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File 131860206177.png - (78.95KB , 1280x1024 , PMVHELL2 logo.png )
24101 No. 24101
Pinkie Cake and Lightpony here and without waiting a lot we anounce the second PMVHELL, "SO RANDOM". Well like the first one was Fluttershy's edition, this one's Pinkie's. But fear not this is only for the title, intro and intermissions. No need to make only pinkie videos. But no one's stopping you :3

If you've just read this and didn't understand what the buck I said you can just watch this video [ ] it's a pmv where random people put their random pmv's :D

OK, now to some detailed stuff.
Anypony can participate
Anypony can send as many PMV's as he/she wants
Video's must be funny!!!
All entries must be up to 30s
All entries must be HD and coded in H.264 (people actualy don't like bad quality :D )
All PMV's must be original and created only for this event
Send your entries to [email protected]
Have fun!

If you have questions like: what the buck is H.264? or something other related to video quality you can check this awesome guide [ www [dot] animemusicvideos [dot] org/guides/avtech31/ ]

Questions? Write them to [email protected] or ask in this thread.

Let us continue on our noble quest, and lets make this one even better then the first one!!!

- Pinkie Cake
- Lightpony
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>> No. 24102
File 131860234794.jpg - (7.04KB , 225x225 , 130183208001.jpg )
I forgot to mention the deadline.

Well it is the 17th of November. That gives a little more than month.
Should be enough :3
>> No. 24122
File 131862221950.gif - (8.44KB , 125x125 , 130936232679.gif )
Lez do dis.
>> No. 24133
> All entries must be up to 30s
Does this mean minimum length, or max length?
Are we going for longer clips, or just extending it from the previous /collab/?
>> No. 24137
File 131862912301.png - (258.08KB , 581x550 , yeah.png )

>> No. 24147
30s max. ofcourse you can try to to sneak in with 2-3 extra seconds :D

Yes, we extended the limit by 10 seconds, some people needed those extra seconds. I am one of those people :D
>> No. 24160
Just checking in to say that once my free time is open up, I'll most certainly give this a shot.

o hi
>> No. 24207
I'll try this out but it will be my first time doing anything like this
>> No. 24208
I'll try this out but it will be my first time doing anything like this
>> No. 24235
oh, right, my name/trip on here is different from youtube so you probably wouldn't guess why I'm saying "o hi".

I'm Randy's friend, I think I sent you a message on youtube a day or two ago, might not have actually gone through though (I'm not being a creepy stalker, honest :P)
>> No. 24242
File 131870480846.png - (288.63KB , 612x618 , YTab.png )

Oh yeah! How's it going, dude? Are you 'round the Bay Area/SC?
>> No. 24259

Yeah, more in the SV area (going to cabrillo currently). I've stumbled across at least 4 other people on here who are in the SC area, but the only one I've actually stumbled across IRL was eurobeat brony. The others hide out too well.

(btw that Baccanno mashup was nothing short of amazing, totally nailed the characters)
>> No. 24277
File 131872243065.png - (367.94KB , 2917x2406 , 131524501209.png )
Always push the boundaries.
>> No. 24339
Wow, 17th of november's a day after my birthday! Gotta think something out!
>> No. 24466

4 others? Including Eurobeat Brony?? Damn, son, SC is awesome! I know of at least one other high-profile brony who's at UCSC, too- this town delivers the goods. Anyway, aim me at "Viraus" sometime. I'd give you my skype, but since that username's just my actual name, I figure I've already killed enough of my privacy for one thread.

Also, bump for PMVHELL hilarity. The more the merrier, all!
>> No. 25636
hey question (and also bump), but should "vulgar" clips be left out? Only regarding language, nothing inappropriate on the clips themselves (since they'll all be taken straight from the show, hurr)

I wasn't planning on mimicing a "fuck shit stack" clip or something, but since I was hoping to get started cranking out some clips soon I figured it'd be best to ask before I waste time mashing some rap with ponies or something like that. I'll stick to my normal stuff for the meantime though just to be on the safe side :P
>> No. 25671
File 131964711584.jpg - (216.81KB , 1286x1309 , 131632955995.jpg )
"Vulgar" stuff is acceptable as long as it's funny.

We'll still have the power to deny if it's too "vulgar", but I don't know if it'll happen.

IMO: "too vulgar" would be pornographic content.

P.S. I lost my tripcode ;(
>> No. 25696
File 131966312229.jpg - (121.18KB , 960x720 , 1318915303491.jpg )
alright cool, yeah I had purely comedic purposes in mind (I don't even know if comedic is a verb form of comedy, but it sounds good enough to me)

and yeah the more iffy stuff like porn can be left to the youtube poops. I think I'll convert what was going to be my second "Super PMV" video into just a bunch of clips for this project, since I still have the list of ideas that I didn't have time to put into my first.
>> No. 26382
File 132021980157.png - (131.88KB , 777x606 , 7b250bd2c431a075eb975306ffeb7add.png )
OK guys, 2 weeks have passed and we have only 8 videos that will be used. (Yes, some were declined for the bad quality or being uninteresting)

And I personally haven't done anything yet, but I have a few ideas :D

We have to make this PMVHELL even better!
Lets do it! 2 weeks left! That's still a lot of time!
>> No. 26473
Did you get both my submissions?

