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File 131397396112.png - (97.78KB , 390x195 , ponies_and_snakes.png )
16516 No. 16516
After discovering the Desktop Ponies application several week back, I was disappointed to find that my Linux box wouldn't run it. I tried the Java port that was mentioned, but it was so slow as to be unusable. The C version looked promising, but appeared to have stalled. It seemed that Ponies and Penguins just weren't meant to be...

I wasn't content with that and decided to begin work on yet another version of Desktop Ponies for all the Linux and Mac users out there. I'm now happy to announce an early release of Desktop Ponies for Python:


At the moment only the "behavior" aspect of Desktop Ponies has been implemented. I'm hoping to eventually achieve feature parity with DesktopPonyGuy's original, but there's a lot of work left: speaking, interactions, games... I'm not looking for coders at the moment, but would be very interested to know if there are other Linux/Mac bronies who think this is a worthwhile cause. Please let me know what you think! Note that as an early release, there are more than likely some bugs hiding under the covers -- if you encounter any problems, please post them up here.

The program depends on both Python 2.x and PyGTK being installed. See the project's homepage for links and instructions to get started.
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>> No. 16534
File 131398842803.png - (276.56KB , 512x512 , 25789 - Halo_Reach horse meme twilight_sparkle.png )

Dude, get the games working. It would be fantastic.

Also, some brief advice to other mac users: I've been able to add all the new art into the java ponies. However, if you copy Sapphire Shores, she sabotages half of your ponies in the menu.
>> No. 19457
File 131571454693.png - (131.57KB , 490x451 , applejack.png )
Yay! I'm going to try this now. Penguin ponies w00t! (just thought of some pony+tux fan art...)

Also excited to see how well this works, I might have to make a unico version (I was into unico before ponies ;P)
>> No. 19462
File 131571546624.png - (179.42KB , 1920x1080 , pyPony.png )
Cool it works, there's a bug when Twilight teleports (the gif isn't transparent)

:D yay /fluttershy
>> No. 19463
i support this thread

just saiyan
>> No. 19465
yeah, I took a gander through the source too... and I'm impressed. I've been a python hack for a few years now, but that's some expert level programming sir
>> No. 19511
This is a good idea, but you should ask for the spriter's permission before taking their work to use it on this project, you know. (Just a mere netiquette matter, I don't think they would refuse anyways)
Listing the name of the animation contributors on your page would be a good detail as well.
>> No. 26064
Version 0.20 is now out! There have been a number of bug fixes since 0.11, as well as a couple new features. Hit up the download link and enjoy!

Notable Changes:
* Hardware acceleration!!
* Ponies now speak
* Improved collisions with screen edges
* System tray icon and menu
* Initial support for dragging ponies around the screen (still somewhat buggy)
* Improved case-insensitivity
* Ponies sorted by name
* Updated to resources from Desktop Ponies 1.35.2

I'd also like to give a shout out to Tachyon for all his help. Without his patches, this release wouldn't be half as good! If there are other ponies out there who'd be interested in helping, just let me know -- the more help the merrier!
>> No. 26066
There have been an awful lot of contributors to the Windows version of Desktop Ponies, even beyond the spriters themselves. I couldn't *begin* to list all the people who've helped out. I link to the Desktop Ponies artist credits (which is the best list of contributors I could find) in the NOTICE file, but a link on the project webpage as well couldn't hurt.

From reading through the Desktop Ponies threads it seems that the the artists were cool with re-using the sprites in ports, which is why I copy them over. If, however, there are any artists who would like me to remove their sprites PLEASE let me know! I'm more than happy to honor your request :)
>> No. 26145
File 131999168284.png - (319.64KB , 1280x1024 , 2011-10-30-191857_1280x1024_scrot.png )
Good work! And it works with compiz without glitches!
>> No. 27341
File 132090367325.jpg - (93.85KB , 825x825 , 67962 - artist mysticalpha fluttershy.jpg )
I was hoping somepony would do this. (C to python) I'm much more knowledgeable in python. Not sure if I can contribute much right now, but you have my attention.
>> No. 27589
I was trying to find a way to install the required programs, but couldn't find a Mac port.

