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18420 No. 18420
Alright! Time for a new project!

I'm sure a large magority of the Brony community has at least read part of Kkat's epic fanfic "Fallout Equestria" (If you haven't, what are you sitting around here for?) so I'm sure you know of their DJ-Pon3 and his radio station is mentioned throughout the story. There are several sets of lyrics for songs and tons of awesome lines from DJ-Pon3. So I got to thinking...

What if we made actual recordings of these songs and some DJ bits?!

So that's what this thread is for! Unfortunately, most of the songs are only partially written (and I have the lyric writing ability of Scootaloo) s o that's the first place I need help. I need people to find the sets of lyrics in the story and turn them into a full song!

I already found the first one. Chapter 6 - Sung by Sweetie Bell

...How did this happen? What have I done?
I was only trying to help, but I caused so much pain.
I wish I could hide. Wish I could run.
I wish I could find a way to do it all over again...

...I lost sight of the war while fighting my battles.
and now I carry the weight of the world on my saddle...

...How can I fix this? How many times must I try?
Please, this time, let me get it right!

The second job is going to be writing and playing the actual music! I might be more help to this part but help is always going to be appreciated.

The third job that needs filling is going to be singers! We will most likely need a Velvet Remedy, Sweetie Bell (I might already have one though), and whoever else sings in other songs mentioned in the story. Sapphire Shores is mentioned once but no lyrics are given for the song.

And the final thing we shall need is a DJ-Pon3! So post up your best 3-Dog impression! Here's a set of lines to read:

This is DJ Pon3, and that was Sweetie Belle, singing about that one great truth of the wasteland: every pony has done something they regret. And now, my little ponies, it’s time for the news! Now you ponies remember when I told you ‘bout those two ponies who crawled themselves out of Stable Two? Well, I’ve been gettin’ reports that one of those little ponies took out the raider nest in the heart of Ponyville, and saved several pony captives -- including the beloved author of The Wasteland Survival Guide, Ditzy Doo! Hey kid, thanks! From all of us!

I believe that's it! Can't wait to get some auditions in and get down to writing some music!
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>> No. 18423
I'm also going to need help finding the songs in the fic. I need whatever song names and lyrics you can find from the it.
>> No. 18426
Well, if there are any guy parts, I'd like to try out.
>> No. 18453
File 131507905628.gif - (1.00MB , 400x410 , 131140240268.gif )
Alright, I'm trying to get some help from Kkat to see what inspiration she had when writing the lyrics and songs. I hope that will be of help!

Also, for the song in the OP, I'm really hearing a sort of Billie Holiday sort of feel, but I have discovered that I cannot write that style of music. If anypony else has any ideas or inspiration, feel free to post it.

We do have DJ-Pon3 so feel free to give that a try! The voice I'm going for is 3-Dog from Fallout 3.
>> No. 18454
Wait, I thought that DJ-Pon3 was still a girl in Fo:E - Homage?
>> No. 18456
That is correct, but she uses a voice changing spell. So in most everypony's mind she sounds like 3-Dog from Fallout 3.
>> No. 18457
Huh. Well, guess I can give it a shot.
>> No. 18459
Lyrics from Chapter 15

I want to calm the storm, but the war is in your eyes.
How can I shield you from the horror and the lies?
When all that once held meaning is shattered, ruined, bleeding
And the whispers in the darkness tell me we won’t survive?”

I'm looking through for the mention of the title of a version of "Hush Now Quiet Now". It was one of the songs Littlepip fetched for Homage, but I can't remember it's title. Can anypony help me? This will probably be the first song I want to make since it's technically already written.
>> No. 18461
From chapter 17 a mention of a song: "Sapphire Shores singing that the sun can’t hide forever."
>> No. 18497
I wouldn't mind doing 3-dog but when and where do we send the records of us doing DJpon3?
>> No. 18505
What people usually do for a project like this is upload their file to then post the link to the file here in the thread.
>> No. 19100

Thought I'd give this a shot!
I don't know how much help I'd be, but I also can sing (If you need a male singer at any point) and I can make an attempt with the lyrics.
If you like what you hear, my e-mail is [email protected]
If you don't like's ummm...not.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to listen.
>> No. 24053
Hey did this idea die or is it still going on?
>> No. 31708
I'd love to audition for this, but I have no idea if its still going on.
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