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File 132121704731.png - (75.90KB , 512x384 , Brony Online Band.png )
27617 No. 27617
Hey there, everypony!
My goal is to assemble a group of bronies capable of playing any musical instruments and form an online band using the power of modern technology to play anything pony related. Music from the show, fan music (if the original creator allows), and anything completely original. The following steps I plan on following right now go as followed:

1. Everypony agrees on a song to play.
2. We find the music (most likely from or a midi file)
3. I then rearrange the music to match the number of instruments involved, and make the sheet music.
4. Everypony is given a copy of the music they will be playing, as well as a mock up mp3 file to act as there metronome. (This will ensure everypony is playing in sync)
5. Everypony says the music I’ve given them is in an impossible range, so I need to rewrite it and then redistribute it.
6. Practice, practice, practice!
7. Everypony records their part and sends it to me through some sort of file sharing site, such as megaupload or dropbox.
8. I compile, sync, and balance the audio into one final video.
9. Said final video is then uploaded to Youtube.
10. Lather, rinse, repeat.

If you’re interested in joining, please leave a comment saying what instruments you can play. I want to accept any instrument, but if it’s something like drums, guitar, or anything else I am unfamiliar writing for, then I may require your assistance making it. If all you can do is whistle, then great! Kazoo? No problem! Theremin? May be tricky, but we’ll work on it.

Personally, I can play the following instruments: Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Keyboard, and a 4 hole ocarina (if I can find it again).

Also, feel free to suggest a better title for this group.

PS: I am not so good at navigating image boards, so if I loose my bookmark, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get back.
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>> No. 27622
I'll join!
>> No. 27625
Great! What instruments can you play?
>> No. 27629
I'm well up for it. I play synthesizer and keytar, and have just started playing electric double bass (I'd rather not play that though, I still suck flank)
>> No. 27645
File 132124463521.png - (82.42KB , 356x360 , maracas!.png )
Dude count me in, I play electric guitar, (as well as piano if I'm given a while to practice.). I'd be glad to take part if you want.

I'm also practiced in mixing and mastering, if you would want any help with that at all. Any electronic stuff needed (be it electronic sounds, or ambiance) I could help with out as well.
>> No. 27667
File 132128038925.png - (266.10KB , 464x599 , Challenge accepted.png )
I'd be willing to pitch in to something like this. I play electric metal/rock guitar, twelve string and classical acoustic guitar, clarinet, bass guitar, and I have been working with a couple very nice vst plugins if you need me to do some midi. I've been working with the sonatina symphony orchestra sfz pack and ezdrummer (normal and drumkit from hell). I work with steinberg cubase le4.
>> No. 27671
Okay, I'm in. I'm not very good at this, but I can play acoustic guitar and the Otamatone, the thing I'm best at is I think jaw harp.
>> No. 27694
I got violin...


Not sure if that´s useful or not, but hey, I can play it very well, if need be
>> No. 27715
you do realize the sheer logistics of this makes it almost impossible to do well?

I say this as a studio engineer. Its simply too ambitious. May I hear some work you have produced too? considering each persons method of recording their instrument, plus the room in which they record in, you are going to have a problem.

An oboe in a damp room that sucks up noise (bedroom with posters all over wall) compared to acoustic guitar played in a wide deep room with plenty of natural sound (living room or something) is going to an absolute nightmare to mix well.

Unless you can micro manage everypony to the fucking T you will have an issue, and I say this as a friend.

If you need some help send an email here, keep me updated. I want to help you succeed, but maybe tone it down a notch
>> No. 27718
another question

>make the sheet music
that will be a shit ton of work, though you probably have experience anyway.
>> No. 27727
I've added you to my list.
I may require help with the mixing, thank you for the offer. Can you create electric percussive sounds?
Or you, if you have some good sound fonts.
I was hoping for variety! Instruments like this will actually be easier for me to write for.
Thank you for your concern. I will contact you at your e-mail. I'm not trying for a professional level sound, I was expecting nothing better than the sing-alongs on here. There will definitely be some preliminary rounds, so everypony can adjust to each other. As for the sheet music, most of it will be copy/pasting, making things real simple. I wasn't thinking this would be a speedy process, either.
As for everything else, right now six people should be well enough. I was considering playing the theme song first, since it is short, and already has lots written for it. (possibly basing off of this midi file
>> No. 27731
It really depends on what kinds of sounds you're looking for. I already have thousands of samples that just might be what you're looking for. But if you need something specific I could do my best to mix something up.

