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File 131599688228.png - (2.42KB , 460x460 , chart.png )
19913 No. 19913
Good day, Everypony.
I want to give you a project I've been working on for a while now.

Check this video to see what the wallpaper looks like:

So basically it's an android port of DesktopPonies.... but have the full market description:

Make your phone at least 20% cooler by adding animated 8bit ponies to your background.

This LiveWallpaper adds Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle to your background.

Please note that this is a beta release. There are still some bugs and random crashes

This app is based on DesktopPonies (

You can get the sourcecode at

My little Pony: Friendship is Magic is ©2011 Hasbro & The Hub
All of the used Art and Animation is property of their respective owners. For full Artcredits please see

Some of the features from DesktopPonies are currently not implemented. This includes the interaction with ponies and some of the effects.

You can get the Wallpaper from or by using the QR code on the left.

Any feedback is welcome.
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>> No. 19914
Sounds awesome, can't wait, quick question, is it free or does it cost?
>> No. 19915
While in beta it's free. Once it leave beta stage there will be ..... nah, just kidding. Will stay free FOREVER.
>> No. 19920
What are the known bugs?
So I can point ones out that are unknown...
>> No. 19922
The app can crash after a random duration due to filling up the vm-cache.
It can also happen that ponies flicker during movement.
The frame rate can also drop very low when the app has to load more than one animation at the same time.
>> No. 19926
Ok, I got one then.

Model: HTC Thunderbolt
Android version: Froyo
Custom background does not work, I am limited to a black background.
>> No. 19938
There should be a new version (0.2) up. Hopefully it will fix that.
>> No. 19972
File 131603846865.gif - (225.74KB , 400x400 , 131559483256.gif )
I saw this today on the market, but I wanted to start crying. I have a Droid Eris.
You know, the phone that came out right before they decided that Live Wallpapers would be a good idea?
>> No. 19975
Love it! Only been running for a few minutes on my phone, but so far so good. I would have never guessed Android's library didn't support animated GIFs...
>> No. 20057
File 131606330289.png - (115.20KB , 308x324 , loltrix.png )
Just DLed on my Android, looks great but there are issues where on certain animations the pony turns into a square blob of nothingness, and then pops back up again.

Not sure how to fix it atm; phone is an Android Evo 4g
>> No. 20073
You can try to flash Gingerbread (2.3) on your phone:
But don't blame me if u break something ;)

Android is very odd when it comes to GIFs. The only built-in thing is the Movie class ( which has a "great" documentation.... xD

Again Android is very odd when it comes GIFs. But I'll see what i can do to fix this.
>> No. 20128
I can't get Applejack or Rarity D:

Model: Xoom
Version: Honeycomb
>> No. 20155
i lied, they were just hiding lol
>> No. 20358
Is anypony experiencing lag/huge memory uage after the wallpaper runs for a longer time?
It takes up 180MB of RAM when I have it running for 1 hour which makes my phone slow down a bit...
>> No. 20779
File 131652632858.png - (131.47KB , 480x800 , screenshot-1316523474356.png )
For those of you wanting more ponies.
Don't worry, they are on their way xD
>> No. 20828
Pinkie Pie seems to be bugged. Sometimes her background is white for a moment.
Dell Streak 5
>> No. 20918
ayup. Big lag, after 13 hours, ~40 MB memory in use, I have to turn it off.

Samsung Galaxy i5700
>> No. 20947
This was the very first thing I installed on my new phone, and I love it. I do get the glitching on some animations, but it's worth it.

It also immediately uses 120Mb of memory when I start it, but that's not a problem because Bionic. U jelly?

By the way, does anypony have a background image that looks good with it? I just have flat black because everything else I've tried has looked hideous.
>> No. 20986
File 131664850788.png - (125.82KB , 480x800 , screenshot-1316648199044.png )
It may not be a problem if you have a lot of ram....
still I think its better like it's on this screenshot ;)
>> No. 21048
I love it all! Since its still in Beta, though, its got bugs.

Observed bugs:
There are glitches in the gifs that distort the images with each pony. Some are more frequent than others.
Custom background option doesn't work. Force closes.

Phone in use: Droid 2 Global
>> No. 21181
Is the dev dead?
Usage seems okay, even after a while. DHD 2.3.3
>> No. 21182
new version 0.3 ~Yay
The change-log:

Removed ponies from app, they must be downloaded via the Pony Manager
Changed Animation Engine to keep memory usage lower
Improved framerate to be more stable
Linked Behaviors are now correctly played after each other
Added settings to scale the images
Fixes bug on Samsung phone (maybe other too)

There will be more ponies in the pony manager very soon

Also, the Android Market seems a bit bugged right now. So the update may not show up immediately.
>> No. 21184
A lot less buggy now, though downloading and selecting the ponies was a bit slow to recognise. Works a lot better than it did before and updated okay!
>> No. 21214

With the new update, when I try to open the select ponies screen, it crashes.
>> No. 21240
You mean in the wallpaper settings?
What phone do you have?
Did you download a pony with the pony manager?
>> No. 21248

I had the same problem until I deleted my Rainbow Dash files (I switched to wifi in the middle of downloading the files, so my guess is something got corrupt)
>> No. 21257
You can't d/l more ponies once you downloaded some, just comes up with a window to select the ponies you already downloaded. I wannit nao!
>> No. 21259
Hey there, so when I download the ponies and select them in settings I keep getting told that I have none selected and then randomly the files vanish and I have to download them again. Anypony know a fix for this? Or is it a known issue?
>> No. 21270
It won't work on my samsung intercept! *sob* I DLed it and it didn't even show up even when I did the menu lookup and such. Which STINKS. :(

My guess is the Intercept doesn't support Live Wallpapers which totally blows. I hope with the next OS update they're supported!
>> No. 21317
Should be fixed with 0.3.1

Fixed ponies not showing up in selector after download
Fixed ponies not showing up on wallpaper after selecting
>> No. 21320
I can't download more ponies, where is this 'pony manager' you speak of? Otherwise I can select the ones I've already downloaded, and it works perfect as far as I can tell.
>> No. 21321
The PonyManager shows up as a normal App in your app list after you install the wallpaper
>> No. 21322
Found it! Every time I open the pony manager it crashes- desire HD 2.3.3
>> No. 21324
There seem to be a lot of bugs in the ponymanager... I should have tested some features without wifi and added some "crash- prevention"...
Anyway, I'll put up a new, fixed version tomorrow
>> No. 21329
>>21324 ~yay~
>> No. 21361
I have the pony manager on my phone and have downloaded a few ponies, but I cant seem to find the my little wallpaper app to put them on my phone.
>> No. 21369
On your homescreen you need to long-press on a empty area, then select wallpaper and then live wallpaper. You should then see it in the list.
>> No. 21424
Can you make one for the Nokia Symbian? I want the cute ponies but I use a Nokia C6-01 so the Android market won"t allow me to download it.
>> No. 21438
Why can't my phone hold all these ponies? Great app though, it definitely has alot of promise.
>> No. 21440
I have no idea how to develop something like a live wallpaper on Symbian. But since the application is opensource (my android port, a java desktop port and the original are all opensource) maybe somepony will port it to Symbian.
>> No. 21441
Update 0.3.2

