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File 132181148562.jpg - (248.50KB , 1279x853 , Paper Rainbow Dash.jpg )
28244 No. 28244
It hasn't happened yet, so I will start it, a brony group sing of the new song "Find a Pet"

I will do my best to do better here than I did on "Fluttershys" but this needs to be done.

Background Music here:

Lyrics: (also has music with singing for timing)

I will use the aforementioned background music unless I get artists with their keyboards and guitars (and drums etc.) Please send those in.

As for submitting:
1. mp3 is preferred, higher the bit-rate the better, I can remove background noise. Please no WMA, I'm on a Mac.
2. Please use Soundlcoud, Mediafire or e-mail. I am not a fan of megaupload or similar sites, Mediafire is the only one I trust that is like that.
3. Name each track as such: <name you want to be accredited to>_<pony>
* I would prefer separate tracks for singing and speaking, but that is not required
** for example, if I were to submit a track it would be titled Bpendragon_Fluttershy.mp3 for the fFluttershy part.

Hope you guys will have as much with this as I surely shall, and if I missed a thread already started, I'm sorry. I will cease and desist in such a case.

Pic sorta related
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>> No. 31245
File 132574272451.jpg - (40.97KB , 559x565 , applesad.jpg )
Oh geez. I found this project on the 5th and the Deadline is the 6th....Yeah not gonna happen I guess. Sigh
>> No. 31266
File 132579987688.png - (106.39KB , 596x504 , VSNoOneMustKnow.png )
>> No. 31277
EEGADS! So many great submissions!

Submissions end tomorrow at midnight PST now to download
Both sound great, though I was wondering if I would see a submission from you JamJar, you're usually so prompt.
>> No. 31278
File 132583466856.png - (223.76KB , 898x1210 , 106796 - baby Dragon face fluttershy.png )
oh, looks like there's a lot to catch up on! I'll get to work as soon as the deadline's passed, possibly sooner.
>> No. 31303
File 132589622025.png - (15.91KB , 500x500 , AJLurk.png )

Yes I do apologise for the last minute nature of things.

>> No. 31307
File 132590197807.jpg - (99.76KB , 700x394 , 405019_147839001993444_100003020340027_191831_1298738224_n.jpg )
And sent.
>> No. 31310
File 132590390148.gif - (30.29KB , 200x200 , spin_lyra_and_bon_bon_spin_by_tomdantherock-d4h7n37.gif )
MOAR had
Got them.

T minus five and a half hours!

>>mfw I'm totally distracted by that pretty girl keeping me from doing my recording, also, it's related.

OOH, found my recorder, that can't be good.

Also, please support my new personal Project "Bpendragon Presents!" at (separate from my main YT for copyright reasons)
>> No. 31313
File 132591971437.png - (123.93KB , 309x309 , spakku2.png )
...sorry, love it when I get those.
>> No. 31314
Let me check My e-mail, but I believe that I have all the submissions that I will be taking, except for my own, you know how that goes.

Check Back regularly for updates!
>> No. 31320
File 132596618661.jpg - (44.17KB , 240x200 , tumblr_ldri9dXEvA1qz5njno1_250.jpg )
done with all Fluttershy ones, moving on to RD entries.
>> No. 31337
File 132597669831.png - (137.05KB , 800x600 , 49691 - artist-recycletiger derpy_hooves.png )
and Tyranico, your timing is ridiculously couldn't possibly have done this in one take...did you?
>> No. 31377
I am so late to reply, but I just realized that, though I did receive a confirmation, I don't see myself on the needswork/ready to sync list for Fluttershy D:

I submit under [email protected]
>> No. 31381
hmm...I can't find your entry anywhere...unless your entry has a different name. under Fluttershy, I have:
Runbow Dash

if you're not in there, Bpendragon probably didn't add it to dropbox yet or something...he's not exactly easy to get in contact with, so it might take a while before we get a reply
>> No. 31383
I... never saw his comment :(

It's probably too late, but just in case -

Two takes :C
>> No. 31389
it's fine, I would still accept anypony else until the song's uploaded, but since I'm not exactly in charge...yeah. I think deadlines are just to push things a bit anyway.
>> No. 31390
What? I submitted a fluttershy along with my rainbow dash. >>30535
>> No. 31418
added. I think I'll add entries from the thread from now on...less chance of missing anypony. also I forgot to mention Blu blur in the list.
>> No. 31462
Youtube embed play button
  Vid says it all...

