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File 131474846979.png - (221.19KB , 608x871 , drinkan.png )
17944 No. 17944
While /oat/ based MLP Drinking Game is fun and random (and got featured on Equestria Daily -, you can't really call it "good looking", or even "print-ready". Fillies and gentlecolts, I hereby present you with the "Drinking is Magic - Let's Make It Look Good" project.

What I want to do:
The main goal is to have 100+ print-ready cards packed into nice A4 sheets (16 cards on each one) for easy printing. Every card will have a generized layout (different color palettes for every type), including fonts, text placement, and other stuff like that.

How I can help with this?
Oh, there are many different ways.

Right now I've got the basic Action-card layout planned out (you can check it on the left), but I still need some suggestions about the color palette, placement, and other things. Any and all opinions are welcome.

I also need help with card balancing. A lot of these were made by all sorts of people, and I highly doubt that they are really compatible with each other. Some cards need to be thrown out, while others have to be reworked.

Images in some cases are also a problem. If anypony could find specific (good-looking and having a nice resolution) pics for the cards, I'd be really grateful. Some background imagecaps from the show would also help.

So, there you have it. Feel free to comment, contribute, or throw in some funny pictures, while I'll be making more cards.
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>> No. 17964
File 131475590746.jpg - (1.97MB , 2539x3567 , drinkingpony_a.jpg )
Right now I've got 12 cards completed. I'm going to shamelessly self-bump this thread, hoping that somepony will be willing to collaborate.

I could also use some help with finding right quotes for the right cards.
>> No. 17971
Would you like some help regarding card Ideas?

I have one related to Pinkie's Sweets. You have to take a bite out of something edible before your next turn, or you drink.
>> No. 18003
File 131477598127.gif - (1.16MB , 320x180 , nom pie.gif )
Hey, that sounds nice. I'll be sure to make this one.
>> No. 18006
File 131477989195.png - (3.03MB , 2539x3567 , drinkingpony_a.png )
Update - the whole first page of MLP: DiM Status Cards is complete. It's time to take care of the reverse side.
>> No. 18007
File 131478095743.png - (256.92KB , 608x871 , picrelatedcardroundingmark.png )
I like it.

The only thing I could think of changing right now would be rounding these edges.

And maybe making the cutie mark less transparent in the main text box.
>> No. 18010
File 131478175913.png - (1.52MB , 2539x3567 , drinkingpony_reverse.png )
The non-rounded edges inside are inspired by MTG cards, and IMHO they fit nicely.

I don't quite understand what do you mean by this "overhang cutie mark". Like, three apples on a string, dangling from below AJ's portrait?

Phew, reverse sides of the cards are complete, you can grab these on the left.
>> No. 18015
File 131478447269.png - (44.36KB , 275x261 , minimarkplacement.png )

Yeah, ignore that overhang cutie mark note. It looked horrible.

How about something like this?
>> No. 18017
File 131478547115.png - (1.21MB , 2539x3567 , drinkingpony_b.png )
I'm not convinced that this is a good idea. Basically, I've left these borders for easy cutout of the cards, and with the Cutie Mark in there, it could be cropped.

I also tried to put it on the left side of "Status Card", but while it may work in these cards, it won't in "Mandatory Cards" (too long to fit with the Mark).

You've got the freshest batch of cards on the left, I'm about 40% done with the second page.
>> No. 18021
File 131479175215.png - (2.48MB , 2539x3567 , drinkingpony_b.png )
Ok, with that the second sheet is complete. I'm at 32/42 with Status Cards (but there might be more than 42, if there are any good ideas).

Time for a lil' break.
>> No. 18022
File 131479276246.jpg - (16.71KB , 497x502 , um.jpg )
Oh yeah, and I've noticed the "copyrignt" typo, it's fixed now. I'll reupload the proper versions in a "Status Card Pack", when I'm done with this type.

