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20448 No. 20448
Alright, so the last thread
Was autosaging, and I couldn't even find it on the board, so I'm not sure how it's still alive.

Basically, this is the thread for MI bronies to figure out what we're going to do next. The southern MI meetup went splendidly, and the Ypsi/AA area bronies have gotten together since then for the premiere, and we've discussed (both RL and in-thread) the need for a new way of handling that.

So this thread serves three purposes: Temporary area for us to discuss mini-meetups, a discussion forum for how to handle the next major meetup (and possibly improve it) and an area for us to figure out a more permanent way of contacting each other.

Ponies, I call on you.

>pic hasn't been related yet, and hopefully will stay that way
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>> No. 21023
That's what I assumed, I just enjoy talking about up here and had nothing else to go on. Also, forgot to mention that I liked your name, huge sci-fi fan. Also this thing autocorrects to "anypony"? 1984 >.>
>> No. 21024


It's canon in the show.
>> No. 21026
I know, and I can see why they did it, just think it should be an option when posting instead of mandatory. no big deal either way.
>> No. 21036
File 131669173505.jpg - (54.46KB , 720x540 , 131575142275.jpg )
Yeah, wordfilters, you so crazy.
>> No. 21037
File 131669256903.jpg - (39.82KB , 600x335 , HONK.jpg )
Oh, also...once we have the forum thing totally ironed out, we'll be sending it off to Equestria Daily, right? If we really want this to be a statewide thing, we should try to generate as much attention as we can.

Might not be a bad idea to make a thread on /oat/ or maybe /chat/, too. Those boards are more high-traffic than this one, I think.
>> No. 21041

This board is primarily for collaboration projects; the thread might get moved back to here.

Sending it to EqD might not be a bad idea. It'd be a while before we do that, though. Forumer isn't working out too well, so we're considering switching to SMF or phpBB proper.

We should have it sorted out this weekend, depending on Charlie's schedule along with my own (though I'm always free to work on something, hence how I got the Forumer forum up and working in around one day).

Being in high school has its perks; I do co-op through my school in the morning, so I only have to work in the morning. That gives me the whole afternoon and evening (3 pm to 11 pm on weekdays) to do what I want.

This is my life story and it is relevant to discussion. Yep.
>> No. 21053
So...Should i wait to sign up when we have the domain set up?
>> No. 21055

If you're looking to absolutely minimize your time spent in registration, that would be prudent. Otherwise, it's not a large time expenditure to register twice (if it comes to that).
>> No. 21056

Probably the latter. Charlie and I are discussing hosting services at this point. What we still need to do is set up an account on whatever site we choose, pay for the service, choose what forum software to use, install the software to the domain, then make the site pretty.

Like I said, it's not that much of a stretch to expect most of this to be done before next week.
>> No. 21057

Why did I say the latter? I meant to say that it'd be ideal to wait for the new site, since I'm not going to be doing a whole lot more with the current one, other than just messing around with the ACP.
>> No. 21093
File 131673492288.png - (323.36KB , 2720x1024 , QaXyo.png )
This is kinda relevant.

I'm buddies with Grendo (he's been permabanned from ponychan 12 times, so you MAY not have heard of him) over on DA, and he does a lot of vector work for random pony-realated projects. His current one involves making custom smilies for an MLP forum some people are making (He posted the image attached as a status update).

I asked, and he said that since they were for the group making the forum, he'd have to ask about releasing them for our use. He then added that, if not, "I could always make more".

So yeah. Just thought I'd share that.
>> No. 21100
When it's all done, I'll email this all to EqD!
>> No. 21199
I just paid for a year of hosting -- $120. Could have saved twelve dollars if I paid for two years, but I want to be sure that this is worth the trouble before a long commitment. (Had to go for the year to save $50 in setup costs.)

I foresee no problem with bandwidth or storage at this juncture.

Once the domain is propagated, I will see about getting SMF installed, running, and tweaked.
>> No. 21200

Oh man, I'm so excited!
>> No. 21212
File 131679839526.jpg - (59.42KB , 894x894 , derpian.jpg )
My little ponies:
Michigan Bronies is live and hosted on linux; SMF is up and running. Register at

Still need to come up with a few good themes and a title banner.
Open to suggestions.
>> No. 21213
File 131680054852.png - (49.00KB , 945x945 , shrugaloo.png )
"The following errors were detected in your registration. Please correct them to continue:
(Scootawho) This name is already in use by another member."

Can't register my username for use, but the password I used on the other iteration of it won't work. Not sure what I'm supposed to do.
>> No. 21215
You don't need to register. Check your email.
>> No. 21217
File 131680284618.jpg - (87.46KB , 640x777 , 1303364576506.jpg )
I did. Nada.

You send it to the right address?
>> No. 21222

Check your junk mail; that's where my email went.
>> No. 21227
I pulled the addresses from the zoo meetup spreadsheet.
(There is always the possibility that I fat-fingered something.)
>> No. 21233
File 131680910757.jpg - (31.13KB , 700x617 , 1303354349351.jpg )
Checked my spam three times. Try again maybe?