Towards all those missed ponies, yeah Nicole, I got yours, I downloaded it at a point when dropbox was down, forgot to move it over when it came back up (was messing with my computer when it couldn't syc, so I had to take it out)

Also, I'd be easier to reach, if I had more time, classes just started and Differential Equations is tough.
>> No. 31465
It's okay! I messed up by not seeing your comment, I don't blame you in the least c:
>> No. 32089
It's been a while, any news?
>> No. 32220
File 132721290467.png - (367.59KB , 680x680 , 132703488719.png )
waiting for Bpendragon...he's probably still busy :\
>> No. 32259
Try, this is the first time I've had internet all week. And I won't again till at least tomorrow. Huge ice storm came through the pacific northwest, knocked out power for about a day, and Comcast still hasn't gotten our cable fixed, yay for DVDs, so currently I'm at the library, Fropbox is all synched, I'll contact you ASAP to find out exactly what I've missed.
>> No. 33191
Ok, just got to it after classes getting mixed up with missing a week of school. I should be able to get part of it (I want to say a quarter to a half) and then I have to wait till monday at least to finish, family road trip for a math competition for my bro.

I swear to you I'll have it done by Valentine's

>>My Life When snow happens cancelling the first week of quarter
>> No. 33741
^Pretty much sums it up. Save for divine intervention I will probably not be finished by Valentine's. I apologize, thank Luna for the eternal continuation of the internet.
>> No. 33743
It's ok; we're patient.
>> No. 33749


>> No. 33786
I'll give it a bash, provided I can get in the studio this week.
If you're on a mac, would aiff be better?
>> No. 33924
I'd talk to Toaster on that note... Considering that theoretically submissions closed a month ago, I don't care, but you'll have to talk to him.

Also I think I got a working touch of reverb going on if taht's the case I should be able to pump out several tracks an hour. Tell me what you think:
>> No. 33951
give it your best shot :D
also, entries get converted to MP3 after I'm done with them, so it doesn't really matter
>> No. 34385
File 132980358911.jpg - (228.28KB , 1992x747 , 113160 - artist-buttercupsaiyan grin pinkie_pie watch.jpg )
not to press things, but... any update on that entry? -wink wink-
...why did I even wink
>> No. 34427
So Toaster and I have Everything (Except possibly for Michael) on the fluttershy edited, just to put those together, Rainbow Dash editing to commence upon return home from school (did you know that running Dropbox counts as a "Network intensive activity?" go figure)

Now somepony go start a Smile, Smile, Smile Sing-a-long, RIGHT NOW. Thou shalt receive, all my internets bits and gratitude.
>> No. 34449
Must resist urge... to do two collabs at once...!
>> No. 35010
My entry ended up getting sorted in right c: Sorry again for the hassle >.<
>> No. 35031
Effects done!
>Collapses on Keyboard, typing topic message
Nicole Goodnight Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash files are present, so I would say yes.

Tomorrow for the final stages to begin!
>> No. 35142
File 133108835312.jpg - (22.67KB , 319x274 , 133049019008.jpg )
yeah I be doin final stuffz and whatnot

actually I'm done but I still gotta show Bpendragon in case I accidentally something
>> No. 35147
That is all. Remember to right click and "Save Link as" or "Save Target as" to download, I should be posting a video here in the next couple days, and then to EquestriaDaily not too long after that.
>> No. 35149
Oh god, YES.
Like the others, I can't hear my regular singing at all, but MOTHER OF CELESTIA there are some bass bits of mine that suddenly sneak up.
I like this.
>> No. 35150
I made sure everypony was at the same volume, but bass is very distinctive :P
>> No. 35152
File 133113870363.jpg - (73.64KB , 655x598 , PartyNote.jpg )

This is truly Glorious.
Bravo, bronies. Bravo.

>also mfw I hear my "GASP!"
>> No. 35154
clearly your gasp is the only thing we can hear at that part xD
>> No. 35158
Man, that ending was just ajgfkshgksj ;w;

I could hear myself at a few parts, which makes me pretty happy c:
Was I the only girl in this? I couldn't hear any other high voices...
>> No. 35159
Oops! Nevermind, second time around I can hear at least one other girl XD
>> No. 35161
I think that's Nichole. I'm pretty sure you're the only 2 girls in there :P
>> No. 35162
File 133116803250.gif - (37.51KB , 360x360 , 130913855668.gif )
That was awesome! The ending was epic just like the show version. Great work Bpendragon and ToasterRepairpony!
>> No. 35164
Thanks for doing this =)
>> No. 35165
I was in there too, but I can't hear myself x3 I'msoquietnaturally

Which is why I just did Fluttershy xD
>> No. 35166
>> No. 35170
Bpendragon, ToasterRepairpony, this was amazing. Great job on the EVERYTHING! We've got some great vocal talent out there; you guys are awesome too.

>> No. 35172
Super great awesome great good job!
>> No. 35193
Youtube embed play button
  ... and run over to the E-mail to send to Equestria Daily.

Video Embedded
Album Art here: (3700px Square. No apologies)
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