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I think I just had a good idea, bear with me. What would everypony think about making a dating site to help "bronies" find "pega-sisters" (I still hate that term.) Anyways, who else thinks it would be a good idea to make a free dating site for MLP fans? Also who is capapble?
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>> No. 28394
do want
>> No. 28401
File 132194153954.png - (92.40KB , 799x480 , fluttershy.png )
Interesting, don't think I'd use it but it's not a bad idea!
>> No. 28405
File 132194524170.png - (160.39KB , 398x408 , 1321931599546.png )
I was at an MLP panel at a convention, we came to a conclusion regarding the term "pegasister" that can be summarized in a couplet.

Girls can be bronies,
if guys can watch ponies
>> No. 28406
The brony community is so small, I doubt somepony in a small state, like myself, would find anypony he'd want to talk to. That being said, I'd still be on the site everyday looking for a female brony to talk to :)
>> No. 28409
A good idea, and has been proposed before, but the likely problem is that it would be full of nothing but guys. Then again, that might not actually BE a problem for some of us...
>> No. 28413
Recently my friends have been threatening to sign me up for an eHarmony account. So in all honesty this sounds like a great idea. Only problem being that I've noticed that the bronies in the Brisbane/Gold Coast aera are great at hiding themselves. and I'm not comfortable with long distance relationships.
>> No. 28422
What's wrong with just publicly declaring your brony status on an existing dating site?
>> No. 28437
I'd call it equestra dating
>> No. 28467
File 132198966671.png - (110.46KB , 320x222 , 77064 - artist SpeccySY cloudia oc.png )
i think thats an awesome idea!!! if you ever get it up and running tell me!!! message me on youtube!!! :3 "byakuya9444" :3
>> No. 28468
File 132198991935.jpg - (35.32KB , 496x720 , 321069_255417384493072_255213784513432_888854_1321003_n.jpg )
Girls can be bronies,
if guys can watch ponies

^ that was beautiful :L:L:L
>> No. 28473
> This thread.

Wait wait wait.
Are you guys trying to create a makeshift sex agency service?

... wow.

This is why people mocks FiM fans and compares them with the Sonic fandom.
>> No. 28482
File 132199648633.png - (27.71KB , 413x416 , me.png )
The word sex was not said one time in this entire thread before you came... It's a dating site, not a whorehouse...
>> No. 28543
File 132206577282.png - (136.93KB , 350x350 , 130289084371.png )
I'm capable of undertaking the coding side of such a project.... You know what, fuck it. SQL is a language I need to learn and I spend 90% of my time doing nothing and coding relatively useless programs anyway. So I'd love to help you out. Actually, the more I think about it the more I'd love to help out...

So, would you like to have me part of this project?
>> No. 28552
Whatever you do, do not code it from scratch. Customize an existing CMS.
>> No. 28586
This probably won't come into play for quite some time, but what if you had the option to take a personality quiz matching yourself to a pony, and then had the option to sort through potential partners by their personality/pony. Example: I am a Rarity looking for a Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie/Twilight Sparkle. Bronies with the personality/pony type you selected would show up first in your feed, but after that it would list all other pony personalities below it.
>> No. 29069
I was thinking of something like this today actually...

I'd recommend coding from scratch because you'd have to implement a lot of functionality that generally comes with pre-built solutions, such as SQL sanitization, javascript, css, password encryption, etc.

The time it takes to fix problems that arise would outweigh something that exists on the market, free (GPL) or otherwise.

My 2 bits.
>> No. 29070
File 132263595434.png - (126.27KB , 423x306 , 131518093176.png )
*AGAINST* coding from scratch, sorry
>> No. 36207
File 133315148990.jpg - (50.60KB , 320x320 , seapony_pinkie_pie_by_giantmosquito-d4itrxy.jpg )
>> No. 36209
>Sex Query Language
>> No. 36212
If boys are bronies girls are...gronies? ;)
>> No. 36217
File 133317386470.png - (126.44KB , 683x792 , 133054726608.png )
I wonder what the gender ratio will be.

