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File 131360089676.png - (77.56KB , 750x550 , 1311856678070.png )
15892 No. 15892

New thread because of a new name and a better team!

Currently working on sweet apple acres as the first track. Music's done for that and the models for it are coming along well.
For now the game will just be single player but hopefully eventually we can get some multiplayer going as well.

On the programming side of things we're using C# with Ogre, Bullet, Lua, irrKlang, and Miyagi.

Time to dump some stuff!

We aren't really looking for many more people at the moment, though somepony who could create a skybox would be pretty useful.

HOPEFULLY we should have a basic video out within a week or two depending on

also Xeol/Star dream is no longer on the team and I'd prefer it if we didn't discuss why
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>> No. 15893
File 131360097837.png - (69.76KB , 532x398 , 1ePwX.png )
>> No. 15895
File 131360146392.png - (35.42KB , 596x414 , 4Bt0c.png )
>> No. 15896
File 131360152771.png - (15.63KB , 375x269 , 7iLou.png )
>> No. 15897
File 131360181456.png - (521.83KB , 640x480 , chicken coop render.png )
>> No. 15898
File 131360190422.png - (218.92KB , 869x719 , cmc treehouse.png )
>> No. 15899
File 131360198091.png - (619.64KB , 640x480 , farmhouse render.png )
>> No. 15900
File 131360212616.png - (58.24KB , 1236x280 , fences.png )
>> No. 15901
File 131360217438.png - (47.00KB , 612x442 , r9uxl.png )
>> No. 15902
File 131360223365.png - (316.67KB , 640x480 , well.png )
>> No. 15903
File 131360244467.png - (360.85KB , 1024x512 , ponykart___twilight_by_blue_paint_sea-d463mbx.png )
>> No. 15904
File 131360262180.png - (388.89KB , 1024x512 , ponykart___applejack_by_blue_paint_sea-d469anw.png )
>> No. 15905
File 131360294953.png - (1.41MB , 2362x1181 , ponykart__Fluttershy_by_blue_paint_sea.png )
>> No. 15906
File 131360299963.png - (1.35MB , 2480x1118 , ponykart__Rarity_by_blue_paint_sea.png )
>> No. 15907
File 131360309544.png - (1.32MB , 2362x1181 , ponykart__Rainbow_Dash_by_blue_paint_sea.png )
last one for now

ask us anything!
>> No. 15908
Youtube embed play button
  oh and some music too
>> No. 15910
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 15911
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 15912
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 15913
looks pretty good,
hope you and your team are able to finish it soon as it looks really cool
>> No. 15914
oh and there's this

I... think that should be most of our finished stuff so far?
>> No. 15918
What characters will you have?
You should add some of the better OCs, too, like little pip, or nyx
>> No. 15919
>OC Pony
Pick one
>> No. 15920
0/10, /co/
>> No. 15921
I don't think OCs are going to be even remotely considered. background ponies, maybe, there's been some discussion around.

at the very least more feasible than OCs.
>> No. 15930

> Announce that OCs are welcome for one, and only one vacant spot, ask people to send OCs for a selection.
> Thread and e-mail inbox collapses with submissions.
> None of the OC creators want to back down, all of them demand to be included, they take rejection as a direct insult, mudfest ensues.
> OC creators spam, insult and try to sabotage the project as their "fair retribution" after the team project refused to rearange the entire game to suit the OC creators demands.
>> No. 15931
either way we're just doing mane 6 as playable characters for now. Hopefully with derpy as the lakitu
>> No. 15958
File 131362642279.png - (1.51MB , 2244x1362 , ponykart__Pinkie_Pie_by_blue_paint_sea.png )
>> No. 16196
File 131374617112.jpg - (171.12KB , 845x947 , barn4.jpg )
>> No. 16198
Huh. Looks quite interesting. Is it open source? If so, do you have a public facing source control server for curious bronies to take a gander at?
>> No. 16213
This is GREAT! You seemed to be going so slow before, and all the updates are encouraging. Keep up the good work!
>> No. 16219
source is at if you want to poke around
>> No. 16991
File 131426838018.png - (267.64KB , 640x480 , green apples.png )
>> No. 16992
File 131426848746.png - (404.27KB , 640x480 , red apples.png )
also I finally got the part fixed that lets you actually drive on the roads. Suspension on the karts needs some tweaking but otherwise it's coming along nicely!
>> No. 16993
Good to hear.
>> No. 17163
Youtube embed play button
  the track this music goes with isn't up for quiiiiiite a while, but hey there's music for it anyway
>> No. 17171
>derpy as lakitu

>> No. 17172
File 131432257566.gif - (2.23MB , 387x251 , 131432115426.gif )
actually, i feel this is more fitting
>> No. 17210
File 131434026802.png - (83.95KB , 301x403 , Toph_Whos_Awesome_Youre_Awesome.png )
Wait... It's changed so that they're in karts now?

SERIOUS thumbs up for this guys. I remember a while ago when they wanted to add in plot sprites for karts instead of putting the ponies themselves into karts. Hell, the physiology of it isn't compatible but it's sure as hell awesome! Can't wait to get some more!
>> No. 17224
File 131435399111.png - (144.21KB , 420x404 , 1308525159490.png )
my original team never even considering doing otherwise - it was the people in the former "zero race" group that had that idea. Then we merged!
>> No. 17243
File 131437793773.png - (75.67KB , 240x252 , Toph_^__^.png )
Oh sorry. I didn't know the history of these things. I only noticed that there were some who were making that.

Keep up the excellent work! I'll provide whatever moral support is necessary because I very much believe in this and in you. Yay!
>> No. 17244

Or Derpy as a secret character that gets unlocked after finishing the game or performing certain feats.
Since Derpy is Derpy, all of her attrributes are hidden and change at random every time she's selected, so every time you play, you will never know if she's gonna be an awful character or an absolute game breaker one.
>> No. 17297
Can't wait for this game to be finished, but I guess I'll have to...

This would be brilliant. Unless the games gonna have an online mode, then it might be unfair somehow.
>> No. 17728
that sounds incredibly broken

>Unless the games gonna have an online mode
Eventually that's our plan, yeah. Though that's waaaaay off in the future.
>> No. 17797
The size of the smile currently plastered accross my face is just plain retarded.
>> No. 17809
Is it just the 6 or can we expect more characters in the future?

Also BIG BIG SUGGESTION, can we have a Diddy Kong Racing powerup system? Items are NOT random, can be upgraded. This removes the luck factor and throws in MUCH more strategy
>> No. 17814
6 for now. There'll be more eventually. Not saying who for now, though you can probably make some guesses

diddy kong, diddy kong, diddy kong. That game gets brought up so much in our group chat - I REALLY need to get around to playing that game some time.

As for items... we're still kinda going back and forth on whether they should be categorised (which is what DKR is like from what I understand) or based on your race position but random (like in mariokart) - there isn't much of a consensus at the moment but since items aren't too soon in the future anyway, they aren't top priority
>> No. 17857
Oh man, this looks really cool! Those models are excellent, and I like the musical style you have going too!
>> No. 17881
The music is lovely, kind of reminds me of Copeland's Spyro music.

Can't wait to see some gameplay demos :3
>> No. 18367
guess how many fences sweet apple acres has

because we just got done placing them all everywhere
>> No. 18372
File 131501316940.png - (86.55KB , 236x334 , Toph_Explains.png )
Over 9000?
>> No. 18377
>> No. 18381
>> No. 18386
File 131501474136.png - (86.55KB , 236x334 , Toph_Explains.png )
It can't be an odd number because europe.
>> No. 18388
Ah, you're right, my mistake.
>> No. 18409
File 131505020568.png - (222.17KB , 435x425 , 1302032394380.png )
754 fences!
>> No. 18410
File 131505039838.png - (93.48KB , 307x320 , Toph_Not_That_Again.png )
Well I was nowhere near the target but still, that's a lot of fences D:
>> No. 18897
File 131534609374.png - (142.18KB , 1358x896 , IMG_06092011_153730.png )
how does pony drive car

left or right?
>> No. 18902

Depends what you mean by the picture.

What's she holding? Is the wheel around the profile?
>> No. 18907
that is a steering wheel yes
>> No. 18914
File 131534917658.png - (88.38KB , 287x356 , Toph_Plan_A_New_Strategy.png )
I would make it the left one. You don't really see any ponies (mostly) holding things with their knuckles like that. Oobjects are magically pasted to the underside of their hooves :P
>> No. 18963

It should be like the OP pic, hooves in not over.
>> No. 19037
>> No. 19042
File 131543494012.png - (5.40KB , 290x290 , Fluttershy.png )
I think it's unanimous, but left definitely, right looks a bit unnatural, not to mention, probably painful for the pony. D:
>> No. 19044
Ponies w/ Carpal Tunnel.
>> No. 19056
File 131543942268.jpg - (52.02KB , 320x240 , 13121295048.jpg )
Left, for sure.

Anyway, i got a question: Is will be any track like Double Dash's Luigi's Circuit, when, in a point, the racers colide and can see eachother from the other side?

Sorry to make it kinda weird to understand, but i do not have ANY idea of the apparence.
>> No. 19067
File 131544801785.png - (34.47KB , 151x185 , spike happy.png )
I LOVE the way the karts look for each character! It just gives that character so much more personality I think.

The courses ideas I hear are awesome! Wonder where some of the others will take place. Froggy Bottom Bog? The Mountains? Ponyville itself?!

I also wonder how many more characters will be in the game. I would love Spike to be in as a lightweight. I do agree that you should put the CMCs together in one kart, because it would be hilarious to watch them mid-race!

On driving pose...yes, the left one looks more correct than the right one.

Keep going! Everything looks amazing!
>> No. 19104
no idea! Maybe, maybe not!

>The courses ideas I hear are awesome! Wonder where some of the others will take place. Froggy Bottom Bog? The Mountains? Ponyville itself?!
We're just doing 4 tracks for now (just so we have a goal that we can actually accomplish) but those are all pretty likely places for future tracks.

>I also wonder how many more characters will be in the game.
When it's all done? No idea. But again we're just going with the 6 for now so we have something achievable.

Looks like left it is!
>> No. 19136
Nice to see the project is still going on... Hope your not having a hard time.

