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File 132139574067.png - (223.91KB , 640x480 , Friendship Is Magic Adventure Sun Title.png )
27797 No. 27797
Hi, I'm currently working on a pony RPG and I'm about half-way done. But, I've reached a dilema: I can't seem to find any good pony sprites! I really need to find sprites of the mane 6, Derpy Hooves, and the Great and Powerful Trixie (Both with and without hat and cape). It is a top-down rpg, not a sidescroller. If you need any more info, don't be afraid to e-mail me! CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN!!!
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>> No. 27814
>I'm about half-way done

Well, then show what you have already completed and your chances of having a spriter willing to work for you will increase. Otherwise, you will share the same fate of the other guys who only came here expecting to get free servants right off the bat.
>> No. 27815
I'm afraid I don't know how. Do you want screenshots? A video? A demo? I'd be more than happy to send you those if one is willing to pop up.
>> No. 27816

Yeah, pics, a youtube video or a demo would be a wise move.
Except if the game is another cheap RPGMaker mashup with animations ripped from Desktop Ponies or "placeholder" sprites instead of Pony-related stuff. In that case, you better shouldn't bother. :o
>> No. 27826
Well, I am using RPG Maker for the game. It is my first game I have ever made on it, and if you think I'm going to quit on it, forget about it, I've spent too much time on it.

If you must know, I'm using temporary sprites for the game. I want to use sprites specifically made for the game. Unfortunately, yours truely is a terrible artist and cannot draw. Which is why I'm asking for original sprites. I'm so desperate, I'll do anything.

As for pictures, I will upload it soon, and I could get to work on a demo. It shouldn't take very long, so why not? I can't really put up a video on youtube because I don't know how. If you want more info on the game itself, feel free to ask me.
>> No. 27828

RPGMaker and placeholder sprites are frowned upon here because they are the sign of no skill or talent.
Plus, anypony skilled enough to do what you're asking would rather use RPGMaker to create the game all by themselves rather than working for a guy who's clearly several levels under them on the foodchain.

Common sense and a cold head are your best friends: this community is not your free labor source and you can't expect to agree to serve you when you are clearly inferior than them.

Every few weeks a guy pops out claiming he "wants to create a game" but needs others to do all the important work for him. Take a guess about what happens to these requests and why.
>> No. 27829
Okay, fine! Forget I said anything. Rather than give the game itself a chance, you pass it off as infirior. So sorry for not living up to your standards in actually paying homage to a great show.
>> No. 27830
By the way, I'm finishing this game somehow, whether you like it or not.
>> No. 27832
After all, I was only asking for sprites and has already completed most of the game all by himself.
>> No. 27833
You should probably still go ahead and post details on what you have so far (screenshots, etc). Somepony out there might actually feel like being helpful.
>> No. 27854
Alright. I'm currently fixing up a demo at the moment. I'll send out more information afterwards.
>> No. 27868
Okay, I got a demo up and running. It features the first dungeon of the game. Remember, all the sprites are going to change as soon as I find better ones. Click the link below to download.
>> No. 27871
>Remember, all the sprites are going to change as soon as I find better ones

Translation: they will never change.
You lack the ability to make your own sprites, this subpar project will impress no one, therefore nopony will want to submit their work or time to you. Ergo, this is how it ends.

