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This is a continuation of these threads:

For those of you just joining us, this is the Beatle Brony project! We take Beatles songs, write new pony lyrics for them, and then cover them! It's been a blast and we've done over 30 songs so far and plan to do more as Season 2 progresses!

You can find our channel here:

You can find our, as of yet, unused lyrics here:

We are currently in the progress of covering "Strawberry Fields Forever!" This is going to be a difficult process as we do not have an orchestra to play with. We do have qdBrony's friend who has offered to help with some strings and Bloomberg has a trumpet, but if anypony else would like to help, that would be great!

Other things we need
- some orchestral strings for a cover of Eleanor Rigby
- a Sitar player
- more album art!

If you can help us out with these, that would be spectacular! Post here or shoot me and email at [email protected]
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>> No. 29168
File 132278269669.jpg - (28.34KB , 500x502 , rd-pondering.jpg )
My concern is that it could A) cause a mess and B) leave a viscous residue that could hamper the string's vibrations. Granted, rosin also leaves a residue, but it's generally powdery in nature.
>> No. 29169
i didn't seem to have either of those problems when i tried it.
>> No. 29170
In the end, it's your instrument. If you think it's an acceptable substitute, then go for it.
>> No. 29200
I am a member of my school band, and there is a group of bronies in it. if you should ever need of trumpets, trombone, and alto and tenor sax, just ask.
>> No. 29208
Actually, you have come at an opportunistic time!

We currently are working on Strawberry Fields Forever, and are in need of some Brass for that! We already have one trumpeter, but he has been really busy and perhaps we could have multiple trumpets to enhance the sound.

So, if you and your friends could work on that, that would be awesome!
>> No. 29230
File 132287675584.png - (91.24KB , 1328x1108 , Equestria Dude.png )
Workin on vectors tonight! FINALLY!

Started with ED!
>> No. 29231
File 132287682476.png - (89.42KB , 1281x1183 , Hoofert.png )
>> No. 29232
File 132287687574.png - (87.02KB , 985x1092 , Osoth.png )

I love your OC dude, he's so fun to draw!
>> No. 29234
Did you guys do "Tomorrow Never Knows" yet? That would be freakin' sweet.
>> No. 29235
File 132287955886.png - (44.36KB , 498x1007 , DreamHuk.png )

Now on to Draginite and I think I'll have most everypony.
>> No. 29236
Youtube embed play button
Ask and ye shall receive.
>> No. 29338
Discorded World vocals!

>> No. 29399
Sure thing, we'll get on that as soon as possible.
>> No. 29456
Stuck in the college library for a few hours? Y Not update!

In Progress

You Only Sent a Pair My Way - We have the guitar in from ED and a vocal take. We'll see how it sounds when put together. I can add the bass, brushes and stuff. It's pretty simple.

Lets give ED some encouragment and see if we can help him brush up his singing skills to do this song. He's already improved greatly. :-)

Oh Fluttershy - We have everything in but DreamHuk's background vocals. Cannot wait to get this track out!

I Don't Want to Spoil the Party - I am not currently at my home computer so I don't know what we have of this song. However, I do know that we don't have much. I think we only really have acoustic guitar.

Sweet Apple Acres Forever - We have a brass section! Can't wait to hear them! That's the only real major update. Any word from your friend qd?

At the moment I am not at my computer so I am completely blanking on whatever else were doing


Coming Up Next

I'm not entirely sure what we should do next... On the one hand some of our newer songs are pretty good while on the other hand we do have a serious backlog. On the gripping hand, some of the backlog songs aren't exactly ready to be played yet. (Get Back still isn't quite working for me).

Two songs however that stand out in the Gdoc are "Happiness is Freindship" and "We Can Work it Out". I think we should put those towards the top of the to do list.


So I attempted to draw album art for Plastic Pony Band. Didn't turn out well. I did however succseed in drawing a good start for a Brony Soul album cover. I've drawn the heads of Myself, ED, qd and DreamHuk. What I need now is the background. I know ED mentioned that he could probably do that. Once I vector the heads and the new title, I'll send them to you ED. Then you can do your thing and stretch the image and perhaps add a little film grain to make it look more vintage.


On a final note, Draginite, we need to have a talk. When would be a good time for us to all get in a skype call?
>> No. 29461
Yikes, a talk? That sounds serious... I just got in now, so I'll get settled and go online on Skype in about an hour.
>> No. 29462
Ok then.
>> No. 29483
Youtube embed play button
If you're still up for doing Discorded World, give it a shot to this instrumental.

