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File 131692571487.jpg - (121.50KB , 368x520 , Twilight Sparkle.jpg )
21405 No. 21405
I've been spending some time creating an Equestrian culture for the Anachronism card game. The game is near-dead, but I hope I'm not the only one here who has played it (or worse, who has heard of it). Twilight Sparkle's card is posted here and you can find the other cards in her pack, and some other info about the game, on my DeviantArt site:
The rest of the Mane Six will be forthcoming. Thanks!
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>> No. 21570
File 131703876159.jpg - (108.98KB , 368x520 , Princess Luna.jpg )
It doesn't seem like anypony is following this at all... Oh, well. Carry on! Some promos posted, including Luna here.
>> No. 21893
File 131726930369.jpg - (119.59KB , 368x520 , Rainbow Dash.jpg )
Rainbow Dash pack and promos are up.
>> No. 21903
I'm sorry, but maybe it would help to post what Anachronism is. I get it's a TCG, but not much more.
>> No. 21909
File 131729021093.jpg - (24.34KB , 428x315 , explaining3.jpg )
Anachronism is a relatively obscure card game that simulates combat between historical and legendary warriors. Think of it as almost a cross between a miniature and card game. If you re interested, check out for anything you want to know about the game; everything from the rules to full-size pictures of all of the cards.
>> No. 21913
Wikipedia @
>> No. 21914 didn't turn out right and it's not letting me delete to post so I can fix it. Try
>> No. 21915
File 131730037071.png - (281.70KB , 602x607 , 131664900628.png )
I hate the internet!

(sorry link didn't work again, but you should be able to get to the page easily enough from the link)
>> No. 22218
File 131752842458.jpg - (121.37KB , 368x520 , Rarity.jpg )
Rarity pack is up. I hope that the links that my brother and I provided are helpful to anypony interested. Honestly, though, I know the game is obscure and nearly dead. However, I really like the way the cards look, and I enjoy making them and thinking up abilities for them. I hope nopony minds me indulging myself with these posts.
>> No. 22294
File 131757360004.jpg - (118.80KB , 368x520 , Ditzy Doo.jpg )
Promo warrior time!
>> No. 22885
File 131778285846.jpg - (120.40KB , 368x520 , Pinkie Pie.jpg )
Pinkie pack posted!
>> No. 23019
File 131787304239.jpg - (122.50KB , 368x520 , Fluttershy.jpg )
Fluttershy pack is up.
>> No. 23055
File 131791060585.jpg - (121.82KB , 368x520 , Applejack.jpg )
Applejack warrior pack is up! This is the last formal warrior pack that will be made. However, I intend to make promos from time to time, including at least one more promo warrior.
>> No. 23056
File 131791073497.png - (62.57KB , 244x251 , apologetic.png )
Oh, and I really appreciate any comments at all, even if you have no idea what the game is about. Not many have commented and I am wondering if I made a positive contribution. Thanks!
>> No. 23149
File 131795293230.gif - (17.48KB , 106x96 , trotcycle_fluttershy_right.gif )
I think this is a very wonderful idea! The cards look so nice and professional <3

You should be very proud of yourself trivial! I bet these take a lot of effort too! <3 Gosh though it shows :)

Well done to you ^^ I dont know much about the card game but it looks very interesting! It's just a shame not many ponies know about it, Keep it up though! these are amazing :)
>> No. 23157
File 131795747236.jpg - (161.46KB , 368x520 , Twilight Sparkle.jpg )
Thank you for the kind words and ego stroke. The cards actually aren't hard to make, due to a neat Photoshop (and Fireworks) template. Choosing a background image can be difficult. You want something that represents the culture you are making. It had to be interesting, but not busy enough to take away from the card itself. Here is an alternate background I considered. Ability choice is also a little difficult, as card balance means a lot in the game. These cards have actually been playtested. The Twilight vs. Cao Cao fight and the Pinkie vs. Daniel Boone fight were both interesting...
>> No. 23202
Actually, that was Rainbow Dash vs. Daniel Boone. Pinkie almost defeated Joshua...
>> No. 23602
Hey all! My brother and I have been getting some questions as to how Anachronism is played. So far, we've been pretty lazy and just linked you all to a couple of sites. But we decided it might be better if I quickly explain the rules and enough for you all to understand the cards. Sorry, but this will be a bit wordy and if you don't feel like reading any of this, feel free to skip it.