And as for the mixing If you need the help just send me a message ill be happy to help.

If you need to message me anything my email is [email protected]
>> No. 27736
That you for the contact information. I didn't have a set sound in mind for this, because I didn't know what people would show up. I honestly wasn't expecting so many guitars and keyboards!
For now it may be best to wait until the preliminary sounds come in to decide what percussion samples sound best. And I'm going to assume you know much more about electronic sounds than I, so I hope you are willing to handle it.
Thank you for your help! It's nice to know what options are available.
>> No. 27743
File 132133399487.jpg - (35.48KB , 400x400 , 131713964939.jpg )
Well how we gonna work this out then? A facebook page or something?
>> No. 27752
id rather not. I keep mine pony free.

a bunch of soundclouds might be better. a bit slapdash but at least its reasonably quick.
I might be able to record some new samples if its needed but thats really maybe right now
>> No. 27766
File 132136565137.png - (74.50KB , 288x338 , Fluttershy2.png )
Well anyway here is my email: [email protected]
>> No. 27791
if you need a french hornist im your pony
>french horn is best instrument
>> No. 27800
I probably should have posted my contact information earlier.
My email is [email protected]

One of my best friends plays french horn! I wrote a duet a while ago for french horn and bass clarinet. I think you will be the last person I can fit in right now.
>aerophones are one of the fourth best instruments

I want everypony to keep the information here so everypony else can see it. If your talking about the recorded sound files, then you should be able to upload them to any file sharing site and put a link back here.
I'm going to stop accepting new players now so that I can start the sheet music.
At the moment I have:
BlackJack - violin
wanew - french horn
Dark Symphony - synthesizer
Coggler - bass guitar
Ponkya - accoustic guitar
Kryptage - sound mixer/e-percussion

Lemniscate - video editor

Kryptage, I want you to do the audio mixing so that you can add the percussion level at the end. If anypony has questions, please feel free to ask.

We're not here yet, but I want to explain this so everypony knows what to expect. For the final product I was hoping that everypony would be able to record themselves playing their instrument with a camera (it doesn't have to be your whole body, just focus on the instrument) and align them in a compiled video. If you have another microphone you were planning on using, then just record with both at the same time.
>> No. 27801
dont need me for anything?
>> No. 27804
I play the cornet, but I don't have it with me, probs won't have one until next september. But, i can rap/scream, making the songs 20% more metal! Also, I can probably learn some keyboard and acoustic gee-tar i need be.
>> No. 27811
I'm meeting with somepony tomorrow to discuss the mouth harp to see if I can fit it in well. If things go well and your the anonymous I think you are, then I can switch you over to accoustic guitar. Otherwise there's always good ol' chords!
>> No. 27817

No problem!

and I would be honored to take part in that area of the project!

If you have a skype my user name is moviemajic1 if you want to talk about it there, otherwise emails are good.

Also I'm not clear on whether I'll be doing any playing for the final product, doesn't matter to much, just unsure.
>> No. 27858
okay due to im only able to get on ponychan at school i can really only see me being able contact people by email or ponychan

also how long until we get the sheet music i want start playing due to me being kinda out of practice
>> No. 27859
derp forgot email

>[email protected]
>> No. 27876
hi i am not very good with instruments.
i know a littlebit guitar stuff. i can play alittlebit piano.
but i am getting more and more experiensed with a music creating program named fl studio.
could i help?

also i think a youtube channel would be great and mabye people could send full music tracks. only a sugestion^^.

also i want to know if you want a specific bpm like 130 or 140.

one last thing what file type do you prefer?

i can make ok sounds with built in synthesisers and other shit thats in that program :P
and im learning voice editing atm and its fun :D
>> No. 27886
O wait! Never mind, completely went past the part where you said "Kryptage - sound mixer/e-percussion"

Alright, I'm all filled in, I'll be looking forward to see what I'm working with!
>> No. 27889
In case you need stand-ins, or subs for any reason, (Since you've stopped accepting new players) I can play Bass Guitar pretty well, I played clarinet quite well, but I'm a bit out of practice. If you want I could bring home the school's Contra-Alto Clarinet, which has the same range as a bari sax.
>> No. 27892
I've uploaded everything I have right now to this location:

It's a zip file that contains the original midi and sheet music, as well as the current sheet music (under the sheet music folder).

