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12210 No. 12210
Greeting bronies,
me and another brony got an awesome idea we'd like to share with other fans:

Do you remember the novel "Last Unicorn", the best thing about Unicorns in human history before MLP came? Appearantly, the author offers the book on
his private shop, with a higher price even a Personalization note. (around 30 dollars)
Here's the link:

And here's the joke: Me and another brony, plan to buy each a copy with a personilazation, but instead we will let the poet write down MLP related notations.

Mine would be "Rarity is the most fabulous Unicorn."
the other brony would take the chance with Lyra "Unfortunalely, Lyra won't turn into a human in this story."

It would be cool if we get a few other bronies joining our stunt to do the same with other unicorns. We still need personalization about Trixie, Twilight, Celestia and Luna (and Dinky). If we get the author to make these personalizations, he'd probably become aware of the show and turn into a brony aswell!

We...also have a certain problem:

Since we are both unfamiliar with the american posting system and would want to avoid additional shipping costs, we would like to ask to ship our copies to you so you can eventually take pictures of them for site equestriadaily, and then send them to us.

We know this is quite an inconvenience and are prepared to pay partially or fully for another signed copy of the book for yourself in addition to the shipping expenses.

So, how about it?
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>> No. 12212
Youtube embed play button
  just in case you don't happen to know the last unicorn here's the intro of the cartoon adaption
>> No. 12384
oh c'mon people all you have to do is receive mail, and then send mail. and you even get a free/discounted book to boot
>> No. 12397
Well I would but I'm not even in America so I can't help you there.

Have a buck though.
>> No. 12400

Or even the DVD to the movie
>> No. 12402
Bump for justice.
>> No. 12409
Not American nor do I know of this story. But I do support your cause
>> No. 12691
if you are into fantasy, it's obligatory to read this. It's the best known fantasy novel besides the Tolkeen saga. You shouldn't miss that out.
>> No. 12708
I think Tolkien is rubbish. Should I still give Last Unicorn a chance?
>> No. 12744
I'm not fond of Tolkien either, but i really enjoyed the last unicorn. Well at least the film, i haven't read the novel yet, if you ever get a chanche to watch it do so.
>> No. 12746
File 131195858961.jpg - (306.78KB , 650x650 , 1309315231625.jpg )

The Last Unicorn is a lot more different from the Tolkeen saga.
While Tolkeen works reviving the nordic knighthood theme in his works, the Last Unicorn is more like a... parabola.
The novel works heavily on allegorism and mytho-poetry, so you'll have a blast for it, especially with the musician poems and dialogues in it. And it's extremely ironic and self-reflexive. A very good read.

And the villain is evil version of the ultimate brony. You'll know when you read or watched it, though novel > movie, period.
>> No. 12849
alright guys, we are putting a dead line now.
We will wait until Wednesday, if no one is willing to join us or embrace FANTASY, we will do it on our own.
>> No. 13500
aaaaand deadline reached

I am really disappointed with you bronies, but, can't be helped
>> No. 13524
I didn't even see this until now. I loved the Last Unicorn as a kid and when I found out it was based on a book, I bought it and read it. Peter S. Beagle is a good fantasy writer, and I would have been willing to help.

Oh well. ;3
>> No. 13548
I am raging right now. Really really raging.


you can still join us. One of the reason why we planned this is because want that the author gets more attention. He doesn't get any fucking penny from normal retail sales:

And, ponies and last unicorn? Fuck yeah!
30$ is a joke if you want a personalization of your favourite (and now bought) book. Usually they are around 200 dollars or something.
>> No. 13920
one last time bumping.

There is a 15% discount on the book's shop now.

So, if anypony care,,,yeah.

Seeya on ED in some months 8)
>> No. 19358
File 131566479657.jpg - (186.73KB , 1200x1600 , photo.jpg )
Hey fellas, missed me?

We finally have done it:
>> No. 19360
lol you did it! Great :)
>> No. 19425
Sell it on Ebay and you will make enough money to buy a mansion made of gold.
>> No. 19426
Wait, The Last Unicorn was a book too?
/dies from fangasm
>> No. 19912
I'll do that

in 20 years


the movie was the adaption to the original novel which was released 1968.
And yes, the novel is superior in any way.

>> No. 19919
So, how much did shipping outside the US cost? I was planning on buying this book anyway, might as well add a little MLP Style too it.
>> No. 20084
if you are cheap prick like I am, the minimal fee would be around 15 dollars, but without insurance.

We both got the books almost without damage, but if you live in a country with a horrible postage system, better get one with insurance.

Also, if you live in New York, Peter will be in New York for a convention during mid october.
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