Improved memory management
(Hopefully) Fixed random crashes in PonyManager

I really hope that I got all the odd errors in the Ponymanger... :\
>> No. 21452
The manager hasn't crashed once since update, just waiting for more features now!
>> No. 21470
I got the app for my droid X begot the update it semi world but the ponies texture kept messing up after the update when I go to select ponies the app crashes
>> No. 21475
Oh wow I'm impressed.. Works perfect on my Nexus S 4G. Thanks for sharing this :D
>> No. 21594
Background is not loading on my phone. Custom background and background image both give me options on choosing a file, but once chosen, it defaults to background color anyways.

Droid 3
Gingerbread 2.3
>> No. 21604
Two of the options are greyed out for me, is that bad?
Sorry if that sounds dumb.
>> No. 21613
Some of the new ponies will change into black squares, they don't move or flicker at all. Eventually they change into what theyre meant to be, but so far resetting them/less ponies doesnt make a difference.
>> No. 21614
Ahh change my mind, it Lyra and Bonbon as far as I can tell, sorry.
>> No. 21615
same here when I first downloaded it it gave me the option to show effects, and to store intern now I cannot select it -Motorola Defy
>> No. 21616
oops posted under wrong name orz
>> No. 21679
They are grayed-out because they are not working/implemented yet.
They just sit there to give you an idea of what to come.
So no mistake on your side xD
>> No. 21681
Droid X can select ponis now, but nothing happens.
Previously worked ;_;
>> No. 21718
Indeed worked before update after update I have to force close when I select the select ponies selection
>> No. 21766
I can't even add my ponies, settings where?
>> No. 21957
Don't want to rush dev, but updates on what you're working on would be nice.
>> No. 22008
I just created a cutie mark wallpaper intended to be used as a background however when I try to set it, the scaling comes out weird. It is the exact size of my screen thus I figured it would work. I was hoping you could either fix it or at least post the resolution needed so I can scale it properly. My phone has a 480x800 screen. It scales correctly when I select it alone in the wallpaper because I have another option in the gallery to change the shape of the box. Since this app calls the gallery, I would imagine the issue would be in the call of the gallery. If I get the time I will surely help to find a fix since I know a bit of java and can access the source code. Except for that minor problem, love the project and glad you support free and open source software. Thank you for all your hard work and time.

Your Faithful Student,
Twilight Sparkle
>> No. 22039
I'm porting the rest of DesktopPonies (effects and interactions).
Interactions are done and I'll release a new version (0.4) tomorrow.
Hopefully this update will also fix most (all) of the current bugs....

Effects are working but tend to crash a lot, so they won't be in the 0.4 release.

your phone's screen-size is not necessarily the size of the wallpaper. If you swipe between your home-screens the wallpaper scrolls along for a fraction of your screen's width.
I have 5 home-screens on my nexus one (480x800) but the wallpaper size is 960x800.
I hope that helps a bit ;)
>> No. 22135
Sooo.... as promised, new version 0.4

Added Interaction between ponies (can't be turned off right now)
Added Interaction with user (touch pony to lock in place/release)
Added update mark to PonyManager (blue dot if there is a update for this pony)
Further improved memory management and stability of live wallpaper
Fixes of non working settings on some phones
Fixed a bug where the wallpaper would crash if the scale setting were empty
Further improved stability of PonyManager
>> No. 22141
I downloaded the update today and tried using a custom background, but it still doesn't seem to be working (it defaults to the selected background color). I'm not sure if that's one of the issues you were addressing with the update, but incase it was, wanted to let you know that I'm still having that issue. I have a Droid X.
>> No. 22289
- Brony draconigen
>> No. 22313
The pony selection now works on droid x but it crashes when I scroll below rainbow dash
>> No. 22414
I have a Samsung Acclaim and when ever I open other apparently it only shows the download ponies screen I have downloaded them all but can't get them to work
Pleas help
>> No. 22415
I am getting a not compatible with this item error from the Android Market. So I can't download the wallpaper. Is there another place I can get the apk directly?
>> No. 22449
What phone and what android version do you have?
>> No. 22455
I can only download the ponies, no other option is given other than delete. Help please. Mytouch 4G.
>> No. 22457
Longpress on your homescreen, pick live wallpaper, select the mlp wallpaper.

I hope thats what you meant ...
>> No. 22513
Every time I restart/turn off my phone, the wallpaper doesn't load ponies properly. Even after 5 mins it doesn't load any ponies until I reset the wallpaper.
>> No. 22535
I can't select ponies in the wallpaper settings. Whenever I click it, it says that process has stopped unexpectedly. I'm running android 2.2 on an LG Ally.
>> No. 22568
I am running a Coby 7024 tablet but it comes up as a T-Mobile phone in the Android Market. I got an apk from somewhere but now I can't find the link again. The previous version I downloaded would not let me run the select ponies option in settings. The pony manager would let me download all the ponies. The selection option keeps crashing in the version I have (not 0.4).

BTW, it works just fine on my HTC Aria.
>> No. 22611
Please help I have a Samsung Acclaim and when I open up the app all that comes up is the pony manager and I have them all downloaded.
And it wont show anything else.
>> No. 22624
reporting a bug on Lyra's sprite she seems to be turning into a giant black box in one of her idles, not sure which but i think it maybe her "bench" idle.


you have to go to your "live wallpapers" (usually by long pressing your home screen) and mylittlewallpaper should be among those options from there you can select what ponies you have downloded under setting afterward you can set wallpaper and they should appear.