The percussion part is unchanged from the original midi, but if you want I can export a midi of just the percussion.

Nice to see everypony is eager to work! I know the sheet music isn't to pretty, but at least the information is there. I may improve it later if needed.
>> No. 27898
Did you hold tryouts? How do you know the people that you accepted are any good?
>> No. 27903
I think its more just a 'submit your rendition of your choice part, then see if it holds up' kinda thing.

Oh yeah, even though I am not hosted in the list, apparently I am 'technical director', so yeah. Potentially piano? i dont know.
>> No. 27905

That would be useful. If you want to go right ahead, I can work it out myself if not.
>> No. 27912

I gave you the piano part. It ended up working better than I thought before because it makes Ponyka's part easier.

Updated list is as such:
BlackJack - Violin
Kryptage - audio mixer/e-precussion
Dark Symphony - Synthesizer
Coggler - Bass Guitar
Ponkya - Accoustic Guitar
wanew - French Horn
anonymous - Piano
>> No. 27915
File 132149872716.png - (184.52KB , 658x1213 , happy.png )
If needed, I could do electric guitar too. But if not, doesn't matter.
>> No. 27973

So I finished something up. I added a few little touches, nothing big though. Decided to go with a real drum sound as opposed to more electronic sounding samples. Enjoy :D
>> No. 27998
I've added that to my database. You may need to if Ponyka doesn't check in, which sounds like a good idea.
Can everypony please check in and let me know if they got there part alright?

Sounds great! I think organic sounds will be much better than electric sounds.
>> No. 28021
File 132162619863.png - (121.99KB , 279x285 , Dirty rainbow.png )
I'd like to play guitar
>> No. 28080
Are you a different anonymous?
>> No. 28257
Do you have anything in particular in mind with regards to what sound you want from the synth?
>> No. 28306
File 132183994340.png - (574.11KB , 1280x720 , 131713463884.png )
What I'm wondering is if we're going to have some other form of collaboration page somewhere, or if everything is done via email, basically how is this all gonna come together?
>> No. 28344
Synth part and vid done and sent :D
>> No. 28506
I couldn't find any better place to have a collaborative page other than this site, so submissions can either be posted here, or e-mailed to me. Once I have all of the parts, I will assemble them into one .zip file so the people who need them can get them easily. (I hope I'm explaining what you want.)
>> No. 29086
I'm up for it, I can play guitar (electric or acoustic), electric bass and some mandolin.
>> No. 29087
^disregard previous statement, didn't read earlier posts. Although if you need me for anything I can try to help out.
>> No. 29124
If you are looking for anypony else, I can play flute at a grade 4 1/2 level. I'll check back from time to time.
>> No. 29138
I'd fucking love to be a part of this. I'm just gonna list all the instruments I can readily record:

Tin Whistle
Possibly Banjo if I can find a functioning one in school

Do I have to video myself doing it? The quality has to be immaculate, right?
>> No. 29140
File 132275718645.jpg - (80.44KB , 900x720 , 2535_0_136266001314725601_riffmolestia - copy.jpg )
Finger-style guitarist at your service! i'm not super pro but definitely able to play any mlp song
>> No. 29159
File 132277889650.png - (27.40KB , 314x314 , 130901200162.png )
Tenor Sax player standing by.
>> No. 29175
Kinda curious when all the recordings for the piece were on right now will be done.

Not impatient. Just have a few other things I wanna finished up before I get the clips.

Any guesses Lemniscate?
>> No. 29183
So am I. So far I've only gotten the parts for

Krytage - e-percussion (I'm not sure what to do about your part of the video)
Dark Symphony - keytar

I have yet to hear anything from anypony else in regards to there progress, although Coggler is active here. If I don't hear anything from them soon, I may have to start offering the parts to other people. If your worried about the mixing, I've kind of accidentally been mixing them as they come in, so I can be sure a submitted part will fit. If your eager, I can still let you mix, but if your busy, I can handle it.


I'm going to add everypony else who has posted to my list. Even if you don't get a part this round, I'll be more likely prepared to use you next time.

