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File 131146181676.png - (132.70KB , 480x360 , screenshot102.png )
11985 No. 11985
I've been hearing some people say that they would like a Zelda-like pony adventure game.

Look no further. Your wish is finally coming true. I've had this game in my folders for a couple months now, I just haven't been able to work on it till now.

Not much I can say right now except that all 6 of mane cast will be playable and each character will have their own skills to help you pass puzzles and obsticles. At the moment I only have Twilight and Rainbow working. I'll get to the others eventually.

This game will be programed mostly solo but I could use help in other catagorys like music, environmental design and other stuff.
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>> No. 11986
I can offer nothing to you project as I am artistically challenged (which I hope to cure soon), but I must say that I would love to see such a game finished.
>> No. 11988
Oh, I forgot to mention, this is being done in Game Maker 8.
>> No. 11991
File 131146278580.gif - (1.28MB , 361x361 , 131137054720.gif )
You need artwork for Profiles and Portraits?
I can draw, but I can't color.
>> No. 11994
I can do renders pretty well. If any of you can simply draw, I can render it for you.

I'll ask for that kind of stuff eventually because of how this game's cutscene are going to work. They'll be in a style where the characters are still images with a text box on bottom, kind of like the handheld Sonic games.

Here's all the renders I have on my DeviantArt.
Most of it was made for my Yugioh crossover but whatever...
>> No. 11998
File 131146527201.jpg - (32.76KB , 400x389 , 131094287641.jpg )
The reason I ask is because, I can do faces pretty well, but bodies... not so much.
Shoot me an e-mail if you want anything drawn, you'll need to find somepony to color them though if you don't want them in B&W.

[email protected]
Or you can try to reach me through MSN: [email protected]
Either way, let me know if you need anything, I've been begging for stuff to draw lately.
>> No. 11999
Silly me, you just said you could render! Haw.
Although it might be a tad tedious since I draw them by hand and not digitally..
>> No. 12075
>> No. 12117
>> No. 13342
I've been going over how I am going to do this game. Trying to figure out how this is going to work. I've run into 1 roadblock but I think I found a way around it.

One thing is that this game will have 6 playable characters that you have to switch between in order to complete different puzzles. Problem is how should a make you switch? Well I came to a conclusion.

You will be able to assign a party of 3 ponies at a time. It will kind of work like Sonic Heroes exept it will be an Adventure game rather then a Platformer.

Also, I need ideas. I have powers and skills for most of the characters but I'm having trouble with Pinkie and Applejack. I also need a tiny bit of advice for Rarity. She has a few powers already, but none really help her with puzzles or anything.
>> No. 13444
What kind of music did you want?
Are we talking chiptunes or more orchestral stuff?
>> No. 13454
Whatever works mostly. I have a friend who can do music but he will unable to help me here since he only does hard rock and death metal.
>> No. 13456
I'm not incredibly good with chip tunes and such. I don't have a very good library of 8-bitish sounds. However i could give it a go. I'd just need to see something to get an idea of how, intense, calm, or whatever the music should be.
>> No. 13470
Mostly calm. Think Zelda since this game is quite similar. Its kind of the whole point in making this game. A Zelda-like adventure game.

This games ghaphics and sound are a little better then the GBA. i don't want 8-bit stuff mixed in.
>> No. 13552

Alrighty, so no 8-bit, i can do that.
>> No. 13559
16-Bit may be acceptable but no 8-bit...
>> No. 13592
alright sounds good
>> No. 20627
File 131642590110.png - (15.46KB , 404x324 , Screenshot02.png )
I know I haven't updated for a while but I might as well do one now. This update is about the 2 Unicorns Twilight and Rarity.

Unicorns act quite a bit different then Earth Ponys and Pegasai. When you click the attack button while using a Unicorn, rather then performing a normal attack, a command prompt comes up. While holding the attack button, you have to input a 3 button combanation. The spell you use is based on the combo. Heres an example.

Spell: Magic Lift
Command: Left / Right / Up
Cost: 5-10 Mp a second
Effect: After activation, move the spell cursor over a glowing object and click the attack button to pick it up. Use the arrow keys to move the object and release the button to drop the object.

The interesting thing about "Magic Lift" is that although both Twi and Rar can use it. It acts different for each of them. Twilight can lift much bigger and heavier objects but Rarity can move objects faster.

As for other differences. Twilight will be more focused on attacking spells while Rarity will have more tactical spells like status inducers and healing magic.
>> No. 20682
File 131646458592.png - (114.57KB , 300x400 , pinkie.png )
That sounds great! Looking forward to it.
>> No. 20771
Hey guys, Today I am releasing a small tech demo for the game. The demo only has Twilight playable with 2 spells. Magic Lift and Teleport. Note that your magic has to be full for Teleport to work. There are also some noticable things missing. At the moment I'm using alot of placeholder sprites and a couple things don't have sounds yet.

Anyway, if you find a problem, tell me. Any and all criticism will be of help.
>> No. 20993
Has anypony tried it out yet?
>> No. 21000

Downloading now.
>> No. 21001

Mm'kay. Not a lot to say.

I would find/make a front/back view of Twilight/all ponies for when you move up or down.

I would make the spells activate with number keys, not the arrow key combinations. It seems unnecessarily complicated as is.

I am definitely liking this so far, though.
>> No. 21007
I was planning on having it be the number keys but the arrow combo feels more authetic and gives the feel of actually casting a spell. Plus it allows you to use a controller if you want.

As for the sprites, unless somepony makes a front and back sprite, can't really do much. I'm not good at sprite making.(hence why I'm Decktop Pony sprites) I'll probably make the game more focused on left and right so it won't be a problem.
>> No. 21125
Wow, I wish I could contribute something to this, unfortunately all I can do is program. I love the concept.

I fiddled around with your tech demo a bit. Only bug-type thing I saw was if you hold down opposite directions (IE: Left arrow + right arrow), I think it would make sense for the character to just stand still. At the moment she kind of moonwalks like crazy.

I like the concept of inputting the magic commands, reminds me of Symphony of the Night.

I'll be watching this project, very nifty!
>> No. 21162

Remember to give credit for each and every Desktop Pony sprite you are using then. It's a mere formality, but they deserve it.
>> No. 21168
Don't worry, I will.
>> No. 26174
File 132001852694.png - (29.58KB , 409x208 , ShadowTest.png )
Small update, as I mentioned in my first post, I'm working on another unrelated game at the same time. I decided to try and add my other game lighting engine to this game as a test. As you can see in the picture, it perfectly replicates the sprites shape. Do you think I should keep this or should I just go with the circular shadows like the show. Its actually faster to do it this way since all I have to do it paste a line of code into an object then "BAM!", realistic shadow.
>> No. 26191

Twilight seems to be hovering over the ground, though.
Maybe if you use a simpler grass tileset, like the one used on the first Mario and Luigi GBA RPG?
>> No. 26197
File 132002905842.png - (20.90KB , 726x688 , Screenshot.png )
Those were just some placeholder tiles I took from RPG maker. The actual tiles look alot more accurate to the show.
>> No. 26266
File 132010498145.png - (9.02KB , 400x300 , screenshot102.png )
I guess its about time I start talking about something different... The story... I wanted to make a game with an actual in-depth story.

As of recently, the game has an actual name. Its current name is "MLP: Scattered Chaos". The premise is that a dark force has scattered the Elements of Harmony to 6 different location across Equestria. This phenomenon has cause these 6 locations to fall into total chaos and can only be restored by acquiring the Element that resides in that location.

One of the locations is "Neon City." Normally a bright city covered in lights and activity is now barren ghost town littered with garbage and broken lights and gains a putrid green tint.

I'll talk about more of the locations as time goes on.
>> No. 26294
Question, are there any videos of the episodes with any music and only sounds? If not, is there anypony here that can rip the sounds instead? Most of the sounds I'm using are straight from the show but there are some I just can't get. Heck, most of Rainbow's sound effects were ripped from Sonic Unleashed.
>> No. 26295
"Without" music...
>> No. 26889
File 132056537597.png - (6.65KB , 400x300 , screenshot100.png )
This is a bit of a repeated update but whatever.