Anachronism is a simple card game produced by Triking games and production ended a couple of years or so ago. The games take about 10 to 15 minutes to play and it is meant for 2 players, but can be played by up to 4. All a player needs is a deck of 5 cards, a 4x4 grid for a playing surface, and a pair of 6-sided dice (one pair per player). The objective of the game is to bring your opponent to 0 life within 5 rounds of play or to have the highest life total at the end of those 5 rounds.

The deck consists of 5 cards: one (and only one) warrior card and 4 support cards. There are two widely accepted styles of play: standard anachronism and "culture shock." In the standard ruleset, there are no restrictions on what support cards you choose, except that you may only have one copy of any card. These games tend to focus on deck strategy over tactics and can be quite entertaining to imagine (think of Rarity equipped with a 3-sectional staff and Aztec jaguar-armor, intimidating her opponent with the highland bagpipes and fighting in the name of Pope Sixtus IV). In culture shock, each support card must share a culture with the warrior, but are otherwise unrestricted (except for the one copy rule). My brother and I actually prefer this style, and they focus on both tactics and strategy, but can make for longer and less decisive games.

Sorry for long post. Next up: set up and gameplay
>> No. 23604
To begin play, each player sets up on one side of the 4x4 arena (one player "north", one player "south;" "east" and "west" are used for 3-4 player games). Dice are then rolled and the player with the lowest total placed their Warrior face-up in the arena in the row closest to them, filled by the player who rolled the higher total. This is "revealing" your Warrior and any abilities keyed to this event are then adjudicated. Each player then places their 4 support cards face-down in an order of their choosing, from left to right.

At this point, the first round begins. Each player reveals (turns face-up) their leftmost support card and checks their legality (discussed later). The initiative total is then calculated based on the revealed support cards. If any of the revealed support cards have an ability labeled "Reveal," that ability is adjudicated, in initiative order. Next any abilities that occur at the start of the round occur, in initiative order. The player with the highest initiative then takes the first turn.

During each turn, a player may take as many actions as his Warrior's speed. Actions include:
*Move/rotate: Move your warrior one space (not diagonally, though) and/or rotate her to face any direction (again, not diagonally).
*Attack: Attack with a weapon or make a basic attack against any opponent in your weapon's/warrior's attack grid (discussed later).
*Use an "action" ability: Use an ability on your Warrior or support card labeled "action." Some abilities require 2 actions to use -- these actions must be consecutive.
*Pass: Do nothing.

After the Warrior with highest initiative completes a number of actions equal to her speed, the player with the lower initiative total then takes a number of actions equal to his Warrior's speed. After this, the round ends and the same process is repeated for the second round, except that each player reveals his next support card ("reveal" abilities on support cards are used only once: they do not repeat in the next round). If a Warrior's life total becomes zero before the end of the 5th round, that player immediately loses the game.

In the 5th round, since all the support cards have been revealed, the players' initiative is considered tied and turns are taken in order of the Warrior's experience. At the end of this round, the player whose Warrior has the highest life total wins. If the life total are tied, the Warrior with the highest experience wins. If these tie, the game is considered a draw.

Next up: the warrior card
>> No. 23605
File 131826751684.jpg - (119.59KB , 368x520 , rainbow_dash_card_by_trivial1888-d4b8mpi.jpg )
Rainbow Dash here is an example of a Warrior card. A player may only include one warrior in his deck and the card is revealed at the beginning of the game. At the top right hand of the Warrior card is a symbol depicting the Warrior's element. The element gives a rough idea of the Warrior's style and certain card will have effects based on a Warrior' element. In this case, Dash's element is fire, indicating that she is best played with speed and aggressiveness and she will be affected by cards that affect fire cards or fire warriors.