(Nightmare Moon card also got an extra "banish to the Moon" joke, 'cause there's never enough of these)
>> No. 18039
File 131481079831.png - (3.29MB , 2539x3567 , drinkingpony_c.png )
Surprise, sheet number three is complete. With it, I've completed every Status card of the core set (other ones would have to be released in an expansion).

Since I had 6 vacant slots, I decided to introduce a new card type to the project - the Character Cards (sorta like Planeswalkers in MTG). At the beginning of the game everypony picks one card at random, and they hold onto it 'till the end of the game.

Every Character Card has two unique skills that can be used during your turn. However, with great Friendship Magic comes great responsibility - in circles right next to the descriptions you'll find a small circle with a number, representing the number of drinks you have to drink. Only after drinking these, the magic starts working.

I'm not entirely sure that these skills are properly balanced, so I'll be grateful for any comments. Ideas for new cards and proofreading for the already released cards would also be nice.
>> No. 18066
File 131482498194.png - (3.29MB , 2539x3567 , drinkingpony_c.png )
Some minor fixes in the third sheet, and I'm off to take care of "Action" cards.

Seeing how majority of these is "Spiderman" or "Gary Motherfucking Oak", I'd be grateful for some pony-related suggestions for the "Action" type.
>> No. 18258
File 131497371936.jpg - (39.48KB , 500x411 , Need more pony.jpg )
This, more of this!

I wish to contribute! Specific task, send to me now
>> No. 18286
File 131498612858.png - (269.68KB , 945x945 , cool.png )
Yay, somepony's interested in it. I'm working on the "Action" cards now, and what I need is ideas for some of these cards (with quotes, including name and episode/place they come from; and 600x300px pictures).
>> No. 18413
File 131505614068.png - (3.23MB , 2539x3567 , drinkingpony_d.png )
Another page is done.

Ideas for "Action" type cards are still wanted, I'll be thankful for any of these.
>> No. 18432
File 131506934147.png - (1.87MB , 2539x3567 , drinkingpony_e.png )
Update: I've got 25/50 "Action" Cards finished, and with it - a total of 73/160 cards is ready (I've also made some minor tweaks in previous sheets).

We're almost halfway there, yay~.
>> No. 18480
Awesome, keep it going. I salute your efforts
>> No. 18509
What would really help is if somepony could make this template into a card style for MSE2. (Magic Set Editor, a program for making custom cards in literally seconds)
>> No. 18516
File 131510034902.png - (120.11KB , 379x313 , 1313201067497.png )
I wish to help out this in any way possible.
This is awesome.
And I want to contribute.
>> No. 18713
File 131522265882.png - (18.81KB , 321x375 , omfg bloom.png )
OP here; the project's not dead, but I didn't have much time lately. Maybe I'll make some more cards tonight.

You've got the info in older posts.

I'll look into it later, shouldn't take much time (I guess).

Thanks for the encouragement.
>> No. 18717
File 131522883981.png - (78.76KB , 340x322 , pinkie tophat erh.png )
I was thinking about taking a non-drinking version too.

But it feels a bit of a rip-off if I do that. so is anypony up for that?
>> No. 18718
File 131522926463.png - (79.83KB , 945x945 , derp ok with this.png )
If you're talking about a non-alcoholic version of this, I plan on including the possibility in the rules. Basically, when I say "drink" on these, it applies to any kind of drink chosen amongst the players before the game (drink = one vodka shot/one beer glass/even one glass of juice).

If you're talking about a "light party" version of this, I can upload templates (Photoshop required) for people who want to make a "Partying is Magic" version of this, or something like that. You could replace "drink X" with "do funny things" in those. Just make sure to keep the layout intact.
>> No. 18723
File 131523277935.png - (71.53KB , 301x294 , pinkie tophat satisfied.png )
I was thinking about a game to play with friends, which has RP cards or silly challenges as a party game.

The thing with drinking games is that you end up drinking so much you explode!

Some of the cards indeed don't necessarilly need drinking, so the game can perhaps be played with points instead of drinking.
>> No. 18724
File 131523320130.png - (222.54KB , 460x608 , scootaloo helmet.png )
Yeah, I could think about it when I finish the core set of Drinking is Magic. RP / silly challenges sound fun, and I bet it could also work as a
normal TCG.