As mentioned before, the game will use a 3-person partner system. You will select a leader and have 2 others follow you around. Using the A and S keys, you can switch leaders at will. The camera will change to whoever your in control of. There is a catch however. Your partners will only follow you where they can go. So for example, if Rainbow Dash was to fly over a "Pegasus Only" zone, any partner other then Fluttershy wouldn't be able to follow you.

There's a little detail I wanted to mention. Your partners will always move at the same speed as you regardless of how fast the character normally runs when your playing as them. This was done just for convenience sake.
>> No. 26989
hey man, i just saw this on EQD im not entirely sure what i could help out with, i do some amateur (i guess) programming so if you hit me up an e-mail with something you want some help with i can see what i can do, my email is [email protected]
>> No. 26992
Since this game finally appeared on EqD, I thought I would go over some stuff for those looking to help.

This game is being made in Game Maker 8 for PC. I'm mostly looking for people to do music and somepony who is good at puzzle making. I may ask for programming assistance but I generally ask for help over on Yoyogames. I'm also looking for somepony who can rip sounds from the show without the music. The game uses sounds and voice clips from the show and I need (Generally) clean sounds. If there's another area you would like to help out with like graphics or even story, please leave a message and I'll get back to you.

You can also help by leaving suggestions and ideas. Remember, since this plays like Zelda but with multiple playable characters, the more types of puzzles the better.

I can't guarantee a constant update as I am in collage(Luckily, learning Game Design) so there might be long times without any updates.

All participants will be credited in final game.
>> No. 26993
Oh ya, I forgot... I'll eventually need some good testers. My best beta tester just so happens to be an Anti-Brony which is a huge letdown...
>> No. 26995
File 132066025922.jpg - (177.06KB , 778x967 , spoiler.jpg )
I don't know if you're in need of one, but I'd be happy to script doctor for you/consult/write if you need.
I wrote Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle, and have been looking to dip my hooves in something to get me back into the creative swing.
My credentials:
>> No. 27007
I'd love to join the writing team if you're looking. I've been dying to add my creative talents to the Brony community but I'm a writer and I don't like fanfiction. A project like this seems the perfect oppurunity.
>> No. 27013
Man, this sounds fucking brilliant.
I would love the opportunity to create the music for you, just tell me what you want and I'll most likely be able to do it. I have a wide variety of recording equipment, instruments and music programs (I would mostly use Garageband and Logic Studio.)

I also mostly do hard rock and metal but I'm very confident in creating music for most other genres and it would be a lot of fun for me.
Have you already found somepony for music? What type of music are you looking for? Do the songs have to be original?

If you don't already have somepony, here's my email address:
[email protected]

I'll check this thread for updates also.
>> No. 27014
also being a tester would be great :)
>> No. 27017
If you need music composers, I'll be more than happy to help out. Been looking for a fun project to be able to participate in for a while.

This is some of my stuff that I've composed.

If you need me, just let me know! =)
>> No. 27039
Nice to see I'm finally getting some support. If you need to reach me, my email is [email protected]

Not much to do for the music yet. The game isn't far enough to really need music right now. If you want, you can try to make a theme for the currently known places. There are the standards like Ponyville and Canterlot but there are also exclusives like Neon City.

I'd also like to bring up that the 6 regions where the elements are scattered to need 2 versions of their music. A dark version and a happy version.

Good. I don't plan on the story hitting Grimdark territory. I'm thinking it will be somewhere around the lines of the pilot but with a deeper story. I've done little more in terms of story than what I've mention already aside from a few details. I have 3 of the 6 regions planned out. Neon City and its "dungeon" Casino Tower are one of them.
>> No. 27044
File 132069817321.png - (35.35KB , 201x194 , 131733189695.png )
It's a shame i just learned how to draw with illustrator, i can't really do anything but support with my invisible hoof, at least i can voice my opinion ((this is gonna be great))
>> No. 27045
Sweet, I'll try out making some loops.

Anything on the beta testing situation? I have some past experience in that if you need somepony for it.
>> No. 27046
Ideally I'd love to be a writer for this project, but I can also offer my aid as a paytester. My skills in coding and game design are lacking. Nonetheless I believe I can be quite useful on the conceptual side of things. Puzzle design, enemies, gameplay mechanics and so forth.
>> No. 27063
I'll probably release another tech demo soon. I'm almost done with the partner system and I'll need to know if there are any major glitches before I continue on.

I won't really need to much help with the coding. I've been using Game Maker for over 2 years so I'm pretty experienced.
>> No. 27066
I wouldn't mind just talking to you one on one. We can shoot some ideas and see if you like what I've got to offer. Do you mind if I e-mail you?
>> No. 27067
Yah, you can do that.
>> No. 27068
File 132070478521.jpg - (67.22KB , 894x894 , rarity_why_by_mantis484848-d423td4.jpg )
I want to help you. I'm just not good at anything. Why do I suck!?
>> No. 27081
I heard about this game, just letting you know, I'm fairly fluent in GameMaker Language, and have GM8 pro. Also, I make music, if you need a soundtrack, I'm your guy!! I can make everything from dance to 8 bit. Some examples of my music are shown below.

8-bit style:


But I know for a fact I can make a soundtrack for this game.
>> No. 27084
File 132071234434.png - (80.99KB , 205x209 , Twilight.png )
Also, I can get you the sound samples without the background sound. I already have most of the downloaded, and around 200+ twilight quotes. I'm fairly decent at making sound effects too.
I can also help make the puzzles and stuff, and I can advertise this game since I own

But I would really love to get my hands on the soundtrack, I've made some game soundtracks before, I just haven't uploaded it. I can do pretty much every style of music, and have 3 DAW's with around 40-50 plugins. I can also make orchestral scores, if you're looking for more of a cinematic feel.
>> No. 27087
Nice. I'll definitely keep you in mind.

Its gonna be hard working with all these people who want to make music. Maybe I'll split the soundtrack between you all when I have more of an idea of what songs I need.
>> No. 27093
Interesting. I've managed to get "some" sounds like footsteps or Twilight's teleport but one sound I just cannot get is that humming sound whenever a unicorn is using magic.

Puzzles are the part where I'll probably need the most help. I'm good at figuring out puzzles but I can't make them.
>> No. 27094
I'd be happy to help out with story-if there is one, play testing, critique, anything that you would need in terms of checking for issues...just not too good with art, so that's what I can offer.
>> No. 27095
In case you need my email, it's [email protected]

I don't go on ponychan often(but I'll try), so contact me through there if need be.
>> No. 27150
Ugh... Man... After HOURS of straight work. I finally got the partner swapping up and working. I had the re-write the system about 5 times.

As I promised, now that the partner system is done, I'm releasing a new demo.

Your still quite limited but now that that's out of the way, I can actually start working on the character's individual skills and abilities.
>> No. 27154
That'd be great man.

Also that demo was fucking excellent :D Can't wait to see the completed project.
>> No. 27212
File 132078892054.gif - (570.33KB , 358x400 , OH YES.gif )
This needs more recognition!!

This looks excellent, and plays amazing!

Can't wait for a full release!
>> No. 27230
File 132079797168.png - (16.53KB , 400x297 , DialogueColors.png )
Hey, if there are any artists out there, I could use a little help. If you play the demo, you'll notice the dialogue boxes have that empty black box on the left side. As you might guess, that's supposed to be the character's portrait. If anypony wants to try to make some portraits for the mane 6 or any others, you can. All I request is that they are all a similar style/position. Also remember that the images will be re-sized to 60x60 so they can fit.

Speaking of the dialogue boxes, one small feature I decided to take a stab at is custom colors. You will be able to select between a few colors for your dialogue boxes and menus. Game Maker has 19 colors to choose from but some of them are pretty much the same.
>> No. 27262
Well, I haven't had much experience in beta testing, but I'd like to help out by doing so if you'll give me a chance! :D

My email's [email protected]
>> No. 27263
A new demo came out yesterday that you can try.
>> No. 27265
"I'd also like to bring up that the 6 regions where the elements are scattered to need 2 versions of their music. A dark version and a happy version."