(sorry I hope im not stepping on toes, just trying to help)
>> No. 22629
It is in the settings for the mlp live wallpaper that it keeps crashing on me. For some reason the "select ponies" option kills the program every time. I was hoping the latest version would not do that.
>> No. 22632
i had to delete all my old ponies and redownload them myself some also need to be updated, if all else fails try uninstalling it and then reinstalling it. (ive done that a couple times when it got buggy on me)
>> No. 22644
help please , coudl tell me how to put these on my androis desktop,because i can't find the settings button , currently i'm running CyanogenMod-7.1.0-Beta2-Cooper-KANG and i don't find where to put it , im on a samsung galaxy ace whith that mod ¿could naypony help me or tell me what to do?
>> No. 22888
File 131778366278.gif - (459.21KB , 1000x1000 , happy_luna_by_ganton3-d45rspe.gif )
Good app through and through. Been getting a lot better with each version. Lyra and Bon Bon seem to glitch out sometimes. I heard a rumor that the desktop version is working on a Discord model so if that's true will we be getting that in a future update?
>> No. 22892
Sad face when I realize I can't have live wallpapers on my shitty phone :(
>> No. 22894
Anypony have a link to the apk? Android Market still wont let me download this to my tablet.
>> No. 22944
File 131782896778.png - (690.36KB , 643x1000 , 130906844049.png )
It only takes a few modifications to use a pony (or other thing) from DesktopPonies.
So I'll add new ponies when they come out.

I sent you a mail with the latest apk
>> No. 22946
File 131783320609.png - (78.21KB , 846x892 , 1301028456054.png )
Also. New Update/Bugfix 0.4.1

Changed design of the Pony Manager
Added Button to open LiveWallpaper-Picker
>> No. 23000
I have a HTC Legend, version 2.2, and I've downloaded the new update as well for the Live Wallpaper, but everytime I touch the 'choose ponies' option, it crashes and I have to force close.
Is it just my (terrible) phone's problem, or does anypony else get this too?
>> No. 23027
My Coby 7024 tablet does the same thing. If I delete the /extsd/ponies directory then go to settings the "select ponies" button will bring up the pony manager. Sadly after downloading some ponies, when I go back to select ponies it crashes again.
>> No. 23052
When I go to select pours I can't scroll breath rainbow dad or it will crash on me
>> No. 23053
Lol auto correct
>> No. 23067
File 131791620293.png - (78.21KB , 846x892 , 1301028456054.png )
The new 0.4.2 update should fix that bug (I hope..since the bug doesn't occur to me at all xD)
Complete Changelog

Fixed a bug that crashed the wallpaper when it should be restarted
Fixed a bug causing the Pick Pony Dialog to crash on some phones
Added "Like on Facebook" and "Follow on Twitter" button
Added Market-Filter to only show app to phones that can use livewallpapers

(I really like that pic for announcing updates ;) )
>> No. 23074
Still doesn't restart properly, could it be down to the pony manager not restarting because its an app?
>> No. 23148
I'm having this problem too! I have the option to choose a custom background, I choose a file, and then it goes to the default color or whatever plain color I choose. This issue doesn't seem to be getting addressed in this thread unless I missed something, is there a fix? I have the latest version of the app and the Droid 2 Global.

Even with this issue it's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen, thanks!
>> No. 23204
Great app so far. No issues other than a few crashes here and there. Ponies stay on screen. App runs smoothly on my 3vo. However I'd like to ask if there's any way of you adding new animations. Or modify some of the ponies. Like Derpy for instance looks sort of mad, and when Rainbow Dash sleeps her eyes are very long. Any chance of you fixing that for the masses? Thank you and I'm very glad to have your app.
>> No. 23218
>>23074 Apparently its down to the ponies being installed on the memory card, which I guess would make sense as its only the ponies it doesn't load. That should be you next fix dev!
>> No. 23226
Restarting in terms of the Android Wallpaper Engine does not (only) mean the phone restarting.
The problem in your case is that after a phone boot-up the wallpaper gets started before the sd-card is mounted. so the wallpaper looks for the ponies at the internal path.
But its clearly a bug that needs fixing.

Like the creator of the original DesktopPonies I got nothing to do with the art. You can check this list ( and try to contact the artist directly.
>> No. 23278
My tablet doesn't support the official Market, so it looks like I'll have to grab the source code and build it.

I sound like a Linux user (which makes sense since it's Android).
>> No. 23564
Hey there got this app when it premiered on EqD. Wanted to say great job on it.

Some questions though.

What exactly does "pony interaction" do? Imean SweetieBelle kinda follows (and hides behind) Rarity sometimes and thats about it. Dont see any dialogue.

"Show Effects" is also greyed out so i assume itll be coming soon.

Rainbowdash doesnt do a Sonic Rainboom? She dashs but no boom =P

Possible that its my phone instead lol (HTC Inc S, v2.3.3)
>> No. 23591
Interaction is currently only one pony following each other. Like Spike following Rarity... wait a sec... there is no Spike...forget about that xD
I'm not sure about text output because it does look very odd on the wallpaper...

Dash is not doing a rainboom because effects are disabled. The problem with effects is that the rainboom gif file has a size of 120x380px and 51 frames (that needs about 8,8 MB of memory) but only 2 seconds of animation. So the effect is over before it was complete loaded.
I'll try to fix that but that is the current problem...

So you get all the buggy/untested features. ~yay XD
>> No. 23620
File 131827398172.png - (380.10KB , 480x800 , screenshot-1318272957232.png )
To better demonstrate this:
Trixie seems to have a lot of fun with her fireworks but at the same time the phone has a lot of work to do

So it is not impossible to implement but the cpu usage will be very high, which is not that good for a wallpaper xD
>> No. 24234
File 131869941516.jpg - (361.32KB , 952x510 , Clipboard01.jpg )
Had some time, added some ponies (total is now 30).
What to know which? - Check
(Please don't try to use all 30 at once - it wont end well:

Also... expect an update within the next few days, adding effects /)^3^(\
>> No. 24336
Thanks for the info. =D

Cant wait for the wonderbolts and effects. Keep up the good work
>> No. 24343

Having similar issues re: the crash. Appears that the Pony Manager will create a folder for the appropriate pony, but not actually populate it with anything. This would the 404 error I'm recieving when hitting 'Select Ponies' I suppose. I've tried checking my phone's permissions, un/reinstalling the app, all with the same result. Too bad, since this looks very impressive. :(
>> No. 24565
I was unable to get Android Market to let me download the wallpaper to my Coby 7024 Tablet. The Market kept telling me it was not compatible. I found that I could back up an app on my phone using the ES File Manager. This placed the MLP Live Wallpaper apk in a backup directory on my phone's SD card. I then transferred the .apk and the "ponies" directory to the SD card on my tablet. Used the APK Installer program. Copied the "ponies" directory to the /extsd folder and "yay" a fully functional with lots of ponies live wallpaper! Now my tablet is 20% cooler!