Also, if Anonymous comes back, can you please start using a name? It will make talking with you much easier.

Video-graphing yourself is how I can give you a proper part in the video, but I suppose if you don't have the means, then I could add a picture stand in, if you have one. And I'm not sure why an immaculate sound would not be the goal, but tempo and pitch are my main concerns. As long as you practice the part, I'm sure it will be fine.
>> No. 29197
Sounds good.

What instrument would you most like me to play? Also what am I supposed to be playing :D?
>> No. 29206
oh cool the sheet music i really should go to this thread more often

but yah ill start working on it
>> No. 29207
can i get a version of the song with metronome
>> No. 29209
Read all the posts, I'm doing the MLP theme then.

All the recording equipment I have is in school, I'll start on this Monday if that's all right. Otherwise I'll use Midi for an orchestral chordal section?

If I'm doing it this Monday I'll likely be using a tin whistle.
>> No. 29217
I play the tuba and maybe you can tell me if you are looking for anypony else?
>> No. 29219
I'm all good to mix, I just like to be working on one mix at a time normally.

I'm finishing up some stuff now, but by the way things are going, I should be done with any work by the time you get all the parts.

Just send me a zip when you got em all!
>> No. 29242
How about the violin part? It's already wrote it, so it would help if you could replace the part. It's the lead instrument, do you think you can handle it? Also, I'm trying to avoid midi, so that actual bronies are together playing instruments. If I wanted midi, I could of made it myself. The drums were an exception because nopony was around to play drums.

Simple metronome clicks? Shouldn't be to much of a challenge. I'll post it when I have it. Glad your checking in!

Will do!
>> No. 29245
All finished! You can find it on its own here.
>> No. 29253
That's actually perfect.

Sheet music is for the weak, I can already play it. I'm using a fiddle to do my music coursework, so I need to experiment with micing it up anyway. Thanks man, I'll get that to you ASAP.
>> No. 29260
Oh wait you say you've already written it.
Is it doing anything but the main melody (vocals)?
>> No. 29281
Are you in the right key? There's a part where the vocals bounce between violin and french horn, so I guess that means you would have to learn to play less. I already posted the link with all the sheet music here >>27892
It should still work.
>> No. 29286
I've made a couple small updates to the music. I've removed the piano part, and rewritten the french horn and guitar parts. The sheet music for both of those (and the updated .wav) can be downloaded at

No other part has been updated, but the guitar part is now up for grabs. First person who want's it will most likely get it.
>> No. 29316
I'm better at guitar than violin. If no-one asks for this tomorrow I could do it? (I'm playing in D Major, the first note being an F#)

I don't see any violin in the sheet music. What's it labelled as?
>> No. 29358
Were you using the first download link? ( It should be under the folder "Sheet Music" labeled "MLP Theme_Violin-1".
Oh well, you can find it independently here:
>> No. 29375
Oh, thanks man :)

Well, the tuning knobs on my fiddle are broken... =\
Not exactly broken they've been fucking up for a while now, but they won't even stay in place any more >_<

I can do any other role, I can do the violin role with a different instrument or I can wait a while to get the violin fixed.
Which is preferable?
>> No. 29420
That's a shame.... well, er... that really puts a damper on things. Do you have an estimated time for repair? Can your tin whistle handle the range, and does it even have a good sound to lead with? I'm not sure a harmonica would sound nice. (Their inner workings honestly confound me.)

If neither of those will work, then possibly either McFisher (Flute), Coggler (Clarinet), Gingersnaps (Tenor Sax), or myself (Clarinet) could take the part.

If you end up not doing the lead, then I would at least want you to do the guitar part.
>> No. 29430

My tin whistle has the range, thanks to Daniel Ingram's love of D Major, though it was bent a little a while ago, I must check if it still plays in tune.

The one with the good sound is fucked, the one with the average sound is in tune.
My harmonica doesn't have the notes.

And yes, if I end up not taking lead, I'd still love to play and guitar could do it.
I could do the part with a guitar? If you don't think it would sound okay then I could just take the chordal parts.

