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19913 No. 19913
Good day, Everypony.
I want to give you a project I've been working on for a while now.

Check this video to see what the wallpaper looks like:

So basically it's an android port of DesktopPonies.... but have the full market description:

Make your phone at least 20% cooler by adding animated 8bit ponies to your background.

This LiveWallpaper adds Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle to your background.

Please note that this is a beta release. There are still some bugs and random crashes

This app is based on DesktopPonies (

You can get the sourcecode at

My little Pony: Friendship is Magic is ©2011 Hasbro & The Hub
All of the used Art and Animation is property of their respective owners. For full Artcredits please see

Some of the features from DesktopPonies are currently not implemented. This includes the interaction with ponies and some of the effects.

You can get the Wallpaper from or by using the QR code on the left.

Any feedback is welcome.
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>> No. 34709
That's what ICS (4.0) is supposed to do.
>> No. 34768
the app crashes every time I start it now for some reason
>> No. 34846
File 133052437516.png - (307.16KB , 2176x1488 , ElectroFire Shadowbolt.png )
Here is the 2nd pony:
ElectroFire Shadowbolt

Hope you will receive them cause i don't know how to send the messages here so i don't know if sent Speedy Pie tell me if you didn't i'll send it back
>> No. 36255
I had recently tried your live wallpaper app for the android, and had a very unpleasant experience when I went to search for something on my phone. I'm sure it would have been impossible to predict this, but as a brony, I can't expect this to be a one time occurrence. I have a large collection of fan art I've been gathering over the past few months, working very hard to include all I loved. It was a personal collection of mine, and I kept them all in a file called "Ponies", and separated them into more specific folders, dividing them by name. After downloading your app, and wanting to get all the ponies for this app... I realized that your app saved its own images in a "ponies" folder... MY ponies folder. Thankfully not too much damage was done... but I did lose all 125 of my Applejack pictures, all my Rarity pictures, and all my Zecora pictures. Your app replaced all the pictures I had of them, with yours. I don't know how this can be fixed... but some kind of warning, if the folder already exists, should be in place. I'm sure I'm not the only brony that saves his pic collection in a folder called "ponies". I'm a bit upset, as its going to take a LOT of work finding those pictures I lost, as I said, my collection took months to create, totaling over 3000 pictures. I am glad though those were the only ones lost, about 200 in total, and that the rest of my folders weren't named exactly the same, as Applejack, Rarity, and Zecora were. I admit... I should have been keeping backups... but still, it is upsetting to lose them in such a way... Again, some kind of warning should go up if the folder that is going go contain your images already exists, before it's automatically overwritten. Thank you.
>> No. 36475
I don't know if this has been already brought up but I would like some kind of touch interaction. Fiori instance if I touch rainbow dash, something will happen
>> No. 36604
File 133385405575.png - (208.26KB , 900x925 , rarity___elegance_by_quanno3-d4j9poi.png )
>Opens Rarity Tumblr meant to replace fellow anons lost Rarity pictures
>Dismembered Rarity in latest post
My God.....
>> No. 36721
:O Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I'm the one who posted those links.

I swear that picture wasn't there at the time I linked to those tumblrs.

What the hay.

I didn't know that tumblr also shared those sorts of pictures. I don't follow it all the time, but every time I stumbled upon it the art was perfectly safe and not all horror-like.

Again, I'm sorry. I guess that's why the comment got deleted?
>> No. 37573
I have an HTC G2, and whenever I open it, it crashes about a few seconds after I run it. So I can't really do anything with it. And if it helps, the first time I got it, I tried downloading all the ponies, then in force closed, and I haven't been able to run the app without it force closing within a few seconds. I tried deleting the data, uninstalling then reinstalling, but neither of them worked.
>> No. 37836
Any word from our friendly dev, just so we know you are still alive and well?
>> No. 38205
Okay so I downloaded the ponies I wanted but I don't get them in the "Pick your ponies" sect ion.... What to do
>> No. 38292
Well, with the addition of the new Ponies, which I updated, I can now no longer use the app at all. It Force Closes every time I try to access either the Pony Download Menu or the Select Pony menu, effectively killing the entire app.

The update that was made before to prevent the need to Force Close and reset the app after a Phone Reboot never worked on my phone either.

Surely you can do better.
>> No. 38293
Upon further research of the glitch, I have discovered that a single Pony out of all the ones I'd downloaded was causing this issue: Berry Punch. One of the Ponies I never used was evidently sabotaging the entire operation. With her removed, the App has returned to normal function... but for the fact that Fluttershy no longer appears when I attempt to have her with the group. This is a familiar issue though. From what I remember, it's because some filenames aren't correctly listed in the .ini file. I should be able to fix this myself, but it would be appreciated if the actual download file was fixed too.

What chaos we behold.
>> No. 38295
Research confirmed the glitch that caused Fluttershy to be invisible on the field was the:
lines. Upon blocking these lines with the ' symbol, the Pony appeared and functioned fully.

The Blink Glitch persists. However, the Force Close On Restart Glitch has now been confirmed to have been cleared as well.

