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28713 No. 28713
>MLP: Fighting is Magic - Thread IX

It's a bird, it's a plane!
It's thread X!

The guidelines:

- First. Let's try to keep the wildly Off-Topic stuff to a minimum. We don't mean to keep you from posting the unrelated comment once in a while, but when one beceomes twenty, it gets a bit hard for the DevTeam to spot important stuff and legit questions at a glance.

- Second. As with off-topic, let's keep discussion on gaming matches to a minimum. Commenting mechanics is okay, but commenting on particular matches only a few of the thread readers got to see confuses some people as of what's going on. Use discretion. If it's bound to become a 20 posts discussion on how awesome somepony's comeback was from the brink of defeat, it might be better suited for Skype. If it's just an one-off in-joke or witty remark, it could go in the thread, but, once again, avoid lengthy discussions if the subject matter can't be understood by reading the thread context, please.

- Third. Rarity is Best Poni. Then Twi, then AJ/Fluttershy, then RD and then Pinkie. Let's avoid "x is best poni" debates... Unless we're talking about gameplay, that is, in which Rarity is also -totally- going to kick everypony's flank... - Love. Anu

- Fourth. This one is more a comment than a guideline. We'll update when we've got something we consider worthwhile to post. We've explained several times why we prefer to do this over a daily/weekly log. Poking us will only result in getting distracted from actual development, thus, slowing the rate at which we put out updates. Don't worry. If the game were to be cancelled/delayed (and it's not), we'd be making an announcement about it on the site, not keeping silent about it.


>Our website's located at ; We'll be doing all major announcements through there, as well as having behind-the-scenes images and sneak-peeks at development as we go along; Following this thread is your second best source for information. Followers on here might also get a goodie once in a while.

>Frequently Axed Questions Document - Read this before asking any questions, please!


>Youtube Channel

>Livestream Channel


>Important: The only accounts answering questions belong to the DevTeam, and are posting with a tripcode; Please consider any answer not coming from official posters or already answered in the FAQ as rumors, or with a grain of salt.

The official accounts are

Mane6 DevTeam - !.devteamGc
Prominence (Lead Programmer) - !PVE2itHFMI
MonkeyJay (Programmer/Animator) - !Rainbow23
Leedin (Animator, Character Artist) - !oEMx1GiGEw
Nappy (Animator) - !ncuj4CwIRE
Anukan (GUI Designer/Website Designer) - !Aikan3NYWE

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>> No. 28714
> Website Updated

... And Anu hasn't been heard of ever since.
>> No. 28716
File 132229599012.png - (153.74KB , 700x700 , 130720088839.png )
And I was just about to post in the old thread to comment on the website update when out of nowhere Thread X. Well played.

It's nice to see another update. As much as I love video updates, reading about behind-the-scenes things is just as fine and dandy. It's wonderful to see how the project has developed and to hear the reasoning and thought process behind game elements ranging from art direction to HUD design and gameplay. You guys just put so much detail into every aspect of the game design. If I didn't know better I'd suspect you guys were professional game designers.
>> No. 28718
File 132229698672.jpg - (9.99KB , 185x156 , serious.jpg )
Are you guys going to be posting vids from Bronycon?
For those of us not in NYC?
>> No. 28722
File 132231084431.png - (26.39KB , 500x550 , Toph_Lurking.png )
>> No. 28724
File 132231530696.png - (214.51KB , 455x342 , bison.png )
>> No. 28734
I have one question (which may have already been answered): Is there advancing guard (aka push-blocking) or teching in this game?
>> No. 28738
Still no Fluttershy... but hell, dem 6 segments and slow filling magic meters! I think Applejack is gonna have the two segments, Rainbow dash the six segments and Rarity obviously gets the slow fillup one. Twilight's got the three. Now for Fluttershy and Pinkie, I think Fluttershy gets a slow filling and pinkie the 4 segments.
>> No. 28746
File 132233109881.png - (141.30KB , 1201x1444 , BoltConfused1.png )
There was teching in the stream footage and the Twilight reveal trailer. Did you even watch those?

My question is, will there be Guard Crush in this?

Don't forget there are still 12 other characters coming after the game's initial release.
>> No. 28747
File 132233118278.png - (48.36KB , 2000x2405 , BoltLurk1.png )
Oh you...
>> No. 28752
I did, but I guess I didn't notice it.
>> No. 28753

We're trying to set up something, but we're still a bit sketchy on the details; Can't make any promises yet.

11. 6+11= 17. 2+2= Fish.
>> No. 28754
Don't worry. If you don't, somepony else surely will.
>> No. 28760
File 132233673661.png - (119.93KB , 1201x1444 , BoltEye.png )
>> No. 28769
I love the amount of effort being put into this, it's already come a long way, you guys are doing an amazing job.

The current version of the HUD is absolutely fantastic. Two things I think it could do with are experimenting with hexagonal win icons, for a purely aesthetic purpose, and a super bar that fills up with different colours, to make it easier to see how much it's charged at a glance.

I look forward to seeing the next update. :3
>> No. 28770
I wake up to ponies only to wake to more ponies when I checked my email. ImOkayWithThis.jpg

Great update, I was about to ask if you were gonna have assign the magic indicator color to each pony's element, but you answered that question IN BOLD. :B

I like seeing a "behind the scenes" thing.
>> No. 28771

Been there, done that; actually tried something a bit more complex at first, then hexas, and ended up in circles; They look better at the 640*480px game resolution.

Not shown in the article are the two dozen sketches and detail changes I went to between versions; Didn't want to overwhelm people with almost identical images on what it might seem already like an overly long article.

The multi-colored bar is something already on the works. As mentioned in the article, make it work before making it pretty.
>> No. 28776
Well alright then, I guess it helps to not overwhelm the screen with too many hexagons too. Just something I was curious about.

Keep up the fantastic job. I'll go back to lurking around. :V
>> No. 28808
I lol'd at this

MLP: Fighting is Magic - Thread X DevTeam!.devteamGc Fri, Nov 25, 2011 11:55 PM No. 28713
>MLP: Fighting is Magic - Thread IX

Ctrl+c ctrl+v ftw.

(I only noticed it when I was bookmarking this thread and thought I was bookmarking thread IX).
>> No. 28812
>> No. 28838
File 132237647061.gif - (933.51KB , 320x180 , squee!.gif )
Loved the update. It's always so interesting to see step by step and behind the scenes things like this. The GUI looks awesome, and even if it's subject to change i'm sure it'll be great when the game is released. Thanks for the update guys, keep up the great work!
>> No. 28856
File 132239163484.png - (136.99KB , 900x751 , 131372619703.png )
Thanks for the write up, Anu. Its cool that you went ahead and did that.

Also KoFXIII is out! Did anypony else get it?

And Lunar Republic forever.
>> No. 28870
File 132240311790.png - (419.00KB , 1024x1048 , 131654783344.png )
Oh, look! That moment finally reached!

That was a unespected, yet very interesting, update! The GUI looks smooth and clean, it will help to remain the combats as the center of attention. But I didn't get the thing about Magic: They will charge as you fight, charge with an attack, passive?
>> No. 28883
File 132241435948.png - (87.54KB , 299x327 , 269.png )
This is me, missing the new thread like a moron.
>> No. 28888
File 132241880027.png - (28.64KB , 830x650 , scared.png )
I thought the game ended because Elosande left.
>> No. 28889
and because no updates
>> No. 28890
File 132241962466.jpg - (6.72KB , 225x225 , pie16.jpg )
Didn't they say in the very thing saying that he left that work on the game would continue?
>> No. 28891
File 132241981739.png - (25.59KB , 830x650 , no.png )
I must've missed that.
>> No. 28894
File 132242400555.png - (143.07KB , 1201x1444 , BoltAnnoyed.png )
GUI/HUD post and no "Art of the GUI/HUD" joke? For shame Anu...for shame...
>> No. 28896

Fun fact. I don't really consider m'self an artist =P. I've had the chance of personally knowing m'share of artists, (in which I count some of the devs, particularly Nappy and our former BG artist Elo), and realized I don't really count myself as an artist.

My work leans more to the technical side, with a bit of artistical-ness than the inverse.

Then again, somepony also said once that "Graphic design is for artists that Can't draw" (to save their lives). Probably true.

So while I wanted to make the AotD connection when I thought about doing the article first, a few threads ago, I didn't really feel it.

I also didn't remember to when I was writing it =P.
>> No. 28897
File 132242713085.png - (91.75KB , 263x316 , Toph_Nothing_To_Worry_About.png )
Chello! Excellent job all. Explosives.

How's things coming along? I'm seriously just wasting time right now. Hit me! I need to do work!
>> No. 28900
I would, but that spot's reserved for Anu. He's a confirmed slacker.
>> No. 28902
File 132242852084.png - (71.73KB , 256x243 , Toph_Im_Number_One_Here.png )
Crap so I can't get any? Heresy!
>> No. 28906
Oi. I'm not a slacker. I'm a procastinator. =P

... and I work better with deadlines over my head.
>> No. 28908
What's that behind you?! Ghost Nappa?!
>> No. 28922
So far we have heard music from only one of the composers: Rbc88. And they have been some of the best and highest production value music this community has produced.

So, with the other composer DH, will we see equal production? Not to get into the subjective aspects, just sound quality / use of live instruments. The most notable thing (imo) we have seen publicly is his Twilight theme (incidentally remixed by Rbc88).


Assuming each character will have an original theme, what other music will be in the game - menu, credits, variations for final rounds or special events?
>> No. 28930
From what I've seen of this game it looks awesome! And I really like the Twilight theme for it. I have to ask though, what kind of release date are yall trying to shoot for?
>> No. 28939
File 132248160793.jpg - (19.99KB , 311x162 , 131228797185.jpg )
I got the impression that RainbowCrash88 isn't that good at composing. Nothing on his youtube channel is an original composition. He just has a strong understanding of how to produce solid videogame music remixes. DJ Derpy Hooves on the other hand, has a large amount of original composition.

I had assumed from the beginning that DJ Derpy Hooves would be composing songs, in full instrumental electronica or whatever he wanted to use. And that RainbowCrash88 would take the song, and clean it down into a simpler more unified less instrumental song for a old-school videogame.

When Twilight's Sonata was rewritten to be used as Twilight Sparkle's Stage Theme in the last character trailer, I was pleasant to see that it appeared that my theory about the two musician's roles were confirmed.
>> No. 28945

I'm certain that 0.00-0.50 of Twilight and 0.25-1.04/1.19-end of Applejack are original and by Rbc88. If not can you identify where you think they come from?

And (personal opinion only) those sections were better than the parts that remixed Ingram or DH.
>> No. 28948

We let RC and DH pick what themes they'd like to give a go to and which ones they'd like to collaborate in; So far, What we've heard from both of them is incredible. Due to the order in which updates have been released, there's been two tracks by RC; The next one coming will probably be DH's.
>> No. 28950

>> No. 28955
File 132251842592.jpg - (48.08KB , 501x525 , 130797659781.jpg )
I'm going to give you credit Solar.

We're ten threads into this. And I thought every single possible question had been asked. For the past 8-9 threads, I've repeatedly answered questions which had already been answered in the FAQ, or were obviously unanswerable.

And you asked a new question.

I don't use this picture very lightly. Congratulations, you earned it.
>> No. 28962
File 132252627497.png - (126.60KB , 400x360 , 130261632355.png )

What >>28955 said.
>> No. 28972
>Website updated
>> No. 28974
File 132253225629.png - (34.59KB , 430x478 , Kitsune Grin.png )
Awesome. Finally we get some Fluttershy.
>> No. 28975
I'm trying not to have an early choice for my main but... Must have animal assists!
>> No. 28976
Be afraid.
>> No. 28977
I assume the blacked out ones are her level 3s. I'm calling it now. :B
>> No. 28978
File 132253577188.png - (152.93KB , 980x1681 , BoltHype2.png )
>> No. 28981
Heh, didn't notice the porcupine and skunk being blacked out at the time.
>> No. 28985
File 132254290271.jpg - (34.50KB , 600x339 , AbsolutelyBrilliant.jpg )
I know you guys must get variations of this question all the time, so I'm going to specify a little.

From what I can tell, you've been very vague about release dates. However, it seems like you want to release it sometime between March and July 2012. Is this accurate at all, or am I reading more into it than that? Also, will you release it in Alpha and update it semi-regularly a la Minecraft, or do you plan on finishing the whole thing before you release it?
>> No. 28986

Oh hell yes.

Please tell me the Manticore assist has her pull the thorn out of its paw. :)
>> No. 28993
File 132254889008.png - (269.36KB , 480x450 , 131907955975.png )
It's... so... beautiful!
>> No. 29006
File 132257121169.png - (142.07KB , 400x500 , 131551425988.png )


I knoew she would fight with annimals, but those?! She will be kinda nice to play!

And we know something about all characters, so it is kinda close to finish, yeah?
>> No. 29009
File 132257668757.jpg - (22.56KB , 421x423 , LightningBlitz_notsureboutthat.jpg )
Well now...
That is pretty cool.
I'm expecting great things from this one...
>> No. 29010
Mic check- new comp, so no settings.
>> No. 29012
File 132258714111.gif - (1.22MB , 680x854 , Glee.gif )
Let's face it, we all knew Fluttershy wouldn't be doing as much hooves on fighting as the rest and that she would be a beast master.

But that doesn't make this any less awesome.

Assuming Angel will accompany her for the entire time, the bird and otter will be level 1s with the bird being a projectile and the otter close range attack. The skunk and porcupine will be area of effect with a cloud of stink and a long range hail of spines respectively. Then the bear and Manticore will be the awesome level 3s that just beat the shit out of everything ever.
>> No. 29016
File 132259112174.gif - (1.30MB , 300x340 , twinkiepinkiethinkie.gif )

For the sake of speculation...

They could be her regular attacks. So Angel and the ferret would be her light attacks, the skunk and porcupine are her medium attacks, and the Manticore and bear are her heavy attacks.
>> No. 29017
I noticed a few comments on the image on the main page thinking Fluttershy will only attack with animals. I could be wrong but despite being an assist character, I think Fluttershy will have a few moves that will have her hit the opponent. She'll just have light hits she's too scared to do (closing her eyes or hiding her face when trying to hit for example). Somewhat how Dizzy works in Guilty Gear. Dizzy holds back her hits.

That's how I originally pictured her fighting anyway.
>> No. 29018
File 132259276578.png - (141.30KB , 1201x1444 , BoltConfused1.png )
...but...what would that even do...I mean, offensively...
>> No. 29019
I don't think they are her regular attacks, but I bet they are her special attacks.