I'd like to see some screens :)
>> No. 19152
File 131551651634.jpg - (244.36KB , 1907x808 , cliffs.jpg )
You'll see them when everypony else does :P

have some cliffs!
>> No. 19154
File 131551747679.png - (75.67KB , 240x252 , Toph_^__^.png )
Nice! Those look craggy and steep.

>Inb4 choco mountain
>> No. 19249

And when they fall off cliffs or into mudpits, Derpy comes flying to drag them out?
I would dig that.
>> No. 19251
File 131558629467.png - (44.90KB , 160x178 , Toph_Win.png )
Derpy for lakitu!
>> No. 19326
This should happen. That would be awesome.
Anyway, position 1 would be more natural, but I imagine their hooves would slip. Unless they're in-between the spokes of the wheel. (Or whatever they're called.)

I'm sure it'll work out fine in the end, though.
>> No. 19420

This could make an awesome mindscrew if Derpy herself becomes a playable character after the game gets completed.
>> No. 19424
File 131570170431.jpg - (32.79KB , 360x316 , 131566861470.jpg )
I was just playing MarioKart Wii earlier and thought; "You know what this needs? Ponies."

Let me know if there's anything I can help with. I can't do 3D modelling or really any coding beside Visual Basic (BLECH), but I can do vectoring or voices.
>> No. 19434
File 131570313100.png - (1.26MB , 1600x1000 , 1t2ec7.png )
aaaaand we just got some bitchin loading screen art done by
>> No. 19445
File 131570538492.jpg - (54.71KB , 600x594 , 131556865589.jpg )
This all looks AMAZING~!
>> No. 19481
If you need a Voice Director for the game, you can contact me. :)
>> No. 19862
File 131596656350.png - (235.03KB , 1083x724 , IMG_13092011_114357.png )
working on more plants and stuff

the in-show vegetation is really hard to translate to 3D!
>> No. 21268
File 131682934359.png - (100.73KB , 800x600 , bucket2.png )
not much new stuff to show since a lot of the work recently has gone into backend stuff, or into models that still need textures etc. The kart models are coming along well though so we can probably show those soonish~

though in the meantime, have a bucket
>> No. 21269
File 131682950939.png - (180.18KB , 512x512 , 130169375555.png )
Why oh why does the shading remind me of TF2?

Not that it's a bad thing, for that is a snazzy bucket.
>> No. 21323
File 131686054958.png - (33.53KB , 192x215 , Toph_Excited.png )
Lookin' good! Keep it up! Can't wait to see those karts :D
>> No. 21365
File 131689988778.png - (114.57KB , 300x400 , pinkie.png )
Hey, really really nice! Looking forward to it :)
>> No. 21394
I swear, I'm looking at some of these renders and thinking they're vector traces from the show. That, I think, is how you know you're doing it right!
>> No. 21396
File 131691538063.jpg - (209.28KB , 1422x869 , bridge2.jpg )
>> No. 21562
How bad do you need more modelers right now ?
>> No. 21566
I think we're okay for now
>> No. 21567
m'kay :3
>> No. 22397
well drifting's mostly done. Needs a bit of tweaking here and there but otherwise it's pretty good to go!
>> No. 22450
Just a question (not sure if it has been awnsered), but will the ponies have different carts?
>> No. 22451
yep! Twilight's one is almost done, and dash's is about 2/3 there.
>> No. 22452
Oh okay :D Thanks for the awnser.
I hope I'm not being a bother here, but will each pony have several carts they can choose from (Take Mario Kart for an example)? Like Twi has the Standard Twilight cart and Some Advances Twilight cart?
>> No. 22528
I'd assume just the one kart, like MK64 where it's the character that changes the game, not the kart like the more recent ones.

Are the character selections going to be important or just cosmetic? In otherwords will RD have amazing acceleration and speed but handle like a shopping trolley while Fluttershy is slower but can't be knocked around due to her being more defensive?
>> No. 22532
I know you said drifting isn't finished but I am just going to point out some things I noticed while playing with the code and the game. Please correct me if I am wrong.
I changed some of the wheel friction in the drifting handler and such and while the number changed in the debug menu it didn't affect anything in game. I also noticed that if you drift in reverse it ignores the MaxReverseSpeed making it so you can reverse significantly faster if you are drifting at the same time.
Have you guys implemented code so that the karts lose speed and skid when they turn because as of now on Sweet Apple Acres.
>> No. 22533
>as of now on Sweet Apple Acres
Sorry forgot to finish sentence.
As of now on Sweet Apple Acres I don't even come close to needing to drift at any point and even the turning seems to over do it at points.
>> No. 22546
Youtube embed play button
  Hey I have a question. In Mickey Speedy USA, there was a way to show the emotion of the character using a different picture of them along with a different saying for each place in the race. Could there be a similar system in this game? Video describes what I mean.
>> No. 22567
just the one kart for now

that's the idea, yeah!

oh hey somepony's playing around with my code!

>I changed some of the wheel friction in the drifting handler
that change only lasts for 0.2 seconds, so that's probably why it wasn't very noticeable ingame. If you want to play around with friction with more noticeable results, look at the DisableWheelFrictionHandler

>I also noticed that if you drift in reverse it ignores the MaxReverseSpeed making it so you can reverse significantly faster if you are drifting at the same time.
odd, it shouldn't even let you drift in reverse

>I don't even come close to needing to drift at any point
yeah the current kart's handling is overly good, mostly so it's easier for me to navigate around. None of the final karts will have this good of handling, though fluttershy's might come close.

If you want to play around with different numbers, take a look in Resources/media/things/karts/Kart.thing and Resources/media/wheels/FrontWheel.wheel and BackWheel.wheel

I'm not sure what purpose that system has
>> No. 22584
Thanks for the heads up!
Yeah, I like messing around with code especially because I don't want to work on my own project right now.

I also noticed that if the kart is not moving and you only hold left or right and then press the drift key then your kart will jump the drift angle and face a new direction.

Is the drifting suppose to turn yet? Because right now it only turns when you let go and it goes straight until you do.
>> No. 22655
>I also noticed that if the kart is not moving and you only hold left or right and then press the drift key then your kart will jump the drift angle and face a new direction.
not sure whether to leave that in or not. It certainly isn't harmful and might be useful for getting out of corners if you get stuck

>Is the drifting suppose to turn yet? Because right now it only turns when you let go and it goes straight until you do.
if you hold down the drift button, you can use A/D to adjust the angle a bit. The actual numbers still need tweaking though so it might feel a bit weird
>> No. 22804
>I also noticed that if you drift in reverse it ignores the MaxReverseSpeed making it so you can reverse significantly faster if you are drifting at the same time.
fixed! I accidentally deleted that when I rewrote the stuff in DriftingHandler
>> No. 22812
File 131776221838.jpg - (10.36KB , 135x160 , spike say wat.jpg )
In response to:

I think he meant as in the pictures when people pass the finish line. Guess it is a way to easily see the placement of other people in the race.

Having the characters say things relating to the pictures is interesting as well. Like maybe when Rainbow passes the finish line in first, she could go "AWWW YEAH!"

That must be what he means.
>> No. 22841
Yep, just updated my SVN and I got those changes.
I did notice that something happened to the models on Sweet Apple Acres, they are all white. But that may be a problem on my part. I update my SVN but it still shows the ! mark.
>> No. 22844
oh, ! means there's a conflict on your end

White models usually mean the material or texture didn't load correctly
>> No. 22849
Didn't mean to state that as a question :P
It doesn't show errors when I update, and doesn't download anything and change anything when I update so I will probably just redo the SVN folder on my side.
>> No. 22853
oh sorry, my bad, the white materials were on my end

forgot to rename a bunch of shaders

should be fixed now

yes I know the road is too bright, I'm still tweaking with the numbers
>> No. 22877
Will each pony have it's own race track?
>> No. 22928
tracks will be based on locations in equestria instead of specific characters
>> No. 22935
File 131781863192.png - (189.16KB , 900x1376 , Pinkie pie with wings.png )
Then dibs on Cloudsdale ;P even tho it's in air.
>> No. 22947
That didn't stop Sky Garden in MK: Super Circuit.
>> No. 22954
Rainbow -Dash- Road anypony?
>> No. 22971
File 131784871735.png - (583.43KB , 640x480 , picnic table render.png )
>> No. 23231
twilight's kart is almost done! It just needs a texture then we'll throw up a post on our site about it
>> No. 23734
File 131836002004.png - (1.11MB , 2008x1181 , spikekart.png )
Hey, did I miss an update or something?

Because if he is in, its AWESOME.
>> No. 23736
File 131836532338.jpg - (16.50KB , 268x225 , 131716803496.jpg )

Good Stats! He will be like Yoshi!

I hope to see how will be the status for characters like Bic Mac(Speed Devil with loats of Traction, but horrible Acceleration and Handling), Trixie(Poor character for joke of Balanced) and Gummy(Slow, but INCREDIBLE Acceleration and kinda good handling anbd traction) will be like, if they will be added.
>> No. 23822
we're just doing mane 6 for now (keeping it simple) but if we add more he's very likely to be in
>> No. 24199
Line 92 of PhysicsMain,cs is throwing an exception.
Here is the stack trace:
at Mogre.SceneManager.GetEntity(String name)
at Ponykart.Physics.PhysicsMain.LoadPhysicsLevel(String levelName) in C:\Users\Cardon\Desktop\PonyKart\trunk\Ponykart\Physics\PhysicsMain.cs:line 92
at Ponykart.Levels.Level.CreateEnvironment() in C:\Users\Cardon\Desktop\PonyKart\trunk\Ponykart\Levels\Level.cs:line 64
at Ponykart.Levels.LevelManager.LoadLevelNow(LevelChangedEventArgs args) in C:\Users\Cardon\Desktop\PonyKart\trunk\Ponykart\Levels\LevelManager.cs:line 118
at Ponykart.Levels.LevelManager.DelayedRun_FrameStarted(FrameEvent evt, Single delay, Action`1 action, LevelChangedEventArgs args) in C:\Users\Cardon\Desktop\PonyKart\trunk\Ponykart\Levels\LevelManager.cs:line 229
at Ponykart.Levels.LevelManager.<>c__DisplayClassa.<LoadLevel>b__8(FrameEvent fe) in C:\Users\Cardon\Desktop\PonyKart\trunk\Ponykart\Levels\LevelManager.cs:line 187
at Mogre.Root.raise_FrameStarted(FrameEvent evt)
at Mogre.Root.OnFrameStarted(FrameEvent evt)
at Mogre.FrameListener_Director.frameStarted(FrameListener_Director* , FrameEvent* evt)
at Ogre.Root.renderOneFrame(Root* )
at Mogre.Root.RenderOneFrame()
at Ponykart.Main.StartRendering() in C:\Users\Cardon\Desktop\PonyKart\trunk\Ponykart\Main.cs:line 75
at Ponykart.Main.Go() in C:\Users\Cardon\Desktop\PonyKart\trunk\Ponykart\Main.cs:line 23
at Ponykart.Launch.Main() in C:\Users\Cardon\Desktop\PonyKart\trunk\Ponykart\Core\Launch.cs:line 17
at System.AppDomain._nExecuteAssembly(RuntimeAssembly assembly, String[] args)
at System.AppDomain.ExecuteAssembly(String assemblyFile, Evidence assemblySecurity, String[] args)
at Microsoft.VisualStudio.HostingProcess.HostProc.RunUsersAssembly()
at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context(Object state)
at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean ignoreSyncCtx)
at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state)
at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart()
>> No. 24202
what were you doing when the exception happened and what was the value of the string you tried to pass?
>> No. 24214
May i help, I have: Blender, and google sketchup.
>> No. 24226
Can you send us an email at [email protected] with examples of your work please?
>> No. 24760
Hoppip, do you mind if I email you with a question or two?
>> No. 24788
sure go ahead
>> No. 25316
File 131939519057.png - (50.04KB , 246x230 , 1310083502411.png )
and then I discovered that 3ds max has a button just for creating a fence out of a spline


