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20448 No. 20448
Alright, so the last thread
Was autosaging, and I couldn't even find it on the board, so I'm not sure how it's still alive.

Basically, this is the thread for MI bronies to figure out what we're going to do next. The southern MI meetup went splendidly, and the Ypsi/AA area bronies have gotten together since then for the premiere, and we've discussed (both RL and in-thread) the need for a new way of handling that.

So this thread serves three purposes: Temporary area for us to discuss mini-meetups, a discussion forum for how to handle the next major meetup (and possibly improve it) and an area for us to figure out a more permanent way of contacting each other.

Ponies, I call on you.

>pic hasn't been related yet, and hopefully will stay that way
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>> No. 20451
File 131630709318.png - (86.07KB , 364x364 , um_yeah_seems_legit.png )
New thread smell. Ahhh.

So,Scootawho, how's the meetup write-up coming?
>> No. 20452
Reposting because why not.


I kinda did too. I didn't realize it at the time, but my brother was asking for info for our WiFi router.


Very relevant indeed.

Related to the thread: We talked a little bit more about the forum thing. Scootawho suggested creating a *chan (which is a bit much, in my opinion).
>> No. 20455
File 131630762455.jpg - (49.43KB , 748x417 , 1303627136659-(n1304273733604).jpg )
In my defense, with the *chan, I was thinking we could have a sub-board for each state (or, if we felt TRULY ambitious, provinces of Canada and even countries in Europe), and each subboard could basically function as the last thread did: A place to organize larger meetups, as well as a way to meet up with smaller groups of bronies in your area (like how us Ypsi/AA guys did today).

I really feel like it'd be a great idea, but Charlie mentioned that imageboards require assloads of bandwidth (thanks to the fact that they're imageboards), and that it might get expensive quick. The lowest price bracket he mentioned was $80 a year (which doesn't seem that bad, I could pay it out of pocket), but that it could easily be exceeded. I don't know what the brackets above that are (he didn't say), but it seems like we might want to shelf that idea. He suggested a simple machines forum instead, and had some pretty convincing arguments for it. Basically, we'd be able to accomplish the same thing I mentioned of subboards, by dividing it into a few main groups ("Northeast", "Midwest", "International", etc.) with smaller groupings for state below that. Odds are, there'd never be more than two or three "active" threads at a time, so we'd be pretty safe on bandwidth. Also, apparently they're very secure for moderation.

Peeps will have to wait for him to elaborate though, I only am calling on what I remember him saying.
>> No. 20456
File 131630778727.gif - (1.10MB , 298x301 , why yes scoot i am jelly.gif )
Active threads at the lowest level of grouping, that is. So even if there were two dozen threads active in the overall "midwest" folder, there'd likely never be more than 3 or 4 just for "michigan".
>> No. 20458
For the next outing, here's an idea:

pony cos-play on Halloween. I've never made a cos-play outfit, but I could do it for pony. Probably would do Blueblood, Soarin, or Braeburn myself. Depends on which I think I could pull off the best.

Proposed activity: get in your favorite pony costume, go do something in public on Halloween. For example, going to a Bowling Alley for black-light bowling whilst dressed as ponies.

Costumes would need to be good, though. No slacking.
>> No. 20460

I don't even know how I could get a hold of a pony costume.

I'd totally be Nightmare Moon, though. Because she is, of course, the superior pony.

Also Fluttershy.
>> No. 20462

You'd have to make the costume. That's honestly half the fun. You'd also need to think realistic -- dude version of fluttershy? Ennhhhh. That's why my planning is sticking to colts.
>> No. 20463

I don't like any of the colts, though (well, I like everypony, but I only obsess over the mane six and Apple Bloom (and Nightmare Moon)).

Making one would be harder than finding one. I don't even know where I'd begin!
>> No. 20464
Well, not to creep you out, but this thread has a nice list of colts & some pics to pique the imagination.


Ignore the subject matter if it bothers you.
>> No. 20466

Sorry for the bad link.
>> No. 20467
OH MAN DOCTOR WHOOVES. I completely forgot about him.

