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No. 19221
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  COPYPASTA Cuz I'm lazy!

Welcome to the MLP :: FiM - On A Cross and Arrow Voice Casting Call.
Basically this is a written fanfic, waiting to be told in an actual story with actual voices of each character.

This is basically a project where I can make full of my free time being in vacation from the studio.

MLP:FiM CrossNArrow is a fanfic where the mane 6 meets the colt versions of themselves. Very surprising story waiting to be voiced.

Soo... Here's the list of characters needed to be taken.

Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie Pie
Applejack (Filly)
Rainbow Dash
Sweetie Belle
Dusk Shine
Bubble Berry
AppleJack (Colt) - TAKEN BY HEOLIX
Rainbow Blitz
Sweepy Bell
Big Macintosh
Red Gala

Also taking up Artists or Storyboarders for flashing images for the scene.
E-mail your submissions at:

[email protected]
TITLE/SUBJECT: MLP:FiM OCAA : (user or nickname) for (character name)

For art:
TITLE/SUBJECT: MLP:FiM OCAA : (user or nickname) story art

Will respond if accepted or not. :)
I may miss some other submissions though.


Special Thanks to Conner Cogwork for bringing the fanfic to life!
Special Thanks to Conner Cogwork for bringing the fanfic to life!
Special Thanks to Conner Cogwork for bringing the fanfic to life!

Read it here:
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>> No. 19254
Still on audition.
Extended to Sept. 16
>> No. 19270
File 131559525458.png - (113.32KB , 853x853 , lyra_by_zekrom111-d3l7qfc.png )
... why was I not contacted about this? My email's on my page...
>> No. 19275
...How would I go about auditioning for this?
>> No. 19327
Contacted you via e-mail :3

Depends on you. Creativity is your best bet.
>> No. 19372
How many characters can we audition for? I know the Vinyl Scratch Tapes had males audition for at most three. Can we audition for only one role or as many as we want or what?

This project sounds fun, but I don't know which voice is my best and I'd like to know whether I should practice for like a bajillion characters that I think I can voice or focus on only one D:
>> No. 19473
File 131572023246.jpg - (39.48KB , 300x364 , 26401 - Lyra embarrassed.jpg )
Odd, havn't got it yet. I've sent you an email myself, just in case. Have you got it?

Ahh, I might as well. You may find a voice file from me in a bit. Looking for the role of... Derpy Doo.
>> No. 19480
You can audition for how many characters as you want but most surely 1 or 2 will be picked.

I got your mail, replied to me and please re-send your reply since it got rejected by my mail for no reason. Or just PM me in youtube so it would be more faster.

:) You really have a great fic there.
>> No. 19550
Sent u my audition. What do you think?

I also have a decent spike impression if you would like to hear that.
>> No. 19700
Still finding VAs. :)
>> No. 19702
File 131585641523.png - (346.69KB , 2152x1152 , 20454 - Lyra artist lkittytaill.png )
I sent mine in yesterday. Tried out for Male AJ, Derpy Doo, and the Narrator, if there is one. You get them?
>> No. 19703
File 131585672100.jpg - (28.21KB , 413x413 , 131140124555.jpg )
OOooh! Let Connor be the narrator! He friggin wrote it!

And did you get my email?
>> No. 19715
File 131586296293.png - (146.63KB , 418x403 , 131551776791.png )
Hey! :3 I'd love to try out VA's! Unfortunately I have no idea what's taken and what isn't. and The auditions close today right?

It's a shame because I cant record until my family leave in about 2 days ._.

If you're on a tight schedule I understand if you cant wait. Especially as I have no prior experience other than random impersonations and silly voices.

Just thought I'd send this incase you decided to lengthen the audition date or something, I dunno.
>> No. 19722
First post in this thread extended it to the 16th.

I need to send in my spike stuff.
>> No. 19788
I did exactly XD

I will extend once I have the other video made.

Go ahead. I'd like to hear it!
>> No. 19797
File 131592178001.jpg - (39.94KB , 550x550 , 131303293560.jpg )
Awesome! Just sent in my Spike audition. I'll probably give Butterscotch a try before the deadline comes up.
>> No. 19816
File 131594211668.png - (56.32KB , 300x300 , 131413464652.png )
Gonna (eventually) send in a try-out for Elusive once I have enough time in the house alone, can't be at my full whiny-poshness if there's people in the house!
>> No. 19850
File 131595835958.jpg - (108.80KB , 512x512 , circle_the_wagons.jpg )
Lets see if I can do something here.
>> No. 19896
Got your Audition!

Anyways, So... we still need FEMALE voices here!
>> No. 19976
File 131604019754.png - (66.85KB , 2066x1278 , 1314417791171.png )
Just sent an e-mail with my audition, hopefully it went through because sometimes yahoo just hates my guts.
>> No. 20081
2 days left for the colts!
>> No. 20095
File 131610799506.png - (73.59KB , 265x259 , 131551707554.png )

ermm hey, made the audition clip. is there any format you need it in/prefer?
>> No. 20098
Wav or mp3. mp3 would be the best right now.
>> No. 20104
File 131611323491.png - (103.45KB , 337x264 , 1313768761245.png )
mp3 it is! E-mail sent and awaiting reply.
>> No. 20139
I sent a audition in for Applejack (colt), time to cross my fingers, lol.
>> No. 20175
I know there's already some contenders, be them weak or strong, but, just wanted to throw my voice in for consideration.'s just dawned on me that it may be too deep. If so, I could do a higher pitch.