Can anypony recommend a background wall paper to go with this?
>> No. 24566
I'm running Android 3.2 on an Asus Transformer tablet and I've found two issues so far. First, I can't figure out how to select ponies - whenever I do it doesn't keep the selection and it always has none selected when I go back to it. Second, if I try to apply a custom background it never progresses past me selecting the image. It just sits there with the system's busy icon. Are these problems with the app or have I caught the dumb?
>> No. 24648
I'd suggest the Drawfriend Posts on EQD

That does sound like a problem with your device or honeycomb in general (I never tested the app on honeycomb... maybe I should do that xD)

That "next few days" will become a bit longer than I thought... my stupid-real-job-that-I-have-to-do-even-if-I-dont-want-to is very demotivating at the moment ;(.
But I still hope it's going to be this week....
>> No. 24683

I don't know how much help I could be but if I can assist in testing I'd be happy to. I'm actually running 3.2.1, not 3.2 like I said earlier (slight derp). I saw a review on the Android Market page of somepony else with a Transformer listing the same issue with the wallpaper. I haven't seen another mention of the issue I had with it not remembering the ponies I picked yet.
>> No. 25105
So I just downloaded this on my Droid 2 and I seem unable to have my custom wallpaper in the background.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?

I've selected Use Custom Background and chosen my background image but it refuses to show.

What should/can I do to fix this?
>> No. 25143
I found and fixed the bug in the settings.

However fixing the bug with the background image is a bit harder. but I'll keep looking into that.
>> No. 25149
File 131922106498.jpg - (27.22KB , 139x149 , spike derp.jpg )
I have an issue I have noticed recently.

The Pegasus ponies always seem to get stuck on the sides of my Droid! It never happens with normal ponies, but after a while the Pegasus ponies get stuck jittering on the sides!
>> No. 25211
Youtube embed play button
  Happy Nightmare Night everypony!

New update to version 0.5 is now in the market
Added Effects (they are still buggy but the wallpaper shoudn't crash)
Engine now only starts rendering if all Ponies are ready (and shows a "loading..." message until ready)
Fixed a bug that blocked png files from being used
Added Filter/Sort function to PonyManager
Select Ponies now has alphabetical order
Added Movement Delay to settings
Can use current background image as custom background image

Also, check out the new video ;)
>> No. 25214
I know the extra animations are still a lil buggy, but dash rainboomed while she was walking, that's all I noticed until I turned it off.
Ps whats this delay setting do?
>> No. 25235
Debugging info missing on top left (only shows your sig) and adds a white line along the bottom.

Nice vid, and like the previous poster, Dash rainbooms while standing occasionally.
>> No. 25248
Thanks so much for fixing the custom background bug! I wasn't using the wallpaper because I didn't want a solid colored background, but now that it's working properly I can! (I'm on a Droid X)
>> No. 25299
This worked perfectly before the update but now the application force closes during the preview after selecting a pony (as in just one.) The result is a black wallpaper that I can't get rid of by trying again or using a simple picture. The preview works after the crash but not outside of it.

HTC Wildfire S 2.3.3
>> No. 25304
File 131938099151.png - (78.21KB , 846x892 , 1301028456054.png )
The 0.5 seems to have a very odd bug for some of you so this update hopefully fixes that.
Fixed a bug that would crash the wallpaper randomly after adding a pony
Fixed debug text to be on screen again

The is now back in place. The white line shows the area in which the ponies can move.
I'll later add the possibility to adjust that area manually.

Should be fixed
>> No. 25305
say, uh, im still getting a giant black box for some of lyra's idle i alre3ady updated her thinking that would solve the problem but it didnt, I even tried deleting her and redownloading her but still no success :(
>> No. 25310
I have no idea what is wrong with her an bonbon.
after the last update (ponies not app) they work on my phone...
>> No. 25453
I know it you're trying to fix bugs etc. But would you ever consider the option to disable scrolling? Go launcher can disable scrolling and I find it runs a little smoother without.
>> No. 25461
File 131948832861.gif - (474.94KB , 232x280 , 131639130171.gif )
i restarted my phone this morning and say they needed update again reupdated and now theyre working better than great! :D
>> No. 25629
You are a legend among android bronies for this. My phone can't handle more than 6-8 ponies at a time, but that's more than I had before, so I'm happy. I have only one bug that affects my Droid 2, and that is that all the ponies will occasionally get stuck jittering back and forth in one place. It's obviously during their walk animation, which leads me to believe they think they're hitting the edges of the screen and trying to turn around over and over.
>> No. 25658
File 131963563759.png - (78.21KB , 846x892 , ~1301028456054.png )
Another small update.
0.5.2 - Changelog:
Readded random theme colors in PonyManager
Readded advertisment in PonyManager
Pony preview images are now cached
Reduced start-up cpu usage for PonyManager
>> No. 25667
Hi, it's the HTC Wildfire user again.

0.51 worked in fixing the force close error. There was another problem with the single pony not going to the right of the screen but that doesn't seem to happen in 0.52.
0.52 has another force close error though. When I touch a pony to lock it in place it will sometimes close the wallpaper. Sometimes it returns, but sometimes it does not.
>> No. 25669
Oh and Angel the bunny is somehow capable of gliding across the floor. He's a beast. :D (The animations don't match up with the movements.)
>> No. 25744
File 131968640741.jpg - (27.33KB , 472x511 , 1303406755693.jpg )
Just downloaded and installed all the ponies, but when I try selecting one it says, "error unable to access *Insert path and file name here*" Not sure what it is, but I'm trying to re-install right now.
>> No. 25796
This app is a lot of fun. Wondering if you might add a feature where I can tell it the max number of ponies to display at once. Say I chose 5. It would automatically choose 5 of the allowed ponies and use them for a while, then switch to 5 other ones. Maybe a good time to change them would be when the screen saver resumes after a pause.

I also noticed some weird artifacts if I have the phone in landscape orientation.

The pony manager force closes on open after the recent update. I run AdFree so maybe that's related since you mentioned ads? Sent a report.
>> No. 25828
you should add berry punch in next pony manager update~ ;)
>> No. 25868
Doesn't work with custom background image on Transformer tablet, it just sits there loading forever.