I just flipped through here:
>> No. 20472
File 131631304810.jpg - (108.29KB , 768x1024 , spoiler.jpg )
Seriously guys, this is the problem i saw coming. If we switched to a more traditional forum we could have nice things like profiles and multiple threads and boards. If we limited the forum to MI it could be further split (if you really wanted to) but honestly its going to be dedicated to talking between us and making it so we are a little bit closer acquaintances the next time we try to meetup.
>> No. 20474
Oooh, I'm around The 'naw. How do I contact you?
>> No. 20476

Yeah, I'm coming around to the idea of making our own forum. If nothing else, for the sanity of other people on this board who don't give 2 shits about this topic.

I support Charlie's motion for a simple machines forum. Hosting costs are fairly trivial if you keep it small.

Another option is to host a wiki. There are some nice wiki sites out there. For example:

These allow you to make the website have a more presentable face to newcomers. Talk pages and whatnot handle the need for discussion.
>> No. 20481

cool sage bro
>> No. 20482
Note that my tongue is still burning from Starbucks.


Not like it matters anyway if we're going to create a forum.
>> No. 20484

We've got contact info in this here spreadsheet:

For general questions of where MI events are happening, though, this thread should suffice as a place to voice them. Until we find a better place, that is.

Only with courteous intentions, none negative implied.
>> No. 20487
File 131632131467.jpg - (43.31KB , 600x581 , 130457688371-(n1304832532905).jpg )
I say "neigh" to the wiki. I hate wiki formatting. Simple machines works, as long as somepony else is willing to be the main admin. I could pull off being a moderator, but admin? No way. I don't trust myself in case shit goes south.

Missed this post.

Chris still needs to talk to me on Skype. I'm not entirely sure what we're supposed to be doing. Me writing, him providing pics? Him providing pics, and us bashing out blurbs for each them as we go? Some third thing?

So yeah. Chris, if you're reading this: Get the fuck on Skype.
>> No. 20497

I could probably pull off administrator (not by myself, of course). I've had a history of managing larger websites.

I believe Charlie mentioned that he has too.
>> No. 20521
File 131635248461.jpg - (37.28KB , 500x490 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-shell-love-the-balloons.jpg )
Been reading the thread(s), I'm glad your mini-meetup went well.

So, thinking of setting up some sort of site or something for the MI bronies to come together and collaborate, are we? It's definitely a good idea. I know I wanna stay in touch.

But, uh, what about making use of existing channels? You know, creating an account or profile somewhere and joining a group. Like Facebook...I know many of you are reluctant to make one and put all that info out there, but you can just leave out the important stuff. I mean, there's no way for anypony to access my address or phone number from my facebook, because I didn't put them on my profile. That's just my first thought.

The second, and the one I think will appeal to you guys more, is you can make an account with Google and create and join groups that way:

See, if we used something where the structure is already in place, we can attract even more people. They can find us more easily than if we just had our own independent forum.
>> No. 20526
File 131635752622.jpg - (45.67KB , 522x364 , brilliant.jpg )

Facebook, though evil, is probably better, as it's more popular. Both allow for forum-like discussion and have decent security controls.

I think we talked about making a facebook group at the meetup anyhoof. I can't believe I forgot.
>> No. 20531
File 131636331534.png - (1.08MB , 2000x2000 , spoiler.png )
Google... I'm not sure about. I've never used that before.

Facebook is right out, though. That shit creeps on you, and gradually steals your life away. First you have it just for checking one page, then you decide to add friends to your list, to stay abreast of what's going on. Then you start accepting tags in photos, then you start uploading your own photos. It spirals and spirals, until finally you no longer have a life.

It's happened to me once before. Never. Again.


At the premiere, somepony (I think it was Nick) mentioned "inb4 34" for the door scene.

Well, in after. You can thank Kloudmutt for this image. (It's not that bad, but I'm still spoilering it).
>> No. 20533
>Facebook is right out, though. That shit creeps on you, and gradually steals your life away

Gonna have to either call bullshit on that or say that you may have a personal problem. I've been on facebook since high school (going on 8 years now) and it's never been like that for me.