I came up with something last night by chance. I'll create a quick little demo today and send it to you.
>> No. 27355
I'd like to inform you to please leave your username when you email me. Luckily, I was able to find the names of those who've already message me but please leave your name in the future. It will make it infinitely easier for me to leave credit because I keep a document of everypony who emails me relating to this game.
>> No. 27516
Another notice for supporters. If your making music, be wary. The sound player I use with Game Maker uses OGG sound files. So please try to export the sound as an OGG so they will work properly.
>> No. 27548
I can code a DLL that runs .mp3 files, it's very simple. It's about 3 scripts needed, and it loaded 40 mb of MP3's in around 5 seconds.
>> No. 27549
I'm using supersound and I use OGG's because they are smaller in size. Its able to load a song in 1 second and I don't plan on it loading more then 1 song per room.
>> No. 27564
I just now figured out that i need to let go of C at the same time when i completed the combo.
>> No. 27567
I put it in the instructions...

I think I have a solution to this problem. I'm going to change the spell button to X and have you click C to use the spell. C will be remapped as the attack button.
>> No. 27690
Any chance you'll be able to move your pony while moving objects? (guess that means using the numpad keys or the mouse)
>> No. 27744
Heh, I realized today that the game's style with the whole "Dark and Evil to Good and Happy" is just like Majora's Mask.
In Woodfall, the water becomes poison.
In Snowhead, its always winter.
In Great Bay... In Great Bay... Uh...
In Ikana, the dead runs rampant.

There's something else. I want it to play a voice clip when you switch to a character, but I've got a problem. I'm lost on what to use for Twilight and Rarity. I'm thinking of using "It is on!" for Rarity but it doesn't feel right. If you think of a good line, tell me. Make sure its a clip I can actually use or provide me with one. So no background noise or music.
>> No. 27755
You know, I haven't really talked about this but I think I will just to get it out there. I mentioned in a previous post that I have another game. Its not pony related since I started it a year and halpony. I actually work on this other game a bit more often then I do this one so if your interested, please throw me a message at [email protected] I'm not going to be discussing this game anymore after this.

Game Info
My other game is an experimental Sonic game. I'm trying to create an unique OC centered game that isn't a re-skin of an already made Sonic game. The result is a 2D action/RPG. I've actually gotten some really good feedback from my testers which is good. I'm determined to break this thought that OCs kill a game!

Here's some pictures. They're pretty outdated so I may upload more soon.

Now... Back to ponies!
>> No. 27759
File 132135582736.png - (17.49KB , 279x259 , 44.png )
>I've been hearing some people say that they would like a Zelda-like pony adventure game.

Seems Legit.

>Look no further. Your wish is finally coming true. I've had this game in my folders for a couple months now, I just haven't been able to work on it till now.

O RLY? Interesting..

>Not much I can say right now except that all 6 of mane cast will be playable and each character will have their own skills to help you pass puzzles and obsticles. At the moment I only have Twilight and Rainbow working. I'll get to the others eventually.

If this game is a success, will the game have a MULTIPLAYER option?

Amazing dude.
>> No. 28045

>> No. 29125
File 132273243364.gif - (1.80KB , 78x78 , TwilightCharge.gif )
I wanted to bring up something. I know people hound you for using Desktop Pony sprites. However, I am going to be making my own. DP doesn't have nearly enough to work with. I'll probably end up making alot of custom sprites like this one based off the end of Boast Busters.
>> No. 29137
Sounds great :o. Original sprites would be really nice
>> No. 29186
File 132279761332.png - (8.62KB , 400x300 , screenshot100.png )
Small update. I remember people complaining about the annoying spellcasting controls and so I did some tweaking. Its alot easier to use now.

Originally, you had to release the C key right when the arrows are disappearing. If you didn't, the spell would just cancel itself out. Now, after you input the spell combination, the C key will no longer release you from your spellcasting stance. The C key is still used to cast the spells but if you want to cancel the spell, you have to press the X key.

Also, the Rarity sprite in the image isn't mine. Its a sprite I found here on Ponychan. The colors were a bit off so I had to modify it a little.
>> No. 29267
Oh, my Spike sprite! Im so happy if you use it
>> No. 29400
need any more testers or similar help?
>> No. 29403
Testing is pretty much open to anypony who wants at the moment. However, I'm not in any position to release a demo. Its probably going to be a little while before I do.
>> No. 29435

No problem, E-mail me if you ever need a tester for this.

[email protected]
>> No. 31241
File 132573275096.png - (9.62KB , 400x300 , screenshot100.png )
Well, production has been coming... Along... But I wanted to talk about something. I've gotten quite a few helpers. Music Composers, Testers and even a Script Writer.

However, I've been having trouble. I'm only one person, thus my creativity is quite limited. I need somepony to consult with about gameplay elements and ideas. Preferably, somepony who knows a thing or 2 about puzzles and quests.

I've been spending the last several weeks just working on Twilight and Rainbow's movesets and the hud graphics(As seen in pic). I need somepony to help with ideas. I do have alot of stuff down but alot is also still up for debate. Please, send me an email if your interested. This is a pretty crucial piece needed to complete the game.
>> No. 31276
I don't know anything about coding or music, or graphics... but I do know block puzzles and fetch quests!

of course, since two of the main characters can fly and one can teleport (in the show, at least), I'm not sure how viable they would be in game...
>> No. 31279
You are right about that. Both Rainbow and Fluttershy can fly and Twilight can teleport. But Twilight can only teleport to other locations on the screen.

You can really help here. That's the kind of stuff I need help with.
>> No. 31282
I'll check out the demo if I have time this weekend. before I can start thinking of puzzles, I need to experience some of the game's mechanics, environment, plot, NPCs, etc.

Zelda-style block and/or switch puzzles as a way of opening up new areas or acquiring items should be fairly simple. Nothing that's La Mulana/Hell Temple hard...
>> No. 31283
The demo was quite a while ago. It was released so people can check for any major errors with the partner system so it's missing alot of things.
>> No. 31284

hmm... all right then.
>> No. 31285
I'll go over some of the mechanics. Think of this as a public update. After this, email me if you want to go further. There are 3 mechanics to make note of. Team Switching, Spell Casting, and Skill Cool Down.

For Team Switching, you choose 3 out of the 6 ponies to take at a time. You can switch between the 3 whenever you want but if only a specific pony can go somewhere, the others will say behind, no off screen teleporting.

Spell Casting. The Unicorns require a very specific method for using skills. By holding C, they go into a stance. While in this stance, you input a combo with Up, Down, Left and Right. If the input was correct, they'll either cast the spell, or an aiming ridicule for where to cast the spell will appear. Spells use up magic. The magic gauge slowly recharges over time and will glow when full.

The non-Unicorns have Skill Cool Down system. At the bottom corner the character will have a command menu with all they're skills. After a skill is used, it must cool down for a short time before it can be used again.

Hope this was helpful to you. =)
>> No. 31467
What luck! I started a new term in College today and guess what? My Introduction to Gaming teacher is a massive Brony(She even nicknames students after ponies) along with a quarter of the class. I mentioned this game in class and a few people were interested. This situation as a lot of potential and I'll see what I can get out of it.
>> No. 31468
Fucking sweet man :D

... Congratulations...? In any case, good for you
>> No. 31472
That is insanely luck :D
>> No. 31838
Youtube embed play button
  Alright, so... Recently, I've started getting in some music. One of the composers, Senjan, is actually going to upload all the music he makes as we go. I suggest checking it out and giving feedback.
>> No. 31840
Sounds quite interesting to me. A bit on the mysterious side? Possible Everfree Forest music?
>> No. 31841
File 132677390269.png - (98.45KB , 252x367 , Toph_Hmmm_Thinking.png )
I would describe it as Ruins music more like. Everfree is a good second option. World map music would be good too if it were the main theme.
>> No. 31846
File 132677442930.png - (62.21KB , 142x238 , Roark-RUN!.png )
Yeah a temple of some kind....
That's what came to mind first but I couldn't think of any temple in equestria... Ruins though; that sounds good. World Map is probably third best option.
Also I remember you!
>> No. 31847
File 132677478448.png - (83.60KB , 258x334 , Toph_Upside_Down_Frown.png )
Actually the temple that Twilight and friends confront NMM is a legit temple type place. AND they're ruins.

