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23185 No. 23185
Do you have an awesome OC desktop pony that you think others would enjoy but don't want them to be lost to the sands of time in the giant threads of the regular desktop ponies or didn't post them because they wouldn't be included in the project? Well then post them here!

Here are a few to get you all started

Nyx -by StarStep
I knew lots of people wanted her so I made a cute one I hope you will enjoy.

Drunk Berry Punch with Wine bottle Tony Stark -by CANDYBAG
The whole reason I started this thread. How did my desktop survive so long without this? Bravo CANDYBAG, bravo.

Genderswapped Ponies -by Jack
Bubble Berry(Pinkie Pie):
Dusk Shine(Twilight Sparkle):
Rainbow Blitz(Rainbow Dash):
Whole Group:
Our mane 6 are still awesome no matter their gender

*WARNING* Cupcakes Ponies -by Thorinair
I have not checked this one out but if you enjoyed the story feel free to try it out.

For the actual program go here it also shows the main programs current thread here on ponychan
under 'Download' are some files and tutorials on how to make your own pony to get you started and also how to add them to the program. Now lets see what you got.
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>> No. 23206
I fully support this thread and I think it's a great way to prevent dramas or Internet Fights from happening in other threads.
>> No. 23217
This, 100%.
>> No. 23255
Eh, why not?
Sounds fun, so I might give it a try.

Applejack's backstory nuked an idea I had about a rival farm clan, but hey, OC means I still can try spriting my version of the Orange Clan.
If anything, just to sprite that animation of Big Macintosh and OC Big Washington standing by a fence, sipping juice in a King Of Hill way, aka:
>> No. 23266
That sounds hilariously awesome "eyup"

Anyway is the story like a mafia style rivalry or Hatfield–McCoy family rivalry? I think it would be great to see the apple family mafia attire.
>> No. 23273

It's a friendly rivality, as the idea I had of an Orange clan was of a small family of orange farmers, where it's principal members were like alternate versions of Applejack's family.
Basically, they were a young mare named Triple Sec, her older brother Big Washington, her little sister Lil' Mandarine and Grandpa Thompson. Applejack and Triple Sec dueled each other to sell their goods at Ponyville plaza, while their brothers rolled their eyes and apoligized to each other for their sister's annoying and stubborn behavior before dragging them away, etc.
>> No. 23319
File 131807388210.gif - (22.26KB , 66x114 , Sea Pony Lyra.gif )
I'm new here and gonna be working on this for awhile... so here is an early sample for the idle animation. Sorry if I tick anypony off who are currently making their own. I hope yours will be better than mine.
>> No. 23322
File 131807664127.png - (32.56KB , 433x416 , spoiler.png )
C-Can you add mine?
>> No. 23323
File 131807729592.png - (49.96KB , 483x449 , Spot not Spotty.png )
>> No. 23334
Love that Lyra.How will she move though?
>> No. 23335
File 131809217096.png - (19.03KB , 335x383 , Nickel Smelt.png )
Bouncing around in the bucket?
Anyway, somepony can try mine, if that's ok with you
>> No. 23342
Another good idea, Fallout: Equestria ponies?
Also, are there more of bucket sea pony Lyra?
>> No. 23383
The plan is for her to tip over her bucket and swim around a bit before ending up back in the bucket.
I'm still working on more. Hopefully I'll get a few more animations done during the night.
>> No. 23388
Nice! That will be cute seeing her swimming around the screen.

there is Spot. If you downloaded the newest desktop ponies he is down at the bottom of the selection screen.

You should give making it yourself a shot. It is close enough to rainbowdash that you could recolor her and just change a few things around to get your pony. Like I said before their are tutorials on how to create your own desktop pony.
>> No. 23451
File 131816041603.gif - (9.41KB , 140x122 , sea-lyra-hop-big.gif )
Hmm. I've also been working on a Sea Pony Lyra. But I like yours, too.
>> No. 23462
I really like that... her pail is a lot better looking than what I've got so far, and she move more dynamically. I'm looking forward to seeing more.
I should have the animation for mine leaving her pail done within a few hours... then I'd be 40%-ish done.
>> No. 23464
File 131817344163.jpg - (328.66KB , 1200x1200 , 58716 - Bonbon DJ_P0n-3 Doctor_Whoof Doctor_Whooves Lyra Octavia background_characters bob derpy.jpg )
OC character thread?
Then I may as well post this, just in case.

Lauren's Alicorn and Bucket Lyra are great, though- but as I said, just in case.
>> No. 23465
This makes nice points.
Mine is a self insert though, seeing how it's supposed to be me. I made it to make it.
>> No. 23538
File 131821415754.png - (866B , 130x102 , Stand Right.png )
They made me come here.Here's a Beachberry from blindbags for you: Working on Blossomforth :)
>> No. 23644
File 131829019452.gif - (7.44KB , 100x105 , whimsy-trot-left.gif )
Here's my first attempt at a trotcycle. Is it any good?
>> No. 23680
She is going backwards and you only have half of the trot cycle there. Instead of having the hair bulge out in front of your character have it instead go up and down cause right now it looks like that's how the hair would react if she came to a sudden stop. Maybe put a line or two in the tail or mane to create some contrast but otherwise you are doing allright for a first attempt. Also what cutie mark are you going to give her?
>> No. 23681
Twilight seems to be running backwards.
>> No. 23739
I worked with a corrupted trotcycle, though, so...ugh. I'd like a custom hairstyle, but I'm no spriter.
>> No. 23744
File 131837127937.png - (244.57KB , 698x400 , glimmer1.png )
Here, can somepony animate these?
>> No. 23753
File 131837993298.png - (42.60KB , 799x441 , WIp.png )
Those aren't correct sprites.I assume you used MS Paint.Try matching the form of the body.To get the pixel form(the square)follow this-
Click on the paintbrush tool.Look on the bottom,the smallest is the one to use.
When you correct the sprite,I'd be happy to animate her. :)

Pic related,It's a wip of shinebrights,if you look closely on the saddle you'll see what I mean.
>> No. 23761

Instead of giving hypocrite "advice" to others, you should try correcting your own horrible, horrible animations.

At least try to get the trotting cycle right instead of churning out the same truncated animations one after other and shoving them down other people's throats no matter how many times they tell you that they can't be used and need a lot of improvement as well.

You act as if this were a race or a popularity contest, as you always try to cut as many corners as possible so you could keep posting them as fast as you could.
>> No. 23780
Actually,I just wanted to help out.YOU aren't.I want to help them and besides,I don't post any new animations.I'm trying to fix them.Please just let me be,If there's something to change,I'll handle it.

Thank you.
>> No. 23821

Actually, that person is already doing something infinitely useful ~ (s)he wants to keep this project clean of useless spam and clean of ugly stuff that is of no use to anypony.

Look, I checked your posts and thanks to the desktop Ponies thread I also discovered your Deviantart page. You ~are a loud, immature nuisance who does nothing but run in circles flapping her arms around to get everypony's attention, and no matter how many times they beg to you, you ~never listen, ~you never take a second look to what you do, and of course, you ~never, ever shut up.

People posts their animations here to contribute with something good, while you only do things for your own amusement, following only your own interests and you never care if you annoy or upset others because you treat Ponychan as if were your own private playground, where everypony ~must be nice to you, and where whatever stupid thing you say, stays.

The community and the fandom do not work that way, and much less they revolve around you. The faster you change that selfish atitude of yours, the faster you "will let be", because only then you will deserve it.

Or you could just ignore me like everypony else, and watch how the hatred against you keeps piling up over and over.
>> No. 23827
File 131844019300.gif - (461.60KB , 320x180 , I\'m So Sorry.gif )
Okay.From now on,I'll try my hardest to change both my attitude and my sprites.
>> No. 23865
File 131845939992.png - (48.39KB , 299x255 , BACK UP.png )
Wow, rude much? Maybe Ponyluver isn't contributing much, but I'm assuming she's a kid. She's trying to contribute, it's not entirely her fault that she's going about it the wrong way.

>> No. 23887

Hello, you must be new around here.

"Ponyluver" began as being a thief and after she was forced to drop the stolen material, she began an endless whinning and spamming spree.
The more the people attempted to reason with her, the more she twisted their words and the more she strruggled to remain the same, expecting others to change to suit her own needs.

Next time you try to Whiteknight some one, first check out who are you trying to defend, and why people thinks that way about her.
>> No. 23908
File 131850315032.gif - (32.80KB , 334x114 , SPL Sample.gif )
I haven't said anything for a few days, so here's a quickly put together sample. I'm getting to about 75% done on my Sea Pony Lyra... I keep going back to correct and add new animations. I'll also include sea pony templates and stuff with the dl when I finish her.
>> No. 23912

Now THAT is great.
>> No. 23916
Very nice :)
>> No. 23966
File 131854312951.gif - (150.36KB , 500x329 , blood of infidels.gif )
I'm not new, I've been observing this drama for quite some time. So she was a stealing bitch: same goes for everypony at some point. Kids should get some slack.

If she's trying to turn herself around, maybeshe should be given the benefit of the doubt. Aren't we supposed to be about love and tolerance?
>> No. 23991
>Aren't we supposed to be about love and tolerance?

Love and tolerance must work BOTH ways.
Being a pain in the plot and then invoking "Love and tolerance" to go away with it is one of the biggest dicks moves ever.
>> No. 24033
Oh no..."Ponyluver" is beginning more drama...
>> No. 24034
>> No. 24043
i dnt wnt to,its a stpid tred,u crzy ppl
>> No. 24048
no luna?! why is there no luna!!?!!
>> No. 24049
File 131856364499.jpg - (26.21KB , 355x235 , iseeit.jpg )
I think its some sort of ploy to make us see how ridiculous this fighting is that somepony thinks it deserves its own thread.
I see through your psychological ploys.

Nice! Its coming along great cant wait to see the tail and swimming movement
>> No. 24084
I've got the swimming movement done and I hope it will be acceptable... as for the tail, since she's swimming on the surface it doesn't show up much. The templates I'll include will be full body ones/underwater/antigravity so anypony can make their own sea ponies and hopefully we'll get enough to have desktops full of 'em... if I make them good enough. I'll have to try to work hard on the tails for them since your looking forward to it.
>> No. 24097
Can you make my pony OC? She looks like this -->
>> No. 24099

It's a plain Apple Fritter recolor. Can't you even do that by yourself?
>> No. 24104
File 131860634948.png - (4.27KB , 479x120 , maretrot template.png )
Hey guys, seeing how some people is still having problems to animate stuff, I made two animation templates for male and female ponies.

This is the female template:
>> No. 24105
File 131860650174.png - (3.99KB , 473x118 , stallion trot template.png )
And this is the male one.

The basic animation cycles for tail movement goes as it follows:

Frames 1-4: Tail up.
Frames 5-8: Tail down.
Frames 9-12: Tail up .
Frames 13-16: Tail down.

Have fun using it.
>> No. 24117
Can you resize it?
>> No. 24118

He contributed with something great for every one to use, and what is the first thing you do? Thanking him?

No, the first thing you do is COMPLAIN because he couldn't read your mind to give you exactly what you wanted.

Dear God, it IS true: every time, EVERY TIME you open your mouth, you ALWAYS do something stupid.
If you aren't even capable to resize something, you should never have tried to animate something, girl. Go play with dirt or something more fitting your intellectual level, and leave the grown ups alone, K?

Honestly, unless you keep doing this on purpose, I can't even think what the dick is wrong with you.
>> No. 24125
Well EXCUSE me.

I'm sorry,please just ignore what I just wrote,this person is driving me insane.
>> No. 24132
> this person is driving me insane.

Now you know how ~everypony~ feels since the day you discovered this site, dear.

Honestly, you would avoid a lot of trouble if you could ~just~ think for a second and re~read what you wrote just before you smash the "reply" button, you silly, picky and ungrateful brat.
>> No. 24135
Plus,I'm 14,not a kid.And fine,sure whatever,Okay.I'm going to try my hardest not to be such a b**** like I was before so I would like to do that without your "help".Oh,can you also get a name like instead of Anonymous?It's really confusing,I'd like to know who I'm trying to talk to.Also,I plan on making better sprites on Sunday when I can use Gimp.
>> No. 24144

Only 14 years old? Brat it is.

And you still would have to resize the templates at 1X before you could start using them, so your complain was baseless from the beginning.
In fact, the only one who complained was you.
>> No. 24146
I really try to avoid drama but god god, just because you hate somepony doesn't mean you have to hate their ever move and bitch about ever small detail how they decide to say and do something. It doesn't make you the better person, and I finally under stand the point of this thread being under /srs/. I suppose i'm not helping.
>> No. 24150
You two, stop acting like children. If you can't act like adults, then leave.
>> No. 24289
Oooor, even though I'm terrible at this, you can just work with a 2px brush in Photoshop and work with the big sprites.

Age has nothing to do with ability. I'm just stating because this, honestly, has gotten to the part where it is bothering me. I may be younger than Ponyluver, but I really don't see the point of intentionally attacking her.

That topic over with, does anypony have a complete unicorn template sprite sheet with idle/run animations?
>> No. 24300
You can just add a horn to Anonycat's templates, it's not that difficult to do.
In fact, you only need to do it once and then copy/paste the same head over and over until completing the template.
>> No. 24307
> Age has nothing to do with ability.

Age has everything to do with artistic ~and~ social skills.
The younger you are, the less experience you have under your belt. Your patience and attention span are way smaller, and you are way, way more ignorant, hence why little kids tend to parrote out things they know nothing about to pretend having the wisdom they still lack.

Let's say you are 13. A kid 4 years younger than you is 9.
Would you take him seriously if he steps in and starts telling you to rearrange your entire self to conform to his view of what's right and what's wrong? And would you follow his "advice" just because he said so?
No, right?

Because he's just an ignorant brat who doesn't even knows where is he standing and you know he's full of it. You remember saying the same stupid things he said and now that you are older, you know how silly and ridiculous they were, that's why you don't do that anymore.
Imagine now how a person who's over 20 (and maybe older) and with considerable experience under his belt feels when a little tween starts talking about things he knows absolutely nothing about and refuses to take a "no" as an answer because he's convinced he knows what is he talking about.

In fact, as one of my teachers told me once, you should never take serously the opinion of anypony under 20 because these people are ignorant and unexperienced as hell. You will understand this once you get older, but of course, by then it will be ~your~ turn to deal with little know-it-all-know-nothing kids who demands you to listen to them because they said so.

Tl;dr: Artistic skills take years to build, the younger you are, the less accumulated practice and experience you have, is that easy.

>> No. 24355
I am gosh darned down right horrible at animating. -.- So no, I cannot share..



:L dunno why I did that, but it's true. Im working on my friends oc because its to freaking easy: twilight recolour for gosh darn sake.
>> No. 24408
File 131878989332.jpg - (30.89KB , 500x500 , Lyra 26.jpg )
let me extend the earlier warning to everypony else. there will be no more arguments and insults over artistic merit in this thread.
>> No. 24512
Could we get one of Nyx without the sock on her head?
>> No. 24519
File 131885760278.png - (2.66KB , 317x96 , fillytemplate.png )
*reads thread*

God dammit, people. You people take the fun out of everything, you know..
OK, I'm going to post this filly template, and that's all.
>> No. 24532
File 131887678291.gif - (41.49KB , 334x114 , Duckie Left.gif )
I just finished all the frames for Seapony Lyra's animations.(around 400 unique frames)
All that's left is to individually mirror a few specific images (the ones with the bucket since it will have the wet spot on the right side only), then put together and time the animations. I may have a release tonight or tomorrow if I have no complications. (or new animation ideas)

Also a change of plans in regards to my last post,
I'm gonna release the templates separately a few days later so I can release SPL earlier. I have plans for 6 different templates, and I intend to include Lyra and her in-show recolors as a starter set. (And possibly Colgate and her recolors... and maybe Roseluck)
>> No. 24533
File 131887788809.gif - (54.54KB , 120x120 , richter3_whip_size.gif )
die monster! you don't belong here!
Richter Belmont (the fancy one)
oh so there were fun without me? lol i think ill read the entire threat now
and should we put all the templates in one folder because its scatter everywhere in desktop ponies?

the most important stuff you have to keep in mind is
don't give up, be patience since something good will happen in the end
but don't worry much about now, as you keep making them you'll become better each day
so don't forget to have fun!
ooooorrr... you can do it just like me, letting out my psychotic rage and scream at my hand that he is pathetic and good for nothing!
but i don't think that will help you in anyway...
midnyte and starstep are an examples for not give up
hope it help ;)
>> No. 24535
File 131887824290.gif - (36.94KB , 120x120 , richter3_whip_Left.gif )
woops wrong one
lol nice work
400 frames is impressive 0.o
>> No. 24538

33 colors?
I think your gif animator dithered the frames or something.