Make a pony profile if you wish to remain disconnected from RL apart from this group.
>> No. 20535



Anyway, I could go for the Facebook idea, but if anypony is against it (I get the distinct feeling that Scoot might not like the idea), I'd go for something else too.
>> No. 20549
File 131637285798.png - (238.74KB , 424x401 , what.png )

Well...I must point out that there is such a thing as self-control. I've been on Facebook for like three years now, and while I do check it more or less every day to stay on top of what my friends and family are doing, in no way do I feel like it's gotten control of my life. Sure, I upload photos, sure I get in very small tag wars with my friends occasionally. I even add "likes" and comments to things my friends post.

But it's just a way for me to stay connected, nothing more. I don't constantly check it, I don't have it send updates to my phone, and I'm careful about what I post and who can see it.

>Make a pony profile if you wish to remain disconnected from RL apart from this group.
Or you can be like my boyfriend and have a profile you only check and update every year or so, lol. He goes on so rarely that it's a joke between us that when he went to Italy with his family and had to walk up a freaking mountain every day to get internet access just to talk to me, the hardest part of that for him was having to go on facebook to get in touch with me. XD

I remembered you saying something about refusing to have a facebook though, that's why I suggested the google thing. I've never used their groups either, but I figured I'd suggest it anyway since we've used other google products to collaborate. (spreadsheet)
>> No. 20561
File 131638366595.png - (51.71KB , 536x408 , scootaloo is a math major.png )
What in Equestria gave you that idea?

It very well may be a personal problem, because I tend to have that problem with every website I start to frequent. But I am still very firmly against the concept.

>pic related: Technically, I have a smoothie, but still.
>> No. 20564
>It very well may be a personal problem, because I tend to have that problem with every website I start to frequent. But I am still very firmly against the concept

By this reasoning, any site has the liability of being problematic for you. Unless somepony presents a rational and relevant argument against making a facebook group to handle our needs, I think it needn't be discarded as an option. For example, my opinion that facebook is "evil", while it may be supported with some facts and could be considered a rational complaint on some level is still irrelevant to this discussion. A facebook group, to my knowledge, has the capacity to handle all our needs and, importantly, is entirely free.

To wit: Facebook groups contain the ability to sustain threaded discussion, image posting, extensive privacy control in profile information, and reasonable if not absolutely extensive management options. Furthermore, the connection with facebook makes discovery of the group much more facile to new MI bronies, who may not yet have become connected to the various mlp fan sites, let alone a new and highly specialized one.
>> No. 20566
>Information on group controls and privacy in facebook for those concerned:
>> No. 20572
I made one, if anypony cares.

The creation is a lot different than what was outlined in that link.
>> No. 20573

If anypony is better fit to be admin, simply tell me. I can leave and then the admin position is up for grabs (though there's not much you can do as an admin in the first place).
>> No. 20582
>The creation is a lot different than what was outlined in that link.

Apparently they've changed group creation since that post was created. Anyways, I tested a few things. You can do the following:

1. Make a post and then have others comment on it. These posts are presented almost in a chan-style format, which is to say that all posts are presented in a list and then comments are nested below them. Unlike a chan board, you can't open a "thread" in a separate window as far as I can see. This last fact is somewhat annoying, but it remains a functional posting system.

2. You can upload "documents". These are really pretty limited, but allow a user to publish a post with more than pure text. Even better, comments on the document take you to a separate page when viewed, so these are the closest approximation to a legitimate message board.

3. There exists an integrated chat function for the group, which I have not yet tested. I'm unsure how it compares to something like an IRC room, but I assume it's vaguely similar.

4. Apparently you've created an "open group", Alex. Honestly, I'd prefer that it be closed, but I also don't see a good way to present a "face" of certain information. Ideally, we'd have some public information and some private information. Looks like it's all or nothing under this new group system.


