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File 132181148562.jpg - (248.50KB , 1279x853 , Paper Rainbow Dash.jpg )
28244 No. 28244
It hasn't happened yet, so I will start it, a brony group sing of the new song "Find a Pet"

I will do my best to do better here than I did on "Fluttershys" but this needs to be done.

Background Music here:

Lyrics: (also has music with singing for timing)

I will use the aforementioned background music unless I get artists with their keyboards and guitars (and drums etc.) Please send those in.

As for submitting:
1. mp3 is preferred, higher the bit-rate the better, I can remove background noise. Please no WMA, I'm on a Mac.
2. Please use Soundlcoud, Mediafire or e-mail. I am not a fan of megaupload or similar sites, Mediafire is the only one I trust that is like that.
3. Name each track as such: <name you want to be accredited to>_<pony>
* I would prefer separate tracks for singing and speaking, but that is not required
** for example, if I were to submit a track it would be titled Bpendragon_Fluttershy.mp3 for the fFluttershy part.

Hope you guys will have as much with this as I surely shall, and if I missed a thread already started, I'm sorry. I will cease and desist in such a case.

Pic sorta related
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>> No. 28247
Submissions will be accepted through Saturday January 6th, so even if you can't do it during holidays, You'll have a little time after them. I will also get this synched up more expediantly than I did on "Fluttershys" Thanks again, and a thousand thanks in advance!
>> No. 28253
Count me in. Not sure when I will be able to record, school and stuff, but I'll contribute.
>> No. 28261
I'd be glad to participate. Hopefully my submission isn't lost like the last two Bronies United collabs I entered. -_-

I know the drill, so I'll get to work recording my vocals when I can. I'll also be submitting for both characters.

How do you plan to handle the spoken line parts? In the same recording with the rest of that character's vocals?
>> No. 28262
Oh, one more thing: if I want to do speaking parts for both characters, do you want them to be one file for one character?
>> No. 28263
File 132182145312.png - (251.37KB , 800x871 , 81481 - artist-john_joseco coffee hot_drink rarity straw wet wet_hair wet_hairity wet_mane.png )
well, if you need help with editing, I could take care of half the entries (or all of them if you're really desperate)
in any case, I'll be there...

you sure there isn't something wrong with your email? I'm starting to think this isn't a coincidence.
>> No. 28264
I should be able to record my voice on Saturday.

Just a question: shall we sing the Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash parts separately? I plan to do the harmonized singing bit in the end, so maybe I'd better send the two tracks separately?
>> No. 28276
File 132182733501.jpg - (61.37KB , 1366x768 , Cute Cricket.jpg )
Soon as I finish my pony swag I'm all over this!
>> No. 28311
File 132184063569.jpg - (10.36KB , 135x160 , spike say wat.jpg )
Please tell me there is another Pony Swag compilation going around. I want in on one.

Also I should be able to get something done with this in the next week. Saw a couple compilations before and it looks fun.
>> No. 28326
Maybe I wasn't quite clear:
If you want in for both singing parts submit two tracks.

Speaking can be attached or separate, If separate use the file name form: <your handle>_<pony>_<speaking/singing>.<file_Extension>
and actually, I /can/ use .wma now, forgot Audacity could open and re-export it as mp3 AICC, FLACC whatever
Thus for Dash's singing part, my file would be: Bpendragon_Dash_Singing.mp3

Clear things up for >>28261 and >>28264 ?

also >>28263 let's see how things go shall we? I may call on you, but I want to see what the load will be like, fair enough?
>> No. 28328
not to sound rude or anything, but do you have any experience with audio editing? I just want to make sure the entries don't go to waste.
>> No. 28331
Youtube embed play button
Every single Sunday I run the sound system at church, which includes recording. I also know my way front and back around Audacity, see here for a GLaDOS-ifacation that took me 3 minutes (after recording time, and ignoring time for changes to take effect):

and I did the Audio on the embedded video, not my best work, and this one I swear I shall do better.