Inverse of the show's character gender ratio.
>> No. 36218
File 133317491827.jpg - (3.42KB , 125x122 , 132781206770s (1).jpg )
Do want, can has?
>> No. 36220
File 133318720024.png - (366.34KB , 568x542 , Screen shot 2011-12-03 at 3_42 PM 1.png )
>Applejack seeks Dashie, can offer more than 20% more... awesome ;)
>> No. 36222
Kind of a simple project in Python. If you want my help in the coding part, give me an email address and I'll contact you.
>> No. 36259
I heard Python. Python programmer here. I'm not a mobile or web developer though, so I don't know how much I can actually help.
>> No. 36527
If you can learn Django, we can work this out. Do you have an email address I can email you?
>> No. 40102
Well. It's the matter of having a bunch of 40 -year-old women chasing after you on those sites
>> No. 40103

If you use personality types, please for the love of god break it down into MBTI subtypes as defined by the Jungian defintion. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, don't fall for the typical pitfall "Oh, let's make up our own personality definitions."

Using personality relationship theories works better (like in jungian terms, do not let types with a primary/secondary intuition and sensing get together. It usually is a fight waiting to happen unless the primary type is the same for both personalities.)

The benefit of personality theory is that Jungian personality is very well developed, is very self-consistent (unlike MBTI, which has some inconsistencies), and does explain human personalities and personality compability really well (if you understand it).

>> No. 40191

What does primary mean?

I am intuitive and virtually hate the EST types.
>> No. 40192
Well I can't sleep so I'm going to throw myself out here as an example.
I'm an INTP which breaks down to cognitive functions Ti - Ne - Si - Fe. So out of any S types, the only ones I'll get along with have Ne in the second group (which doesn't happen in S types) or Ti in the first group (which is the ISTP, which I've found is the only S type that I meet eye-to-eye with, the other S types I find myself constantly going through tiresome explanations). Intuitives and sensors usually don't get along well because they take in the world differently, that's why most ESxx types I cannot stand (usually they find me as weird and undesirable anyways), no offense to ES types (I know plenty of people who love your charm).
>> No. 40193
File 134079224088.jpg - (57.84KB , 612x388 , 133997353731.jpg )
>> No. 40194
File 134079224855.png - (356.10KB , 623x617 , 31.png )
i get all the bitches

i don't need dates
>> No. 40218
I think this is a pretty good idea finding people with common interests normally make the relationship stronger then being with somepony who doesn't like your interests. I would be glad to assist in creating this website. I know PHP, SQL and other web languages. My Skype is "Tuqiri13" and an example of a website me and Dragoshi made would be, Dragoshi doing the design of the site.
>> No. 40237
I wouldn't recommend coding it from scratch. That would be one fuck tonne of a job even for you and dori. Security would be a nightmare. There are probably 100 dating sites pre-coded that you can rip into and make your own. Also, just curiously, what's running to make you fork rate like it is? (Check Munin)

If this projects gets off the ground I'm here for anything server wise if you want it.
>> No. 40238
not dori! my mistake, drago.
>> No. 40249
File 134098717770.png - (112.04KB , 1255x1275 , 1332677840381.png )
Sure there might be other dating sites out there using the same code, but that is not a good idea since it wont make your website unique from the other 500 websites that are out there wanting to do the same thing. Having your own code makes it more interesting and much easier to work with then reading wikis or web pages on how to change something simple like the title of the page. An example would be Facebook clones that you can download and set up, sure it will look nice but other people would be doing the same thing.

Security would be an issue either way since if the template that is used has a flaw it will spread quickly and people would be able to find the website and use the said flaw to gain access like what happened to WordPress quite recently, but if you made the code yourself within a team what flaws you don't see other people in the team will, but there could be a issue with an error in the code going unseen. Another issue using pre-built web page is that its open source and attackers will know how it works behind the scenes like database name, etc, making it easier for him to preform an attack.

Overall I just think its a bad idea using a pre-built website when there are people offering to make it (for free) most company's use pre-built websites since its cheaper then hiring a coder and a designer to make it for them.
>> No. 40275
I think you are under estimating how much code needs to be coded. Coding and then troubleshooting would be a nightmare, it would be a full-time job if you wanted any hope of finishing it in a reasonable time. Not to mention after it's finished the effort required to constantly improve and work more on it, making it faster and more secure. I strongly believe someone could find a pre coded one that you can edit to your hearts content that would work out better.

I'm not doubting your coding skill! I've seen first hand what you can do and it's very impressive but I feel as if you may be digging yourself a grave with this one.
>> No. 40332

I think Jung and pony personality might work; Jung of course being more versatile and accurate, but pony personality being more of a novelty for the site
I'd personally put both on the site or combine them lol (Applying ponies to Jungian terms, like Twilight being INTJ or something)
(Also, INTP-high-five, Semicolon Dash!)