Go ahead and double-track it so we get a nice strong sound. :-)
>> No. 29489

And remember: practice, practice, practice. I said before that you have a habit of dragging. The original is also out there, so practice along with it.
>> No. 29553
File 132332148347.png - (1.04MB , 2667x1500 , Oh Fluttershy.png )
pre post check
>> No. 29555
Welcome back, Osoth! Good to hear things are back on track for you. Can't wait to hear more of your stuff.
>> No. 29557
Youtube embed play button
  For those ponies who follow this thread....
>> No. 29570
File 132336626597.jpg - (269.34KB , 2048x1536 , Photo0256.jpg )
A pic I threw together in Dynamics on Tuesday. Us posing for the Rubber Soul album cover.
>> No. 29731
This is a pre-Ep. 210 thought.

Considering the fact that the episode centers around Spike being greedy, aside from his whole growth spurt, "Savoy Truffle" might be a good one to consider.
>> No. 30214
File 132409312351.png - (525.10KB , 1280x723 , Scratch your sound.png )
Back to the front page with a Pre-post check!
>> No. 30215
Youtube embed play button
  And it's up!
>> No. 30252
Youtube embed play button
  NO! I was just about to start on this since the semester ended. Well, they did everything I would have, so at least it's been made.

Just thought I'd share it so you wouldn't start on it.
>> No. 30316
File 132435648352.png - (633.22KB , 1280x726 , We can work it out.png )
Pre post check
>> No. 30519
Youtube embed play button
  For all you lurkers out there, look what Osoth made? Pretty nifty, eh?
>> No. 30991
Congrats for Little Octavia being #8 in Celestia Radio's top 50 of 2011.
>> No. 31289
File 132586310700.png - (853.64KB , 1280x720 , I Don\'t Want to spoil the party.png )
Prepost check
>> No. 31581
Youtube embed play button
  Hello, everypony! Not only do we have a new song (embedded here), we've got a brand new mass download! This also includes a few remixes of our older songs.
>> No. 31651
Youtube embed play button
  New Song Alert!!!
>> No. 31908
Youtube embed play button
  And more musics!!!
>> No. 32184
Well, guys, inspiration has struck again. No, I didn't churn out lyrics that quickly, but I do have a song for today's episode.

Band on the Run. It could either be Mare on the Run or Jack on the Run. The opening is her shameful moment of not getting a blue ribbon, the second is her working on the Cherry Ranch, and then the main song is the other Mane 5's pursuit of her. I understand this song is a bit of an undertaking, so if, say, Run For Your Life is preferable I'll understand.
>> No. 32201
I say have a pass at it, we'll worry about execution later.
>> No. 33104
Youtube embed play button
  This isn't Beatles related, but I felt it was my duty to share such masterful rewriting. Here's Mandopony's latest, "Student of Celestia" (Jesus of Suburbia).

While I'm here, I think The World Famous Flim Flam Bros. could lend themselves incredibly well to Come and Get It. It's written by Paul, so it's fair game.
>> No. 33107
Alas, we've already got the Flim Flam Brothers figured out for a song.

And if you want to start Badfinger Bronies, go for it.
>> No. 33135
Can't wait to hear it. ^_^
Just a quick update, btw: I made some good progress on "The Ongoing Adventures of the Mysterious Mare Do Well." I may have it finished by the end of the week.
>> No. 33327
Given today's episode, I think we've found a much more fitting substitute for Bungalow Bill than the Mysterious Mare Do Well. I'll cease work on that one.
>> No. 33677
File 132885247217.png - (363.59KB , 1141x711 , ts-matteroffact.png )
Hey, all you lurker ponies out there.

Just wanted to bring to your attention that we will be premiering not one, but TWO new tracks exclusively on EverFree Radio this Sunday at 7pm EST, following a mare-a-thon of our songs. A few of us band members will even be there at the chat!

Head over to and hit "chat and live streams" to join us!
>> No. 34126
Youtube embed play button
  So Mandopony just unleashed this.
>> No. 34474
Youtube embed play button

Since we got 2000 subscribers on YouTube, we decided to make a performance vid. Enjoy, you lurker ponies!
>> No. 34713
Youtube embed play button
  NEW SONG ALERT!!! Enjoy, lurker ponies!
>> No. 34714
QD brony, didn't you make a cover of a mumford and Sons song?
>> No. 34744
File 133032104101.jpg - (28.34KB , 500x502 , rd-pondering.jpg )
I may have joked that some sort of phrase was the name of my Mumford and Sons cover band, but no, I never actually have. "(Blank) is the name of my (blank) cover band" is a little game I play, even during interviews.
>> No. 35030
Youtube embed play button
  NEW SONG ALERT!!! Hey, all you lurker ponies. I hope you enjoy this collab we did with Replacer.
>> No. 35145
Youtube embed play button
  NEW SONG ALERT!!! Here's another Replacer collab!
>> No. 35574
Youtube embed play button
  NEW SONG ALERT!!! Let's hear it for our resident Richard Starkey impersonator, Equestria Dude!
>> No. 36194
Youtube embed play button
  NEW SONG ALERT!!! Set the controls for the heart of Jangly-ville!
>> No. 36321
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