> and should we put all the templates in one folder because its scatter everywhere

That's one of the few coherent things said on this entire thread bleh.
Maybe we could ask desktop Pony Guy to add the templates to the program's folders, yes.
>> No. 24543
whoa what a party in here
forgot to bring the fun in it?
some people should read comments with a funny voice, it help and it always crack me up.
arg that was me trying to make him fancy
well i guess ill remake him

and i don't know if it should be included in the program's folder or just put it aside with the tutorial
monkeyjay made
>> No. 24545

Well, since Nod32 tends to block out DPG's site, and since a lot of people uses that finicky antivirus, the best choice would be including the templates on the program's folder.

And don't get lost for so long, Noia. We missed you a lot, you know.
>> No. 24548
then in the folder it is
i was just worrying about the size 24MB i was worrying for nozthing
aww i miss you too
BUT you shouldn't miss me i work a lot
and i hate bringing tears (only on halloween hehe)
>> No. 24689
File 131897101803.gif - (43.36KB , 334x114 , Still Left.gif )
Deleted post made about 2 hours ago. v1.0 had animation loop problems.
Finished. Hope you guys enjoy it more than you hate it.

Sea Pony Lyra -by Dirkos
Because Lyra is best Sea Pony

Copypasta from stuff I wrote in the config file:
Sea Pony Lyra
By Dirkos!
Based on art by John Joseco
If you're reading this, I hope you enjoy! If you don't like it, I'm sorry...
Built using the original Lyra Desktop Pony by ??? (Anonymous)
Original sea pony template by Dirkos
Template based on art by John Joseco and G1 Sea Ponies
Shoo bee doo!

Sea Pony templates and starter set will be released at a later date. I'll work hard on them, so it may be more than a week.
>> No. 24695
I don't take credit for the original Lyra sprites, but I did make updates to them that are the current sprites. So, yeah.
>> No. 24697
She looks so nice! Great animations :)
>> No. 24726
Updated config file, but it won't appear until I release a v1.2.
>> No. 25151
File 131922366838.gif - (13.17KB , 68x106 , Swimming Left.gif )
Templates are coming along nicely. I'm working on animating them now... it's a lot harder to animate them swimming underwater/in mid-air than swimming on the surface... especially the tail. Here's an example of Lyra using the animations. As for the starter set, when I'm finished, It will have 17 Sea Ponies... and they're all Lyra and Colgate's recolors seen in the show's background + Sea Filly Lyra. I may end up bumping the number up to 23 to include the mane 6 Sea Ponies. Expect to see me make my own thread for the release.
>> No. 25302
File 131937777595.png - (19.46KB , 150x150 , 2qui0ds.png )
Yes, I'd like a Desktop pony sprite of the OC in the picture I have right now. Can you make him just like Godot From phoenix wright? Where he drinks coffee, yells objection, all that sort of stuff.
>> No. 25303
That's what happens when there are tripcodes involved.

I love you. I was looking for something to get my pixeling together, maybe I'll end up contributing with something if it goes well.
>> No. 25307
File 131938330224.png - (138.33KB , 498x552 , 1319250076105.png )

Read the first post of this thread- this is a thread to display completed OC sprites and finished animations.
This is not a request thread.

Who don't you try making that sprite by yourself? Isn't so difficult as many people believe.
>> No. 25428
I make simple oc pixel ponies, check out mu deviantART page for a preview of my work.
>> No. 25439

Just because you took Rainbow Dash from Desktop Ponies and recolored her on "evil" red and dark gray doesn't means she's a new character named "ShadowDash", much less she becomes YOUR character.

0/10 try again..
>> No. 25443
He does seem to have used the Dash sprites as a base, but he's made changes to the mane, tail, face shape, etc. I've seen far worse attempts before.
>> No. 25449

A very bad attempt for an OC~ it reminded me a lot of the things done by the Sonic fandom and their Shadow ripoffs.
>> No. 25515
File 131952537116.gif - (11.74KB , 68x96 , Swimming Left.gif )
Finally made progress after a terrible block. I just couldn't get some fin animations to look nice... took me 3 nights, but I'm happy enough with it for now. I started the frames for the Sea Filly Templates, so here's an example of them using Sea Filly Lyra. Yeah, its really similar to my previous animation. Also I became aware of another Lyra recolor in another thread, so the starter set number went up to 18.
>> No. 25560
It's cute, but personally, I think the tail looks a bit too big.
>> No. 25575
File 131958319411.gif - (7.08KB , 106x96 , PierceReaperIdleRight.gif )
Ah what the hay, I'll post mine. He runs around on my desktop all the time, and is set to run whenever any other pony spots him.
>> No. 25578
File 131958328715.gif - (17.24KB , 106x96 , PierceReaperSpellRight.gif )
He also casts dark magic spells every once in a while. That's about it. :/
>> No. 25595

The tail is too fat, but that's all. The rest looks wonderfully smooth.


The hood's colors are a bit eye-searing. (Is that a Twilight Sparkle sprite, by the way?)
>> No. 25597
Thanks for the input, you're kinda right. I'll shorten the stretching during the animation... but if you meant how fat it is, I made it that way to make the sea fillies a bit more noticeably different than the sea mares. I'll probably release the templates that way, but I hope that anypony who wants make their own with the templates won't be too off-put.
>> No. 25599

I was going to suggest you to study some Baby Sea Ponies screenshoots from the G1 cartoon, but then I remembered they all used that stupid flotation ring that hid half of their bodies.
>> No. 25626
File 131960346763.png - (119.09KB , 642x436 , piercenottwi.png )
Twilight sparkle isn't the same color, she's a lighter pastel purple, he's more of a lavender purple.
Eyedropper tool should show that.
>> No. 25633
I just tried to thin up the tail a bit... but I just can't get it any thinner without it looking lumpy in places. I'll go with the fat tails for now. I'm not good enough at pixel art to make nice looking curly things unravel neatly. Sorry to anypony I've disappointed.
I've actually got all the hard stuff taken care of now, so it shouldn't be long now until I release the templates. To save some time, I'll release the templates + Lyra here first, then power through the recolors for the starter set, which I'll make a new thread for.
>> No. 25654
Oh hai derpy :3

That pony looks cool. Will you eventually put a download link?
>> No. 25655
>Sorry to anypony I've disappointed.

Are you kidding? It looks great, and considering the size limitations, you did awesome.

>Twilight sparkle isn't the same color, she's a lighter pastel purple, he's more of a lavender purple.
Eyedropper tool should show that.

People should be capable to tell the difference right off the bat, Pierce. If they need to use a piece of software to tell Twilight and your OC apart, then you are doing it wrong, very wrong.
It's a cheap OC, very poorly made. The world isn't going to end if people doesn't like it and you don't need to post a patronizing drawing either.

Now, if you only came here to continue the nightmare from your old thread, then please be considerate to the other posters and quit while it's still time, Pierce.
>> No. 25661
File 131964110491.png - (59.58KB , 500x500 , You+re+welcome+_4d56e6513c7262d63de6b9a2951ce780.png )
I was thinking...
Was there ever any plans to do the desktop ponies for the Mac?
...thinking again...
Macs can't handle .exe files. Exe files are programs. So making the program for a Mac would be really difficult... unless you are an informatics genius.
>> No. 25664

I remember a Macintosh project, but I don't know what happened to it.
>> No. 25679
File 131965987111.png - (90.24KB , 500x420 , grumpday.png )
Again, Twilight doesn't have to be the ONLY character who is purple, MY favorite color. Get over yourself man :/
He was based on a different character entirely. Twilight is technically the same color as an espeon and therefor unoriginal, right?
The only reason YOU don't like it, is because it's purple and a unicorn and therefor a Twilight knockoff. Which isn't fair at all. Besides that, lots of people like the character. Just because YOU don't, doesn't mean they don't have to. I got the video, and images with comments to prove it.

Now for the last time, QUIT harassing me for every tiny little thing I do. Do something else with your time for once, for chrisake.
>> No. 25680

Excuse ME?
I only joined this place a couple weeks ago and this is my third post on this thread.
What the hay is your problem?

I'm going to report this to the moderators.
>> No. 25681
File 131966048363.png - (101.58KB , 553x508 , ponybus.png )
Heck, his very first design (this image) was directly based on a character I used in the past, named Erebus. He was given a horn because characters I base on myself all have something on the forehead. Why? Because I have a scar on my forehead.

I don't like dark purple, I like pale, lavender purple. So no, I'm not going to change his color just because one guy is complaining that he dares to be the same shade as purple as Twilight.

By that logic:
Applebloom and Spitfire are rip offs of Fluttershy for being yellow.
Photofinish and Apple Cider rip off of Rainbow Dash for being baby blue
Diamond Tiara is a ripoff of Twilight for being purple

If I made him a different shade of purple then somepony will just say he's a ripoff of Berry punch.

The ponies are RAINBOW colored, and you can't copyright a single coat color when his 3 other colors are not related at ALL to Twilight. So yes, if you couldn't tell, I'm rather annoyed by your insistence on nagging at me just for the sake of it.

In the end, almost ALL the ponies that exist are cheap re-colors of a singular base with slight alterations. So. Get over it.
>> No. 25683
Report what, exactly? I'm not exactly insulting anypony here.
>> No. 25685
File 131966140308.gif - (3.68MB , 640x360 , Drama Threads.gif )
Really? This again? Pierce, not every post offering criticism is somepony trying to harass you, so stop being so defensive. You should be able to discuss things like this without snapping at everypony.
>> No. 25686
I'm really not trying to snap here, honest. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to type around here without somepony getting offended somehow :/
But saying a pony OC is "cheap" for being a certain color is just.. silly. And it's been pointed out to me by somepony called 'anon' more than once, usually rusing rather rude terms like "cheap" "ripoff" and "just Twilight with a different mane".

...Why am I not allowed to use my favorite color for my own pony...? Why is it bad for me to question this logic?
I'm not insulting anypony, I'm trying to step lightly, and everywhere I go, somepony called 'anon' quotes one tiny phrase from me and just goes on and on about it like it's the only thing I said. And it only happens in Desktop pony related threads, none of my other threads have EVER had this problem.

So, forgive me for being on edge after all of this, it's just really shocking to me to see people so uptight where everywhere else on ponychan seems rather loose and happy.
>> No. 25687
File 131966211064.png - (162.80KB , 420x408 , 130256987460.png )
I'm sorry if I mistook you for somepony else, but I've been harassed quite a lot so again, sorry if I reacted like that. If you really aren't the same person, then I take back the snappiness and just wanna say 'Purple is my favorite color, and I'll see how to make him stand out more from Twilight.'
>> No. 25688
For the record, this anon is different from the one that you were arguing with in the thread I locked last night.
>> No. 25690
Alright, thanks for letting me know. I feel silly now. >_<
>> No. 25694

I don't care about your pathetic personal drama.
This is why I HATE when Aspies forget their medicine and go around bashing others.

Thank you for your quick intervention.

>> No. 25695
Um, excuse me? That was rude.
>> No. 25697
Wow, you get a mature apology and you turn around and accuse somepony of having aspbergers and act like a total jerk. Way to pull internet argument #11, you jerk.
>> No. 25698

Wow, what an hypocrite.
What the hay is your problem and who do you think you are?

>> No. 25699
I'm sorry but I would never directly insult somepony like that unless I was really mad. Accusing somepony of having a serious mental defect is extremely unacceptable, and even more so when they just apologized for their behavior.

It's general social etiquette.
>> No. 25700
Don't respond to this poster, he's ban evading in order to parasprite.
>> No. 25701
File 131966423182.gif - (1.90MB , 378x304 , 130525075853.gif )
I'm sorry, I think I'll leave this thread before it gets worse .__.
>> No. 25703
Pierce just letting you know that not everypony here thinks badly of you like that anon. You owned up to things which is admirable. Just ignore the obvious parasprite.
>> No. 25704
Thank you ; u; I dunno why that guy has been stalking me so much. D:
>> No. 25705

So was the same guy that accused and annoyed Pierce all the time? Does that mean Pierce was spot on in his accusation? 0.0
>> No. 25706
Different anon, unless he was on a proxy before. Still a parasprite though.
>> No. 25708

And a hypocritical one him/herself. The offended becoming the offender. That's internet argument 2 right there. :P

So he's guilty of 2 AND 11. XD
>> No. 25709
File 131966671215.png - (3.04KB , 254x192 , Tail Upgrade.png )
Love and Tolerance ;)
After a long sleep and inspiration from some curly root thingies from a Skyward Sword trailer, I managed to make the tails gradually thinner. I guess I was too tired last night when I tried and failed. Here's a pic that shows the fat tails on top and the new thin tails below. Also a zoomed view.
Yay or Neigh?
>> No. 25710
I like the thinner ones. You are coming along great with these sea ponies.
>> No. 25714
Better, indeed. Can't wait to see them animated.

Now, somepony please explain this to me:

Pierce flips her lid to a person because she thought it was an old foe or something. Then a Mod proved her wrong and she apologized.
The offended Anon refused to accept the apology, so he gets banned. Meanwhile, Pierce is praised as a mature heroine and everypony jump to chew on the banned Anon.

Evidently I'm missing something here, but getting banned for not forgiving the person who flamed and accused a random Anon of something that wasn't his/her fault, makes no sense to me.

>> No. 25718
Yes, I like that. :)
>> No. 25734
File 131968264929.jpg - (122.11KB , 1338x1080 , 1300582373355.jpg )

Not forgiving? More like giving a right out degrading insult, and attempting to ban evade. And still doing so, from the looks of it. And why wouldn't said Anon accept an apology anyway? Isn't the motto of ponies "We Forgive, We Forget. Expect Us?" or is that just from the olden days of the fortranz.
>> No. 25741
File 131968594375.gif - (12.62KB , 106x96 , Kash_deal_with_it.gif )
Just finished mine, he's nothing special, I mostly reskinned blues.

his name is Kashi Kakes.
>> No. 25743
I think somepony should make animated ponies that would talk and walk or fly around the desktop. It'd be funny and give a good laugh if one of them gave a "facehoof" to another pony.
>> No. 25750
lol you should have him cock his eyebrow once the shades come down

I must be missing something because thats what they already do is walk, talk, and fly around minus the facehoofing
>> No. 25758

Windows Ponies already did that.
The thread with the sprites and animations still should be around, so you still have a chance to go dig them out.

I was going to say it was a cheap recolor, but then I noticed how you admited it right off the bat, so I give you props for being honest.
Therefore, I will...
>> No. 26071
File 131991977761.png - (230.89KB , 3320x2600 , hiResPony.png )
could anypony animate this for me? [picture rather large] let me know by email if anypony will [for desktop ponies]
>> No. 26073
this is optional, but i forgot to mention [and its not in the picture] he has a crown and some royal kind of things...yea a little similar to the princesses [but for a guy] and are black and red [metal red, and theres gems, black] he does got a hoof thing, whatcha call it like i said earlier for all 4 hooves, and something going around his neck with his mark on it, dont want to make it more complicated so yea, email at [email protected]
>> No. 26076
Well, this is mainly to share created Desktop Ponies, not requesting people to create them. You may have better luck contacting a certain artist.
>> No. 26077
o sorry, i didnt know, well i do now, after reading this thread a lot, but id still appreciate it if somepony was able to, and im not really a brony, plus i don't got a clue as to how anything works with all this
>> No. 26137
File 131998240619.png - (47.16KB , 479x467 , Carameltrotcycle.png )
Just dropping in to say thanks to


For posting those templates.

