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26928 No. 26928
AppleDashWINS here. lol about a month and a halpony, I posted >>20099, which was a call for voices for an Abridged Series I'm Writing.
Anyway, I have returned with a couple updates! With an updated script for episode one, This thread is a call for VA's (with new roles opened up!) and also SONGWRITERS! Have a list!
If you have any questions or are interested, Comment or email at [email protected]

Available Voices!
-Pinkie Pie
-Princess Celestia
-Gilda (for episode 2)
-I've yet to hear from Rainbow's VA, but i'll keep you posted!

The other main purpose of this thread is to recruit Songwriters! As for what exactly we're going to do, so far I just need parodies of Pinkie's songs, but we may throw a few other originals and/or parodies; if you have any ideas, they are welcome!
If you are interested, comment and/or email at [email protected]
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>> No. 27016
I'd love to be able to work on the music.
"Parodies of Pinkie's Songs" are you looking for lyrics? Do you need an instrumental on anything?
>> No. 27029
Right now, Lyrics are a bigger need than instrumentals, but instrumentals would be great too! What exactly do you mean by Instrumentals anyway? BG music?
>> No. 27047
Well, any instrumental man.
I've been meaning to create something in the Pony community, I'll really just take a crack at anything music related that you need from me. I could give a go at some Background music if you like, or even a backing/melody for one of Pinkie's songs that you want.
>> No. 27140
friendly bump - any need for male VAs at all?
>> No. 27217
hey. I can do music here.
If by songwriter you mean actual songwriter then im actually a professional, but im just starting out with home production and fan music
I guess im poetic, too, but yeah. Mainly music.

Im in a position to record and mix as well if thats any more helpful, but I guess thats pretty standard.

whatever. email thrown your way. godspeed.
>> No. 27318
Been a while and no updates.

Give me some music to make :D
>> No. 27383
Sorry for not posting here! there's only one computer i can use on which PonyChan actually WORKS...
But anyway:
Males are welcome to audition, and we will have roles for extras, ie random bg pony says something, and in that case, I'll email you
Well, yes, if you could give a go at bg music.. though i haven't the slightest idea of which scene i want you to try out, so i guess i'll give you the freedom to choose; Script is in the OP

Plus, I've hit a snag in the script; i couldn't figure out in what way to change Pinkie's song. I've got a couple people helping, and maybe once we get ideas, we can make music from that; start simple, y'know? because I don't know how big this will get.

OH. Yes, I'm also coming up with some lines and instructions for people who want to audition, and I might, in addition to posting those here, make a video for that, too. (I'll have to do that soon, anyway)

So yeah, sorry for the late update, guys. Again, email for questions!
>> No. 27447
Just a check to see if you recieved my audition :] It was for Pinkie Pie.

Or... if you're going to add audition lines to the post, I could just audition again if you want.
>> No. 27603
So, are you looking for as close as possible to the real cast, or can it be completely off as long as it fits?
>> No. 27605
also wondering this, I probably can't do a convincing American accent but I'd love to be a part of something like this.
>> No. 28566
File 132208465638.jpg - (28.54KB , 600x325 , aeiou.jpg )
Audition set ups are almost done!

on Songwriting, i've emailed some people but they haven't replied in a while. I still need help with Pinkie's song in Ticket Master! email or comment! looks like Ponychan is working on this comp again lol
>> No. 28616
File 132215021025.jpg - (8.94KB , 225x225 , images (7).jpg )
After stalking this page everyday, finally an update :D!

[email protected]

Please email me with specifics for music :)
>> No. 28617
Oh hey, I can do vectors as well.
>> No. 38051
I posted in the other file but i auditioned for Rarity (already emailed) though this song writing sounds fun ill try it and send it to you. Sorry i used the old script for my audition and my voice was shot towards the end. So it displays the best and wost ill most likely sound. Wow this is long. Thank you for your time.
>> No. 38132
I have no idea who is open or how this'll work, but if you want my voice, then here's my abridged series:
(Watch later episodes for best results)

If you have any interest in any of my voices, send me a message on YT.
I'm also available for songwriting, so send me a message on YT if you want me to help with that.
If you don't want me at all, send me a message on YT anyway. I like makin friends...
>> No. 38176
I just realized I have no clue what the stories for this are and what you need. Let me know how i can help please! I'll do my best!
>> No. 38562
Interested in songwriting or voice acting. I believe i already sent you an audition for VA, but if you want some music, feel free to hit me up at my email, or PM me on Youtube (
>> No. 47024
not mad only curious as to why you're so interested. Its either one or the other of you; Rob, Phil, each pretending to be the other or visa versa, there is a possibility its a third party altogether though which is remote.

since you're both gay why not go and meet up, better than pretending for the rest of your lives no? it is at the very least a better use of your time than fucking with my head.
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