Or rather, Angel is a heavy part of her regular attacks (but not all) and the rest of the animals, in the groups you said, are her light medium and heavy specials.

Not her supers.
>> No. 29026
Will Fluttershy's animals have different colour skins like the ponies?
>> No. 29035
File 132260933109.png - (150.80KB , 1275x1448 , BoltReassuring.png )
Most likely. Two Fluttershies with same colored animals wouldn't be right now would it?
>> No. 29038
File 132261245127.jpg - (66.70KB , 800x614 , 9f0dc529faafc60872a3aab70ed520a7.jpg )
>> No. 29039
What are you going to do for 1,000,000 page views? :3
your getting close~
>> No. 29040
Another possibility is that she'll work like Rachel in BlazBlue, where the animals do all the attacks and take all the hits and Fluttershy just chips in for a few specials.
>> No. 29042
that would be a relief
I could never hit fluttershy! XD
>> No. 29057
File 132262398393.png - (64.83KB , 211x255 , Rachel Alucard-2.png )
Rachel does not loose. She simply get's tired of fighting.
>> No. 29061

When I first saw the image, my first thought was Zappa. I thought it would be neat f her animal partner cycles, and it colors her attacks, or makes them attack for her.
>> No. 29065
> Website Updated

Is it a double update, or is it two parts of a single one?
>> No. 29066
> Website Updated
>> No. 29067
File 132263334627.jpg - (45.60KB , 464x464 , 247332_fluttershy__s_happiness_by.jpg )
I love you guys.
And hello, new guy!
>> No. 29071
Awesome! I was just playing that the other day. Nice to see the guy on the team. Game's got a lot of potential.
>> No. 29089
Angel=Bada** Adorable.
>> No. 29093
File 132268756583.jpg - (18.27KB , 297x315 , NZEQ8.jpg )

This is so glorious...
>> No. 29094
Thank you guys, you have no idea how happy this update made me.
>> No. 29095
Do you guys practice being vague?; Every question you answer brings me 10 more!
>> No. 29097
File 132269145328.jpg - (70.39KB , 600x262 , 00000499.jpg )
>> No. 29098
File 132269157697.jpg - (56.54KB , 397x283 , 00000499-1.jpg )

>> No. 29101
> Important

Just a heads up.

We've been notified that a couple of twitter/facebook accounts posing as us have been offering "Beta" keys. We'd like to remark that they are NOT affiliated to us in any way, shape or form.

There is not a beta of Fighting is Magic running at the moment, and even if it were, we wouldn't be charging people to get in.

Mane6 doesn't have a twitter, facebook or other social media account; Some of our developers might possess personal accounts, but official info comes only from the website or our ponychan threads, posted by verified devteam members.

As a rule of thumb, if you see any information not confirmed or listed in our website ( or posted in the threads by the verified DevTeam names, disregard it as rumors, unfounded claims, or in this case, as an attempt of scamming people.

We cannot be held responsible for the actions and behaviour of any of those accounts; As we've mentioned before, and we reiterate right now, The website is our central hub; All important info, including beta testing, when and if it happens, will be addressed through there.

Thanks for your suppport
>> No. 29102
Sort of sad this will be a Season 1 game only. So many new and cool things are being put into Season 2 already that would work great for this game. Not to mention what Season's 3-whatever would.

If this game went well, would you guys ever think about doing another one, say, at the end of the series when everything is out there? Would you even want to wait that long to do another game like this? Or is this going to be it?
>> No. 29103

We don't have definite plans after Fighting is Magic reaches the full 17 characters Roster. We'd like to see this game through before thinking of any future possibilities.

As for the reason we are mainly S1 content, is to avoid feature creep. The full roster and their movesets have been planned since the start of the project, and been in development since. Re-doing months of work to add a small detail or tidbit every other week a new episode airs isn't a good practice when you want to release a game.
>> No. 29111
Hey! 1,000,000 pageviews on the mane site!
>> No. 29120
File 132272138664.png - (28.72KB , 169x98 , MDWsaywhat.png )
>> No. 29132
Can you put a prominent link to the current ponychan thread on the right side nav of I was trying to find the current thread and kept getting directed to older threads and had a hard time finding this one.
>> No. 29136
File 132274825074.png - (152.15KB , 1287x1441 , BoltWorried.png )
So, my question was completely overlooked.

Will there be Guard Crush in this?
>> No. 29142
This. The fans must know!
>> No. 29147

Each thread redirects to the new one at the end of its lifespan. You can also check the /collab/ main page. The new thread is usually on the first three in the first page.
>> No. 29179
You guys sure know how to tease. Jesus.
>> No. 29182
I am eagerly anticipating Fighting is Magic. The moment this releases I go online with it and show the world why Rainbow Dash is best pony.
>> No. 29187
File 132279774703.png - (140.28KB , 316x404 , Toph_Hopeful.png )
Yellow! Checkin' in on everypony. How goes it?

Better be some cool awesome stuff man... I'm busy currently working on my MLP persuasion speech for my final in Speech class.
>> No. 29188
File 132279851148.png - (67.02KB , 221x251 , Disguse.png )

Oh, come on, man! She looks like a rushdown character. Rarity and Fluttershy wrecks the shit out of her, and even Twilight can handle her well with projectile spam.

That is sad becasuse I kinda enjoy playing with that type of character, but OK.
>> No. 29191
I demand a video, so we can hear your amazing, earth-shattering voice.
>> No. 29193
Better have it recorded and put on EqD's Nightly. :P
>> No. 29198
I actually see Rainbow Dash vs. Twilight as strongly in RD's favor, easily 7-3. From the Twilight video it looks like her specials are all ground-based and she has no anti-air, and I imagine Dash can just disrespect her traps and fireballs with high-priority air-to-ground attacks. As for Rarity, yeah, it'll probably take some good reads as I imagine most of Rarity's attacks are plus on block, and Pinkie Pie, forget about it, she has that anti-air launcher with (presumably) a hitbox the size of Texas.

I plan to. It'll be my first KoF game. Are you on Xbox?
>> No. 29199
I'd really like to know if there will be Fyreflye and Surprise palettes for Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, as well as Discorded palettes for everypony. Awesome read whoever it was who made Discorded Twilight before Season 2 was announced.
>> No. 29215
Sorry, but type-wise, Pinkie and AJ would at least have a chance of winning against her. RD's most likely (assuming) going to have less than average defense, leaving her open to massive damage against strong attacks, in which Pinkie and Applejack would have in spades.
>> No. 29216
How elaborate is combo system gonna be? are you gonna include fixed combos with a list or are we going to have to make up our own combos like in mugen.
>> No. 29221
From watching the footage, I did notice Twilight had a horn thrust attack that hits upper front (the hitbox didn't seem too long, though). Besides that, she has her traps, which, depending on where RD would land from a quick air rushdown, would break her combo. I don't know if the cooldown would be fast enough that she could set a trap and backdash out of an air-to-ground attack, but that would also be a viable option to shut down Dash.

This is, of course, all speculative on Rainbow having fast air-to-ground attacks which, let's be honest, we can predict with 99% certainty.

Watch her combo at ~1:52 in the gameplay footage for her horn attack. You can see a good demonstration of its direction and air hit capabilities:
>> No. 29222
Oh god I can't wait to actually start playing this game.

>> No. 29226
> Website Update

Help wanted: Pinkie Pie's VA
>> No. 29239
you guys are too slow
>> No. 29244
File 132289119889.jpg - (139.66KB , 400x315 , Sonic_Taunt.jpg )
>> No. 29247
File 132289395943.jpg - (314.46KB , 1024x768 , 56d846601f9e0eda93d31962840b028a.jpg )
Do not rush them. Good things come to those who wait.
>> No. 29256
Are you guys planning for Grappler character? because i can't picture anypony pulling off 720 piledrivers or even a supplex.
>> No. 29261
File 132293301634.png - (417.43KB , 676x510 , 130996346573.png )
Objection. Big Mac, Gilda, and Chief Thunderhooves
>> No. 29266
File 132294569326.png - (1.65MB , 1600x900 , grrr.png )
I thought the posibility of Big Mac and Chief Thunderhooves being grapplers, but they can't grapple conventionally because hooves; something like the Juggernaut or Hulk moveset fits them better.

Gilda on the other hand looks like the perfect pick for a grappler.
>> No. 29275
File 132295482416.png - (143.82KB , 1201x1444 , BoltSmug.png )
>Can't Grapple with hooves.
>Multiple occasions in the show where ponies were holding things with their hooves.

Nice try sir.
>> No. 29278
File 132295650897.jpg - (784.37KB , 800x600 , IMG_0732.jpg )
Oh it... is...on....
>> No. 29279
Like Donkey Kong.
>> No. 29280
Please tell me that Pinkie Pie will be able to use her Party Cannon.
>> No. 29283
File 132295999468.gif - (8.65KB , 476x320 , Donkey-Kong.gif )
>> No. 29289
I doubt it, since the game is season one only.
>> No. 29310
File 132299553310.gif - (240.88KB , 480x270 , Eyesparkle.gif )

BRB, selling one of my kidneys to be able to afford it.
>> No. 29311
File 132299596602.jpg - (76.11KB , 750x600 , feature-creep.jpg )

Feature Creep. It usually causes games to get postponed indefinitely. Keeping a strict restriction on what will be allowed in the game (IE Season 1 only), helps keep the game production moving at a reasonable pace, and helps them resist the urge to keep adding "one more thing" everytime a new episode comes out every week, leaving them eternally incapable of catching up..
>> No. 29314
While it does suck balls that it's only S1 since S2 has brought a load of amazing things, it's easily for the best.

That's not to say they won't carry on after the 17 characters are added and do a 'Fighting is Magic: 2' with S2 and even S3 things.
>> No. 29318
File 132300905890.jpg - (45.57KB , 809x668 , 132064606114.jpg )
>Rainbow's countenance whereupon Twilight challenges her
The horn does look like it's her only anti-air option, but unless it dramatically shrinks her hurtbox like Dhalsim's knee, it'll take very precise timing to use it as an anti-air, probably 2-3 frames against RD dive-kick shenanigans, which is really rough for a reaction move. Even if it does shrink her hurtbox, an RD player with any concept of yomi will bait out the horn before diving.

You're right about the traps; Twilight is almost certainly going to have to use them defensively, but a single trap only covers one avenue which I doubt will be a problem for RD, plus some good pressure will prevent Twilight from building much magic meter.

No matter what scenario I picture, I see pretty much everything as being strongly in Rainbow Dash's favor for this match-up. I think it would take VERY strong fundamentals for Twilight to have a fighting chance: precisely placed traps, expertly timed fireballs, wise teleports, split-second yomi, and lots of patience. It'll take smart play from Dash too, she won't be able to just dive kick spam, but she should be able to out-zone T.Sparkle fairly easily.

I see this match-up as like Dhalsim vs. Rufus, except Dhalsim doesn't have his stretchy limbs and Rufus can fly. Clearly Twilight has options in this match-up, but Rainbow Dash has the mix-up on Twilight nearly all of the time - in order to get in a combo, Twilight will have to out-guess Rainbow Dash, not the other way around - and that makes this match-up strongly in Rainbow Dash's favor. Do you disagree?

A magic attack where Rainbow Dash blazes across the ground, leaving a trail of rainbow flames? How about a Pinkie Pie counter-attack where she rubs chocolate cake in the offending pony's face?
>> No. 29331
Now what we really need is another livestream.
>> No. 29335
I'll be happy if they just do trailers.

I don't know, I figured after they finish the game, just keep making updates for it. Fighting is Magic 2 would require them starting from scratch or more work. I rather them just add stuff after the game is done (and only after). I see it would be better to make an "Ultimate" or "Super" version rather than a sequel. That's just me though.

Whether this happens or not, I'll be happy either way with the one they are working on now. Season 1 was a great season after all.
>> No. 29344
File 132303871102.png - (87.97KB , 321x412 , Confused.png )

The way I was thinking was just keep the base that they're working on now and just changing movesets around. For example, Pinkie's cannon would probably need to remove another attack for balancing issues which in itself would alter the game enough to have two different versions and knowing the internet, two different camps (pro and anti-cannonpie).

Maybe not a whole new game with whole new mechanics, but just a new release so they can say "Right, that's FiM1 done and dusted. No more changes to that, instead if you wnat something different have this later season game with different movesets and new characters." Which is probably what you meant, so sorry if it wasn't clear at first.

If that made any sense then yay, I kind of got distracted by a new blanket half way through typing that. It was just soooo soft ;-;
>> No. 29361
File 132305611622.png - (88.38KB , 287x356 , Toph_Plan_A_New_Strategy.png )
See what you guys did to the site... I love it. Checkin' in while I get ready for my speech in a couple days. It'll be glorious. Though I doubt I'll record it seeing as I don't have the tools necessary...
>> No. 29368
File 132306120785.jpg - (23.23KB , 447x424 , LightningBlitz_happy.jpg )
>A magic attack where Rainbow Dash blazes across the ground, leaving a trail of rainbow flames?
When this pony is going 88 miles an hour... you bet there'll be friendships... =P
I'm looking more forward to her tornado, lightning clouds, and rainboom. I hope they are all in, but it's hard to say for sure.
>> No. 29468
>Website: Small Update

Deadline announced for Pinkie Pie's VA castings
>> No. 29490

Heh. Gotta admit, I really enjoy seeing theory fighter being played. Warms my heart, seriously. I can't way to see more of it as characters gets shown off.
>> No. 29495

I sent in my audition but I no idea if anypony received it since I didn't get a reply. Is there some way that I can find out for certain?
>> No. 29522

Due to the big number of auditions we receive, it's really hard for us to reply to every one. Still, we receive most of the mails no problems.

The only cases where we've confirmed the mails don't get through are when people send attached files, due to our spam filters. It's also our policy not to open/read mails with attached files.

If you followed the instructions in the website, your e-mail should've arrived just fine.
>> No. 29536

Oh, okay good. No attached files from me. And... I do not envy you guys with the prospect of picking a Pinkie. This will be a hard choice for you, I'm sure.
>> No. 29537
File 132330455427.jpg - (25.13KB , 566x353 , 4th wall.jpg )
Silly annons.
You will never be as pinkie as the PINK... IE PIE!!
>> No. 29540
Oh wow, just noticed you've already passed the one million page views mark. The site's nearly at 1.1kk now.