though on the other hand, I also found out that there's a thing to take one mesh and make copies of it all over the surface of another mesh. VERY helpful for tree placing!
>> No. 25320
You stated multiplayer will be implemented later, but have you had any thoughts on it yet?
>> No. 25327
what do you mean by "thoughts"?
>> No. 25403
Thoughts as in how it's going to work. Are you going to base it off the multi for mario kart? I'm also a bit curious regarding your packet format/structure, as well as encryption.
>> No. 25404
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 25408
is there any gameplay footage?

even some pre-pre-pre-alpha would do.
>> No. 25431
We're building up until we can make a great show-offy video like the fighting game did. Watching a video with a whole bunch of placeholder models and models with broken unwraps everywhere isn't very impressive.
>> No. 26021
File 131988814226.png - (592.27KB , 856x676 , landing on scooter.png )
bluh, adding all of the apple trees made a pretty significant performance hit, so now I've been working on ways to speed them up

also we got a great animated particle shader which we can use on all of our particles. Speaking of which we also finished up some dust particles and that sort of "shockwave" effect you see in the show when something slams into something else (pic related).
>> No. 27257
File 132081683891.png - (194.34KB , 457x456 , spike oooooo.png )
So...its been a while.

Hows this goin?
>> No. 27272
File 132083903504.png - (105.79KB , 800x600 , Crates.png )
it's been going well. Not much to show in terms of new models, but here's some crates.

The last episode gave us a whole bunch of new stuff to work with that we could add to the SAA level, including a texture for the start/finish banner

We've also got a new team member to help out with some graphics programming stuff, but other than that there hasn't really been much going on in terms of new stuff. Most of my work recently has been going into fixing a few memory leaks and speeding up rendering times.
>> No. 27285
new post up
>> No. 29285

mostly just waiting for a few models to be finished before we make a gameplay video
>> No. 29313
Gameplay video promise makes me a happy Scot.
>> No. 29325
File 132301719709.gif - (130.00KB , 425x417 , excited dolphin.gif )
>> No. 29337
File 132303010263.jpg - (35.91KB , 461x339 , this pleases twilight.jpg )
>> No. 29351
File 132304117994.jpg - (25.18KB , 600x338 , twilight_filly_want.jpg )
>> No. 29360
File 132305559993.png - (45.81KB , 208x229 , Toph_Youre_The_Man.png )
I join in the happiness...
>> No. 29367
File 132306109667.gif - (236.97KB , 400x203 , tumblr_lsd23rI21a1qc9pvu.gif )
I just recently became a brony.

Might I add, it's a fine time to become one.

I'm a big arcade racing game fan, so if you need any play testers...

pic related.
>> No. 29370
File 132306214721.png - (83.95KB , 301x403 , Toph_Whos_Awesome_Youre_Awesome.png )
Welcome to the herd brony!
>pic related
>> No. 29381
Sorry to ruin the moment, but we HAVE already been waiting for these models for quite some time so I really don't know how much longer it'll be until they're done - the two people who are working on them have both gotten really busy with uni/school recently
>> No. 29457
File 132320320959.png - (422.71KB , 640x1092 , twilight at first I was like.png )
That's ok. I am a patient person.

>> No. 29541
File 132330680848.png - (57.30KB , 226x251 , Toph_Eh_Dont_Think_So.png )
Don't do that to us man :( Hold us up so high and then just drop us :P It's fine though. Take your time
>> No. 29567
They better be done! I'm waiting for this game to be complete!
>> No. 29580
Take all the time they need. I'm scared that if you rush them, they'll screw up.

I'm this guy, but with a name change. 4infinity is my temporary new musician name.
>> No. 29582
Yeah, don't rush people who are doing you free favours. That said, news is always a good thing.
>> No. 29584
File 132337775340.png - (91.70KB , 244x226 , firebatlemmeseethat.png )
Is there any alpha footage yet? This is something I could really get on board with - I seen your renders they look incredible!
>> No. 29678
not yet
>> No. 29780
File 132357189590.png - (465.45KB , 995x864 , AJ_happy.png )
At least Christmas break is comin' up.
>> No. 30643
File 132467239531.png - (1.66MB , 2362x1181 , ponykart___derpy_by_blue_paint_sea-d4jz70m.png )
>> No. 30647
File 132467515974.png - (285.70KB , 735x710 , derpycrash.png )
Derpy is best Lakitu.
>> No. 30657
>Derpy as Lakitu

>> No. 30807
please make this happen
>> No. 30845
Just want to say I love the idea and everything about this game so far, you seem to know exactly how everything should be, I have great confidence in this project. You know, if it's still kickin' around.
>> No. 31011
File 132546146067.png - (220.30KB , 953x886 , option 2.png )
getting 3D foliage to look like the show's 2D foliage is quite difficult
>> No. 31042
Do you have a tentative list of characters yet?
>> No. 31044
For now it's just main 6
>> No. 31048

Wow this looks really good! Will every Kart have the same stats?
>> No. 31049
File 132553537398.png - (154.15KB , 830x467 , 830px-Parasprite_bikini.png )

Never mind, I saw the gallery.
>> No. 31056
If you can get the hang of Pinkie, I can see her being unbelievable.
>> No. 31081
the stats in the concepts are mostly just placeholders, but they at least have a rough idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the characters - dash with be the fastest (obviously) but she also has the worst handling, twilight's is pretty much completely balanced, fluttershy's is slow, etc.

dfsafdfadfdsgasf I want to show off the game as much as you guys want to see it, but I really can't do that without a pony model! is taking forever on it!
>> No. 31085
File 132560819726.jpg - (32.61KB , 461x339 , 132303010263.jpg )

Oh yeah I can't wait to see it mate! The models that you posted look a lot like TF2 Models, did you copy TF2's style? Or is it just a coincidence?
>> No. 31111
Just kinda unintentionally similar I guess. Bright colors, mostly ambient occlusion shading, and a generally cartoony feel
>> No. 31200
File 132563723345.png - (83.73KB , 387x466 , 132560312640.png )

Hmm Ambient Occlusion, I also use that when rendering 3D Models. Doesn't that eat up a lot of CPU?
>> No. 31252
GPU, actually, but we bake it into the texture
>> No. 31290
File 132586653752.png - (1.50MB , 2244x1362 , ponykart__Pinkie_Pie_by_blue_paint_sea.png )
some minor changes
>> No. 31291
File 132586659587.png - (1.60MB , 2441x1339 , ponykart__Fluttershy_by_blue_paint_sea.png )
>> No. 31292
I love the idea of Fluttershy running off hamster power.
>> No. 31298
>That huge acceleration and max speed with poor handling

>> No. 31316
stats are just placeholders for now
>> No. 31400
pretty sweet, love the music already, love the new kart designs

imagining pinkie pie in a go kart is about as hilarious as it is scary. you'll be lucky if ANYPONY crosses the finish line with their vehicle intact
>> No. 31401
File 132610131664.png - (28.73KB , 130x141 , Toph_Good_Laugh.png )
Pinkie is MY kind of racer! I'm ALWAYS getting bombarded by stuff because I'm usually in front and I need a kart that can pick up speed REALLY fast as to not lose as much of a lead. She looks like one of my favourite karters right now.
>> No. 31402
File 132610591621.png - (205.14KB , 960x540 , Twilight5.png )
So we got a new modeler on the team ( and yesterday he added the remaining hair/mane/tail to our half-finished pony model.

All that's left to do is put her in the kart, finish up the leaves on the treehouse, and then we can get to work on that video!
>> No. 31428
File 132613521578.png - (87.14KB , 256x256 , rarity4thwall.png )
>> No. 31593
File 132641893888.jpg - (25.18KB , 600x338 , twilight_filly_want.jpg )

Reused picture because I can.
>> No. 31848
File 132677494470.png - (42.58KB , 162x203 , Toph_Anticipation1.png )
Can't wait!
>> No. 31852
File 132677604061.jpg - (151.78KB , 894x894 , 132413200583.jpg )

That looks fantastic!

Also, will this game have a joypack feature? Because I do not play very well racing games on keyboard...
>> No. 31884
File 132679862322.png - (2.16MB , 1920x1080 , apple family wow.png )
>> No. 31887
Just placing a few last things, adding animations, etc. Trying to get it all done by this saturday when we'll start recording stuff!