Also! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you go through with this, do NOT just list 'lyra' and 'straight' as the only orientations! I've been to so many dating sites where I can not join 'cause they only use those two sexualities
At VERY LEAST allow the four 'corners' of orientation (Straight, Bi, Lyra, Ace) and an 'other' option
You also might wanna do romantic orientations, too, especially if the person's ace, as I find that's the orientation that most commonly uses separation of the two (For example, I'm grayheteroromantic ace, so I'd have different interests in dating than a homoromantic ace)

That all being said, I think this is a good idea and I'd join! Good luck c:
>> No. 40339

Great, what happens now if your pre-coded software stops working as expected and starts "rampaging" or allowing Spambots in? Who is debugging it then?

You know, to use pre-built software (as a coder - not EQD way of using a blog) you need to understand how it works, and make it your own. Usually that's quite a lot harder than coming up with a great solution yourself.

Additionally, many CMS (like Joomla / WP - I'd consider WP as CMS too nowadays) have horrible codebases, weird patches and outdated ways of performing a task. I'd say WP is great for having your blog (it's main task), but it is not great to develop software on it.

Did you get my Skype invite?
>> No. 40340
But designing a system is a horrible and arduous process.
I had a semester long project where I had to design an e-book library and basic CDS. It took a whole semester (granted, we were forced to work in Java) and the entire time, it was a massively trying experience (though probably because my other 3 teammmates didn't do anything).
Understanding an already built system should be a lot easier, assuming that the people who made the system created documentation. I would NOT recommend making your own system, especially if you are not getting paid for it. It is not worth the frustration (and that's without even getting into security stuff).

INTP's unite and take over the internet!
And as a demisexual, I highly encourage usage and acceptance of the term as a legitimate orientation (also goes as gray-sexual, or half-sexual).
But minor trivialties aside, you can try to apply MBTI / Jung (I prefer to use Jung and simply just refer to the MBTI, since MBTI is more easy to refer to but Jung is more accurate), you have to realize that the mane 6 (and a lot of characters for that matter), are still fairly young, and their personalities have not fully developed.
Take Twilight Sparkle for example, in my opinion, she is an INTP who has not yet developed her Ne. It explains why she is fairly obsessive with lists (a function of Ti), she doesn't forsee the consequences of her actions always (like Lesson Zero, I think the episode is called). When her Ne is firing up, she gets very disorganized and obsessive on her work and trying different solutions to her problems (which is Ne kicking in) and gives creative solutions (Ni gives practical solutions and pattern seeking, which rules out INTJ, plus she seems to have a Fe function, because she wants people around her to be happy, with doubly rules out INTJ)

Completely rambling now, but you get the point. The ponysalities would have to just be silly flavor, or just "pick what pony you feel you relate to most".
>> No. 40346
File 134125776344.png - (132.09KB , 289x283 , twilight_reading.png )
I do think using some pre-made crap is a bad idea.
I do also think doing everything from scratch is suicide.

Using a framework would make everything easier. Doing your own framework would take weeks, months even, and it will never be as good as what has already been done.

On the other hand, learning how to use a framework take, at most, a single week (spending a bit more time later on some details).
Plus, since RoR kinda became a "standard" for web framework designs, learning one makes the learning of others incredibly easier.
Symfony, Play! and RoR (PHP, Java, Ruby) are almost the same things. And Django (Python) as well, though it made some different choice in its design.

About the security, it's the eternal debate of closed-source against open-source.
My believe is that you're still more safe with an open-source design: the flaw is more widely known, but it's also more likely to be fixed faster.
And it's less work. Laziness is a quality.

A framework doesn't do all the work for you.
It's about fastening the development and easing the "maintenance" part. Web framework do that amazingly well.
>> No. 40350
>Using a framework
When I said use something that's already been made, I meant a framework. Unless you're doing it to learn how to do something, always use a framework (my RoT, though I'm always doing things to learn, hence i rarely use frameworks).
>> No. 40370
File 134132038257.png - (397.43KB , 577x559 , 132101670772.png )
>Great, what happens now if your pre-coded software stops working as expected and starts "rampaging" or allowing Spambots in? Who is debugging it then?
oh man lol, what do you code in?
>implying anyone can't read reviews before using software.
>implying people who don't know how to code make these sites.
>implying tuq or whoever else is the dev team would leave it vanilla.
Tuq is a great PHP coder and so is drago, together they can do a lot, and I'm not saying they couldn't code a dating site from scratch, I'm saying it would be a harder path to take than editing another teams work.