Also, I haven't got a set date for the fiddle to be repaired D:
>> No. 29472
Alright then! Well, if you can get your fiddle fixed before everypony else submits their part, then you can still take the part. If it's gonna take a while, then I can take the part on clarinet. Let me know if you get a return date for your fiddle.
>> No. 29528
I'm not sure when it'll be fixed by. It'll likely be around the weekend, I just need some new pegs for it.
If that's the case I can start recording monday/wednesday.

Is that too late?
Also how's the project coming along as a whole?
>> No. 29539
This weekend? That should be plenty early enough.

As a whole, the majority of people seem to be in the practice stage. Once everypony has there part submitted, then the mixing stage shouldn't take to long, as long as there are no malfunctions. I still need somepony on the guitar part, though. None else have offered to take the part yet.
>> No. 29549
I would be into this. I can play guitar (acoustic/electric) and piano.
>> No. 29552
Actually, I just got out my acoustic guitar and remembered that the bridge is broken. So, only electric guitar.
>> No. 29554
Can I play plz?
I play trombone and baritone
>> No. 29599
>>29552 electric guitar would probably be alright as long as it doesn't have a distorted sound during the intro. After that, it's free range. Did you see my update post for the guitar part?

If you check back later when we start a new round, then I may be able to make you a part.
>> No. 29607
Oh, no I didn't, I'll check that out now.
What part counts as the intro? The part before the chords start? I don't have a pedal so I doubt I would be able to change anyway.
>> No. 29608
Forgot name, herp de derp.
>> No. 29610
The guitar part is pretty easy, and I had the old version down, so the new one won't take long. I should be able to record within the next few days hopefully
>> No. 29694
The intro would be measures 1-3, so yeah, before the chords. I look forward to hearing your part!
Do you have my contact information, or are you going to post a download link here? I check both daily, so either will be fine.
>> No. 29707
Hmm, perhaps it could be a good idea to use the dropbox folder which you used to host the scores etc. to also host recorded parts? Email/some other file sharing site is fine as well, but it could be handy to keep stuff organized
>> No. 29734

That would be amazing
>> No. 29859
Recorded my part!

Is this
going to happen, or should I just put it on mediafire or something?
>> No. 29866
I can only play one instrument and I know several people have already said they can play it but if you ever need a pony that specifically plays Electric Bass Guitar, then Im here with recording equipment at the ready. Ill keep an eye on the thread.
>> No. 29887
Fiddle fucked. Can't afford to get new tuning pegs until around Christmas. D:

I'm getting a mic for Christmas so I'll check back and hopefully play next time and ask to play an instrument of mine that isn't broken :3
>> No. 29919

I stated in >>28506 that I will assemble them all into one .zip file for everypony to access once I have all the parts, but if you would like, I can compile them now and update it when I receive new ones.

Your out entirely this round? I look forward to working with you next time.
>> No. 29921
Current submissions can be found at this link:
When I receive more submissions, I will add them into this file. Let me know if I'm forgetting anything, or would like access to anything else I may have.
>> No. 29927
Thanks man. I should be ready to record whatever in two weeks when I get my fiddle fixed and a new Mic, so I look forward to playing with y'all then :)
>> No. 29938

Oh, okay. I have sent you my part through email.
>> No. 30034
Thank ye kindly. I had some trouble with the codec, but it's all good now. I'll be adding it to the database.
>> No. 30039
So what's the lineup at the moment? You did say, but it was a while ago and it has changed since then.
>> No. 30115
Ok, I was just putting together what we have. And, something is off about it. I believe the guitarist is either playing in C, or your guitar is out of tune, and you'll need to re-record it.

Sorry to inconvenience you, just want it sounding good.
>> No. 30119

Oops, so it is. Don't know how I didn't notice that, it was way out.
>> No. 30120
Alright cool, get the recording in whenever you can man, you got plenty of time I imagine.
>> No. 30126
Lemniscate - violin part on clarinet
Kryptage - e-percussion/audio mixer
Dark Symphony - Keytar
Coggler - Bass Guitar
Strigoides - Lead Guitar
wanew - French Horn

Hope that helps!