At the moment is does not but it is something the engine supports, so we're planning on adding it eventually
>> No. 31891
File 132681051259.jpg - (50.13KB , 624x534 , 29944%20-%20AWW%20YEA%20guy%20meme%20rainbow_dash.jpg )
>> No. 31893
File 132681291490.gif - (3.00MB , 259x146 , pinkieOHMYYES.gif )
>> No. 31896
Keep working hard guys! Can't wait to see how it's coming along.
>> No. 31897
File 132682577348.png - (337.74KB , 1680x1050 , happy 2.png )

I am officially hype.
>> No. 31901
TommoPuppy have you showed them your Spike model...ARE YOU WORKING ON THE GAME?
>> No. 31907
File 132684047904.png - (499.71KB , 686x636 , up to the challenge.png )
Actually I've been thinking, how many stages are there gonna be in the final game? We've seen Sweet Apple Acres and heard music for Everfree, Diamond Dog Mines and the Train/Locomotive Rush.

I know that you guys wanna do 4 stages at first, but are there gonna be downloadable stages later on? I'd love to see things like the Running of the Leaves, Nightmare Moon's Castle (as a reference to all the Bowser's Castle tracks), maybe an Apploosa stage with the buffalo's? And a Cloudsdale one like the stage in Mario Kart on the GBA! There are so many good stage ideas and I'd hate to see just four, which is a great start of course.
>> No. 31910
if we finish four tracks and there's still loads of activity, then I don't see why not
>> No. 31911
File 132684346353.png - (75.50KB , 238x256 , Toph_Smile_Hehehe.png )
We'll also need a beach track because every racing game requires a beach stage.
>> No. 31914
we haven't seen any beaches yet in the show though
>> No. 31915
but we know they have them because that's where the bear went vacationing.

Anyway Im looking forward to seeing this game in action
>> No. 31923
File 132685507636.png - (182.89KB , 900x506 , ghastly gorge.png )
You know what we need for a Race Course?!


>> No. 31960
File 132691383610.png - (420.22KB , 720x720 , 131281345036.png )
Let's hope for it!

Speaking of obligatory stages... Winter stage with slippery tracks anypony? Although like >>31914 said, we haven't seen any beaches in the show... But we -have- seen winter!

Man... I think it's wishlist time!

Sweet Apple Acres
Everfree Forest
Diamond Dog Mines
Locomotive Rush

Sisterhooves Social
Appleloosa Orchards
Running of the Leaves

Ponyville (Winter Wrap-Up)
Dragon Mountain
Grand Galloping Gala

Ponyville (Capital of Chaos)
Ghastly Gorge
Nightmare Moon's Castle
Rainbow Dash Road

Only one that wouldn't be from the show is Rainbow Dash Road... But come on, how cool would it be to ride on a Sonic Rainboom?
>> No. 31978
File 132694027825.png - (475.90KB , 1276x794 , 1326933449953.png )
getting some cameras set up for the video
>> No. 31988
Youtube embed play button
  I hope the official developers don't mind, but I compiled Ponykart from the SVN and made a few videos to give feedback and ideas. The one embedded is the only public one right now. If any developer has an issue with this, let me know on G+( or Twitter, and all videos will be removed. This was also a test video, so please excuse my bad driving.
>> No. 31991
File 132695228710.png - (102.08KB , 334x379 , Toph_Eating_Really.png )
It would be HELLA cool to race on a rainboom

GASM! No picture can adequately replace my face right now...
>> No. 32002
we're about to make a really good video in a few days and I don't want this spreading everywhere, so yes please take it down
>> No. 32013

aww shmucks it's private now.

oh well , still that fps view of twilight's cart looks promising.
>> No. 32019
No, it's for fun. Also, shush you!

>> No. 32026
For future reference, don't do stuff like and then ask the developers to get in contact with you if they don't like it.

It's your responsibility to ask the developers if it's OK to post, but I'm pretty sure you knew the answer to that before you posted it. (hint: it wouldn't be "sure post our unfinished game footage that you don't really know how to use!
It'll be great for us!"
>> No. 32029
on a more positive note though, even at the early stage stuff is looking great, Hoppip!
>> No. 32031
hmmm... what about power ups?

we all know they are the best part of wacky cart racings
>> No. 32037
File 132700683891.png - (264.31KB , 700x631 , technically_accurate_karting_by_theartrix-d3jc1e2.png )

it looks pretty.
>> No. 32040
Once again, that was a screw up by me. I was trying to make some unofficial changes to the code(handling, controls,etc) and my friend saw me debugging some changes. I let him have a copy of the modified handling version. Just told him to tell me what he thinks. Did not say upload to YouTube and tell everypony. >.>
He did take the video down today though.

I'm a upload first, ask later guy and I forgot to set that one to private. Thought I'd ask with the video since it was already public,
>> No. 32042
All this commotion has got me hyped for a video now.
>> No. 32044
Even though those videos were badly narrated, they did get me so hyped for this game. Now I want to go explore that barn and the cutie mark crusader clubhouse. Probably more like crash right through them but eh :P

This man has some ideas! Im sure the crew already has some of these and others in mind but a few of these are gems that would be fun to see.
>> No. 32060
>>I'm a upload first, ask later guy

That's a very selfish way to live, buddy. -_-U
>> No. 32077
File 132703522141.png - (74.71KB , 178x264 , Toph_Anticipation.png )
Well let's not point fingers and say mean stuff, it all happened in the past, now let's get hyped for that super awesome video coming soon! :D
>> No. 32336
File 132735521354.png - (130.10KB , 870x918 , smug lean.png )
I hate to be -that- guy but I'm impatient and curious as all hell. How's the video coming along?
>> No. 32343
File 132735811586.png - (663.94KB , 1024x599 , ponykart wallpaper.png )
Well I know one thing. All the characters that might be in this game are AWESOME.
>> No. 32348
it's times like these that make me feel proud to be a brony
>> No. 32349
Wow this is really nice!

you should totally like showcase this in the next bronycon, would be awesome seeing a demo
>> No. 32351
brohoof /)
>> No. 32353
added an FAQ to the site, tell me if you have any other questions you think I should add

should be done by... wednesday-ish

get out
>> No. 32354
>> No. 32355
>> No. 32356
>get out

what the.
>> No. 32357
what's gotten you cranky?
>> No. 32360
FAQ looks good though.

I'm personally so glad you guys grabbed this project and decided to make it karts rather than running.

Possible questions you'll get asked all the time:
Will there be items? (you may think this is obvious but people will still ask)
Will there be different karts to choose for each character?
Are the tracks lap-based or "A to B" style or a mix?

Also, even though I know about the happenings with bronycon, I'd suggest a simple "probably not" in that question...
>> No. 32389
oh, good ideas! cheers
>> No. 32508
Oh, my goodness. That camera placement pic was just. I can't say more or I'll erupt into words.
Partially a post to follow the thread, partly to make a post,and mostly to show my support! Haha!
>> No. 32530
File 132754388993.png - (69.28KB , 1303x796 , 87575 - derpface derp_eyes exploitable exploitable_template rainbow_dash template transparent.png )
-squee- All I can do now is sit in ecstasy at such amazement.

Reading from some info off the Nov. 9 update, I'm glad some hardware runs it as well as it does. Of course, that's more based on how well the specs are MEANT to be. Certain aged GFX cards can be up to par with something like an ATI Radeon HD 3600. Of course, ATI's specs are more reliant on the 2nd number, i.e. x2xx. With that said, is there the chance this'll run well on a Radeon HD 4200?

>Wednesday, January 25
Sorry to be impatient, but I am a bit of a speed demon, and ModNation Racers isn't up to snuff to entertain me at this point.
>> No. 32531
>ModNations Racers
Oh gosh, is that still going 'round? I'd love to pick up a PS3 just for that game again. xD
Especially if I can drive as DERPY! :D
>> No. 32534
File 132754529299.png - (1.07MB , 1920x1080 , xVxb2 - Imgur.png )
The guy working on the video was almost don but then he went to bed :(

have some pretty screenshots in the meantime
>> No. 32535
....oh... my....
You have doubled my hopes for this game.
(I'd post reaction images, but a. I have none, and b. I don't know whom to associate myself with. xD )
>> No. 32537
File 132754603177.png - (470.40KB , 1024x640 , xVxb2 (low).png )
also I don't know how good that graphics card is, but there's a whole bunch of options in there to make it run well on your hardware

that screenshot is what it looks like on maximum settings. More shaders, shadows on everything, 8x antialiasing, 1920x1200, etc.

here's what it looks like on really low settings. Very few shaders, no shadows, no antialiasing, 1024x640, all trees are billboards
>> No. 32538
File 132754622568.jpg - (19.58KB , 300x330 , EPICWIN.jpg )
Jesus christ it looks gorgeous
>> No. 32539
Looking amazing so far.
>> No. 32541

This fandom is bloody AMAZING.
>> No. 32546
File 132755045931.gif - (499.70KB , 499x281 , bestdayever.gif )
>> No. 32548
File 132755168725.png - (80.67KB , 285x316 , Toph_Scuse_Me.png )
>Has already seen this in action because of the previous video that was up for only a couple hours.

I'm among the few who have already seen this :P Looks AWESOME nonetheless :D
>> No. 32549
File 132755290741.jpg - (42.99KB , 500x267 , Yes_ Im jelly.jpg )
>> No. 32621
>I'm jelly
don't be. The video was not well made because it was made by somepony who had no idea what he was doing.

The official video will be far nicer I'm sure.
>> No. 32637
File 132758230364.png - (66.92KB , 554x515 , 61d723a1737f4a1c01a1fb4529d9717f-d490knz.png )

I'm not sure if my master Peryite wants me to answer your first and third question, but as for the second. Obviously we just want to get 1 kart each for the mane 6 down first before we think about alternate vehicles. I cant say for certain, but I would be willing to make more once these 6 are done. So it's entirely possible.
>> No. 32644
So, the video will be finished today?
>> No. 32647
File 132759725126.jpg - (15.88KB , 438x316 , shock and awe.jpg )
This game... is beautiful. I'm genuinely surprised even though we got to see all of your models, seeing it all come together like this is really beautiful.
>> No. 32648
I see you guys gave Twilight Sparkle's Kart a Flux Capacitor, I really like these little things! :)

Can't wait for the video, you guys are outdoing yourselves, it looks fantastic! :)
>> No. 32660
File 132760653061.png - (47.42KB , 240x201 , 1308947796030.png )
>> No. 32661
Good job guys!
Looking so cool! Can't wait :)

Thanks, I was more asking things that might go in a FAQ :) I kind of assumed/am not concerned with the answers myself cos I know how early it is in development.
>> No. 32664
File 132760812553.png - (273.92KB , 733x481 , pleased.png )
>> No. 32665
File 132760848349.png - (276.62KB , 640x720 , Apple_Bloom_yaay.png )
This. is. amazing.
I am really impressed! Keep up the good work!
>> No. 32666
File 132760851248.gif - (66.08KB , 360x360 , twiclap.gif )

Oh my.. Going to watch it right now! Will give feedback in about 2 min.
>> No. 32668
Is a game mechanic like Crash Team Racing's hang time (You get a boost of speed when landing after a certain time in midair, and this boost gets more powerful the longer you are airborne) up for consideration? I felt it added a lot to that game in terms of interactivity and fun, and it's a mechanic that you never see in any other kart racer.

