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Hey Bronies, this is my first time posting here, so I hope the format is correct. I run a group on steam that enjoys role playing, and I have been engaged with the tabletop community here in north Texas for over a decade. So when combat came up, it was a messy mishmash of god-modes destroying everything in sight.

So I decided to do something about this, by creating a tangible total conversion of Dungeons and Dragons 4.0 (With World of Darkness elements mixed in). Here is the very early version of the tabletop, "My Little Pony: Courage is Magic"

I've provided four 'races', three of them being pony based and the last being an animal companion like those so prevalent in the series (such as Angel and Gummy). They each have different stats, and a unique feature that sets them out.

There are also seven classes, six of them based on the elements of harmony that the mane cast emponies. The last class is once again the animal-companion, which focuses on working in tangent with their pony master.

There's a WoD-type magic system, that's freeform and lets the players use their imagination on how to make it powerful.

Take a look at let me know what y'all think!
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Heres a picture that I put up for my group with a town-crier to give foreshadowing direction to their first adventure.
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Please use the good old doc format - docx renders poorly on everything that's not Microsoft Office 2007. Or even better - use Google Docs and make it open to editing by anypony so people can make remarks right in the document and fix typos and such for you.

I'm skeptical of D&D being a good template for an MLP RPG, but it all depends on what kind of gameplay experience are you looking for.

WoD's virtues and vices thing is a good match for MLP's elements of harmony and discord though.
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I appreciate the feedback, but I'm going to keep with this format, because of how I edited the documents to appear as a book format. 2007+ provides me more superb control over the layout and features.

May I recommend the word document viewer free from microsoft? Only a 24 meg download.
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File 131222651656.jpg - (48.42KB , 894x894 , 131033171841.jpg )
To further address your post, I feel DnD allows a good entry-level system for new players who want to get in on the tabletop experience, especially with its more structured form over the internet.

That's also where the class, Spirit of Magic comes in. They gain freeform spells that are akin to Disciplines from World of Darkness.

And lastly, I'm working on a virtue/vice system, but it's not anywhere near ready to put in the book.
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File 131239933505.jpg - (36.05KB , 298x443 , 68caa65f03affa827753f74e25e7401c2.jpg )
No comments, or suggestions? =/
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there's a lot of plot in that pic
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I am very interested in this and will monitor it closely.
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File 131248506500.jpg - (196.25KB , 1044x1024 , 130576622634.jpg )
First a Savage Worlds pony conversion, then a BESM pony template, then a DND conversion? Sweet, it's a good day to play tabletops.
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ok just my 2 bits
- laughter and loyalty being race specific. this is something i'd suggest changing because there really wasn't anything in the show implying the elements were linked to specific races. i realize this would require a bit of rewriting because loyalty especially is written specifically for a pegasus.
- dont upload locked documents because the formatting for the pictures and text, on mine at least, is messed up and i cant read some of it
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If I may make a suggestion for this I think the races should include griffons and zebras. Also while the classes are good either an expanded set of classes or a set of classes that are not "you are now playing applejack/pinkie pie/twilight/etc" would probably work better, because I know my group would want to play their own character instead of an expy.
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This thread needs more Spiders for my army!
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anypony download this before megaupload went belly up?
If so, can they put it back up on another site?
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