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29141 No. 29141
As far as Brony-fangaming goes, there are very few games that take longer than an hour to beat.
Derpy's Adventure will improve on this.

Derpy's Adventure is a 2D platformer/shooter that I've been working on for a little over a month now that

-Entirely Original sprites. No Desktop Ponies here.

-The first ,'Long' pony fangame. Upon completion, it will feature 6 worlds plus a secret world that can be unlocked.

- Epic original music composed by GingerSnapsBrony.

- Side-quests and replay value.

The Story:

Discord has been freed from his stone prison by an unknown force, and the mane 6 have mysteriously vanished.
The only one left to save the day is.....Derpy.
She confronts him and he challenges her to a game: If she can
find all of the elements within 10 days, he will leave peacefully and let the mane 6 go free.
To complicate things, he takes her wings away and litters the land with evil creatures to fight.

Though, she will soon find Discord is not the one to be feared, it's the pony of darkness who has freed him...

I'll post some actual gameplay pictures in the next post.
Also, please don't post on the old thread. I lost the password so I can't delete it.
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>> No. 29144
If it's anything like Jazz Jackrabbit, I will liek fo sho.
>> No. 29181
You can check out the soundtrack at
>> No. 29185
2D platformer/shooter?
Does she throw muffins at the enemies?
>> No. 29210
Sounds great.

Do you need help with the music?
>> No. 29212
File 132284563175.png - (4.85KB , 229x253 , derptestpic.png )
Hi guys, sorry for not posting.

She throws mail, and you can get powerups to change your ammo type. EX: Fireballs, Bubbles, etc.

GingerSnapsBrony is doing the music currently, so It's kinda up to him to decide if he needs extra help or not.

Also, here's a picture of gameplay.
The graphics seen here aren't final and are subject to change, keep in mind the game is in Early Alpha stages.
>> No. 29227
All right then.

Well, I'd love to be a part of this so anything you need a hand with I'd be glad to help.
>> No. 29258

Do you have any spriting or programming skills?
I might be able to hook you up.
>> No. 29264
File 132294446243.png - (3.33KB , 288x256 , twisprites.png )

If you need sprite work, I could lend a hand. Here's some sprites I made for a FiM RPG I'm working on (as an example - if you need Twilight sprites made for the game, they won't be this small).
>> No. 29270

I don't really need any object-sprites right now, but I'll need some enemy sprites sometime in the future.
I'll contact you when I get to that point in the programming.
>> No. 29273

All right. Email's up there.
>> No. 29317
I can program action script?
>> No. 29328

If it's not too hard, then sure.

E-mail me and we'll talk:
[email protected]
>> No. 29447
File 132319702331.jpg - (13.91KB , 309x433 , chatpic2.jpg )
Hey guys, it's me again.

No important updates this time, except for I programmed Slopes. Harder than you think, lol.

Anyways, I just wanted to say I'm taking a break on the game until the Holidays are over, I've been working on the game to the point where my eyes burn when I look at the screen, lol.

A demo will hopefully be done by January, along with some Promotional trailers and crap.

Until then,
>> No. 29449
Promotional trailerps?! I can derply wait!! O: (Seriously this is awesome. Take care o' your eyesight though, I know an editor who developed problems from eyeburny screen staring)
>> No. 31226
Hello boys and girls, it's Christian Westo- I mean Shadowluma here.

I just wanted to let everypony know that the game is still in production and I have not given up. Many new engine features have been made in my absence as well as some graphical improvement.
Expect for some exciting updates soon!
>> No. 31249
Ah, good shit man.
Can't wait to see that!
>> No. 31250
By the way if you need any help with music I could make some ragtime or some shit for you.
>> No. 35037
I think we need a bump up in this bitch
>> No. 36158
Hi everypony! Sorry for the huge break, but I can assure you that I'm still working on this game. I've decided to work on some new features before actually posting, and I am awful at programming and it takes me a few weeks to make something simple. I'm trying to improve my skills, and the engine is a bit less buggy now. Anyways, here's a few of the features I'm developing:

- New Graphics for landscape and Derpy.
- A combat system, that isn't just jumping on enemies.
- Better Parallax scrolling.
- Miscellaneous features, such as the ability of changing Derpy's name to "Ditzy" in the options menu. She is still Derpy by default.

I'll probably make a new thread once I get a trailer done. Until then, see you guys!
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