That aside, this project looks pretty great, keep up the good work.
>> No. 32669
File 132760873926.png - (184.80KB , 824x969 , 132560963169.png )

Okay, feedback time:

It looks absolutely amazing :o I actually didn't expect it to be this good, great physics, great textures and you even added Mane-Movement. That's so awesome, oh and I read it was an opensource game, does that mean that we can change the textures of a Pony's kart, and maybe even the name? We could make our own Racers.
>> No. 32670
> dat video

You know guys, I like to play Doujin games and I always have said that japanese fangames can put any western fangame to shame, both in quality and "made-with-love" aspects.

I'm happy to say that the FiM fandom has proved me wrong twice, first with Mane 6 and now with PonyKart.

I will not be surprised if you all of you guys get hired to work on a professional game company after this game gets released, because this is the best kart game I've ever seen besides of the Mario Kart saga.
You are all amazing.
>> No. 32671
File 132761032499.jpg - (97.30KB , 750x1066 , 131836401931.jpg )


Really, this looks amazing! The track looks awesome, and Twilight's kart looks nice. Hope to see more in the future!
>> No. 32672
File 132761434714.gif - (1.83MB , 200x200 , mind blowing.gif )
>mfw all my hopes and dreams come true.
>> No. 32674
Genuine grade A awesome.

Will there be a Marehattan track?
>> No. 32685
My hopes were put to good faith this evening....
....and the reward was incredibly substantial.

Sweet Celestia, you have made me want a single game like I have never experienced before! You've done absolutely terrifically!! Bravissimo!
I would say"I await..." but that would sound really impatient.
Keep up the fabulous work! :D
>> No. 32689
File 132762839117.png - (46.01KB , 556x307 , seriously.png )
Please tell me you're not one of those people who don't include Spike as a main character.
>> No. 32693
File 132763033177.png - (61.79KB , 181x305 , Toph_Enjoys_The_Fire.png )
I do remember seeing a Spike kart data in here somewhere.

God damn it guys I wanna help somehow! I'm so proud of you guys for making this game and damn it I feel terrible that I can't help out somehow...
>> No. 32703
Me too, but im useless =(
>> No. 32704

I agree, a MANEhattan track would be nice. A Fillydelphia track would be nice too.
>> No. 32706
File 132763855371.jpg - (29.09KB , 307x315 , 132410680926.jpg )
Unlikely, we havent seen those places yet, but dont worry there are LOTS of locations that could be used and already seen in the show. Like these
>> No. 32707
File 132763866800.gif - (396.35KB , 245x153 , let_me_love_you.gif )
Also, what i feel about this whole project
>> No. 32721
File 132765236423.png - (97.55KB , 311x363 , Toph_And_I_Am_Right.png )
But manehatten is in the show!
>> No. 32724
File 132765632437.png - (30.98KB , 450x340 , Comment thanks 1.png )
>> No. 32738
While you are still earlyish in development you should consider porting the project across to Unity3D. Ogre is alright but unity is simpler to work in and has a lot more options. As well as a large amount of documentation on multiplayer games. Plus you can nativly export projects to use a webplayer using the unity web plugin. You could host the game on your website for example.

It works well with multiple languages (and C# will fit right in) and it's super simple to import assets. I reckon you'd be able to get what you've got in that twilight video in unity within 2 weeks (max) and have great physics for the karts and great lighting options for the maps. Seriously, check it out before you dismiss it. Multiplayer would be simple with unity, hard with ogre.
>> No. 32740
File 132767724089.png - (335.52KB , 691x767 , 131397571650.png )

Indescribable. Truly astounding. I'm sapped for words at how amazing this is, such effort... such... glory...

I say, it looks stunning, of course, however, it needs more animation! There is one negative aspect that stands out thus far, and that is the stillness of the track. Leave no nook or cranny untouched! The place needs more life breathed into it, for instance: the finish line banner should sway back and forth, likewise the weather-vane should be blown by wind and spin; plus, it would look really nice if animated plants were added along the track. Swaying grass or subtly rocking flowers, it would really spice up things.
>> No. 32742
I don't like unity, and working with separate engines lets me have a lot more control over stuff

Also, unity forces you to use PhysX, and I tried using physx in the past for the karts and its vehicle stuff is just awful - bullet's are a lot better. If I had used unity instead of my own framework, I wouldnt've been able to switch physics engines so easily
>> No. 32743
File 132768388654.png - (57.81KB , 945x945 , Epic Mount shrug.png )
I remember being on the original Ponykart thread.

I suggested instead of Karts, the ponies just run.
>> No. 32744
Karts is a much better idea
>> No. 32745
Really? How so?
And yes, I did read the FAQ. I can just see benefits if they were not in carts.

>There isn't really a specific reason why we chose to do a kart game except "why not?"
Come on, we all know the true reason is because MarioKart.
>> No. 32747
>Firstly you wouldn't be able to have anything like drifting. Secondly, how would you even balance that? How could you make sure a character who can fly faster than the speed of sound has an equal chance of winning as a character who's scared of her own shadow? You couldn't. The karts serve as a sort of "equalizer" to make sure the characters are all "fair". No wings and no magic.

They do have this part of the FAQ too, which I think makes a very good point.

Kind of like why putting Sonic in a kart makes sense in Sega All-Stars Racing, it sounds silly, but if he weren't in one then it would be odd seeing him run slowly so everypony else can keep up for game balance.
>> No. 32748
Yup, same fundamental idea. I think.
>> No. 32749
>Firstly you wouldn't be able to have anything like drifting
Sonic doesn't need a vehicle for drifting. It will look comical for ponies to be "drifing" but if you think about it cartoon wise it's likely to see such thing, well maybe from Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash.

>Secondly, how would you even balance that?
Why can't each pony have various levels of speed, cornering, boost and etc? What some ponies lack in some stats they could make up with others, for example if Flutershy is not as fast as Rainbow Dash, she could be better at cornering than she is.

>How could you make sure a character who can fly faster than the speed of sound has an equal chance of winning as a character who's scared of her own shadow?
This is the same character who can't out-run Pinkie Pie and while ground-bound can rival Applejack. Also while Fluttershy is not known for her speed, it is with Rainbow Dash she can save Rarity and Spike as well as pull western carts at great speed.

As for flight, magic and power, why must they be restricted? In the Sonic Riders series, Speed, Power and Flight were used for shirt cuts, why not shotr-cuts for unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies?

Also if you recall in S&SASR that Sonic ditched his car when he went Super-Sonic, pressuming by name sake he is faster than the average Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom being something Rainbow Dahs use sparingly, in other words why can't "Ponykart" have All-Star moves?

If balancing stats will still be a problem, why not throw in a "Racing Accessory Shop"? It works for Team Fortress 2 when you can buy accessories that alter a characters skills in gameplay.
>> No. 32751
File 132769053609.png - (174.29KB , 434x392 , Toph_Accidentally_Yes.png )
Epic, however much I like you, I'm going to ask you to just shut up. It's on karts, deal with it.
>> No. 32752
I remember all the ponykart threads on here, and I was one of the most vocal (written?) opponents to a "running" game, for all the reasons already stated.

A running game REMOVES options stylistically. What's more, it removes FUN options (this is a game meant to be fun). It doesn't add anything to the table at all. There is no gameplay benefit to having them run versus driving in karts.

> I can just see benefits if they were not in carts.
Really? what are they?

>If balancing stats will still be a problem, why not throw in a "Racing Accessory Shop"? It works for Team Fortress 2 when you can buy accessories that alter a characters skills in gameplay.

Or just have them in Karts to start with so you don't need convoluted explanations as to why all of them are running at about the same speed or why they slide around corners (drift). Also if there was a store that could enhance only some ponies stats, why not just make them all balanced to start with (balanced does not mean equal by the way, it means each has a fair mix of positives and negatives so that given enough races no pony would win significantly more than any other).
>> No. 32753
>Also while Fluttershy is not known for her speed, it is with Rainbow Dash she can save Rarity and Spike as well as pull western carts at great speed.

Point taken that Fluttershy can go fast, but it's entirely likely Rainbow Dash wouldn't be going at full speed during that segment if she's tied to somepony slower.

I think a good example of how surprisingly balanced the ponies can be is during Fall Weather Friends. Applejack and Rainbow are neck to neck through most of the race, and even Twilight beats them both.

Either way, from a gameplay perspective, not only would their stats not change much from how they would be by racing in karts, but they wouldn't be able to drift naturally without it appearing awkward. I'd say drifting is a pretty important thing for a racing game to have.

Of course, I'm assuming if they were on hoof, that they'd control like the horses in Red Dead Redemption. You couldn't give them car controls when they're on hoof, or that would cause other issues.

>Also if you recall in S&SASR that Sonic ditched his car when he went Super-Sonic, pressuming by name sake he is faster than the average Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom being something Rainbow Dahs use sparingly, in other words why can't "Ponykart" have All-Star moves?

I like this point. Something like this would be nice to see in the game. It would help give each character their own personality.

Overall, I like them being in karts. It's adorable and looks more fun to play. :V
>> No. 32756
Ponies drifting? No thanks, its good in karts and theres no need to change it. Stop making a big deal out of it.
>> No. 32758
File 132769204719.png - (52.37KB , 500x500 , Epic feels bad.png )
Im not trying to be a douche or anything, just isn't PonyKart a bit on the MarioKart side than an original Pony racing game?

How are these options removed if they are on foot instead of karts? The way I see it, the games basis is from MarioKart and thats fine because it's the basis thats been used over. But doing most of the elements from MarioKart, arn't you skipping oppotunities here to make the game even more fun?