As a general rule, if you don't have the abilities to create your own material, it's better to not attempt starting a project, as depending of other people's charity never ends well.
>> No. 27874
You know what? Screw you. I'm finshing this thing regardless of what you say. All I ask is for somepony to at least point me in the direction for decent sprites, but since you all seem to be above such trivial nonsense, I don't think I'll bother listening to you. I'll find a way to make this work even if it kills me.
>> No. 27878
Okay, I'm afraid I can't be of much help in finding you any sprites, however, I have to say, the project you have there, is very, very basic. I was hoping you'd have something more unique, but what you have so far is pretty much just a cookie cutter attempt at an RPG Maker game, similar to a lot of peoples first attempts at using RPG Maker.
I'm going to try to give you a little advice, so please don't take any of this as an insult.
Firstly, even in the RPG Maker community, using what is provided by default is usually discouraged (I mean things like the enemies, the spells, the tilesets etc.). It just doesn't look good to see the same stuff that has been used a million times before. Especially when it doesn't really fit in with everything else. Adding your own skills, monsters, scripts, is really a necessity if you want an RPG Maker project taken seriously anywhere.
Secondly, you need to develop things better in terms of story as, again, what you have is very basic, and overused in fan games (I'm not quite sure why, but it is). Remember, when it comes to RPGs the story and the dialogue is a huge part of it.
You should probably look around on some RPG Maker Forums for some tips on designing and planning out games.
Now, I actually would like to see something improved from you, as unlike some people on here, I know that impressive stuff can be done with RPG Maker with a little effort, but unfortunately what you have so far is one of the reasons people tend to link RPG Maker with bad games, Don't get me wrong, you should keep at it, by all means, keep improving and adding to it, but really, you'll need something pretty impressive if you want help from people here, as the Ponychan community tends to treat fan projects as very VERY serious business.

Good luck.
>> No. 27887
To add to what Anon said, OP should remember that requesting for other people's help is the last thing you should do, not the first one like you did here.

To put it bluntly, it makes a terrible first impression, without menctioning that nopony is going to care for a guy who isn't capable to do anything on his own and expects others to go out of their way and serve him for free.

It's the same as if suddenly a complete stranger knocked to your door and asked you to do favours to him as soon you opened the door.


I agree, the game sucks. Mashing that thing together couldn't have taken more than a hour, tops.

>You know what? Screw you

Classy. Well, if you can't respect others, then you aren't worth of anypony's time, attention and respect either.
Have luck at being taken seriously around here, because Ponychan never forgets and never forgives people like you.
>> No. 27901
Firstly, I will apologize for my previous statement. I just get a little agrivated when one does not give me a chance. I just don't appreciate the "You suck, we're better than you" attitude that I have gotten.

As for the demo, I took the very first part of the game and threw it into another file. At that point in the game, I was just making it up as I went. I have gotten a better idea at what I would like to do. I would say it does get better, but, I digress.

Lastly, since nopony else here has decided to be of help, I have decided to attempt to work on my own sprites. Don't jump the gun on me people, I've been working on this thing for months now.

The game will be finished mind you, so don't attack me until I'm done. You shouldn't criticize what you don't know, nor should you judge a book by it's cover. Until then, I believe this post should lay to rest.
>> No. 27902
And thank you for the encouragement, Anon number... uh... 3?
>> No. 27938
Well, since you "suggested" that I made my own sprites, I went ahead and did so. And this is what I came up with. I finished a base for both male and female ponies and finished Twilight Sparkle. I also plan on redoing the first part of the game since none of you were impressed by the first demo.
>> No. 27946

I would tone down that agressive tone if I were you.
You act as if not wanting to praise you for a subpar game or not wanting to serve you were an insult, which i can assure you it's NOT.
Also, I would stop the passive agressive attacks and the endless whinning, since it doesn't helps to your case at all.
>> No. 27948
That should probably apply to a few other posters in here. It's no use trying to say the aggression is one sided here.
>> No. 27950

I think that what >>27948 meant is that OP made a huge hype out of himself and since he failed to impress anypony and didn't got what he wanted, he blew things out of proportion and tried to pose as a victim, then he began attacking the community nonstop out of frustration and flankhurt.

In other words, Op has behaved like the average requester who comes to Ponychan expecting to use others as his personal servants, believing that everypony would happily agree to work for a stranger. He's not the first one, and neither will be the last one to do this, I'm afraid.
>> No. 27952
>I would tone down that agressive tone if I were you.