Despite my initial assertions, I'm going to say that facebook groups are not as functional as I'd like them to be, although they do offer a bare minimum of coverage for our needs. I'd like to explore other options. I'll work on a parallel google.groups option and see if that format is more appealing to others (and myself).
>> No. 20583

1. You can look at individual threads if you click on the timestamps below the post.

3. It's like IRC to an extent. Tleilaxu_Ghola and I already tested it out. We could actually just set up a Skype chat or something for that (or even an IRC channel somewhere) if we wanted to.

4. I don't know about the open vs. closed group debate. The way it is set up is logical in theory, but not for us (we want people to join at will, but not be able to see everything from the get-go, I guess).

Maybe it's not as great of an idea as initially thought. I'm going to look into the Simple Machines idea a bit more.
>> No. 20585
I have tested the google groups thing.

1. Rich text formatting is available for all posts and posts are essentially identical in presentation to a standard VB board. That's a big plus for me.

2. At present you cannot create subforums, however that is stated to be "in the works" as of June this year.

3. Two functionalities of facebook are not present in google groups: chat and event calendar. Chat is strictly non-essential in my mind, but the event calendar would be nice. Google calendar can be used to fill this role, however. Unfortunately, I don't see a way to integrate the two in a tidy fashion.

4. Google groupshas some nice integration options with email clients. You can get it to aggregate and summarize forum activity automatically and send that to your email once a day. Or you can have it cluster 25 posts per email. Or turn that off all together.
>> No. 20608
File 131640446787.png - (204.28KB , 700x700 , tumblr_lrp8ofioRI1r2r7jpo1_1280.png )
Not quite. My family uses facebook, and there are a lot of people in it.

Idgaf if you guys use facebook or not. But I'll be honest: I'm not going to convert. I love you guys and all, but it's just not going to happen. So hopefully the facebook group doesn't make you guys avoid ponychan/skype/whatever-the-fuck-I-use entirely.

>there seriously are multiple pictures of CelestiaXDoor 34 already, wtf
>> No. 20628
File 131643588673.png - (204.69KB , 780x707 , morning_by_johnjoseco-d48utp1.png )
Joined and friended you guys, btw. We can always remove the group later, or just ignore it. Whatever.

I have no experience with google groups at all, but I'm certainly willing to try. I already have a google account for multiple things anyway. I think this might be the way to go; the functions listed in >>20585 sound more useful than facebook's group functions, which to be honest I've never used in depth.

I'll honestly go with whatever you guys want, and I'll even bring in some of my friends. Even if we do create something completely new (that is, not a facebook or google group) I don't think it'll be too hard to bring in more people, but I certainly like the idea of it being able to send notifications to members without them having to check it each day. Just look at this thread and its predecessor; we lost a lot of participants along the way.
>> No. 20633
I brought up the idea of using a site like for a basic setup to Frank last night. The only real downside is the fact that they tack on * to the end of the url, but that isn't too big of a deal. I've had experience with this site; it's good for what it does, and it's free.

Alternatively, I've had really good luck using phpBB ( for some minor projects. One of the sites that I frequent runs on it:

The site isn't really relevant to anything, but it's worth looking at if you want to get an idea of how phpBB does things.
>> No. 20649
File 131645056375.gif - (221.54KB , 400x400 , 131428810130.gif )
Considering I know nothing about forum or site management, I'll just go along with whatever you all decide on :D
>> No. 20676
File 131646328021.png - (198.28KB , 707x1068 , 1316405012338.png )
All right!
Reporting in,despite school and too-damn-early to attend the previous ones.
>> No. 20717
File 131648470605.jpg - (707.35KB , 1024x6714 , ezFn5.jpg )
I'm going to go ahead and create a basic FreeForums/phpBB site for us tomorrow afternoon.

We'll see whether we like it or not.

>pic = sadface
>> No. 20719
File 131648502805.png - (174.61KB , 642x527 , tumblr_lo6skaBQlb1qmymj6.png )
Your pic was too sad and cute. I must counter with silly Pinkie to make myself not cry. :'(
>> No. 20769
File 131650290241.jpg - (971.34KB , 785x2000 , 1301374317093.jpg )
To which I counter with...

