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No. 27419
Just a small project here needing a bit of input.

Currently making themed skins for Steam for each of the mane 6 and then one for the whole group.

Question is: How important are the screenshots / default display pictures for each game (the one behind the title once you've selected the game on the list) to you?

The idea is that I would use a wallpaper-style picture to cover the entirety of the background but I realize that it may not go over so well with everypony if the skin hides the content they're already used to.

And after all, I'm trying to contribute to the community since I feel like I've gained so much from it that it's time to give something back. :o

Also, as of right now I'm basically just working with episode screencaps for the main backgrounds so although all layout related work will be done by me I'm more than happy to accept art as donation if anypony is feeling particularly skippy and wants to draw up/edit together some Steam-themed pony pictures for the project. (Whatever that may entail. @[email protected])
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>> No. 27436
File 132097582619.png - (1.47MB , 1920x1200 , partial UI mockup.png )
This is a partially finished version of Applejack's theme. Still a WIP, just posting a mockup to get some reactions (hopefully @[email protected]). And before anypony decides to point it out, there isn't a whole lot done here... I've mostly been playing with the color scheme for text and trying to get the background put together.

And I'm also posting this because I finally found the correct place to put the background image so that the default screenshot / title image isn't replaced. Documentation on this isn't so hot and since the Steam forums have been down literally the entire time I've been working on this it's been more than a bit of a pain.

Any constructive criticism is more than appreciated... if you think something will look good in place of something else just let me know and I'll see how it works out. Or if you have any ideas for something that you think SHOULD be replaced but isn't as I progress, suggest something.

The hard part's done so onward I work. :D
>> No. 27437
File 132097639766.jpg - (15.47KB , 210x210 , 1301048004087.jpg )
>> No. 27449
Does no one else?
>> No. 27457
That is extremely impressive and I'd like to see more.
>> No. 27459
i would definitely use it - i love how you have faded the Pony picture to merge with the background screenshots.

Do you plan on doing anything with the Chat window?
>> No. 27461
I plan on using the MLP logo from the end of the title sequence in the background of the chat window either darkened or if I can figure out if Steam supports graphic opacity then I'll use that (although I don't think it does since the graphics are all TGAs).

I've also thought about some sort of character-themed window but I wasn't too keen on reusing the same background so I have decided against it until I can find something at least close to as clean as the logo screen.
>> No. 27469
I tend to pay attention to the screenshots, maybe if the pony had a little less opacity?
>> No. 27471
As far as I can tell from the bit of poking I've done, Steam only uses tga files and unless GIMP 2 is just really bad then that means no transparency support at all... what to do, hmm.

And yeah, bit of testing... still not sure if it's just GIMP as I currently don't have anything else that can edit and save in TGA but once I've edited the left side to be transparent it comes back as a solid black color once I re-open it. Or with the color I just edited out.

I have no clue why that is happening as I can pretty much confirm the alpha channel is saving because re-opening it in GIMP shows the transparency properly.. just not anywhere else.

Going to update everything and try again to see if this fixes anything.
>> No. 27472
Well... that was quick. GIMP is already up-to-date and I'm not getting anywhere quickly.

Transparency outright refuses to work... the file definitely has a proper alpha channel but between irfanview and quicktime I either get black or the color I supposedly edited out in place of where the transparency should be.
>> No. 27474
Yeah, even in Steam the TGA displays with a black background so it looks like a no go there.

And even though the black did make it easier to see the screenshots I think I'm going to stick with the current gradient behind them because the black background exposed nasty dots all around the outside edge of the screenshots where the fade out effect used on Steam's color overlays disappears.
>> No. 27555
Still working on this, just been a bit busy for the past couple of days. Not too much work to do before they're done. :O
>> No. 28186
File 132173280296.png - (946.05KB , 1920x1200 , steam error.png )
Hm... anypony know what would cause what's happening in this picture? I'd take this to the Steam forums but they're taking ages to activate my account there since the recent hacking, etc.
>> No. 28384
Still coming up short on fixing those tga. Steam's support for skins is horrendous too, so much undocumented and I'm not even sure if the problem is Steam or something else.
>> No. 29699
File 132348481929.png - (1.25MB , 1920x1200 , AJ Steam Skin.png )
Took a while, but the first one's done. (Turns out that editing Steam was a bit harder than I figured. Oh, and Skyward Sword / Skyrim have been incredibly distracting.)

Now it's as easy as editing in the colors and pictures for the others.

You can get it here:
>> No. 29733
File 132351528860.png - (1.25MB , 1920x1200 , aj steam skin v2.png )
That chat was horribly unlegible before but should be quite a bit better now. Oops. Missed that during the screenshot. :o

V2 is up now:
>> No. 29960
File 132374525140.png - (1.15MB , 1920x1200 , ts skin.png )
Twi's is up now, go get it:
>> No. 31535
HOO BOY. Two more are done. I kind of forgot about this thread but here we are.



Check 'em out. Tell your friends. Enjoy ponies on Steam! :D
>> No. 31898
File 132682587716.png - (1.66MB , 1920x1200 , rainbow dash skin.png )
Adorn your Steam with RD. 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat? I think so!
>> No. 31918
File 132684832129.gif - (524.29KB , 366x341 , 130315282695.gif )
Oh my gosh, i love this AJ theme and the Rainbow Dash one... Anyways, if anypony else uses Steam for Mac (besides just probably me) is interested to use one of these themes, here's an good tutorial that might help you (it helped me)
>> No. 32333
Actually, if you see anything that needs fixing on the OSX versions please let me know. I do currently have a bootable hackintosh partition but I've been holding off on checking the skins in Steam for Mac because of the time it'll take to re-enable NTFS read/write on my new hard drive.

Otherwise, once I finish Pinkie Pie's skin, I'll go back and check the OSX versions and make changes accordingly.
>> No. 32455
File 132746197050.png - (1.68MB , 1920x1200 , pinkie pie skin.png )
>> No. 32516

These are done outside of OSX touchups. Working on those now. Check 'em. :o
>> No. 38147
You sir, get a thumbs up
>> No. 38162
I got a friend who's doing the same thing, so far he only has Apple Jack.
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