But hay, I'm amongst bronies so I thought I'd just stick it here anyway because you are apparently still looking for more male voice actors too?

Have Fun!!!!
>> No. 14164
File 131272934123.png - (780.65KB , 1366x768 , 1288527163149-(n1302127103128).png )

As much as i wanted to steer away from using audio editors i caved in and used one for your audition and found a pitch i could work with! so if no one auditions you've got the part!
>> No. 14167
I'm going to throw together an audition real quick, if you can wait a bit longer.
>> No. 14170
Sorry for the sucky mic quality. If I somehow get into this I'll buy a new one.
>> No. 14180
File 131273285476.gif - (558.69KB , 591x510 , 1239-(n1299101634444).gif )
you had the accent just fine but you lacked RD's trademark attitude. also the volume was abit high and nearly blasted my speakers. could you give it another try with lower recording volume and a little more of RD's attitude?
>> No. 14208
File 131275160876.png - (233.80KB , 435x406 , oh my god.png )
You sound like a character from my youth. But I can't remember which one.
>> No. 14213
File 131275319487.gif - (95.40KB , 520x445 , this gif is the reason the gif format exists.gif )

I don't get the role of Angel? :(
>> No. 14244
File 131276665840.png - (182.26KB , 340x357 , 129965236043-(n1302418469817).png )
We are focusing on the mane cast atm once we have a full mane cast we will start looking for other roles. please be bare with us everypony. this has been moving along faster than we initially anticipated so i'm in a rush to write up scripts for when we have a full mane six cast.

However that does NOT mean we are still not looking for possible cast members remember we still need roles for Applebloom(male young country voice),Sweetie Belle (female young voice), and Scootaloo(male young voice).


IF YOU WANT TO AUDITION PLEASE SEND ME AN E-MAIL WITH YOUR AUDITION ATTACHED! posting them here is fine as well but I MUST HAVE THAT E-MAIL ADDRESS for contact purposes. we have had a few people post auditions in the thread and i have no way to contact them! minus creating a danged account on sound-cloud and prey they actually check the site more than only when they plan to do a recording! it's frustrating because these people who have posted these auditions have seemingly disappeared off the map with no way to contact them! >.<
>> No. 14300
File 131279270519.png - (150.00KB , 893x894 , 131262239616.png )
Sorry about that. I just sent email.
>> No. 14316
File 131281170207.png - (938.57KB , 1366x768 , spike-puckers-up-for-apple-jack.png )
Sorry for starting the soundcloud thing ^^;

I had just watched the thread. I didn't mean to start problems for you.
>> No. 14411
File 131285335818.png - (150.52KB , 399x517 , 611c5d9641cc65e5fb3b5dba321474c1-d3h1gsu.png )
Omigosh I'm so excited! are you excited? Cuz IM excited! I've never BEEN so EXCITED. except that time you walked into town and i was like *GAAAAAAAAAAAAAASP* but i mean REALLY who can top THAT!?
>> No. 14413
File 131285361472.png - (75.21KB , 251x277 , 1304557018386.png )

I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think you can use that as an audition.
>> No. 14435
File 131286235457.jpg - (34.37KB , 600x416 , 2-(n1298911712582).jpg )

sadly no they can'
>> No. 14473
LOL I forgot to type in my name. The next portion of my audition is on soundcloud now.
>> No. 14537
Youtube embed play button

this one features many of you who submitted auditons!

if you weren't included then i am sorry i missed you!
>> No. 14662
email sent
>> No. 14715
File 131302810494.png - (1.02MB , 1324x1168 , doctorwhoofallonsy.png )
Needs more Doctor Whoof.
I can do a mediocre British accent.
>> No. 14717
File 131303027595.png - (304.79KB , 768x728 , doctor_whooves_end_of_time_by_naur-d3bimsh.png )
Wait, what lines would I use?
>> No. 14752
Did you get mine, deathsia?
>> No. 14757
File 131306678648.png - (34.73KB , 500x314 , science bitches.png )
>Q:What is Ad-libing?
>A:More or less it's adding words onto the scene that were not originally written into the script this is usual done in either a humorous manner or just to add a little flavor to the scene!