When I once tried to make my pony, I had difficulty editing the normal desktop ponies.( I dunno why, but the colors just didn't come out the way I wanted to.)
But now I can just use this. (Currently WIP. Though, I think it's gonna come out okay.)

It sucks that this thread derails so quickly into drama and bad OC spam, though. I hope things will go more smoothly.

Good luck.
(Man, tiny cutie marks are ridiculously hard to make! D:)
>> No. 26171
File 132001209771.png - (257.85KB , 989x1000 , 56816 - Angel_Bunny angel anger artist zutheskunk flutterrage fluttershy.png )
would somepony mind making flutterrage and flutterbitch

pic related.
>> No. 26172
File 132001345699.gif - (40.06KB , 68x106 , Still Right.gif )
I'm done working on the templates. I could probably make them better, but working on these are more maddening than I thought.

Sea Pony Templates -by Dirkos
Now you can make your own!

Included are the following:
Templates for 'Earthsea, Unisea, and Pegasea' mares and fillies. (Ignore the oxymoronic terminology, which is descriptive only. [Earthsea and Unisea are combined into one template because the difference is a small horn.])
Sea Pony Lyra and Sea Filly Lyra for Desktop Ponies using the same style as the templates. (They were quickly put together. I'll probably make them more official for the starter set. [I also put the individual frames used for them in the template folder to use as an example.])
An extra folder that has stuff I used when making my first Sea Pony Lyra and the Templates. Just because they were there and I figured somepony might find it useful/interesting. (Also has samples for the starter set.)

I'll finish by saying that I claim no ownership to the concept of any sea ponies. The templates are free to use by anypony and any acknowledgement towards me as maker of the templates are optional.
Most importantly, have fun.
If anypony needs informative help, I'll answer any questions posted to the best of my ability.
>> No. 26175

As it has been said a lot of times, this is not a request thread.
>> No. 26182
File 132002521205.png - (38.22KB , 480x480 , shred hexstring.png )
>has Aspergers
>reads this post
>facehoofs at stereotype

anyways, onto the topic, I'm not good with doing these gif things, and I can't get the only program I have for making gifs with transparency, GIMP, to keep from layering the images on top of each other when animating, not to mention I suck at trench-coats on ponies, so if somepony could make a Desktop pony for my OC, I'd greatly appreciate it. here's a picture i crapped out in a few minutes of him.
>> No. 26188
File 132002795982.png - (418.10KB , 600x506 , 1319990557924.png )

Just the -previous- post above yours clerarly said this wasn't a request thread and there's no way possible you could have missed it before you finished writing your request

This is why that stupid stereotype keeps running stronger and stronger every year.
>> No. 26203

> Disproportionate reaction, agressive behavior, admits having ignored the thread but still expected to get a special treat about his request anyways.
> Complains about Aspergers sterotypes while behaving like a textbook case.

This is why this thread is so full of drama and rage. And this is just my personal opinion, but I suggest you to quit and leave while the damage is still light.
Or don't.
I mean, you will be the one permanently labeled as a selfish jerk, not me.
>> No. 26207

> Desperately tries to refuse to admit he made a mistake.
> Desperately tries to make the guy who called him on it look like the real bad guy here.
> Desperately resorts to passive-agressive attacks
> Desperately tries to manipulate facts to fish for support.
> Desperately tries to deny being the source of problem.
> Desperately tries to create drama as revenge for not getting what he wanted.
>Desperately refuses to admit he keeps behaving like a textbook case.

Dude, you made a blunder. No big deal, everypony does that now an then.
But since you chose to made a huge fuss out of it, and since you just came here to request free favours, I wish you luck trying to be accepted or being taken seriously around here.
You will need it, because people here never forgets.
>> No. 26211
So i know you can't post requests here now, but is their a thread for requests? I have tried looking around with no luck, plus I cant seem to find a place to post this except here, I've mentioned before I don't know really much about anything about this stuff. I think i may be forgetting something, patience with me, i can never remember everything i want to say in a single message.
>> No. 26213

Maybe the Mods could create a threads for requests and requests alone. Ideally, that thread should be stickied and labeled with big, bold letters to make nearly impossible to miss. Also, a solid set of rules could be made to prevent people from causing drama or using the thread as their private soapbox, etc.

Of course, that doesn't means that all requests will be fulfilled, because the few decent pixel artists that frequet this community are scarce, have their own things to worry about and will not feel confortable with the idea of a growing number of people requesting things from them all the time, but hey.
The worst thing that could happen is receiving a "no" as an answer.
>> No. 26269
perhaps post a link to it when there is one?
>> No. 26313
File 132016076691.jpg - (19.54KB , 480x268 , sigh.jpg )

Why would you need a link to find a thread that is going to be on the front page, pinned and with big, bold letters to make it absolutely impossible to miss?

Also, wow. This OC thread was created to prevent people from getting in the way of other's projects and now a SECOND thread is needed to keep annoying people away of a thread that was supposed to corral and contain annoying people in the first place?

The more people who discovers this board, the deeper and deeper they make it sink.
>> No. 26321
I think it would be absurd to have a general request thread. Who would be doing these requests? It takes hours to make a decent sprite and doing all that so somepony who couldnt be bothered to try making it themselves with all the tutorials available can enjoy it. Plus the maker wouldnt be getting anything out of it besides knowing they maybe made that one person happy when they could of been making some other more popular fandom or cannon sprite that would makes hundreds happy including themselves. I do enjoy seeing what others are doing with their oc's but to expect somepony else to make it for you is a bit much.
>> No. 26324

I completely agree with the idea that a person who can't draw or animate shouldn't even try to create an OC, especially if all what they can do is recolor a premade flash template and expect praises for it. I also agree that lots of great animation templates and guides are already available for any person willing to spend a few evenings practicing and improving their OCs and themselves as well.

For that reason, the purpose of a request thread would be to contain all lazy, annoying, stupid, troublemaking people on a single thread so they don't spread out to hijack project threads with their moronic requests and self entitled demands.
Nopony says their requests will be taken seriously or if they will even be taken at all, but still, having a thread just for requests would be the perfect excuse to kick these annoying jerks out from other threads as soon they try hijacking them or attempt to cause drama because they couldn't get what they wanted.

Think of it as damage control.
>> No. 26327
Why not just encourage people to make the sprites themselves? Granted, it won't stop requests being posted here, especially since it's not all that obvious at first glance that people shouldn't be posting requests here, but it might get people contributing, which is something this thread is really lacking. Even if the stuff they put together isn't all that good, they people can give them constructive criticism, and help them improve.
Yes, some people would still act like jerks and stir up drama about people not doing all the work for them (Although, that is going to still happen, no matter what you do), but then you can just report them and get that sort of person out of the community.
I dunno. Just seems to me like it'd be better to help people than just treat everypony who posts a request like scum.
>> No. 26328
>Why not just encourage people to make the sprites themselves?

Because they don't want to make them by themselves, or because they keep fishing for a super magical ultra-turbo "tip" that could allow them to become awesome overnight without having to do "boring" things like... GASP! practicing!

No, really. Just take a look around and you will see how that small, yet ultra noisy group of misfits keeps causing problems and upseting people everywhere they go.

>Granted, it won't stop requests being posted here, especially since it's not all that obvious at first glance that people shouldn't be posting requests here

It has been menctioned over and over that this thread is not for requests, yet these guys can't bother with reading a few posts before smashing their heads against the keyboard to beg for some strangers to go out of their way to serve them under the excuse of "Love and Tolerance"
As in, "Love them forever and ever no matter what" and "Have endless tolerance for them no matter how annoying the get"

But you have a point, and the best proof is the lone guy who posted to thank the other guy who posted some templates. Still, annoying people is annoying and as long they keep running away unleashed, they will keep causing problems just by being alive.
>> No. 26338
Hmm... Fair points. Thought it'd be worth making the suggestion though. Guess no matter what decision is made, people are going to be unhappy.
If a stickied topic is made one of my main concerns is that there will probably be people complaining about the useless thread stuck right at the top of Page 1. It'd also be pretty poor representation of the community if the first thread people see is full of something people apparently have a huge hatred of.
Allowing requests in the thread relies kind of heavily on people acting mature and not causing drama if their request doesn't get done, and I have to admit, chances of that are pretty low. Plus I have a feeling people have more of a problem with the mere presence of requests, rather than the attitudes of the requester.
Still, I guess creating a new thread helped get rid of the drama (sort-of) when people were complaining about OC's being in the normal Desktop Ponies thread, so it'd probably would work again for requests. Shouldn't be stickied though, it'd just look bad on the community IMO.
>> No. 26343
> It'd also be pretty poor representation of the community if the first thread people see is full of something people apparently have a huge hatred of.

Good point, it would look awful indeed.
May I suggest a thread with a set of rules and a fair warning that not following them would result on a ban?
Something like:

- This thread is the only place where you can make requests, any requests (or veiled requests) posted outside here will result on a ban.
- You can post only one request at a time.
- Don't make absurdly difficult requests like a huge and complex spritesheet.
- Don't assume that your request will be taken. You are asking for a voluntary service, after all.
- If nopony is answering your request, too bad. Don't throw a tantrum or cause a drama hoping to get better results that way.
- Be polite, be patient, be considerate and most important, be thankful.

... something like that. Anypony feels like adding to it?
>> No. 26349

Well, this jerk here is a good example of why this community can't have nice things and the worst part is that some members here are encouraging his rude behavior because being annoying and inconsiderate to others "is his thing"

So yeah, a non sticky thread is the best choice indeed.
>> No. 26378
I have to think that you guys can take it a nicer way. For me, i wouldn't mind waiting a really long time for somepony to do my request or if nopony did. Though i may not have bothered looking for a guide on how to make one, I didn't people did that...even thought i could have checked. I am not very social so my words can be taken the wrong way easily so do not get angry with me.
>> No. 26406
>I am not very social so my words can be taken the wrong way easily so do not get angry with me.

If you know that your words can be taken the wrong way, then it's your duty and your responsability to triple check everything you say to get sure it's not going to cause a negative reaction.
Doing whatever you want and then passively expect others to "understand you" and "not getting angry" all the time is the best way to stir up trouble and make everypony hate you forever.

Honestly, just use your common sense.

It doesn't works otherwise.
>> No. 26422
File 132025935116.png - (1.59KB , 90x108 , nyxsprite.png )
-ignores drama-
Wonder if anypony likes Nyx.
No? Okay then.
>> No. 26423

It's too dark and looks more like a solid black mass rather than Nyx.
Maybe if you try using another color instead of black, such as a dark navy blue?
>> No. 26429
File 132026107620.png - (1.54KB , 90x108 , nyxsprite2.png )
It's kinda hard to see the different shades on low brightness, there are 4 black shades. Maybe a darker BG color helps?
>> No. 26431

Nope, it's still the same.
I know Nyx's original colorscheme, but I still had to put my nose near the monitor to figure out the shape of your sprite.
>> No. 26432
That's strange. Maybe it's your monitor settings?

Cause I can see it just fine.
>> No. 26433
Because you can see it fine, how does it look?
>> No. 26434

I have a LG LCD monitor and I still have problems to see it.
For the record, I could see Luna's chariot without any problem during "Luna Eclipsed" so it's a matter of a bad colorscheme here.
You could try changing the hue/bright values, though.
>> No. 26435
I took the colors directly from a vector, a huge one, and added a forth shade. Oh well.
>> No. 26436
It looks okay to me. Just a little Nyx. Of course, I'm not exactly the expert on these things. ^_^
The only thing I'm kinda noticing is a pixel poking up a little above her wing, but it's no big deal.

Oh, okay. I wasn't suggesting your monitor was bad or anything, but I noticed that there can be some differences between computers. I was trying to think of what might have been the problem.
>> No. 26437
That pixel is from her mane. Kinda hard to see I suppose.
>> No. 26455

Working with a huge vector and working with a minuscule sprite are two completely different things.
The smaller it is, the more to tell the colors apart it gets, as they are all crammed up on a tiny space where they blend together.

Compare fan-made Pony Nyx with the professionaly designed Nightmare Moon/ Luna, where the colors are highly contrasting each other and never become eye straining or confusing.
>> No. 26475
File 132028881664.gif - (14.37KB , 140x86 , sleepyl.gif )
Here's a couple I made. I mean, if you like moody, dark-palette OC's. Lol not sure what I was thinking. :P
>> No. 26680
File 132043678245.gif - (15.57KB , 106x96 , PierceWalk_LeftGlasses.gif )
Back to post updated Pierce Sprite. This is the original.
>> No. 26681
File 132043687704.gif - (15.80KB , 106x96 , PierceWalkup_Glasses.gif )
And this is the updated version.
Updates include: A paler shade of purple
Mane colors closer to the show (Yes, there are ponies with 'black/gray" manes)
Eye color change
Tail re-animated
>> No. 26682
And then I noticed there's a straight line at the upper base of the tail. Fffuhh, going to fix.
>> No. 26683
File 132043752426.gif - (15.87KB , 106x96 , PierceWalkup_Glasses.gif )
There we go. No more straight line on the tail.
>> No. 26684

The eyes look wrong. I can't put my finger on it, but the general shape (plus the glasses) doesn't looks at all like a pony eye.
The mane and the tail seems to be made of rubber that gets stretched up when the pony moves, and the direction it takes is wrong as well~ the tail goes up instead of going down, plus the mane moves as if it's scalp were just a huge wig.
>> No. 26686
File 132043849376.png - (81.82KB , 364x309 , ponyeye.png )
Well, in the tutorial it specifically directs people to draw the tail on a specific layer, as all the layers are pre-set. Once drawn, you copy it twice and you have to stretch it to these dimensions:
W96 H106 h-3
W92 H110 h-6

The result is the stretching bounce, apparently.

The hair bothers me, yeah. The tutorial showed what to do with long haired female ponies, but never really went into shorter manes where the stretching directions completely ruin how it looks.
Are there any examples of pony sprites with a similar short mane as this that you could suggest I look at for reference?

As for the eye, it probably looks odd because it's not fully open. Based on this eye seen in the image.

As for the glasses, I originally tried to animate them bouncing on his nose, but it kept giving me a lot of issues. I might have to approach it another way, so the glasses look like an object on his nose rather than being plastered to his face.
>> No. 26687
The tail should stretch down, your tail actually stretches up.
Or that's the impression it gives.

Regarding the eyes, I would suggest you to either open the eye or axe the glasses. Remember, FiM style is all about minimalism and readibility, but right now, you have a lot of stuff crammed on a tiny area and that's no good.

And this is just something personal: why did you put a Cutie Mark on a Blank?
>> No. 26688
File 132043951539.gif - (15.03KB , 106x96 , PierceWalk_Left.gif )
Hm, when his rump lifts his tail lifts a little afterwords then sways back down and out. In the show itself, pony tails don't entirely act like regular horse tails, they bounce quite a bit. I just looked through my desktop pony folder at the bigger tails, and they do bounce upwards with the pony's legs.
It's probably the thin strands at the end of his tail that are actually messing it up, some of the grey goes outside the lines and I'll need to fix that since it looks a little choppy when it does so.

This is his very first sprite, before the glasses. I'm currently looking at various ponies with glasses, such as the mayor, to see how to animate in glasses, since he does wear them and he's practically blind without them. It would be mean to take his glasses away from him XD Twist's glasses are far too large for what he wears, so the Mayor is the closest in appearance. Seems her glasses were made smaller and kept on the same layer as her head. I'll see about reducing his glasses size then.