The point of drinking card games is that everypony's passed out before every card was drawn, and I think DiM is capable of doing that.
>> No. 18750
File 131525779013.png - (3.26MB , 2539x3567 , drinkingpony_e.png )
80/160 cards finished. Yay. Before the end of September, the whole set will (probably) be completed.

I'm still in need of more "Action" cards ideas, since I've got like 5 cards from the old set left, and vacant spaces for 18.
>> No. 18751
File 131525833492.png - (369.18KB , 680x742 , Trixie46.png )
I can't help but notice while lurking that Trixie card 'show-off' has an incorrect quote. It says it's by Fluttershy.

You might wanna tweak that.
>> No. 18752
File 131525841634.jpg - (3.45KB , 125x103 , scootawesome.jpg )
Oh, and some sidenotes, while I remember:

- "Mandatory" Cards will have Derpy replaced with Rarity; it makes much more sense (Rarity is the one to "force" her ideas on people, while Derpy... derps), and gives me the possibility of creating a small Derpy-related expansion in the future (that's what the "Core Set" thingy is for).

- if you're the guy whose work is featured on these cards, and you want credit for it - just say it in here, and I'll add a specific mention to the specific card.
>> No. 18753
File 131525847648.png - (146.48KB , 264x357 , scootaloo gasp.png )
Ah, yes, I was supposed to fix that one earlier. Thanks for noticing this.
>> No. 18756
File 131525930192.png - (3.30MB , 2539x3567 , drinkingpony_e.png )
I've fixed that, and also auto-contrasted some of the images (most visible in the Trixie one) which should make it look a little bit better.
>> No. 18959
File 131536080472.png - (180.13KB , 571x405 , coachdash.png )
Activity idea- Drunk people and physical activity is always a good laugh. Maybe jumping jacks or spinning?

Coach Dash pic seems appropriate (Call of the Cutie Mark t:9m49s)
>> No. 18961
This is awesome! But, when and if I play I will probably be replacing shots with drinks from beer. There's no way I could drink that many shots (especially for the character cards).
>> No. 18978
File 131537290357.png - (34.71KB , 180x180 , pinchy.png )
Yeah, that's why the cards still need to be balanced. Right now I'm assuming that "drink" = "25ml vodka shot", but even this version could prove to be too challenging.

Oh, this sounds nice. The player would have to make some amount of physical activities. I could also extend this to another card, an "Action" version of "Iron Pony Contest" - two players would be fighting against each other to see which one does more push-ups, etc.

Alright, I'll be AFK until Monday, but right after that I will be making more cards. You can post ideas while I'm away; I'll check each and every one of them.
>> No. 19014
Eagerly awaiting the finalisation of this! Then it will be off to the printers :3
>> No. 19103
may i ask how to play this :)?
>> No. 19248

>> No. 19563

Me, three...
>> No. 19574
File 131577500823.png - (348.44KB , 381x600 , 9680 cooler.png )
I'll include proper "Rules" cards, but it'll go like this - in turns everypony pulls a card from one pile containing the whole "deck" (unless some card allows you not to pull, or pull twice, etc.).

"Action" cards are immediately activated when pulled out and discarded right after the instructions are completed.

"Status" cards are immediately activated, but they "stick" with the player for as long as needed (e.g. the card can say "3 turns", but it can also be "for the whole game").

"Instant" cards go into your "hand" and you'll be able to use them whenever you please.

"Character" cards are randomly picked before the game, and you can use their "skills" during your turns in the game (unless stated otherwise).

"Mandatory" cards are immediately activated after the draw, and they work for everypony in the game (a "global effect", or something like that).

Before the game, the players have to decide the drawing order, and the type of drink that will act as a "one drink". You can use "25ml of vodka", "one gulp of beer", "one bottle of absinthe" - the possibilities are endless!
>> No. 19638
Oh god...

