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28650 No. 28650
Introducing... The Humble Brony Bundle! ( )

So, what is the Humble Brony Bundle? A way for bronies to come together and create a fund to buy one big copy of the Humble Indie Bundle. By pooling our resources we can easily become one of the top ten contributors. Spread the word far enough and we could reach number one!

And by helping the cause you'll be supporting charity, indie gaming, and good publicity for all bronies everywhere!

Why should you join the Humble Brony Bundle cause?

You can see more info on these points at the Humble Brony Bundle website, but here is a quick overview:

The members of many fandoms are concerned about how others see them, and bronies in particular have some rather pastel-colored first impressions to overcome. Some people strongly fear bad press and will do anything they can to limit it.

I say... forget about the bad, let's make some GOOD press! Let's show the world that when bronies come together we make good things happen! What is the good? Well:

60% of all Humble Brony Bundle proceeds will be contributed to charity. This is split between two groups: Child's Play, who provides games to sick children in hospitals, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a group of passionate digital rights experts and advocates working to maintain free speech and privacy on the Internet.

30% of all Humble Brony Bundle proceeds will be contributed to indie game developers, those guys out there making the small games we love and LIVING THE DREAM!

10% of all Humble Brony Bundle proceeds will be contributed to Humble Bundle, Inc., without which none of this would be possible since they pay for the massive bandwidth to keep the Humble Indie Bundle going.

How can you join the cause?

Go to the Humble Brony Bundle website, linked at top, and donate! If you aren't able to donate then please spread the word far and wide!

Thank you, everypony, for your time and consideration!
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>> No. 28651
File 132219652470.jpg - (132.87KB , 483x659 , sonic_rainboom_fyeah_by_jcharlesmachiavelli-d49xhg4.jpg )
I just came here to post this: Looks like you beat me to the punch!

I have already donated 10$ though it still doesn't feel like enough I have spent to much this month already on games... I will donate more next month before it closes when I get my check!
>> No. 28654
I will be donating on the 1st of december :)
>> No. 28658
What are you going to write in the Top Contributors on, OP?
>> No. 28660
File 132220937290.png - (141.14KB , 700x901 , 131943741797.png )
Just donated $10 myself. Wish I could do more but I don't have a lot of money. Still, $10 is better than $0 right?
>> No. 28661
File 132221258499.gif - (27.75KB , 91x90 , thumb_nom__by_thumbnomplz-d4dldvc.gif )
Of course it is!

I'm probably going to donate more next month when I get my check! Like another 25$... or more depending on my bank situation.

If you don't think you gave enough at least spread the word. The more people that know about it the more money will be given.
>> No. 28670
Thanks guys! Yes, $10 is a LOT more than $0! It's like... infinity more.

And thanks to all those infinitely-more-than-$0 donations we've received we're currently in the Number One position on the Humble Indie Bundle site!

But considering we could be overtaken by a big donation, and that all "leftover" donations will be used on the NEXT Humble Indie Bundle, now isn't the time to stop! Keep it up, everypony!
>> No. 28679
Imho, "Humble Brony Bundle" is a poor choice. It should have been a pony related twitter account because those get to be links and and even have thumbnails on mouse over, which is a chance to display a pony picture to all visitors.
>> No. 28680
Another idea: instead of making a single top place donation, make multiple lesser donations that differ by a single dollar, and spell a sentence. Something like:
[email protected] $1,024.00
2.GO LINUX GO! $500.00
[email protected] $313.37 $300.00
5. My Litte Pony $255
6. I used to wonder $254
7. What friendship could be $253
8. Until you shared $252
9. It's magic with me $251
10. @terrycavanagh $250.00
>> No. 28688
File 132226946103.png - (43.48KB , 525x300 , HIB Shout Out.png )
Attached image is the Humble Indie Bundle's official Twitter news feed giving you all a shout-out for your donations and effort! Good job, guys! :D

Thanks to the advice of you and another I saw the wisdom in this and have now changed things around! Take a look at the Humble Indie Bundle Top Contributors now and tell me what you think.

I had considered something like that, but I came to the realization that spamming is no way to make a good first impression! Let's stick with a classy #1 spot for now and perhaps on Humble Indie Bundle #4 if we have enough to be #1 AND multiple other numbers we'll have ourselves a grand ol' time.
>> No. 28695
This is why I'm proud of being a brony.
>> No. 28700
So I hear that the HIB folk are planning a surprise for us. Any hints as to what that might be?
>> No. 28704
Le GASP!!!

Indie gaming company.... Pony's.....

Indie Pony game maybe!?
>> No. 28719
File 132230029273.png - (2.27MB , 1600x1000 , 131918214174.png )
Oh, I didn't know you can actually change attribution after you've donated. Good job! I suggest making a few tweets to explain a random visitor who are bronies and what's it all about. Also, maybe change the Twitter page background to the Canterlot panorama or some other pony wallpaper. Pic related.
>> No. 28720
Hmm, the people who run the HIB don't actually make games. I'm hoping for a ponification of the man e page, for at least a day or sumtin, heh.
>> No. 28725
File 132231611410.png - (305.93KB , 900x900 , letter_from_luna_by_csimadmax-d3bijk8.png )
Sorry, no, not a pony Indie game.

That WOULD be pretty awesome! Though, total ponification might be a bit much for a small but vocal minority. Maybe they could toss in a small reference for us somewhere, though?

I'd rather not use a piece of art without artist permission, and I don't think there's any way to contact Moe.

If anypony has any suggestions for background art for the Twitter page, from an artist who can be contacted, please share!
>> No. 28732
You can try browsing the MLP groups on deviantArt and contacting the authors through there.
You can also add more money to your donation from your humble page.
Actually, if I'm not mistaken, the guys who run the bundle made Lugaru (which was part of the first) but still that's an unreachable dream because hasbro copyrights.
It would be awesome if Introversion made a small pony patch for Multiwinia. The game has some holiday visual enhancements like little Santa hats for the multiwinians in Christmas, maybe they could add pony manes? XD
>> No. 28743

Over $3300 is NOT small, heh.

Maybe they can add some more games and have a Luna pullout exclaiming that "THE FUN HAS BEEN DOUBLED!"
>> No. 29032
File 132260749018.png - (303.37KB , 602x693 , jackpotchickenpie.png )
So, the surprise? The Humble Indie Bundle wanted to thank us and recognize us for all we've done and provided the Humble Brony Bundle with 10 gift keys to give away!

So, together with Equestria Daily, I'm happy to announce the Ponies at Play art contest! Go take a look for more info:
>> No. 33102
File 132806171345.png - (13.69KB , 219x226 , android-logo.png )
Bamp. There's a new bundle!

>Pay whatever you want to get four excellent games for Android mobile devices, as well as any Windows, Mac, and Linux computers you have: Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Osmos, and EDGE. Customers who pay more than the average will also receive World of Goo, an indie classic and an Android delight!

OP, you still accepting money?
>> No. 33228
Yup, the Humble Brony Bundle continues to operate, both during and between Humble Bundles! As a matter of fact we surpassed the $20,000 total raised mark!
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