Belated congratulations on that I guess. Quite a feat if you ask me.
>> No. 29643
File 132340977961.jpg - (23.23KB , 447x424 , LightningBlitz_happy.jpg )
Is it me... or has it gotten quieter around here? =P
Everypony studying?
Cause I'm studying... for the first FIM Tournament, that is!
>> No. 29644
> Website Updated

Pinkie Pie VA Casting call - CLOSED}

Pinkie Pie VA: Part 2 - The Judging
>> No. 29645
Not much to talk about. I've been lurking.
>> No. 29646
File 132341124016.png - (119.93KB , 1201x1444 , BoltEye.png )
Well, for me it's Finals week. Sooo...yeah... That and the Brony Fighting Skype Group... Get in here dammit!
>> No. 29669
I have KOFXIII and BlazBlue, I'll post my gamer tag if anypony is interested
>> No. 29684
File 132347166079.gif - (1.36MB , 1024x576 , 131207946497.gif )
Awww, shucks.

Anyway, that Anon totally ragequit. And I'm loving "theory fighter," so let's have another round: Pinkie Pie vs. Rarity.

From what we've seen of Pinkie Pie, she has an anti-air launcher with a huge hitbox and slow startup, an air attack where she inflates like a balloon which hits behind and below her and I'm guessing has high priority, a quick and powerful flank-slam (standing heavy?) and a rekka that is sort of slow to start up (about 8 frames) that looks like it's neutral on block. It looks like Pinkie is a mix-up character, with safe options for inflicting small amounts of damage.

We've seen two of Rarity's attacks, her standing two-hit medium and her launcher. I'm sure the extra hit helps her get a little bit more damage out of her magic series than the other ponies (except probably Applejack). But given the amazingly slow start-up of her launcher, it really doesn't look like she'll be able to chain it off of her magic series. We're also told by Leedin that she will have "a few of her most fan-popular moments." Assuming that the whining fit will be a super, I'm guessing her tail-whip from S1E2 will be her standing heavy, and it too will probably have high start-up but will almost surely chain from her standing medium. Who knows what the properties of her fashion-fabulous specials will be, but I'm guessing that Rarity's moves will mostly be high start-up, high damage, low combo potential and plus on block, which would make her a bait-and-punish type of character.

So, the way I see this match-up going is: Pinkie Pie pesters Rarity with safe pokes, and Rarity looks for whiffs that she can punish. Rarity uses her plus-on-block attacks to create frametraps, and Pinkie just has to be patient and block.

I'd say it's pretty even. Pinkie may be on the offensive more often, but she does less damage. This match-up will probably involve a lot of footsies and is one of the most likely match-ups to end in a timeout.

Does anypony have any different ideas about these ponies' fighting styles and how this match-up would go?
>> No. 29696
I think Pinkie will be more of a tank. Slow moves, terrible sprint, but she'll hit like a truck when she gets through. Of course she'll also high health and tons of super armor.
>> No. 29698
File 132348391892.jpg - (30.42KB , 443x360 , Nomnomnom.jpg )
Let me propose a question.

Twilight is a trap character
Applejack is grounded rushdown
Fluttershy has a summons gimmick
Rainbow Dash we don't know, but will obviously be aerial based

That leaves us with Pinkie Pie and Rarity.

Will Rarity or Pinkie Pie be the mandatory "Jack of All Trades, Master of None?" character that every fighting game must have?
>> No. 29724
File 132350111321.jpg - (67.11KB , 689x654 , 132349243618.jpg )

Pinkie Pie = Taokaka(Blazblue)
Rarity = Rose(Street Fighter)
>> No. 29738
I've been maining Rose lately ... so I'm not really sure how I'd feel about that if it were true.
>> No. 29749
File 132353819596.png - (100.38KB , 800x600 , bionic_farm.png )
Twilight = Trish from Marvel vs Capcom 3
Appejack = Spencer without the arm (but I'm sure some people figured that out, pic related)
>> No. 29753
File 132354706800.png - (152.26KB , 1314x1442 , BoltPoint.png )
>Twilight = Trish from Marvel vs Capcom 3

Nope. Doesn't have a lock down trap like Trish's Scythe and Twi doesn't seem to be able to fire Air Hadoukens.
>> No. 29765
So give or take a few moves. Instead of paper falling down, Trish has high and low traps. Air fireballs don't fit here. This game isn't combo heavy like MvC3.
>> No. 29776
File 132356392968.png - (149.22KB , 351x372 , Toph_Lets_Try_And_Be_Reasonable.png )
We're not making characters exactly the same, just judging what we think they most likely are similar to.
>> No. 29801
We wouldn't want them to play exactly the same anyway. We want to be unique as possible so the game stands out. :B

Besides Trish has a sword, there's no place for weapons in MLP.
>> No. 29805
We all know applejack is packing the deadliest weapons: Bucky McGillicuddy and Kicks McGee
>> No. 29806
File 132362624649.jpg - (702.69KB , 3872x2592 , DMC___Ebony_and_Ivory_by_kurai_kishi.jpg )
I hear that.
>> No. 29807
File 132362910360.png - (67.02KB , 221x251 , Disguse.png )

And, in sort of weird way, Pinkie's party stuff and Rarity's patters are considered to be weapons. Not like guns, but improvisated(like frying pans!)
>> No. 29810
And thus a Dead Rising crossover.
>> No. 29815
So, does Twilight have any anti-air move to use against Rainbow Dash?
>> No. 29829
>Website Updated

Pinkie Pie VA: Part 3 - The selection.
>> No. 29832

not bad... not bad at all
>> No. 29838
File 132365382621.jpg - (2.45KB , 80x80 , pie26.jpg )
>> No. 29839

Yay! She sounds awesome. I'm glad y'all found somepony so good. I'm not even the teensiest bit sad that I didn't get picked. :3
>> No. 29842
File 132365618779.jpg - (22.40KB , 421x415 , LightningBlitz_snicker.jpg )
Well now...
That is some awesome voice acting there.
Good for you, Emily!
So, will Pinkie's cannon launch a cannon ball so hard that it breaks through a cinder block wall, bounce of a rock pile, bounce off a sidewalk, break through somepony's front door, sail up a staircase, break out the other-side of the house, fly across a six lane freeway, bounce off the top of another house before brutally mauling a cart a la Mythbusters? =D
>> No. 29843
File 132365651897.png - (132.20KB , 800x800 , Totally 100% genuine truth.png )
Ugh, that's the worst voice actor I've ever heard. Clearly the devs do not put amazing amount of efforts into this game. Fighting is Magic will obviously be horrible, and I totally will not be playing it when it comes out.
>> No. 29844
>> No. 29846
How much dialog is there actually going to be in this game? O_o

Is it just going to be little phrases like "Take that!" or are they going to be talking to eachother some between fights?
>> No. 29854
File 132366450645.jpg - (22.47KB , 428x423 , LightningBlitzrasberry.jpg )
Aww... =P
>> No. 29855
File 132366460030.png - (70.07KB , 217x251 , Toph_Whistle.png )
There's a little detail you missed there... It smashes through a kitchen sink after it sails up the stairs.
>> No. 29870
Why is the kitchen located on the second floor of the house? Seems like odd interior design.
>> No. 29882
I would <3 this so much if Pinkie uttered the words "STAAAAGE DIIIIVE!!!" when performing an aerial attack.
>> No. 29890

Rarity could probably be the token high-health "counter" / "block and punish" type of character. I could also see her as having a "hyper-armor" super (Gala Dress Rarity?)

Pinkie Pie is looking to be the all-rounder of the game. She has an amazing AA (confetti launcher has mad hitbox), good close-range with nice pokes, good crossup options (inflatable baloon thing stated earlier looking pretty safe) and being Pinkie, I think it'll be safe to assume that she'll have a projectile of sorts.

Having said that, I think Pinkie is poised to wreck RBD (with her best moves probably being air-to-ground attacks).
>> No. 29930
File 132372688521.jpg - (22.47KB , 428x423 , LightningBlitzrasberry.jpg )
Our kitchen is on the second floor and at the top of a staircase, too. (But the second floor of my house is technically the ground floor, though) =P
>> No. 29932
File 132372784153.png - (128.03KB , 341x351 , Toph_Eh_You_Know_The_Usual.png )
Going upstairs doesn't always mean you're going to the second floor...
>> No. 29934
File 132372853714.jpg - (103.15KB , 700x700 , 12998652667.jpg )
After thinking about it a bit more, I don't really think that the RD vs Pinkie match-up is really that much in Pinkie's favor. Take a look at the startup (the time it takes before the move actually hits) of her anti-air launcher - it's VERY long, and the recovery (the time it takes after the move hits or misses for the character to be able to do another move or block) on it is also very slow. Its hitbox (the area that it actually hits) is probably huge, so if RD is anywhere in the air when it goes off, she'll get hit. But the trouble is that it has to be done at just the right time, or else Pinkie Pie will either A.) get hit before the explosion or B.) get hit after it misses because RD wasn't in the air above Pinkie when it goes off.

While the cannon looks like a great tool for controlling space, throwing it out willy-nilly will get Pinkie Pie into a lot of trouble. Rainbow Dash will have ground-based normal attacks just like everypony else and she'll probably be pretty quick, able to capitalize on the whiffed (missed) cannon from a considerable distance.

So, Pinkie Pie *thinks* Rainbow is going to jump, and throws out a pre-emptive cannon to catch her, but she doesn't jump - Rainbow gets a free combo. Rainbow jumps teasingly just barely into the space where Pinkie can get her with the cannon, Pinkie fires the cannon, and Dash air dashes backward (assuming she can air dash). Rainbow gets a free air-to-ground attack.

Once Rainbow Dash has Pinkie scared to use the cannon, she starts to jump in with attacks that could be easily destroyed by the cannon, but Pinkie doesn't use the cannon because it has been getting her into trouble. Rainbow gets a couple attacks in or maybe just some chip damage.

So Pinkie goes back to using the cannon, but Rainbow anticipates this and goes back to baiting it (trying to get her to use it when it will miss). Rainbow Dash gets another combo and wins the round.

So this doesn't seem like such an uneven match-up to me. If the Rainbow goes in with HURR I'M RAINBOW I'MA JUMP AT U and Pinkie goes in with HURR I'M PINKIE I'M FIRIN' MAH CANNON then yeah, Pinkie will win every time. Other than that, it will take smart play from both players.
>> No. 29978

of course in the end mind games / player skill will (hopefully if balanced enough) be the deciding factor.

Pinkie could easily use mind games throwing out her projectiles (please be pink pies), which one could assume that dash would have no counter to forcing her to come closer, and with her fearing t3h cannonz, tries to play it safe, and wait for an opening I think pinkie has an edge when it comes to ground normals. Her 2A (hoof swipe), and 2B(or C? the low buck move) look pretty fast and safe. Due to this RBD will have to hold back, create some space which leads her to be pelted by moar "Pinkie Pies," and come in from the ground (where she'll have the advantage), try to punish Pinkie's relatively safe ground normals, or to risk going in for a high priority dive attack, where she can get cannoned.

Overall I see it as a sort of Jin-ish, eh maybe?, not really? (Pinkie Pie) vs Taokaka (RBD) matchup.

But I digress, theoryfighting a character that got less than 10 seconds of shown gameplay, to
>> No. 29979

of course in the end mind games / player skill will (hopefully if balanced enough) be the deciding factor.

Pinkie could easily use mind games throwing out her projectiles (please be pink pies), which one could assume that dash would have no counter to forcing her to come closer, and with her fearing t3h cannonz, tries to play it safe, and wait for an opening I think pinkie has an edge when it comes to ground normals. Her 2A (hoof swipe), and 2B(or C? the low buck move) look pretty fast and safe. Due to this RBD will have to hold back, create some space which leads her to be pelted by moar "Pinkie Pies," and come in from the ground (where she'll have the advantage), try to punish Pinkie's relatively safe ground normals, or to risk going in for a high priority dive attack, where she can get cannoned.

Overall I see it as a sort of Jin-ish, eh maybe?, not really? (Pinkie Pie) vs Taokaka (RBD) matchup.

But I digress, theoryfighting a character that got less than 10 seconds of shown gameplay, to a character that got 0 seconds of gameplay is kinda well...hard.
>> No. 29980
There's a thread on /pony/ talking about this game. Just thought you'd guys like to know.
>> No. 29982

yeah, but this is the main thread where the developers post in.
>> No. 29983
Indeed it is. I was only pointing out that there's a thread there.
>> No. 29996
Could you explain the damage scaling? Twi looks like an amazing juggler/aerial rave so i was wondering what the damage scaling would be like
>> No. 29997
File 132378221924.png - (44.99KB , 447x543 , 131759613056.png )
Damage scaling doesn't appear to be in the game yet. Also of note, that was Twilight's trailer, so of course she's going to be shown dominating. When Pinkie Pie gets a trailer, all the clips will be of her dominating as well (I'm pretty sure Pinkie Pie is next)
>> No. 30012
File 132379735700.png - (35.66KB , 430x477 , Kitsune Thinking.png )
And then will be Crashie, then Rarity, saving the best for last, yes?
>> No. 30013
File 132379798272.jpg - (25.84KB , 639x346 , howdareyou.jpg )
How dare you forget Fluttershy?
>> No. 30021
File 132380403476.png - (33.54KB , 430x478 , Kitsune Smug Grin.png )
I didn't.
>> No. 30040
File 132381928048.png - (125.24KB , 830x467 , hmph___.png )
O.k., then.
As you were, soldier.
>> No. 30042
File 132382316603.jpg - (20.73KB , 250x431 , B1_battledroid.jpg )
Roger, roger.
>> No. 30050
File 132382726592.jpg - (176.28KB , 1244x1600 , 132064403509.jpg )
The only thing about either of these characters that we can say conclusively is that Pinkie Pie's cannon is very, VERY unsafe. It also doesn't look like it hits very far in front so with proper zoning Dash might be able to get a safe dive kick.

In other news, my tablet should be arriving in the mail either tomorrow or the day after, and I'm thinking of making a humorous ask-pony tumblr inspired by and loosely (keyword) based on Fighting is Magic. What do you guys think?
>> No. 30061
>>I'm thinking of making a humorous ask-pony tumblr inspired by and loosely (keyword) based on Fighting is Magic. What do you guys think?