I need help. ^^;
>> No. 27632
I don't have access to a Mac, but I'll try to do my best :)

For the Python dependency, Snow Leopard and Lion appear to ship with a new enough version (2.6). If you're running an older version of OSX, you'll need to download and install the latest version of Python 2.x for your system:

As for PyGTK, it looks like there are several possibilities. Somepony has made an unofficial universal installer for Leopard and newer which can be found at: If that doesn't work, it should be possible to use MacPorts to install the "py-gtk2" package and run the program under the X server.
>> No. 27924

Thank you! I'll test them out right away. ^_^
>> No. 31930
File 132687144974.png - (76.69KB , 320x314 , rarity.png )
Version 0.30 is now out! Interactions are now supported, as well as a host of other improvements. This release includes sprites and interactions from Desktop Ponies 1.39.

Notable Changes:
* Significant performance boost under Linux
* Ponies can now interact with each other
* GUI updated to support filtering ponies by category
* GUI now makes it easier to spawn multiple of the same pony, and to de-spawn ponies
* Right-click menu added to ponies for behavior selection
* Improved Pony.ini reading (all linked behaviors, dialog, etc. should work now)
* Fixed issue with window flickering the moment a pony is created
* Fixed issue with animations restarting when they shouldn't
* Fixed issue with window resize handles appearing under Ubuntu
* Fixed issue with ponies moving when speed is non-zero but motion is "NONE"
* Fixed issue with ponies not moving if speed is negative
* Fixed issue with reading INI files encoded in UTF-8 with a BOM

There's more work to be done, so don't be afraid to step up! I've got a list if you don't know where to start, or you can feel free to start hacking on an idea of your own. Whether you'd like to work on a major component or just submit a small patch, it all makes a difference. That's the beauty of open-source :)

PS: I'm especially interested in any Windows or Mac people out there that might want to help. Performance under Windows is abysmal only because its so low on my priority list, and Mac development/testing is nigh impossible for me since I don't own one. Don't be shy :D
>> No. 31984
Yay, interactions!

Is continued support for wx intended? I found two bugs with wx with the following "fixes".

I added the dummy function

def set_context_menu(self, arg):

at the very end of ./app/engine/ and changed

t = threading.Thread(


t = threading.Thread(target=controller.start)

in the same file.

I put fixes in quotes since I didn't actually check its doing the right thing (only that it seems to work).
>> No. 31995
Version 0.31 is now hot off the presses:

*doh* Thanks for those fixes. I totally forgot to double-check the wx backend before making the release. I added in your fixes (slightly tweaked), and then figured I'd go whole-hog and actually copy over the look-and-feel changes I made on the gtk side. For normal GUI stuff like combo boxes and menus, the API is actually pretty similar between GTK and wx, and a lot could be copy-pasted :)

Though I don't give it much attention, I am planning on keeping the wx backend around and supported. The pygtk backend works fine for Linux, but has issues under other OSes. On OSX there isn't any really simple/official way to install it, and on Windows there's no support for alpha blending (leading to terrible performance). From what I understand, wxpython may be the answer to these problems, but its been low on my priority list.
>> No. 33162
Alright, I'm on a Mac hoping I can finally get ponies on my desktop after long wait. I've downloaded all the Python requirements and the desktop ponies package. I double click the file and instead of it running automatically I get a program text file and a blank python shell.

Yeah, I'm hardly proficient with Java as it is right now so take it easy on me everypony.
>> No. 33163
So I'm on a Mac, I've downloaded everything that was necessary as you specify. I double click the file, and instead of opening automatically it just opens a python program file and a blank python shell.
>> No. 33165
I'm not sure the Python files are able to run on double-click with OSX (the "shebang" line I use is probably wrong). From what I've read though, it may be possible to drag onto the PythonLauncher application.

For a more sure-fire way though, open a terminal, navigate to the directory you extracted the program to, and run "python"
>> No. 33170
If it is opening in a text editor, the issue is that it isn't flagged as executable; you need to call "chmod +x" on it. Your shebang line should be fine
>> No. 34296
Is this still in development? I notice the website is down at the moment (hopefully not forever). I'd like to request/add some features (like an option to disable the speech bubbles, config options for it to auto-hide the sprite manager window + auto-spawn ponies on start, etc).
>> No. 34536
File 132997438090.jpg - (42.42KB , 425x361 , derpy-hooves-is-my-role-model-25249-1304653156-26.jpg )
Whoops. Looks like Derpy was handling the last round of system updates... Everything should be sorted out now :)

I'm working on a few other things at the moment, so development is at a simmer. If you're up for diving in to the code, I'd be happy to help you out and commit changes. If not, I'll keep those in mind and try to write them in when I get the time.
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