As for cutie mark on a Blank, I'm not sure I understand what you mean? Are you talking about my ask tumblr?
>> No. 26690
The examples you must be talking about are about animations that use tails that wave up and down, while yours only goes up.
I don't know about your tumblr, I don't even know who are you. I just ask because if this character is supposed to be a zombie (I remember you making desktop Blanks) then it shouldn't have a cutie mark.

Regarding your sprite, I just said it looked too crammed and the animation was unnatural.
>> No. 26691
He's not a zombie, he's a regular pony. The Blanks are somepony else's characters.
This pony is Pierce Smoulder, he's my own character.
And I do understand what you said, which is why I am now examining other pony sprites to figure out how to make the glasses look less chaotic.
He's a fairly basic pony, following the usual guidelines of an in show pony, being that he has a 2 colored mane and a singular colored body. If anything about the animation is unnatural, it was due to the directions given in the tutorial offered on the desktop ponies website, so I apologize for that. I'm still looking at other pony sprites to figure out how to fix it up.

The main issue at the moment seems to be the glasses, which makes his face look a little busy. Other than that, are there other features you feel make his sprite look busy?
>> No. 26694
>He's not a zombie, he's a regular pony. The Blanks are somepony else's characters.

Aahhhhhh OK.
>> No. 26698
I'll make offical updates. btw, working on update for this now
>> No. 26702

Includes: pony editor
Game spot for when i put in hoofball

New ponies:
Nyx by Starstep! *applause*
Drunk Berry Punch by CANDYBAG!
Genderswapped mane cast by Jack!
Sea pony lyra by Dirkos!
Beachberry by Ponyluver!
Kashi Kakes by Kash!
Filly Sea pony Lyra by Dirkos!
Underwater seapony lyra by Dirkos!
Blackbird and Lantern Light by LimeyLassen!
Bumblesweet and blossomforth by Ponyluver!
Snow drift and Cyber by Ponyluver!

Tell me if i missed anything!
>> No. 27050
File 132070051268.gif - (58.73KB , 120x94 , Nyx_sleep_right.gif )
Nyx is done.
>> No. 27058
Be warned as she'll overwrite the Nyx with the sock on her head if you don't fully rename one of them.
>> No. 27062

It looks like a black blob.
>> No. 27065
File 132070423489.gif - (30.47KB , 120x94 , Nyx_sit_right.gif )
Are the colors REALLY that hard to see?
>> No. 27077
Can see it okay here.
>> No. 27089
File 132071297895.gif - (9.31KB , 300x300 , color-wheel-300.gif )

I think the problem is that Nyx is a terrible character with an awful design, so whatever is created based on her is going to be plagued with problems as well.
Personally, I have problems to see her as well, mostly because of the extremely low contrast and how close the colors are from each other.

I assume you guys are familiar with the "Color Wheel?"

Practically all of OCs (especially Sonic or Pony ones) are eyesores because they ignore the basic principle of contrast/complimentary colors, Nyx being a noteworthy case of a character donee all wrong.
>> No. 27090
I don't really like her much either, but for a totally different reason. :s
>> No. 27098
File 132071692585.png - (43.85KB , 646x228 , Screen Shot 2011-11-07 at 8_48_19 PM.png )
I disagree. If she had a higher value she would be easier to see without straying from the original color scheme much, and I don't think, color-wise, she is a bad design.
The blue and purple are analogous, which is also an attractive color relationship like complimentary colors.
Maybe not to your tastes, but they don't break any color design rules.
>> No. 27119
Dearest Dirkos!
You rock and I love you forever for making Seapony Lyra.
She's the best thing ever.
>> No. 27302
File 132086811960.png - (250.44KB , 452x352 , Nightmare_Nightguards2ep4.png )
Oh hey the show used those colors.
I can see her okay, it might be a good idea to up the contrast between her outlines and main color, lighten up the body a little, but for the most part, the colors she has aren't a problem.
>> No. 27316

Oh hey somepony doesn't knows the difference between a huge image and a tiny sprite.
The smaller the image is, the closer the colors get on the viewer's eyes, hence the thick outlines used on the cartoon. Yeah, the same outlines that are absent on any Desktop Pony sprites and derivates.
>> No. 27319
File 132088186755.png - (2.90KB , 248x111 , adorablesleep.png )
I dunno, she looks fine to me. :|
>> No. 27324

I zoomed the image to take a look at the red Scootaloo recolor and whoa, just then I noticed Nyx there.
This is just a hunch, but I suppose you can see them right because your monitor's bright values are set high and because your screen must be really close to your face, as in a small desk or something.

I'm one of these unfortunate sods who still use an old CRT monitor, so whenever you post OCs all I can see are some color blobs, Starly. However, when you go by the cartoon's colors I have no problem at all with the things you do.
>> No. 27330
I've pretty much finished all the frames for the Sea Pony starter set, but I decided I'd go nuts if I tried to put together the animations for all 17 of them at once, so... every night for the next 17 days, I'll post a new Desktop Sea Pony from the starter set, selected via random number generator. I'll likely post the first one in about 2 hours, then the rest at the same time every following night.
Just a reminder that these Sea Ponies are ALL of Lyra+Colgate's recolors I could find on the wiki, plus 2 that aren't for whatever reason. The name of those two are probably wrong, so please correct them when they show up. I'll say so when they're posted.
>> No. 27339
File 132090166289.gif - (40.02KB , 68x110 , Still Right.gif )
1st Sea Pony up is #7... Jenny!
Jenny is a Colgate recolor seen during the final singing scene during the Winter Wrap Up song if I recall correctly. The wiki mistakenly has her listed as an Earth Pony, but I made sure sure was a Unicorn.
>> No. 27375
>red Scootaloo recolor

Well, uhh, you can say that, it's fine. You don't have to use what I make. I just make it for those who want it. c:
>> No. 27379

I think is the hair what makes everypony see it as a Scootaloo recolor.
It looks more like a hatless Applejack recolor to me, but whatever.
>> No. 27381
He does have Scoots' mane. :c
But that's hardly the point of the topic, nor does it matter.
>> No. 27390

I think that's the entire point, Starly.
Common sense says that you can't just copy and reuse parts of a unique character without expecting others to recognize it and associate it with the original.

>You don't have to use what I make.

Also, this rude comment equals to shrugh other person't opinion off under the excuse of "if you don't like it, don't look at it" right after having posted it on a public imageboard where everypony can see it.

Common sense, education and consideration for other people's opinion, Starly. After all, you don't want to repeat the same silly grudge you have against Anonycat just because he didn't praised you for the subpar edit you made of his own Big Macintosh sprite, eh?
Back then you used the same "if you don't like it don't use it but I love it anyways" argument to trample any different opinion than yours.

Normally I don't mind your childish behavior because you can do decent animations whenever you feel like doing them, but enough is enough. In fact, from all people working on the Desktop Ponies, you are the only member with a snappy temper and the habit of going full aggro whenever you don't get the comments you expected to receive, so try fixing that, K'?
>> No. 27398

I honestly don't know what I did, so I'll just shut up.
I never made an edit to Big Mac. :s
>> No. 27406

I think Einstein there is talking about this Big Macintosh edit:

Except that it wasn't made by you, and neither you have anything to do with that kiddy tantrum. (How in Equestria's name can you mistake "StarStep" with "Starly", genius?)

I agree with the part about reusing parts of other sprites and pretending to not being compared with the original, though.
>> No. 27408
>I agree with the part about reusing parts of other sprites and pretending to not being compared with the original, though.

I never once said I DIDN'T reuse parts and not expect to get compared. ichangedthemaneanywayafterthatasitwasinaccurate
But really, the OC was only in the picture because I was attempting to show how Nyx looked next to ponies of other colors.
Sorry for all the confusion and stuff. :s
>> No. 27411
File 132096094598.gif - (11.54KB , 100x100 , squint.gif )
Rollover animation for my OC. How'd I do?
>> No. 27416
Yeah I was the one who made >"subpar edit" to Big Mac. I thought we had all moved past that though. Anyway I don't remember ever having anything personal against anonycat. I said I didn't like the direction he was going with his newer big macs. On his side I remember him saying basically you're doing it wrong but I appreciate the initiative. I never had any grudge and I don't think he did either. Anyway that was months ago and Im sorry if I seemed childish back then.

Plus what is with all the personal attacks I'm seeing in this thread? Attack the art. Fine. It's expected and warranted but I don't think personal attacks are needed.

Back on topic
lol She doesn't like others invading her personal bubble. Nicely done. Also what is the cutie mark of? I keep thinking chili pepper though Im probably wrong.

neat idea making them all easy to get. I approve.
>> No. 27417
File 132096322858.gif - (16.21KB , 100x100 , pickup1.gif )

It's suppose to be an orange, lime and a slice of grapefruit. Her name is Citrus Squeeze.

Also her pickup animation
>> No. 27418
File 132096404683.png - (4.14KB , 100x100 , citrussqueeze.png )
Just knowing the name citrus squeeze makes it obvious.

Id say there's a little too much black around the eye. Maybe replace a few of the black pixels with the darker yellow like so
>> No. 27425

The eyes looks wrong, but I can't find the exact words to describe why.
Too oval, too "crazy", too non pony, I don't know. I suppose her sour expressions are part of a visual pun, but still, the eyes look... weird.
>> No. 27451
File 132098808838.gif - (40.55KB , 68x106 , Still Right.gif )
2nd Sea Pony up is #5... Diamond Mint!
Diamond Mint is a Lyra recolor that shows up quite often in the background, usually sporting a saddle and a flower in her hair. I pondered about sticking a seashell or something in her hair, but decided against it.
>> No. 27452
Needs more discord


I cant seem to get the Cupcakes Pinkamina to work on my android, anypony know why this is?
>> No. 27482
I have GIMP. How I into spriting?
>> No. 27489

1- Open GIMP
2- Make a pony.
3- Take a look at the pony you just made..
4- If the pony you made is a shitty one, go back to step 2.
5- If the pony you made is good, post it here.
6- If the pony you made is still not good, don't post it here.

And that's all. Easy in theory, difficult in practice.
>> No. 27490
There are some templates dotted around, anonycat posted some earlier in the thread, but I seem to remember seeing some .psd files somewhere that might be a bitter better to work with. Aside from that it's more or less down to what anon above me said.
>> No. 27493
File 132105811071.png - (418.31KB , 3320x2600 , Glory.png )
Hey, can somepony make my OC, please? You can't see it very well, but her cutie mark is a winged heart with a sixteenth note inside.
>> No. 27495
You may want to give it a try yourself, as requests usually don't get filled, unless they're for something other people want to see.
Also because somepony on here likes to start up drama every time somepony has a request.
>> No. 27496
okay, then. I'll get started. probably won't turn out very well, but at least i'll have some form of my oc running around on my screen ruining everything.
>> No. 27497

You can download templates and read some useful tips from Desktop Ponies own homepage:

I don't think that just ONE person here is opposed to requests and I don't think it's a good (or wise) idea to pretend that just a single person here dislikes what you like.
>> No. 27499
Is this something like Shimejis?
>> No. 27500
It is a similar program apparently, according to
>> No. 27501
>> No. 27507
File 132106889530.gif - (40.74KB , 68x106 , Still Right.gif )
I'm early...
3rd Sea Pony up is #8... Lemon Tart!
Lemon Tart is a Lyra recolor that seems to be based off of the color scheme of the more prominently appearing background pony, Lemon Hearts. She is another recolor that wears a saddle in most of her appearances. Lemon Tart is the pony who throws up immediately after tasting one of Apple Bloom's cupcakes in Call of the Cutie.

There's a bonus Sea Pony with Lemon Tart. A new Lyra recolor was added to the wiki named Banana Fluff, so I added her in with this one because my numbering system would be messed up if I added her to my list since it's in alphabetical order.
There are a lot of days left... I may end up including a Surprise like this with one or two of the future releases. I won't say if I do, though...
>> No. 27586
File 132116649460.gif - (40.48KB , 68x106 , Still Right.gif )
Now I'm late...
4th Sea Pony up is #6... Glory!
Also known as Spring Fresh, Glory is a Lyra recolor with a uniquely green color scheme. Her only appearance is in The Best Night Ever, as she was a guest at the Gala. She is another recolor that wore a saddle and a flower in her hair.

Sorry for being late. I'll probably be posting these a bit later than my set time from now on, so just expect them posted sometime during the night.
>> No. 27633
File 132122872526.gif - (40.52KB , 68x106 , Still Right.gif )
...or I'll be posting them a lot earlier.
5th Sea Pony up is #1... Anti Lyra!...?
This is one of the ponies that I believe I got the name wrong. She's not in the wiki, and the name came from the initial discussion on the pony board about her when she was first spotted. If anypony knows if a final name came up during the discussion that I missed, please say so.
Anti Lyra is a Lyra recolor that uses Cloud Kicker's color scheme, making her look like a big Dinky. She shows up in Lesson Zero, and is unique for a Lyra recolor because she uses the lyre cutie mark, while all the other recolors with visible cutie marks had Sparkler's 3 diamonds.
>> No. 27643
File 132124449309.png - (97.98KB , 426x394 , shadow hooves.png )
it would be awesome to have swift storm trotting across my screen while i watch a clip or just reading pony fanfics
>> No. 27644
Hey man, not trying to be rude, but there are no requests here. I posted earlier, not knowing this.
>> No. 27648
File 132124944540.png - (97.98KB , 426x394 , shadow hooves.png )
i never did post a request i just said that would be cool
>> No. 27663

We can't have nice things because of people like you.
>> No. 27668
You know, if you look at an earlier part of the thread you can find templates to edit into your pony.

You might wanna try that.
>> No. 27669
File 132128275024.jpg - (49.72KB , 474x593 , 84950 - ew_OCs lauren_faust meme.jpg )

Considering the average requester, I'm half expecting him to throw a tantrum because using the templates involves GASP! work instead of just clicking like in that flash template he used to "create" that horrible OC.
>> No. 27670
File 132128353285.png - (138.61KB , 826x855 , Pinkiesmileshrug.png )
Eh, maybe.

I dunno. I was just trying to help out.
>> No. 27673
Has anypony ever actually done that? It gets brought up every time, but I've never actually seen anypony react that way.
>> No. 27674
Oh, just stop it already! Many people I've seen requesting desktop ponies said they'd try making them by their own after people suggested it. Stop assuming things like that for everypony.
And if you hate OC's why are you even in this thread?!
>> No. 27678

Reported for being rude.
>> No. 27680
Dude! I should be the one reporting YOU for being rude in the first place! Don't try to look like the victim here!
>> No. 27681

The Desktop Ponies thread had a few cases of that, and when Anonycat posted the pony and filly templates here, the first thing people did was complain because he didn't gave them what they -exactly- wanted and they were forced to do stuff on their own.


For a person who can't draw or animate, I think you bitch and complain too much.
You appoint yourself as a Pony Vigilant too often as well.
>> No. 27682
I just hate when anons give out accussations and reports everytime somepony asks any questions when they haven't ever sprited anything either.
And you must know I'm currently working on adding sounds for the program. I may not be an artist, but I'm contributing to the program with audio and a little programming (fixing .ini's for said sounds)
>> No. 27683
> I may not be an artist,

Your entire case crumbled just there.
I remember you as the idiot who threw a tantrum because the Desktop Ponies weren't keen about the idea of taking requests and you tried every thing possible to go around their negative, until Desktop Pony Guy himself had to step in.
And then you twisted his words so you still could pester his team with requests because you refused to accept a no for an answer.

Dude? You are nothing but a little ball of rage and self entitlement. Take your head out of your flank, then take out the stick you have lodged up there and then ~maybe~ people would stop calling you "rude".

Yeah, you rip sounds. Big deal, anypony can replace you and nopony will tell the difference.
But creating animations? Nope, that kind of people cannot be replaced and you are miles away from them, but you always try to behave as if you were their boss or their leader, who the hell do you think you are?