I understand your incredulity, and I apologize if I sound overly defensive, but Audio Engineering is just one of my things.
>> No. 28333
Youtube embed play button
Deadline for Pony Swag Comp is Dec 9th, that's a Wednesday. I'm gonna do mine over Thanksgiving cuz I really don't wanna juggle it alongside finals.

Good luck and happy rapping!

Sorry for changing the subject there, back to the sing-a-long!
>> No. 28334
I see, but I'm not talking about effects, that's not really my thing. What I'm talking about is timing, making every single word in sync with everypony else.

I liked your video, it sounded smooth, but 2 things bugged me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think everypony was panned dead center, and that should never happen when working with a lot of singers. Maybe it's just youtube screwing up the stereo, though...
The second thing's proper timing. you ended up with people singing too soon or too late all the time, which makes it hard to understand the lyrics, and can just screw everything up in faster paced songs. I'm here to fix that.
>> No. 28342
File 132189745045.png - (112.68KB , 475x797 , cutedash.png )
Sounds funny. I'll see if I can fire something off.
>> No. 28362

Fair enough, I can get everything roughly thrown together/generally in sync, and you can clean it up, sound good?

Though I do stand by my affects, half of Audio Tech is affects, the other is synching, I have the first but am moderatly lacking in the second.

As for the dead center pan, I have no idea, half the time I get stereo, the other, mono.
>> No. 28367
yes, though it's better to edit before adding the effects, otherwise reverb and similar effects get cut off during the editing.
>> No. 28379
New Series
New Episode
New Song
New Collab
New Awesome

Am I liking this idea? I do believe I am...
>> No. 28398
File 132193911330.jpg - (63.91KB , 624x352 , 1316911808540888.jpg )
I can roll with that, I'll still do one on my own so I can get better at it, cause this is one of those things that you just need to practice.

Woo, Glad to have you.

>>mfw I see that I misspelled "effects" in my last post
>> No. 28404
I would show you how, but audacity wasn't meant for that kind of editing, so I use Sony Vegas.
also if you want to keep contact, you can add me on MSN or Steam (Firespikez)
>> No. 28432
Implying that I have a machine capable of running Vegas and Steam, getting an MSN account set up now.

"A true test of somepony's ability with a computer, they can do better than average on an iBook G4 in the year 2011" -The previous owner of this computer.

^Yeah, iBook G4, can't do Steam, Vegas, or anything past FF3.6.2, you jelly?

On that note, Audacity is best free audio program IMO, and not just because it's all that will run on here.

MSN account will be Bpendragon, or PendragonTheGreat, depending on what's been taken.
>> No. 28474
File 132199394789.jpg - (40.56KB , 556x490 , 131393237792.jpg )
I'll post my part as soon as I know the lyrics by heart (almost there!) and record a decent sounding recording :D!
>> No. 28504
Let me put this simply. Who cares as to what the audio sounds like? Actually, let me rephrase that, who cares about panning, and slight discrepancies? I do say, for Audacity on an iBook G4 that is pretty damn amazing.

Bpendragon, as it was said in the "Fluttershys" thread, is 18. I know people in the audio business in their 30's who can't do as good as he has done. In all honesty, if you can use Audacity that well, migration and use of another program would be nothing.

Also, as he has stated, this is a learning experience for him, so stop sounding all high and mighty with your fancy programs, and let this young man do his very best. If you believe that this will not work out, you do not have to participate.

I thank you for your time.

I do not wish for this to cause a war, but I would like people to think before claiming that they can help. In this case, I think that the OP has it in the bag.
>> No. 28519
>>28504 <<related pic, do as Twilight commands (read as: I didn't want to have to save that tp my desktop and re-upload it)

Dude, whoever you are, thanks for the support. I'm not sure what you're talking about when it comes to migrating (I've never even touched Sony Vegas) but I can see your point fairly easily, Audacity is difficult at times, and pretty damn laggy, but it's good strong stuff.

As for the panning point, I tried to do that, but even then, there are times I set my audio output to mono and just let the music wash over me, all the layers in one place, the center of my skull.