This. Whatever it is.
>> No. 20811
Okie dokie loki. Setting up the phpBB board as I'm typing this.

I felt the urge to tell everypony this because I'm lonely bored.
>> No. 20812
Son of a bitch. Why do I not listen to Tleilaxu? He's obviously wiser than I am B|

Anyway, you need a server to host phpBB off of - something I do not have.

To FreeForums!
>> No. 20814
>> No. 20826
File 131655488898.png - (345.52KB , 792x312 , OytzF.png )
Im up for the whole forum thing and ill even moderate or something but I warn that I am wholly inexperienced.
>> No. 20829
For some reason, phpBB isn't letting me change anything around.

Testing SMF.
>> No. 20835

Fixed the issue with phpBB.
>> No. 20839
We really need a Skype chat or something. I'm just spamming the thread with updates at this point.
>> No. 20849
So any idea where the new meetup would be? D:
>> No. 20852

Let's get this forum set up first before we organise another meetup.
>> No. 20854
>> No. 20856

I'm creating a forum so we can handle the meetups more efficiently. It'll be best to wait for it to get up and running before we organise another meetup.
>> No. 20864
Okay everypony, here's what I've come up with in the past 6 or so hours:

What we have here is about as good as we're going to get in the forum business without paying for some hosting service. I have everything working and ready to be used; just register and go nuts!

There's a couple people that I'm going to assign to certain positions - Scootawho and Tleilaxu shall be made Global Moderators (potentially Administrators, but that depends on if they really want the power to change anything and everything), and Garnet Glow may also be given the role of a Moderator, if she so desires.

I don't feel that any more than 2 administrators, 1 Global Moderator and 1 Local Moderator are necessary, especially for a project such as this.

So there you have it! Go nuts, guys!
>> No. 20871
Wow, nice work, DarkMoon. I've registered on your latest forum iteration.

Word of warning to others:

1. The registration process is sort of sketchy. There's a capcha thingy that forces you to watch a video advertisement (you can skip it about 5 seconds into the video play). I don't see ads elsewhere on the site, however. So, you may need to suffer briefly through part of a pine-sol ad.

2. Stage 2 of the registration asks for your cell phone number. This is NOT REQUIRED and you should just click "pass" (top right).

After that, everything seems normal. Site looks nice and clean.
>> No. 20885
I'm working on a google calendar to accompany the new site. Here's a link to a post I made on how to set it up and view it:


In other news, the forum BBCode list is a bit limited. Notably I was not able to make spoiler blocks or right/center justified text. HTML embedding of the google calendar would also have been extraordinarily convenient, but I didn't get it to work yet.
>> No. 20905
File 131661087947.gif - (70.00KB , 360x360 , 131015258014.gif )
Aw, I don't have to be a mod. If you need me for it, then of course I will, but at this point I don't think it's altogether necessary. Besides I might go INSANE with imaginary power! Bwahaha! Uh...*cough*

Anyway, I joined the forum, and I'll pass it along to some of my friends.

Well done, DarkMoon. Octavia applauds you.
>> No. 20906


There's a place in the ACP where you can create custom tags. I'll work on that tonight.


Looks good. I didn't look in to embedding things while I was setting everything up; I'll check it out and see what I can find.


You, Scoot and Tleilaxu are the people that I recognise the most on here for what you've done, so that's why I gave the option.

What is Charlie's alias? I recall him knowing quite a bit about how things like this work.

Also, I have the ability to integrate a chat box into the site. Let me know if this interests anypony. If it's not that great of a widget, the IRC channel/Skype chat is still an option. Both are equally easy to create. I can potentially set up an IRC webchat to be embedded into the site; I'll look in to this as well.
>> No. 20929
>What is Charlie's alias? I recall him knowing quite a bit about how things like this work.

That would be what you see at the top of this post: "C /) (\".
>> No. 20933

I was planning on making you a full Administrator (like I am) on the forum to see what you can do with it.