I'm game. Pun intended.
>> No. 30074
File 132385233317.png - (149.22KB , 351x372 , Toph_Lets_Try_And_Be_Reasonable.png )
Do it filly! But if you're going to do it, do it good.
>> No. 30132
File 132392683465.jpg - (22.56KB , 421x423 , LightningBlitz_notsureboutthat.jpg )
Well, Tumblr's are pretty popular right now...
But I must admit that I don't look at many of them. Mainly because of two unrelated reasons:
1. "Dude, that's creepy."
2. "Is this really necessary?"
>> No. 30136
File 132394033863.png - (835.81KB , 683x768 , spoiler.png )
... I blame insomnia.

Idea thought up between Cam (TSB), Sunset, and myself late at night. I believe we were discussing RD's playstyle.

So yeah.
>> No. 30221
Just an FYI, Skype's been down for me. I thought it was just Skype servers, but for some reason I don't seem to be able to log in. Miss ya'll.

There's probably some way to fix it, I just have to figure it out.
>> No. 30234
That explains it. I was wondering as to your absence.
>> No. 30235
I didn't realize it was was localized until it was down for like two days in a row.

Strange thing is, I'm signed in. It just shows every single person except me offline. I'll figure it out later.

FYI, a little bonus to nightmare fuel up today's episode:

Spoilers obviously, but some people in Skype might find it interesting.
>> No. 30309
>Website Updated - Minor Update

Twitter: We can now has it.
>> No. 30322
(See this from Twitter)

Ok, I had to cut it down, due to the strict character limit.
Say you have character X. For the sake of convenience, character X is the 17th character- who I'm assuming no actual work has been done on.
In season one, character X got some characterization- but not much. Since then, there's ben a bunch more, that could give you a very different feel of the character.

What I'm asking is, from the moment you begin drawing up conceptual moves, are you going to limit yourself to everything up to that point, and nothing that ay come past that, or are you going to still limit yourself to knowledge of them as of Season 1?
>> No. 30323
They said this is a season 1 only project so that they have a definitive time frame to work from. If they took into consideration S2+ then they would keep adding things that pop up and there would be no end point in sight.

That said, as far as I'm aware that's just their stance for the current work (mane 6 stuff, maybe first extra character, idk, I'm not working with them). But as they said that for their current work I think it's safe to assume it will hold true for all of it.
>> No. 30324

The Devil is in the details. We can't give you an specific answer, since that'd be spoiling the roster, but it really depends. We're mainly S1, and we're trying to stick to canon as closely as possible.

There are some ideas that we've noticed and liked from S2, but we're not using.

People'll be wondering the reason. Mainly, it is to avoid feature creep. Delaying the game to include something new every time something strikes our fancy isn't a good policy, specially if we've already something planned that we can work with from S1. Reworking or rebalancing the entire moveset to include a S2 reference we can do without is something we'd like to stay away from.

That said, minor stuff might still leak a bit into the game, if it helps us stick closer to canon and doesn't disrupt the flow of development.

Fluttershy's bear companion, for example, had been in the moveset list for fluttershy far before S2 started to air, but hadn't been sprited for use in engine at the moment Lesson Zero (S2E3) debuted; Since the episode provided us with a "canon" bear design, we decided to go with it.

TL;DR: Minor details might get in, but no big stuff.
>> No. 30423
Twitter? Why? I didn't realize that actual internet users used that site. I thought that was like Facebook and Myspace, for all those pop culture people that think they are computer folks.

That being said, I love The Hellawhack Shiznit That Happens Inside Your Brizzle Button, and I thank Anu thoroughly for his contributions to the game.
>> No. 30429
incoming worst idea ever here

I was listening to One Winged Angel (Sephiroths theme tune from FF7) And was scrolling past this thread. And thought that changing the word Sephiroth to Celestia .. ha, no i kid (actually it would be awesome as a final boss theme if she was the final boss but lol. no)

So i only skimmed because im lazy, but does this mean no Discord ?
Also, its looking fantastic every update, its a pity ill never have the means to play the damn thing not having a pc/laptop and all, but ill be watching the vids, keep up the godly work
>> No. 30434
I use Twitter, but I also use Facebook as well (and Tumblr), but no one uses Myspace anymore.

You'll update your Twitter with webpage updates too, right?
>> No. 30436
Why Twitter?

- It reduces the number of people asking the same question in our mail inbox
- People are more given to read a small tweet than look in the FAQ for the answer, apparently
- People use it. It's easier to spread news through it; It's actually remained a consistent source of pageviews to our site even before we got the acct, due to the retweet function
- It's not as social-media driven as Facebook.
- We can post links to site updates (that also answers >>30434
>> No. 30482
Hey, does anypony know where/how to get in contact with the Lunaport developer? If so, it'd be REALLY great if somepony could help us out with reaching them.
>> No. 30527
File 132454246281.png - (57.92KB , 205x200 , Toph_Awesome_Post.png )

>> No. 30534
File 132454804624.png - (476.95KB , 1438x908 , Mane6Fightstick3v1_2.png )
Okay, I made some other threads about this, but this seems as good a place as any to post this.

I'm working on a Mane6-inspired fightstick right now, and could use some help. I've got an idea for the stick, and know all the parts I'm using to put it together, but I need some help with the artwork.

I've got some artwork I threw together made, but I'm not exactly thrilled with my work. I'm not much of an artist.

So if anypony out there has any suggestions, can offer help, or hell, even make some artwork for it themselves I'd be very grateful. I'd even be willing to offer some compensation for art that's of decent quality.

Here's a floor-plan I've got so far.

The box itself will be from Art's Hobbies, and the buttons will be lit up with LCD lights that have transparencies of the mane 6's cutie marks, as seen in the picture.

Thanks in advance for any help!
>> No. 30550
Huh... most sticks these days are 8 buttons.
>> No. 30557
File 132457397432.jpg - (45.76KB , 640x480 , 393237_2817729561760_1214491555_33237594_960549118_n.jpg )
But most games only use 4, 5, or 6 anyways. I can't even think of a game that legitimately uses 8 besides remapping an input to multiple button presses, such as the 3P and 3K buttons.

Blurry pic somewhat related. I'm not going to waste money on buttons that I only sometimes use to navigate menus. So, the last two white buttons are stock Mad Catz, while everything else in the stick has been replaced with Sanwa parts.
>> No. 30558

Yep, that and the fact that there are 6 mane cast ponies is why I went with 6 buttons. Somepony in another thread tried to argue that it should only have 4 buttons, since MLP:Fighting is Magic will be a 4-button fighter, but why would anypony want a stick with only 4 buttons? There's NO versatility!

And might I say that's a nice looking stick! Very simple, in a good way! Too much just looks cluttered.
>> No. 30561
True, but do you have a 6 button stick? If you have an 8, then are you gonna just leave the buttons blank? (heh, blank flanks)
>> No. 30568
I vote for Luna and Celestia's cutie marks on 7th and 8th
>> No. 30575
File 132458845651.png - (145.04KB , 1201x1444 , BoltSurprised.png )
>the buttons will be lit up with LCD lights that have transparencies of the mane 6's cutie marks, as seen in the picture.

Mother of Celestia that sounds amazing...
>> No. 30579
File 132459137453.png - (1.32MB , 1920x1080 , 132174188007.png )

Sweet Moly Brown... THAT IS GENIOUS!

Anyway, the hype on this game comes higher as the January 7th's stream comes closer.
>> No. 30580
They're having a January 7th stream? They're gonna stream during BroNYcon?

Funny, my birthday is a day before that.
>> No. 30586

Woah there. Where did confirmed information we're making a stream come from?

We're trying to get some recordings of Mane6 presentation at BroNYCon, but we're quite sure we never promised a stream.
>> No. 30590
Indeed we did NOT.

Check your facts- if it didn't come from one of the approved sources (Us in this thread, Twitter, our website) don't consider it the truth.
>> No. 30594
File 132460560317.png - (46.28KB , 250x208 , 131509415149.png )

Sorry, I deducted it.

well, at least we will see the characters in action, right?
>> No. 30597
I figured, that's why I asked.
>> No. 30644
>> No. 30660
File 132470679980.png - (87.31KB , 800x600 , Heart\'s-Warming.png )
>Website Updated - Minor Update
>> No. 30661
hope there a demo in there lol just kidding
happy holiday to you and the crew too
>> No. 30663
And you, DevTeam.
Happy Decemberween.
>> No. 30664

Narift. Typo'd on that. :c - I'd redo it, but photoshop crashed right after saving, and I need to be up in... five hours.
>> No. 30760

Fairly certain that was me lol
KoF, VF and Tekken, technically BlazGreen, but that layout isn't conducive to a traditional box layout.
Though you could go Neo Geo 4 button and get KoF, Blaz and VF, as well as FiM.

That being said, then, very much like now, I'm being snarky for the sake of being snarky.

For serious though, you're building a custom stick, by the virtue of you knowing Arts exists, this probably won't be your only stick, I'm still more or less playing devil's advocate here, but why not go nuts?

Entirely unrelated: January 7th needs to hurry up and get here already.
>> No. 30761
File 132489314165.jpg - (119.73KB , 800x320 , 1d9ae4d79f5491da80418d81c5b750da.jpg )
I was making up win quotes so here they are

RD General
"You've just been dashed... *groan*"
"I win again with flying colours"
"You missed it? Must have blinked."
"And that's RainbowCRASH!"

RD rivals
"I guess I /light/ your /fire/... wait a sec that came out wrong" Versus Spitfire
"Can't you fight with out pets Fluttershy?" vs FS
"Hey squirt, leave your toys out of the ring.. those wheels hurt." Vs Scootaloo
"You've been flipped and flopped." vs Gilda
" I reckon that makes me the iron pony" vs Aj
Fluttershy General
"Angel, we really shouldn't cheer for hurting others."
"We did it Angel! I mean good luck next time."
"Did we hit you to hard? I promise to ease up next time."
"I'm not really a I fighter. I just have good friends."

Fluttershy Rival
"You were so graceful Rar- uh.. your face is in the dirt" vs Rarity
"Dash.. did you-did you let me win... Dash?" Vs RD

Twilight general
"Knowledge brings the dawn of vicotory"
"Sleep, Dusk has already set on you."
"Maybe you should read more"
"I read that one in the strategy guide!"

Twilight Rival
"Wait a second. I thought you were fire proof!" vs Spike
"Please please please don't send me to magic kindergarten." Vs Celestia
"Good night moon indeed." Vs Luna
"Silly pony, magic isn't for the uneducated" Vs Trixie

Trixie general
"Theres no such thing as a pony stronger than Trixie."
"Sorry, there's no trying against Trixie"
"Who dares to stand up to the great and powerful Trixie"
"Putting down neigh-sayers is in my job description"

Trixie Rival
"Just an insigificant sparkle in the sunset" Vs Twilight Sparkle
"The most powerful use their magic, cheaters with potions are just tragic." vs Zecora
"Trixie is the new queen of Fireworks" Vs Celestia

Derpy General
"I can see everything."
"So where do I ship you to now?"
"Dail Melivered"
"Don't ever make fun of my eyes again!"
>> No. 30777
on the execution level how hard are you guys planning on making it?
>> No. 30778
File 132494965163.png - (1.26MB , 560x2723 , 28263 - battletoads flutterage fluttershy game gamershy Hubble video_game.png )
On a scale from 1 to 10? Ninja Gaiden and Battletoad's had a child. That is this game.

The difficulty of both of those games is greatly exaggerated]
>> No. 30782
I know I should have asked this a while ago, but here it is anyways.

When you guys released the whole thing about the evolution of the GUI, you mentioned that another game, Pokemon Type Wild, also ran on the same engine. Being a Mac user, I thought that it would be a great way to see if it would work on Crossover.

And it did! However, I'm not sure if it's just my computer or not, but it ran a bit sluggish. It was playable in-game, but the menus were almost unbearable.

I know that it has some flashy menu stuff (I can call it that, right?) like sparkles and lights, but when it comes down to it, I only have one thing to ask you.

Will there be a way to change the quality of the game in order for it to be easier on some lower-end computers?

And PTW is in japanese so I'm not sure if there already is an option for this, but it would really be a huge relief if I could actually play it.
>> No. 30784
There is no quality setting I'm afraid. The game should run on most windows computers from about 2002 onwards super smoothly. If it was just the menus that were screwed up then at least you'll be able to play the fighting parts ok!
>> No. 30793
File 132496662400.jpg - (32.74KB , 769x409 , challenge accepted.jpg )

On a serious note, I hope it's somewhere near Blazblue, which my little sister has been hogging for the past 2 hrs trying to beat Arcade mode (the rage is delicious).
>> No. 30798
On the topic of difficulty: Will normal people be able to beat the game? I try to get some friends into games like Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter, but they usually are turned off by having to learn so much about each character. Guilty Gear I remember had neigh-impossible combos and missions the game expected from the player, it was to the point I do not think it could be fun to casual players.

I am sure the difficulty of this will not effect my opinion on the game, but I am really hoping basically everypony who plays the game can beat arcade mode at least.
>> No. 30802
File 132499445876.jpg - (103.93KB , 900x806 , Ocarina.jpg )
In theory I'll have a working wrapper for Fighting is Magic ready after it comes out, though I'm not part of the staff, so don't go telling people they said they were going to have a wrapper ready.
>> No. 30815
I'm going to hold you guys to "2002 onwards" lol

I have a machine that was middle of the road when I bought it in 04. Was planning on getting a new PC this year, but being a broke flank college student is not conducive to such expences.
>> No. 30816
You can test it now by downloading "Vanguard Princess". It's the same engine as Fighting is Magic.

If that works fine, you should have no problem.
>> No. 30836

Thanks, I didn't think of that.
>> No. 30838
My prediction for lines in a future trailer.

Rarity fights for generosity.
Apple Jack fights for honesty.
Rainbow Dash fights for loyalty.
Fluttershy fights for kindness.
Pinkie Pie fights for laughter.
Twilight Sparkle fights for magic.

What will you fight for?
>> No. 30839

Found this. Anypony care to translate it? I don't even know what language it is.
>> No. 30841
It's Dutch. Here's a (very rough) translation, provided by google. The English is broken, but you can still understand the gist.


Article: Who does not know of the past? My Little Pony. The series now has a makeover and show a wide group of fans have varying between 13 and 30 years old. Anime-style in a complete My Little Pony has been a new series and the fans will not get enough of. The fans are working on a 2D fighter with the title "My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic" . The first gameplay are all on the world wide web to find and it remains a pre-alpha build. Below is the video.

Below the video: There is (still) no further information on My Little Pony: Fighting, Magic. The only rumor going round that is now at is that the game will be offered free of charge and is expected to be only for the PC, even for mobile gaming.