>You know, to use pre-built software (as a coder - not EQD way of using a blog) you need to understand how it works, and make it your own. Usually that's quite a lot harder than coming up with a great solution yourself.
>implying tuq wouldn't know how it works.
>implying anyone on the dev team would release it without knowing how it works.
>implying coding a website is as easy as "coming up with a great solution yourself".
>implying it's hard to figure out how it works.
As long as it's well documented (which would come up in the reviewing process) then it wouldn't be too hard to figure out what is going on at all. In fact it is a LOT easier looking at pre-made, well documented code and editing it to your likings than starting from scratch. Personal experience.

I honestly don't see why everyone is bagging out pre-made software as if it's made by idiots...
Maybe they've heard too much about kusaba?

Every method has its pros and cons and granted I haven't looked at any pre-coded dating sites so I don't want to shoot myself in the foot by saying it's the "way to go". I'm just trying to be cautious because I don't want someone to bite off more than they can chew.
>> No. 40373

I code in PHP. Personally I consider that PHP has enough bugs to need another layer on it (I wasn't talking about Frameworks here though). Most prebuilt Software (say Wordpress, Joomla or PHPBB) I've used happens to be great if it's used for the task it's needed.

My blog is made with Wordpress so I trust it enough to handle that (but I just use it to post). Many prebuilt software packages are 'big ol' dinosaurs' that aren't capable of handling the modern features of the languages they run on, meaning they implement slow and bad security. Additionally plugins are not always made with the same quality standards as the rest of the package.

I tend to be uncomfortable using stuff I don't understand (granted, I have not coded my own OS and programming language but I've got an understanding of what is going on under the hood).

Back on topic, as opposed to Ruby or python, PHP is "nearly a framework and templating system for C++" so what need is there to just add even more frameworks?

PS: I'm with you here, I haven't been looking into any pre-coded dating software (I'm not even sure if any exist) and am just giving my personal opinion and experience together with my own two cents.
>> No. 40382
File 134135089259.jpg - (302.07KB , 680x446 , 102813 - no reaction_image twilight_sparkle.jpg )
>> Back on topic, as opposed to Ruby or python, PHP is "nearly a framework and templating system for C++" so what need is there to just add even more frameworks?
This is so false I don't even know where to start.

PHP isn't a framework. Not even "nearly" a framework.
If it is, then so are Ruby and Python. And that would just be silly.

If you read someone saying that PHP was "nearly" a framework, then that someone has certainly never used a web framework properly.

And what does that C++ template part means ? I was quite taken aback by that part. How is PHP a "templating system for C++" ?

I'm getting a bit out of topic here, but programming is the only passion that captivates me more than ponies...

To get back at the subject, trust me: using a framework (even Symfony in PHP), you will cut your work's load by half.
And I'm extremely under-selling it.
>> No. 40408
First off, I think it's greatif we debate this, I'd love to. But I've been to this type of conversation many times and want to make clear that there is no prize for anyone. Especially those Mac vs Windows threads tend to make people angry - we can be friends while not thinking alike, right?

Well, right after that I want to correct a typo (4AM kind of typo) as I wanted to write "a template system in c (written in c)", not for and not c++.

So, about it being a templating system. PHP is considered the first language to support the way of coding that now feels normal on the web, writing a piece of HTML and putting a <?php tag wherever you want and start coding.

About the fact of being "nearly a framework": with the standard binary install you get PHP together with hundred of prebuilt functions, classes and other stuff. Nowadays this seems normal, but I personally don't understand how you can extend a programming language that out of the box brings support for 18 DBMS's (PDO works with lots of Databases) and basically does whatever you can think of.

If we bother someone with coding blah blah we can move elsewhere (skype or email or stuff like that), so if anyne feels bothered let us know.

>I'm getting a bit out of topic here, but programming is the only passion that captivates me more than ponies...
+1 here
>> No. 40410
We could debateof Symfony, Rails and Django, but it would be fruitless since they are different tools for the same job.

However, we can debate on the exact nature of the job.

First of, PHP has a wide "standard lib", but it can't be called a framework.
In fact, every other web language has a standard lib as complete as PHP's.

PHP has the advantage of reimplementing the C standard lib, while using a similar API. Which makes a good learning curve for anyone coming from C.

Others like Ruby and Python have the advantage of reimplementing all this in a completely object oriented fashion. Which makes it easier to develop readable and flexible programs.