>Really? what are they?
Well for one thing, it wouldn't be a vehicle well known from MarioKart. Secondly, canonly wise it be more accurate to the cartoon. Yes that means freedom of wings and magic but restrictions on those can be on the program than because of vehicals. Eitherway, control wise there shouldn't be any difference to running or driving, especially when it comes to drifint or vehicular moves you can't do on hooves because it's perhaps possible zaney cartoon wise.

As for the store and balance part, as you said each has a fair mix of positives and negatives, thats awsome but why seal the deal in karts when on foot they can be further custonisable by player? Like a cross between RPG menu's and TF2 shopping when certain equipment can slightly alter your stats and abilities.

But I feel like I am being widely shunned here in favour of shiny karts. So I will just shut up and go back to /oat/.

I was hoping I would at least have some understandment of where I am getting at but I am clearly not welcomed here.
>> No. 32760
File 132769276185.png - (78.95KB , 239x241 , Toph_Momo_What_Do_You_See.png )
Karts would make the game far more fun. Plus just watching plot for the entirety of the race doesn't appeal to me. They aren't there to be shiny, they aren't there to defeat the purpose of ponies, they're there to be FUN.

So what if it rips from mariokart? Mario kart was THE SHIT back when it didn't try to overdo things and I don't think this projects is either. I think the problem is you didn't like mariokart very much and are trying to turn it into an rpg rather than a "Choose your character and race" kind of game.
>> No. 32761
>Well for one thing, it wouldn't be a vehicle well known from MarioKart.

So, really, there's no problem with them being in karts. You just don't want them to be in karts because kart racers are popular? :V

>thats awsome but why seal the deal in karts when on foot they can be further custonisable by player? Like a cross between RPG menu's and TF2 shopping when certain equipment can slightly alter your stats and abilities.

There's actually more to customise with the inclusion of karts. Not only do you have the ponies you can customise, but the kart itself.

Oooh, it could be like in Mega Man Battle & Chase. That game was fun, and some of the vehicle parts wildly changed how you did on courses. c:

>I was hoping I would at least have some understandment of where I am getting at but I am clearly not welcomed here.

As you're trying to make us understand why you prefer them on hoof, we're just trying to make you understand why we like them in karts.

You're always welcome here, but I'm pretty sure it's already set that a game called "PonyKart" is going to be kart game, saying you'd prefer it otherwise isn't going to change much. :v
>> No. 32762

That's it. You've tried to make your case and no one is really buying into it. That sucks for you, but that's just the way it is.

Your only reasons for why running is better is because it's more like the show (which is true, but that in no way makes it a more fun game) and it's NOT KARTS. Those aren't good gameplay decisions.

I'm not sure if maybe a Kart burgled your home when you were a child or perhaps a Kart was responsible for a busy overpass being built over your neighbourhood, I don't know.. but your aversion to making a racing game in karts is just not widely held among everypony else.
>> No. 32764
File 132769410133.png - (119.77KB , 700x844 , Pondering.png )
Not sure If this has already been mentioned before, but there are going to be items in the game, yes? Most racing games like this do. If so, what are some good ideas for items?
>> No. 32765
File 132769443112.png - (67.68KB , 234x255 , Toph_Smile6.png )
I was thinking a parasprite swarm would be a nice homing weapon used to trip up other racers, possibly the lead racer.

Then there's the general speed boosting items like a rainbow or something along that line.

And it just came to me... How about a cloud that surrounds the racer. It'll act as a shield and would make it difficult to distinguish the racer.
>> No. 32766
File 132769456098.png - (704.43KB , 3688x2172 , celestia_by_spiritofthwwolf-d3av7t7.png )

You like bananas, right?
>> No. 32767
It's in the FAQ :) It says there are plans for items.

The parasprites could either be a lead killer or perhaps a catchup mechanic? The item could be a one man band. When you play it the parasprites descend on you and push you forward faster and dizzy people up as you pass them.

Or the items could cause anypony around you to have their items eaten :P
>> No. 32768
File 132769499200.png - (57.81KB , 945x945 , Epic Mount shrug.png )
OK, I do admit the idea of customising the vehicles to be more interesting will be fun. Representing the track with your own carts.

>Your only reasons for why running is better is because it's more like the show (which is true, but that in no way makes it a more fun game) and it's NOT KARTS. Those aren't good gameplay decisions.
It's more than just because it's more like the show but because it will be less like MarioKart.
Yes PonyKart has the basis on MarioKart, games based on ideas from other games have been done for ages. MarioKart is based on Kart games but with an iconic characters and the addition of lauching crazy stuff at your opponents, these ideas have been used again in other racing games.
But MarioKart is known for both racing, launching stuff at opponents and riding around in karts, all these 3 elements being used again in PonyKart, while other games like S&SASR or Sonic Riders use about 2 of these elements (Racing, field power-ups) and put there own spin on it to make it there own. Technically Sonic riders is the same as MarioKart but they have hoverboards instead of karts.

This is what I am getting at all this time! That Ponykart is pretty much MairoKart but with ponies, why can't make it more pony like?

But it seems that Karts are just a staple in the game. But I admit I do like what

>I admit, didn't noticed your post til after I written above.
I am just concerned that the game is more one-sided to one idea, than can be worked on to have more fun than it will have. True I never was much for MarioKart but I cannot deny others immensely enjoy it highly which is perhaps why many are looking forward to this game, but if it's because it has both ponies and MarioKart in it, what if it was more than one than the other like mostly MarioKart than ponies?
Or is the point I am missing is that it really doesn't matter in this case?

Thats what my RPG idea was, it isn't exactly turn based fighting on the race track or anything silly as that but simply the use of equipped accessories that can slightly alter your ponies racing abilities like speed and turn.
>> No. 32770
File 132769507110.jpg - (15.47KB , 227x181 , apple_exploding.jpg )

How about exploding apples?
>> No. 32771
File 132769511897.png - (29.80KB , 500x500 , Epic Mount is grinning.png )
I remember in old Ponykart thread ages back, I suggested Parasprite swarm too! Only instead of tripping the player, what it did was that lots and lots of parasprites went onto the players camera making seeing the road difficult.

Antoher suggestion of mine was "Gyrobowl", Racers get stuck within the gyrobowl and cannot move at all for a short time.
>> No. 32772
>Or is the point I am missing is that it really doesn't matter in this case?

>> No. 32773
File 132769520012.png - (157.20KB , 388x432 , Toph_Its_Here.png )
Oh no...

Actually, having the parasprites eat the items of the other racers would be legit. But the lead killer item is still at large.

Cupcakes for general throwing items. Sonic Rainboom for an invincible mechanism. And uh... cherrybombs? Chimmy cherry bombs? Cherry chonga bombs?
>> No. 32775
File 132769540211.png - (103.97KB , 287x333 , Toph_Oh_Yeah.png )
>Or is the point I am missing is that it really doesn't matter in this case?
Yes. It's ponies and it's racing, be happy.
>> No. 32776
I'm trying to compile this, what are the prerequisites on a vanilla Win7 install apart from .NET 4.0 and MSBuild?

(Currently I get to the splash screen and it errors about Ogre DLLs)
>> No. 32777
I love the idea of parasprites eating other racer's items.

If we take the idea of parasprites eating items, then having pies that splat in your face could distort the screen.
>> No. 32778
err.. either you are a developer on the project in which case why would you ask that in this thread, or you probably shouldn't have the source code.
>> No. 32780
Personally, I think the Karts can give a lot more sense and balance to this game, especially when you have pegasi among the "runners", which are automatically outclassed by a rival who can simply fly over obstacles and take all kinds of shorcuts.

My only question it's if you guys will make the ponies blink now and then, and maybe even giving them a different expression whenever their karts crash or bump against an obstacle.
>> No. 32781
File 132769698502.png - (111.57KB , 476x377 , Toph_Come_On_Come_On.png )
Or maybe it's a mindgame son

That seems legit. There is potential in that. I would like to have this happen.

Also I wonder if there will be voice actin or what... I haven't read the FAQ so feel free to punch me.
>> No. 32782

It's freely available through a link on their website (stats -> download -> the svn). If they don't want to tell me how to build it I'd understand.
>> No. 32783
Zap apples for Blue Shell weapon.
>> No. 32784
Fluttershy and Rarity can sic Angel and Opal against the other racers.
>> No. 32790

even Tank can be a weapon.
>> No. 32792
First off, before I get banned for having an opinion, I'm one of the devs, and I can prove that if necessary.

Second, if possible, please moderate at least this thread a bit less. We can deal with people being rude; apparently somepony's impression of the game was deleted because it wasn't all nice and sugar coated, please don't do that. We rather have such feedback than no feedback.
We don't really support that, and we will likely put a lock on the official release so people can't do that. Since it's open source however, I guess there will be alternative versions. For now we're focusing on more important things though.
Yes, those things are being worked on, actually all the ponies will probably get new textures too, and a bunch of animations. Definitely there will be more than what you've seen in the trailer.
Yes we're planning to add voices but, as I said above, we're focusing on other things right now.
We're not those people for the most, by that I mean not at all.
>> No. 32793
File 132770189240.png - (90.78KB , 256x266 , Toph_I_Got_Some_Valuable_Info.png )
Coolness! Take your time :D
>> No. 32794
File 132770196379.png - (17.26KB , 417x500 , 8966_d2a0.png )
I'd so love to have Trixie in this, i am open for donating
>> No. 32800
File 132770305546.gif - (1.43MB , 300x171 , 151.gif )
Zap Apples for Lighting Bolt.
Sonic Rainboom for Bullet Bill.
Elements of Harmony for Invincibility.
>> No. 32804
a directx 9 component and a vc++ x86 redist

I'd prefer it if you don't go around giving the build away to everypony though, just use it for testing stuff yourself
>> No. 32807

>We don't really support that, and we will likely put a lock on the official release so people can't do that.

This. This, this and a thousand times THIS.

The last thing we would like to see is an endless swarm of stupid teens messing around with your game and reposting it elsewhere as their own, or claiming they had "perfected" it and demanding endless praise and credit as tends to happen with open source projects.
>> No. 32810
Mushrooms = Apples
3 Mushrooms = 3 Apples
Golden mushroom = Golden apple (duh)
Lighting Bolt = Zap apple
Bullet Bill = Freaking butterflies hover your kart and automatically control your kart for a while with extra speed.