I'm not being agressive. I'm just saying that since nopony here wants to help me, I guess I'll do it myself. How can you tell what attidude I have if it's just words?
>> No. 27954
Honestly, you need to find a better place to ask for help. It's not that this isn't the right board, but these days any request for any sort of help or collaboration seems to get met with similar responses to what you have seen here. Makes the community look bad, but that just the way things have gone. Once again, good luck on the project, I would really like to see this get finished, primarily because I've seen so many Pony RPG projects get about halfway in to development before the creator gets lazy and gives up. Thankfully it doesn't seem like that is going to happen with you. Just hope what you have in the end is better than the demo you posted!
>> No. 27955

You are being both agressive and whiny, as you keep bringing out how you didn't got what you wanted from the community and how that automatically makes everypony here "evil"
You also try to paint yourself as a brave little boy who is going to teach ponychan a lesson. A lesson about how to whine and carry a baseless grudge, I would say.
>> No. 27957
Oh for the love of...
Okay people, since you don't really get this, I've got no choice but to break this rule and spell it out for you in all caps: IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HELP, DON'T POST!!!

Seriously, you're making a big deal about a game that's not even finished. It's not like I'm pointing a gun at your head and demanding you to help. Sure, you can call me whiny, bitchy, moany all you want, that still doesn't change the fact that you are acting like flankholes.

You guys are treating this as if it's blasphemy or something. Well get over yourselves, and leave this post alone.

By the way, this will be the LAST time I consult you guys for anything. and any further insult will be ignored.

Good day.
>> No. 27958

>> No. 27959
He needs to have done something wrong before you can report him...
>> No. 27960
I'm hoping this is over, and whilst everypony had a right to explain their opinion and debate things, please calm down, ok? Both of you.
>> No. 28203
I would like to apologize to you guys. While there were many unpleasant things that happened here on this thread, I can't help but feel that I played a part in this. I admit that I overreacted to some of the comments that I have been given. Regardless of whether or not I was justified, I acted in the wrong manner and, for that, I deeply apologize.

For the record, I am going to continue with the development of the game and have taken whatever legitamate criticism you gave to heart as this will hopefully make a better game.

I will no longer ask for help, however, if any of you feel the need to contribute to the project, feel free to do so, and I will see to it that credit is given. Anything from graphical donations to a simple idea will do. Just remember, I am no longer asking for help and will continue regardless.

Whether I will continue to update on this thread, another thread, or not update altogther remains to be seen.

I just want you to know that I may have said some things that I regret and hold no hard feelings on those of you who spoke your mind about the subject. So, I hope we're on good terms now.

This is Tillerian signing off.
>> No. 28302
File 132183726808.gif - (8.80KB , 192x192 , RainbowCloud.gif )

Yeeeeesh, tough crowd.
>> No. 28303

That is actually a very wise move, you know.
>> No. 28307
You were acting like a super-douche throughout the thread.

(Was that necessary?)
>> No. 28395
Okay. I finally finished with the pony sprites and they turned out better than I expected.

I also changed a few things like the text box, the mugshots, and some of the concepts. I still have some things to do before returning to development, like get some background ponies and remake the first part.

By the way, I'd like to have one of the in-show background ponies show up in the beginning. I don't really know which one I should use. Which background pony do you guys want to see in the opening? (It can't be Derpy because she's a playable character).

> You were acting like a super-douche throughout the thread.

True, and I will be sure that I will not repeat the same mistake.
>> No. 28399

Can we see the new sprites?
>> No. 28420
File 132196952116.png - (16.67KB , 553x425 , Twilight Sparkle.png )

Why certainly. They may not be the best looking sprites, but, it's a lot better than nothing. Here's Twilight Sparkle.
>> No. 28427

... isn't that just a small portion of the HUGE Twilight spritesheet from that MMORPG pony project that has been in the works for months?