All is well once again.
>> No. 38318
How do you fix the Force Close glitch? sorry, I didn't see if it was already addressed on how to fix it, but if that could be answered, that'd be nice. :)
>> No. 38979
Can i have a direct download link? My device is incompatable with google play but it supports live wallpapapers. Thank you!
>> No. 39020
im very confused on how to get this to work... i downloaded it and it says to go to settings to select ponies.... but there are no ponies to select from....
>> No. 39053
Are you in your OS's settings or the live wallpaper's settings? There should be a settings button right underneath the preview you get before you change to the pony live wallpaper. It's there for me, anyway. Hope that helps.
>> No. 39058
I have n no ponys when i open the wallpaper and nothing in the pony manager. Its sad
>> No. 39115
File 133847990647.png - (145.88KB , 500x500 , 133696853128.png )
using a Samsung note.

from what i used and the ponies i downloaded there isn't much of a problem with the app at all, just small this that can be over looked.

the few problem i have is then i got to start up the live wallpaper it won't show up just a blank background, but works as soon as try it again.
At times the ponies glitch before they move or preform a action, as to say pinkie pie will be standing still then face rapidly face left then right for a few seconds then back to normal. Applejack, she was standing at the top of the screen about to do her rope trick as she did she shifted just below and to the right of where she originally was.

it pairs really nicely with the FIM theme but disables the background picture from moving then you move to another window?

Overall i enjoy the app.
>> No. 39794
This is rather intertaining I love it, it works great on my phone, one ponie I would like to see tho is sourin' wearing his formal shirt with the tie
>> No. 40432
This app is amazing! the only things i have to say is there is no Discord!! i can find just about every other pony / creature from the series right up to the season 2 finale, but still no discord. will he be added in the future?? Please say yes! :D
>> No. 40456
Great app. I do get the animations jumping around when it swaps from one to another, but other than that, it's pretty darn cool.

I do have one bug though. I started off with the mane six plus derpy, and Fluttershy is... well... extremely shy. I've downloaded her and chosen her in the phone, but she doesn't show up, and the info pane indicates she isn't loaded (If I load the mane six, it says "5 ponies active").

This is on an HTC EVO 4G LTE with Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0).
>> No. 40677
Hi there. I'm running a galaxy nexus, currently running Jelly Belly 3.1 as I don't want to wait for Verizon. So far the app seems to work great, other than one issue. A year time the ponies switch animation cycles, the first frame jumps around. It is usually directly horizontal to the frames. It could be that only the first frame is right, I dunno.

I know it isn't helpful that I am Dunning a custom rom and 4.1,but I figured the feedback would help.
>> No. 40781
It says I need to select ponies but when I try to there are none
>> No. 41037
Hi. Im running an unrooted kindle fire, yet a life wallpaper will still work. I really want this one, but I dont have access to google play. Can you maybe post the .apk file? Thx.
>> No. 41053
Could you add the .apk file? I dont have access to Google play yet live wallpapers work on my phone.
>> No. 41667
My kindle will not allow me to get this. I have go launcher, but could you send me the apk?
>> No. 41839
I have a kindle fire, and since it's read-only or something, I can't add any ponies, and the manager always force closes. Can someone post the files for RD, TS, Derpy and Scootaloo? I would really love having ponies in my background.
>> No. 42610
Hey great app just if you wouldn't I mean if your not busy or anything could you please maby sort of, it cinda needs a little of tweaks on the a500 tablet if you don't mind its cin
>> No. 42794
I DLed Spitfire, but she won't show up. On the select ponies screen, it says that I chose her, but when I set the wallpaper, she won't be there. Only pony I'm having this problem with. Help? Please?
Other than this small problem, the wallpaper is perfect.
>> No. 42797

Err.... You can root - install rom on there... I did with mine. Would you like for me to walk you through it sometime?? It can be a little iffy if you don't have experience. Add me on Google+ or Skype. Just search me using my email address.
>> No. 42798

Try clearing the user data and cache of the Live Wallpaper. You can do that by going into Settings > Applications > *app* and click clear data. If that doesn't work, try reinstalling it.
>> No. 42810
Spitfire still won't load. I had to delete and reinstall every pony, but spitfire is still not showing up.
Can anypony help?
>> No. 42811

huh... what device do you own?
>> No. 42819

Droid Pro.
>> No. 42848
Someone should upload the APK file anyway since the execs at google have removed -all- of the MLP live wallpapers from the google play store. ;( First our background on gets taken away, now this?
>> No. 43032
Heyyy I want to thank u cuzz u made my bro 20% cooler
>> No. 43164
Seriously? Why did google play remove this app? It was an awesome LWP.
>> No. 43165
for the love of..

here, dropbox folder of mine.
in it is the MLP soundboard app (and add-on ponies)

and overkill's live wallpaper
>> No. 43423
Nobody says thanks? Maybe i'll just take it down then >.>
>> No. 43489
Many Thaks! ^_^
>> No. 43584
I looked EVERYWHERE for this thank you SO so much for putting that up thank you!!!!
>> No. 44160
I know this is coming months late BUT I just wanted to say thank you!! It really is apreciated, I recetly did a phone upgrade and was very disapointed when I couldn't find this again in the market, thank you very much for uploading :D
>> No. 44381
Thank you so much for uploading those.. just like the previous anon, i lost all of these.. I'm pretty sure it happened because Hasbro whined at them... Thank you so much for uploading them!
>> No. 44877
My appreciation.

You have it.
>> No. 45386
The dropbox says the file has been missing or deleted, does anypony else have a copy?
>> No. 45387
Found them here:

I've download and ran the files, it appears to be in working order. I've got Derpy and Pinkie Pie walking around now!
>> No. 45699
Is there any chance at all I can still get the live wallpape fror my android? I will make a donation to the site if you'd like. That wallpaper is one of the coolest apps I have ever seen. (I know - I need to get out more) :-P
>> No. 47394
Pretty cool,can't wait to try it 😃
>> No. 47555
File 142717030452.jpg - (704.07KB , 1920x1080 , Pony-Wallpapers-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-35107558-1920-1080.jpg )
i need a whole collection of my little pony until tonight
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