In other words: Just make shit up that sounds entertaining.
>> No. 14786
File 131308058494.jpg - (485.52KB , 1440x900 , 1293422036_muhny_fluttershywallpaper-(n12941056266.jpg )
Yes i did. :)
>> No. 14808
File 131309052019.jpg - (190.80KB , 1600x1333 , ladies contain your orgasms.jpg )
Audition sent.
>> No. 14809
File 131309124260.gif - (911.46KB , 403x316 , 129883270038-Flutterpuff-(n1299805320753).gif )
i haven't gotten the e-mail yet are you sure you sent it to the right address?
>> No. 14811
I sent it to [email protected]

I'll just resend it.
>> No. 14812
File 131309141444.gif - (51.43KB , 367x309 , MIDIC.gif )
>> No. 14814
File 131309163552.png - (205.74KB , 640x360 , 130302759535-(n1303669335584).png )
got it this time around and your tone of voice and such sounds PERFECT for an upcoming episode we plan on doing in the good is your impersonation of Simon from American idle? X3
>> No. 14816
File 131309178112.png - (758.15KB , 1280x800 , clever3.png )
I can try. Just email me some lines.
>> No. 14922
Send various voices for Hoity Toity, Steven Magnet, Diamond Dogs and my animation demo. Hope you enjoy!
>> No. 14963
File 131316522615.jpg - (44.63KB , 706x420 , 1298766420405.jpg )

You have quite the talent for doing different voices. :) loved the audition clips :D
>> No. 14969

Thanks so much I am glad to help out in anyway I can even if it is just random voices for side characters!
>> No. 15099
Well I emailed my audition for Hoity-Toity.
>> No. 15102
File 131322020394.png - (454.63KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2011-04-12-06h24m09s6-(n1302614622316).png )
sounds pretty good. we'll keep ya in mind for a possible hoity. :)
>> No. 15104
I sent mine in for practically anypony. lol
>> No. 15163
I sent you my demo reel. Enjoy!
>> No. 15253
File 131329649500.jpg - (188.19KB , 945x945 , 1300834232201-(n1301556596878).jpg )

i got them both. and gave both a listen. keep in mind as a note to all who audition in case you didn't read the FAQ: even if you don't get the part you want you might be casted as a walk on role in future episodes. sop keep that in mind. :)

CAST UPDATE:It's official folks! we have our mane six cast! plus a few other roles filled as well!

Applejack: Toyloli

Rarity: Aether Naut

Fluttershy: Lauren Goodnight

Pinkie Pie: Deathsia

Spike: Jaris

Twilight: Buttercupsayian

Rainbow Dash: Runbow Dash

Princess Celestia: ♬Karilyn♬

Trixie: Lauren Goodnight

Big Macintosh: Scootawho

Hoity Toity: TranceyLeCheval

Now keep in mind even though the mane six roles have been filled we STRONGLY encourage people to still send in auditions for the mane six cast as well as the other minor roles such as Photo Finish, Mayor mare, and other minor pony walk on roles! the reason for this is even though we have a mane six cast we never know when one of us may have to bow out due to real life circumstances and i think i speak for ALL PEOPLE when i say it pays to have a backup voice actor/actress in case one must leave. so with that said KEEP ON SENDING IN THOSE AUDITIONS! however i can't stress enough how much we need roles filled at the moments for the minor roles in episodes such as suited for success as well as the Cutie mark crusaders! REMEMBER! we STILL need two young male actors to play the parts of Scootaloo and Applebloom as well as a youthful sounding female voice for Sweetie Belle! in case you missed the memo we plan on doing the ENTIRE season 1 and most likely season 2 once episodes are released!

The following Positions have opened:

Please note that while we need/want these positions filled they WILL NOT halt our progress in making the abridged series. these roles are simply wanted/needed to enhance the quality of our series. :)

MUSIC LYRIC COMPOSER NEEDED! we need somepony who is good at writing song lyrics for parody songs we plan to include in the episodes. such as a parody song for giggle at the ghostie and many others!

MUSIC COMPOSER NEEDED! Got a talent for making great music? good....CAUSE WE NEED YOU!

ANIMATOR WANTED! While it isn't a requirement and we initially have no plans to include custom animated scenes into the series, IF we get a decent art/animator who can draw and animate the ponies as close to their art style as possible(or two people, one who draws and the other who animates) that would be COMPLETELY EPIC! and would also open A TON of doors for us as a whole for this abridged series.