At the top center is the attack grid, which indicates in what spaces the Warrior may make a basic attack. The red arrow indicates the warrior and any space with a number indicate the warrior may make a basic attack into the relative space with a modifier equal to that number. In this case Dash may make a basic attack against an opponent one space in front of her (at +2 to hit), two spaces in front of her (at -1 to hit), one space to the front and right (unmodified), or two spaces in front and one to the left (unmodified).

On the bottom left side of the card are the warrior's attributes: From top to bottom, they are:
*Starting life: this is the warrior's life total at the beginning of the game (Dash has 6, most warriors have 7 or 8).
*Speed: this indicates how many actions the warrior may take during her turn (Dash has 4, most warriors have 3).
*Experience: this is the tiebreaker stat. Any time there is a tie (except to determine the winner), the warrior with the highest experience wins. If experience is tied, a dice roll is used to break the tie (Dash has 6, this stat varies widely between warriors).
*Basic Attack Damage: this determines how much damage an opponent takes is when you successfully make a basic attack (Dash, like most warriors, deals 1 damage on a basic attack).

The bottom of the card has the text box. At the top of the text box are the warrior's traits, consisting of a culture (Equestrian), the card type (Warrior), gender (Female, obviously), and any other traits that apply to the warrior. Like the element, these traits determine how the warrior is affected by other cards. Under the traits, the Warrior's ability/abilities are described. Under that, there is flavor text in italics. Like in most games, flavor text has no game-mechanical effect.

Next up: support cards
>> No. 23606
File 131826759611.jpg - (114.92KB , 368x520 , the_amazing_rainbow_by_trivial1888-d4buq4f.jpg )
Support cards, such as This Amazing Rainbow… here, are revealed one at a time, at the beginning of each round. At the top left corner of each support card, there is a number (6, in this case) that determines each player's initiative for that round. At the bottom of the card, there is a text box that lists the traits, abilities and flavor text of the card (similar to the warrior's text box). There are four different types of support cards:
*Inspiration: this is what drives your warrior to fight. It could be an ally, patron, deity, ideal, foe, or something similar. Like warriors, Inspirations have elements that determine their interactions with card abilities.
*Weapon: these are objects or abilities that are used to damage or otherwise hinder your opponent. the weapon card and attacks will be described in the next post.
*Armor: these objects give your warrior defensive bonuses or tactical advantages over your opponent.
*Special: these represent miscellaneous items, allies, places, ideals, and the like.

Your deck may contain any type of support card (ie. you may have multiple weapons, inspirations, etc. in your deck), but only one of each type may be in play (face-up) at any one time. If you reveal a card that shares a type with one you already have in play, you must discard one of those cards (of your choice). In addition, almost all weapons, most armors and some specials take up an area of your body, listed in the traits. Your warrior is assumed to have one head, one torso and two hands and may not use cards that would exceed this capacity. If such a card is revealed, you must discard one of the offending cards (once again, your choice).

Finally, some support cards are placed in the arena. While in that arena, they are considered face-up and in play and may be targeted as normal. They may not be attacked or moved by any player unless a card ability allows it. They also do not hinder movement unless specified on the card.

Next up: weapons and attacks
>> No. 23607
File 131826765572.jpg - (115.22KB , 368x520 , element_of_magic_card_by_trivial1888-d4au9xj.jpg )
Weapon cards, such as the Element of Magic, are generally used to make attacks against an opponent. Like other support cards, they have an initiative number on the top left as well as the text box with traits, abilities and flavor text. Weapons also have a base damage value (indicated in the spiked ball in the top right corner of the card), which determines how much damage an opponent takes upon a successful attack with that weapon, and an attack grid that indicates into what spaces you may make an attack with that weapon. This attack grid does not overlap with your warrior's. You may only attack with a weapon once each round (whether you hit or not).

