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File 132273382306.png - (80.92KB , 656x518 , 72577 - derpy_hooves Ditzy_Doo MUGEN rainbow_dash recolor.png )
29127 No. 29127
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>> No. 29128

In your dreams.

Mane6 clearly stated they will NEVER port characters from Fighting Is Magic onto MUGEN.
>> No. 29133
File 132274307667.jpg - (52.85KB , 463x600 , AJ_letmetellyouwhythatsbs.jpg )

Fighting game characters have been ported over to MUGEN before. Heck, that's like nine-tenths of all MUGEN characters to begin with. Just adapt them however is necessary to get them to work with the engine and there you go.
>> No. 29134
But we will!
>> No. 29148
Why does everypony want to port over ponies to MUGEN anyway? We're getting an entire balanced fighter... with online support.
>> No. 29149

Because that way they can steal the character packages and repost them everywhere claiming them as their own. You know, the habitual Mugen nightmare.
>> No. 29155
I see no problem with that.
>> No. 29160
File 132277890086.png - (142.35KB , 825x968 , cheerilee_awesomeface.png )

So we can pit Derpy Hooves and Rainbow Dash against Chun-Li and Omega Tiger Woods on Rainbow Road, why else?
>> No. 29162

I think that what >>29149 said is that the ones asking for mugen stuff are precisely the ones who are desperately trying to steal them so they could repost them elsewhere.

Which is beyond sad and pathetic, but again, so is Mugen.
>> No. 29163

MLP was never very big in the fighting game community to begin with, so the only ones who would really know about these characters would be from this site and/or EQD, etc. - and they would hopefully give credit where it's due.
>> No. 29166

This very same section has seen plenty of material theft incidents, especially from Desktop Ponies.
Unfortunately, I can see people stealing and redistributing Mugen pony packs as soon they get posted here.
>> No. 29173

If it does happen, somepony will eventually call them out on it.
>> No. 29184
EXACTLY. Games made in MUGEN are seldom serious and more often simple mash-togethers of different characters from different games. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but MUGEN isn't so much about making your own doujin game and making it the next Melty Blood as it is about just throwing together random characters in random stages, preferably with some awesome music, and just having fun with it. People port shit over to MUGEN to learn a programming language, earn l33t sk1llz and then show off said l33t sk1llz. About the most serious finished project I've seen made in MUGEN is King of Fighters Anthology, which can be downloaded at:

A lesser known engine is UFGE. I know next to nothing about it but it seems to be sort of similar to MUGEN. has some very interesting games made in this, KOF 20XX even has characters used in old-school YouTube Poop, like The King of Hyrule, Captain Falcon, Robotnik (PINGAS!!), Mario and Luigi. These games seem a little slow on the loading, but they're a load of fun.

Then you got Fighter Maker 2k2, which the Mane 6 Devs are using. Awesome games have been made with this thing for years. I have a couple games made in this, one is an anime doujin fighter called "Wonderful World" and the other is this silly live-action game called "Dong Dong Never Die" which is just a total parody of fighting games and 80's/90's pop culture.
>> No. 29189

If I was making ponies in MUGEN, I wouldn't attempt a straight-up remake of Fighting is Magic but instead just create individual characters that people could download at their leisure. (Assuming that's your point.)
>> No. 29201
File 132281446541.jpg - (7.07KB , 314x324 , 1237240452958.jpg )
>desperately trying to steal them
Can you explain to me how does that even work?
>> No. 29205
File 132283226679.jpg - (257.39KB , 783x771 , download.jpg )
>> No. 29213
File 132284570275.jpg - (29.28KB , 385x385 , 23646%20-%20Fukken_saved%20rarity%20reactions.jpg )
>> No. 29249
Not an evil idea. I love Mugen so I can pit several versions of the same Street Fighter char against one another or play as Ranma-chan fighting Kintaro or even Col. Sanders. It is fun if you don't take it too seriously. There are three problems though - scale of size (MK chars with arcade sprites are much bigger than Genesis TMNT fighing game vahrs, for example), sloppy or unfinished char conversions or creations, and no so-called 3d fighters like Tekken, thus denying the possibility of a true ultimate mash up. But it is free, so so what? I do reccomend anypony converting the Fighting is Magic chars to Mugen credit their source, Mane6, and posting them only to sites that aren't full of parapasites. This is mostly a good site. I agree with Mane6 team though that Mugen is not ideal for crafting a complete game with original sprites. Their engine has more options for the programmer, who does not have to use command line to add chars - you can drag and drop char names! Mugen has gotten stale.
>> No. 29255
File 132291897320.jpg - (21.45KB , 189x201 , tldr.jpg )

>> No. 29263
File 132294427792.jpg - (30.55KB , 341x324 , fluttershy_confluttershy.jpg )

Wait, so do you like MUGEN or not?
>> No. 29274

I'd like to add that, at least in WinMUGEN, you don't need to use a command line to add new characters - you just go into the select file and add them there.
>> No. 33285
This picture is stolen. The original picture was taken by Cyberlizardman on Deviantart. He made the character as well and it's not even finished. proof. Check the date.
>> No. 33291
>Not using Mugen 1.0 (the new one in HD)
>Not capping RD vs Omega Tom Hanks
>> No. 33325
Youtube embed play button
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