Seriously, stop behaving as if you were important and especially stop behaving and if everypony were out to get you.
>> No. 27688
File 132129054832.jpg - (38.03KB , 500x534 , tumblr_lsecr3bs4T1qie99n.jpg )
Oh, please, don't bring that here. Desktop Pony Guy has always encouraged to use the thread for requests. It's anons who always dislike and parasprite them and set this imaginary "no requests" rule. DPG had to rephrase the rule to avoid further misunderstandings.
>And then you twisted his words so you still could pester his team with requests because you refused to accept a no for an answer.
When did I do this?! In fact, I approved his actions! And I never did any requests myself, you're just adding words to my mouth.

Let's just forget this whole thing already
>> No. 27689
Ugh, you guys really need to calm down. This is an image board, not a melodrama. You could all be discussing this in a more civil manner.

Starstep, mind if I ask, what is your opinion on requests. Given that this is your thread, the decision surely lies with you on whether or not they are allowed here, rather than an anon. It might help to stem some of the drama if you allowed or disallowed them.
>> No. 27692
File 132129125149.png - (381.40KB , 859x484 , 059.png )
I am very disappointed in a few of you.
If you can't discuss things in a civil manner, we shall have to start giving you all time-outs every time something happens.
If you're going to act like children.
We're going to treat you like children.

>> No. 27696
File 132129343807.png - (362.27KB , 720x720 , 131941406929.png )
Well, we are discussing a show for children...

I'll be quiet
>> No. 27702
File 132129725834.gif - (62.08KB , 360x360 , Fluttershy_clapping-(n1316120839207).gif )


Also, reading this thread I noticed that the general tone is not taking requests of any kind, and even the idea of creating a new thread for requests purposes, so this one could remain free of that was menctioned but the idea was never used.
>> No. 27720
File 132130852212.gif - (42.12KB , 68x110 , Still Right.gif )
And now for the Sea Pony that everypony might have been waiting for....
6th Sea Pony up is #12... Seafoam!
Also known as Sea Swirl from the new Blind Bags, I can't really call Seafoam a Colgate recolor since she has a unique cutie mark. In my opinion, she's the next most deserving pony to be a Sea Pony after Lyra, for clear reasons.

Look forward to tomorrows release.
>> No. 27737
File 132132704089.png - (97.98KB , 426x394 , shadow hooves.png )
i will try it out thank you for the sugestion

and what in the name of luna did i ever do to you to make you be so rude as if your an anti-brony spy
>> No. 27739

Well, that was almost english.

Shoo Bee Doo.
Now THIS is what I call a good guy. Keep with the great work, broski.

Maybe your Sea Ponies could be used to make an aquarium-themed screensaver or even an aquatic based game, the possibilities are endless and awesome.
>> No. 27742
wow lots of drama going on. I wont disallow requests totally because some are allright. But I would like for there to be

no make my whole character for me requests.

This is a thread about showing off your work, whether to make others laugh, share what others may enjoy using or display the achievement that you made a sprite or possibly a tricky animation.

Its not going to be a thread to make everyponys oc who wants one. Some requests like "I cant get my cutie mark to look like something other than a blob can somepony please help." or "my gif maker program is acting up, can somepony help make this sprite sheet I made into an animated gif." are valid requests.

Now please if somepony makes a 'make my whole character' request dont jump all over them like a few of you have tended to do. Just tell them "This is not a request thread" and if you want to be nice point them towards the guides or templates. I dont think we need anymore than one or two people telling that to the pony asking. That's my opinion on the matter.

I agree she should of been second in line to be made. Good work. Now I may have to add a saddle and seaflower to sea pony Diamond Mint because she just isnt herself without them.
>> No. 27745

Well, then this makes it official: Op has said this is not a request thread, so anypony coming here asking to get stuff done for them will be reported to the staff and hopefully, booted out.
Asking help to finish an almost complete, or perfect and already completed OC is fine though, but let's hope nopony tries to use semantics to twist that into an excuse to slip a full request.

Also, it's just me or some Seaponies just vanished?
>> No. 27751
Or, if you'd rather not waste mods time, you could just do as Starstep actually suggested and politely point out that it is not a request thread and point them towards the guides and templates..
>> No. 27758
File 132135281369.gif - (34.05KB , 68x96 , Still Right.gif )
I don't know if vanish is what you meant, but I just noticed I forgot the MediaFire link for Seafoam. Derp.
I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks. I actually chose not to try because I didn't think I would be able to make a saddle look... right on a Sea Pony. And in honesty, I didn't want to work on the swimming animation frames for the saddle. The Pegasea wing fin drove me crazy, and it's just a small thing compared to a detailed saddle. I hope for your success.
Oh yeah, the pic is a sample for what to look forward to hidden in the next release. Just like the Surprise I included with Seafoam. Wink wink.
>> No. 27761
*squee* thats an awesome 'surprise'. Backfin idea for pegasea (great word) ponies is a neat idea.

She looks good in the stan..d.... floating? uhh the still ones. I just need to do her swimming which will be the challenge. My arting computer is derping on me so hopefully I can get it running again before the end of the week and get back to spriting.

I believe that would be jumping on them. Please just let them politely know thats not what this thread is for. Mods dont and shouldnt be brought in because somepony new wandered into the thread.
>> No. 27764
File 132136545518.png - (9.62KB , 652x446 , Diamond Mint Still Sheet.png )
I just clued in that I could post Diamond Mint's sheets. That might help.
>> No. 27767
File 132136603782.png - (7.01KB , 652x308 , Diamond Mint Swimming Sheet.png )
You may have already isolated the frames, but I figure why not put them up.
Also thanks for the compliment about the backfin, but I can't say it was originally my idea. The Ask Surprise Tumblr has a picture with the same concept, and that's where I got it from.
>> No. 27775
If I wasn't lazy, I'd totally make some G1 Sea ponies in G4 style. :P
>> No. 27799
File 132139920425.gif - (41.64KB , 68x106 , Still Right.gif )
7th Sea Pony up is #17... Tutti Frutti!
Also/canonically named Holly Dash, Tutti Frutti was custom made by one of the animators iirc. It's hard to tell if she is a Lyra recolor or not, since in her only appearance she's running, but her running animation matches Lyra's.
Also as some might have guessed from one of my posts earlier, Sea Filly Noi is in with Tutti Frutti.
And probably more.
>> No. 27883
File 132147951644.gif - (42.12KB , 68x110 , Still Right.gif )
Earlier and earlier... here comes another favorite.
8th Sea pony up is #4... Colgate!
Colgate/TARDIE/Romana (or Colgate T. Romana) probably has the most fanon names for one of our favorites, although it seems her Blind Bag name will be revealed very soon. She shows up alot in the background. She's great. Brushie brushie.

I've almost got 20 Sea Ponies out now. They look even better swimming around together than I thought. It's also kinda funny how I was just gonna do 17... now it's looking like I'll have 30ish out when I'm done.
>> No. 27979
File 132156963038.gif - (48.30KB , 68x106 , Still-Right.gif )
Ok here she is with some stuff to make it look a bit more sea floorish on your desktop.

Credit to Dirkos for these adorable seaponies and to Starly for the regular Diamond Mint which I based the saddle off of. I think I got everything working right and I changed a few names so now you can just copy the pony.ini of hers minus the name part and add it to the other sea ponies so they can have the seabed effects too. Remember if you try this copy everything but the name in the pony.ini and then copy the seabed effect gifs into each seaponies folder and then each one will help turn your desktop into an undersea pony adventure.
>> No. 27982
File 132157203341.gif - (40.48KB , 68x106 , Still Right.gif )
That's GREAT.
9th Sea Pony up is #2... Blue Belle!
Blue Belle is a Lyra recolor, seen in the same scene as Glory. She is another recolor with a unique color scheme, somewhat similar to the old Luna, but with mane and body color reversed. Also wore a saddle.

Now that Diamond Mint's saddle is done, I may have to recolor her to Blue Belle, Glory, and Lemon Tart. If I do, they'll be included in the eventual all-in-one release that I'll get done sometime after the 17 days are over with. The .inis will be cleaned up, and I'll try to put in some interactions. At least just some of them following others.
>> No. 27988
File 132157441806.png - (1.74KB , 148x114 , CK and LB.png )
Oh yeah... here's what I'm working on now. Recoloring is just so... mind numbing, so I have to make new stuff to give myself any sense of accomplishment. That being said, I've made a bunch of Background Ponies into Sea Ponies that aren't even available on normal Desktop Ponies, like Noi and Alula, and now these two. Should I make them into normal Desktop Ponies when I have the free time?

And in case you missed my hints, Noi and Alula (and 4 other fillies) are in with the Tutti Frutti download.
>> No. 27990
File 132157660896.gif - (56.55KB , 106x97 , lightning_bolt_sleep_right.gif )
I'd like to point out that I made normal LB a few weeks back. >.>
>> No. 27991
I must have missed it. Thx for telling me, I would have looked like a chump if I released her without acknowledging you. Can you plz post a dl link for her? Also do you know if Cloud Kicker or any of the fillies I made were already done?
>> No. 27992
She;s in the newest version.
I have not seen Cloud kicker, Alula, Cotton Cloudy, Noi, and I forget what else.
>> No. 27994
Thanks a bunch, I was still on V3.15. I'm happy now that I posted that what I'm working on now post. I guess I'll start doing that more often.
>> No. 28006
Hey Dirkos, do I have your permission to use your Sea Ponies in my game? Don't worry, I'll give credit.
>> No. 28007
File 132160121039.gif - (16.70KB , 106x96 , trotcycle_littlepip_right.gif )
I really gotta question.
Why hasn't anypony made her?
I got tired of waiting, so I made her myself. She's currently running around my screen. I must say though, it's a decent attempt on my part since this is the first pony I ever made.

Oh and, I didn't know which thread to put her in so I put her in this, since she is and OC. Her and Nyx I see,
>> No. 28017
Yeah, anypony can use the Sea Ponies for whatever they want. Thanks for asking, though. I'll copypaste what I said earlier, when I released the templates.

I'll finish by saying that I claim no ownership to the concept of any sea ponies. The templates (and Sea Ponies) are free to use by anypony and any acknowledgement towards me as maker of the templates (and Sea Ponies) are optional.

Oh yeah, somepony in /pic/ is asking for Pipsqueak sprites.
I dunno if the Desktop Ponies thread died or not. Should we take care of this?
>> No. 28019
File 132162393994.gif - (5.41KB , 36x38 , pipsqueak_right.gif )
Actually the desktop ponies thread is just on autosage. Usually when DPG fixes something big or comes up with something he really likes he will make a new thread for it.

Also I already have pipsqueak's trot animation basically finished. Just need to make the standing for him. Also since his tail is short Im still wondering if it needs a bounce animation?

For when you make the sea pony pack I think we need to have them saying more than just that one song line. Also any other seabed effects you think would be neat or what was the opinion on the ones I did make?
>> No. 28030
>I got tired of waiting, so I made her myself.
>I made her myself.

See this dilligent fella here, dear annoying requesters?
This person is the only one who is doing it right.

Thousand internets to you, dear Soul. We need more people like you around here.

(5 Minutes.)
>> No. 28055
File 132165256360.jpg - (113.37KB , 597x527 , craniumhoof.jpg )
really? I thought we went over this whole "rageing against the requesters" thing, but it looks like some ponies won't give it up.

(5 Minutes)
>> No. 28063
The best way to avoid trouble is not kicking a wasp nest in the first place.
>> No. 28064
What? He's correct. Starstep asked people not to jump on requesters, mods have asked people to stop asking like children (multiple times)
>> No. 28066

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't >>28030 happy and praising >>28007 for taking care of his own request?

I see no reason to post condescending images and attacking him.
>> No. 28078
File 132166485692.gif - (39.43KB , 68x106 , Still Right.gif )
Yeah, the plan is for them to say more than just shoobeedooing all the time for the pack. I just have it like that so I can pump them out as fast as possible. And the seabed stuff is pretty neat, I hadn't thought about any before.

10th Sea Pony up is #15... Sunset Bliss!
Sunset Bliss is a Lyra recolor but as an Earth Pony... like Roseluck. She shows up near the end of At The Gala in The Best Night Ever. I had thought she was Sparkler without her horn, but her scheme is a bit different.
>> No. 28079
File 132166552973.gif - (6.91KB , 68x108 , Still.gif )
Is it okay if I work on the main cast as seaponies?Here is my "Still" for Pinkie Pie(Image)
>> No. 28082

As long this time you could refrain yourself from spamming several dumb posts on a row and manage to finish what you start instead of asking help even to breathe or "contributing" with a ton of unfinished and useless stuff, sure why not?

Also, this time remember to credit each end every of the original creators before you upload eveything on your DA page, since you have a lot of recolored ponies there but no a trace of credit to the original creatos has been given by you.

(5 minutes.)
>> No. 28092
File 132166799475.png - (938.30KB , 1024x768 , undersea_ponies.png )
Wow I never knew there were so many lyra recolors. My desktop is now overflowing with seaponies. Glad they will have some more lines to say.

Dirkos said it was ok to use the templates so go at it. Also your animations are still jittering and you didn't finish her fins going back up. Plus SeaPinkie's eyes are too far apart. Take a look at Surprise that Dirkos did to see how SeaPinkie should look. Keep at it and you'll get there.
>> No. 28099
>(5 minutes.)

>> No. 28100
I'm guessing it's one of those time-outs mentioned here: >>27692
>> No. 28102

Ahhh, K'.
>> No. 28108
I was originally gonna do the Mane 6 as Sea Ponies, but I waned away from that idea... I just liked doing the Background ponies more. I figured that I may have got around to it sometime in the future. If you want to try, you can.
>> No. 28114
Where is the Suprise Seapony?
>> No. 28116
File 132167884013.gif - (13.62KB , 68x108 , Still Right.gif )
Is this better?
>> No. 28118

Just finished Pinkie Pie as a Sea Pony :)
>> No. 28119
maybe not the best place to ask, but how do you make those ponies?
>> No. 28125
do you have photoshop:-if yes
click here
scroll lower there a "Pony making guide!"made by monkeyjay! and voila!
-if not get it with money
-if can't affort it or too honest...yup...well there are free program like gimp, paint and some more, i think.
>> No. 28126
oh and there video tutorial in it
>> No. 28131
File 132168698816.gif - (16.61KB , 106x96 , trotcycle_littlepip_left.gif )
Speaking of which, I was planing on making Calamity and Velvet Remedy.
<- here is her left animation, note the pipbuck
>> No. 28132
paint doesn't do transparency and gimp just layers images ontop of themselves instead of getting the animation you want out of it. just pointing out you used some bad examples for your argument. especially paint. XD animations can't be made in paint you silly filly.
>> No. 28137
I know I'm late but - YOU HAVE ALLL MY LOVE Dirkos. Also much love to all the guys working on these ponies! <3 <3 <3
>> No. 28144
GIMP can make animations. Yes, you add each frame as a layer, but it is able to turn that into an animation, so not really a bad example there.
>> No. 28145
Surprise was hidden in with the Seafoam download. Surprised?
For Sea Pony Lyra and all the other Sea Pony stuff, I actually used Paint for making all the frames (it's actually the old version of Paint ported to Windows 7... the new one is weird), then use Gimp 2 to animate them (after deleting the color that's supposed to be transparent). In Gimp 2, you have the option of saving the layers as an animation when you save as GIF format.
>> No. 28160
File 132171862879.png - (1.46KB , 112x91 , SelfPonySprite.png )
If somepony would like to animate Ginger Snap for me, that would be amazing. :D I can make sprites myself, but I don't have anything to animate them as far as I know.
>> No. 28161
You can download the program GIMP for free.

If you make all of the sprites, you can then layer them onto each other in the correct order and save the result as a GIF. Then you'll have the animation.
>> No. 28162
> I don't have anything to animate them as far as I know.