Also, any chance of seeing this on github or google code? It would be far easier to track bugs, and you can even get tech savvy bronies to help you out. ;)
>> No. 25875
There is a url in the first post... but somehow it didn't become a link.... so
>> No. 25902
File 131981261131.png - (78.21KB , 846x892 , ~1301028456054.png )
the 0.5.2 update broke the PonyManager in some cases... So here is the fix.
Fixed a bug that caused PonyManager to crash when unable to load a image
>> No. 26039
Thanks for the fix!
>> No. 26227
dose it work whit HTC wildfire? not the Wildfire S but the normal wildfire.
>> No. 26902
Needs Gummy. Also it might be neat to include some backgrounds built in. I just got lucky that it looks perfectly normal for Pinkie to bounce around on the default HTC (Incredible S) background lol.
Been running for about 12 hours with no problems. Would be cool if you could layer live wallpapers, but I can't imagine Android OSes or the hardware in most phones supporting that.
>> No. 26916
File 132060287758.png - (8.67KB , 90x110 , 425.png )
Some update on the app: I'm currently adding a filter by category function to the PonyManager because having 90+ ponies in one list is a bit much xD

Together with some bugfixes, there should be a release during next week.

I'm thinking about adding some animated backgrounds (sun, clouds and stuff like that) but that will take it's time.
Also, no you can't layer live wallpapers.
>> No. 26999
berry punnnnnchhhhhh
>> No. 27367
Her and like 90 others.
Basically everypony that's in the dektop version.
>> No. 27369
>> No. 27380
When can we expect such update? I wannit NAO!
>> No. 27454
<mfw discord still isn't part of that grouping.
>> No. 27473
Do you know a good Discord Desktop Ponies source?
>> No. 27525
File 132110769034.png - (78.21KB , 846x892 , ~1301028456054.png )
So, there you go. Version 0.6.
Have some Changelog:

Pony Manager now reads local-only ponies
Pony Manager can filter by category
Fixed bug causing a crash when touching a pony

Now with a lot of ponies. please report error with the animation (flashing, turning black, ect) and I'll fix that asap.
>> No. 27531
Not to be offensive, but the pony manager is now in German(?) Even though it doesn't really matter, just like to point it out.
>> No. 27532
ty.... did i mention i <3 u?
>> No. 27533
Sorry, clicked reply...
* in foreign language when click download new ponies, and no Dj p0n3!?
>> No. 27536
ach, verdammt! I hate it when something like that happens without me noticing it...
But it's only "Alle updaten" > "update all" and "Alle herunterladen" > "download all"? or is there more?
>> No. 27539
>> 27536 as far as I can tell, other than that...
-Dj p0n3 is called strobing_scratch
-Some ponies are black squares, can't remember specifically/haven't checked all
-2 princess celestia's in app (old-old celestia files?)
-*possible performance improvements? Using 20+ mb with 6 ponies :(*
That's all I can tell for now, sorry to sound negative about your work...
>> No. 27541
Ponies are now taken directly form the DesktopPonies files. So when the artist decides to call her like that, it shows up with that name in the app...

Please tell me which ponies have that bugs and I'll fix it ;)

Does one of the celestias (or whatever the plural is) have a cyan-colored dot and the other a red or green one?

The problem is the way android handles the gif files. And that i already the less-memory-consuming way ;(.

don't worry about sounding negative. Informal and useful feedback is always welcome and highly anticipated.
>> No. 27543
Nope, in the manager there is one, with a file manager I found the gif files from the first celestia you added, and it turns out storing the ponies internally reduces performance. Now Ill go through the ponies and see which dont work, ill post again in a bit ;)
>> No. 27544
Caramel - capeless trixie - lightning - raindrops
Unless I missed some that's it.
>> No. 28103

"Does one of the celestias (or whatever the plural is) have a cyan-colored dot and the other a red or green one?"

Both Celestias have a red green dot on the main list. One is supposed to be "Filly Celestia", but the preview image and pony displayed when selected is identical to large Celestia. The issue is that the "Filly Celestia" folder actually holds another copy of the large Celestia, along with a few files for the multi-colored mane Celestia filly that aren't being used by the .ini

I tried changing the files around to add a functioning colored mane Celestia filly, but I haven't gotten it to work without issue (she disappears on occasion).
>> No. 28618
File 132215038748.png - (78.21KB , 846x892 , ~1301028456054.png )
So much stuff to do. So little time for pony apps ;(
Anyway, a quick update:

Made less memory consuming if running for a longer time
Fixed some bugs in Pony Manager
>> No. 28639
I can't download the ponies in the app itself. Could you please supply a zip/rar/whatever with the ponies in it so I can put it on my phone that way? Thanks in advance.

(HTC Desire, Android 2.2, stock rom)
>> No. 28657
One my galaxy ace there is a homescreen thing that changes between parts of the picture for different pages. This sometimes works with the wallpaper and sometimes doesnt. Can you fix it?
>> No. 29362
File 132305709896.png - (89.29KB , 308x245 , twilight scared.png )
Something happened with the newest Andriod update, and my background became blurred whenever I switched screens on the main page!
>> No. 29744
So cute!! At first it worked perfectly, but when I updated, it says error for most of them, and even when I pick the ones that appear to be working, it says "no ponies selected" ... What should I do? I miss my ponies!!
>> No. 29782
Having the same problem!

Hopefully it'll be fixed soon!
>> No. 29795
File 132360793492.png - (264.06KB , 480x800 , screenshot-1323517056423.png )
<= Does this make my phone 100% cooler?
The last pony update obviously messed up some things... sry about that.
Anyway, have an update!
Fixed errors occuring after last pony update
You can now use multiple instances of one pony
Redesigned select pony dialog in settings
Reworked startup for faster loading

I'll continue to fix errors with the pony graphic files, but it takes it's time...

Also, for those of you, who can't have enough pony on your phone, check out my other my little pony app: (#shamelessadvertisement)
>> No. 29862
Selecting one pony gives me 2 instead. Yay for more ponies, but bad for lag. :(
>> No. 29869
Hi there. First off, I love the live wallpaper. It's fantastic and amazing. The only problem I have is that every time i use one of my own pictures (usually downloaded) as the background, for some reason when I set it the picture becomes off-centered, and the ponies only move in one part of the screen. The picture fixes itself when I scroll through my homepages but the ponies still only wander on the left homepages. It's very saddening. If you know of any way I can fix it, I'd appreciate it, because I really love this wallpaper. Thanks for all your hard work!

- I have a MyTouch 4G
>> No. 29889

The ponies have been doubled! But yeah, my ponies keep multiplyin. Had to take the wallpaper off for the first time since installing it since I like not having a dead battery
>> No. 29898
File 132371623914.png - (1.32MB , 1920x1080 , twi whathaveiseen.png )
Still having issues with the custom backgrounds.
>> No. 30264
Selecting one pony gives me six ponies.