Yes, apparently I'm easy to ignore but hard to forget. It's a curse.
>> No. 31849
File 132677512483.png - (45.70KB , 99x211 , Roark-Please___.png )
A temple... Or ruins...
"How bout ruined temple."
*World peace*

Yeah in the Fighting is magic thing... I believe I still have you added on Skype... which I should re-download...
>> No. 31850
File 132677550498.png - (91.75KB , 263x316 , Toph_Nothing_To_Worry_About.png )
I don't have skype on my laptop. Ponychan is my most reliable means of communication with peoples.

And I don't go by the Fighting is Magic thread because I'll just be ignored again. But what's this game about anyways? What's the progress so far?
>> No. 31851
File 132677577463.png - (53.45KB , 140x212 , Roark-Think of it this way.png )
Guy got lucky as his programming class teacher is a brony and some in his class are able to help develop. He is making an adventure game. A Zelda-esque game that has been in development since July apparently. There is a demo and more screenshots if you look up more in the previous posts. Also, I never ignored ya hehe... I tried talkin to ya a bit more :P
>> No. 31853
File 132677665422.png - (124.03KB , 528x384 , Toph_Relieved.png )
Well I do myself some adventure games :D I wish I could help out SOMEHOW with these games but I have absolutely no experience with programming or computers... Sad face... Right now though I'm happy with ANY pony games I can play. Do you know of any at all that aren't filled with harmony oh love? :P

Also, I don't mind being ignored. I'm completely used to it but it's nice to talk to you regardless.
>> No. 31856
File 132677722356.png - (58.05KB , 152x180 , Roark-Ya see.png )
No not really but there might be one... It's called revenge of the blanks... On Newgrounds. Idk honestly so eh...
>> No. 31858
File 132677739436.png - (80.67KB , 285x316 , Toph_Scuse_Me.png )
Well I'll have to check out some sites to find out which games are worth following. This game is definitely one of them. I love Zelda.
>> No. 31860
File 132677796507.png - (38.88KB , 126x142 , Roark-Smile.png )
A lot of people do hehe. I'ma download the demo now. There's a link that's up in the previous posts
>> No. 31862
Please note that the demo is quite old. That was mostly meant to be a tech demo for my partner switching mechanic. You can try if you want but there isn't much there. You'll have to wait for the upcoming "real" demo.
>> No. 31863
File 132677952972.png - (55.16KB , 171x187 , Roark-Sure you are___.png )
Realized that once I started it hehe lol
It was still a decent way to kill 3 minutes :P
>> No. 31867
File 132678223453.png - (166.07KB , 332x384 , Toph_Momo_Interesting.png )
Three minutes? I spent at least 20 messing around with spells and group arrangements and such. I love customizing things :P
>> No. 31878
File 132678534644.png - (26.86KB , 126x138 , Roark-Hey there!.png )
Huh... I was just screwing with telport and lifting things... So far itis agreat game engine in my opinion... Quick analysis but over analysis at the same time... :D
>> No. 31912
File 132684367995.png - (107.68KB , 327x374 , Toph_I_Promise.png )
Sweet! I'm not the kind of person to get excited over rpgs but I think this and EqOnline is piking my interest.

I'm usually into fighters and racers to be honest.
>> No. 31913
File 132684442219.png - (58.50KB , 176x208 , Roark-Ah dammit.png )
Same here. I need to find someway to get continuum shift... I wanna play as Hazama again and I only have Calamity Trigger
>> No. 31992
File 132695245799.png - (28.10KB , 152x165 , Toph_^____^.png )
I have CS 1 but not 2. And I REALLY would enjoy Platinum. Bubbles and hearts is the only thing better than Tao in my eyes.
>> No. 32004
File 132697604373.png - (15.49KB , 400x300 , screenshot100.png )
Production has been going unusually fast lately. Heck, I might even release some footage here within the next few days to show my progress.

>Pic VERY related
>> No. 32051
File 132701411291.png - (34.62KB , 138x139 , Roark-Heehee___.png )
You like Tao and platinum just like me I see xD
I destroy with Tao and Platinum is just so fun to use :D My friend downloaded all the characters in CS1 so I was gonna get his info when I get the game and download all the stuff I want/need for the game
>> No. 32075
File 132703495689.png - (50.03KB , 209x217 , Toph_Heya.png )
IT'S... BEAUTIFUL! Keep it up!

I'm the kind of gamer to choose the most eccentric and bubbly characters in the game. Or the ones least likely to win. It provide more of a challenge and it throws people off most of the time
>> No. 32125
File 132709608721.png - (73.33KB , 291x310 , Cuco-Good Job!.png )
Which is why I love using Tao. I annoy my brother with how versatile she can be xD
*angelic chorus*
Looks like it is indeed coming along quite nicely :D
>> No. 32152
You know, I was originally planning on having Twilight, Rarity and Rainbow in the upcoming demo stage but going over the design specs, I don't think it's going to work. At that point in the game, Twilight will be will be too similar to Rarity as she doesn't get her good moves until later in the game. So instead, it will probably be Pinkie Pie instead. She was one move that fits perfectly into a volcano dungeon.
>> No. 32210
File 132720670341.png - (98.45KB , 252x367 , Toph_Hmmm_Thinking.png )
>She was one move that fits perfectly into a volcano dungeon.

What could that possibly mean?
>> No. 32213
Something relating to pulling random objects from nowhere maybe? Or something just cool, like... I wish I had a clever idea now, heh...
>> No. 32224
File 132722380254.png - (194.94KB , 407x428 , Toph_Adjusts_Tiara_Thing.png )
No I think it has something to do with parties. She pulls a party cannon out, shoots it, covers the lava with confetti, it melts the lava and then it dries so they can walk across it.

Either that or 4th wall breaking to pass impossible gaps.
>> No. 32225
lol yeah or that., But only time will tell...
>Time to play the waiting game!
*waits patiently*
>> No. 32230
I doubt you'll figure it out. It's one of the game's "Original Abilities." There are a few moves I made specifically for this game that aren't used in the show. Though trust me, it's a good one...
>> No. 32245
Well we can't help BUT trust you anyway, now can we? :P
>> No. 32254
File 132726979023.png - (174.98KB , 512x480 , Toph_Stern.png )
In the time it took you to write that message, you could've wrote a few lines of code and would've been several seconds closer to making this game a reality!

I'm just messin'. Take your time.
>> No. 32697
File 132763227863.png - (7.95KB , 179x82 , FinalHudRarity.png )
I finished the Hud for the Unicorns. It's a little complex but it get's the point across. The 3 circles is where your button inputs for your spell appear. They don't appear as huge arrow at the bottom of the screen anymore.

Adding in the button prompts for what switches to who has made the switching process SOOOO much easier to use.
>> No. 32702
File 132763622167.gif - (288.47KB , 342x345 , 130715467977.gif )
Wow nice! My only concern would be:

Will the meter be that small in actual size? I think the 3 buttons could increase in size when you start inputting buttons so that we could both SEE the arrows that we're pressing, and know that we're actually doing it right because it resizes.

All of that might be obsolete if the meter and button are large enough :P You're doing a fantastic job man.
>> No. 32712
File 132764139213.png - (20.09KB , 400x300 , screenshot104.png )
I wouldn't worry about it being too small. Especially if you go full screen.

>See pic
>> No. 32720
File 132765226689.png - (120.93KB , 283x341 , Toph_Momo_Why_You_So_Adorable.png )
Alright! Looks awesome bro. Keep it up! I wish I could help out somehow though.
>> No. 32722
I don't know, there are quite a few areas of work. One in particular I REALLY need help with is level design. I am pretty bad at making a stage layout. It's easily my weakest area.
>> No. 32725
File 132765831455.png - (102.63KB , 221x281 , Toph_Ahahaha.png )
WOW! I'm terrible with visuals and programming.

