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File 131979127910.png - (95.44KB , 550x765 , 131518015573.png )
25885 No. 25885
Fiver and I have been working on a small project. Check it out at
Before you give any feedback, please read the FAQ (at least) and the "Principles of Bronysec" page. I appreciate your feedback
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>> No. 25886
File 131979293779.png - (12.66KB , 95x131 , ponsec-brohoof.png )
Pony powah.

>pic related to OP
>> No. 25890
File 131979705211.jpg - (414.10KB , 996x1500 , full-metal-pony.jpg )
Might have to wait a few hours, Ep. it's early morning here
>> No. 25891
whats the point?

plus bronies didnt come from /b/
>> No. 25893
File 131979959076.png - (213.29KB , 626x480 , derpy.png )

Bronies came from /co/ (5 guys on /co/ are responsible for proselytizing ponies) but they hit it big on /b/. Colgate was named by /b/.

What's the point of anything, you may ask.
>> No. 25894
File 131979997174.png - (143.64KB , 536x536 , spitfire_shrugpony_shinebrony-2.png )
Also note that the FAQ is a first draft. Anypony who wishes can converse with us on gala and suggest changes to the FAQ.

The principles we will probably adhere to the alpha version for some time, since that is how the makeup of the sec is determined.
>> No. 25895
File 131980031214.png - (67.58KB , 392x401 , anon-pony-00.png )
In the fine tradition of bronydom itself, the attached picture in its various incarnations started as a joke, then became attached to a science project (Operation Dashion), then became this /collab/.
>> No. 25914
File 131982165781.jpg - (15.72KB , 320x400 , 1310988121899.jpg )
What are Pizza Hut bronies?

What is Occupy Equestria?

What is NLR?
>> No. 25921
File 131982673612.png - (753.59KB , 1920x1080 , luna-wink.png )

Brony references.

Pizza Hut bronies -- should be a link. youtube search
"Pizza Hut bronies". Self explanatory after seeing it.

Occupy Equestria -- euphemism for the #OWS movement, which trips a lot of data-mining filters.

NLR -- common brony acronym for the New Lunar Resistance, a fan project dedicated to interpreting My Little Pony as a religious dictatorship, given the God Queen Celestia's propensity for turning ponies into stone and sending them to the moon.

>Hope this helps
>> No. 25922
NLR probably shouldn't be acronymed though.
>> No. 25925
File 131982776347.png - (102.06KB , 800x440 , anon-pony-principles-1.png )
>> No. 25982
I found
And... was bored out of my skull. Am I missing something?
>> No. 25986
I am now finding out that it has been removed due to violating youtube's terms of service. Suffice to say it was cringeworthy
>> No. 26005
File 131986670401.png - (94.19KB , 315x189 , love-and-tolerate-bears.png )

The title of the youtube video was Bronies visit Pizza Hut, or something similar. There are references to it all over the place,

It appears the original video was removed PROBABLY because the people that uploaded it were extremely embarrassed.

Basically it was an overenthusiastic group of bronies that were causing a scene in public and generally being [text removed for love and tolerance].
>> No. 26006

The FAQ could probably include a link to one of the articles / threads explaining the term Pizza Hut bronies. I just did a basic Google search and it pulls up a whole bunch.
>> No. 26009
File 131987113620.png - (219.19KB , 486x337 , trollest.png )

Hence, basically, we are not those type of bronies. The goal of the sec is creative outreach, not to raid anti-brony sites or be a dick to non-bronies.
>> No. 26010
Of course, what some anti-brony sites consider a raid is mere presence of bronies on said site. Is a funny puzzlah.
>> No. 26127
File 131995254496.png - (15.42KB , 495x493 , derpy-hooves-applebuck-vector.png )
Bucking for comment (hopefully folks on the previous thread.)

Courtesy link:
>> No. 26142
File 131998908550.png - (217.37KB , 953x808 , nested-scroll-bars.png )
>> No. 26144
would you be able to suggest some code to eliminate this problem? If not, I suggest that you should take your name calling elsewhere.
>> No. 26149
File 131999793410.png - (172.74KB , 543x501 , amish-with-a-tude.png )

Obviously somepony who works in the booming HTML
industry. No wonder they're hanging out on Ponychan :-)

>You should know that this is /collab/
>suggestions or gtfo
>we love you!
>> No. 26151
File 131999869273.jpg - (26.60KB , 452x333 , whoosh.jpg )

Epsilon, I don't know how to use script to make iframe equivalent objects, but my suggestion would be to call the entire page in the nested iframe as a document.write instead (minus the top and bottom tags) allowing it to run down the page, instead of being bounded on the bottom of the live screen as it is now. You could enclose the document.write within div tags to keep the left and right margins, I think... But I don't know enough script to say for sure so don't quote me on that suggestion.

It's a shame we haven't gotten more response from actual Ponychanners.
>> No. 26173
I can't use document.write as that is a javascript function so therefore run clientside. I can just shove the php code in the wrap div but I have a feeling it could get pretty messy (in the way that there might be something specific I need to alter and there is mountain loads of code all over the place). The way it is now means that you are never very far from the post form and it makes maintaining code a lot easier for me.

I'll test it out on my home server, see what happens
>> No. 26214
File 132004007240.jpg - (40.77KB , 530x198 , wildderp.jpg )

You're already above my limited knowledge of scripting code ;-)
>> No. 26215

(Technical issue)

Is it possible to say iframe height=100%? If so you can nest it in an object and have it be bounded by the top and bottom of the screen, and hold the height of the banner logo constant so that the vertical position of the bottom of the post form is absolute. That way the post form will always appear just above the thread pane, and if the iframe is bounded by the bottom of the screen AND has no fixed height then there would be no scroll bar on the parent window. That is only if you can make an iframe size relative to the window size, though.