Droid X2 2.3.3

Droid really needs to mainstream their shitty OS like now.
>> No. 30536
Loving this app. :D
>> No. 30671
Rarity's chair animation makes her go ALL OVER THE BACKGROUND.
>> No. 30672
Hi. I use a Sony Xperia PLAY and the wallpaper works okay even though sometimes I have to reset it to work. Applejack and Big Mac don't work, and I got a weird error this morning where the ponies were cloning like a virus. Other than that great app!
>> No. 30746
some reason i have to ask, is there a windows phone version?
>> No. 30847
On my galaxy ace ,Whenever the shadowbolt pony is selected it will have a white box around it which will flash. Alsp the luna season 2 pony disapears on certain animations. Please fix this
>> No. 30848
On my galaxy ace ,Whenever the shadowbolt pony is selected it will have a white box around it which will flash. Alsp the luna season 2 pony disapears on certain animations. Please fix this
>> No. 30874
So, I loved it, for he day or two it worked. Ponies radomly multiplied, so I uninstalled, and re-installed, than it worked perfectly for 20 hours or so, than it crashed, so unst/rest, now can't DL any ponies. Rest of the app is fine, but it crashes before it shows options on the pony manager. Samsung Galaxy S Epic.
>> No. 30899
I really love this App. And a great way to show love for something is to find ways for it to improve.

GR#001-When attempting to use Filly Rarity, she does not appear, along with a majority of the other selected Ponies (but for Nurse Redheart and Lightning Bolt, who are evidently immune to Filly Rarity's glitch).
>> No. 30967
Seems Bon Bon is having the same issue. Not sure if it's my phone now, since this is my first time using these sets.

Keep up the good work.
>> No. 31304
Really looking forward to an update that fixes the double ponies, as well as the unmovable princesses.
>> No. 31616
I've had no troubles with the app so far, but I've noticed that custom backgrounds have some quality loss from the original image, which doesn't occur if the background is set through the vanilla wallpaper.

Driving this OCD brony a bit mad.
>> No. 32146
Since things have been very quiet, I decided to examine for myself what could possibly be the issue that causes Filly Rarity and Bonbon to not load and take out several of the other Ponies in the process. I could access the config file on my computer, which treats it as a simple .txt document. There I saw the problem. All of the config data was chucked into the field in a single mass and a whole lotta quotes were missing. Examining other config files allowed me to see what they were supposed to look like, and I was able to fix the files. Filly Rarity is now being dragged by her horn around my phone and Bonbon is peacefully sleeping in a corner.
>> No. 32232
Care to share, as I'm sure you can change it with a file manager also.
>> No. 32271
You must elaborate.

I didn't use a file manager of any sort, and my phone doesn't recognize the config files within each Pony folder, so I have to plug the phone to my computer to access them, where, like I said, it views them as basic .txt documents; very easy to edit. I even made it so that Bonbon uses the "cute eyes" trotting sprite for her diagonal walk.
>> No. 32295
What did you do in this update?! All of the Ponies altogether are gone entirely! I deleted the current ones thinking that had to be done to update them, and now I have none whatsoever!
>> No. 32304
Man that was a quick fix. Thank you!

...To everypony else, just ignore me. I have a problem with freaking out over little things and Pattern Breakers.
>> No. 32428
Since the update I'm having a problem where no matter how many or which ponies I select, the wallpaper displays the "No Ponies Selected" message. It happens with both custom and single color wallpapers. I have all ponies downloaded/updated.

I miss my ponies!
>> No. 32430
Ah, I was having this problem too upon restarting my phone. Force Close the App, then restart it and it should load them.
>> No. 32491
Adding to the report made by the anonymous user. Before the update, every time I restarted my phone, there would be a "No Ponies Selected" message on the screen over the wallpaper. I'd just go to the Pony Manager, select my Ponies, and they'd load up after backing out. Normal, right? Well after the update, that message stays up every time I back out of the Pony Manager.

I've found that if one goes to the App Manager and Force Stops the Pony Wallpaper, then reactivates it from the Pony Manager, everything loads correctly and runs like normal from then on. Until the next phone restart that is.
>> No. 32675
Can't find a way to avoid force closing. Also, before the force close S1 Luna's walking animation is a blue square.
>> No. 32830
Ndled ponies. Nothing is showing up in the "pick pony" menu. LG optimus android.

Worked. Before the december patch. Adorable app btw
>> No. 33276
..because they keep acting like there are invisible walls! Specifically they dont seem to be able to leave the first of my five pages (especially pegasi) and i'd love to be able to set their roaming area, especially beyond the edges of the screen becasue my keboard phone goes all landscapey too.
otherwise, I love this app so much! Its really cute, and thanks for porting it!
>> No. 33355
Hey, I'm having the same problem as a few others here. I've tried to download this from the Android Market on my tablet, but it tells me that "this app is not compatible with your device". I have a Coby Kyros 7012, with access to the Market. Is there any way I can get just the apk installer?
>> No. 33652
When i turn off and on again it says there are no ponies even if i have selected them
>> No. 33697
I hate to seem as though all I have is complaints. I'll remind you that I truly adore this app, and thank you for creating such a cool +20% item.

I suppose all you did in this new update was add Dr. Whooves? Well you also added a new glitch... The Ponies now blink violently around the screen when loading a new animation. Fluttershy is standing in one spot, then jumps 7 "feet" to the right very briefly before taking to flight to the left from where she originally was. It's hard to describe, but I have Ponies using Blink all over the place now.
>> No. 33771
I, too, have this "blinking" pony problem. The more unbearable part, for me, is that while I keep my ponies at .5 scale, they'll flash back to the 1 scale, then back down to .5 at the start of each animation.

This is running on both a Samsung Fascinate on 2.3.7 and a Sony Xperia Play on 2.3.3.
>> No. 33898
I thought I should give you a little overview on the biggest known errors and why they aren't fixed yet.

Rarity glitching around on her couch: This error did exists from the beginning of this app but never showed like this. If a pony changes it's size (getting a bigger animation) and this new frame is partly outside the screen area, the pony was teleported to a new position and was happy there. However, Rarity's couch animation was 600px wide. So no matter where she was teleported, she always was somehow out of frame. By changing stuff on this code I fixed Rarity glitching but created a new very odd bug.

Ponies jumping between 2 places and freezing mid-animation: Although I'm not completely sure those 2 bug are cause by the same code, the both were created by fixing the bug above. I don't know their cause yet but I'm looking into it.