Somepony out there could probably give you a better one.
>> No. 30854
File 132507286689.png - (1.63MB , 1312x1306 , 1c7be1ed0187259dad0aa6f6fff9db30.png )
>Below the video: There is (still) no further information on My Little Pony: Fighting, Magic. The only rumor going round that is now at is that the game will be offered free of charge and is expected to be only for the PC, even for mobile gaming.

Ouch. Talk about a poorly researched article. That being said, I can almost forgive them since most of the information is in English, and I guess they just don't have a good English translator on staff.
>> No. 30855
File 132507369674.png - (155.46KB , 1029x777 , rainbow_dash_salute_by_atomicgreymon-d3bo0dx.png )
I'm starting to think that Anu should change it to a more cynical Frequently Unread Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Then put it in a flashing rainbow text with Rainbow Dash saluting next to it.

Then you might actually get at least one person reading them per month!
>> No. 30860
Rumor has it that this will be a game that you can play.
Rumor also has it that this game will have ponies.

Only time will tell!
>> No. 30861
Frequently-Answered-Questions-Everypony-Already-Asked just didn't give the same ring to it.
>> No. 30865
File 132510046508.jpg - (146.25KB , 800x509 , Toph_Stand_Back.jpg )
>> No. 30887
On reply to twitterposts on a particular person repeated applications to the team:

We've stated multiple times that we don't really accept unsolicited submissions applying for membership to Mane6; We've also mentioned multiple times that when and if a position opens, we'll make a post on our site.

This particular person has applied (and had gotten several people to apply on his behalf) on more than one ocassion. In previous attempts, he's been told the same thing we mention to every other unsolicited applicant: That we're not accepting submissions out of the specified times when we do a call on the site, and that spamming us, or getting people to spam us (to the point we've received messages saying "x told me to come here and say y"), with repeated messages AFTER getting told we're not accepting new people into the team at the moment isn't doing good to his cause.

Now, we're not wanting to make people feel bad when they get rejected; We've gotten applications from really talented people -case in point- that we still have had to reject, because there were no openings available. We are a very small team, and this is still a small fan project, despite the attention it's gotten. We are mostly new to the project management side of things and want to keep things simple and manageable with regards to recruitment.

That said, once again, We don't accept unsolicited submissions for applications to join the team, without exceptions for name or popularity until help is required; If we need a hand, we'll let you guys know in the site, and give everypony the opportunity to tryout, on equal footing, based solely on their talent and desire to join the team through the proper methods.

We're just not sure how to make it more clear.

If people can't follow the proper procedure, when and if the positions open, and instead prefer to campaign via repeated attempts to poke their way into the team, we'll be less inclined to have them in, regardless of their talent. Asking one time is understandable. Twice is stretching it. Three times are more than enough.
>> No. 30894
File 132516502959.png - (33.23KB , 430x478 , Kitsune Annoyed.png )
I've only got one thing to say about people like that, and it's not a very nice thing to say, but I'm going to say it anyway:
>> No. 30895
File 132516651687.png - (71.74KB , 400x760 , SHORYUKEN.png )
I would've gone with the word "unprofessional" personally.

And do you really want a coworker who's unprofessional, regardless of their skill?
>> No. 30905
File 132518354224.png - (119.93KB , 1201x1444 , BoltEye.png )
>And do you really want a coworker who's unprofessional, regardless of their skill?
>> No. 30916
That's the problem with all great projects, they -always- end up attracting attention seekers who feel like they MUST join the group to bask in the infinite E-Praise and stuff.
So yeah, some people never understand that there's no "I" in "Team"
>> No. 30919
What's kind of annoying about is that they start to claim we are getting "big heads", ie, getting big egos, when the whole reason they want to join in the first place is (as they admitted) to fuel their ego and popularity. It's absurd!
>> No. 30920
OMG, Monkeyjay! Man, how have you been?

And more than absurd, it's hypocrite as they claim that anypony who doesn't go out of their way to fuel their egos is automatically a selfish person with a big, evil ego.
>> No. 30975
Unfortunately, hypocrisy seems to be synonymous with humanity.
>> No. 30985
Is there going to be a playable demo at BroNYcon?
>> No. 31019
File 132547214591.png - (288.89KB , 615x438 , Toph_Youre_Lying1.png )
Heya folks! Just dropping in to say hurry your bums up! What's going on here? Don't tell me you're playing games and sitting around! Let's get moving!

I mean how long has this been going on? A long freakin' time! I know it takes a long time but really! I'm not raging at ya, I'm providing that message that you get when you're halfway through a project to activate that little voice in your head that makes you more motivated to make something happen.

Plus I haven't been here in a while so make of this message as you will XD How are you guys doing?
>> No. 31022
Can somepony give me a confirmation date for it's release? If not that at least a speculation release date? I've searched countless websites, including the mane 6 website and I always come up with nothing.
>> No. 31026
>> No. 31027
When it's done.
>> No. 31029
File 132548773144.jpg - (89.74KB , 876x963 , spoiler.jpg )
Has the official tier list for the announced characters been released yet, or are you waiting until the game is closer to release? Really hoping Rarity is low-tier. I hate feeling cheap for just wanting to play my favorite character.
>> No. 31031
File 132549099270.png - (163.19KB , 894x894 , 130721009459.png )
Tiers are generally something that emerge through extensive playing and it will likely take much more than the development team's testing to come up with an even remotely reliable list. I guarantee you there will be combos and strategies the developers haven't thought of and will not discover before launch when the game is released to the masses. The goal of any game should be to make it balanced, and as such, planning tier lists in advance would be completely silly. I wouldn't expect an official tier list from the developers ever: it's more likely that the community will compile one once there's some data to base it on.

Of course that's just my view on it so I may be completely wrong.
>> No. 31032
File 132549303968.png - (55.56KB , 800x600 , super_pony_opera.png )
Play whoever you like, tier lists aren't written law and should be taken with a grain of salt.

As >>31031 said, tier lists take time and players putting effort into learning every intricacy of a character and all their matchups. Week 1 stuff is generally not indicative of how the game will balance out in the long run. So, if something seems overpowered or broken at first, odds are it isn't.
>> No. 31034
File 132550599238.jpg - (26.31KB , 312x387 , Whatthefuckamireading.jpg )
>> No. 31041
File 132552630107.jpg - (22.17KB , 431x419 , LightningBlitz_what.jpg )
Agreed. What?
>> No. 31046
File 132553087187.png - (141.30KB , 1201x1444 , BoltConfused1.png )
>> No. 31047
>Site Updated

On BroNYCon (Just a small reminder + Mane6 Schedule)
>> No. 31065
File 132555928774.gif - (20.08KB , 240x240 , Yun3sportrait.gif )
>The goal of any game should be to make it balanced, and as such, planning tier lists in advance would be completely silly.

>if something seems overpowered or broken at first, odds are it isn't.

But I was just foalin' around, anyhoof.
>> No. 31073
File 132556746367.jpg - (25.17KB , 309x361 , 131614003386.jpg )

Ohh, this is going to be good!

I will catch the popcorn to see THE WHOLE THING(All of then, but specially AJ/Dash dulbator[which I can't record her name, but I know it is the lead vocal in the something Wave band] and YOU GUYS).

Also, I know you couldn't aswner this question, but as a fan of Gummy: Is it going to appear in Pinkie'attack? Any Attack?
>> No. 31199
So... will Rainbow have Wave DASHing?
>> No. 31208

She will be Waving Dashing in Style.
>> No. 31281
will there be a "destroy the barn" minigame?

guess the reference ;)

i know there won't , but i couldn't resist
>> No. 31321
File 132596679877.jpg - (60.72KB , 473x699 , IMG_1020.jpg )
Just caught the BroNYCon stream, and all I gotta say is... DAMN! That was intense! Pinkie and Rarity reveal, plenty of gameplay, and even letting some fans play. Just the whole thing was awesome. Thanks for the wonderful job you guys are doing, and I can't wait for the release :D
>> No. 31322
File 132596688240.jpg - (17.55KB , 397x317 , 131673917313.jpg )
Saw the stream! And here are my toughts!

1: Twilight is looking like your typical Ryu Character. She has some raps, but sh is mainly focused on Ground to Air combos and her specials.

2: AJ is badass! Her Magic system is nice and gosh, she is playing wonderfuly! She WILL be my main.

3: Rarity is a zoner. I guessed right. Her Magic system will be using gems to create fabolus effects on her projectiles. I will try to play with her, but I can't see very potential(I suck at zoning)

4: Pinkie got beaten like a dog down there! But she has wonderful mechanics. A quick combo, multi hit Charger? I can't think on any fighting game that has it(at least not right now, thanks to the hype).

5: Rarity's theme is magical. Even I prefering AJ's theme, Rarity's make you want to fight in the most glamorous way.

Total: That was a BADASS stream! Hop to see more of then soon!
>> No. 31323
Is there going to be a recording put up anywhere? I missed most of it.
>> No. 31324
For those of you who watched the stream, post your thoughts/summaries here! Some of us missed it. :<
>> No. 31325
File 132596962632.png - (250.64KB , 750x650 , 130718773293.png )
Bah, I forgot it was the 7th today. I hope recordings will pop up sooner or later. I can't believe I missed the stream.
>> No. 31326

I'm a bit disappointed in myself. How did I not know there was a stream?! Either way I'm so looking forward to this, I know it'll be well worth the wait.
>> No. 31327

TINY part of VOD.

The rest will likely be up in a few hours. It's the automatic 4-hourly VOD capture from the Justin TV stream, and the next chunk will have all of the rest of the Fighting Is Magic content.
>> No. 31332
File 132597228577.jpg - (86.04KB , 800x511 , TwilightvsTrixie2.jpg )
>Twilight is a Ryu character

I... uh... what?

>Fragile with low HP
>No Shoryuken
>No Hurricane kick

I mean, to be fair she does have a Hadouken, but still. She's clearly an extreme zoner, and I doubt a stronger zoner will be added to the game out of all 17 characters (If there is one, I'd be truly scared)
>> No. 31333

VOD up.
>> No. 31334
File 132597624441.png - (246.67KB , 804x1500 , 132294210264.png )
Rarity kicks flank as expected. I like what I'm seeing. Are there any plans on releasing a high quality version of Rarity's stage theme? It's difficult to make the music out from the off-screen footage.
>> No. 31336

Mane6's twitter: "Rarity's theme, by DJ Derpy Hooves, on youtube: Soon!. Real soon. Keep tuned ;)"

but not up yet.
>> No. 31338
File 132597675512.png - (85.46KB , 252x238 , 131908985304.png )
Great! Thank you.
>> No. 31340
Will there be a better video of that going up somewhere? I find some of it hard to hear. Also, what are the timestamps for different landmark points? Like Part 2, about 2:45 is where the AJ/Twi fight starts.
>> No. 31342
File 132597996485.png - (124.13KB , 300x384 , Mu 12.png )
I was expecting Rarity to be a zoning character of some sort. I never would have thought she'd do anything else, but by the discriptions and what I was able to see she looks like she'll be playing similar to Mu.

Rarity Mu 12, I was expecting something closer to Rachel or whatever it is that Bridget does, but this is a pleasant surprise.

At the same time Applejack reminded me of Hakumen and Hazama. She has the counter and the lasso works similarly to Hazama's ourboros or Spencer's bionic arm. Calling her Apple Hazamen.

Then with Twilight the charging reminds me of Tsubaki Yayoi but the way she plays seems to be similar to Aoka from Melty Blood.

And Pinkie reminded me just a bit of Taokaka and Platinum the Trinity.

This is probably going to be real easy to pick up for players of Blaz Blue and Guilty Gear.
>> No. 31343
File 132598087582.jpg - (40.98KB , 575x473 , 131090070289.jpg )
>mfw bionic apples
>> No. 31347
definitely maneing Rarity now.

Good work guys
>> No. 31353
File 132600180192.png - (30.75KB , 293x462 , madamefoster.png )
Will you be able to disable each of these ?
-Sound Effects

Let's say i only want the sound effects, and i wanna play a different song while i'm playing the game. Will i be able to do that ?
>> No. 31354
Is there going to be an option to set the time limit for a match?
>> No. 31356
File 132600756446.jpg - (60.58KB , 262x247 , happy_rainbow_dash_staring-(n1307096011768).jpg )
Oh lawd...
I had a big stupid grin on my face the whole time. I don't know any crazy fighter lingo, so I'll just say that this is my favorite fan-made anything ever. I am so excited for this. My brony friends and I are planning a little tournament. Considering you guys already have 4 characters mostly done, with only 2 to go until the first release, and have been working for about 8 months now, I'm guessing we might have it by... Mid Summer - Early Fall? Hopefully-maybe?
>> No. 31357
Is she similar to Nu at all? I haven't seen the videos yet, but Lambda is the character I have the most fun with in BB, so I'm hoping for somepony like that in FiM. And Rarity is my favorite of the Mane 6, so if she turned out like my favorite BB character, well, it'd be perfect.
>> No. 31358
File 132600870232.png - (1.08MB , 980x1270 , 132531544520.png )
Oh Applejack, we're gonna destroy so many ponies when this is released. There's nothing I love more than a rushdown character with command grabs.
>> No. 31360
File 132601864552.png - (253.41KB , 600x840 , 131088508746.png )
Well it's running on the Fighter Maker Engine, and Mane6 said before that these are a hard coded aspects of the engine. So you know, it's pretty easy to check Vanguard Princess or Type Wild or something, and you see that you can mute music. From Vanguard Princess, it seems like voices are just fancy sound effects, they aren't grouped separately. So if you mute sound effects, you mute voices too.

inb4 I'm wrong as I'm only loosely certain on this one.

OOOH but I totally got this one. Remember that a huge portion of the development time was learning the engine, learning how to program, and just setting up the base code of the game. I had estimated before that it would take about 1 month per character once they got all the base stuff down. And it's been about 2 months since Twilight Sparkle's trailer, and we've now seen Pinkie and Rarity. So it looks like my estimate was pretty correct (Damn I'm good at foreseeing development time).

That doesn't mean you should expect to see the game released in March. There will likely be another month or so of polishing and bug testing before release. So my estimate is mid-April

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with Mane6 so any quoting of this time frame as factual will result in the swift decapitation of the person who quoted me.
>> No. 31361
File 132602059005.png - (175.27KB , 900x742 , 131448178570.png )
Suffice to say though that the results will be fabulous regardless of the wait. Though if your prediction is true, it will be hell for me since that would be just a few weeks before my finals.
>> No. 31363

I don't think it's like that. All the characters seem to be developing in parallel. Applejack isn't completed today, but they had graphics for Rarity up even at the time of the livestream months ago.