As for this project: I'm still going to do my own, and Toaster can do one as well, heck I'll even forward any e-mails with audio clips attached, but as the OP I would like to do some of the audio work, otherwise why would I have posted?
>> No. 28520
>>28504 I find this very insulting, anon.
nothing I mentioned is a slight discrepancy.
If you pan everything dead center, you'll feel like only a few are singing, and it'll just sound dull in general. it's the same concept as mono and stereo. (ninja'd by OP, no idea what to say to that)

timing. you can't possibly think this is irrelevant. you can prettify tracks all you want, it's barely worth anything if everypony's off the track.

I don't know what part of what I said sounded high and mighty to you, but forgive me if I made it sound that way, I guess?
There's nothing fancy about Vegas, it's only the standard for beginners and professionals because it's easy to understand and doesn't lack options or tools. want fancy? get something from adobe and crack your skull open just trying to figure out how to make the sound work, or take their more user friendly stuff and lose all the tools you need most.

Age has nothing to do with this, I'm also 18 anyway. I'm not trying to say Bpendragon isn't good enough, I think he can handle effects very well. but no matter how good audacity is at handling effects, I feel sorry for anypony stuck with it when it comes to working on somepony's timing, since it really isn't time efficient when it comes to moving a precise part around, zooming in, fade in/out, changing a specific part's volume, know, stuff we use all the time for that. unless there are shortcuts you need to find that I haven't discovered yet that makes all these problems go away.

Audio and video editing is my passion, I've made nearly a hundred projects that involve easily 50 times more work than simple audio sync/editing. if there was a way I could teach everypony who would be interested, believe me, I would. but I can't teach others what I don't know, which is, in this case, working with Audacity. so I suggest what I do know instead: Vegas

wanna know why I'm so eager to help with the editing? last song I contributed to, the editor was inexperienced. He didn't even bother to make the volume balanced for everypony, and the final thing ended up sounding like complete shit, something close to ear rape. worst part is? he didn't even care. he just replied "u mad?" to everypony who complained. I really felt like all the time and effort I put in my entry went to waste. (since the ones singing loudly just buried everypony else, anyway). I'm not saying OP will do the same, but I do want to make every single person glad they entered the project. whether it is by helping OP with the editing or teaching him how to edit timing.

I really sincerely hope you understand. and I really hope I didn't make it sound like I'm mad, since everypony seems to think that when I'm replying (apparently), when I am in fact very even.
(and then for some reason it keeps failing to process my images so screw it, no pics :C)
>> No. 28525
File 132204216782.jpg - (132.64KB , 1604x1136 , Rainsony Vegash and Fluttercity.jpg )

What to do, what to do... GASP
A prize, that's it! There's really just one way.
To find out which brony is best!
Hold a contest, of editing,
syncing, and effects,
that will put each dude to the teeeeeest!

Don't forget leadership, get as much as you can!

Then we'll know for sure who's best of Ponychan!

The one who knows Vegas tools,

Or Audacityyyyyyy!
Can't settle for less cuz this song's the best,
so a contest we will seeeee,
Who's the number one, greatest audio bro
in the communityyyyyyy

Open your softwaaaaaare....

And never leave your chair!


Sorry, couldn't help myself...
>> No. 28526
File 132204464321.jpg - (48.03KB , 500x383 , 131713804359.jpg )
Trying not to watch new episodes so that I can go through them all in on big bunch. Have only seen up to Nightmare Night. Been off EqD, too many spoilers. THEN THIS HAPPENS! Haven't even heard the "find a pet" song yet but if it's sung by Rainbow Dash then I will BE THERE!
>> No. 28531
I love you.
>> No. 28532
Oh no, That wasn't the message of my wall of text at all!
Still lol'd
>> No. 28533
Can't wait to join in on this one. Now it is time to start memorizing this thing enough so that I can sing it in the shower!
>> No. 28549
File 132207247342.jpg - (35.89KB , 280x289 , Thread Direction.jpg )
Dear Thread,
Let's get back to business. Toaster, I can see that the anon's message can be insulting, I am not a fan of that, love and tolerate, love and tolerate. As for the ninja, Ponychan loads (along with EqD) every time I restart my browser, so I ninja quite ofter.