>> No. 28428

I admit to using it as a guide to draw the characters.
>> No. 28429

So first you come out as a jerk and then you take other people's work to pass it as yours but keep a lid on it until you get caught on the lie. ("Used as a guide", my black plot)
So yeah, you... aren't giving the best impression here.
>> No. 28430
File 132197697815.png - (284.23KB , 1304x542 , Text Boxes.png )
I also thought I'd use this opportunity to show you the changes to the text boxes I made.
>> No. 28431
File 132197730898.png - (37.23KB , 724x928 , Blank Pony.png )

I didn't know the story about urimas not wanting us to use his sprites until later on. That's when I realized that I need to make my own. Trouble was, I suck at drawing on a computer, so, I did use it as a guide which was a lot harder than it sounds (The sprites were in low quality). Here's a picture of the blank pony sheet I made out of it to prove my point.

You'll notice within the picture are two blank ponies that urimas made, and the rest I made using as a guide. It's the honest truth!
>> No. 28436

Retracing or resizing or painting on top of Urimas's sprites doesn't means thay have become your own original ones.

I would try to minimize my losses and start creating my own stuff -this time for real- if I were you.
>> No. 28440

Sigh... I suppose there's no convincing you. It took me days to get those sprites drawn. I'm not going to worry about the sprites now. Just accept the fact that these are the sprites that I will be using, regardless of whether you think they're original or not, and focus on the game itself please.

Here's my vision of the game, it will be divided into two versions: the sun and the moon. Both have different storylines that are intertwined with each other.

In the sun version you play as Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Derpy. In the moon version you play as Trixie, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity. I'm not going to say what the story is, but, overall I'm happy with what I came up with.

I played through what I made so far and it took me over two hours. And I'm only at the halfway point. I'll conjur up some screenshots for you, if you want.
>> No. 28441
>Retracing or resizing or painting on top of Urimas's sprites doesn't means thay have become your own original ones.

By the way, I never said they were my own original sprites. I just hope it's better than just flat-out using urimas'.
>> No. 28449
>By the way, I never said they were my own original sprites.

Yeah? Because before of this, you clearly said...

>Okay. I finally finished with the pony sprites and they turned out better than I expected.

You are quickly turning this into one of THESE threads, you know.
>> No. 28452
Going to point this out, if you see sprites somewhere that have that dithering effect to them? Leave them. Don't use them as a guide. Typically if an artist does that it means they don't want anypony using the sprites. And that normally includes basing sprites off them. Really, your best bet if you can't draw sprites yourself is to go with your original request for sprites (There is absolutely nothing wrong with requesting sprites as part of a project, contrary to what some people have been saying in this thread)
>> No. 28455

It's just that when I asked everypony gave me grief. BIG grief. If you know anypony who's willing to contribute to the game (Like sprites for example) I'll be happy to let them. But, for now, I'm going to use what I got, because, quite frankly, it's all I got.
>> No. 28456

People will not feel very inclined to work for a guy who (among several other things) is using something he is not supposed to, but instead of listening to reasons, is covering his ears and stomping on the ground because "I'm going to use what I got, because, quite frankly, it's all I got."

Look, I don't want to come out as a jerk, but you must understand that you can't appear out from nowhere and expect people to agree to serve you just because. First you must give them a solid reason to, especially when your request is big and complex as this one. (And in exchange of nothing, to boot.)

Right now, you have done nothing but toss out a rushed demo using default material and hiss at people for not drolling in awe to it.
Be honest: Would YOU give two damns for a person like that?
No, right?
>> No. 28461
>> No. 28462

But seriously, I tried to be nice about it the first time. You guys seem to have forgotten the fact that there's more to making a game than the sprites, like the music, the gameplay, the plot, the programing, and more. And trust me, I already have all that covered. All I asked was for a little help.

I promise you guys for screenshots and a new and improved demo, so, just don't jump the gun on me yet.