I'm gonna post this on the e-mail, as well. These exact words, even. Except I'll replace the e-mail with ponychan, and vice versa.
>> No. 20223
Only mares are open. It's extended to September 19th.

Needing a Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Pinkie Pie
>> No. 20317
File 131621473420.png - (244.00KB , 2000x1500 , SADNESS.png )
Hey, I don't think I'll have time to finish the lines from an actual episode, so is it okay if i just send in the scene from the fic I di--

all my sadness.
>> No. 20318
File 131621523088.jpg - (24.92KB , 422x428 , 1313768948953.jpg )

Filly auditions are still open!
>> No. 20320
i'm going to audition in the morning!! (as not to wake anypony up)

I'll apply for a few of the filly...
>> No. 20327
was that directed at me? (based on the image) because I'm a guy so no mo fo me :( lol
>> No. 20352
Applejack and Big Mac are still open though.
>> No. 20413
File 131628558180.jpg - (13.78KB , 184x184 , 1313768611379.jpg )

You could always try for a filly!
>> No. 20427
File 131629234304.jpg - (200.59KB , 960x720 , e59d0216b0a61a491099ad59e5310202.jpg )
sent my audition
>> No. 20515
Okay! Still looking for fillies!
>> No. 20557
Hmm, guess I can't be picky XD but by now, is AJ(m) still open?
either way, I'm not sure which girl I would be able to play... Dash, maybe? lol
>> No. 20562
File 131638573425.png - (424.62KB , 576x574 , 131628631912.png )

I thought that was taken by Heolix?
>> No. 20580

Yes, AJ is still open. I'm making him open audition until all the mane 6 has been confirmed.
>> No. 20647
What chaps of the fic have a good AJ(either gender) and/or Bic Mac dialogue? Chap 8 had one between both AJ's, but i'm not sure if it'd be good because i'm not good at changing my voice enough to distinguish between them. Or maybe I'll try for RD or spines to make it easier for me *shrug*
>> No. 20667
i finally sent my audition ^^;
took a while! email issues
>> No. 21264
File 131682334795.jpg - (85.74KB , 679x698 , 1313935847057.jpg )
Any update on any of the characters? No rush, just my life is on hold for this.

Not really, but you know what I mean.
>> No. 21319
Sorry if I haven't said this... Anyways.
The updates are in the video description.

:) I'll be posting a video later.
>> No. 21524
File 131700006277.jpg - (74.20KB , 800x451 , Hoodwinked_kirk_triumphant_laugh.jpg )
>mfw I get callback
>> No. 21534
File 131700316899.jpg - (606.79KB , 1280x1024 , 57609 - DJ_P0n-3 artist sweatshirt reaction_image vinyl_scratch.jpg )
"Oh hey, a new video! I probably didn't make it, but I should still check out who is being consider-"
>Picked for callback

Oh dear, hopefully my sore throat heals fast so I can give it my best!
>> No. 21580
Youtube embed play button
  Well, the results of the auditions are here :)
>> No. 21651
File 131709179949.jpg - (50.58KB , 640x427 , fillycoolybyyikomegad3k.jpg )
I approve heavily of this outcome.
>> No. 21999
Okay... we still need an applejack voice.
The female one.

We will be giving the lines by tommorrow.
>> No. 22000
File 131735355001.jpg - (44.94KB , 362x406 , applebuck_sketch_by_johnkapid-d4b2hhy.jpg )
Quick storyboard sketch for Applebuck, Sweepy DERELL, and Chickeroll.

>> No. 22003
File 131735541125.jpg - (161.66KB , 823x970 , Crusades.jpg )

I was waiting for somepony to FINALLY make gender bent version of the CMC.
>> No. 22185
Hey, dude, on your youtube video description, it says Harpy and BarBar are still open...but that was the 25th, are they still open now? or are there any male parts still open as of now?
>> No. 22553
I just checked your thread on Voice Acting Alliance, are the audition lines you have posted under the characters the ones you want the people who got called back to do, or will we still get the lines in a new video that you're working on? Sorry if this question seems silly, I'm just really excited to do this and don't wanna mess this up!
>> No. 22773
They are still open.

Nope. They are for VAA exclusive VAs. No one else uses those lines unless your VAA.

The people listed in there is CONFIRMED. The lines for callbacks are in a new video and is the only chance to change my mind.
>> No. 22785
File 131775168434.png - (60.39KB , 256x256 , fluttershy-4901_preview.png )
Okay, hey there ^^ So where are the lines we are supposed to read out? My computers been kaput so I havent been watching this thread.