Great Pic, and I love the idea, I lol'd so hard, but as Toaster said, that wasn't the point of the wall of text. Also, I concede the main audio editing to Toaster, I will add some effects on the back end, and post it to Youtube (As OP I claim that one).

Now let's get those tracks coming in!

P.S. Let us all raise a glass in hopes that we don't get hit with another anon like that! Don't feed the parasprites!
>> No. 28559
alright, though I wish I could teach you...
welp, what was your msn in the end? [email protected] didn't work, so it's probably gmail or something, right?
>> No. 28560
I'm in, just gotta learn the flippin song first!
>> No. 28564

Oh no, I wasn't srs in the slightest. I just got the idea and felt the overpowering need to puke it out for the world to see. Just screwin around when I should be singing.
>> No. 28596
You just saw the naïveté of somebrony who uses IRC clients more than IM systems, mail is [email protected] name for MSN is Pendragon TheGreat, You can also catch me on Skype as Blue Chevre (mail for that: [email protected]), or in any of the following IRC channels:
#ThisIMustSee <--I own this one BTW
#wikia-phineasandferb <--not recommended unless you want to talk specifically about the Phineas and Ferb wiki, and
#wikia <--not recommended either

I also wish I could learn, your work with NightColt on GATG was amazing. I do not agree at all with what that anon said, I only applauded him as thanks for the praise which he gave my work. Which, looking closer, may have just been designed to incite hatred between us.

I kinda figured you weren't srs, and if you make one pony lol, I think you did your job, even more so if no one hates you after the fact.

Now to futz with GarageBand (never use it for recording, only the instruments, even worse than Audacity for recordings and synching) and those new chord sheets that popped up. Maybe I can get something set up.
>> No. 28597
I'm in. I just gotta record something.... I'll get to it... I will, trust me. OMG found a penny... Yeh, I'll uhh... post back here when I got a recording to give ya.
>> No. 29073
Bucking this before it gets lost!
Also, I have a friend (who is a filly, but not a fillyfriend) who has agreed to sing for us, I should be getting that recording in the next week or so, woo.
>> No. 29139
File 132275624146.jpg - (8.18KB , 500x500 , 2340_You_can't_say_no_to_this_face-(n1303046821147).jpg )
I've missed prior Brony singing groups but I will hope to do as much as I can this time!

If you want guitar I can see if I can tab it out by ear, I have a band and we have a recording studio so I could see if they would help out.

Best of luck with ordering all the submissions! :)
>> No. 29223
Music, HAY YES! GargeBand is unhappy with me, we'll use all the help in that department as we can get.
>> No. 29254
I think I have a decent voice, but I do surely not have a great quality microphone.
I will try to get something recorded regardless, when I get time, just for the heck of it ^^
>> No. 29291
Sure! Will upload sometime soon... lol.
>> No. 29292
File 132296629121.png - (341.01KB , 1275x707 , Peekaboo.png )
I think I'll take part in this one!
>> No. 29384
Got the singing part done today.
Everything is mushed together in a single Audacity project atm though, so I'll have to separate the parts as individual mp3s once I get the time (going out soon).
>> No. 29494
My submission:

Not fully happy with it, but whatever.
>> No. 29497
Humm, I will try, with my fucking french accent, and my strange girl voice. My voice is always cracking, so I will do Dashie
>> No. 29509
Totally haven't posted on here in months, but I'm totally coming back just to say that I'm interested in taking part in this. Your last one was awesome.
>> No. 29516
Youtube embed play button
  I've been meaning to enter into a singing collab, but either I'd miss the announcement or by the time I heard of it, it was too late.

I should have something by late December after I finish my finals and such.
>> No. 29518
Great first, and as always, your submission is DA BOMB.