We had fun with the current cards (80), a bottle of distilled beverage(50CL), Salmiakki Koskenkorva(50CL) (Salmiakki Koskenkorva, (also Salmiakkikossu for short or generically as Salmari) is a pre-mixed liqueur which caused a minor revolution in drinking culture in Finland during the 1990s.) and two players.

After we had used all the 80 cards, one drink with ketchup in it (and i had to drink it, yuck), we were so wasted we couldn't remember anything but the fact we had our music WAY too loud and we had "drifted into sleep" while listening to Fluttershy's Lament.

My god the headache. Maybe we should have had more "players" and a complete deck? Oh well.
>> No. 19671
File 131581639778.gif - (426.69KB , 265x299 , tik tok.gif )
You've used the entire existing (80) card deck? Kudos to you and your friends, sir. I hope you had fun.
>> No. 19688
File 131584197516.jpg - (27.57KB , 425x361 , Derp.jpg )
Eagerly awaiting for a complete deck for more craziness and fun times.

With the current cards, Status Cards, oh my god there are so many status cards do i have to drink 7 times now?

Pic related, my face when i had finished with the current cards.
>> No. 19689
In addition to this, i must say the TEA was DELICIOUS.

I also suggest that if somepony else wants to play with these cards, bring more than 3 players. Just because of status cards.
>> No. 19726
> You've used the entire existing (80) card deck? Kudos to you and your friends, sir. I hope you had fun.

They had fun and they must be having a HELL of a hangover now...
>> No. 19741
I have a suggestion! Umm, I mean... if you don't mind...

I like the newer Character category, but I think it needs more functions for gameplay than spells (though I love the spells, don't get me wrong :3). For an expansion pack, I'd recommend a wider variety of characters and Action cards that affect towards Characters specifically. This could add a roleplay element to the game as a whole!

Some examples:

- Teleportation Spell: allows you to skip a Mandatory action, but can only be used by unicorns.

- Apple Family Reunion: Your drinks are split equally among all players in the Apple Family, including yourself.

- Fly to Safety: Pegasus ponies may play this card once to forgive disobeying a Status Card.

- Ponies Only: Non-pony characters are exempt from activities for the rest of the turn cycle, (excluding drinking demands).

- Running of The Leaves Race: (Applejack or Rainbow Dash only) When forced to finish a drink, Applejack or Rainbow Dash now has to drink the same amount and race to the finish! The loser will have to drink the same amount a second time. Be quick! If it's a tie, you BOTH drink!
>> No. 19791
File 131590497999.jpg - (13.66KB , 397x290 , way to go.jpg )
>I have a suggestion! Umm, I mean... if you don't mind...
Of course I don't mind, duh. I'll be grateful for any and all pony-related ideas.

>I think it needs more functions for gameplay than spells
Well, I was aiming for that. These existing spells can still be rebalanced/remade entirely (though the "Elements of Harmony" has to stay, because I wub it).

>For an expansion pack, I'd recommend a wider variety of characters and Action cards that affect towards Characters specifically. This could add a roleplay element to the game as a whole!
Yep, I had that in plans. To be honest, right after finishing the "Core Set", I was planning a "Derpy Expansion", for the purpose of adding a 7th character and nerfing "Super Derpy" card a little bit.

>Teleportation Spell
That's a nice idea for an "Instant" card.

>Apple Family Reunion
The concept is ok, though it won't work really well unless we count "Status" cards that have Applejack/Apple Bloom on them.

>Fly to Safety
Another good idea for an "Instant".

>Ponies Only
Well, right now we've got only Pony characters, so it won't actually work. This could be remade into an "Action" card - "V.I.P. Only", with effect like "Rainbow Dash got invited to the Wonderbolts Party, so everypony having a Status/Character card with her has to drink to that."

>Running of The Leaves Race
I think that it'd be better with "Pick a judge. He pours two drinks for two players having Rainbow Dash/Applejack Character Cards. At the judge's mark, these two players have to finish their drink as fast as possible. The loser drinks another two drinks. When it's a tie, they both drink once."; though the concept is nice.
>> No. 20681
File 131646440611.png - (2.20MB , 2539x3567 , drinkingpony_f.png )

This sheet features the creepiestcoolest card I've made up until now. You can probably figure out which one am I talking about.