I cant see any links or any new videos. So have I not missed it yet?
>> No. 22803

Alright, then, I'll audition for those two :3
>> No. 22887
I'm confused, sorry. I'm a female interested in auditioning but not quite sure where to find the lines to read? I believe only Applejack's spot was left from my understanding? Could you please explain the female spots left and where to find the lines to read?
>> No. 22923

Ahh... Applejack is only open. Most of the females are taken. You are free to use lines from the show and from the fanfic.
>> No. 22940
I'm a guy who can do a dramatic/powerful voice. What should I do?
>> No. 22951
I sent an email of my Applejack audition. Just giving a heads up incase it went into the spam folder. :D
>> No. 23390
Are the lines for the accepted male voices ready for us to try yet?
>> No. 23449
File 131815802459.jpg - (44.35KB , 270x270 , I See A Scootaloo Thread.jpg )
>> No. 23549
File 131821750789.png - (199.47KB , 700x467 , 56876 - Lyra artist bux clothes lol_books monocle pipe sitting.png )

You should have gotten an email with the lines in them by now. This is just a test scene, that I whipped up for Heo to use. Need to make sure you guys are in harmony after all, eh? :3

Also, it appears Mister Bean is keeping an eye on us. Let's all give him a hoof, everypony.
>> No. 23561
File 131822832887.png - (208.83KB , 1473x1211 , 131808157432.png )
hmm, odd. I guess Heolix changed his mind about me being one of the accepted.

Unless he just hasn't emailed every pony yet.
>> No. 23562
File 131823170670.png - (32.00KB , 122x207 , Rarity_Rock.png )
Haven't received anything, either.
Which is annoying. I really want to get into this so much.
>> No. 23572
File 131824446088.png - (164.23KB , 316x341 , TwilightRage.png )
Well, I did audition, but... Im guessing no, right? I was a little late :( somehow, I ALWAYS manage to miss the deadlines to audition for the cool projects! First squeaks doctor whooves thing, then this! this is getting VERY frustrating!

ok, im calm now. if anypony wants to hear me (even though im not getting in this project :( ) my audition is here (yeah, i made a lot of stuff for this)
If anypony can direct me to a project that HASNT closed, it would be greatly appreciated.
>> No. 23805
Youtube embed play button
  Just incase you didn't know. I did a channel move. From there, audition round 2 is there.

You're not supposed to mention that >.>
>> No. 23809
BAM. E-mail sent.
>> No. 23813

D: my microphone broke T_T I should be getting a new one this friday, the audition (for harpy and barbar) should be sent by this weekend
>> No. 24694
File 131897289421.png - (817.85KB , 975x557 , Retarded Cookie Monster is retarded.png )

>checks thread
>sees the confirmed person for Dusk Shine
>mfw it's not me

Ah, well. Good job. At the very least, this gives me more space to concentrate on a different project.
>> No. 24715
Youtube embed play button
  MLP:FiM/On A Cross and Arrow: Dual Reality
Episode 0A - Zomponies?!

In this episode, during a sleep over... Dusk Shine hides a secret where they found out about Applebuck's Story was true. Rainbow Blitz messes with Dusk Shine's book and discovers his secret.

Characters in this Episode:
Dusk Shine
Rainbow Blitz
Berry Bubble

Special Thanks to The Brony Show and Conner himself for the shoutout! Trotsworth and exKira to the concept art and also the staff of "The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: The Master Recording" for motivation!

The Original Story was written by Conner Cogwork and the production was Directed, Edited and Produced by Heolix and exKira.

Awesome shoutout to The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: The Master Recording:

My Little Pony is (c) Hasbro, MLP:FiM is (c) Lauren Faust
>> No. 24858
File 131908445202.jpg - (52.15KB , 332x310 , 004.jpg )
>> No. 25185
Youtube embed play button
  I just saw philsterman's latest video

I hope you guys do more stuff like this soon
>> No. 25187

So is it safe to assume this project isn't going on anymore? I see that the deadline is Sept. 12, and that's long passed...

If it's still needed, I'd like to try out for the voice of Big Macintosh, as I think I do it pretty well. o3o
>> No. 25540
Still need Harpy and BarBar?

I haven't been able to get a good quality microphone yet, could I send you a mediocre quality audition until I get my hands on a good quality mic?
>> No. 25541
So when we getting started for realz!?
>> No. 25545
Oh, well I guess I should have checked my email first.
>> No. 31751
File 132667987134.jpg - (118.67KB , 940x708 , 34788 - drawing human humanization rainbow_dash twilight_sparkle.jpg )
Is this project still alive or is it dead?
>> No. 32717
File 132764633400.jpg - (269.18KB , 1600x1200 , 96943 - artist squid-cult falling fire_ruby heart hush pony_dragon_pairing rarity romance ruby s.jpg )
hugely alive, just sent in my lines for Rarity!
>> No. 32763
Yes the project is still on!

BUT WE NEED A FLUTTERSHY! The first episode is all but done, but we need a Fluttershy.
>> No. 33036
Are you talking Colt or Mare?
>> No. 33045
Nvrmind. We got the one and only Pierce Smoulder for the part!

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