I'm the idea guy, so I would totally fit into that category XD
>> No. 32726
Then hit me up with an email and we'll see what we can do.
>> No. 32727
File 132766020984.png - (105.54KB , 231x321 , Toph_I_Cant_Swim.png )
Okey dokey lokey. Message inbound.
>> No. 32728
Alright, I'll email back in the morning(Almost 3am here) then I can go over what we need to do.
>> No. 32729
File 132766161071.png - (189.79KB , 444x447 , Toph_Sleepy.png )
Aye Captain! It's almost 5 here so I'm outta here.
>> No. 32930
File 132781333662.png - (26.09KB , 158x169 , Toph_My_Fav_Part.png )
Do you happen to have a messenger thingy other than steam or skype? I'm unable to get those for various reasons.

I'd like to communicate through a reliable means
>> No. 32994
Those are essentially the only ones I have...
>> No. 33002
doesn't gmail have a messenger to use?
>> No. 33082
Simply put, I would like to cuddle this game.
Just read through the thread and it's so interesting to see how it's developed.
I'm not much of an artist, nor am I that skilled in coding of any sort, but I am currently doing my A Levels in Game Design, so if you need any help with that kind of stuff I'd be willing to do what I can!

Great work! ^^
>> No. 33085
File 132804865439.png - (194.94KB , 407x428 , Toph_Adjusts_Tiara_Thing.png )
I dun have gmail.

However, I could make one if I can.
>> No. 34252
File 132963470359.png - (13.65KB , 400x300 , screenshot102.png )
Sorry guys, I've been on a bit of a... Medical Hiatus but now I'm feel quite a bit better now.

First off, I actually posted this screenshot in the Desktop Ponies thread showcasing my walking animation. I just thought to put it here as well.

I added a command list on the right, Its just to display your abilities and their ammo/charge. If you can't tell, I reworked the buttons again. Every ability that was mapped to the C key is now on the X key. This means Twilight and Rarity's magic too. This allowed me to use C as the designated attack button. The basic attack is a simple buck using Applejack's Desktop Pony Bucking animation. Now one thing I wanted to get out of the way. Just because you can only buck left and right, doesn't mean hitting above and below are difficult. I have a tendency to make hitboxes much bigger then they need to be. Heck, the standard buck probably has more range then Snake's melee attacks in Smash Bros.

I also added box pushing. The boxes even leave a nice little trail. The trail disappears after 10 seconds or so. If the trail didn't disappear it would lag the game really bad.
>> No. 35224
File 133129709189.png - (8.95KB , 946x262 , CustomColor.png )
Nifty little update here. I was working on the color system and I found out how to make a simple RGB Color Slider. Thanks to this, your no longer restricted to the 19 or so preset colors in Game Maker. You have the ability to make the game menu's and dialogue boxes any color you want now.

Original Custom Color post here...
>> No. 35230
Looks very, very nice.

I'd suggest adding a bit more background details to your maps. FiM has a very simplistic artstyle, granted, but your lava cave screenshots are basically brown squares on top of larger orange squares.
>> No. 35237
File 133133452836.png - (44.83KB , 400x300 , screenshot103.png )
Better? I've made a few enhancements since that screenshot.

Another thing. I mentioned giving each character a buck attack. Well, I'm trying to differentiate the attack and give each pony their own move. At the moment, I have actually done so for Pinkie Pie. Now she has a Crash Bandicoot-esque spin attack. I even took the time to rip the spinning sound from Crash 3.
>> No. 35400

Assuming the lava animates, that looks a lot better.
>> No. 35405
File 133161512904.png - (76.70KB , 2048x32 , spr_Lava_strip64.png )
Partially... It slowly moves downward and to the right. It also changes color. It slowly fades from a deep red to a bright yellow.
>> No. 35410
I love you for that crash spin lol
That's a very interestingidea you put in there[/?]
>> No. 35438
File 133168837828.png - (184.75KB , 1333x1636 , BoltHype.png )
Just saw this thread today randomly. Played both the demos and HOLY CRAP this looks amazing so far! Sure, the demos didn't have much, but you bet your flank I could already see the potential in this! Still in the process of reading everything in this thread, but I saw the pictures as well and this looks like it's going to be pretty damn awesome!

I have a few questions. In the demo, the ponies...and Spike(?) all followed the leader, will players have the ability to split the party? Will the ponies get items/new abilities as the game progresses (ala Zelda)? And what the hay was Spike doin in the 2nd Demo? He gonna do anything for the party?

I'm most curious on the party splitting though. While travelling together would allow the player to adapt to just about any kind of situation by switching to the right pony, splitting the party would be a fantastic element for dungeon crawling/puzzle solving. You could also make so you could split one pony off from the party and keep the other two together until the other rejoined.

Lookin forward to seein more of this! :D
>> No. 35440
File 133168942584.png - (145.34KB , 1262x1383 , BoltThinking1E.png )
Gettin a little bit ahead of myself, but hot damn I'm just a little high on the initial hype at the moment... But going off that party splitting idea, that would make a great Zelda Four Swords style multiplayer game! I do believe then engine you're using can do netplay, I've seen an MMBN MMO type game that uses the same engine I believe. But with the idea of separate/specialized abilities and cooperative puzzle solving/dungeon crawling, that, a Four Swords type 3/4 Player Pony game would be amazing! Just tossin that idea out there...
>> No. 35447
At the moment, your partners will follow you wherever they can go. However, I'm thinking of adding a command where you can make them stay where they are.

Spike was mostly just a test. I wanted to see if I could make any character follow you like partners. It might be used in some areas but I'm not sure yet.

I could split them up. I doubt you will be able to adapt as well as your thinking because you can only have 3 ponies with you. There are 6 in total meaning you will have to find a place to switch.

I'm not big of an expert on netplay. If I do make it, it would probably be a post-release expansion.
>> No. 35448
File 133170678607.png - (141.30KB , 1201x1444 , BoltConfused1.png )
>I could split them up. I doubt you will be able to adapt as well as your thinking because you can only have 3 ponies with you. There are 6 in total meaning you will have to find a place to switch.

Wha? Not sure what you mean by that...
>> No. 35451
File 133171028827.png - (41.43KB , 400x300 , screenshot106.png )
What I mean is that not all puzzles can be solved right off the bat. There are times where you will encounter puzzles that use party members you don't have with you. For example, every dungeon is focused around 3 specific ponies but there are a few puzzles here and there that require ponies you don't take into the dungeon. This means you will have to backtrack to those areas afterwards so you can get the goodies you missed.

As for the partners, I did actually tweak the system a bit. Now you can command your partners to either follow you or stay where they are. This will allow you to do things such as holding down multiple switches or splitting up the team.
>On left side under normal hud.
>> No. 35452
alright everypony, I've given it some thought and I decided to open up a tumblr. I'll be hosting not only Scattered Chaos but every other project I do including Fanfics posted on fimfiction and Let's Plays posted on Youtube. Hopefully you'll come and support me. It's pretty bland at the moment but I'm working on getting it up.
>> No. 35484
File 133177485627.png - (153.45KB , 1314x1442 , BoltPointE.png )
By the way. Dunno if you're still lookin for a level/dungeon designer. But I'd like to try out for the position. I'll be honest though, I'm kinda goin Cutiemark Crusader dungeon designer here and tryin somethin new. But who knows, may I don't completely suck at this. If you'd be willin to gimme a shot. If not, I completely understand.
>> No. 35495
Maybe, I have a few people right now so I'll have to think about it.
>> No. 35501
Is the school still helping you?
>> No. 35502
Heh, sort of. I'm using Game Maker to program and my collage only teaches Unity and Unreal. I've learned a few random concepts but not much.
>> No. 35506
Guess what everypony? I'm going to Everfree! With the pace I've been going at and how long I have, I'm thinking of hosting the first fully-playable demo at Everfree. If everything goes right, I'll release the Everfree Demo online shortly after, but that's still awhile away.
>> No. 35774
File 133233479476.png - (58.01KB , 1200x900 , Screenshot105.png )
Alright, got some new things. First off is my first screen of Canterlot Castle. There isn't really a huge focus around this place except for this room. This is the Royal Warp Room. It's a huge room with several portals that will take you each of the areas. Pretty standard.