Thank you for catching that!
Thank you for fixing that!
>> No. 30520
File 132453097436.jpg - (61.08KB , 800x800 , ucg102.jpg )
Sorry for the delay, I was waiting for my UGC102 to arrive. Haven't had any luck getting it to play nice with Amplitube yet though...
>> No. 30545
Ooh, looks nice man! How much was that?
>> No. 30571
About 40 NZD including shipping. Pretty good price, next cheapest would have been a StealthPlug, and those are at least $100.
>> No. 30581
Wow, nice :o!
I'ma need to check that shit out, thanks man :D
>> No. 30595
No problem! Just got it all fixed up with some help, and it is definitely worth it! Much better than playing through my ancient Roland amp...
>> No. 30724
Well I got a new mic for Christmas, if any parts need played with a guitar or Bodhran or some shit I can do that.
If not I'll play next time round :)
>> No. 30753
Redid my part. So many different sounds to choose from with Amplitube; instead of one standout, now there are too many!

Video + Audio:

>> No. 30759

Ahhhh much much better!

Thank you sir!
>> No. 30766
No problem!
>> No. 30850
>Lemniscate - violin part on clarinet
>Kryptage - e-percussion/audio mixer
>Dark Symphony - Keytar
>Coggler - Bass Guitar
>Strigoides - Lead Guitar
>wanew - French Horn

How's everypony else doing?
>> No. 30859
got waylaid during the break i start on mon
also i first i was really confused by the tempo but then i noticed the tempo change so im good
>> No. 30965
Heya, thinking ahead to future songs, I'd be happy to play piano. Got a new stage piano after Christmas :D
>> No. 30976
Hey, Electric Guitar & Alto Sax player reporting for duty! =P
>> No. 30993
Guh, wish i'd looked here months ago - Do you perhaps need a piano accordionist?
Assuming your still looking for people that is...
>> No. 30994
How useless is that comment with no email!
[email protected]
But i belive i may be too late here.
>> No. 30995

Too late for this song perhaps, but the lineup isn't set in stone; I'm sure you would be able to play in future songs!
>> No. 31269
I wouldn't dare mean to steal somepony's spot but if Cogglers vanished I would be more than happy to fill in. As i mentioned prevously here:
>> No. 31280

Yeah I think that's a possibility if he doesn't respond to email. I think he gave his address a while back...
>> No. 31293
Well if you need me just hit me up at this email : [email protected]
>> No. 31297
So did Lemniscate disappear then ._.?

Anyway yeah, I'm getting my fiddle fixed tomorrow if that fiddle part hasn't been taken already.
>> No. 31305

>I am not so good at navigating image boards, so if I loose my bookmark, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get back.

Perhaps that happened? I'll email him now anyway to see what happened
>> No. 31375
I'm sorry for my absence, but I'm back now! If your instrument is going to be fixed, then that would be great. You can have the part back, no problem.

I'll consider you for the position if Coggler becomes absent, but i think he's still eager to participate.
>> No. 31485
Ah, thanks very much man.

Well, new tuning pegs have been ordered. Is there any specific deadline for this to be completed by?
>> No. 31499
No problem, and there is no set deadline, or else I think we may have missed it 5 times by now. jk
>> No. 31506

If I can be of any help, I've been drumming for quite a number of years and would be happy to assist.

I will have to see what I have in the recording department though...

[email protected]
>> No. 31588
I've contacted Coggler, and he says he expects to have his part done this weekend.
>> No. 31920
File 132685067995.jpg - (9.15KB , 126x95 , 132382944250.jpg )
Don't you die on me!!!

>> No. 32109
Fuck yeah, finally got the fiddle repaired.
Haven't played in ages so I'ma start practising and get my part done as soon as possible.
>> No. 32341
To keep up thread activity, let's discuss what should go into the final products youtube description.
Should there be highlights of our journey through production? Would anypony like links to their profiles or websites? Is there anything that should purposely be excluded?
>> No. 32350
how is the progress?
>> No. 32386
Links to profiles and such would be great

Grand for me.
Just need to get back into fiddle and then record when there's no noise in the house.
>> No. 32435

I think links are appropriate. Also maybe something about a request. ask what viewers wanna see next.
>> No. 32439
Another thing to include would be a download link, otherwise a request for that ends up being 1/2 of all the comments on the video.

Yeah, that's a good idea
>> No. 32440
Did Coggler end up sending his part in, or is he still working on it?
>> No. 32713
Can everypony list the information they would like linked for them?
Good idea. Know any reliable upload locations?
>> No. 32730
Just my name is enough for me thanks

>upload locations
Mediafire? Or you could make a soundcloud account and use that to post any future ones as well.
>> No. 32857


Also, agreed on Mediafire. Soundcloud has the download cap at 100 for free accounts, which could be an issue.
>> No. 33024
Looks like Mediafire will work nicely.