They also have the single player mode to do, and if they want that as polished as MP it will take months by itself. That will have near-full characters to program and animate other than the six.

I'd say Summer is optimistic.
>> No. 31366
Well shit.
>> No. 31391
I kinda wonder how much influence the comments have on the game, it seems like they read all the comments I'm just curious as to if any of them have sparked new ideas or influenced the game's development (since they started production that is)
>> No. 31396
I'm sure some have! Some comments we love the idea but it's just practically not viable to implement or would go in the wrong direction for a character or what have you.

To be completely honest though, most of the ideas we see in the comments we ourselves have come up with at some point. I mean there are quiet a few of us and we spent a lot of time thinking of things. Since most ideas are based on stuff in the show + fighting game mechanics, and collectively the team knows an awful lot about both of those categories, it's only natural that a few similar ideas float up to lots of peoples minds.

What this tells us is that we are probably on the right track about a lot of things. We don't want to ignore peoples expectations just to be contrary and original. There are also things we have done/are going to do that no one has even come close to commenting about. And we do take a bit of pride in that :)

The game continues to excite us as we hope it does you guys when you get to see it :)
>> No. 31398
Will all the stages be flat, or will some of them have platforms?
>> No. 31403
This is a traditional fighter so in all probability, every stage will be exactly the same except for the aesthetics.
>> No. 31406

>> No. 31407
Youtube embed play button
  Found some better quality footage of Rarity. You can actually see her gems here which I can't say for the Everfree footage which was shot at something of an awkward angle. I'm really liking the mechanics with Rarity. Now I'm definitely going to main her. As if that wasn't obvious from the beginning.
>> No. 31408
File 132611570750.png - (143.07KB , 1201x1444 , BoltAnnoyed.png )
Questions like this continue to hurt my eyes...

Yo, it's a traditional 2D fighter. How hard is that to understand? Just look up Street Fighter, BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, King of Fighters, Melty Blood or Vanguard Princess for starters. Simple 2D movement. Stages simply mean different background art and music and nothing more. No items or platforms or whatever jibbery joo.
>> No. 31409

I literally had no idea about this. It's not in the FAQ, and there will be plenty of people looking at this who have little to no experience of fighters.

Do platforms make a game impossible to balance, or is it just a stylistic choice to emulate those games?
>> No. 31410
Youtube embed play button
While there are a few other fighting games besides Smash Brothers which had platforms, all of the ones i encountered were closer to arena style combat than a fighting game (Smash Brother's included). They tend to have incredibly bad balance, not that much depth, and strongly sacrifice multiplayer experience.

Maybe it's possible to blend the platforming and fighting genres together, and nopony's simply managed to do it yet (Actually a few hacks of Smash Brothers seem to do better at this).

All things considered, a Fighting Platformer game plays about as well as a First Person Shooter Puzzle game (inb4 somepony names a really good FPS Puzzle game that I forgot about)
>> No. 31417
>(inb4 somepony names a really good FPS Puzzle game that I forgot about)

>> No. 31419
File 132612522210.png - (597.71KB , 912x881 , 131048086092.png )
>> No. 31420

Competitive Portal is a bad idea, Valve said so themselves.
>> No. 31421
I don't think Karilyn or Soan were talking about competitive multiplayer at all. But yes, Valve did say that, but they still managed to get a different kind of multiplayer to work. :3c
>> No. 31423
You got it.
>> No. 31424
File 132612964701.png - (169.25KB , 455x455 , 684.png )
Fuck me.
>> No. 31425
No worries. We got what you are saying. I'm glad this isn't another Smash Bros. Let that be its own thing. Every game that has tried to be similar to Smash has failed. Well except for Power Stone... but that's its own thing as well.
>> No. 31430

Thanks for that! Since it would have cost me around $2000 to get to BroNYcon I'm glad to see this footage from a better angle :) I will start saving and you might see me there in June haha.
>> No. 31434
File 132614337047.png - (143.07KB , 1201x1444 , BoltAnnoyed.png )
Fact of the matter is, this is NOT that kind of fighter. At all. Play Street Fighter II on SNES or something. You'll soon understand that platforms and items and whatever other garbage would be a HORRIBLE addition to a 2D Fighter.

Not mad, but the fact that like, 10 threads in and this keeps getting asked and such is starting to get to me. :I
>> No. 31436
I hope twitchy tail makes it into the game

as much as I love smash bros that's not what I really want with this anyways. if people really want it that bad they need to just mod brawl because I highly doubt this fighting engine would do well with platforms.

if anypony has played touhou hisoutensoku though something like the weather system could be implemented (weather happens on certain stages and causes game mechanics to change a bit) but personally it seems too gimmicky and I dont think it would work well for this game but maybe it'd be cool as rainbow dash's super or something

still a better idea than platforms XD
>> No. 31437

It's on the Twitter now, I submitted it so we can get an official response. It's too much to ask that people read every post in every thread 1-9 in order to see what has been asked; the Twitter feed and FAQ should be enough.

I understand how items would break it (being a random thing, like tripping) but platforms are deterministic. You're making out it is gamebreaking when it is just a style choice and not one everypony is happy with.

I understand what is needed for a competitive, balanced game in general from following RTS tournaments, I'm not asking because I want to see a party game or something.
>> No. 31438
File 132614834038.png - (348.96KB , 559x531 , 131909224814.png )
Maybe I'm just a grumpy person who needs his nostalgia goggles washed, but I don't think any such gimmicks have a place in a fighting game. If the core mechanics are as solid and polished as they should be, gimmicks can only detract from the experience.

Speaking of polished, I've been watching the Bronycon footage quite a few times and I'm very impressed with the animations for Pinkie and Rarity (though obviously they're incomplete and there's some stuff missing). The fluidity of the movement of Rarity's fabrics in particular just blew me away. The animation work on Rarity's hair is also wonderful and all the stage backgrounds are great as well. I really cannot praise the graphics enough and the gameplay looks just as great.

Just as my hype was about to die down, it's back in full force.
>> No. 31439
File 132614839429.png - (280.40KB , 2000x2000 , Nyx.png )
It's in the FAQ-- Wow, it isn't. Jeeze, I have no idea why not, considering it's got to be the second most asked question after "Is Nyx going to be playable?"

But either way, there are not going to be platforms in the game. Jeeze, I talk with the devs on almost a daily basis, and while I don't have any super secret info or anything, it's very very common knowledge that the game will not have platforms or items.

Honestly just watch the livestreams. The game plays like Street Fighter, Blazblue, Melty Blood, Mortal Kombat, every other 2D fighter ever made except for Smash Brothers.

Just look at the hitboxes on those attacks.

To make the game with platforms, they would literally have to scratch all the work they've done thus far, and build it again from scratch with new attacks with different hitboxes. That, and they'd have to get an entirely new engine, as the engine they are using doesn't support platforms. They'd basically have to scrap all the work they've done so far, including a fair portion of the art in order to have a movepool with more up and down attacks.
>> No. 31440
Saw the stream and I'm loving how Pinkie does her little dance when in idle stance. That's a very nice touch and attention to detail. The background movement of Sweet Apple Acres looks amazing too, but I hope if you're next to the chicken coop... a chicken flies out or something because its scared or something. I'm sure that's a last minute thing though.
>> No. 31442

I had to look up "hitbox". This game is going to need an intro to 2D fighters text readme.

All you had to say was no because technical limitations. I get it.

When I asked the question I believed platforms were in all fighting games, not a "gimmick".
>> No. 31443

Or just link to this site. This seems like everything I needed.
>> No. 31444
Youtube embed play button
Oh jeeze, I've known hitbox for years O.o;

Long before I got into fighters. I just considered it a basic aspect of any videogame. If a videogame has a player character in it, and isn't an RPG, then it probably has hitboxes.
>> No. 31449

the thing is if you are even only a little familiar with 2d fighters the fact that this game will lack "platforms" seems pretty obvious. as for items, given the engine can even do that, which I'm not sure of, incorporating those would have been a very very unlikely thing for a game like this (but not completely impossible, although likely very off-putting for competetive players). I don't feel like confusing you with freaky vocabulary now, but since the very first day this was probably clear to everypony who has some experience with games such as street fighter and the likes.

but at the point where you have to look up a term like "hitbox" I guess it's almost natural that to you this question isn't out of place at all. and indeed, without the necessary fighting game knowledge neither skimming through the shown gameplay nor reading the FAQ will answer those questions for you.

it would seem that many people in here occasionally forget that not everypony who's following this project is a fighting game enthusiast.

maybe it would be a good thing to have the faq include something along the lines of "it's like street fighter but with ponies, so no platforms or stage hazards, no items, no random events."
there are some other things I think could and should be pointed out (or be written more beginner friendly), because with all the response this game is getting from the brony community you can't really blame people who are not as experienced in the matter for asking questions which might seem unnecessary to beat 'em up aficionados.
>> No. 31451

I'm right there with ya. Been lurking here for a while, and usually with another tab open to some gamer glossary somewhere. You pick it up little by little, though.

The growing popularity of this project is going to bring in a lot of newbs like me to the thread. And sometimes the FAQ doesn't help with following the conversations here.

But with that being said, I'm still looking forward to playing this game! The bronycon footage is awesome, and I can't wait to see Fluttershy and RBD!

>it would seem that many people in here occasionally forget that not everypony who's following this project is a fighting game enthusiast.

>> No. 31455
I was also a total fighting game noob when I started following this project, but it's honestly not that hard to pick up the lingo. Because of the hype for this game, I decided to (attempt to) play a few fighting games to touch up my skills for the release, and ended up getting sucked into the whole thing. I bought SSFIVAE, played like 50 hours, bought a joystick (currently got some pretty badass Fluttershy art in the works that I promise I'll share once it's done), and am comboing and FADC'ing my way through the ranks. I suggest that any noob who wants to stand a chance with online play when this is released do the same and touch up their skills, because these games have a steep learning curve. I was among the "Meh, I play brawl, how much harder could this be?" group, and had to get my flank kicked for at least 30 hours online before I started to get any sort of consistent wins. And I'm still like bottom skill, which isn't a bad thing. I just know I've got a long way to go, and look forward to getting better :)
>> No. 31457

My darn trip keeps derping. Hoping it works...
>> No. 31461
The guy above me reminded me. Anypony know Maximilian of youtube?:

He's a guy who does videos and teaches how to play most Capcom fighters such as 3rd Strike and UMvC3 (which he's been doing the most of recently). He got an early copy of UMvC3 so he's been previewing the new characters. He's pretty well know in the fighting game community (especially EVO). I think he's a brony because he references ponies sometimes (at least the character that plays Doom does.) It would be pretty interesting if he started doing videos of Fighting is Magic once it gets released. :D
>> No. 31463
File 132617419260.jpg - (307.33KB , 750x750 , 14951568.jpg )
Come release day, many people are going to be hit with the realization that this is a legitimate fighting game and doesn't play itself. But most people are too stuck in the ZOMG FIGHTAN PONIEZ, SO EPIC mindset to realize the game is deeper than it appears on the surface.

Not saying everypony needs to take games seriously though. It's just kinda sad that some people will most likely drop the game when they figure out they're not automatically doing amazing combos, or they immediately get bodied online.

However, if you're any way whatsoever serious about this game, yet have little or no experience with fighting games >>31455 has the right idea. Something like Street Fighter will teach you fundamentals and execution. Fundamentals go a long way, regardless of the game, and good execution will prevent you from doing stupid things on a regular basis.
>> No. 31466
>Site Updated

A few links to recordings of the Mane6 Panel at BroNYCon.
>> No. 31470
Fighting games are notoriously inaccessible, and the inability to add a training mode or tutorial is definitely going to make this "intermediate level".

Still, the strong similarity between fighting games means that there are lots of general-purpose reviews of mechanics and strategy, so I'm hoping that enough button-mashers will be willing to put in the time reviewing those to give the game appeal to general audiences as well as genre veterans.
>> No. 31473
File 132619700596.png - (343.01KB , 945x945 , 131498724323.png )
As far as fighting games go, FiM doesn't seem like a bad place to start though. The mechanics are simple with the only potentially confusing mechanic being the magic system. Of course any decent fighting game is extremely difficult to master, but learning the basics of FiM if you have any amount of dedication shouldn't be too frustrating.

Personally, I get frustrated with fighting games because I'm nowhere near as good as I used to be back when I played KoF, The Last Blade and Garou: Mark of the Wolves almost daily with my brother. How I was able to pull of all those crazy combos and specials on a keyboard back then is beyond me.
>> No. 31475
RuBoo likes RPGs. RuBoo understands stats like attack, defense, speed, accuracy, HP, EXP... Level up!
>> No. 31481
OK, so I posted a link to some Japanese blog, but apparently there's a word filter in the url that banned me for a little bit. So, instead, I'll just post the tweet I found the link in:!/zukicure5GOGO/status/156705546391654400
>> No. 31483
Will we be getting a clean version of Rarity's BGM soon like the other 2? Or will we have to wait a while for tweak a few things?
>> No. 31484
File 132621524527.png - (240.74KB , 416x431 , 131905576238.png )
This has already been answered in this thread, on Twitter and on the Mane6 website. The answer is soon.
>> No. 31487
I hope that there will be a training mode. I'm not sure on engine specifics, but not much is needed (dummy opponent and infinite health/meter) to make combo practice A LOT more convenient.
>> No. 31488
We haven't talked specifically amongst ourselves yet about what we are going to offer in the way of tutorials and such. I'm sure there'll at least be movelists available easily to get people started. Possibly even some basic combos.

With the amount of energy this fandom has, I'm predicting people making tutorial videos for each character and how to do some flashy combos within a few weeks of release! We'll probably have to find a way to centralise some of that stuff..

This is all just speculation, but given what we've seen from this community so far I wouldn't be surprised to see multiplayer "training" lobbies pop up where people can help each other learn the basics.

You couldn't really pick a more helpful community to get started with fighting games.
>> No. 31490
File 132622795709.jpg - (69.67KB , 640x480 , battlecap.jpg )

There's one thing that irks me since the very first time they stated that Fighter Maker 2nd is incapable of including some sort of training mode.
There's this game called "Battle Capacity", or BattleCap, it's a pretty small indie fighter also made with FM2K. They did manage to include a training mode. It's not very complex and sadly only has you compete against some sandbag, but it's still useful to at least get a general feel for a new character by checking out what links into what and stuff.
I know this isn't *exactly* what people wish for, but it's still better than, I don't know, playing against level 1 bots or a controllerless second player if you want to try out some stuff with a character you haven't really played before.
I posted that question (as to why other games can do it while they seem not to be able to) on the DevTeams twitter now, because I felt like asking that for ages now.
>> No. 31491

>Fighting games are notoriously inaccessible

That's a fairly outdated mindset. BlazBlue, the new KoF, SSF4, and MVC3 all have training modes designed to walk you through the basics at the very least (Does MK9? If not, that's surprising). I think the whole 'Fighters are elitist' thing comes from people playing against their friends who are more experienced, and watching expert players and being intimidated.