Please send demos of your work to

[email protected]

with that said episode one is in production RIGHT NOW. i am simply waiting on the recorded script lines from the cast and we will have episode one out within the month with luck! :)

>> No. 15634
Youtube embed play button
I can do lyrics. I don't do them often, but I keep meaning to get more into it. It would be nice to have the excuse.
>vid related, I wrote the lyrics for the dude.
Also, I know that Colin (>>15099) can draw fucking amazingly well, and I know he does it in flash. Not sure if he animates though. If he has, he's been hiding that talent from me.
>> No. 16140
File 131371533163.gif - (49.33KB , 100x100 , 130232015866-(n1302351360638).gif )
Raan into a slight snag that will delay the production of the first episode. recently my PC has been giving me the blue screen of death at random times when i ran a S.M.A.R.T. test it failed it and gave me the error code: Biohd-8

doing research online lead me to find out this can mean impending HD or motherboard failure or be something as simple as a registry error. so either way i am thankful this is still under warranty and i am going to be taking it back to the people i got it from and get a replacement. rest assured ALL of the episode script audio has been saved to my back up drive so nothing will be lost. :)
>> No. 16172
File 131372687347.png - (55.99KB , 487x351 , thbpbphpbhbptth.png )
Just an FYI: I'm going to be moving into my dorm at college soon, so I'll probably be non-existent for a short time while getting settled in. Maybe like two weeks or so. Hopefully less.
>> No. 16173
File 131372797533.png - (206.82KB , 686x805 , 131221933953.png )
Hey, these thing happen, right? I'm kinda glad I'm not the only one who's causing problems is that an evil thing to say?
>> No. 16546
File 131399780983.png - (178.51KB , 639x360 , 7413691-(n1302407831225).png )
alrighty got a temp pc atm while the other is in shop..time to get working on that first episode!
>> No. 16547
File 131399794737.gif - (161.20KB , 160x160 , 22102921PrCElsL1-(n1295792948146).gif )
damn forgot my name in that last post>.<
>> No. 16553
File 131400607278.jpg - (243.45KB , 1247x1532 , 131222709219.jpg )
Ha, good to see you back. I thought this thread was dead.
>> No. 16593
File 131404363605.jpg - (224.05KB , 494x628 , Toys-(n1304205683554).jpg )
So... I'm going to be getting a new computer when I take off for college soon. Thing is, that means I'm going to be taking off for college. Soon.

So expect me to disappear for the next week or so. You still have my email, and hopefully I'll be able to at least check that in the intermediary steps of getting settled in. Just don't be surprised if I'm not available for the near future. I'm still here. Just... Not here.

If you're willing to take me up for the lyrics, I can still do those for you, just tell me what you're shooting for. That sort of thing doesn't require I have access to a headset.

>Bonus side of me disappearing

New computer tends to mean new peripherals, so I may be getting a nicer headset/mic/whateverthefuck. So that'll be good, if so.
>> No. 17412
File 131448037648.png - (131.20KB , 508x314 , 5750_-_fluttershy_hipstershy-(n1302592554925).png )
the first episode is half way done! voice syncing is alot of work! X.x;
>> No. 17677
File 131458534076.jpg - (43.22KB , 341x324 , 129916848755fluttersly-(n1303693051331).jpg )

Faun of the devil has taken my place as the voice actress for Pinkie Pie as she can do her tone of voice MUCH BETTER THAN I CAN AND SHE CAN SING!(i can't carry a tune in a bucket..>.>)
>> No. 17706
I can do pretty spot-on impressions of LittleKuriboh's voices, especially Teá and Mai Valentine.
But having a voice that sounds like LittleKuriboh might cause some confusion with your other series.
>> No. 18029
File 131479893692.gif - (30.82KB , 100x100 , 0054c0fz-(n1304664051179).gif )
Back. Got stuff set up.

No new mic, but still have (and can use) my old one.

May buy a new one soon, when funds allow.