Or, if it's just a password, text it to me. You have my phone number.
>> No. 21237

I wiped the account. Just go through the regular registration.
>> No. 21239
I signed up as Kiacat, of course!
>> No. 21246
So post something already!
>> No. 21271
File 131682955422.jpg - (8.65KB , 252x159 , 1301267343102.jpg )
I tried making a new one, it said the activation email was sent...

None received. Tried resending it, still nothing.

>> No. 21272
WHERE? ; ;
>> No. 21285
Could be a problem w/ aim's mail service. Try getting a free gmail account and activate that way. I can confirm that gmail works just fine.
>> No. 21288
File 131683372476.png - (46.40KB , 258x267 , rainbow gusta.png )
Can you re-wipe it and send it to this email, then?

Unrelated: First post using SRWare Iron. I like this so far.
>> No. 21290
File 131683393881.png - (438.07KB , 2438x1150 , fridge_horror.png )
>that feel when you forget to put noko in the email field
>> No. 21295
I can't do that for ya. Alex or Charlie will have to.
>> No. 21296

Scoots -- I handled the activation server-side and changed the email address to the one in your post. Give it a try and see if things are working for you.
>> No. 21303
>WHERE? ; ;, of course ;)

Just take pride in knowing that you're a "single-digit user".

Only one more single-digit space left, folks! Be the envy of your grandchildren! :)
>> No. 21316
File 131685205546.jpg - (36.81KB , 438x525 , 6115 - 20%_cooler scootaloo.jpg )
Sweet, it worked.

>on another note, I just found out that SRWare Iron sucks dick, so tomorrow I'm going to try out Chromium instead
>> No. 21336
Oh, I meant where on the sit...xD
ooh! single digit, yay! ouo
>> No. 21434
File 131695576146.png - (326.83KB , 945x945 , 131542191861.png )
Thanks for making my account...been a completely crazy weekend so far, because while preparing for my sister's garage sale...we found five kittens in my garage. They're like three weeks old. They still need to be bottle fed for a little while, but can start of soft cat food pretty soon.

So yeah, Fluttershy mode activate.

Anypony want one? I'm serious. Only one so far is really claimed. Two will go to my friend who does this sort of thing (nursing kittens) but she'll eventually either adopt them out or sell them at the pet store where she works. The other two will probably go to any no-kill shelter we can find that has space, although one of them may go to one of my sister's friends.

TL;DR: Who wants a baby kitten?

Text me sometime today if you're interested.
>> No. 21456

I'll take 10.
>> No. 21459
File 131697415033.gif - (214.66KB , 550x400 , too much cute.gif )
Sadly, I'm living the dorm life. And my mom would probably kill me if I shoved anotehr cat on her.

>> No. 21536
File 131700422964.png - (186.07KB , 492x428 , scootaloo in a tree.png )
It's cool, we've arranged for all of them to have at least a foster home so none of them have to go to a shelter (and aren't all on me, either).

Two of them will need homes in a few weeks, though, so really, if you do know anypony who's looking for a kitty, I can totally hook you up.
>> No. 21568
I just posted in the introduction section of the forums at (username on the forums is mvj, same as here). I live in Birmingham (Detroit suburbs) in case anypony's wondering.
>> No. 21644
>I live in Birmingham (Detroit suburbs) in case anypony's wondering.

Ah, the high-rent district. XD
Got an idea for a north central suburban gathering of the herd?

(And if you do, post it on michiganbronies too!)
>> No. 21703

We could go to downtown Birmingham or something, and we could possibly watch a movie there. I'm not very good at organizing this kind of thing though, and the only way I could make it if it's over the weekend since I'm pretty busy with HS work and whatnot :P
>> No. 21725
Hey all.

At the meetup, a few of you mentioned going to Youmacon. I was wondering if this something we should look into. The way I see it, we could all get together and so stuff even if you don't have a badge. I'll leave the specifics to those of you who live in the area.

Just tossing an idea out there.
>> No. 21726
I'm going to Youmacon! I could hang out with ya guys for a while.
>> No. 21842
File 131722265446.jpg - (68.84KB , 371x355 , shaving foams.jpg )
It is definitely in my plans to go to Youmacon in a human Pinkie Pie costume.
>> No. 21920
i'm, surprised no one mentioned using flankbook.
>> No. 21936
File 131731981987.png - (166.95KB , 526x541 , rarity_giggle.png )
Because I forgot it existed...^_^;
>> No. 21943
lol I did too for a while so no worries.
>> No. 22176
I'm back from going AWOL!

Just sayin'.
>> No. 35028
File 133083560238.jpg - (715.07KB , 1536x2048 , IMG_20120301_181004.jpg )
Oh hey look at that, I had no idea there was a Michigan brony thread. good thing I found it because I'm an MI brony.
>> No. 45963
File 138668222413.png - (305.12KB , 1023x619 , Снимокджлж.png )
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