So in this case, you may make one attack each round with the Element of Magic against an opponent 2 spaces in front of you (at -2 to hit), one space diagonally front-left (at +1) or one space diagonally front-right (unmodified). If the attack hits, it deals 1 damage (ignoring the ability for right now).

As mentioned previously, your warrior may take an action to make an attack against an opponent. You may make one weapon attack and/or any number of basic attacks each round. Card abilities that allow you to attack with weapons do not count towards this limit. To make an attack, you target an opposing warrior that is in an appropriate attack grid, total up any applicable attack modifiers and then roll two dice, adding the result to the attack modifiers. The defender also rolls two dice and adds any applicable defense modifiers to his roll. If the attack value exceeds the defense value, the attack hits. If the values are tied, the attack hits if the attacker's experience is higher than the defender's (tied experience is determined by dice roll). If the attack hits, the defender loses life equal to the attack's base damage, plus any applicable damage modifiers. If the attack hits and the attack roll is doubles, the attack is a critical hit and the base damage (but not damage modifiers) is doubled.

Next up: final words
>> No. 23608
That was a lot of info. Sorry for writing all that, but I appreciate those who stuck through it and hopefully learned something about the game. If you've had enough, by all means stop reading, but If you're interested, here's a little more information about the elements (wind, fire, water, etc.) and about the game itself.

For those that are interested, I didn't get into much detail about the elements and what they represent. Personally, I think it's useful to know, because a warrior's element helps determine which strategy is best to use when playing them. So without further ado, here are a list of the elements:
*Aether: Representing spirituality and devotion, this element is most often seen on Inspiration cards. The warriors who do have this element tend to gain bonuses when using certain inspirations.
*Earth: Representing experience, earth warriors tend to do better in defensive struggles and try to react to an opponent's strategy rather than press an attack. This element will sometimes also represent those warriors that do not fit well into another element.
*Fire: Representing speed and passion, fire warriors tend to bring the fight to the enemy as soon as possible and are generally unrelenting in assaults.
*Metal: Representing strength and tenacity, metal warriors can be as aggressive as fire, but will try to concentrate on a fewer number of damaging attacks, rather than a flurry of blows.
*Water: Representing intelligence and strategy, water warriors rarely press the attack until they know that they have a clear advantage.
*Wind: Representing cunning, wind warriors prefer to outmaneuver or manipulate their opponents.
*Wood: Representing longevity and vitality, wood warriors will sometimes make strong attacks like metal warriors but are best at simply trying to outlive their foes.

These characterizations are definitely not binding, and each warrior can use a number of strategies to win.

