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File 132270098314.png - (124.93KB , 580x261 , cloudsdale-logo.png )
29104 No. 29104
Sage the old thread - The New one needs some lovin'

> What is the project? was the product of my personal devotion for the Brony community. The project started hours after I'd gotten rejected from the Equestria Online team (no hard feelings you're awesome SweBow). What started out as just a chat window has developed to the core of a unique, all pony social media with the potential and within my vision to house the majority of the Brony community.

> What is so special about Cloudsdale?

It's the feel - That's what people tell me. I work a lot with making the interface of Cloudsdale as clean, vibrant and beautiful as possible using the latest within web technology to achieve this. Other then the awesome UI i find the combination of features on the site fairly unique in their usage. I really hope a lot of you can see the same potential in this project as I am.

> How do I contribute to the project?

Contact me here, through my email (attached) or at Cloudsdale (I'm usually in the Vanilla Cloud) and we can discuss what you'd like to contribute with and how. Couldsdale is a lot of work and I encourage everypony to offer your help improving the site if you already like what you see.

> Technical

- Ruby 1.9.3
- Ruby on Rails 3.1
- F**ckton of Rubygems
- Coffescript
- Sass
- Haml
- Twitter's Bootstrap

- Comet Pub/Sub
- HTML5 & CSS 3

- Nginx
- Debian 6.0.3
- TheRubyRacer
- MongoDB
- Redis
- ElasticSearch
- GraphicsMagic
- Rackspace CDN file hosting

Development Tools
- Textmate
- Git - Github
- Git - Tower
- Apple OS X Lion
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator

> Contact

Project Manager, Creator, Moderator and Sysop:
Name: Philip Vieira
Nick: Zeeraw (Skype, Cloudsdale, Facebook, Ponychan, Steam)
Email: [email protected]
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>> No. 29105
File 132270124438.png - (408.97KB , 3028x3153 , Twilight_Dealwithit.png )
Hurray for chat 2.0! This website is amazing awesome.

Zeeraw is best pony. Just sayin'
>> No. 29106
File 132270313067.png - (430.29KB , 1280x720 , BigMcintosh_Smartypants_S02E03.png )
Even though I'm not that active on Cloudsdale I must admit that it looks very nice. :)
There's probably a few bugs and such that needs to be taken care of but It's still surprisingly well done for a beta. :)
>> No. 29135
File 132274382671.jpg - (40.33KB , 492x311 , 6ctoQ.jpg )

I really appreciate all of your support.
Thank you.
>> No. 29167
File 132278202364.png - (620.65KB , 1114x985 , Screen Shot 2011-11-19 at 11_09_20 PM.png )
You can now reach me at:

[email protected]
>> No. 29171
File 132278484155.png - (224.25KB , 409x368 , hurrrr.png )
Ah Zeeraw has his stuff running smooth and fine best place to chat with other Bronys
>> No. 29172
File 132278492353.png - (234.73KB , 691x767 , FS quite.png )
Great site, lots of fun, needs more users.
>> No. 29196
File 132280877836.png - (98.61KB , 263x243 , !neat.png )
oh man this is so awesome I can't wait to see how this turns out
>> No. 29202
File 132281516769.png - (1.41MB , 3000x2000 , rainbow_dash_and_fluttershy_by_smittyg-d3bxwu8.png )
Thank you, I really hope you have a nice time at Cloudsdale.
>> No. 29498
File 132326461422.png - (85.87KB , 388x367 , CloudyOhYou.png )
Hello everypony! It's... It's Cloudy Sdalel there! Yeah, that's sort of my name. I am sort of Cloudsdale's mascot! Well, I was there to just say... um... are you all aware of the new features?

As in, as of the latest update, you can now make avatars for Clouds you have created, get help while doing articles, see a preview of them before they're finished... and we have a new, stylish and sleek chat, too!

Um.. it's pretty much that. We also got a new logo made from one of the members of our community: all give a hug to Zimber Fizz! Well, still, the point is... are you on Cloudsdale?

We are a nice place to discuss and talk with other bronies, but as we're just starting and entering beta, we still need to evolve and grow a community. A friendly place where everypony is equal and can talk with bronies of his same interests.

Try Cloudsdale out and meet bronies that share hobbies and interests with you!
>> No. 29664
I'm really reluctant to just sign up for something when I have no idea what it is and I don't know if I'll want to use it. Plus if I don't it just adds a useless entry into your database.