I like confirmation. :)
>> No. 26499
Yes I did :3
>> No. 26564
File 132035417174.png - (174.23KB , 572x359 , bip.png )
I'm sure I'll whip something up in the interim.
>> No. 26590
>last day of classes are on the 18th
>deadline is the 17th

I really should have read that better before this.

ah well, hopefully this weekend I'll get my other projects wrapped up and finally push out some new videos.
>> No. 27492
Question: I actually have my video ready, but it's in WMV format. It is actually HD, and I can save it to another format, such as AVI if I want to. I don't think the program I'm using saves in H.264 though. So, is it possible to submit with a video that's very high quality, but NOT in the intended format?
>> No. 27517
Can you use a different program to convert it to x264?
>> No. 27563
Send what you got, I'll rerender it :D

+this is not official yet, but the deadline will probably be extended.
>> No. 27634
Alrighty then, thanks! Just so it's not more trouble for you or anything, because I can certainly convert it if it is.

I've tried Handbrake before and didn't like it too much....WinFF is the absolute BEST conversion program I've ever used, by far, and it's free! It can convert to a ton of different formats; probably H.264 as well, but I just don't see the point of converting if the quality will be exactly the same. Also, gmail does have a file size limit, so I don't want to convert it to something too big (I'm not accustomed to the H.264 format, so I'm not sure if it's bigger). :P
>> No. 27661
File 132126718216.png - (102.31KB , 1037x929 , 67417 - artist Mr-1 bucket twilight_sparkle.png )
Listen up everypony, the deadline is extended to an indefinite amount of time. That means that we'll release whenever we have enough submissions and whenever it's ready. This will help us control the quality of it + it will give us more time. Personally I have exams in 2weeks and now I have lots of preparation for them so I can't edit anything :D
Don't be afraid, it will be released sooner or later, with huge quality (at least that's what we're aiming for).
So keep those PMV's coming, without you this even would even be here :3

>> No. 27812
This is great to hear since I'll be pretty swamped for about another week. That and Vegas seems to have died on me... what programs do you other ponies use? I've been wanting to try out alternatives, since Vegas does a great job for real-life type editing stuff, but sometimes it can be a pain when it comes to PMV stuff (or maybe I just suck at PMV stuff with vegas... very likely...)

Anyhoof, I'm still alive and interested in this, so this'll be a bump too I suppose.
>> No. 27841
I use Adobe Premiere and After Effects for everything, but I'm thinking of changing to EDIUS. Both of them are awesome and used by professionals. Both are worth checking out.
>> No. 27844
File 132144117341.png - (224.42KB , 459x401 , woop.png )
What I do, see, is I print out the frames individually, and I lay them on the road in the desired order. Then I run over them while holding a camcorder.

The raw footage is finally edited in Premiere.
>> No. 30062
any progress?
>> No. 30166
File 132399701621.png - (1.23MB , 1600x1131 , 88026 - artist purmu highres HOERS screwball Scrunchy_Face.png )
Well my exams are done at least. Is there a timeframe on this thing yet?
>> No. 30275
File 132424132665.jpg - (60.12KB , 537x382 , Untitled.jpg )
Hey, sorry for no updates for a whole month.
We're not dead :D

Let's finish this project, we still need/want more videos. We didn't get any during this month :(

So lets go make some videos :P

EDIT: there's a screenshot of the videos that we've got. Yes, I haven't done anything yet and Lightpony just didn't send me anything. As you see, only 17 videos (actually 18 since since I'll cut one video into two seperate videos). Second I need help, I'd like to know who created videos titled old4, penguin3, Yet-another-Pinkie-Pie-Theme-piece. I'll try to look for them in my email, but it's too big to easily find anything there. (that's just my lack of organization that those videos are without authors :P )
>> No. 30284
I'll try and muster something up; i've had this idea for quite a while and this is the perfect oppurtunity to play it out!
>> No. 30286
File 132425640644.jpg - (100.67KB , 550x500 , pinkie_pie__s_poker_face_by_kexonnrubylar-d4gcq9d.jpg )
I made "old" and "penguin".
>> No. 35187
Is this still happening? or has it slipped between the cracks and disappeared?
>> No. 36859
I'm such a horrible person!
It's not dead, but let's just say: on hold.

1st. we did not get as many videos as we wanted to get.
2nd. We're extremely busy with college (last year and stuff)
3rd. I'm a horrible/lazy person. Music keeps me too much occupied in free time.

Don't fear, your videos won't be stolen or anything, someday this project will rise like a phenix and reach skylight <3


Don't hate us, just make videos and maybe you'll be the kick in the flank that we needed.
>> No. 37001
I might do this when I'm feeling bored and have an idea, or something
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