Duplicating Ponies: This bug exists since you can have more then on instance of every pony. The cause of the bug however is somewhere in Androids way of handling changes to settings.
Further in depth explanation no one will care about xD: When the Settings-Activity is close it commits changes to a SharedPreferences object. Changes to this object are received by the WallpaperServices. However, and that is the tricky part, thos changes are sometimes reported more then once, resulting in adding Ponies to the system more the once
I have no idea what is causing this bug and because it occurs so randomly, it's really hard to track down...

Ponies not showing up after phone reboot: You is rebooting their phone anyway. However that bug should be the easiest on this list to fix

To make this sure: I'm not making excuses about not fixing anything here. But please keep in mind that this is not my full-time job and that the app is still called a beta-version (even if it has 36k downloads).
I just thought that I should somehow tell you that I'm aware off the bigger bugs and that I'm trying to do something to fix them
>> No. 33944
Hey man keep up the amazing work. I have all your apps downloaded. Your the only person with brony apps worth downloading. Love your stuff and cant wait to see what you do in the future
>> No. 33971
Hey, I just wanted to let you know that since downloading the latest update, the wallpaper (running on my DroidX) is telling me I have no ponies selected. I've rebooted my phone, and tried setting them all to 0 and then putting them back, and it hasn't worked. I've never had this issue before.
>> No. 33980
Check a few posts up, and you'll see that this has been observed and a work-around has been identified.
>> No. 34357
I just had a big issue come up with the wallpaper and I'm stumped on how to fix it. After the update I had a few issues with the program. Ponies not showing up, glitching, things like that. I had to uninstall and reinstall the program a few times to get it to work. Now when I try to run the program it forces closes on me now. I've tried to reinstall a few times and it shuts down every single time I try to open it, so I can't even download ponies anymore. Does anypony know how to fix this?

I have a Droid Bionic, latest version.
>> No. 34421
Does anypony have a solution to this?
>> No. 34588
Sounds like the problem im having, but im on ICS atm. Worked before on gingybread.
>> No. 34698
Hm, is the Droid Bionic ICS or Gingerbread? That is, Android 4.0 or Android 2.3? Are you using any sort of special ROM (cyanogenmod, etc), or stock?

Also, I have an interesting problem. Whenever I add in ponies, it doubles the amount (I say 1 rainbow dash, it gives me 2, I say 2, it gives me 4, and so on). My device is the Galaxy S Captivate running CyanogenMod 7.1 (Gingerbread based).
>> No. 34704
I'm aspiring to become an app developer and my favorite part is you including the source code
>> No. 34705
File 133023150248.png - (45.85KB , 171x202 , 1.png )
>mfw I realize I'll have to download the source files and resource files 1 at a time
>> No. 34706
File 133023177418.gif - (216.47KB , 160x120 , a face-melting solo was just played.gif )
>mfw The source code
>> No. 34709
That's what ICS (4.0) is supposed to do.
>> No. 34768
the app crashes every time I start it now for some reason
>> No. 34846
File 133052437516.png - (307.16KB , 2176x1488 , ElectroFire Shadowbolt.png )
Here is the 2nd pony:
ElectroFire Shadowbolt

Hope you will receive them cause i don't know how to send the messages here so i don't know if sent Speedy Pie tell me if you didn't i'll send it back
>> No. 36255
I had recently tried your live wallpaper app for the android, and had a very unpleasant experience when I went to search for something on my phone. I'm sure it would have been impossible to predict this, but as a brony, I can't expect this to be a one time occurrence. I have a large collection of fan art I've been gathering over the past few months, working very hard to include all I loved. It was a personal collection of mine, and I kept them all in a file called "Ponies", and separated them into more specific folders, dividing them by name. After downloading your app, and wanting to get all the ponies for this app... I realized that your app saved its own images in a "ponies" folder... MY ponies folder. Thankfully not too much damage was done... but I did lose all 125 of my Applejack pictures, all my Rarity pictures, and all my Zecora pictures. Your app replaced all the pictures I had of them, with yours. I don't know how this can be fixed... but some kind of warning, if the folder already exists, should be in place. I'm sure I'm not the only brony that saves his pic collection in a folder called "ponies". I'm a bit upset, as its going to take a LOT of work finding those pictures I lost, as I said, my collection took months to create, totaling over 3000 pictures. I am glad though those were the only ones lost, about 200 in total, and that the rest of my folders weren't named exactly the same, as Applejack, Rarity, and Zecora were. I admit... I should have been keeping backups... but still, it is upsetting to lose them in such a way... Again, some kind of warning should go up if the folder that is going go contain your images already exists, before it's automatically overwritten. Thank you.
>> No. 36475
I don't know if this has been already brought up but I would like some kind of touch interaction. Fiori instance if I touch rainbow dash, something will happen
>> No. 36604
File 133385405575.png - (208.26KB , 900x925 , rarity___elegance_by_quanno3-d4j9poi.png )
>Opens Rarity Tumblr meant to replace fellow anons lost Rarity pictures
>Dismembered Rarity in latest post
My God.....
>> No. 36721
:O Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I'm the one who posted those links.

I swear that picture wasn't there at the time I linked to those tumblrs.

What the hay.

I didn't know that tumblr also shared those sorts of pictures. I don't follow it all the time, but every time I stumbled upon it the art was perfectly safe and not all horror-like.

Again, I'm sorry. I guess that's why the comment got deleted?
>> No. 37573
I have an HTC G2, and whenever I open it, it crashes about a few seconds after I run it. So I can't really do anything with it. And if it helps, the first time I got it, I tried downloading all the ponies, then in force closed, and I haven't been able to run the app without it force closing within a few seconds. I tried deleting the data, uninstalling then reinstalling, but neither of them worked.
>> No. 37836
Any word from our friendly dev, just so we know you are still alive and well?
>> No. 38205
Okay so I downloaded the ponies I wanted but I don't get them in the "Pick your ponies" sect ion.... What to do
>> No. 38292
Well, with the addition of the new Ponies, which I updated, I can now no longer use the app at all. It Force Closes every time I try to access either the Pony Download Menu or the Select Pony menu, effectively killing the entire app.

The update that was made before to prevent the need to Force Close and reset the app after a Phone Reboot never worked on my phone either.

Surely you can do better.
>> No. 38293
Upon further research of the glitch, I have discovered that a single Pony out of all the ones I'd downloaded was causing this issue: Berry Punch. One of the Ponies I never used was evidently sabotaging the entire operation. With her removed, the App has returned to normal function... but for the fact that Fluttershy no longer appears when I attempt to have her with the group. This is a familiar issue though. From what I remember, it's because some filenames aren't correctly listed in the .ini file. I should be able to fix this myself, but it would be appreciated if the actual download file was fixed too.