In other news, my laptop's power cord has bit the dust, and having been my primary computer, I won't be able to get online as frequently as before until the replacement arrives. My psp can load this page, but not my e-mail, so if I get anything new, I may not be able to update real soon. I still have access to some desktop PCs, but the people it's shared with have a nasty habit of collecting viruses. I cleared one off today though, so hooray!
>> No. 33043
Oh yes I should post my info!!

Here ya go!


>> No. 33418
File 132850652344.png - (123.48KB , 557x848 , PeskyFrasherPonyT.png )
Somepony needs to keep this thread alive. Clear!
>> No. 33457
10 year playing guitar teacher here and avail :) Preferably electric guitar but whatever you need (acoustic and electric bass are a potential as well) ;)
>> No. 33660
Anypony know how long it takes a thread to go extinct when there is no posting?
>> No. 33662

Note sure, but let's make sure it doesn't xD
>> No. 33665
>>27617 I would LOVE to join! I play bass, accordion, piano, melodica, and percussion among other instruments!
>> No. 33684
So who are we still waiting on?
>> No. 33753
For one, me :D

I've just about gotten back into the fiddle since I got it repaired. Waiting until there's no noise in the house to record.
>> No. 34017
>> No. 34066
Youtube embed play button
  I've scanned through the thread and I think this is just amazing! Bronies uniting and playing music.
I would love to join in if that's possible in this point, I play electric guitar/bass.

>video (a cover I did recently)
>> No. 34364
>> No. 34468
I'm no longer getting a response from Coggler, so if you would like the bass guitar then please do. Or anypony else. Whoever replies first.
>> No. 34502
Im still up for it. Just tell me what to do and ill record it.
>> No. 34539
Look here for the bass guitar part:
Then record yourself playing it, audio and video.
>> No. 34547
Cool, I have it done and recorded by Sunday.
>> No. 34614
After this song is covered, will you move on to other songs?
I would love to contribute in some way.
>> No. 34620
Why not.

Instrument I can play: My voice.
>> No. 34639
Can't wait!

I would definitely like to do this again, so long as my real world obligations don't restrict me.
>> No. 34645

OOOooo That would be cool. Good voices are harder to find. I'm sure Leminscate could incorporate you some where in the mix on future stuff.
>> No. 34648
I Play Acoustic guitar and some people have said they love my singing. I am a guy and i have been wording on my tenor here recently for i am mostly a bass singer. My guitar audio quality isn't top-notch, I admit, but with some tweeking im sure i can make it better.

i have been meaning to record some music while trying to get JackleApp himself to help but to no avail.

My name is TheBeatnik.
>> No. 34707
I do Guitar and Vocals, but I'm not sure if I currently have any means of recording High-quality voice. I also might be able to play and record Bass guitar. Am I too late?
>> No. 34715
Done and Done.
Video Recorded and music recorded. I have 2 versions or the music recorded, one with original export ( very low audio) and one were I have tweaked it to amplify the volume and balance out the audio.
The way the sheet music was written out I played bass in drop D which fit perfectly but the last sounded really off playing the lower D on 4th string so I played it one octave louder, listen for yourself to see if it needs a re-recording.
So how do you want me to give you the files?
>> No. 34716
Derp. I ment to say this :
"The way the sheet music was written out I played bass in drop D which fit perfectly but the last note sounded really off playing the lower D on 4th string so I played it one octave higher, listen for yourself to see if it needs a re-recording."

Sorry being really tired made my typing derp >.<
>> No. 34722

Dropbox, Mediafire, anyway we can download it. I gotta throw it in the mix.
>> No. 34728
All the thingsare in there :D
>> No. 34733

Thank ya!
>> No. 34741
A little taste of what I got so far.

Mix is a little off. Still making changes!

Lets get those leads now.
>> No. 34779
Gee, with this sudden influx of vocals, it may be time for an a capella break! Okay, in reality I have a total of zippo to none experience with vocal music. I'll get a crash course in it, but from what I hear, when vocals get involved everything else gets wonky. I might need help with that.