Now, I have to leave. Classes.
>> No. 18712
File 131522138646.png - (326.54KB , 889x687 , 1302219429290.png )
>> No. 22424
File 131762106693.jpg - (9.35KB , 251x201 , thread rivive.jpg )

>pic it's come to my attention that our voice actress who plays Princess Celestia has not replied to any of my messages on skype as of late i'm not sure what the case is but i'm sure it's not her fault. either way unless i can get ahold of her soon i am going to have no choice but to recruit a new voice for Princess Celestia. so at this time:

WE ARE ACCEPTING AUDITIONS FOR PRINCESS CELESTIA please send an e-mail to [email protected] with your recorded audition. any of her lines from the TV show are fine or even some of your own. either way send them in!

now if she does get ahold of me before i can get a new voice actress for her part i'll see what the case is and we'll go from there.
>> No. 22425

it should also be noted that her lines are the ONLY ONES i'm waiting on at the moment which is halting production of episode 2.
>> No. 22517
File 131767244383.jpg - (41.74KB , 575x462 , doctors!.jpg )
What's your skype name, and how will I know it's you?
>> No. 22523

Pikachuninetails is my skype user name and i usually go by krystal on there
>> No. 27327
File 132089221981.png - (54.27KB , 200x200 , pony flag.png )
14 cast members and climbing! Yes that's right! i said 14 CAST MEMBERS AND CLIMBING!XD this seemingly dead thread is BACK! and we are looking for cast members once again! the majority of these are for walk on roles and background voices however you will still get shown in the episode credits! I don't like to boast but this might be the largest running cast for any abridged series ever!:3 so send in auditions to the same e-mail as stated in the OP which is [email protected]! we also have a website up and running now for you to easily keep track of when we are looking for roles! i might make a new thread soon if this one has begun to auto-sage but for now:

SEND IN YOUR AUDITIONS FOR ANY PONY! it doesn't matter who but please state which pony(if the pony has a fan-name or official name) either in the file name of the audio file you send or in your e-mail so we know who we are looking at here. or if it's just a random pony voice just put (anypony) in the audio file name or e-mail!

with that said we also have slight news update for you all!

Two episodes have been released! as well as an website launched!

Regarding our website: we are looking for authors to post news in anything with the pony fandom/community so if you think you have the time or the resources to give in order to bring everything pony to the net then by all means send an e-mail to [email protected]

which is the e-mail i have set up for the site.

you can find any and all episodes that have been released on the website or at my youtube account

with that said we look forward to having you apart of the cast/team!
>> No. 30987
File 132537325216.png - (744.92KB , 1500x1500 , 71807 - Pinkamina crazy pinkamena_diane_pie twilight_sparkle2.png )
Even if you have one, I wanna audition! It's my very first try...
>> No. 31009
File 132545853636.jpg - (16.32KB , 229x215 , 131421957651.jpg )
If you are wanting a voice for Braeburn(I can try to peform Discord, but my low pitching is very, VERY unaccurate), can I try a audiction?
>> No. 31059
File 132555168282.png - (1.08MB , 980x1270 , 131702311940.png )
Well... It occureds a problem. And a big one.

I don't know how to handle a recorder. So, for the audiction, I would prefer a actual live test, you heasring me talking as Braeburn. I got Skype, so add me so we can chit chat go'ld AAAAAPPLELOOZA style. Or not.
>> No. 31207
File 132564527828.jpg - (130.73KB , 639x360 , 1597418521-(n1302385922892).jpg )

Give me your skype name via e-mail and i'll see what i can do.^^
>> No. 31234
File 132572816813.png - (260.59KB , 402x395 , 131781935324.png )
which male roles/girly voice acting male roles were open for an audition? I can try any voice that is open just say the namn and i will try to sound like the roles selected. Btw if i were to sent you an audio file by the mail can I just make a test sound with sound recorder that you get with window or do I need a rec program more Advanced then the sound recorder?(sorry for the questions i'm a noob at this :P) :3
>> No. 31235
File 132572891019.png - (8.65KB , 82x125 , 131461151076.png )
If you need a sound-recorder-program-thing you could always download Audacity. It's free and it works pretty good. The window one is a bit of a problem because it only allows you to record for 60 seconds and it only saves into raw .wav format.
>> No. 31236
oh thanks for the tip i will get it right awey :3
>> No. 31237
oh thanks for the tip i will get it right awey :3
>> No. 31238
File 132573021413.png - (157.22KB , 945x945 , 131571379093.png )
oh thanks for the tip i will get it right awey :3
>> No. 31239
damn sorry for the spam but it said that it wasen't posted : /
>> No. 33358
Youtube embed play button

We need a voice actress for Gilda the griffin for Episode 5 so send in those audition clips!


>> No. 33361
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