If you want to, of course.
>> No. 20934
So are you lot mostly lower peninsula?
>> No. 20940

The original thread (>>13473) was directed at bronies living in southern Michigan.

I've been setting up a forum for all of the Michigan bronies to set up their meetups in. As far as I know, nopony except the people in the thread know about it.

>> No. 20942
Alright, thanks. I know there are a few bronies around here. (they had posters up around campus for a get-together for return of harmony)
>> No. 20946

Don't get the impression that this is an exclusive southern Michigan thread. What campus are you on? Michigan Tech?
>> No. 20953
As if there's anywhere else worth going to in the UP lol. Ah, just kidding, I have several friends who go to NMU, it really is a great school.
>> No. 20976
What? How dare you dismiss Suomi College?
(Now "Finlandia University".)
>> No. 20977
>I was planning on making you a full Administrator (like I am) on the forum to see what you can do with it.
>If you want to, of course.

Go ahead. I suppose I have to set up an account first, eh?
>> No. 20984

>> No. 20988
File 131664870246.png - (326.68KB , 1000x1000 , scootalove.png )
I just realized what the "/) (\" in your name is.

How did it take me that long? It's so obvious...
>> No. 20992
I'll sign up, later!
>> No. 20995
File 131665214415.jpg - (24.20KB , 600x338 , 720.jpg )
>> No. 21002
My Little Ponies, I've just registered michiganbronies dot org.
>> No. 21005


So...what do we do with that? Is there a way we can move the phpBB forum (or even create a legit one) to there? Or SMF?
>> No. 21014
File 131666078900.jpg - (1.19MB , 2304x1728 , EMU_bronies_20110908.jpg )

We have the domain for the next three years at least (I registered it for three through DreamHost, where my own domain is registered).
Personally, I'd prefer a move to SMF or PHPBB on a proper host; security, privacy, and all that. I don't know yet what tools are available for administration on the current free site, but purchased hosting would give complete control and ensure that there isn't anything data mining us in the background. Seventy or eighty dollars a year would more than cover the traffic I would expect. I'd also like to open this to the whole Great Lakes region; it'd be fun to meet Ohio bronies, for example, and Toledo isn't a prohibitive distance.

I do prefer SMF to PHPBB; SMF scales very well, whereas PHPBB gets balky when the database gets too big (or at least that's been my experience) I doubt we'll run up against that, but it's the principle of the matter.

We could also set up a redirect to the current site.
>> No. 21018

I've been having some issues with the Forumer board, so maybe setting up SMF to work with it is a good idea. I'd be willing to pitch in to pay for the traffic costs.

I'm eager to learn about how setting up a forum with SMF works~
>> No. 21019
Ah, didn't mean to leave out FU, I just don't really know anypony who goes there.
>> No. 21020
I... think he's being facetious.
>> No. 21023
That's what I assumed, I just enjoy talking about up here and had nothing else to go on. Also, forgot to mention that I liked your name, huge sci-fi fan. Also this thing autocorrects to "anypony"? 1984 >.>
>> No. 21024


It's canon in the show.
>> No. 21026
I know, and I can see why they did it, just think it should be an option when posting instead of mandatory. no big deal either way.
>> No. 21036
File 131669173505.jpg - (54.46KB , 720x540 , 131575142275.jpg )
Yeah, wordfilters, you so crazy.
>> No. 21037
File 131669256903.jpg - (39.82KB , 600x335 , HONK.jpg )
Oh, also...once we have the forum thing totally ironed out, we'll be sending it off to Equestria Daily, right? If we really want this to be a statewide thing, we should try to generate as much attention as we can.

Might not be a bad idea to make a thread on /oat/ or maybe /chat/, too. Those boards are more high-traffic than this one, I think.
>> No. 21041

This board is primarily for collaboration projects; the thread might get moved back to here.

Sending it to EqD might not be a bad idea. It'd be a while before we do that, though. Forumer isn't working out too well, so we're considering switching to SMF or phpBB proper.

We should have it sorted out this weekend, depending on Charlie's schedule along with my own (though I'm always free to work on something, hence how I got the Forumer forum up and working in around one day).