Ah, but that can be fixed very easily, just go here:

"Your" sprite is just a straight Luna recolor, by the way.
>> No. 28165

Sweet! I didn't know GIMP could do that, actually. I just kinda fail with it. ^^; Uh... How do I get the background transparent? And does anypony have sprite sheets?
>> No. 28168
You first have to add an alpha channel. Then, select the white with the tool that has the colors and the finger, and hit delete. You'll have to fill in some parts that also had white that were meant to be, though. (Like part of the eyes, probably)

As for the sprite sheet, somepony posted trotcycle sprites earlier in the thread, but that's all.
>> No. 28170

Anonycat posted three templates here (Mare, Stallion and Filly trot cycles, go back a few dozen posts to find them) and since you already got links to gif animation tools, the rest is entirely up to you.
>> No. 28180
oh,awesome.Love your seaponies,by the way.
>> No. 28188
File 132173453122.png - (3.92KB , 166x156 , stand_lilpip_left.png )
I like yours far more than mine.
>> No. 28212
thank you for the info!

photo shop is not a problem (insert evil Fluttershy laugh!)
>> No. 28214
File 132175900231.gif - (40.55KB , 68x106 , Still Right.gif )
11th Sea Pony up is #14... Sugarberry!
Sugarberry is another unique Lyra recolor that is one of the ice scorers in Winter Wrap Up. Like how Blue Belle's palette looks like Luna, Sugarberry's palette looks like the pink haired Celestia. Somepony probably has some interesting headcanon from that.
>> No. 28226
Now that I have finished reading this thread in near entirety (sure, I skipped over some of the squabbling, it detracted from the work of others).

You know what I have to say about all of this?

Awesome. Thank you for embracing a culture that you obviously enjoy. From animating, to recoloring (with credit!), to making request ponies from scratch, good job. People have taken time out of their day to work on something and share it with a community whose very basis is love and tolerance.

I want to give this thread a hug, and squeeze it like a coffee press. Leave all that ground bitterness behind, everypony.

Keep up the good work.

(P.S. Dirkos- Your continued progress is something to be admired. I hope you're proud of your creations, because they're fantasic, and you should be.)
>> No. 28233
Thanks for that. I do feel a bit more proud about them than I did yesterday.
>> No. 28281
File 132182960600.gif - (40.48KB , 68x106 , Still Right.gif )
12th Sea Pony up is #13... Sparkler!
Sparkler is a commonly occurring Lyra recolor (can she really be called that?) that shows up beside Lyra in her first appearance in episode 1, and more recently competing alongside Dinky in Sisterhooves Social, as well as showing up frequently in the background in a bunch of the other episodes. She is mistaken for Seafoam a lot for whatever reason...

I was going through the wiki again (I do that a LOT) and I noticed that the Earth Pony known as Epona seems use Lyra's design. It's hard to be sure, since you only see her from behind, but expect her soon in one of the next releases.
>> No. 28345
Mine is better? Well, I like the hair and mane on yours more than mine. But none the less, thanks.
>> No. 28363
File 132191331433.gif - (39.43KB , 68x106 , Still Right.gif )
Sorry for this pony taking so long. Blame the random number generator.
13th Sea Pony up is #11... Rose!
Rose, aka Roseluck, is one of the few background ponies that have been called out by name. It actually took me awhile to notice that she uses the same design as Lyra, minus the horn.

This is where you should thank the RNG. Since Rose came up this late, I was able to include 2 other Sea Ponies with her that would not have been possible if she came up early, since I recently finished Could Kicker's frames.
Yes, it's Daisy and Lily.
>> No. 28439
Ok so I decided to try and find all the templates that I could to help people out. Some are in psd files, others in gif format and others in sprite sheet format. If you know of any other templates throw them up or a link so they can be added.

Yay the flower trio

pretty good. Only suggestion would be having the mane stay still right by the ears then having the rest of the mane bounce like you already have it doing. Excellent job on animating the pipboy. It looks good throughout the trot cycle.
>> No. 28486
File 132200578671.gif - (42.12KB , 68x110 , Still Right.gif )
14th Sea Pony up is #10... Raty!
Raty, also known as Polly, is a red Colgate recolor that appears during Rarity's first fasion show in Suited for Success. I'm not sure, but aside from Big Mac and the pegasus Cherries Jubilee, is she the only other red Pony?
>> No. 28496
I'm still wishing we had an accurate Doctor Whooves.
Not the "Eleventh" edit that comes packaged.
>> No. 28527
There's a folder inside the Doctor Whooves folder called Doctor Whooves Original or something like that, just move it to the main Desktop Ponies folder to use him
>> No. 28539
Now make her check out girl flank and blush and also maybe pull out her gun and shoot and we got us a Littlepip!
>> No. 28572

I don't get the reference but the sprite looks good anyways.
>> No. 28582
File 132209618052.jpg - (205.55KB , 638x956 , littlepip_by_dop4min3rgic-d418c8a.jpg )
It's Littlepip, the hero of the wastes and notorious looker-ater of girl flank.
>> No. 28595
File 132211383861.gif - (39.41KB , 68x110 , Still Right.gif )
Deleted the post I made 2 hours ago. The .ini was messed up... I forgot to rename her. The new DL link has that fixed.

This is the other one that I don't have a name for.
15th Sea Pony up is #3... Cauliflower!
Cauliflower is a Colgate recolor without a horn seen in the same scenes as Raty in Suited for Success. I called her Cauliflower because she looks like cauliflower... if anypony knows if she was already named, please share the info.

Thanks again for telling me about your Lightning Bolt, Starly.
>> No. 28636
File 132218344345.gif - (40.48KB , 68x106 , Still Right.gif )
16th Sea Pony up is #9... Orchid Dew!
Orchid Dew is the last Lyra recolor. In Fall Weather Friends, she is number 00 in the Running of the Leaves.
>> No. 28694
File 132227363901.gif - (39.94KB , 68x110 , Still Right.gif )
17th Sea Pony up is #16... The Inquisitor!
The Inquisitor is the last Colgate recolor, seen in Winter Wrap Up at the same time as Jenny.

That was the last recolor of my 17 day run. I will probably stop these daily Sea Ponies and get the all in one starter set finished and polished. Since I'd be working more casually on it, it will likely take some time.
33 Sea Ponies have been released. I have 40 planned for the starter set now. This will take awhile...
>> No. 28840
That... Is funny as hell. Unfourtunitaly, I don't know enough to do that. She was litterly my first pony I made period. So, I still need to get a handle of things before I do that. That and I don't have a rapidfiles account, so you can't use the psd file I used. I guess I should make a rapidfiles account, so that means you can tinker with the sprite if you (and anypony) want (or can). Uhh, hold on.
>> No. 28841
Err I ment media fire... yeah.
>> No. 28842

Err... Here? I dont know if it works. If it does, please notify me.

P.S. This is the LittlePip Thing
>> No. 28853
File 132238685468.png - (225.62KB , 1980x1473 , hiResPony.png )
Hi, I was wondering if anypony had a Big Mac style template? I DL'ed the template files a few posts above me, but the regular sized stallion was somewhat too small for the character I wanted to make.

If there isn't one, making one myself isn't gonna be a huge issue. I just wanted to make sure first
>> No. 28873
I never made a template when I made that trot animation so unless some pony else did for their OC, I don't think there is one. If you do make one though, throw it up here and I will add it to the template folder.

Good job on finishing that 17 day sea pony streak. That's impressive. I'll be looking forward to your full sea pony pack.

yep it works.
>> No. 28882
File 132241306028.gif - (11.30KB , 106x100 , Stallion2_trot.gif )

This is how it's going so far. First try ever making this

I see why people hardly take requests for these....this simple animation took a little under 2 hours to do.
>> No. 28919
File 132244131266.png - (6.27KB , 944x209 , Stallion2_sprite_page.png )
finally finished!

Copyright and all that junk are in the 'readme' file
>> No. 28924

The animation moves aimessly all over the place.
>> No. 28926

do you mean the gif file or when you use it in the app?

If you mean the app, I can't help there :P

If you mean the gif, I just filled in the outline of the original mac sprite and erased the tail, mane, and yoke. I had to do some guessing on where his neck would be because of the yoke if that's what you mean. Outside of those things, I didn't touch anything else.

I can go back and edit the frames if enough people complain on it however unless somepony else wants to do it.
>> No. 28928

I meant as his legs and hooves randomly stretch like a read amoeba.
>> No. 28929
off topic, but I just noticed some o n e or some b o d y is replaced with pony. I was almost trippin' balls because I knew that wasn't what I typed lol
>> No. 28949
Welcome to PonyChan ;D
>> No. 28953
File 132251561587.gif - (15.68KB , 110x85 , GingerSnapSleepR.gif )
Okay, so I attempted to do a bit of animating, but I failed horribly. ^^; The main problem I have is the fact that these are on a transparent background, so when I animate the sprites, I wind up being able to see right through to the other frames. Does anypony know how to fix this (using GIMP)?
>> No. 28959

Well, besides that fact that your OC looks like a Princess Luna recolor, is also that fact that GIMP's gi animator is too complex for a newcomer.

Try using this other gif animator instead:
>> No. 28964
Well, my original idea for her had a mane and tail similar to Luna's but longer. I kinda drew Luna's mane on her without trying the first time actually. When I decided to make sprites for her, using pieces of Luna was just the easiest way to get the shape I wanted. The first standing pose was a combination of Luna mane/tail and Candy Mane body, since that one was already basically blank with hooves and horn I did myself while staring at Big Mac and Twilight. So, in a way, she is a Luna recolor, I suppose. Maybe not straight from the Luna sprite, but using major elements from it.

I tried using that GIF animator, but it made the sprites look grainy for some reason and was kinda hard for me to use. That, and the animation itself was REALLY sped up in the preview while normal speed when I saved it. I just wish I knew how to make GIMP do what I wanted... It's so much easier to use than that program...
>> No. 28966
File 132252864922.gif - (1.46KB , 110x85 , gingersnap-fixed.gif )

I've never used GIMP for animation but maybe you can add "(replace)" to the name of each layer (so that it looks something like
Frame 2 (100ms) (replace)

Here's a fixed version (fixed using ImageMagick).
>> No. 28969
Thank you so much! And adding the (replace) actually did fix my problem. You're awesome. /)^3^(\
>> No. 28998
File 132256066460.gif - (2.81KB , 138x117 , HoovesDunnit_stand_and_look_left.gif )
Here's my random OC, but with a few color changes (too much red)

Hooves Dunnit ('Who done it?' He's meant to be an investigator) is just a temp name until I can think of something better :P
>> No. 29001
File 132256236554.gif - (30.64KB , 152x230 , Animation2.gif )

I think I figured why it seems that way. According to Animation Shop, the original mac frames where going

'Display time [in 1/100th of a sec]: 6'

while the gif was going at

'Display time [in 1/100th of a sec]: 10'

So it's just a few frames slower. I did a comparison gif for an example
>> No. 29004
one last thing to get out the way: for my OC's eyes, I used Pierce Smoulders' edit since I liked how he did the eyes.

The tail is Braeburn, and the hair is Sheriff Silverstar with small edits
>> No. 29036
File 132261087928.gif - (4.21KB , 53x50 , Stalliontwo_trot_template.gif )
Wow, seeing it like that really shows all the mistakes I made back then. I did a quick clean up of it to make it look a little bit better. Less jitter and that stretching it was doing.

Yeah it does take a while to do them. Thanks for taking the time to help make a template.

Nice, though that single pixel wide smile looks a little off compared with the rest of his body being the double wide kind.
>> No. 29043

It uses a lot of subpixelation and therefore it's unusable for a Desktop Ponies application.
>> No. 29044

Jerecaine, that's why almost all the bases are the small sized ones so that you can make them at that size then scale them up and there won't be any subpixelation.
>> No. 29047
File 132262006447.gif - (2.81KB , 138x117 , HoovesDunnit_stand_and_smirk_left.gif )
re-edit with no single pixels
>> No. 29052
File 132262262935.png - (2.40KB , 134x146 , MaleGildaSpriite.png )
Male Gilda, anypony?

I want to call him "Grayson" or something. >> Thought of "Gilbert" as well, but that doesn't sound much like a griffon name to me.
>> No. 29053
File 132262274432.png - (55.06KB , 485x501 , Gilda63.png )
Credit to madmax for idea. Image is panel from original comic.
>> No. 29265
Ok, I'm new to this thread, and I just wanna say this stuff is amazing. So before I note something, I just want to ask, how can I get them into Desktop Ponies? Move the folder, right?

Now to note something!
Ok, so your picture (see here:>>29053) has two things your sprite doesn't, eyebrows and height.
Add those and you're ready.

Thank you for your time.
>> No. 29288
>> No. 29408
File 132313604676.gif - (1.97KB , 81x59 , __fast_flying___base_by_desertengel-d4as3na.gif )
i have my char.
>> No. 29476
File 132322677905.gif - (18.07KB , 106x96 , trotcycle_darksilver_right.gif )
So I'm playing around with a bit of spriting. I'm working on my OC right now. I know her tail looks a bit strange, and I'm working on trying to fix that, but otherwise what do you think? Anypony more experienced know what I'm doing wrong with the tail so I can work to get that fixed? (I used the .psd's that come with Rainbow Dash as the basis for this.)

Also, Dirkos, you get this a lot but your Seaponies are awesome.
>> No. 29480

I would change that mane and tail since right now, it looks like a cheap recolor, much like >>29408 did.

Most people (especially novices) can't understand that recoloring a premade template (or changing minuscule details, as much) doesn't turns said template into "their" characters, and neither turns them into "spriters".

If anything, the templates should be used as guides, not as an almost finished sprite that only gets a recolor and a name slapped on it.
>> No. 29493
Unless you're just here because you want your OC to roam your desktop, and otherwise have no interest in spriting.
In which case I myself would encourage settling with, or at least starting with, template recolors.
>> No. 29506

Huh. Out of curiosity, who does it look like a recolor of? I build the mane and tail from scratch. I looked at a bunch of other the other pony spites for reference, but emphasis on "a bunch" there; I wasn't aiming to copy one in particular.

And, no offense intended, but given that the files are right there in the program and obviously intended for use as a resource I don't see why it would be wrong for people to use them for their intended purpose. I don't know if you've looked at them yourself, but they explain in far greater detail how to build a sprite than the flattened sprite-sheet templates ever could, provided you have the Photoshop knowledge to understand them. I am currently aiming to nip problems in the bud before they become bad habits, which is why I'm looking at getting one skill at a time and asking for feedback to make sure I understand that before moving on to more complicated things. I'm not trying to claim myself a spriting genius by any means; but I'm taking baby steps to try to get better.
>> No. 29508
>And, no offense intended

NO. Your intention was 100% offense intended and your pitful, patronizing rant can be easily resumed as "I am right and if you disagree with me you are a stupid, proving me right all along!"
No offense intended, but when people wants to "create" an OC just because, but settle for the minimal effort and then desperately try to justify themselves while dismissing any other opinion, they are ASKING to be called idiots.

Yeah, Desktop Ponies include templates. And your point is...?
I mean, have you seen the AWESOME stuff posted on the Desktop Ponies thread? They are all based on the premade templates, but unlike the abominations that can be seen ITT, their creators NEVER hide behind self-serving excuses and actually put a considerable effort on them, which is the reason they are respected -and- admired all across the web instead of being made fun of or considered as pitful attention seekers.

Besides of StarStep (A respected Desktop Ponies member) and Dirkos's awesome stuff posted here, the rest looks like concentrated flank, slapped togather on five minutes TOPS, with the only self-service purpose of having an excuse to screech "HEY GUYS! ME TOO!" and nothing else.

Twist my words, make another silly rant or sic the Mods on me, but that will not change the fact that this thread is full of lazy, paranoid hacks desperately trying to get some attention.