What chaos we behold.
>> No. 38295
Research confirmed the glitch that caused Fluttershy to be invisible on the field was the:
lines. Upon blocking these lines with the ' symbol, the Pony appeared and functioned fully.

The Blink Glitch persists. However, the Force Close On Restart Glitch has now been confirmed to have been cleared as well.

All is well once again.
>> No. 38318
How do you fix the Force Close glitch? sorry, I didn't see if it was already addressed on how to fix it, but if that could be answered, that'd be nice. :)
>> No. 38979
Can i have a direct download link? My device is incompatable with google play but it supports live wallpapapers. Thank you!
>> No. 39020
im very confused on how to get this to work... i downloaded it and it says to go to settings to select ponies.... but there are no ponies to select from....
>> No. 39053
Are you in your OS's settings or the live wallpaper's settings? There should be a settings button right underneath the preview you get before you change to the pony live wallpaper. It's there for me, anyway. Hope that helps.
>> No. 39058
I have n no ponys when i open the wallpaper and nothing in the pony manager. Its sad
>> No. 39115
File 133847990647.png - (145.88KB , 500x500 , 133696853128.png )
using a Samsung note.

from what i used and the ponies i downloaded there isn't much of a problem with the app at all, just small this that can be over looked.

the few problem i have is then i got to start up the live wallpaper it won't show up just a blank background, but works as soon as try it again.
At times the ponies glitch before they move or preform a action, as to say pinkie pie will be standing still then face rapidly face left then right for a few seconds then back to normal. Applejack, she was standing at the top of the screen about to do her rope trick as she did she shifted just below and to the right of where she originally was.

it pairs really nicely with the FIM theme but disables the background picture from moving then you move to another window?

Overall i enjoy the app.
>> No. 39794
This is rather intertaining I love it, it works great on my phone, one ponie I would like to see tho is sourin' wearing his formal shirt with the tie
>> No. 40432
This app is amazing! the only things i have to say is there is no Discord!! i can find just about every other pony / creature from the series right up to the season 2 finale, but still no discord. will he be added in the future?? Please say yes! :D
>> No. 40456
Great app. I do get the animations jumping around when it swaps from one to another, but other than that, it's pretty darn cool.

I do have one bug though. I started off with the mane six plus derpy, and Fluttershy is... well... extremely shy. I've downloaded her and chosen her in the phone, but she doesn't show up, and the info pane indicates she isn't loaded (If I load the mane six, it says "5 ponies active").

This is on an HTC EVO 4G LTE with Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0).
>> No. 40677
Hi there. I'm running a galaxy nexus, currently running Jelly Belly 3.1 as I don't want to wait for Verizon. So far the app seems to work great, other than one issue. A year time the ponies switch animation cycles, the first frame jumps around. It is usually directly horizontal to the frames. It could be that only the first frame is right, I dunno.

I know it isn't helpful that I am Dunning a custom rom and 4.1,but I figured the feedback would help.
>> No. 40781
It says I need to select ponies but when I try to there are none
>> No. 41037
Hi. Im running an unrooted kindle fire, yet a life wallpaper will still work. I really want this one, but I dont have access to google play. Can you maybe post the .apk file? Thx.
>> No. 41053
Could you add the .apk file? I dont have access to Google play yet live wallpapers work on my phone.
>> No. 41667
My kindle will not allow me to get this. I have go launcher, but could you send me the apk?
>> No. 41839
I have a kindle fire, and since it's read-only or something, I can't add any ponies, and the manager always force closes. Can someone post the files for RD, TS, Derpy and Scootaloo? I would really love having ponies in my background.
>> No. 42610
Hey great app just if you wouldn't I mean if your not busy or anything could you please maby sort of, it cinda needs a little of tweaks on the a500 tablet if you don't mind its cin
>> No. 42794
I DLed Spitfire, but she won't show up. On the select ponies screen, it says that I chose her, but when I set the wallpaper, she won't be there. Only pony I'm having this problem with. Help? Please?
Other than this small problem, the wallpaper is perfect.
>> No. 42797

Err.... You can root - install rom on there... I did with mine. Would you like for me to walk you through it sometime?? It can be a little iffy if you don't have experience. Add me on Google+ or Skype. Just search me using my email address.
>> No. 42798

Try clearing the user data and cache of the Live Wallpaper. You can do that by going into Settings > Applications > *app* and click clear data. If that doesn't work, try reinstalling it.
>> No. 42810
Spitfire still won't load. I had to delete and reinstall every pony, but spitfire is still not showing up.
Can anypony help?
>> No. 42811

huh... what device do you own?
>> No. 42819

Droid Pro.
>> No. 42848
Someone should upload the APK file anyway since the execs at google have removed -all- of the MLP live wallpapers from the google play store. ;( First our background on gets taken away, now this?
>> No. 43032
Heyyy I want to thank u cuzz u made my bro 20% cooler
>> No. 43164
Seriously? Why did google play remove this app? It was an awesome LWP.
>> No. 43165
for the love of..

here, dropbox folder of mine.
in it is the MLP soundboard app (and add-on ponies)

and overkill's live wallpaper
>> No. 43423
Nobody says thanks? Maybe i'll just take it down then >.>
>> No. 43489
Many Thaks! ^_^
>> No. 43584
I looked EVERYWHERE for this thank you SO so much for putting that up thank you!!!!
>> No. 44160
I know this is coming months late BUT I just wanted to say thank you!! It really is apreciated, I recetly did a phone upgrade and was very disapointed when I couldn't find this again in the market, thank you very much for uploading :D
>> No. 44381
Thank you so much for uploading those.. just like the previous anon, i lost all of these.. I'm pretty sure it happened because Hasbro whined at them... Thank you so much for uploading them!
>> No. 44877
My appreciation.

You have it.
>> No. 45386
The dropbox says the file has been missing or deleted, does anypony else have a copy?
>> No. 45387
Found them here:

I've download and ran the files, it appears to be in working order. I've got Derpy and Pinkie Pie walking around now!
>> No. 45699
Is there any chance at all I can still get the live wallpape fror my android? I will make a donation to the site if you'd like. That wallpaper is one of the coolest apps I have ever seen. (I know - I need to get out more) :-P
>> No. 47394
Pretty cool,can't wait to try it 😃
>> No. 47555
File 142717030452.jpg - (704.07KB , 1920x1080 , Pony-Wallpapers-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-35107558-1920-1080.jpg )
i need a whole collection of my little pony until tonight
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