Being in high school has its perks; I do co-op through my school in the morning, so I only have to work in the morning. That gives me the whole afternoon and evening (3 pm to 11 pm on weekdays) to do what I want.

This is my life story and it is relevant to discussion. Yep.
>> No. 21053
So...Should i wait to sign up when we have the domain set up?
>> No. 21055

If you're looking to absolutely minimize your time spent in registration, that would be prudent. Otherwise, it's not a large time expenditure to register twice (if it comes to that).
>> No. 21056

Probably the latter. Charlie and I are discussing hosting services at this point. What we still need to do is set up an account on whatever site we choose, pay for the service, choose what forum software to use, install the software to the domain, then make the site pretty.

Like I said, it's not that much of a stretch to expect most of this to be done before next week.
>> No. 21057

Why did I say the latter? I meant to say that it'd be ideal to wait for the new site, since I'm not going to be doing a whole lot more with the current one, other than just messing around with the ACP.
>> No. 21093
File 131673492288.png - (323.36KB , 2720x1024 , QaXyo.png )
This is kinda relevant.

I'm buddies with Grendo (he's been permabanned from ponychan 12 times, so you MAY not have heard of him) over on DA, and he does a lot of vector work for random pony-realated projects. His current one involves making custom smilies for an MLP forum some people are making (He posted the image attached as a status update).

I asked, and he said that since they were for the group making the forum, he'd have to ask about releasing them for our use. He then added that, if not, "I could always make more".

So yeah. Just thought I'd share that.
>> No. 21100
When it's all done, I'll email this all to EqD!
>> No. 21199
I just paid for a year of hosting -- $120. Could have saved twelve dollars if I paid for two years, but I want to be sure that this is worth the trouble before a long commitment. (Had to go for the year to save $50 in setup costs.)

I foresee no problem with bandwidth or storage at this juncture.

Once the domain is propagated, I will see about getting SMF installed, running, and tweaked.
>> No. 21200

Oh man, I'm so excited!
>> No. 21212
File 131679839526.jpg - (59.42KB , 894x894 , derpian.jpg )
My little ponies:
Michigan Bronies is live and hosted on linux; SMF is up and running. Register at

Still need to come up with a few good themes and a title banner.
Open to suggestions.
>> No. 21213
File 131680054852.png - (49.00KB , 945x945 , shrugaloo.png )
"The following errors were detected in your registration. Please correct them to continue:
(Scootawho) This name is already in use by another member."

Can't register my username for use, but the password I used on the other iteration of it won't work. Not sure what I'm supposed to do.
>> No. 21215
You don't need to register. Check your email.
>> No. 21217
File 131680284618.jpg - (87.46KB , 640x777 , 1303364576506.jpg )
I did. Nada.

You send it to the right address?
>> No. 21222

Check your junk mail; that's where my email went.
>> No. 21227
I pulled the addresses from the zoo meetup spreadsheet.
(There is always the possibility that I fat-fingered something.)
>> No. 21233
File 131680910757.jpg - (31.13KB , 700x617 , 1303354349351.jpg )
Checked my spam three times. Try again maybe?

Or, if it's just a password, text it to me. You have my phone number.
>> No. 21237

I wiped the account. Just go through the regular registration.
>> No. 21239
I signed up as Kiacat, of course!
>> No. 21246
So post something already!
>> No. 21271
File 131682955422.jpg - (8.65KB , 252x159 , 1301267343102.jpg )
I tried making a new one, it said the activation email was sent...

None received. Tried resending it, still nothing.

>> No. 21272
WHERE? ; ;
>> No. 21285
Could be a problem w/ aim's mail service. Try getting a free gmail account and activate that way. I can confirm that gmail works just fine.
>> No. 21288
File 131683372476.png - (46.40KB , 258x267 , rainbow gusta.png )
Can you re-wipe it and send it to this email, then?