Another thing about this screen. Take note of the image in the top left. In previous images, I've simply used a shrunken down vector. Well, I've started giving the characters custom vectors down. Because I'm initially making them low-res, they don't have all that blurriness the previous scaled-down ones had. Just compare Pinkie to the screens with Dash and Rarity...
>> No. 35807
File 133242478095.png - (50.47KB , 1200x900 , Hud Screenshot 2.png )
So I've been on a bit of a graphic binge lately. I've been upping the quality of the hud to look as good as possible.

First thing I did was add a white border around some of it. I found that if your in a room with a lot of black, it will start to blend in and become hard to see. By adding a white border around the magic and commands, it looks a lot cleaner.

I've also done a little with the portrait. By having custom vectors, I have a lot more freedom with the pictures. One thing I did was make it so your character's face changes when your near death. Just something I thought was cool.
>> No. 35814
Not that big of a fan of changing portraits, due to it distracts me, but can you remove Rarity's fever look?
>> No. 35816

I think it looks cute, you should keep it in my opinion.
>> No. 35827
File 133246482722.png - (29.24KB , 230x174 , HeadSet1.png )
I wouldn't worry about that. It's only occurs when you have one hit left. It adds a sense of urgency.

Also, here are the portraits I have done if you want to use them. They're pretty good for low-res avatars. I'm not going to do the other 3 for a while since I'm not working on them at the moment.
>> No. 35828
I just realized, I forgot to put Dash's ear down on her fever face... *Nervous giggle* I'll fix that later...
>> No. 35846
Rainbow's nose kinda looks a little pointier than the other 2 in my opinion. And slightly longer, too. But I like the idea of the face status thing.
>> No. 35999
The ''fever face'' or blushing can also look like something else.
If you know what I mean. ;)
>> No. 36290
Youtube embed play button
  So I was doing some maintenance on Rainbow Dash's Whirlwind ability when I encountered a game breaking but amusing glitch. Just see for yourself... Recorded with random commentary from a friend and me.
>> No. 36297
Youtube embed play button
  Re-Uploaded in higher quality.
>> No. 36301
File 133337657716.png - (155.81KB , 1206x1452 , BoltFreaked1E.png )
Oh dear sweet Celestia, the horror...
>> No. 36304
File 133338180617.jpg - (9.86KB , 263x256 , happy 9.jpg )
Your friend sounded high
And that's pretty fun ^^
>> No. 36306

Actual footage of season 2 finale
>> No. 36332
that is hilarious!
>> No. 36335
I'm thinking I may add in an unlockable game mode where you can mess around with this cloning glitch, though it's not final. I found the glitch very amusing and I want to share this somehow.
>> No. 36348
Hey, there wouldn't happen to be anypony who if good with sound effects are there? Up till this point, I've been using sounds from other games but it starting to get annoying and there are some sounds I just can't get. If there is anypony here who is good with sound effects, please email me. I could use you.
>> No. 36367
File 133350387505.png - (66.68KB , 1200x900 , Screenshot.png )
New update. I've been trying to get the Unicorn's attack to work but I'm having some difficultly. For one, using magic with X sucks, it's so much easier on C. It's also difficult to come up with a good attack for them. In light of this, I came up with a new idea. Magic will remain on C and X will allow basic levitation. Unlike the magic version of levitate, this one can only pick up small objects like buckets and small rocks, but you can carry them with you and they use no magic. You can also throw you object with C. This will be Twilight and Rarity's primary non-magic attack. The magic input version is still needed to lift much heavier objects and other things.

BTW, if your wondering about the "charge" command. A bit into the game, Twilight and Rarity learn to speed up the magic charging process but it leaves them wide-open and vulnerable.
>> No. 36368
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I did a bit of work on the magic effects. I made a new aura effect, one that looks much closer to the show then before. I also added the little sparkles around the aura.
>> No. 37751
Image reminds me of Mario+Luigi RPGs...
You press a and b to make mario jump and x and y to make luigi jump...
That's just awesome!
>> No. 37852
File 133585671133.png - (57.51KB , 458x173 , CharacterFaceStrip.png )
Portraits are complete. The only one I feel I can improve is Twilight. Her face just seems off for some reason.

Anyway, tell me how you think they came out...
>> No. 37853
Inb4 I get stabbed for making Fluttershy cry...
>> No. 37854
I think what is off about Twilight is the eyes. They look a little too big. Shorten/crop/move them a little away from the lower right edge.
>> No. 37858
File 133586246532.png - (62.21KB , 1200x900 , Screenshot00.png )
I actually made another little change. I made a custom font. I no longer have to use that blurry crap I used before. You can also see the health and magic of your partners now.

Possibly, the head is also a little small now that I look at it a little more.
>> No. 37863

You are using side-view sprites on a top-view engine.

Not only the animations doesn't integrate with the background, but the random shadows you casted on them make the ponies look as if they were hovering over the ground rather than walking on it.
>> No. 37864
File 133588426952.png - (8.33KB , 323x312 , flight.png )
>You are using side-view sprites on a top-view engine.
Ever play Sonic Battle? It works better then you think...

>Not only the animations doesn't integrate with the background, but the random shadows you casted on them make the ponies look as if they were hovering over the ground rather than walking on it.
Why does everypony say that? I honestly don't see it. If they were floating, they would appear like this...
>> No. 37867
Besides, sprite work is easily my weakest aspect when it comes to graphical art. The hud looks amazing and my custom tiles came out nice but characters are a no go. I did make Pinkamina for Desktop Ponies as well as Twilight's Mom but that's it.

If I can get a sprite artist, I definitely will get new more appropriate sprites but as of now, I'm sticking with what I have. I've already posted in several locations but everypony just wants to be a beta tester or give ideas. I need artists, I need sound effect composers, and I could use a fellow GM'er to work with. I am the ONLY ONE doing the coding here. It would be nice to have somepony else who knows Game Maker to work with, other then having to go on GMC when I run into trouble.
>> No. 37870
>Ever play Sonic Battle? It works better then you think...

Ever noticed that Sonic Battle uses a 3-D background instead of a flat one like yours?

>Not only the animations doesn't integrate with the background, but the random shadows you casted on them make the ponies look as if they were hovering over the ground rather than walking on it.
>>Why does everypony say that?

... because despite what you keep saying, they still don't integrate with the background? There is a reason for why so many strangers keeps saying the same.

>>The hud looks amazing and my custom tiles came out nice

Actually, they don't. They clash a *lot* with the borrowed art you are using and they have a very rough outline, as if you didn't knew how to use the resize tool.

Also, resorting to smugness and fishing for pity when you don't get the kind of comments you like (and receive the ones you don't) isn't the best way to make people take you seriously, much less to make a true artist feel like joining this project and work under your orders.
>> No. 37872
File 133588918390.jpg - (128.47KB , 640x480 , A-Link-to-the-Past.jpg )
Nonono, there's a difference between top-view and an 'isometric' perspective... Well actually I'm not sure on the technical terms, but take a look at this screenshot from A Link to the Past.

Sure enough, Link's sprite is a side view and it works fine. But the perspective that the background uses is slightly angled: it's not a top view. That's why you can see the door, the trunk of the tree, the message board's pole and so on.

Your backgrounds (outside of the lava one I've seen) are actually top-view, which is why they don't mix too well

And as another example, why not just use a drop shadow like they do in Zelda (see screenshot). Just have a shadow right under their feet.