Any more ideas?
>> No. 32812

>> No. 32813

Tank's shell = Green Shell

That's about all I can think of right now unfortunately. I really like yours though, but I like the idea of the Sonic Rainboom being the Bullet Bill better. The butterflies could be used similarly to the blooper, only flying in front of the screen instead of shooting ink.
>> No. 32815
Hmm now that i think of it is not that bad idea i mean it could increase the speed and left a rainbow trail.
>> No. 32816

To get it to work I had to delete every .material file in the "shaders" folder (in case anypony else finds that useful).
>> No. 32817
File 132771123431.png - (33.86KB , 130x159 , 56.png )
Please do that for the bombs. That would be hilarious.
>> No. 32818
The shaders/light rendering looks really nice. From screenshots, it looked like you need some anti-aliasing for distant objects since they appeared rather pixelated, but with the recent video it seems that problem has either been fixed or I mistook what I saw in the screenshot. This is looking very good, and I hope that "soon" ends up being sometime in Q2 of this year.
>> No. 32820

Oh my, out of context that sounds so wrong.
>> No. 32824
very impressive looking, for the moment. *applause*
>> No. 32825
sounds like it didn't like the shaders then... does your graphics card have any problems?
>> No. 32831
File 132772450590.png - (1.01MB , 720x852 , 119895 - artist-crayon-chewer Discord.png )
Guys, guys I have an idea for this game, just hear me out...
Okay, what if you could play at track for Ponyville when it was the Chaos Capital of the World (by choosing a random or and being lucky, i don't know)? Then, if you win a number of consecutive rounds or win under a certain time, or something, you get to race(a CPU of) the spirit of chaos himself, Discord. If you manage to win against this powerful trickster, then you win the right to play as him. Does that sound like something that you could do? Or something you even want to do..?
>> No. 32833
random course*
>> No. 32835
File 132772510670.png - (147.38KB , 460x588 , Toph_Cute_Yay.png )
Sounds like Diddy Kong racing :P

We seriously need Cherry Bombs. Cherry changas, cherry chongas, whatever.
>> No. 32840
So are the outlines on the ponies being generated by placing inverse-rendered outer meshes around the regular ones, the way Telltale did for their Homestar Runner game? It sort of looks like it from some of the screenshots, but it's hard to tell.
>> No. 32846
Two quick questions:

In a previous post you had a picture where you were racing in first person. Will a first person view be in the game?

Will you be able to use a controller/wheel?
>> No. 32848
I believe the second question was sort of answered in an earlier post.
If I recall, it said something about the coding being there, but ATM there was no support for joysticks/gamepads...
Please, somepony correct me if I'm wrong.
>> No. 32853
File 132774225236.gif - (127.54KB , 500x500 , 22331341241.gif )
This is going to be epic, I hope you'll finish this eventually
>> No. 32863
File 132776029559.png - (116.56KB , 380x365 , Toph_Get_This_Idea.png )
Probably not right now, however they did mention integrating that into the game eventually.
>> No. 32864
that's how most outline shaders work, yep

that first person screenshot was just me playing around with the cameras but an actual first person thing we could do

controllers/wheels? maybe, we'll see what the input thing we use supports it
>> No. 32867
In your opinion, what is this game's mechanics most related to?
MarioKart, Crash Team Racing etc etc

Amazing work btw, I really like everything that has been shown
Also, on release, would it be possible to make monetized youtube videos from the game? Like Minecraft and stuff
>> No. 32869

I'd say it's mostly like Lego Racers. They have a system where you can gather white bricks to upgrade your weapon, and you lose them when you fire the weapon. Same here, except you upgrade by repeatedly getting items boxes.

...Now that I think about it, that means ponies in 1st place will still get the big guns, meaning items might not make such a diffrence. Unless the slower routes have more item boxes...
>> No. 32870
i think you need one more thing for this game:


The ones from Fightining is Magic would be perfect , imagine PP saying "Hi' I'm Pinkie Pie" as she runs you over. hilarious!
>> No. 32871
>MarioKart, Crash Team Racing etc etc
haven't played crash team racing, but most of the others I've played (lego racers, mariokart, diddy kong racing) were pretty much identical except for track selection and item mechanics

we're still figuring out item stuff though

>The ones from Fightining is Magic would be perfect
>> No. 32877
and fluttershy should be "yay" when she's in the top 3
>> No. 32883

Or saying "I'm so sorry" after she uses an item to make a rival crash or send her flying.
>> No. 32886
File 132778286208.png - (1.10MB , 1366x768 , 120403 - balancing_hat_brims_on_hooves dapper_gentleponies Flam Flim flim_flam_brothers screensh.png )
It would be awesome to race as Flim and Flam in the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000.
I know that will never happen though.
>> No. 32888

It's Intel integrated from 2006, the drivers are known to be terrible.


The suggestions are kind of spamming the thread, maybe a discussion thread and a suggestions thread? Or a blanket no-suggestions policy like Fighting Is Magic.
>> No. 32889
We don't have a no-suggestions policy, more like a please read the faq and don't be hurt if we don't listen to any suggestions because we gotlike 100 a day policy. :)

Also it's no big deal, people just wanna be a part of it. The suggestions always flow in after footage is release in our experience, but it slows down pretty quickly. There is nothing stopping ponykart making a new thread after it autosages!
>> No. 32890
File 132778597391.png - (117.95KB , 294x356 , 131090451740.png )
Any plans for splitscreen? this is one of the reasons im following this game so much, id like to play it with my brothers with gamepads.
>> No. 32892
that'd probably be why then

I don't really mind the suggestions, they keep the thread active enough and there isn't really much else to discuss
>> No. 32894

Also, how about any plans for online play?
>> No. 32895
They already talked about online play in the FAQ, its really hard and it is in the bottom of the to-do list.
>> No. 32913

everypony loves that one.
>> No. 32917

I dont get it.jpg
>> No. 32923
CTR is fairly identical to Mario Kart with kart mechanics but it has a few differences. One is that CTR's drift mechanic allows you to boost 3 times in a drift (All 3 are weak, but the 3rd is stronger and lasts slightly longer if you successfully get all 3 boosts) and has a certain time frame for activating each of these boosts.
The second difference is the hang time mechanic, which >>32668 has already explained. has some good gameplay of the mechanics used for a time trial
>> No. 32924
I hope you get some kind of notification on this, but I need your help. I am trying to run this program, and it seems you can, please teach me, oh great wizard of the computer!
>> No. 32932

i am playing Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing, fun game, and the commentator is hilarious , can Mayor Mare take this role?
>> No. 32936
hrm, reminds me of snaking

I'm not sure what the problem is?
>> No. 32943
To anypony trying to build it: if you just want to look at the game itself and not the code, it's probably not worth it to you. From what I've seen, the video did show everything that's in the game thus far, but with a much higher apparent level of polish than you actually driving is like at present (the ingame controls, camera and animations understandably need more work to be presentable which is why they chose to do a video in the first place).
>> No. 32945
File 132786249148.png - (161.17KB , 405x395 , Toph_Is_That.png )
Actually I would like to add a comment about the drifting in the Ponykart game. It appears (from the video) that there's no transition between drifting and straight up driving forward so whenever you do a drift, you're facing a certain direction, diagonally, then when you release the drift, you IMMEDIATELY go back to straight driving, and that can really throw some people off. When I'm drifting, I expect some of the drift momentum to continue even after I stop drifting. It's much like Mariokart.

So I just want to ask if you're going to be implementing that drift momentum in there.
>> No. 32949
I cannot figure out how to compile it, i have tried a few windows programs, it says i dont have a new enough version, so whatever. is there a suggested program for compiling and then running this game?
>> No. 33005
Ya, figured it out, the Debug that came with it wouldnt run, so i found a different one.
>> No. 33007
you'll need .net 4.0 to run it, so if you get visual studio express 2010 (the c# one), it should have everything you need to compile it. You'll also need a directx 9 component and a recent vc++ redist (x86) to run it
>> No. 33015
I tried express, and it said that whatever i needed wasnt on it, i got the trial of professional, and it ran beautifully, love the controls. my only issue is there is a lag in the controls on levels with lots of stuff (ie sweetapple acres)
>> No. 33016

And this is why they didn't release it. It's not ready for a demo, they know that already.
>> No. 33018
hrm, strange, I'm not sure why express won't let you build it. Did it give any specific error message?

And yeah, those trees are a huge bottleneck, we're looking for ways to improve that part
>> No. 33032
okay so here are those openings we talked about
>> No. 33034
It just said I didnt have something loaded into express, but since i downloaded pro, it works
>> No. 33040
File 132798031429.png - (44.58KB , 230x232 , Toph_NOOOOOOOO.png )
>Openings in the team
>Texture artist
>Background Design artist

Aww come on! Those are my worst points! BLARGSHOFSDFNWEKFA

Oh well...
>> No. 33058
I could do environment concept art, but I'm a little busy with my own projects... Tell you what, if the position isn't taken this week I'll drop y'all an email with some of my work.
>> No. 33071
Also, for the debug in the folder for ponykart, it said it couldnt find the right path to run, but again, it ran eventually
>> No. 33189
I wonder if you guys are open to suggestions about track designs?

I don't know how many tracks will the game have, but I would like to suggest a few tracks ideas that maybe you guys could use or modify.

I have made an sketch about the diamond dog mine track, so I wonder if you guys are interested in seeing it? I tried making a 3d model in sketchup, but I fail at making 3d models...
>> No. 33197
File 132822911564.png - (257.56KB , 572x793 , IMG_02022012_010001.png )
we've already got plenty of ideas for tracks but sure you can send us your thing if you want
>> No. 33200

And now I'm strangely around 20% moar hype for this game. Curious.
>> No. 33205
I don't know much about game design, but do you think about gameplay when you design tracks, or du you just make them look cool?
>> No. 33206
File 132823435688.jpg - (28.70KB , 356x294 , 00000ca.jpg )

Bon-Bon's rump counts as eyecandy now?
>> No. 33211
File 132823707430.png - (60.85KB , 309x320 , Toph_Adventure_Calls.png )
I approve of this development.

Go bon bon!
>> No. 33221
I would hope they're thinking about gameplay when making the tracks. Heck, I can't even imagine designing a track without thinking of gameplay mechanics that could be used in different parts of a level.
>> No. 33233
File 132826429944.png - (95.02KB , 282x371 , Toph_Things_Are_Looking_Up.png )
Well when I imagine what a track is going to be like, I set out the layout for the track and make it fun and interesting in that sense. Then I would focus on making it look cool. I would rather they focus on gameplay than just making the textures and models look amazing.