Unrelated: First post using SRWare Iron. I like this so far.
>> No. 21290
File 131683393881.png - (438.07KB , 2438x1150 , fridge_horror.png )
>that feel when you forget to put noko in the email field
>> No. 21295
I can't do that for ya. Alex or Charlie will have to.
>> No. 21296

Scoots -- I handled the activation server-side and changed the email address to the one in your post. Give it a try and see if things are working for you.
>> No. 21303
>WHERE? ; ;, of course ;)

Just take pride in knowing that you're a "single-digit user".

Only one more single-digit space left, folks! Be the envy of your grandchildren! :)
>> No. 21316
File 131685205546.jpg - (36.81KB , 438x525 , 6115 - 20%_cooler scootaloo.jpg )
Sweet, it worked.

>on another note, I just found out that SRWare Iron sucks dick, so tomorrow I'm going to try out Chromium instead
>> No. 21336
Oh, I meant where on the sit...xD
ooh! single digit, yay! ouo
>> No. 21434
File 131695576146.png - (326.83KB , 945x945 , 131542191861.png )
Thanks for making my account...been a completely crazy weekend so far, because while preparing for my sister's garage sale...we found five kittens in my garage. They're like three weeks old. They still need to be bottle fed for a little while, but can start of soft cat food pretty soon.

So yeah, Fluttershy mode activate.

Anypony want one? I'm serious. Only one so far is really claimed. Two will go to my friend who does this sort of thing (nursing kittens) but she'll eventually either adopt them out or sell them at the pet store where she works. The other two will probably go to any no-kill shelter we can find that has space, although one of them may go to one of my sister's friends.

TL;DR: Who wants a baby kitten?

Text me sometime today if you're interested.
>> No. 21456

I'll take 10.
>> No. 21459
File 131697415033.gif - (214.66KB , 550x400 , too much cute.gif )
Sadly, I'm living the dorm life. And my mom would probably kill me if I shoved anotehr cat on her.

>> No. 21536
File 131700422964.png - (186.07KB , 492x428 , scootaloo in a tree.png )
It's cool, we've arranged for all of them to have at least a foster home so none of them have to go to a shelter (and aren't all on me, either).

Two of them will need homes in a few weeks, though, so really, if you do know anypony who's looking for a kitty, I can totally hook you up.
>> No. 21568
I just posted in the introduction section of the forums at (username on the forums is mvj, same as here). I live in Birmingham (Detroit suburbs) in case anypony's wondering.
>> No. 21644
>I live in Birmingham (Detroit suburbs) in case anypony's wondering.

Ah, the high-rent district. XD
Got an idea for a north central suburban gathering of the herd?

(And if you do, post it on michiganbronies too!)
>> No. 21703

We could go to downtown Birmingham or something, and we could possibly watch a movie there. I'm not very good at organizing this kind of thing though, and the only way I could make it if it's over the weekend since I'm pretty busy with HS work and whatnot :P
>> No. 21725
Hey all.

At the meetup, a few of you mentioned going to Youmacon. I was wondering if this something we should look into. The way I see it, we could all get together and so stuff even if you don't have a badge. I'll leave the specifics to those of you who live in the area.

Just tossing an idea out there.
>> No. 21726
I'm going to Youmacon! I could hang out with ya guys for a while.
>> No. 21842
File 131722265446.jpg - (68.84KB , 371x355 , shaving foams.jpg )
It is definitely in my plans to go to Youmacon in a human Pinkie Pie costume.
>> No. 21920
i'm, surprised no one mentioned using flankbook.
>> No. 21936
File 131731981987.png - (166.95KB , 526x541 , rarity_giggle.png )
Because I forgot it existed...^_^;
>> No. 21943
lol I did too for a while so no worries.
>> No. 22176
I'm back from going AWOL!

Just sayin'.
>> No. 35028
File 133083560238.jpg - (715.07KB , 1536x2048 , IMG_20120301_181004.jpg )
Oh hey look at that, I had no idea there was a Michigan brony thread. good thing I found it because I'm an MI brony.
>> No. 45963
File 138668222413.png - (305.12KB , 1023x619 , Снимокджлж.png )
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