Right now I desperately need six "Action" card concepts to finish this category. Bear in mind that these have to be used instantly after being drawn, and discarded right after that.
>> No. 20837
File 131655829191.png - (3.55MB , 2539x3567 , drinkingpony_f.png )
6/10 sheets finished, and just two cards left until the whole Action set is complete. (I have to thank one of my buddies for the assistance with ideas)

I'll be trying my hardest to reach 100% completion before the next Monday, but I'll need some help in order to do it.
>> No. 20844
File 131656119563.gif - (651.68KB , 256x144 , 131180878871.gif )

ohgodohgodohgod baking bads

>> No. 20847

What kind of help do you require? I could possibly help.
>> No. 20848
File 131656435741.png - (79.44KB , 573x618 , fluttershy ah.png )
Ideas, mainly ideas.

These can be for the either type of cards - if there's a well thought-out concept, I can replace an already existing card with the new one.

I could also use some help with card balancing. Some of these cards are probably completely unbalanced (e.g. the Sonic Rainboom skill) and I need some advice on nerfing/buffing them.

When the entire 160-card set is complete, I'll also release work-ready PSD files for easy editing.
>> No. 20917
File 131661888388.png - (3.53MB , 2539x3567 , drinkingpony_g.png )
And with that, I'm at 7/10 completed. Yay.
>> No. 21318
File 131685435095.gif - (573.54KB , 816x708 , prepare appreciated.gif )
This weekend is going to be ponyless, but there is a possibility, that I'll manage to finish this during Monday. Stay tuned.
>> No. 21358
I know that feedback has been a bit spotty lately but this is absolutely awesome! I've been lurking on here just following this thread but I thought I'd jump in to tell you how awesome you are. Thanks for doing this!
>> No. 21942
this is too awesome of an idea to not bump
>> No. 22216
File 131752752544.jpg - (38.92KB , 720x425 , 131382498916.jpg )
I love this game, and I'm going to make my friends play it once it's all finished.

But on the Rainbow Crash card, you made an error. (Unless it was intentional). You left out the word using. It currently says "You have to drink once while the outer sides of your elbows to hold the drink container."
>> No. 23903
File 131849564111.jpg - (491.37KB , 1815x862 , whooves.jpg )
Surprisingly - yes, I'm still working on this project (albeit the progress has been slow lately). Today I'm asking you for advice, because I can't choose between these three pictures for the "Doctor Whooves" card. Maybe you'll help me out with this.

Regarding sheets 8, 9 and 10 - I won't be posting them until I'll finish the whole set. There have been some minor layout changes which will require me to remake the previous and new sheets. That's why it'll be better for anypony interested to wait for the complete set and then print the proper version out.

I know that the whole set was ought to be completed way earlier, but due to some problems I'm not sure whether I'll be able to complete it anytime sooner than the end of October. I'll try my best.
>> No. 23935
First one. Really not feeling the humanised one as it's not very pony and the middle one is alright, just not as good as the left.
>> No. 26228
File 132007229325.jpg - (113.13KB , 556x683 , dim.jpg )
So yeah, it took more time than it should have, but precisely two months after I started working on this, My Little Pony: Drinking is Magic Core Set is finally complete.

I've postponed the launch a little bit to make sure that 99% of the parasprites (errors) were caught and to make some last-minute changes. But enough with the foreword, here's the complete deck:

You can find all 10 card sheets, 1 reverse side template, and printing instructions in there. Everything should be included in the package.

But what if you'd like to create some cards on your own? Well, then you're in luck, because this link below allows you to download the card template sheet, where you can find everything you need for creating more cards with bonus author commentary.