Added to the collection at!

It's sounding great! I'd say delay the cymbal role until the rest of the instruments are building, but other than that, this is fitting better than I was expecting it to! Good job everypony!

Just two parts left. Spm is waiting for a moment of quiet in his house, and I contacted wanew to see if there were any problems. I haven't heard back yet.
>> No. 34795
File 133041707641.png - (52.03KB , 500x629 , 132621351200.png )
Well, I don't have any kind of stellar recording equipment, but I can play the saxophone. I have constant access to an Alto Sax for sure.

I guess I could also sing Tenor vocal parts. I'd much prefer to be playing my sax, though.

Pic unrelated. :v
>> No. 34965
Bumpy Bumpy
>> No. 35041
wanew is no longer able to participate, so I'll be taking the part on clarinet instead. I won't have any of my stuff until saturday, but I'll try to work as quickly as I can.
>> No. 35042
I can play the accordion, but I'm afraid I can't really be a part of it as I don't have any way of recording it in any form of higher quality. :I
>> No. 35059

Will that be the last thing we need?
>> No. 35072
There's still me D:

Gonna get it done this week. BAM.
>> No. 35085

sounds good man. Lets get this first one done!
>> No. 35307
le bump
>> No. 35518

>> No. 35818
>> No. 35859
bumps all round brah
>> No. 36719
Guess this is dead. Pity
>> No. 36733
Well, Anypony wanna give Lemniscate a email? See if he/she is alive.
>> No. 36760

We could give it a go, I maybe he ran into some problems.
>> No. 37378
Ok just throwing out this idea, for those whom are still watching this thread.
This really had some great potential. Lem was organiser and composer for the project am I right? Would anypony be willing to replace him? I was prepared to start up another thread to revive this idea but the fact is, I cant compose or mix, so I would have no credibility and no good start point. You would really need the main composer and mixer to get a project like this started.
>> No. 37379
That annon is me by the way, sorry forgot name.
>> No. 37384
Well the arrangments were pulled off of for the most part. But played by different instruments. I was doing the mixing, however, it has gone down hill.

I was considering taking it back up myself, but right now, I have a few too many projects I'm planning on making, or am already working on. It would be great if somepony would be willing to take up the organizing position Lemniscate left open. But perhaps this will have to wait for a later time.. :/
>> No. 37386
Fair enough :/ . I would take up orginisation, but as of currently i have university exams and course work to keep me busy. Maybe in the future though. We should keep in touch, are you ok with me having your email Kryptage?
>> No. 37400

Oh no problem at all!

[email protected]

If you didn't get it elsewhere already.
>> No. 37421
Well I haven't played fiddle in about three weeks. I've gotten lazy with it and as a result I've also gotten bad with it, I don't think I can record the part any more D:
Sorry about that shit. I tried 3/4 times to get back into it specifically for this but every time I do my laziness takes over and I stop practising.

If there are any other parts I could fill I'd be glad it, I just can't do fiddle :( Sorry about that shit, again I'd still love to participate if there's anything I could do, I think this project fucking up was a good bit to do with my laziness at not getting my part recorded.
>> No. 37901
Everypony, I'm really sorry about my absence. I have had a terrible string of luck. I don't have my own working computer any more. Most of the files that were on my computer have finally been recovered from the hard drive, but I can't run the programs, which include my music, audio, and video editors. I still have the install disks for those programs, so that won't be an issue once I get a working computer. Unfortunately, I've also been a great deal overburdened by school, which is hindering me from finding a job to get money to afford a computer. I do, however, still have my clarinet and camera, and still want to participate, even though I am also out of practice as well now. I can also still get online and check my e-mail with my cell phone.
I'm ok with somepony else taking control of the project, in fact I would encourage it. It's probably for the best. I'd be willing to transpose the music for projects in the future once I have a way, but for now in this project we only have two more parts to fill. I can combine both lead parts into mine by ear, or hope somepony else can step up to fill the other part or possibly both. Opinions?
>> No. 37948

Definitely go ahead and do that parts then Lem. Getting this first one done will be good so that we can start fresh.

As for taking up the project. As I said, for now, I have some big projects already on my hands and I don't know about taking leadership at this time, but if somepony else would be willing, I could help with transposing and stuff, just not the organizing end of it.
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