Woo, featured on Nightly Roundup! If you're coming over from there, please read the first few posts, then start your voices!
>> No. 29561
I'm only going to do Fluttershy's part because I don't think my voice fits Rainbow Dash that well. Sorry about my breathing, but my mic is really sensitive, hopefully you can cut the noise out, don't think it's too bad.

Anyway, posting my contribution both here and to your email to make sure you don't miss it. Peace.
>> No. 29576
Thanks for the submission, seems usable. Great work.
>> No. 29578
Hey, I just have a question about one section of the lyrics on

The part that goes "The one who is awesome and cool" really sounds like she is saying 'awesomest' or something like that. I keep hearing an 's' on the end of 'awesome' at that part, so I am really not sure what I should be singing. Anypony else listen to this part and know what the actual words are?
>> No. 29601
I gave it a listen, and it does sound like she's saying something else ("awesome as" or "awesomest"). Not sure, but I know it's not "awesome and." Or those could be the official lyrics and were perhaps sung differently (that happens with some bands I listen to).
>> No. 29639
>Great first, and as always, your submission is DA BOMB.

Wow, really? Thanks! =)
>> No. 29700
Here is my submission finally.

This took me forever to get just the way I wanted, and I still kinda messed up in one part. Though, at this point, I'm just glad it turned out mostly good, so I'll take it.

If there are any issues with it, I can try again if needed.
>> No. 29725
Sonic, sorry to burst your bubble, but we want it in two parts (files). One for Fluttershy one for RD.
Same for you DashAttack

If I wasn't clear on that point I am sorry, *le facehoof to me* but could you try and rectify?

Other Submissions I currently have:
CrystalHaste (Both)
Grandjester (Fluttershy)
Shori (Rainbow Dash)
>> No. 29739
Alright. I'll get to work on that when I get the chance.
>> No. 29750
Just sent my contribution to you via e-mail, Bpendragon.
I'll link my two vocals combined, I did both RD and Fluttershy, if anypony is interested (inb4 i broke the link) :P
>> No. 29790
In the realm of insane Irony, the link is broke. just e-mail it over to me or dropbox or whatever.
>> No. 29791
Sent mine in via e-mail as well. I can't sing, but I still threw the mix of parts onto soundcloud anyways =3
>> No. 29800
File 132361763326.jpg - (38.62KB , 832x717 , wat.jpg )
Well, I finally had the guts to send in my Fluttershy part via e-mail, because I'd really like to contribute to that project...
>> No. 30032
File 132381720802.jpg - (55.64KB , 720x720 , flhndfhbg083.jpg )
>about to start singing
>mom comes back just as I'm about to sing the first note

very nice entries, everypony. I've fixed timing on half of them so far (been busy with other projects, sorry) Keep em coming! :D
>> No. 30051
I know that feel, except it's my roommate. :\
>> No. 30083
That feel, I know it too well :P
Keep at it though :D
>> No. 30139
File 132394392924.jpg - (183.28KB , 1200x1049 , Vinyl5.jpg )
I might just go out and buy a new mic for this. We'll see. Anyway, givin' it a bump.
>> No. 30213
File 132408888545.png - (108.43KB , 640x360 , cloudswimming.png )
Ok, so I keep getting all these wonderful submissions.
If you've sent it to my e-mail and have not recieved a reply of the general form:

"Hey, got it, sounds <descriptor (usually good)>, I have/have not listened to it. Glad to have you."

then send me an e-mail with the subject (all caps) FIND A PET SING-A-LONG

and then in the e-mail itself your name, and the date approximately that you sent it in, if I can find it, I'll tell you, and if not, I'll just have you resend it. Sound good?