As mentioned before, Anachronism was a game produced by TriKing games with the support of the History channel. It kind of reached its peak in 2005 to 2008 and then died out. There are still many people who play it, and a number of websites devoted to it. Since the game is out of print, the individual packs might be hard to get, but images and/or pdfs of all the cards exist online (the dystemporalia site has a collection) and a few fan-made sets exist on other sites. Wikipedia and google are good places to go to find out more.
>> No. 24859
File 131908501611.jpg - (114.76KB , 368x520 , Discord.jpg )
New promo! Now your warrior can fight in the name of Discord. New warrior pack upcoming...
>> No. 25313
File 131939075470.jpg - (109.64KB , 368x520 , Celestia.jpg )
An alternate (gag) version of Celestia, for those who prefer it.
>> No. 25315
File 131939162516.jpg - (124.90KB , 368x520 , Nightmare Moon.jpg )
Nightmare Moon promo card. I will be updating Luna with a pic from the new episode after I get a hi def version and spoiler rules are over.
>> No. 25427
File 131946823845.jpg - (126.32KB , 368x520 , Princess Luna.jpg )
Updates Luna with new pic and flavor text.
>> No. 25773
File 131972487138.jpg - (128.30KB , 368x520 , Big Macintosh.jpg )
Big Macintosh warrior pack is up! I wasn't planning on doing any more warrior packs, but let's just say that Lesson Zero gave me some ideas. Besides, Equestria was lacking Male warriors...
>> No. 25774
File 131972492746.jpg - (131.80KB , 368x520 , Rarity.jpg )
I also updated Rarity, changing her ability text and basic attack grid.
>> No. 26511
File 132033066717.jpg - (133.54KB , 368x520 , Zecora.jpg )
Zecora promo warrior.
>> No. 26513
File 132033073363.jpg - (126.84KB , 368x520 , Trixie.jpg )
The Great and Powerful Trixie now has her own warrior pack! Tremble before its might!
>> No. 27371
File 132093811634.jpg - (146.41KB , 368x520 , Equestrian Royal Guard Armor.jpg )
Some new promos. I need weapons and armor are hard to come by in this show (surprise, surprise), so I had to stretch a bit on some of them. I'm surprised how much attention I've gotten since I posted Trixie. I guess I needed a showpony. Thanks to everypony who is watching, favoriting, following, or just mildly interested in these cards!
>> No. 27373
File 132093836151.jpg - (108.73KB , 368x520 , Sweetie Belle.jpg )
I'm having trouble figuring out what to do with some of the background ponies. It's easy to add them as special allies, but that would overload that particular type. Adding too many warriors is another danger. I'm thinking of adding Carrot Top as a warrior and I'm debating what to do with Lyra and Bon Bon. If anypony has any suggestions, they would be appreciated.
>> No. 27467
File 132102446088.jpg - (131.45KB , 368x520 , Octavia.jpg )
Octavia is up.
>> No. 27491
This... is freaking amazing. I'm not a huge gamer at all, but this looks like both an engaging and challenging card game! I'm going to print out a few packs tonight and try them with my brother. Thanks for doing this and for introducing this game to me (and a few other ponies, I'm sure)!!
>> No. 27510
File 132107175292.jpg - (131.49KB , 368x520 , Orb of Protection.jpg )
Thanks! I really appreciate that. I like Anachronism very much and was sad when it was discontinued. There is a small group of people trying to keep it alive (in fact, a fan-made Set 12 is currently being released). If you have any questions about the rules, feel free to ask them here. New promo posted.
>> No. 27545