I also understand you don't want Anonymous people on to prevent paraspriting and stuff so I'll just ask about it here.

So... it's a chat site? Like... there's chat rooms and stuff I guess? There's categories I guess? Could I maybe see some pictures? And I tried to sign up anyway to give it an honest try but I got "We're sorry, something went wrong". I tried again and got the same error. I didn't get any confirmation email either.
>> No. 29674
File 132345389887.png - (1.10MB , 1024x768 , 132304914025.png )

I've been a might bit curious myself as to what Cloudsdale is exactly. The main page gives no real indication as to what goes on behind it.

Pic somewhat related.
>> No. 30112
File 132389832206.jpg - (43.63KB , 500x500 , tumblr_lor636Eew81r0r516o1_500.jpg )

> It is bigger on the inside.

I'm sorry for the Mystique, I have yet to set up the Privacy Policy on the front page regarding protection of your information.

As for why the site is closed and limited to registers users has to do with how I would like users to interact with each other on the same terms.

Long story short, I send no emails unless it's for account recovery, I don't do Facebook/Twitter posts through your accounts and all vital information such as Sesson tokens and passwords are encrypted using BCrypt (which you will find quite secure).

Now on to what Cloudsdale actually is.

The application has yet to define itself as I'm still working on vital core functionality to be released in the beginning of next month. As for now you could say it provides a chat for quick social interaction and articles for quality content.

I will go into more detail later of what the functions in the coming beta release are meant to do and how Cloudsdale offers a slightly different way of social interaction over the web then what some are used to.

Cloudsdale is hosted on proper servers and have no disturbing adds. It's a quality network in it's early stages.

Pic unrelated
>> No. 30236
cant wait for the next update. great job on the site
>> No. 30263
File 132422759400.png - (102.05KB , 500x557 , 132308100597.png )
Thank you - doing my best :3
>> No. 33131
File 132812235322.png - (561.33KB , 558x625 , PrinceBlueblood.png )
Cloudsdale has entered BETA 1

Everypony is Welcome
>> No. 33136
File 132812715857.png - (38.86KB , 696x623 , happy.png )
Really like the potential this has, it looks amazing, and if it had a large userbase it could be a serious time killer.
Only one question, is there a feature where you can view all possible clouds?
I can't seem to find it
>> No. 33139
File 132813159617.png - (94.38KB , 400x400 , 132298676189.png )
A lot of ´exploration features´ as you might call them are under way. My current focus is getting the site more welcoming to new users by lowering the difficulty getting started with core functionality, like finding clouds.
>> No. 38294
File 133684148500.png - (542.59KB , 1311x1393 , scoots.png )
Opening the release candidate 1 for public access later this month. Stay tuned.

A lot of things have and will happen since I last posted.
>> No. 38297
Why don't I have scroll bars? Is it the fault of my browser?
I'm using Opera.
>> No. 38303
File 133685063113.png - (479.08KB , 847x776 , Screen Shot 2012-02-06 at 4_51_01 AM.png )

We're aware of some scrolling issues in Opera & IE
This has hopefully been asserted in the release candidate.

Never the less, the UI has undergone some major revamps. I look forward to releasing live footage before it hits.
>> No. 38310
I don't really understand what it does but...
Ruby on Rails ? CoffeeScript ?? MongoDB ?!
Say no more ! I'm registering already ! If only I hadn't so much to do I'd be spaming your mailbox to work on it.

Using Opera too and I have the same kind of problem.
I can't test with other browsers though, it seems I managed to forget my password in less than five minutes.
>> No. 38377
File 133700295793.png - (147.04KB , 396x744 , Screen Shot 2012-05-14 at 3_42_05 PM.png )

The mail cluster I'm using for restoring accounts is undergoing a 2 week maintenance/migration and thus is very very slow.

I've bought premium API access to their new cluster, so I'll be able to put it in use when we leave the BETA on the 26th this month.

Here have a preview.
>> No. 38401
File 133703914698.png - (133.12KB , 900x900 , 132654317422.png )
I saw cloudsdale a while ago, but I didn't sign up because I couldn't see anything written about what it was, not even in the meta tags. +1 for a bit more info on the home page.
>> No. 38437

The new version is be running on backbone.js and full access to the necessary exploration features without having to sign up.

As for meta tags; it has full OPG support and soon to come oEmbed support for services like twitter.
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