For everything next to this point, I'm only familiar with the Scala version of Play! and with Ruby on Rails, so I'll take Rails as an example (but since I'm not going in the details, everything I say is most likely valid for every other similar framework, such as PHP's Symfony).

Now about PHP and the balising making it feel more natural.
This is good in some ways, but can very easily become a wrong way to do things. Web framework make use of it, but are careful to keep any HTML related thing in a very special part of the web application.

I think Symfony also support Smarty's templates, but you can also write your views directly in good old PHP.
Other languages don't have this way of doing things directly, but Ruby for instance has given birth to eRuby, which does the same things in the view (<% %> to execute code, and so on).

Web framework such as Rails use the MVC model, and thus separate completely the HTML from anything else.
Which gives you access to a great many solution (such as Smarty. I don't like Smarty, but I must reckon that it's pretty good at what it does).

And it doesn't even matter to your application, because it's completely separated.

See the PDO is only one end of the issue, but actually the bigger problems don't come from your database: it comes from how you handle the rendering of your data and the architecture of your application.

And in web application, a good architecture always come in the shape of an MVC design pattern.
That, my good sir, is what these web frameworks are about. They bring you an implementation of the MVC design pattern.

Of course that is only the main point.
They also come with something else really important: they take care of *everything* around that MVC framework that would be similar from one app to the other.

For instance, URL handling.
You will never have to directly work with URL: using MVC and a routing system, the framework will always find out exactly what method of what controller need to be executed. And it will group every parameters (regardless of the way they were sent, POST or GET - let it be said that GET aren't sent using the machin.php?name=thing, because all the web framework also bring what they call "human URL", so for the same parameter, the URL would look like this: /machin/thing).

It's all a bit complicated to explain, but though the framework come with a good way to handle the models...
Wait, I'm not even done with that. PHP has PDO to handle database. But, correct me if I'm wrong, is only about SQL-based databases (My, Postgre, sqlite, ...). Who says your application has to use a SQL-based database ? What if you're making a social network ? Then you will most likely need a NoSQL database. Or even both ! Web frameworks also help you in that way by using several modules as back-end for their Models (PDO, or something else).

Ok now that I'm done with that: frameworks not only help you with handling your database.
They also handle the flux between:
- A request is received
- Executing the corresponding code
- Returning an appropriate answer

About the third step for instance, it may seems linked to the second step: but not always.
Sometimes, the same action will be triggered by two different things. Sometimes you will need to answer the navigator by using HTML. Other times, you will need to answer it using Javascript. Or XML.
Frameworks take care of that as well *all by themselves*. And that is a great blessing.

To conclude with, the greatness of web framework is that the only thing that is left for you to do is... write your application.
And nothing more.

I will tell you, at first, I was skeptical. I only started working on web framework because I had just been employed in a company that worked with Ruby on Rails.
I didn't feel all the power right away, but after a year of experience, I can really tell that it allows me to work faster.

I won't tell all the story of my life, but let it be said that a lot of project that I had given up because they were simply too much work to do alone...
Well now I'm going back onto them, alone, and doing all of them at once. And they're even better than I had envisioned them.

So: if I failed to explain why web frameworks are the way to go (which would be sad, because I've been writing for 10 minutes now), I would still advise you to try it out.
It may be hard to start with them (unless you're already familiar with MVC... I know I wasn't, and I saw the different learning curves between people who learned with and without knowledge about MVC). But once you've mastered them, you become an unstoppable warrior of the web development.
>> No. 42483
i am a brony who feels alone this is a way to find a new home :)
>> No. 42486
I fully support this idea, I'd like to help with the any ideas for the site if I can. You can contact me on Skype if you'd like, my name is Ukimoni2.
>> No. 42504
File 135042502230.jpg - (6.97KB , 300x168 , pinkie cry.jpg )
Please make this, I have had girls friendzone me for my love of MLP. Make it stop please make it stop.
>> No. 42509
Oops, I'm dumb, my Skype name is actually ukimoni1. Sorry about that.
>> No. 42524
lol, welcome to the party.

Oh I remember this thread! Yea, it went shashingly last time we tried.
>> No. 42718
>> No. 42796
lol, fooled me.
>> No. 42802

Funny thing, the female to male ratio on that site is nearly 2 to 1
>> No. 45104

The idea sounds great, but think about it. 99% of the fans of the show are men, and I've never once met a pegasister who might just as easily be confused for a male. Face it, all nerd fandoms are largely the basement dweller archetype. The attractive people are a very small portion, almost as small as the % of cloppers.
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