>I know there is a code alternative to iframe for this sort of thing but I don't know what it is.
>> No. 26216

> Is it possible to say iframe height=100%? If so you can nest it in an object

An object bounded by the bottom, I mean... if it's never bigger than the window then the external scrollbar won't appear. Oh, and if the frame's aligned right, it will be automatically bounded by the post form on top, I think.
>> No. 26222
The problem with that is it will be 100% of the div, I would set the div to a certain screen percentage but its variable based on the resolution. On lower resolution systems the text appears larger, therefore altering the percentage of the screen that can be used.
>> No. 26224
File 132005596283.png - (52.54KB , 328x348 , dash-hey-guys.png )
Hmm, well, maybe we can get feedback from other ponies
on Ponychan... it'd be nice to get some positive feedback.

Or constructive criticism, y'know, whatever...
>> No. 26252
File 132009844185.png - (98.23KB , 812x595 , how come.png )
Why is the stuff in those iframes in a separate document anyway? Why can't the page itself have the contents directly in it? I see you're running on PHP, so clearly there's more behind the scenes already than simple HTML; you just don't seem to be harnessing it to its fullest potential here.
>> No. 26261
File 132010143931.png - (62.13KB , 177x220 , belle-1.png )

Good question. :-) If you're knowledgeable about such stuff you might be able to offer some possible fixes (as anon of course). I am not very skilled on the technical side, sadly -- I'm more into the written content.

PS-- The reason Epsilon and I have trips on /gala/ is so folks can identify a post from the current sysops... not sure if this is typical for an Anon chat but it seemed like a good idea
>> No. 26262
I've been testing it with the board-reading code in the index.php for the /gala/ directory, and it ruins the layout of the page. Now, I could fix it but it comes back to the problem where I don't know where to position it due to different screen resolutions altering the size of the text and the height of the banner. So basically, I could make it look perfect on my screen, but anytime anypony else looked at it nothing would be where it should. I'll keep fiddling with it for now bu I don't think it'll work.

Also, if it bugs you then just think (until its fixed, that is): have you ever been on ponychan and had to scroll through an unbelievably large amount of comments to get to the post form?
Thanks for your feedback
>> No. 26265
Now I feel like an idiot. For days I've been playing around with the wrong CSS file. iframe removed
>> No. 26267
File 132010503861.png - (134.14KB , 448x225 , thanks.png )

Epsilon, it looks great!
>> No. 26272
File 132010744080.png - (231.02KB , 898x898 , 131873664736.png )
The font for the FAQ hurtsssss mah eyeezzzzzzzz. :(
>> No. 26284
File 132012332370.jpg - (22.56KB , 465x434 , countenance.jpg )

The FAQ is still in draft form. It definitely needs to be cleaned up. :-)

We could submit suggested edits to Epsilon for uploading... Times font anypony?
>> No. 26285
Warning, there's some fix-it taking place on the site so the front page might not be readable as of Monday night. (Keep in mind this is a brand new website and it's a DIY job, we don't have professional assistance except from fellow bronys)
>> No. 26288
>>26285 Looks like it was fixed
>> No. 26290
File 132013041116.jpg - (28.05KB , 498x498 , 131968267370.jpg )

Times New Equestrian.
>> No. 26300
File 132013827197.png - (677.49KB , 640x360 , 131758954588.png )
If only such a thing existed. Suggest some fonts and I'll try them out
>> No. 26301
File 132013869580.png - (16.47KB , 460x110 , harrington-font.png )

That'd be better than Pony Sans, or Cupcakes Extra Bold.

BTW, even ponies hate Curlz MT. They prefer Harrington.

>pic related :3
>> No. 26303
File 132013942217.png - (211.74KB , 360x355 , rainbow-factory.png )

I presume we'd have to settle for Times New Roman, assuming for the sake of argument that Cloudsdale is ancient Greece.

>Did Equestria conquer Cloudsdale and pillage its artworks to decorate the halls of Canterlot, including the Pegasus de Milo and the Equestrian Marbles? I guess the pegasus ponies lost their marbles.
>> No. 26388
File 132022511020.jpg - (259.76KB , 945x945 , 3106.jpg )
Guys, we appreciate the feedback, but right now no one is using /gala/ (the forum we set up for this collab).

I realize we just set it up, and are still working out the tweaks, but it's only worthwhile as a venture if people use it.

This thread, in comparison, will not last forever. Your thoughts?
>> No. 26390
Perhaps we didn't give enough info in the OP? Or is all of Ponychan slow this week? I dunno.
>> No. 27003
File 132067162503.jpg - (23.36KB , 584x268 , pforpinketta.jpg )
Bumping in case anypony wants to participate. See above link.
>> No. 28022
File 132162674443.png - (515.67KB , 1276x713 , rar-investigates.png )
I'm just gonna leave this here:

projectEquestria subreddit
>> No. 28857
File 132239195903.jpg - (216.94KB , 1280x1024 , vinyl-yeah.jpg )
We now have chat set up, thanks to the reddit folks.
>> No. 29470
>> No. 41905
File 134694448010.jpg - (7.26KB , 200x200 , 2c353533ffa4475a8a3950d898534736_image!jpeg_12374_jpg_bamp.jpg )
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