Current Submissions I have:

Needs work:
•Crystal Haste, both
•Grandjester combined
•TheRealHonk combined
•Gami Combined (need to convert to mp3)
•Chirmaya, both
Ready to sync
•Blu Blur combined

oRainbow Dash
Needs work
•Crystal Haste, both
•Shori combined
•Gami combined (need to convert)
•Chirmaya, both
Ready to sync
•Blu Blur combined

"Needs Work" only indicates that I need to send it through filters. Some of these files have had timings fixed and what not, but right now this is what I've got, again, if you've submitted and you don't see your name here please send me an e-mail like I described

>>MFW I am literally swimming in submissions (at least compared to my previous project)
>> No. 30240
File 132416202502.png - (446.77KB , 2000x1396 , singing.png )
Going to the recording studio Monday to record the parts (a friend was nice enough to lend me it for an hour). I should have my submission in that evening.
>> No. 30249
What about my submission?
>> No. 30251
Look here:

I was trying to figure out why yours seemed so smooth and then it hit me, you had both parts in a single track, if possible could you re-record? If not I'm sure we can try to use that which you have already sent. I have it sitting on my desktop.
>> No. 30314
File 132435258978.png - (481.08KB , 900x900 , flutterdashtank.png )
If there are any issues, please let me know so I can correct them. The files are in .wav format because when I tried exporting to MP3, and they lost a lot of quality for some reason. :\

Anyway, have a MediaFire link
>> No. 30535
New submissions:
>> No. 30609
Now that I have a bit more free time, I will be able to record my tracks and probably send them via email. Expect an email from me sometime in the next week.

Good luck on the project Bpendragon. Wish I could have contributed to the "Fluttershys" sing-along. ^_^
>> No. 30682
Here's my submission, if I flubbed anything lemme know!
>> No. 30758
Thanks for that dude, sounds awesome!
Glad to have you, sad face on Fluttershys but Oh, well
Thanks so much.

Ok Toaster has been doing an awesome job while I slack off. Not intentionally, but priorities are:
1. Family
2. School

On Winter break so 2 isn't a problem. But I have family over from Japan right now, and mom thinks that I need to help her bake every last cookie, so I haven't been available as much. To remedy this, expect a teaser thing in an hour or so with what Toaster has done, done.

Already complete on a fair number of the tracks is time syncing. So I'll just throw those through audacity, run a noise removal filter to help that a bit then give you some nice raw Brony singing data, think of it as a Boxing Day present to make up for me, being well, me.
>> No. 30768
Ok, so that took longer than I wanted it to, my poor little iBook G4 froze last night at about 0010 PST and would not load Audacity properly. Now I remember why I put Audacity on my Linux box, this.

Have a quick throw together: (Soundcloud)

I was gonna custom shorten the URL to the acronym of the song, but you can deduce why I can't do that.
>> No. 30770
argh, I was too late, it seems. I told Bpendragon that some of the entries were half a second in front of everypony since I changed the starting point halfway...
>> No. 30772
File 132492947972.png - (278.72KB , 852x475 , sopathetic.png )
hehehe oops. I was running on silent because my headphones are busted (new pair is on order), mom was telling me to silence my computer and in Audacity all the waveforms seemed to line up.

>mfw I turn on my crappy built in speakers
>> No. 30849
Oh my gosh, it sounds nice so far! c:
I really like how all our voices blend at the end
I'm also super glad I can actually hear myself in this one, since the last two singalongs I've been in my voice got drowned out by deep male ones XD
>> No. 30885
Sounds great so far. Can't wait until all the effects and music are added; it's gonna be SO AWESOME!
>> No. 30917
File 132519584784.png - (43.40KB , 800x600 , yellowtderp.png )
>> No. 31233
File 132572803780.png - (142.30KB , 900x862 , 131262206806.png )
I hope that I'm not to late or too crap Cause I really wanted to be in on this one. Here are my bits:

This was a hard one but I think I managed to cut out most of the bits where I was really off.

And keep up the good work.
>> No. 31240
File 132573129948.png - (567.51KB , 640x480 , asfgd.png )
Friday is the 6th.


>> No. 31245
File 132574272451.jpg - (40.97KB , 559x565 , applesad.jpg )
Oh geez. I found this project on the 5th and the Deadline is the 6th....Yeah not gonna happen I guess. Sigh
>> No. 31266
File 132579987688.png - (106.39KB , 596x504 , VSNoOneMustKnow.png )
>> No. 31277
EEGADS! So many great submissions!