So that's it. Have fun with these while I'll be creating some more cards (maybe).
>> No. 26446
Nice job with this! I originally put compiled the ghetto 4chan versions for that EQD post but never got around to making a nicer template (I'm lazy, lol)

Good to see you followed up on it :)

Once Season 2 is over you should together a new template for a Season 2 pack (I was thinking about it but /oat/ had been so slow that I gave up on it)
>> No. 26457
I'd love to see some more character cards. Maybe that can be the next expansion pack! I bet a Celestia card would be awesome.
>> No. 26939
Thanks, your packs have really helped me out. I'll be thinking about Season 2 packs later (there isn't enough source material yet) - right now I'll be working on some other packs.

Yeah - Celestia, Derpy, or CMC cards could be cool.
>> No. 26987
I've got a few ideas for some Season 2 cards...

-Sealed in Stone: Celestia and Luna have managed to stop the chaos by sealing Discord in stone. Unfortunately it's not a permanent solution. Take all active Status cards in play and shuffle them back into the deck.

"It's quite lonely being encased in stone..." Discord, in The Return of Harmony

-Chocolate Rain: Drink something with chocolate in it! If you use solid chocolate, eat the chocolate afterwards. If you do not have any chocolate take 2 shots.

"Eternal chaos comes with chocolate rain, you guys. Chocolate rain!" Pinkie Pie, in The Return of Harmony

-WORST! POSSIBLE! THING!: Lie down, press the back of one hoof to your forehead, and take a shot. If you spill any, sit up and take another two shots.

"And of all the worst things that could happen, this is THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING! " Rarity, in Lesson Zero

-ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE: Talk in the Royal Canterlot Voice for the rest of the game. If you forget, take a shot. (Does not stack with other "speak in an X way" cards)


-Candy Offerings: Take two shots. Any cards with images of Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna now have no effect on you for the rest of the game.

"Fill up her belly with a treat or two, so she won't return to come eat you!" Zecora, in Luna Eclipsed

-Trottingham Local: Put on your best Trottingham (British) accent for the rest of the game. If you already speak in a British accent, talk with a different accent for the rest of the game. Forget and take a drink! (Does not stack with other "speak in an X way" cards)

"Pipsqueak the pirate, at your service." Pipsqueak, in Luna Eclipsed

-Burning Juice: Try to set the next drink you have to take on fire. If it lights, blow it out and drink it. If it refuses to catch on fire, drink it and then drink two more shots.

"I didn't know you could burn juice." Rarity, in Sisterhooves Social

-Inspiration Room: Every item that you pick up from now on must be put on the floor when you are don't with it (except cards). Forget and you drink.

"This wasn't a mess! It was organized chaos!" Rarity, in Sisterhooves Social
>> No. 26988
"when you are don't with it"

I meant "done with it"

>> No. 27888
File 132148304410.png - (416.49KB , 1100x736 , 131814086563.png )
-Fancy Talk- (Status cards)you must now speak with a french accent. does not stake with other speaking cards.
"My sister's speaking in fancy!" Applejack-The Cutie Pox

-Double The Fun- (Instant card) Whenever somepony is made to take any amount of drinks, you may play this card and make them take double that number.
"Huzzah, the fun has been doubled!" Luna- Luna Eclipsed

-How many drinks do I receive?- (Action)- Roll a 6-sided die. You drink that many drinks.
"How many points do I receive?" Luna- Luna Eclipsed
>> No. 27923

Would these be the right size to be put into MTG sleeves?
>> No. 28353
File 132190498320.png - (373.72KB , 756x759 , dash3.png )
Unfortunately, I have no idea at all (because I haven't managed to print these out yet).

Theoretically the card dimensions are kept in a 60:88 ratio, so they could fit those sleeves rather nice when printed on the right paper size (M:TG sleeves are 63:88, 63mm x 88mm to be exact)).
>> No. 37988
Are there plans to make a version 2 of this? Because I really enjoyed the first one.
>> No. 45489
File 137527838035.png - (160.45KB , 566x529 , I'm flawless.png )
I wish that I had the knowhow to create these cards as professionally as Pinchy did.

Anyways, we could whip /oat/ back into shape with this.
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