I mean, sheesh, the game's not even finished and you're already giving me the cold shoulder.
>> No. 28464
Don't dwell on the past. Yes, some comments people made earlier were worded rather rudely, but keep in mind, the last few posts here are offering somewhat good advice. You need to show what you've got, you need to pitch your idea, show good manners, don't take scrutiny, petty squabbling or paraspriting to heart.
Yes, there are more to games than sprites, I'm sure everypony knows that (barring a few trouble makers out there). But remember, we didn't see much of that at first, and first impressions can be important. As it is people are going to have their doubts about the project, mostly because of the ongoing arguments (Remember, no matter how much you disagree with a comment, there's no need to get worked up over it, just give a polite response)
You've just got to put the past behind you, put together a good case for helping you, and hopefully you'll do fine.
>> No. 28465

Yes, you're right. As much as I wish for all the above comments to not happen, I'll have to deal with it. I suppose I'll work on some screenshots and a BRAND NEW DEMO to convince you that this is indeed worth the effort. If you guys want more info on the game (Not the sprites) feel free to ask me. I want this to be a pleasant expirience free from any further bitter arguments. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a few things to clean up in my game.
>> No. 28472
>You guys seem to have forgotten the fact that there's more to making a game than the sprites

And you seem to have forgotten that a game without sprites cannot exist, right? You may as well say that FiM could have made in G3.5 style and it wouldn't have made any difference, right?


First impression counts and good visuals can make the difference between getting hooked in or being ignored on sight.

Also, your game visuals are your introduction letter to everypony here. That is what makes the difference between being called a hack or a genius, and that's what makes the difference between "No thanks" or "Oh, YES."

Based on this thread and your self-centered behavior, I'm going to assume you can't be older than 15 and this is the first time ever you try to make a game. Am I right?
>> No. 28476

For your information, I'm 19. And I apologized to this thread and is trying to forget about what happened and focus on the game itself. I'm fixing up a new demo (Sprite currently unchanged for now), in hopes to start over with you guys.

Oh, and screenshots, too! I'll be making screenshots.
>> No. 28478
> And you seem to have forgotten that a game without sprites cannot exist, right?

Which is why I asked for help on them to begin with.
>> No. 28480

For your information, you behave as if you were five.
You came here emptyhanded and still, virtually demanded to be trated like a demigod who can say whatever he wants and then backpedal with a fake apology whenever he wants, but still keeps behaving like a dick against everypony else 24/7.

Nopony will give you any respect unless you prove to be worth of respect first and right now, you are equal to a hobo who came here to beg for loose change.

(This argument is going nowhere, so please stop before it gets out of hand, both of you.)
>> No. 28483

Whoa whoa whoa! I think somepony's overreacting here. Look, friend, I asked for help, that's all. I didn't ask you to make the WHOLE game for me, just the sprites, or at least send me some already-made sprites that I can use without getting in trouble.

I'm not asking you to SERVE me, I'm asking you to HELP me. There's a difference between those two words.

I don't want to look like a jerk. I admit, I did that many posts back. I'm trying to redeem myself and convince you that this game is worth it.

And if you don't like it, then I must kindly ask you to leave this thread, because I don't want to argue with anypony anymore.
>> No. 28492
>I don't want to look like a jerk

Good job guy. Calm down, and learn to take constructive criticism before SOMEPONY says SOMETHING that will get them banned. There has already been a mod warning, you know?
>> No. 28495

Don't worry, I calmed down a while ago.

However, I hardly find "you are equal to a hobo who came here to beg for loose change" very constructive.

New demo's still on the way, guys.
>> No. 28500
Alright then, let's put our differences aside and see if we can find an easy way to do this.

How about a blank earth pony facing all four directions? It doesn't even have to have the walk cycles or the face, just a blank. I'll fill in the rest on my own.

Before you post anything, I'm not expecting you to do this for me. If you don't want to do it, that's fine. I won't tell you to do it either. Don't worry, there's no rush or force. I don't really have a deadline.