Personally I think the hud looks fine outside of the hearts and portraits. Those have a lot of anti-aliasing but the rest has a pretty strict pixelated look, making the hearts/portraits blurry in comparison.
>> No. 37878
File 133590438937.png - (15.11KB , 400x300 , screenshot100.png )
>Actually, they don't. They clash a *lot* with the borrowed art you are using and they have a very rough outline, as if you didn't knew how to use the resize tool.
For one, the only "borrowed art" are the DP sprites which I want to dump when I get a good sprite artist. Everything else, including the portraits, are custom made. There is also nothing on-screen that is re-scaled other then the mini portraits of your other party members.(Which have been improved since last screen) As for the vectors, they were drawn at that size and are 100% "not" re-scaled in anyway. If you want to see a re-scaled borrowed vector, look here.

>Your backgrounds (outside of the lava one I've seen) are actually top-view, which is why they don't mix too well.
They all use the same view. The room my recent pictures come from is a debug room in Canterlot with a lot of empty space. It's a lot more noticeable in the Crater because of the more complete tileset. Canterlot doesn't have as many details at the moment due to incomplete tiles. The camera is JUST LIKE Zelda.

>Personally I think the hud looks fine outside of the hearts and portraits. Those have a lot of anti-aliasing but the rest has a pretty strict pixelated look, making the hearts/portraits blurry in comparison.
The hearts are not blurry or anti-aliased is the slightest. The heart all the way on the right is an exception. It's actually pulsating, constantly growing and shrinking. It's like the recent Zelda games where your current heart is pulsating. And again, like I said above, the portraits were drawn at that resolution. Plus I was trying to go for a Kingdom Hearts-esque style portrait.

Another thing to take note of. I've been up-scaling my recent images which has been causing them to get slightly blurred. I did it because I thought it would be better to look at a much larger image so you could see things better but I guess I'll just go back to the original 400x300 resolution.
>> No. 37879
I've been thinking about it a lot, and after reading what >>37872 said, I think the reason that the characters look like they're floating is because we -as, the audience/players- keep expecting the shadows to work like they would in the Zelda screenshot: as simple shadows beneath the characters, but because you're using them as side-shadows, it clashes with the expectation we have, and our brains go all "no, no, it has to be the shadow beneath them! They must be floating, then!", even when it doesn't really make sense.

I wish I could help with the sprites and music, but those are simply things I don't know how to do. :(

You might want to add a post saying that you need help, with attention-grabbing bolded text, so people scanning through collab can see it, and hopefully a pixel artist and/or musician will decide to help.

I also feel kind of a hypocrite bringing it up, but I think that adding a little texture to some of the plainer tiles would help a lot. Compare the grass in the screenshot of the very first post here, to the tiles of the castle or the lava room, and the first one looks better.
>> No. 37881
>The audience/players keep expecting the shadows to work like they would in the Zelda screenshot.
Actually, to tell the truth, I DO in-fact have a Zelda shadow coded in.
Refer here: >>26174
It's just deactivated in favor of a high-detailed shadow since the game does the lighting work for me. I could probably put a thing in the options to choose if you want "Simple" or "Detailed".

>You might want to add a post saying that you need help, with attention-grabbing bolded text, so people scanning through collab can see it, and hopefully a pixel artist and/or musician will decide to help.
How do I use bold? I'm guessing the same as most sites?
Also, it just seems like nopony I need wants to help. I have 2 music composers and a script and story writer which is great. Everypony else just give ideas and are testers. I'm going to find other pony sites to see if they will help. Scattered Chaos appeared on Equestria Daily but only in a Nightly Roundup so I didn't get very many people.

>I also feel kind of a hypocrite bringing it up, but I think that adding a little texture to some of the plainer tiles would help a lot. Compare the grass in the screenshot of the very first post here, to the tiles of the castle or the lava room, and the first one looks better.
The texture your referring to was borrowed from RPG Maker. The newer ones are made to look closer to the show. I do use random crap like rocks and grass when needed. Canterlot Castle doesn't. I am going to add some wrinkles to the carpet but that's it for the ground details.

Look here: >>26266 This is my custom grass with some details.
>> No. 37882

>Covers his ears, stomps in the ground and yells "Shut up, I'm awesome I did nothing bad, it's not my fault... IT'S YOUR FAULT!"

Dude, what the hay. Give a quick read to this because you would gain a lot from it:
>> No. 37884
The reason the shadows don't work (they don't), is because shadows only look like a squished outline of a character when the lighting is VERY directional. In this case, your shadows imply that there is a strong light coming from behind them (the top of the screen). Since nothing else in the environment reflects this, they look wrong. It is not more realistic. The only time you'd have shadows like this is in early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is low in the sky, and you very very very rarely have shadows like these indoors. Ironically, a more realistic shadow would be a pony sized squished circle underneath them. The one you have turns them into two dimensional cutouts, because that is the only thing that would have that sort of detailed shadow.

Even flipping your shadow vertically would help (so it goes up and behind the character) so at least the light would be coming from the front, which makes MORE sense.

This is why shadows are almost always are from a neutral top-down lighting standpoint (ie, a small circle directly under the character), because it might not be actual 3d lighting,but it will almost always be closer to a "real" shadow given most lighting situations.

If I was your artist or art director, that is what I'd tell you. Also, since you are using DP sprites at the moment, I AM your character artist! :P
>> No. 37889
File 133591260789.png - (17.58KB , 400x300 , screenshot101.png )
I tried flipping them and it doesn't look good at all. I'm going to leave it the way it was before but I flattened it a little more. The shadow is more under them then below.

Like I said, I'm going to put it in the options menu and allow you to choose your shadow.

As for places having shadows that shouldn't... I could make it so your shadow's density changes from area to area.
>> No. 37890
You make bold text with [ b ] example of bold text here [ / b ], minus the spaces. You can see more about it here:
>> No. 37891
You are of course free to ignore the feedback.
>> No. 37893
File 133591629291.png - (16.74KB , 400x300 , screenshot102.png )
As you can see by the screen, I at least tried it but it didn't work. I just decided to leave them the way they were. If you don't like them, you can change them in the options...
>> No. 37894
It doesn't work because you are mixing two different (and mutually exclusive) perspectives at once.

You can act all smug and then make all the excuses you want, but at the end of the day, you are still trying to put a square peg in a round hole.
>> No. 37895
You literally took ONE line out of everything I said (that was only a half suggestion), and completely ignored the actual main point. Like I said, it's your prerogative.

The ones you've made in this thumbnail are much better because you've squished them up about as much as you can. If I was you I would even try both at once (as long as the alpha doesn't overlap), by making an ellipse under the body (the shadow you have is still not hitting the floor under the body) PLUS this squished one for detail.
>> No. 37896
Should I make all 3 variations options?
>> No. 37897
Wow, you're not listening at all.
>> No. 37898

>you are still trying to put a square peg in a round hole.
>> No. 37899
To put it bluntly, there shouldn't be options. You should make the best decision for the design you are going for. You might get it wrong, but that's part of the design process (you are still in the design process now, you are getting feedback, this is where you get the chance to take it on board or not.)
>> No. 37904
File 133592114502.png - (1.69KB , 139x54 , Shadow.png )
When I posted, this hadn't appeared yet...

Anyway, I moved the shadow up a bit more so now it's further under the character. I also fixed up the circular shadow.

I'm not doing this because I feel I have to. I'm doing because I can. I love giving the player options. Must I point out another addition I added a while back? >>35224

Now can we be done with the lighting please? I want to move on...
>> No. 37914
>Now can we be done with the lighting please? I want to move on...

I'm afraid this isn't how things work here.

If you want people bothering to download and play this thing of yours, then you have to give them something worth of their time and attention instead of excuses or smugness.
>> No. 37917
Well as monkeyjay said, it's part of the design process and that process is done for now. I don't need to work on it anymore because it's done as far as I'm concerned.

I'm not trying to be rude or anything but there comes a time when I must move on. I can't spend all week working on character shadows.
>> No. 37936
See you've been complaining the whole time that you were right all along, but looking at these shadows you've taken in all the feedback..

That shadow is the third or 4th revision you've shown,and every time you've thinned the shadow up a little and moved it so the mass is more under the actual character in 3d space.

This shadow is loads better than the one you started out with. If the leg parts of the shadow don't run up the back that is...