Look at MK64. The graphics sucked. Like seriously... They sucked, but it's on of my favourite games of forever! Make a track, make it work, make it fun... THEN make it look good.
>> No. 33235
Gameplay, of course, but we have to balance how it looks as well - since SAA was our first course and we'd never done one before it came out pretty messy, as everything's crammed together (such as a sharp turn right after some bumps) and important landmarks not being very visible (when you're driving along, you can't really see the treehouse), etc

Now that we know what went wrong with that, we have a much better idea of how we can plan out the next tracks
>> No. 33250
i think you should have 6 main tracks and each one related to mane pony.

got AJ track allready, how about...

Ponyville for Twilight
Fluttershy's hut surrounding for... that yellow one
Cloudsdale for RD
Canterlot for Rarity
Sugary Dream world for Pinkie Pie?

the last one is a bit of a stretch , i know.
>> No. 33252
File 132829936817.png - (86.55KB , 236x334 , Toph_Explains.png )
Trial and error bro. Start with a track shape and determine terrain from there.

RD has Rainbow Dash road :P
>> No. 33253
File 132829945517.png - (452.58KB , 1280x720 , Ponykart 2012-02-03 17-20-31-95.png )
working on background pones

it helps that so many of them are just recolors of each other

because of that, we only have to animate one of them and then all of the others can share the same animations, making it easy to mass-produce these
>> No. 33254
the tracks are based on locations, not characters
>> No. 33255
File 132830030070.png - (56.14KB , 255x424 , 131170819591.png )
You should have Lyra sitting like this!
>> No. 33259

yeah... and where did you saw RD Road in the show , eh?

even gnarly canyon has more sense for being an ingame track than this. yeah im nitpicking.


this IS pretty , im hoping it wont affect the fps.
>> No. 33260
File 132830273131.png - (243.83KB , 700x700 , Pinkie_Cereal.png )
There's a Rainbow Dash Road song... Ask them dude. It's on the site...
>> No. 33263

but where it is in the show?!
>> No. 33264
File 132830461283.png - (26.80KB , 161x181 , Toph_Howd_You_Do_That.png )
Can they not make an original track that isn't in the show? Since when is it a requirement to have ONLY stuff from the show?
>> No. 33265
back when a bunch of ponykart groups merged, there were a whole ton of musicians working on stuff for tracks that nopony even really discussed

some of the musicians finished them and we just put them on the site

we probably won't end up using them but hey, free music
>> No. 33267
File 132830581605.png - (208.89KB , 416x532 , Toph_Pleased.png )

Though you really should do a Rainbow Dash Road... Or Celestial Highway or something at least...
>> No. 33268
File 132830595832.png - (224.57KB , 666x654 , 1327279167065.png )
we'll see
>> No. 33269
File 132830628113.png - (71.24KB , 275x265 , Toph_Im_Watchin_You.png )
>I see what you did thar
>> No. 33308
I really want to do a track based on that temple now

no promises, but it would be really awesome
>> No. 33314
Do it, doc, do it!
>> No. 33324
File 132838540710.png - (119.65KB , 350x400 , challenge accepted.png )
Just the track? Why not add Daring-Do as a racer and get the FULL PACKAGE?
>> No. 33330
there is a lack of good indoor locations in the show that could even be a racing track (I still imagine an awesome at the gala track though, through main hall and gardens, but the modelling for that would be intense), and the temple is a pretty perfect choice for adventurous racing and low modelling hassle. But lots of texturing :)
>> No. 33335

You guys always could add a little cinema with Zecora using a potion to shrink down the racers so they could compete on let's say, Sugar Cube Corner or the bowling alley, for a Micro Machines nod.
>> No. 33336
to me, that feels like a "we ran out of ideas for tracks" track
>> No. 33337

Then how about a racing track at Canterlot's hedge maze?
The Discorded version of it, so you guys could play all kind of tricks and perspectives there.
>> No. 33342
Blue Shells should be Parasprites. But instead of having them totally cripple the 1st place player, just make them cause you to spin out like you hit a banana peel or something.
>> No. 33352
File 132840322261.png - (76.94KB , 294x303 , Toph_Be_Positive.png )
Do it... You don't have to make the entire thing inside the temple, perhaps make it similar to DK Mountain from Double Dash in that we start out in the jungle, cross a couple ravines, twists and turns through the trees, then take the majority of the race inside the temple where avoiding traps is necessary to go far. Finally, once we get to the Statue Room, a panel on the ground shoots the racers out of the temple, through the air and back to the start.

I just thought that would be cool. Also... If you make Daring Do a racer... then I will marry you

I agree with this. The gala would be AWESOME to race in. Like there could be the Royal Raceway where you race in the streets of canterlot and the courtyard of the castle itself, but then there could be a race that physically happens inside the castle. I think that would be a nice touch.
>> No. 33363
File 132841728876.png - (251.33KB , 480x651 , newpone.png )
added another pone
>> No. 33379

do it the show way , clone them as much as possible.

saves time and loading time.
>> No. 33381
File 132844848854.png - (1.03MB , 1276x797 , 400 sparklers.png )
is this enough?
>> No. 33382

naw , not enough recolours.

but seriously , focus on the game, are other cart models ready?
>> No. 33386

I'm so intrigued with the style of cel-shading you have, adore it.
>> No. 33388
no cel-shading going on there!

Just an outlines shader, a glowy-edges shader (mario galaxy is full of that), and a subtle ambient-occlusion bake
>> No. 33390
Oh really?
It's gorgeous either way!

Can I also bring up something mentioned a while back, about youtube videos?
When it's a finished product, are we allowed to upload gameplay footage?
I don't have many subscribers (just hit my 2000 mark today) but I'd do anything I can to help the game :)
>> No. 33395
you can upload game footage right now if you want, just not of stuff we haven't shown off ourselves yet

so like when there's a half-finished whitetail woods in development, we don't want people to see that, but you can dick around on sweet apple acres as much as you want
>> No. 33401
I'd rather present it to people when it's all nice and polished!
Is there an ETA on any landmarks in development?
Or is it "when it's done?"
I prefer the latter, it tends to produce better games.
>> No. 33404
>> No. 33409
File 132849716271.png - (124.03KB , 528x384 , Toph_Relieved.png )
I LOVE the galaxy textures man. That stuff is amazing.

You're oing an awesome job with shading and such, even when you don't need to. We probably won't see those in detail while we're racing anyways :P Have you ever seen the crowds in Mariokart 64 and DD? They suck!

Halfway through another course? Man you're flyin' through this!
>> No. 33434
File 132852324152.jpg - (142.63KB , 800x600 , WTWtreeWIP.jpg )
It was an example, we've barely started with WTW!

Though I think we're finally getting somewhere with the trees
>> No. 33435
File 132852672879.gif - (2.55MB , 640x360 , 1323092889111.gif )
Just watched Twilight Trailer
>> No. 33438
What the hay is the lymph framework? Google doesn't tell me what I want to know.
>> No. 33468
it's the name I gave to the system that manages all of the different engines I'm using
>> No. 33482
File 132856988542.png - (149.22KB , 351x372 , Toph_Lets_Try_And_Be_Reasonable.png )
Well even if you've barely started, it's very good that you've already gotten that far. You said you would release the game when you have 4 tracks and the racers right? Well then, you're already more than a quarter done!

You're really doing an awesome job. Keep it up!
>> No. 33556
File 132867064168.png - (651.51KB , 1888x898 , blinking.png )
so now I've got the various background ponies blinking randomly and playing random animations in their current "set" (standing, sitting, flying (but only if they have wings), cheering)

some of the animation blending looks a little weird but otherwise it came out pretty good

only thing left to do with these guys is make them interact with the kart - as it gets close, make them turn their heads to face it and maybe start cheering, and when there are no karts around, don't cheer

woop woop
>> No. 33561
File 132867588006.png - (26.09KB , 158x169 , Toph_My_Fav_Part.png )
Half the ponies are like "Fuck the stands! I can just stand beside them! Whoo!" Good stuff! Interacting surroundings? I like!

Only worry is will it slow down the game when you drive by them because they're reacting? :P
>> No. 33566
I can't wait to see them in action! The only thing I want to say is that I would love to see Lyra sitting in her signature awkward pose :)
>> No. 33618
I have played through sweet apple acres probably 500 times at this point, and have noticed 2 things while trying to find the best possible path:
1) Gravity seems a bit off, I am working on a way to measure it in the game, but it seems to be around 70% from what I am seeing.
2) When you drift, the controls can get screwy after it. By this i mean that if you are turning, and you let go of the drift, you sometimes go strait, instead of continuing into the turn. It seems to negate the turning key after you release the drift, if you understand what I am failing to say.
>> No. 33620
File 132876792882.png - (135.75KB , 528x384 , Toph_Food.png )
I brought this up too. I want the drift to have some momentum and and somewhat transition between drifting and normal turning. I noticed that in the video and I wanted to bring that up but it was never addressed by anypony so I was just like "Well... ok then"
>> No. 33625
1) gravity is actually around 4x normal gravity here!

2) I've noticed that too and it's on my bug list

I can adjust that
>> No. 33641
File 132881115168.png - (70.17KB , 265x293 , Toph_Itll_Be_Alright.png )
Oh alright! Awesome. That's good to know.
>> No. 33689
File 132888859034.png - (563.57KB , 1160x678 , evenmorepones.png )
>> No. 33690
File 132888865730.png - (178.97KB , 481x724 , Untitled2.png )
>> No. 33738
File 132893422798.png - (35.73KB , 177x183 , Toph_Lighten_Up_A_Bit.png )
Sweetness! I think we're saging too. Just a heads up in case you somehow missed it.
>> No. 33759
new horse
>> No. 34552
There's only 1 thing I have to say about that pic... dat plot.
>> No. 34612
That's pretty good! A little more recoloring and that should do the trick.
>> No. 44958
Bowser=Applejack [Or Its DK=Applejack]
>> No. 45280
So is this project dead or something?
>> No. 45281
So is this project dead or something?
>> No. 45623
File 137727927330.png - (88.05KB , 886x677 , Capture.png )
So the fan page on facebook doesn't exist anymore but I found this in the google cached version :/
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