I hope we can get this done and forgive and forget. I won't try to act like a five year old any more:
>> No. 28541
File 132206413066.png - (3.31KB , 227x122 , Test Pony.png )
Okay, okay, I tried another shot at making a pony sprite and this is what I made so far.

I have Twilight Sparkle (I know the side pony doesn't have the horn), a young version of her (I don't know why I made that) and a blank pony. I would love for you guys to give me your input on it.
>> No. 28546
Not too bad. Better than some I've seen. Assuming you did make them yourself, they're looking good!
>> No. 28547

Thanks. It wasn't easy. I'm working on a blank pony sheet right now. At the same time, I'm working on Twilight's sheet. I'll show you when I'm done.
>> No. 28565
File 132208426398.png - (4.68KB , 226x259 , Blank Pony.png )
Ladies and gentlecolts, here it is. Another blank pony! With this, I'll be able to make all the characters (Again) and finally get this game on the road!

Again, I'd love your input on the sprite sheet. Twilight Sparkle's coming up real soon.
>> No. 28571

You are still using the bases that you weren't supposed to use...
And the eyes use subpixelation as well? That's no good.
>> No. 28581
File 132209410890.png - (6.55KB , 239x228 , Twilight Sparkle Custom.png )
Finished Twilight Sparkle. Eight more to go. Applejack's up next.
>> No. 28637
File 132218484211.png - (7.23KB , 239x228 , Applejack.png )
Well, howdy, y'all! I hope everypony had a very filling thanksgiving dinner. Managed to get this done today. Here's Applejack!

Rainbow Dash is up next!
>> No. 28642

Her eyes look kinda creepy. o_0
>> No. 28664
The front view looks cross-eyed with how close the eyes are, but side view looks great.
>> No. 28666
File 132222973449.png - (6.85KB , 239x228 , Rainbow Dash.png )
Rainbow Dash is here, everypony! The blank pony sheet I used on her got cooler, shall I say, by 20%?

Take a guess who's next. No, it's Derpy Hooves.
>> No. 28667
File 132223071221.png - (17.72KB , 268x702 , Test Pony.png )

>> No. 28668
Applejack's hat looks wrong, the ponies look very wrong on the front and back views and all of them are fish eyed as well.

>You are still using the bases that you weren't supposed to use..

And of course, this.
>> No. 28728
File 132232196739.png - (6.52KB , 239x228 , Derpy Hooves.png )
Hello, guys! Here she is, everypony's favorited screwy-eyed pony, Derpy Hooves!

Guess I'll finish up on the demo now that I have the sprites finished. Look forward to the update.
>> No. 28729
>Applejack's hat looks wrong
Yeah, her hat did seem a little off to me. I'll be sure to pay more attention to it when I have the time to.

>the ponies look very wrong on the front and back views and all of them are fish eyed as well.

I tried everything and this was the best I could come up with with such small sprites. Sorry. If I find a better alternative, I'll try it. I am open for suggestions.
>> No. 28735

Okay, just for you, I'll hold off on the demo until we compromise on something. As you can see, I have four sprites of Twilight Sparkle with different face sets. Please point out which of them are the best. That would give me a clue at what I should do.

Also, feel free to edit the sprites to show me what you would do. I would love to see it.
>> No. 28737
File 132232460052.png - (2.67KB , 154x178 , Test Pony.png )
Derp! I forgot the picture.
>> No. 40261
File 134101095082.png - (78.76KB , 768x512 , smallerponies (2).png )

how about these? I made them for my game (which is still in progress), but anyone that wants them is free to use them. with credit given to me for these sprites, of course.
>> No. 40262
File 134101096135.png - (78.76KB , 768x512 , smallerponies (2).png )

how about these? I made them for my game (which is still in progress), but anyone that wants them is free to use them. with credit given to me for these sprites, of course.
>> No. 40271

Someone NOT using Desktop Ponies sprites and actually creating his own material instead of taking the easy route? (On top of that, they look cute)
My faith on mankind has been considerably restored.