And it took you about 3 hours from my initial comment to this. Was it really such a pain?
>> No. 37943
Trust me, I've spent A LOT longer doing other things. There is a lot of Trial and Error in doing this. It's just running the game, changing a number, running it again, change it again. Heck, I did this to make sure all the animations were absolutely pixel perfect.

As for the shadow, look at this string...
This string is the entire detailed shadow engine. All it does is redraw the character's sprite underneath them but smaller, with a black fill and transparency. I can't get a perfect shadow but this is the best I can do without making a new sprite for every animation.
>> No. 37949
>Trust me, I've spent A LOT longer doing other things.

Most of them have been complaining and trying to convince everypony, yourself included, that you have been an awesome job when you really haven't.

When a project starts piling up more excuses than project updates, it's a good signal that maybe we should focus our time and attention elsewhere.
>> No. 37952
Alright, I'm going to try this one last time, if I get nothing I'm going to another site for members.

Attention: Looking for members to help with game!
Pixel Artists and Sound Writers needed(Sound Effects, not music)
Both spots are unclaimed and any support would be GREATLY appreciated.

I'm not kidding, though I "can" go without the Sound Writer for a while, I'll need one eventually because some sounds I just plain can't get from the show or anywhere else.

The Pixel Artist is what I need the most. I can finally get rid of the Desktop Ponies and have real sprites. I can also start getting some real work done on the levels.
>> No. 37955

For sound effects, have you looked at SFXR?

It's a very easy to use sfx generator used in a lot of the rapid game-development competitions precisely because custom sfx from scratch are so hard. It may fit with at least some of your game's requirements.
>> No. 38496
File 133733453762.gif - (4.92KB , 156x156 , RainbowDash_StandBig.gif )
As many of you know, the use of Desktop Ponies have a tendency to make games look really lazy. Well, because I've been having so much trouble getting a good sprite artist I decided to try and make a base standing sprite of my own and this is what I got. This is entirely original. Although I was looking at about 3 different Dash sprites while making it, I didn't physically use them. I did use the DP Dash's colors but that didn't matter. This was made by tracing over a screencap of the custom pony from "Adventures in Ponyvilles" from the Hub's website and turning it into Rainbow Dash.

What do you think? If I can make vertical facing sprites as well, you think it will look a lot better?
>> No. 38499
I like it, the head and eyes in particular. Although the back hindleg doesn't really bend like the one in front does. And her belly seems kinda flat, maybe move some of the pixels behind her front legs down to make the body a bit rounder.
>> No. 38515

Looks just like an edited Desktop Pony animations and shares the very same problems that the original animations you were using: It's completely uncompatible with the top view backgrounds you have been using so far.

Everything to do makes them look as if they were lying on the floor and dragging around instead of walking, and you have been told this several times, chap. You refused to listen and even threw some little tantrums, though.
>> No. 40402
Things are still going good but I need a slight bit of assistance. Does anyone have a good picture of the back of a character? I have the side view as well as the front view sprites but I don't have the back view. I've been skimming episodes for about 2 hours without any luck. I'm looking for one with a slight bit of an upward angle, not a straight shot. Any help would be appreciated.
>> No. 40412
File 134140364060.gif - (1.43KB , 132x97 , TwilightDirections.gif )
Ok, nevermind. I got a good screen and now I have all 4 directions, not just the side view.

One quick note about the back view. I know the tail looks a bit bland but I intend to have the tail sway when moving. That's just when their stationary.
>> No. 40499
I can help with music if you want. I'm on soundcloud, BeefPie - my most recent one of Summer Skies will probably fit best. Message me at [email protected] if you're interested :D
>> No. 40530
Started a dark version for Las Pegasus...
>> No. 41872
File 134668093441.png - (12.71KB , 400x300 , screenshot109.png )
Finally have an update. I have a few things since I've been gone for so long.

First thing, the growth system. As you go through the game, you will acquire xp. You can get xp from enemies, side quests and a few other things. You can enter the status screen and spend your xp on whatever upgrades you want. The higher a pony's stats are, the more expensive it becomes. Pony's also have stats that are a lot easier to level up based on their performance. For example, Rainbow and Applejack have the cheapest HP boosts while Twilight has the cheapest magic. You can also use your xp on the 3rd option, Passive Abilities. Each pony starts with no abilities and can acquire up to 5. They also don't gain MP naturally. The first ability will always be a cheap upgrade and will always be a way to recover MP. Twilight and Rarity recharge over time because they are unicorns but the others act a little different. You'll see how eventually...

Speaking of MP, the mechanic has changed a bit. Now your MP is sectioned off into bars rather 1 long bar. It makes it a heck of a lot easier to know if you have enough MP to use an ability. It was a problem I personally had.

Now for the final thing. I'm not planning on making this game easy. Every single enemy won't only be doing 1 heart of damage. However I am not totally cruel. Aside from a difficulty setting, I've also implemented what I call "Fatal Mode." Fatal Mode is a status that will sometimes occur when you life drops to 0. Your pony will remain alive with Zero HP and you have 30 seconds to find some health or defeat a boss battle. If the time runs out or you get hit, its over...
>> No. 41873
>>Your pony will remain alive with Zero HP and you have 30 seconds to find some health or defeat a boss battle.

Ah, Earthbound's rolling HP system. Something good could come out of it indeed.

That pink status screen is burning my eyes though. How about using a color more easy for the eyes, such as Rarity's cutie mark shade of blue?
Think of the people using laptops, especially the ones with LED monitors.
>> No. 41874
File 134668403833.png - (9.54KB , 400x300 , screenshot110.png )
Don't worry about the color. Its completely customizable. That is just the default color the game starts with.
>> No. 41920
I like this. Very clever.Good luck with your game, it looks like it is coming along very well.
>> No. 42479
File 135032237444.png - (64.49KB , 400x300 , 123607__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_pinkie-pie_rarity_magic_heart_screenshot_game_shadow_lava_artis.png )
I'm not exactly sure why but someone found my photobucket and uploaded a few of my screenshots to Derpibooru, most of them outdated. I have already messaged him to refrain from doing that since 4/5 of them are super old and still used Desktop Ponies and other placeholders. Only one that wasn't old is the attached image.

I'd prefer if you asked me before actually sending my game or its images to a site. This isn't a widely known, over exposed game like some of those others and I would like to do things myself.
>> No. 42551
As a bit of a heads up, the game might be undergoing a name change. Scattered Chaos was mostly an early name for what story was planned at the time. As of now, the actual story is near finalized and the name will most likely be changed to what will be the final game.
>> No. 42686
File 135197630743.png - (200.40KB , 400x360 , 135139601349.png )
May I ask what language you're programming in?
>> No. 42693
Its made in Game Maker 8.
>> No. 43174
File 135566524364.png - (19.76KB , 400x300 , waterscreenshot.png )
How about an update?

Water... Probably the most annoying thing in just about every video game ever. When you go into water, you can't really attack but you can dive underwater to pick up goodies and avoid attacks. However, if you dive into a dark patch of water, you go into a 2D sub-area with more to explore. You abilities tend to work differently underwater so experiment and see what happens.

I also managed to get a nice little wave effect for underwater. What do you think? How does it look?
>> No. 43182
Go home water level, nopony like you
>> No. 43183
Just be glad I am not a sadist like whoever designed the Water Temple...
>> No. 43200
I actually forgot to mention something about water. Some areas in the game are meant to be done solo, or called "Monozones". In these areas, the party rotation changes a bit. Rather then have all 3 on the field and just switching control, there is only 1 on the field and changing simply changes your character. This is most commonly seen underwater and during boss fights.

Underwater sections might go the 3 ponies sometime in the future but the bosses will remain Monozones to keep things a simple 1-on-1.
>> No. 43813
As mentioned in a previous post, this game will be undergoing a name change. This time, the name is final. When I confirm the new name, I will also go a little bit more into the story and give a bit more insight into the theme and how is incorporates into the gameplay.

Also, mods, I'm trying to edit the original post but my browser seems to crash whenever I try. Is there something wrong?
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