Submissions end tomorrow at midnight PST now to download
Both sound great, though I was wondering if I would see a submission from you JamJar, you're usually so prompt.
>> No. 31278
File 132583466856.png - (223.76KB , 898x1210 , 106796 - baby Dragon face fluttershy.png )
oh, looks like there's a lot to catch up on! I'll get to work as soon as the deadline's passed, possibly sooner.
>> No. 31303
File 132589622025.png - (15.91KB , 500x500 , AJLurk.png )

Yes I do apologise for the last minute nature of things.

>> No. 31307
File 132590197807.jpg - (99.76KB , 700x394 , 405019_147839001993444_100003020340027_191831_1298738224_n.jpg )
And sent.
>> No. 31310
File 132590390148.gif - (30.29KB , 200x200 , spin_lyra_and_bon_bon_spin_by_tomdantherock-d4h7n37.gif )
MOAR had
Got them.

T minus five and a half hours!

>>mfw I'm totally distracted by that pretty girl keeping me from doing my recording, also, it's related.

OOH, found my recorder, that can't be good.

Also, please support my new personal Project "Bpendragon Presents!" at (separate from my main YT for copyright reasons)
>> No. 31313
File 132591971437.png - (123.93KB , 309x309 , spakku2.png )
...sorry, love it when I get those.
>> No. 31314
Let me check My e-mail, but I believe that I have all the submissions that I will be taking, except for my own, you know how that goes.

Check Back regularly for updates!
>> No. 31320
File 132596618661.jpg - (44.17KB , 240x200 , tumblr_ldri9dXEvA1qz5njno1_250.jpg )
done with all Fluttershy ones, moving on to RD entries.
>> No. 31337
File 132597669831.png - (137.05KB , 800x600 , 49691 - artist-recycletiger derpy_hooves.png )
and Tyranico, your timing is ridiculously couldn't possibly have done this in one take...did you?
>> No. 31377
I am so late to reply, but I just realized that, though I did receive a confirmation, I don't see myself on the needswork/ready to sync list for Fluttershy D:

I submit under [email protected]
>> No. 31381
hmm...I can't find your entry anywhere...unless your entry has a different name. under Fluttershy, I have:
Runbow Dash

if you're not in there, Bpendragon probably didn't add it to dropbox yet or something...he's not exactly easy to get in contact with, so it might take a while before we get a reply
>> No. 31383
I... never saw his comment :(

It's probably too late, but just in case -

Two takes :C
>> No. 31389
it's fine, I would still accept anypony else until the song's uploaded, but since I'm not exactly in charge...yeah. I think deadlines are just to push things a bit anyway.
>> No. 31390
What? I submitted a fluttershy along with my rainbow dash. >>30535
>> No. 31418
added. I think I'll add entries from the thread from now on...less chance of missing anypony. also I forgot to mention Blu blur in the list.
>> No. 31462
Youtube embed play button
  Vid says it all...

Towards all those missed ponies, yeah Nicole, I got yours, I downloaded it at a point when dropbox was down, forgot to move it over when it came back up (was messing with my computer when it couldn't syc, so I had to take it out)

Also, I'd be easier to reach, if I had more time, classes just started and Differential Equations is tough.
>> No. 31465
It's okay! I messed up by not seeing your comment, I don't blame you in the least c:
>> No. 32089
It's been a while, any news?
>> No. 32220
File 132721290467.png - (367.59KB , 680x680 , 132703488719.png )
waiting for Bpendragon...he's probably still busy :\
>> No. 32259
Try, this is the first time I've had internet all week. And I won't again till at least tomorrow. Huge ice storm came through the pacific northwest, knocked out power for about a day, and Comcast still hasn't gotten our cable fixed, yay for DVDs, so currently I'm at the library, Fropbox is all synched, I'll contact you ASAP to find out exactly what I've missed.
>> No. 33191
Ok, just got to it after classes getting mixed up with missing a week of school. I should be able to get part of it (I want to say a quarter to a half) and then I have to wait till monday at least to finish, family road trip for a math competition for my bro.