You missed part of Fluttershy's mane though.
>> No. 40285

Why not use Desktop Ponies? As a programmer I've learned that doing something already done is the least constructive use of time. As a pirate (and someone who sells software that gets pirated) I've also learned that free is the way to go whenever possible.
There's the issue of (omg stealing my stuff) but as long as you give credit and you're not making any money I can't see ho the harm being done is worth not doing it.

Just my opinion, remember.

Also, I'd say to use the sprites from >>40261 as they look pretty sweet (and for some reason hal the images you posted 404-ed)
>> No. 40292
People here have strong aggressive feelings about that.

Plus, it is undeniable that if you are in it for the experience rather than just churning out results (like in a business), within reason it is better to do it yourself. It hones your abilities and all of that good stuff.
>> No. 40306

A fair point my good sir, I'll keep it in mind.
>> No. 40310
File 134115143519.png - (340.15KB , 510x720 , 131281411302.png )
1. They give off an air of laziness. They're fine to use as placeholders, but not as the real thing. Making a game is hard work and using someone else's graphics kind of gives the impression of "I don't really care". You probably do - but that's the kind of impression we get.

2. They restrict you to making a 2D sidescrolling game, since you only have so many animations to work with. You can make new animations but at that point you might as well make your own sprites.

3. It stifles creativity. It's the easy way out, for most people, and if people keep taking that option, all pony games will end up looking the same, which would be a darn shame.

Now this... This I like. Twilight looks angry in her side view, but otherwise these are pretty damn good!

In any case, this thread shouldn't have been necro'd. Maybe we need a general sprite thread, since sprite art is such a recurring topic on /collab/... What do you guys think?
>> No. 40314
File 134115565482.png - (546.13KB , 720x719 , uh___ I dunno.png )
>general sprite thread
Would that just end up becoming a "Here are some sprites everyone should/will use" thing? because it's not like there'll be much to that. Just people making sprite sheets until there's one everyone likes and they use that one, and add more when someone needs it.

If anything, we might need a Sprite Tutorial thread instead, so users can learn to do it themselves (I know I'd like to do it myself)
>> No. 40316
>>If anything, we might need a Sprite Tutorial thread instead, so users can learn to do it themselves (I know I'd like to do it myself)

Massive amounts of hints, tips and even base materials have been offered here for months. (Desktop Ponies even have a video tutorial for extra dummy people.)

Still, 9/10 times the answer to that is something like: "I Am Not An Artist, I Am A Programmer/Idea Guy And It's Not My Job To Provide The Animations, That Is Your Job Because Love And Tolerance And Element Of Generosity, So Start Working On Them Or My Project Will Fail And It Will Be Your Fault, Oh By The Way If You Talk Back To Me I Will Report You To The Mods."

It's useless to try to help people who doesn't want to do any "boring" thing like putting some real effort of their projects and instead they want to finish them as fast as possible to bask on the attention or whatever they expected to get from the community.
>> No. 44518
First off sorry for all the bad responses you have gotten, people seem to take this too seriously.
However I am a douche and I wanna point this out for others, try not to take offense.
My issue with this response is that you said "Dont judge a book by it's cover" But unfortunatly... Its a demo. Its supposed to represent the final product, therefore they have a reason to judge it by that. To avoid this, take more time before testing publicly, as it WILL show off the final game and make people decide what it's worth. You could also call it an alpha, claim your changing designs etc. And work especially hard on the first levels to show your serious.
Call me a hypocrite but I haven't played the demo. Just pointing this out. However I would like to see a pony RPG with custom charecters, however thats based on personal preferences. Good luck, I hope you can make a great game.
>> No. 44519

Dude, read the dates.
This thread has been dead since July 2012 and OP isn't coming back.
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