Play a round of SSF4AE online, chances are you'll bump into a scrub who knows even less than you do. Of course, you might bump into like Poongko or something and get slaughtered, but that's just part of the experience.

Oh, and is the skype group still open for new members?
>> No. 31492
File 132622850357.jpg - (69.67KB , 640x480 , battlecap.jpg )

Yep, that's pretty much exactly what it offers. Random dummy and you get infinite meter and health to play around. This, and the dummy changes colour while in hitstun.
>> No. 31495
File 132622879667.jpg - (61.20KB , 640x480 , battlecap2.jpg )

This, and I also just noticed the dummy even occasionally throws a punch, so you can even practice counter moves and the likes. Or maybe it's just supposed to annoy the players. I have yet to figure that out.
>> No. 31496
I can answer this but it's not a very mysterious answer.

Basically we are not many people making an ambitious project. We want to finish this project. The response it has gotten has raised expectations to far higher than we originally thought. While there are some features that are "possible", we simply aren't going to add in everything we can just because it's possible.

The work involved in some of the things (in this case training mode) may be too much for us to worry about. On the other hand, it may not.
We feel it's far more responsible to tell you guys that a training mode is not likely to happen than telling you it might have one and then not being able to deliver it (also please consider the fact that any time we say something "might" be included, most people read that as "will" be included)

We have to perform triage on a lot of ideas because of these sort of restraints. Would it be worth a training mode if it adds on 2 months of development? 3 months? The last thing we want is for this project to become vapourware.
>> No. 31497
It is probably true that there is no community more helpful than the brony community, but even so, that's not saying much. People are jerks.
>> No. 31498

that was me by the way. And yes I posted without asking the rest of the guys. As usual.
>> No. 31500
The general atmosphere in this thread alone is good enough that I'm sure players unfamiliar with fighting games will find somepony to help them get the hang of things.

I think it's great the development team is maintaining focus and not adding new features on a whim. This game is a big enough timesink and workload for a group of amateurs working for free on their spare time as it is and spending a good amount of time on features that aren't essential probably isn't worth it.
>> No. 31503
Youtube embed play button
Honestly, heck, we'd teach people now. I learned so much in the past few months in the FiM Skype chat.
>> No. 31504
Vanguard Princess doesn't have a training mode. It only has Story and Vs. So you can always make a ghetto training mode with 2 players. It does have "How to Play" screen though when you hit ESC. It even has a moveset before you select your character.

I think those should suffice. I'm sure the Mane6 website will update with tutorials and the like when people will start making videos (and they will knowing the fighting game community).
>> No. 31505
File 132623692767.png - (56.70KB , 800x800 , ohgod.png )
Really, the best training is experience. Even if you're totally outclassed, 15 minutes of fighting human opponents is worth as much as an afternoon with the CPU. The only time I've ever found training that useful is exploring tricky, gimmicky combos, but with FiM, it doesn't look too punishing with the links and timing, so it really isn't necessary. Especially if it delays the game.

Anyway, can anypony confirm/deny that Rarity has a dive kick? I thought I saw it in the con demonstration but can't tell. If she does, well, then...

>> No. 31508

Alright, thanks for the reply.

It's just that I felt like you stated there *will not be* a training mode, and the sole reason for that would be that the engine you are working with doesn't have any way of implementing one.
This is the first time I get that a training mode is at least not completely off the table. Which makes me a happy pony.

I personally feel like including a training mode is more than just "one of those many things which could be added", may it even be a very simple one.
It would probably not only be a big thing to the many people who already asked for one, but also especially a useful tool to get the game more accessible for the big number of people who will be picking this up without too much experience on the fighting game genre.
Accessibility could also become a big point as soon as this game reaches out farther than just the brony community (which I assume will happen, and rather sooner than later). People will be sceptical towards thrashing ponies, but it's features like this one which may make fighting game fans give the game second and third looks.

All I'm saying is I guess it would be a good idea in everypony's interest to give that training mode thing some consideration. If you feel like it would take time you don't have or don't want to spend on it, if you feel like it's not worth the hassle for whatever reason, then that's cool. It's your project, so far it looks like it will kick flank, and people will be happy either way.
But there is also the possibility that this is a simple way of pleasing lots and lots of people without taking too much effort, and if that's the case going for it would probably be a good idea.
>> No. 31510
>But there is also the possibility that this is a simple way of pleasing lots and lots of people without taking too much effort, and if that's the case going for it would probably be a good idea.

Believe me, if it was just as easy as that there'd be no question!
>> No. 31521
That's why I practically gave up on fighters. Nopony to play with. People are jerks. That, and my Internet connection sucks. Even if I could find somepony else to play with online, I'd get kicked off, lose by default, and not be able to play again for a long time. It takes forever to connect here.
>> No. 31529
File 132625787896.png - (173.80KB , 701x1140 , watbeard.png )
So, just to make sure I didn't miss anything... All of Twilight's lines (discounting various grunts and aahhhs) were:

Chapter 2!
Chapter 1.

But for that last big (filling up the screen with unholy power) move, all I can make out is "I- can't-"
Can anypony fill me in?

Also, super-kudos to the voice talent for this game. TS's actress totally blew me away. Top-tier talent for a top-tier pony.
>> No. 31530

I'm pretty sure it was " I can't- control it!!"

Also, yeah I'm really impressed by how good the VAs sound when you've got all the sound effects and music going as well.
>> No. 31532
File 132626074195.png - (184.75KB , 1333x1636 , BoltHype.png )
Yo brony, post your Skype info and come on in. We talk about random things, watch streams and get in fights!
>> No. 31533
File 132626086866.png - (152.26KB , 1314x1442 , BoltPoint.png )
No, it has a gimpy training mode. Go into VS, and press 2 buttons, I forget what they were. But they give you infinite meter and makes the opponent's life regenerate constantly. It's not perfect, but it's there...
>> No. 31534
Oh? Is that so? That's cool. Now if I only understood the words. Is there an English patch for it? lol

I'd love to understand the mechanics of the game...
>> No. 31540
Youtube embed play button

>video related
>> No. 31553
File 132632591162.png - (172.14KB , 1203x1449 , BoltShrug1.png )
I don't believe so. And you don't need one for this game...there's nothing to translate, unless you absolutely care about the names on their life bars being correct...

Just look up Vanguard Princess in the Poverty Wiki. All the info and such on VP is there.
>> No. 31561

My skype is cosmic.grooves, and all that sounds pretty decent. I'm going to have a mic by this weekend, is it required?


Dammit, you beat me to it.
>> No. 31565
Will the game have dizzies? If so will they be like the standard style where attacks all do a little damage to a characters dizzy until they get dizzy, or something like MvC3 where only specific moves dizzy but its instant?

Is Rarity able to fire another gem while another one is still hovering in place? Seems like it would be mega broke if she could so I doubt you can, but it would be good to know.

Somepony brought up that making Pinkie's charge moves work in reverse would work really well with her 'constant offense' style. Hold forward and hit back+button to do the move. Apparently theres a character in Arcana Heart 3 with charge moves in every direction that sounds interesting.

Also if you still didnt come up with some kind of Pinkie magic, I think something that gives her temporary super armor would work well with her rushdown-charge style.

Im also wondering what the commands are for the move's we got to see so far, at least Twilight and Applejack. Im mostly curious about how exactly the Magic button works with their moves.

Also just wanna say that Im impressed by how good this game looks. You guys could have easily thrown together some Mugen spritedump bullshit and still gotten mad praise from the internet, but you're taking the harder, but far better, route instead. I came because an MLP fighting game sounded like the most hilarious trainwreck, I stayed because it was the opposite.
>> No. 31569
File 132636380181.png - (35.71KB , 193x204 , 130675753287.png )
Congratulations on asking 6 questions which have never been asked before and I don't know the answer to.

I'm going to stand over here and hang my head dejectedly.
>> No. 31570
File 132637306542.png - (270.38KB , 595x842 , 131069826538.png )
Look at the bright side of this: if the questions are such that the developers can answer them, we get more information about the game and that's one less redundant post that can be answered by scrolling through the FAQ.
>> No. 31574
I know this one's been answered before, but cant for the life of me remember the answer or wanna search the entire internet for the answer. What's the limit on ground/wall bounces and launchers per combo? Do bounces and launchers count towards the same total, or do they count separately?
>> No. 31583
Youtube embed play button
3, same total
>> No. 31584
Or you can have the Super Smash Bros. equivalent of move induced tripping
>> No. 31586
Youtube embed play button
Dizzies aren't the same as tripping in Smash Brothers.

While it various from game to game, they are specific traits of some moves, and are not random nor luck based, but 100% predictable if you understand the mechanics, and ideally would be used to dizzy an opponent at the optimal time to capitalize on it yourself.
>> No. 31589
File 132641124782.jpg - (229.85KB , 648x526 , how_to_play.jpg )
Well, it is playable. You can figure out how moves work, but I kinda want to know what all this says. Didn't bother checking online yet because I haven't been playing much. Been working on my gaming backlog.
>> No. 31591
Left: light
Bottom: medium
Right: Heavy
Top: assist
>> No. 31603
File 132642738994.jpg - (2.46MB , 3648x2736 , DSCI0105.jpg )
You have no idea how ready I am for this game...
>> No. 31605
File 132642766442.png - (158.69KB , 1646x1028 , BoltSad2E.png )
I know that feel Kari...I know that feel...
>> No. 31606
File 132642825806.jpg - (95.23KB , 640x480 , poGNZ.jpg )
Also, sorry. Yeah, there was a translation of that. Here ya go.
>> No. 31608
Awesome, thanks. Wonder if I can replace the screen with that or something. lol
>> No. 31609

I spent like 10 goddamn minutes trying to figure out what that was trying to say. Reebatiaats?!
>> No. 31623
File 132646820639.png - (22.45KB , 96x130 , Kappa.png )
Fluttershy with that divekick, top tier for sure.
>> No. 31643
File 132650820954.png - (247.13KB , 721x316 , fim-psp.png )
Will there be a homebrew version for the psp?
That would just be beyond epic.
>> No. 31645
File 132651134988.jpg - (393.51KB , 2469x1984 , FightingisMagicforPSP_adhiboy.jpg )

The thought of that really made me smile, and since you made me smile, I have a concept boxart for ya.
>> No. 31647
File 132651155033.jpg - (61.02KB , 600x594 , 131104898645.jpg )
Yay! I love it!
>> No. 31648
PSP-Exclusive content? It's already "Only on PSP".

LOL "Excessive nudity".
>> No. 31649
that's awesome. I must say I laughed way too hard at the excessive nudity rating and that "game name" is a trademark of Sony. I like the artwork chosen though I think Rarity should have her "it is on" face.
>> No. 31660
File 132652502224.png - (80.61KB , 224x224 , 131256579885.png )
If only...
>> No. 31670
haha that's awesome :)
>> No. 31692
Watching some of the stream has made me super excited. I don't think it's possible to have enough hype. I especially loved Pinkie's dashing and lick attack animations, well done indeed.

But what excited me most was, with your admissions about Pinkie, the prospect of charge move characters. I freaking love them, and it's definitely not a mechanic that gets enough love outside of Street Fighter these days (hell, even in SFIII there was no love for charge moves). I was gonna probably focus on Twi, but seeing that Pinkie is a charge-based character just made me HNNNGH. My stick is ready.

So my question is this: with the advent of charge based characters, is the engine programmed in such a way (or have you considered, if they aren't already there) such mechanics are charge buffering and charge partitioning? The former is a staple and the latter separates the good charge character players from the great ones.

Also, Skype name is metalmeleemaster2. I don't know what to expect in there, but I gotta get in on this.

That is all. Thank you.
>> No. 31699
>Site Updated:

VA casting call - Rarity
>> No. 31707
File 132659148360.png - (142.04KB , 1201x1442 , BoltSalute1.png )
Added ya! Waitin for ya to accept mah friend request!
>> No. 31709

Fellow Honda player, awesome. Sucks he got nerfed so hard in SSF4AE.


uh, in case you missed me, that skype was cosmic.grooves
>> No. 31711
Some good questions we didn't want to go unanswered:

Dizzy: At the moment there is no 'build up to dizziness' mechanic. There will be specific moves that cause a dizzy though.

Rarity gems: Rarity used to be able to do this, but we removed it before the panel because in its state at the time, it was indeed broken. Things do change, though. We're looking into different ways of handling her gems, including negative edge. She feels great where she currently is, but every possibility is tested at least once for each character.

'Reverse' charges: We already have these types of moves in mind. It's a very cool mechanic! Pinkie's style of fighting is going to be a pretty unique experience, for players and spectators alike.

Pinkie's Magic: Good suggestion, we have ideas already for her magic system :)

Command list: The commands are still subject to change, we'd like to release a command list (somehow) closer to completion though, promise.

General praise: Thank you!! We are super passionate about the project and making it as awesome as we can without ruining our lives. We appreciate the love and support and hype SO much, you have no idea.

Charge buffering is kinda a default result of the way charge commands are set up in the game. Charge partitioning is another story however. It is not really supported by the engine as it is and for now we are happy that way (happy enough not to tear our hair out trying to force the engine to do something it's not built for anyway).
>> No. 31712

Done and done.


Haha sorry to burst your bubble, but I've mained Chunners since Street Fighter II Turbo. She has a place close to my heart and next to my square gate. But I love Honda, Guile/Remy and Bison as well. Oooh so much.


As much as I loved SFIII's charge partitioning zanyness, charge characters are still fun as hell without it. It just makes combos a bit less finger-raping and makes them a tiny bit less flexible. Here's hoping Pinkie has some bomb anti-air kick so that people don't just flail jump at her because she's crouching.
>> No. 31717
Chun-Li is my favourite too :) Unfortunately I'm not nearly as hardcore as the other dudes in our team (I'm an animator first and a fighting gamer.. 15th).