I swear to you I'll have it done by Valentine's

>>My Life When snow happens cancelling the first week of quarter
>> No. 33741
^Pretty much sums it up. Save for divine intervention I will probably not be finished by Valentine's. I apologize, thank Luna for the eternal continuation of the internet.
>> No. 33743
It's ok; we're patient.
>> No. 33749


>> No. 33786
I'll give it a bash, provided I can get in the studio this week.
If you're on a mac, would aiff be better?
>> No. 33924
I'd talk to Toaster on that note... Considering that theoretically submissions closed a month ago, I don't care, but you'll have to talk to him.

Also I think I got a working touch of reverb going on if taht's the case I should be able to pump out several tracks an hour. Tell me what you think:
>> No. 33951
give it your best shot :D
also, entries get converted to MP3 after I'm done with them, so it doesn't really matter
>> No. 34385
File 132980358911.jpg - (228.28KB , 1992x747 , 113160 - artist-buttercupsaiyan grin pinkie_pie watch.jpg )
not to press things, but... any update on that entry? -wink wink-
...why did I even wink
>> No. 34427
So Toaster and I have Everything (Except possibly for Michael) on the fluttershy edited, just to put those together, Rainbow Dash editing to commence upon return home from school (did you know that running Dropbox counts as a "Network intensive activity?" go figure)

Now somepony go start a Smile, Smile, Smile Sing-a-long, RIGHT NOW. Thou shalt receive, all my internets bits and gratitude.
>> No. 34449
Must resist urge... to do two collabs at once...!
>> No. 35010
My entry ended up getting sorted in right c: Sorry again for the hassle >.<
>> No. 35031
Effects done!
>Collapses on Keyboard, typing topic message
Nicole Goodnight Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash files are present, so I would say yes.

Tomorrow for the final stages to begin!
>> No. 35142
File 133108835312.jpg - (22.67KB , 319x274 , 133049019008.jpg )
yeah I be doin final stuffz and whatnot

actually I'm done but I still gotta show Bpendragon in case I accidentally something
>> No. 35147
That is all. Remember to right click and "Save Link as" or "Save Target as" to download, I should be posting a video here in the next couple days, and then to EquestriaDaily not too long after that.
>> No. 35149
Oh god, YES.
Like the others, I can't hear my regular singing at all, but MOTHER OF CELESTIA there are some bass bits of mine that suddenly sneak up.
I like this.
>> No. 35150
I made sure everypony was at the same volume, but bass is very distinctive :P
>> No. 35152
File 133113870363.jpg - (73.64KB , 655x598 , PartyNote.jpg )

This is truly Glorious.
Bravo, bronies. Bravo.

>also mfw I hear my "GASP!"
>> No. 35154
clearly your gasp is the only thing we can hear at that part xD
>> No. 35158
Man, that ending was just ajgfkshgksj ;w;

I could hear myself at a few parts, which makes me pretty happy c:
Was I the only girl in this? I couldn't hear any other high voices...
>> No. 35159
Oops! Nevermind, second time around I can hear at least one other girl XD
>> No. 35161
I think that's Nichole. I'm pretty sure you're the only 2 girls in there :P
>> No. 35162
File 133116803250.gif - (37.51KB , 360x360 , 130913855668.gif )
That was awesome! The ending was epic just like the show version. Great work Bpendragon and ToasterRepairpony!
>> No. 35164
Thanks for doing this =)
>> No. 35165
I was in there too, but I can't hear myself x3 I'msoquietnaturally

Which is why I just did Fluttershy xD
>> No. 35166
>> No. 35170
Bpendragon, ToasterRepairpony, this was amazing. Great job on the EVERYTHING! We've got some great vocal talent out there; you guys are awesome too.

>> No. 35172
Super great awesome great good job!
>> No. 35193
Youtube embed play button
  ... and run over to the E-mail to send to Equestria Daily.

Video Embedded
Album Art here: (3700px Square. No apologies)
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