I can see why people are trying to keep it alive. Me and my brother are hooked. Applejack vs. King Arthur? Hell yes. :D
>> No. 27551
Rarity vs. Herakles was interesting. Also, Pinkie Pie almost beat Joshua using her So Random ability (and the Battle of Jaricho). I hate to say it, but King Arthur is considered one of the worst warriors of the game. Many players felt they could have done better. I also like the idea of of Blackbeard being inspired by This Amazing Rainbow That Taught Me To Smile.
>No pic, posting from another computer
>> No. 27937
File 132154402160.jpg - (147.25KB , 368x520 , Carrot Top.jpg )
A few new promos posted, including Carrot here.
>> No. 28346
File 132189815172.jpg - (146.67KB , 368x520 , Elements Reference Guide.jpg )
One new promo today...
>> No. 28740
File 132232574901.jpg - (137.21KB , 368x520 , Friendship.jpg )
Single card update.
>> No. 28774
hi, uhhh can you (or somepony else) put like 10 of those cards in one picture so you dont have to ''waste'' so much paper. Because you need to throw 3/4 of it away.
>> No. 28829
File 132236680965.png - (126.61KB , 640x360 , hmmm.png )
OK. Let me see if I can get those onto pdfs for you...
>> No. 28831
File 132236819901.jpg - (14.00KB , 376x380 , pleased8.jpg )
Given the size of the cards, I can fit 6 on a page. I am working on making the pdfs now...
>> No. 28833
File 132237122278.png - (271.65KB , 719x719 , apologetic1.png )
OK. The pdf card sheets are up on my DeviantArt site. Sorry for not thinking of doing this earlier, everypony... I'm still new to the whole "shring things online" thing.
>> No. 28859
File 132239389141.jpg - (60.58KB , 262x247 , 4_happy_rainbow_dash_staringn1307096011768_1.jpg )
Thank you :)
>> No. 28866
File 132239899327.png - (31.02KB , 243x168 , thanks.png )
You're welcome. We aim to please. Some of these will get changed around a bit over time, especially once I make a full warrior pack for Ditzy (going a little slow- finding weapons and armors is the hardest part for this show, go fig).
>> No. 29365
File 132306069370.jpg - (147.48KB , 368x520 , Element of Magic.jpg )
I updated the Elements of Harmony cards and put them all on a single pdf sheet.
>> No. 29366
File 132306079326.png - (271.65KB , 719x719 , apologetic1.png )
By this, I mean that I forgot to upload the sheet last week, but I have done so now...
>> No. 29488
File 132323423822.jpg - (160.67KB , 368x520 , Twilight Sparkle (special).jpg )
I just posted special versions of the Mane 6, plus the pdf sheet with them all. I have most posts coming up tomorrow or the next day. I hate to do this, but some existing cards and sheets need to be updated...
>> No. 29565
File 132335816608.jpg - (160.86KB , 368x520 , Party Cannon.jpg )
New cards, including two warriors, and some updates. Also, announcements in my journal. Thanks!
>> No. 30169
File 132400563848.jpg - (118.80KB , 368x520 , Ditzy Doo.jpg )
I just gave Ditzy her own warrior pack. Posted now on my DeviantArt gallery. Also, Want It-Need It.
>> No. 30233
File 132413770925.jpg - (168.48KB , 368x520 , Empty the Fridge.jpg )
I will be taking a break from posting for Christmas and New Years. I plan to have a bunch of new cards ready by then.
>> No. 30301
File 132431431513.jpg - (167.44KB , 368x520 , Freshly-Baked Cakes.jpg )
Final posting of the year. I changed Ditzy to Derpy, as she was officially named and posted one new card.
>> No. 30674
File 132474271915.jpg - (186.60KB , 368x520 , Hearth\'s Warming Day.jpg )
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, and, especially, a Happy Hearth's Warming!
>> No. 31045
File 132552953480.jpg - (181.24KB , 368x520 , Pinkie Pie.jpg )
I'm back! I did a large-scale update of a number of cards, including the Mane 6 warriors (except Rainbow Dash- she was awesome as she was) and just posted them all. Got a lot of playtesting done over the holiday. Currently Pinkie is the most victorious warrior, trouncing Blackbeard, among others.
>> No. 31433
File 132614263671.jpg - (194.65KB , 368x520 , Cutie Mark Crusaders.jpg )
New cards! New poll! Check it out!
>> No. 31482
File 132621484219.jpg - (204.36KB , 368x520 , Commander Hurricane.jpg )
New warrior pack: Commander Hurricane
>> No. 32024
File 132699883668.jpg - (203.83KB , 368x520 , Chancellor Puddinghead.jpg )
Whoa, haven't posted news here for a little bit. A bunch of new cards were added- particularly ones for Earth Ponies.
>> No. 32032
Im 12, what is this? and how I can play it?
>> No. 32034
File 132700556422.jpg - (177.81KB , 368x520 , Rainbow Dash (special).jpg )
and this:
should help. Thanks!
>> No. 32207
File 132720538944.jpg - (168.39KB , 368x520 , Derpy Hooves.jpg )
I have a new poll out to determine how Lyra and Bon Bon will appear. Please go and vote!
>> No. 33403
Sorry I haven't updated for a while. I've been busy studying. I got a mention in EqD's Nightly Roundup!
>> No. 33687
File 132887874324.jpg - (214.74KB , 368x520 , Daring-Do.jpg )
So very busy... Daring-Do!
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