(10 minutes.)
>> No. 29510
File 132328015561.gif - (237.91KB , 200x200 )
i suggest you read all of the post next time, before jumping to conclusions.
because this...
"I am right and if you disagree with me you are a stupid, proving me right all along!"
can easily be said about yourself right now....

it also seems i forgot to mention something...
every time somepony in this thread deserves a timeout...
the time is doubled for everypony.
play nice, or not at all.
>> No. 29523
>play nice, or not at all.

Then how about closing the thread and sending everypony back home?

Because let's face it: this thread is bottom tier and all people posting OCs here have paper-thin feelings that can't withstand even the tiniest critic or negative opinion.
Posting something here means that like it or not, they will receive critics and comments, but people thinks this thread is like mommy's fridge, where everything is praised and rewarded no matter how ugly or generic it could be.

It has been like this since the first day, and it will continue being like this forever and ever, so closing this thread and leaving all of those annoying people outside sounds like the best option to go.
People tried to be nice and helpful with them, they took everything for granted instead of trying to contribute instead.

>> No. 29524
I wouldnt say "a cheap recolor" is the right way to describe it. Id save that term if they kept the same mane too. Im glad you are trying to learn and get better. Yeah we all usually just recolor the main body when making a new trot animation but its the extra personalizing that makes it good. I would say the hair and tail look flat to me. Its all one big flat piece. Hair usually has strands that stick out or curl or bend creating layers. I think the reason the tail looks extra weird is 1) the bend to come back down looks too high. 2) if you look at the base pony psd there are 3 tails and it doesnt look like you kept them on the correct frames. 3) Right now it looks like it is sort of rising compared to her body while at the same time her body is rising compared to the ground. At this point in time it should be lowering or at least staying equal compared to the body. That could be because of problem 2 but just so you know why it looks a little off.

If the folders have a pony.ini inside them. Yes all you do is move the folder to your desktop ponies folder. If not you can either copy another ponies ini and change the names to work with whatever pony you are trying to use or use the pony editor once you open the program to create a new pony and just add each behavior for that pony. Not too hard if you just try.
>> No. 29525
File 132328489731.gif - (18.20KB , 106x96 , trotcycle_darksilver_right.gif )
I'd still like some concrete feedback on this. :/ I reworked the tail animation so it no longer jitters around randomly, but I'm still not sure it looks realistic.
>> No. 29526
Oh, you posted while I was working on the last tail-rework so I didn't see it in time. I'll try that. I did reduce the tail frames to 2 because it was looking even more sporadic when I had the three layers, but I'll go look at them again and see if I can figure out why they looked like that.
>> No. 29538

The tail seems too big and too rigid. Try making it a bit smaller and curvy, then try to give a smoother movement to it.
Right now, it looks and feels like a cardboard tail pasted to the pony's rump. (Also, that pony's colorscheme is way too similar to Luna's, which may have been the reason it was called a "cheap recolor".)
>> No. 30010
File 132379353053.gif - (37.40KB , 68x106 , Still Right.gif )
After some time off of these Sea Ponies, I have to admit that I have not really put much time towards the full pack. That's gonna change now, and to prove it, here's Bon-Bon.
I redid her hair, not that there was anything wrong with the original. Making new stuff is SO much more fun than all the copypasta I've been spewing out.
Also lol at queeem in the url.
>> No. 30015
File 132379866325.gif - (14.83KB , 106x96 , Ember -Trotting - Blackfeathr.gif )
My friend Blackfeathr made this for me. Any chance I can get a few more from somepony so I can actually make a Desktop Pony for him?

It'd be cool to get an idle, a wingboner, and possibly even one where he makes a few fire balls?
>> No. 30022

Somepony posted a stallion and pegasus template on this thread, so you can use them and Paint to make these sprites all by yourself without much problem.

Some links to good (and free) gif animators are also scattered through this thread as well, so you already have everything you may need just a click away.
>> No. 30095
I have no skill with illustrations, sprites, and the like, unfortunately. =I
>> No. 30098
Now would be a good time to learn then! To be honest, that's about as much help as you are going to get with this. This topic is for people to post the OC ponies they are working on rather than asking for requests. Your best bet would probably be to either learn to sprite or have your friend do some more for you, as I'm afraid it's extremely unlikely that anypony here will do them.
>> No. 30101

Then practice!
Each and every of the spriting wizards you see on this community began exactly as you are now, and look how awesome they became with just a little practice.

Give it a try, it's not so difficult as some people keep trying to make it look.
>> No. 30103
File 132388839414.png - (2.94KB , 22x36 , wing.png )
Neither did I til I just put in the time to try it. With all the bases we have of different ponies it's not too hard to make the basic animations for your character. To make the idle pose just take that first frame, chop off the legs, take the legs from another stallion like blues or doctor whooves recolor and paste on. Then draw an eye half closed ( again you can just recolor from another stallion) then a fully closed one and thats all the art you need. Stitch them together and easy peasy idle animation. If you want him walking around with a 'wingboner' as you put it. Take the wing I just put up paste it on your current gif. Just move it up and down for each frame as the body rises and falls. Make sure you erase his current wings and viola. The fireball you you will have to put a little more effort into put Im sure you can make something. Id probably just take your newly made idle animation and when his eyes are closed have him shoot something off. You can always come back here and ask for critiques or some advice if you are having trouble with it. Good luck.
>> No. 30107

Also, the only things you -really- need to make a decent OC is patience, because:

A) It can take a few tries until you get it right. (Most people give up before even trying)

B) You need to sit and look at what you are doing. (Most people just add colours and paste things without realizing what they are doing)

And that's all. Who knows, maybe you could be the next spriting wizard and you had no idea until you tried.
>> No. 30130
File 132392323751.png - (1.11KB , 48x48 , 1.png )
ofcourse you won't include it, but... what about my ponysona Nakalla?
i know it's asking for a lot...
i included a base sprite...
>> No. 30145

If you knew they wouldn't include it, and you also knew you were asking a lot, then why did you still posted your request? This isn't a request thread anyways.

However, ITT you can find plenty of templates and links to animation softwares to make your own animations with relative ease, so you still can get what you want if you are willing to do it bly yourself.
>> No. 30160
File 132398834452.jpg - (60.67KB , 448x473 , Nofun_robot.jpg )

Strange, I keep trying to open that image, but all I see is this.
>> No. 30167

Very weird, because I just clicked on it and it opened just fine. o_0
Looks like Derpy has been gnawing on the server's lines again.
>> No. 30171
>> No. 30522
File 132453752276.gif - (15.94KB , 106x96 , discordwhoovesRight.gif )
Discorded Doctor Whooves, from this tumblr:
Used the original Whooves base, added the new one's bowtie, and used a grey color level to the colors used in the original so the color contrast would stay as close to the original sprite as possible.
>> No. 30677
What's everypony's favorite G1 pony?If you don't have one,then G3.I would LOVE to make them :)
>> No. 30678
I'm not a regular here, but why don't you do all Mane 6 G1s except for Surprise?
>> No. 30680
Okay,I'm working on Posey first ;)
>> No. 30681
Minty! But yeah I like this idea. Then Fizzy from the movie would be awesome to have next.
>> No. 30685

G3 had a few official games and all of it's Ponies (plus G3 Spike) sprites are already available to download.
Just go here:
>> No. 30690
You are disgusting.

>> No. 30881
File 132513897648.gif - (18.91KB , 106x96 , trotcycle_mocha_left.gif )
Can't remember if this one has been posted in a previous thread:

Mocha Delight, OC belongs to:

Also, a request, any ponies that have been made in the previous (original) 5 threads that either
A.) Never made it into the main program
B.) Never were finished
Please send to [email protected]

Any WIP OC ponies are also welcomed.

I will be eternally grateful.

>> No. 31312
Hey Dirkos do you have a DA account or anything like that?
>> No. 31374
Hey guys. I was just wondering if somepony would do some desktop ponies from the Friendship is Witchcraft series. I don't know about others, but I know that I'd ADORE a Sweetie Bot pony on my screen. Just a suggestion.
>> No. 31378
People has said -literally- dozens of times that this isn't a request thread and if you want something you should first try doing it by yourself.
>> No. 31399
File 132610072141.gif - (20.60KB , 106x96 , fizzyleft.gif )
Allright I have my normal computer back so I can start spriting again and I whipped this up. Its Fizzy from the my little pony movie now in g4 form. Let me know if the design looks allright so I can either change it or add the standing.

Im wondering how you would even do that since they use the footage from the show. You could always go and change the lines so they say lines from friendship is witchcraft instead. That would be something really easy to do.

Just curious, what are you planning with all the unfinished ones? I know I made a diamond mint gala trot animation with starly's base that could just use a standing animation and be good to go. I know Starly made bases for a bunch of background ponies that just need to be animated. There's a few more but I can't think of them right now.
>> No. 31411
Just let me say I LOVE past-gen ponies, and I love this Fizzy.
Make Gusty and I will be forever happy.
>> No. 31412
Very interesting! Good job indeed.

Is there a chance to see G1 Applejack too? She is a silly pony.
>> No. 31520
Great Fizzy! Looking forward to the completed DTP.

Also, I'm just seeing what I can do with all the bits and pieces and trying to decide what I can finish for some.

I also have a manifest destiny with DTPs. They're just too adorably collectable. More than just a few times I've pressured my friends to help me make their OC DTP.
>> No. 31527
File 132625481873.gif - (6.42KB , 53x48 , gusty_left.gif )
wow it was kind of hard to find any good shots of gusty about, minus the toy.

thanks. Applejack has already been g4ed as is. I may be able to think of something but I will probably do g1s that havent been g4ed yet before I think about getting to that.

What? DTP will never be truely completed. There will always be a background pony or another movement to sprite.
Anyway if you want to animate some Starly posted a few background ponies that she wanted somepony to give some love to. (the third row)
I also found the gala trot I was doing with Starly's diamond mint if you want to make a stand for it.
or you could come up with some new animations for existing ponies.
>> No. 31528
Nope. I never thought about having one before. I don't make much art.
>> No. 31615
I meant Fizzy as an individual. I guess I should specify when I use acronyms heheh.

Also, who and where? I'd be able to work on them in my free time.

It's been years since I've set foot in the magenta scale... It's probably why I love DTPs, so much nostalgia.
>> No. 31620
I assumed the toy would be the best reference. :s
>> No. 31696
File 132658246386.gif - (18.05KB , 106x96 , trot_right.gif )
Allright I finished another G1 pony for you all. Minty!
just download the file, put into your desktop pony folder and you should be good to go. I didnt know what lines to give them so I didnt give them any.



ok that makes sense now. I put the post numbers in my previous post >>31527 where you could find the sprites at.
>> No. 31743
That Minty is G3. :I
>> No. 31772
File 132670805830.gif - (17.74KB , 100x100 , run.gif )
Just finished a running animation for my OC. Can anypony give me any ideas for more behaviors?
>> No. 31824
Wow you are pretty ambitious. I must say good job on that flowing mane. Lets see you have the walk, run, mouseover and drag.
Do you have a sleep or sit? Maybe a jumping or hopping. How about making something specific for your character's personality. Like does she pick fruit or make smoothies or play an insturment or anything. Hmm a laughing animation would be cool to see too. Keep showing us what you come up with. They are pretty good.
>> No. 31932
File 132687288448.gif - (1.99KB , 74x80 , hans_stand_right.gif )
Hi all! I made Hans Arp, the Alsatian Dadaist, into a pony and then I made him into a desktop pony! He has a few quotes and a neat effect from his hoofprints. Hope you like him!
>> No. 31942
File 132689153024.gif - (20.96KB , 116x116 , discordwhoovesarriba.gif )
Now he's drunk and has a sombrero. Sombreros are cool.
>> No. 31946
Desktop ponies doesn't use black outlines like yours and the design is very poor, as if you just had added a black outline to the stallion template and then added the tail of one of Pinkie's sisters.
>> No. 31965
File 132693215957.png - (33.00KB , 326x462 , Hans Arp Brony Small.png )
This is Hans Arp. He has a black outline. And it took quite a bit of work, if I may add.
>> No. 31966

FiM characters doesn't use black outlines, so the point it's still valid.
Plus, your animation lacks the tie, neck and that weird eye piece, whatever it may be.

Drunk? He looks as if he were on drugs. (Peyote from Chief Thunderhooves's land, maybe?)

>>Sombreros are cool.

I read that in the Doctor's voice and now I can't stop picturing Derpy knocking the sombrero off the Doctor's head while Dinky shoots it.
>> No. 31969
File 132693556317.png - (234.46KB , 500x500 , drunkdrive5.png )
Based on this image here. He's completely nuts.
>> No. 31973
o_0 ... how many evil "Ask" blogs are in the net?

Too many, if you ask me.
>> No. 31974
Haha, he's not evil or grimdark, he's just Discorded, and it's been shown on multiple occasions he has a chance of recovery XD
>> No. 31975
I knew I recognized that name when I read it. I saw an exhibit they were having over in Straßburg, I believe, for him. That is a neat hoof effect you came up with. I do have to agree with >>31946
though. The outlines should be something closer to the grey used for him. Though personally I would of added a bit of color to him. Maybe that aquaish blue that he uses in a few of his pieces. I think he would of been a colorful pony instead of simple grey.

Nice sombero :D I wonder what else was going on at that crazy party he went to now.
>> No. 31977
That's not black, it's a shade of gray. Notice the only 'black' in that image is the eyes. Just lighten up the outline a little, it will look more natural that way.

I'm working on a few more for him, just a little as I go. I want to show him pulling the sombrero out, for one. He's also going to fall asleep and release Time Lord energy, eat a pear, get attacked by a mutant Opal crab monster, and have rare moments where he reverts back to normal Whooves before struggling back into Discorded.
>> No. 32186
File 132718458727.gif - (13.73KB , 100x100 , Sickwalk.gif )
This is the walking animation I made for a friends OC. His pony lost his leg in a race and now uses magic to get around.
>> No. 32187

Why so many people feels like they MUST give a tragic, grimdark past to their OCs?
>> No. 32193
Its not grimdark or tragic, he doesn't complain about what happened to him or even tell many people. It sounds like you're upset that you couldn't think about it yourself. :3

ps - Losing a limb is not the same as those generic 'lost all of my family, now I'm an orphan' stories people make.
>> No. 32202
>>It sounds like you're upset that you couldn't think about it yourself.

12 year old detected?
Seriously, what kind of dumb comeback is that.

>> No. 32229
File 132722820993.png - (67.61KB , 595x604 , mlfw2238-AJ_Butthurt_2.png )
Oh my bad, I was just lowering my intelligence so that this 'anon' could understand me, because he apparently doesn't speak English. My comeback is better than your, 'Oh my god, I can't find anything to attack her on, so I'm going to infer that this person is immature' stab.

Also, why are you even here Pojo, I don't see any submissions by you in this thread. I have a sneaking suspicion that you just saw the post on the front page of /collab/ and felt the need to stick your nose in somewhere it doesn't belong.

;3 Nice try though.

>> No. 32231

The Mods said no fights or derogatory behaviors are allowed here, period.
>> No. 32233
Thanks for the tip, Reported Pojo <3
>> No. 32258
I made my OC, Pixel Coder:

As well as a trio of recolor ponies:



Dewdrop Dazzle:
>> No. 32276

These are so great! I wanted some toy-based ponies for a while.

But just letting you know, I had to delete the 'categories' line out of their ini files in order to get them to run. The program refused to use them otherwise and gave me an error message. Getting rid of the line fixed it, though, do you may want to delete it from the base file.
>> No. 32330
Fantastic set of recolors you have there! A Firecracker Burst would just make my heart explode <3

Also enjoy having your OC in my collection. Well made.
>> No. 32384
Those are pretty awesome. You gave blossomforth a totally different personality than I gave her but still awesome job. Your cupcake did cause a few troubles but I did a quick resave of the gifs and it fixed it all.