And we feel sorta the same way about charge partitioning. I would wager it appeared in sf3 as a coding oversight and then got exploited by the 30 million play hours that uncovers all those crazy things in those fighting games. It's certainly not something we're going to preplan! I'm sure our game will have lots of crazy little unplanned quirks that won't be discovered until much later. It's the nature of the genre!
>> No. 31758
But everypony knows that the PSP has no games.
>> No. 31759
If Rarity's theme music isn't in some way a remix of Art of the Dress, I'll be severely disappointed.
>> No. 31761
File 132669317972.png - (143.07KB , 1201x1444 , BoltAnnoyed.png )
Do you REALLY wanna do this?
>> No. 31762
This is not the appropriate place to discuss such things, out of respect for the Mane6 DevTeam.
>> No. 31763
Although I do have a PSP, it's a 1000 series and the battery to mine sucks terribly so I don't carry it around as much.

I can see Fighting is Magic more of a 3DS game... or something Nintendo related. Think about ponies in THREE DEE. :P (Though the battery on that sucks too...)
>> No. 31767
We were thinking iPad. It's pretty much the best gaming platform out there. having all the buttons and directional inputs smushed onto the screen with no tactile feedback would really add to the experience and challenge too.
>> No. 31768

Would fighter maker 2 run on Ipad? Or you'll have to rewrite it in a compatible engine?

I think putting it on the iPad would help you guys promote the game to more casual audiences.

Time to show them Angry Birds/ Fruit Ninja freaks what ponies are.
>> No. 31769
File 132670264564.png - (175.83KB , 955x1063 , 130711424010.png )
Sounds legit. I really can't think of any device more suitable for a fighting game than the iPad (except maybe my Nokia C5).
>> No. 31773
File 132670948565.gif - (179.18KB , 370x370 , PinkieLaunchPost.gif )
>Here's hoping Pinkie has some bomb anti-air kick so that people don't just flail jump at her because she's crouching.

They've already shown Pinkie's Launcher, which looked very much like it also functioned as an Anti-Air. And for a while, everypony was talking about how it looked so utterly overpowered that nopony would ever try to approach Pinkie from the air. So, fear not?

I'm still not sure how this attack is supposed to be balanced. I'm guessing it must have a very lengthy recovery that the gif doesn't show, but it looks like it would be pretty hard to bait.
>> No. 31774
File 132670975881.png - (280.40KB , 2000x2000 , Nyx.png )

inb4 you get a hundred emails asking about the iPad release, and have to put an official statement on your website declaring that it was an offhanded joke, which everypony ignores and you continue to get requests about.

I would've thought you'd learn the lesson after Nyx.
>> No. 31775
File 132671232527.jpg - (22.47KB , 428x423 , LightningBlitzrasberry.jpg )
Who's Nyx?
>> No. 31777
I'd ask the same thing...
My PSP will no longer charge. For a reason similar to why my charger won't work. I have a solution to the 3DS's battery problem, though. Same as with my other DS systems: plugged into the wall and only leaves when I want it to.
...Long car rides are a bit of a problem, though...
>> No. 31778
Most people will tell you it's an OC from past sins and only that.

I will tell you it's a greek goddess of night that is also associated with the moon and her name or nyx herself has been used in numerous works as is the same for most things greek.
>> No. 31782
I'm a little bias against Apple products. Though I can see why you would try.

I don't get the deal with Angry Birds. I played it for a little bit one time, but don't see why people think its an addiction. Give me Tetris anyday.

My PSP battery drains even when turned off. By the time it hits 80%, it won't even turn on and I have to use an AC to get it to go.

The DS battery is like a tiny god. It can last for days to a week on one battery charge. Though putting it on the lowest light setting extends its life twice as much.
>> No. 31783
Perhaps the reason the PSP uses power even when off is because it's not off. Tap the power makes it sleep. You have to hold to get it to power off. Sleep is useful on handhelds, but how PSP handles it is a pain.
All of our computers are Microsoft and most of our gaming systems are Nintendo (XBox, 360, PS2, PSP, nothing else is non-Nintendo). My sisters have iPod Touches, though. I don't see why.
>> No. 31787
Ok I really have to stop making straight-faced jokes. Sorry guys. No, it won't run on an iPad. It's PC only (with possible mac and linux workarounds using windows boots or whatever).

It WILL however definitely use the nintendo zapper light gun for some level 3 supers where you have to shoot the opponent.
>> No. 31788
File 132674157762.jpg - (99.89KB , 581x552 , humph.jpg )
>I'm a little bias against Apple products.

>> No. 31790
Looks like I have to dust off the old NES adapter...
>> No. 31792
Youtube embed play button
>It WILL however definitely use the nintendo zapper light gun for some level 3 supers where you have to shoot the opponent.

>> No. 31794
File 132674291936.png - (80.61KB , 224x224 , 131256579885.png )
>It WILL however definitely use the nintendo zapper light gun for some level 3 supers where you have to shoot the opponent.
Now where am I going to find one of those for a reasonable price? This should really be in the FAQ: I've been waiting for this game so long and to have this come out of nowhere is a massive disappointment. Well, I guess a diluted Fighting is Magic experience is better than no Fighting is Magic at all. I just wish you guys had made this clear earlier.
>> No. 31795
File 132674341417.gif - (246.12KB , 300x300 , animated_pinkie_rimshot.gif )
>>Tap the power makes it sleep. You have to hold to get it to power off. Sleep is useful on handhelds, but how PSP handles it is a pain.

I know this actually. I completely turn it off. Still drains battery no matter what I do. I could hold the button forever and it wouldn't make a lick of difference. It's weird.

I DID sense some sarcasm in your original statement, but I wasn't sure.

Pic related.
>> No. 31796
File 132674383477.png - (141.30KB , 1201x1444 , BoltConfused1.png )
I...bu...ho...The guy is over here cracking stupid jokes man! Did you just take that seriously!? I don't even...
>> No. 31797
I don't think he did. But now I don't know if you did. From now on let's just assume everything is a joke. Even this statement.
>> No. 31799
Well crap, you've been fooling us this whole time. There is no Fighting is Magic, is there? It was all a joke. ;_;
>> No. 31800
Sheesh. Nintendo's been making handhelds for years, they know what they're doing. Sony does not. Microsoft's doing the smart thing and staying away from handhelds.
...Sony'd be more awesome if it started with a "P".
>> No. 31801
Actually MS does have a handheld. The Windows 7 Phone. You can connect your Xbox Live account to it and even play a few games to get achievements to your Xbox Live account.

There was the Zune too...
>> No. 31802

Nintendo only makes handhelds, while Sony stuffs a lot of other functions there that drain your battery like nopony's busniess.
It's like my old Nokia cellphone, which can last almost a month before needing a rechange, compared with the average Touch phone which needs to be recharged at a daily bassis.

Anyways! I like this project and I'm nervously waiting for the next stream to see how you guys keep doing awesome with it.
>> No. 31803
Windows 7 Phone is technically a phone, not a handheld video game. And I've never heard of the Zune. Either one any good?
>> No. 31804
No idea.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand... because Fighting IS Magic.
>> No. 31805
File 132674838538.png - (597.71KB , 912x881 , 131048086092.png )
For future reference, it is advisable to take anything I say with a spoonful of salt.
>> No. 31806
File 132674853706.png - (342.03KB , 800x500 , fightingismagic setup.png )
Allright this game is going to be awesome. Now to dig out my zapper, hope it still works then sell my soul for an ipad. Aww yeah.
>> No. 31807
File 132674872162.png - (73.69KB , 212x209 , 130712671255.png )
I found that so much funnier than I should have. Maybe I should go to bed.
>> No. 31808
haha! can you make the buttons and dpad OVER the image, I want it it properly reflect an iPad game.
>> No. 31809
File 132675113077.png - (361.33KB , 800x500 , fightingismagicipadreal.png )
For authenticity's sake
>> No. 31810
File 132675130479.jpg - (227.21KB , 1000x1000 , 131445633122.jpg )
Truly a thing of perfection.
>> No. 31811
>> No. 31812
File 132675146085.jpg - (24.90KB , 552x313 , IMG_0552.jpg )
> Fighting is Magic on iOS

All of my money. Please take it.
>> No. 31813
I don't have a Nintendo Zapper. I've got a three-in-one Super Mario Bros./World Class Track Meet/Duck Hunt game for NES, but no Zapper. Or any peripherals for that system.
I've got the gun that came with Link's Crossbow Training, though.
>> No. 31814
File 132675162884.png - (22.45KB , 96x130 , spoiler.png )
What about Android support, like Street Fighter IV HD LG?
>> No. 31815
File 132675178794.png - (163.99KB , 474x451 , 130712846723.png )
You know what we really need? A Gameboy port of this game.
>> No. 31816
File 132675192892.png - (207.88KB , 500x299 , Rupees.png )
All of my Rupees. Take them. Please.
I'm serious. My wallet is full, I can't collect any more. Don't you just hate when that happens?
>> No. 31818
File 132675300295.jpg - (13.79KB , 250x281 , 250px-Robotic_Operating_Buddy.jpg )
The zapper? Man... what am I gonna do with this thing? Gets no love. I mean, what if I want a 2nd player and can't find another person?
>> No. 31819
File 132675377682.png - (731.62KB , 2309x2981 , 45345345656455767.png )
Okay, I read alot in this thread about batteries that keep dying mysteriously and how this game would be awesome on the ipad, & so on & so on.

1) it sounds like your cell is dead. (that right jim it's dead) when a cell dies it no long holds a charge for very long. it will mean you will have to go out and buy a replcement battery for your devices. I good way of keeping the cell of batteries life longer is to let your device's battery die completely once in awhile. it works wonders.

2) I must state that anything & everything apple sux flank. It is nothing but tech for dumbies. imple as that.

3)Zune rules over ipod anyday.

*waits for the haters to start hating*
>> No. 31820

...EVO, possibly

Yes the devs know about this, it was a Twitter comment.
>> No. 31821
>Okay, I read alot in this thread about.... how this game would be awesome on the ipad, & so on

Did you read the right thread?

I feel ya. thats why I am going to: take bobbing bird + board attched to face = button smashing player! My only fear is that it will be the constant champion at my house :(
>> No. 31822
File 132675592194.png - (143.46KB , 500x333 , 132329583079.png )
... That made me think of this picture. Appropriate because I play a lot of fighters on a keyboard...

>lurk mode re-activated
>> No. 31823
I think it's new thread time.
>> No. 31825
Hopefully, it will be a sticky one because this project truly deserves it.
>> No. 31826
Saw the post on SRK. I really hope something comes of this.
>> No. 31827

You know the drill, Jay... New thread comes with next update.
>> No. 31833
I don't know if I did know the drill actually! But that makes sense.

Not sure we want a sticky, it would become enormous and it's kinda nice having a thread that stays at the top because of activity, not because a mod just shoved it there. If there is no activity it doesn't need to be at the top!
>> No. 31871

All the jokes we make about it being at EVO is... just maybe becoming reality?

I love jokes! I get jokes!

Hopefully something comes out of this...
>> No. 31873

It definitely won't be mane stage material. But as for systems set up, and then people playing in hotel rooms? Absolutely.
>> No. 31874
Yeah, of course.
>> No. 31876
File 132678509798.png - (187.37KB , 322x358 , 130712058846.png )
Considering these threads tend to devolve into barely on-topic discussion and general insanity when there hasn't been an update for a while, a sticky probably isn't necessary. Those who are only here for the updates will find the new thread once it's up and those of us who partaking the insanity here can now continue their insanity without bothering the people who only care about the updates.

Besides, who doesn't love the excitement of seeing a new Fighting is Magic thread? Everypony knows it's not going to disappoint.
>> No. 31880
File 132678858812.jpg - (21.56KB , 600x450 , redrapper.jpg )

My dream of Redrapper rapping about ponies is one step closer to a reality!
>> No. 31899
File 132682617712.jpg - (25.81KB , 420x322 , 131089907805.jpg )
My body is ready
>> No. 31937
>New Thread is up

>> No. 40743
File 134239804455.jpg - (49.62KB , 900x720 , princess_luna_by_mlpazureglow-d3bhjh1.jpg )
Hi my name is peterflores will there be my little pony fighting is magic on the ps2 if leave me a coment or call me on the cellphone
>> No. 42024
File 134782481089.jpg - (4.92KB , 284x177 , images_jpgt.jpg )
I love pony's
>> No. 43171
File 135565347056.png - (20.65KB , 150x150 , spoiler.png )
i want this game...
>> No. 44185
Youtube embed play button
  i love to play fighting games. will the game be cool, and superb awesome like other fighting games like marvel vs capcom series, mortal kombat series, king of fighters series, and street fighters series? if this fighting game is good then it would be cool if they put it in a video game industry , and on consoles. if this game is hot then it would be awesome if they have a fighting game teamup. teamup like ryu/ twilight sparkle, or wonder woman/ applejack, or thor/ rainbow dash, or vs series pinkie pie vs deadpool, and or other fighting games ideas. it would be awesome if my little pony friendship is magic fighting with marvel , dc universe, street fighters , king of fighters, and or mortal kombat. your my little pony friendship is magic fan luis angel rivera jr superhulka#32.
>> No. 44347
>> No. 44506
File 136403363687.jpg - (95.66KB , 825x825 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 45156
hi im new to this site and i heard about mlp fighting is magic i really want to play it but i cant find the game and i dont know how to get there i heard in the comments that it was supposed to be realeased in december 2012 , it 2013 was it released yet? i just saw some videos on youtube of people playing it thats why im wondering. please answer ASAP, thank you
>> No. 46095
<a href=''>generic valium</a> valium pre-employment drug screen - buy valium online uk no prescription
>> No. 46240
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 46437
needs a sertern derpy pony
>> No. 47053
will it come out this year
>> No. 47123
2 Questions

1 When Will The Game Be Available For Download?

And 2 Can You Please Let Me Know When The Game Will Be Available For Download?
>> No. 47314
What game system is mlp fighting is magic going to be on
>> No. 47496
File 142335558782.jpg - (745B , 2x2 , ChristmasGirls.jpg )
>> No. 47497
File 142335558843.jpg - (745B , 2x2 , ChristmasGirls.jpg )
>> No. 47498
File 142335558862.jpg - (745B , 2x2 , ChristmasGirls.jpg )
>> No. 47499
File 142335558867.jpg - (745B , 2x2 , ChristmasGirls.jpg )
>> No. 47500
File 142335558984.jpg - (745B , 2x2 , ChristmasGirls.jpg )
>> No. 47502
Youtube embed play button
  I love my little pony so so so so much and I want to play
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