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27111 No. 27111
I will start by admitting I have no skills to contribute to this other than possibly some writing and Ideas.

However I know this is a fandom filled with ponies with many different backgrounds, interest and skills. So I propose this Idea to you all.

Ponies and Sid Sid Meier's Civilization.
Different ponies are to be leaders of their own countries and compete against each other to become ruler of the world.

I know it's hard to get one of these started when the OP doesn't have much to contribute himself, but I'd hope someponies out there take interest.
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>> No. 27168
If you're looking to sprite hack the original DOS game then it's fairly straightforward and anypony with enouh free time on their hands could do it. The hardest part is figuring out the format of the game's files.

I'll google around.
>> No. 27211
File 132078863101.jpg - (86.05KB , 800x640 , 5c1b86dadb4c6c0c4b9d751a6cebaf6b.jpg )
I don't really know anything about DOS (or hacking), but that does sound like an easier alternative for everypony that get's roughly the same thing done. Especially since nopony has taken interest yet.

While the thread is up I'll go back to playing different versions of the game and writing down some concepts and stuff. Wonders, units, each nations abilities. Stuff like that.
>> No. 27232
Just modding Freeciv would be my recommendation. Its free, close to the original civ, and probably a fair deal easier to get the level of changes you want.
>> No. 38221
I tried modding FreeCiv on my windows box once, but after I did, I could never get the game to start. I checked a bunch of different places for instructions, to make sure I was doing it right, too.
>> No. 38262
File 133672162539.png - (33.85KB , 501x501 , 131346171647.png )
I think that modding Freeciv is the best idea. You don't really need any programming skills to mod it and it allows you to do a bit more than just swapping out the sprites and it will run on more-or-less anything.
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