Instead of doing that you can add the category to your own desktop pony application instead. I did that to manage all the seaponies.
>> No. 32485
File 132749690573.gif - (14.17KB , 100x100 , sickwalk L.gif )
The other side of the sprite I posted earlier, had to remake the sprites because mirroring the animation wouldn't have made any sense.

>> No. 32655
File 132760275706.gif - (9.86KB , 150x150 , tomR.gif )
>> No. 32656
File 132760287764.gif - (16.20KB , 106x96 , discordwhoovesrunR.gif )
Right, I think the thread went on autosage? Might want to request that get stopped, or start a new OC Desktop pony thread.
>> No. 32658
Yeah I saw that. I will start a new one within the next few days. I want to finish up something before I do. Since collab moves slowly this thread will still be around or you can wait til the new one pops up within the next few days.
>> No. 32739
File 132767551739.gif - (10.82KB , 106x126 , masterhopR.gif )
Oh god this one took forever but it was WORTH IT.
I couldn't get the photoshop file of the pinkie hop, so I had to get it frame by frame and alter each one. Also, it wasn't a simple recolor, I had to hand pick the tail and mane, plus make him look as close to the walking sprite I already have of him made by anonycat. Different face structure than Pinkie, thicker neck, different eyes.
He now chases Discord Whooves all over the place while hopping like Pinkie.
>> No. 32823
Nice. Good work. You might want to have his mane bob up and down a bit too or at least his bangs. Are you going to throw up a download so we can have him and the discorded doctor trotting around our desktop? I know sites like mediafire and dropbox are free. I want to see what lines you gave him.
>> No. 32916
File 132780545164.gif - (39.73KB , 53x48 , viatrix_trot_1.gif )
So I took it upon myself to make my OC pony, Viatrix, into a desktop pony today.This took me all day to make...and it's only the first version of the trot cycle, really. (Yeah, I'm fully aware of the issue with her legs, this is the first time ever that I have animated something other than a livejournal icon, which is /very/ different from ponies).
Other than the thing with the animation of the legs and the lack of "real" movement in her mane and tail, I would really love some constructive criticism (and by that, I mean comments that go along the lines of "If you do this, it'll look better--and here's how you do this").
>> No. 32929
File 132781328224.png - (3.31KB , 25x37 , hairfix.png )
allright where to start. um
1. you have the animation in reverse
2. the body should be moving up and down during the animation. You can take a look at other ponies to figure out the rise and fall needed.
3. what program are you using that is causing the ghosting? If its photoshop you need to have 'restore to background' checked or figure out what the equivalent is in the program you are using to animate
4. the hair on the top of the head currently looks like its coming out of the opposite side and somehow poofing way up. Id cover up the dark grey line on the top of her head with hair so it looks like its growing more naturally.
5. Id bring the hair down a little as it approaches the ear
6. The light blue steak coming down her hair you have some spots where it jumps 2 pixels inward and stuff that makes it look jaggedy. You need to either add a few or take away a few pixels to make it look smoother. Hmm Im not explaining it that well so I threw up a picture with just a quick modification of it.
7. for the hair strip color(the light blue). I would try to mute it just a little bit. It looks a little bit too bright right now compared to the rest of your pony. Just calm it down a bit and I think it would work better.
8. Maybe change the tail just a little bit because all I see is fluttershy in that tail.
Well you are on your way and with just a little bit more work Im sure you can pull it off. Let us know how the changes go.
>> No. 32958
File 132787046360.gif - (7.89KB , 53x48 , viatrix_trot_1.gif )
1. Fixed.
2. least the body is moving with the legs now. Of course, her head, mane, and tail are a different matter still (certainly makes for an interesting effect, though--I'd leave it as is, but that would be the easy way of doing things).
3. I use GIMP....and what is ghosting?
4. Added to my list of things to fix in the next version.
5. I'll take it into consideration.
6. Actually, I understood precisely what you were saying, and you have good eyes there. The jaggedness comes from a combination of my unsteady hands and using multiple layers for her mane.
7. I'll think about it--I was going for a certain feel with her mane/tail colors and I'd have to test it out to see if muting the streak will work...but I'll definitely look into it, in case I end up with a even better color combo.
8. Well, it /is/ Fluttershy's tail...I haven't quite settled down on what Viatrix's tail looks like--most of the drawings I've done of her have the base of the tail wrapped in something like a ponytail holder, actually).

Thanks for the list of things, that really does help me out a lot!

P.S. I've attached the latest version of Viatrix's trot-cycle to this post, and if you want to see both the trot cycle and the current version of Viatrix standing around blinking, I've posted all four animations to my tumblr:
>> No. 33009
File 132794592409.gif - (1.96KB , 106x96 , Woona_stand_right.gif )
I guess since I posted in the other thread, might as well post here, too. I'm pretty sure this counts as an OC? but if not I can post it in the other thread instead.

I love egophiliac's Woonastuck and ended up making a desktop Woona for her based on her tumblr. This was made using Monkey Jay's template, but modified for extra adorableness.
I'll probably add some more animations to her eventually, ego said she'd like to see her dance and I was thinking of adding her playing the air guitar. Maybe more involved ones in time, I dunno.
>> No. 33060
I love it.
>> No. 33069
Oh my gosh I roleplay as Fizzy on a MLP:FIM forum! She's my favorite! do I ask for my OC desktop pony? Do I send a picture with a pretty please? 0,o
>> No. 33077
That will only get you flooded with anons that hate people making requests they shouldn't even care about. Try contacting a sprite artist directly and keep it off this thread.
>> No. 33124
Can I add that I also love this? I wasn't a fan of older MLP but I love her color scheme and she looks really cute here! I might be inspired to try drawing her.

And shortly after I saw your Fizzy sprite for the first time, I stumbled upon an ask fizzy blog on tumblr, go figure!
>> No. 33402
File 132847663472.gif - (17.17KB , 106x96 , viatrix_trot_1.gif )
I've updated Viatrix (completed version of trot cycle animation is attached to this post). I just need to mess a bit more with the stand animation (the blinking is still too fast), and add more speech lines & perhaps even do more animations for her, then I'll upload her folder to dA so y'all can try it out for yourselves.
>> No. 33406
She's looking much better now. Her mane and the bottom of her tail could use some motion, though.
>> No. 33442
Her mane and tail are supposed to be a bit stiff like that (read: I've already given it my best shot for the time being, I'm not going to try again any time soon)....Just wondering, is it good enough to get away without fixing up the mane and tail?
>> No. 33446
Try moving the fringe just below her chin up one pixel for frames 6,7,8 then at frame 9 drop it back down 1 pixel
Then once again at frames 14,15,16
>> No. 33501
File 132858895136.png - (597.37KB , 900x2250 , aurora thingy2png.png )
could you make my OC? her name is Aurora!~ I have some references!~

>> No. 33518
File 132861117460.png - (478.86KB , 2563x3718 , spoiler.png )
could u use mine?
>> No. 33538
This isn't a request thread, as has been stated several time in the course of this thread. Try your hand at making it yourself, then post for pointers and tips.
>> No. 33550
Can somepony please direct me on how to work the screensaver tool? It doesn't say anything in the readme.
>> No. 33635
1. Right click "PonyScreenSaver.scr"
2. Select "Install" (this will bring up the screensaver control panel)
3. Click "Settings"
4. Click "Browse" and goto to where "Desktop Ponies.exe" is located. (You will not be able to see "Desktop Ponies.exe" only the folders of all the ponies you have installed.)
5. Click OK, then Click OK again. If you want you can change the wait time. Otherwise just press OK one last time.
Whatever settings you have saved with "Desktop Ponies.exe" (of the settings that save properly anyway) are now going to be your screensaver.
>> No. 33912
Hey guys little stuck on a project.
Iv never had to do glasses before.
Just wondering if anypony has and would give my pointers?

>> No. 33997
Hmm I know twist and sue pie have glasses you could look at for references. I could give you more feedback after I see what kind of glasses you are trying to make.
>> No. 34091
File 132935854578.gif - (21.37KB , 106x96 , Netbug200.gif )
Thanks for point that out [feel tad silly now]

Thats the image i'm working off
>> No. 34146
This is a neat program, the art looks just like the original characters, im enjoying the interactions between the differant ponies. But... I was wondering if you'd have the chance, in a newer version that you can add some more interactions. Such as:

-> If Rarity isen't on the screen and Spike and Twilight is on the screen, that Spike will follow Twilight around.

->When Rainbow Dash and Applejack are in close range, they do the "Spit on hooves" Brony clutch. And sometimes Arm wrestle.

->(This one might be too much) When Nightmare moon is on the screen, the main six of the ponies avoid her by running away, or will try and fight her.

-> Add Owlicious in the pet section, so Twilight has a pet to follow her around too.

-> When Diamond Tiara and the cutey mark crusaders are on the screen, Diamond Tiara will harrass them.

->Have Applejack and Applebloom follow Big Macintosh on the screen, If Applejack isent present and Applebloom and Big Macintosh is, just have her follow him.
>> No. 34163
That's something that should go to the actual Desktop Ponies thread, not the OC characters one.
In fact... not even there. It may be given the hate.
>> No. 34166
Wile they are vaild ideas, this is not a request thread.

You're best to options are
1) Learn how make pixel ponies. It's not as hard as it looks.

2) hunt around the boards and other sites like DA for pixel artist that take requests.
>> No. 34221
File 132959803885.png - (385.00KB , 830x650 , Mellohi.png )
W00T plz make mine
>> No. 34242
this has been said before and will be said again. This is not a request thread.

You're best to options are
1) Learn how make pixel ponies. It's not as hard as it looks.

2) hunt around the boards and other sites like DA for pixel artist that take requests.
>> No. 34628
Has anypony tried making a discord for the program? That would be amazing!
>> No. 34702
Yeah, the results haven't been optimal so far... he's too darn hard
>> No. 34711
File 133024844623.png - (203.40KB , 3320x2600 , Sky Strings.png )
Would you mind doing mine please? His name is Sky Strings. Sorry in advance if he's hard to do.
>> No. 35065
New here. Wanted to pitch in some ponies (or alterations thereof) that some may be interested in.

Drunk Berry Punch (original art by CANDYBAG)
I am not claiming the original work here, as CANDYBAG did an awesome job. Made some minor script alterations (no removals), added sit (blink anim) and sleep frames, and one optional interaction with Colgate for those that follow the current tumblrs involving Berry Punch and Colgate.

Ruby Pinch
Berry Punch's foal. The fact that CANDYBAG's Berry talked about Ruby, yet she had no art, is the reason I downloaded GIMP and got into .gif creation/editing in the first place. Has follow scripts for Berry (both Drunk and OPPP) and Colgate (associated with tumblrverse). If you don't want the Colgate follow script, just remove "follow_colgate" from her in the editor. Pack includes trotcycle, idle, sit and sleep assets.

Colgate (original art by RJP)
Minor alterations to RJP's work (no removals). Colgate now stretches immediately after sitting (after seeing the assets available I couldn't help it), and has an interaction (and associated frame) with Drunk Berry Punch (associated with tumblrverse).

Berry/Colgate Interaction
One interaction based off of the following tumblrs:
Rather than sharing my interactions.ini (which would likely error up a storm with all the customs I'm refining for the pie sisters), I'll just post the necessary lines. If you want to see the interaction, paste the following lines to the bottom of your interactions.ini to see the Colgate/Berry interaction associated with the above packs:

colgate_int,"Colgate",0.1,100,{"Berry Punch"},False,{"colgate_int"},60
colgate_int,"Berry Punch",0.1,100,{"Colgate"},False,{"colgate_int"},60

Text sometimes overlaps, and I'm fiddling with pixel threshold to see what works best, so if you want to change it, just go into the pony editor and change the pixel distance on "colgate_int" for both Berry Punch and Colgate.
>> No. 35233
get desktop poines
>> No. 35235
File 133132411220.png - (14.08KB , 375x375 , Hans Arp Brony Headshot.png )
Hans Arp pony has been updated to include his tie.
>> No. 35239
File 133133993598.gif - (1.11KB , 74x80 , hans_stand_right.gif )
In response to myself, I have updated several things with Hans Arp pony, now known as Arpaden. The previous link will not work anymore.
>> No. 35258
File 133140188284.png - (2.25KB , 106x96 , Zyre_Pony.png )
Can somepony please do mine? i already have the sprite i just don't know how to animate and stuff...
>> No. 35267
Your sprite has a lot of sub-pixeling. I'd suggest correcting that by using the same-sized pixels at the same intervals from each other.

For animation you'll need a program like GIMP that can do both transparency and layers. The matter is thoroughly explained earlier in this thread.
>> No. 35268
My sincerest apologies to anypony who cares. I had mixed up the Pony.ini files in Here is the correct version. As before the previous link will no longer function.
>> No. 35305
yah I didn't make it... the person who did used the old doctor whooves, just added wings and my cutie mark
>> No. 35406
File 133162023524.png - (114.47KB , 547x467 , ponyWithBackground.png )
Think mine could come to fruition?
>> No. 35428
Oh god the color scheme.
As stated this is not a request thread.
>> No. 35525
Has anypony done a Daring Do for Desktop Ponies?
>> No. 35561
Yeah, somepony did take rainbowdash and recolored her then made a hat, shirt and wing bandage for her. If you look through the current Desktop Ponies Thread you will find her.

I can't download the Berry Pinch file. You might want to reupload that so I can see how it all looks together. Also thanks for contributing.

I know I listed a link somewhere in this thread to a folder that has all sorts of bases in it that you can use to animate your pony. Just find it and look at some of the advice given and you should be able to whip him right up. Feel free to ask questions if you get lost.


A lot of those interactions you can add yourself to the program by going into the interactions.ini Read the explanation in the ini and look at the interactions and you should be able to figure out how to set it up. Then make sure you add the corresponding actions into the individual pony.ini for each pony by just creating a new behavior with an existing sprite or any you want to create. Play around with it some and you should be able to accomplish it.

Anyway to all those wanting their oc's made: This is not a request thread for that. Look through the thread here to find a template folder I posted and you should be able to use one of the bases inside to create your pony. There is plenty of advice given inside this thread, the previous desktop pony threads, the folder and my da journal for you to get the basic animations down. It is nowhere near as hard to make one as it looks. Just requires a little bit of patience to figure it out initially and then you'll be a sprite creating machine.
>> No. 35706
I never found a link for this one... somepony please link me to this I really want this pony
>> No. 35725
It's easily possible that I deleted the file and uploaded another version, breaking the link. Sorry 'bout that. This should take you to Drunk Berry Punch with my alterations:
>> No. 35734
Bah, might do me well to actually READ :P Thought you said Berry Punch. Here's the proper Berry/Ruby Pinch link:

Was wondering why that was the only one that didn't have a rising download count.
>> No. 35889
File 133258244145.gif - (19.09KB , 106x96 , minty_trot_right_wip1.gif )
This isn't an OC, but since it's not FiM I assume it shouldn't go in the main thread.

Anyways, it's Minty from G3! I made this after watching a couple of G3 things for some odd reason, and finding out that Minty was by far the best (and the only tolerable) G3 character. She's actually pretty cool.

Anyways, I found out only after making it that StarStep had already done a Minty sprite, but oh well! I interpreted the the mane style differently. (And a lot is left up for interpretation because in G3 all the manes are exactly the same, just different colors!)
>> No. 35941
Its always cool to see different interpretations. One suggestion would be that the back leg cuts in front of the tail otherwise she looks great. :)

Also yeah I believe this thread is for anything non-cannon to the show so
Give me your OC's and your past gens too
Your animations yearning to be shared

Oops I think I misstyped. I wrote berry pinch instead of ruby pinch. Sorry for that little confusion.
>> No. 35942
Have you asked over on the DTP thread about old Gen ponies?

They have Surprise and somepony is working on Fyr-Fly
>> No. 35945
Ok we have a new thread to post in
>> No. 35947
File 133267326321.png - (114.67KB , 510x504 )
Locked by request.
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