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I'm looking for voices to do a cover of At The Gala with slightly altered lyrics! To audition, simply record yourself singing the part you want, and send it to [email protected], with the subject "At The Gala (character name of the part you want)"

Feel free to try out for more than one part. Everypony is encouraged to try out for the chorus, especially male fans who otherwise wouldn't make the cut. Female VA's only for the Mane 6, please.

Thanks to everypony who auditions! Together let's make this... the best song EVER! :D

Pic is originally from:
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Sheet is music available at: , but it's mostly just for learning the melody and auditioning. Note that the lyrics will be different when we produce the actual song.

(To be continued because ponychan does not like linkspam!)
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Karaoke MP3 is availible at: if you want to use it to practice, but please send vocals only when you audition. A good technique is to play the melody on headphones while recording to get the timing right.

Thanks again to every brony and pegasister who auditions! :)
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Just filled out a thread at the VAA and realized I forgot to specify a recording format:

- Send an email to [email protected], with the subject "At The Gala (character name of the part you want)."
- Record in [44100hz 16-bit Stereo MP3]
- Please name the file something like "charactername_yourname_gala_demo.mp3" (ex: TwilightSparkle_Rina_Chan_gala_demo.mp3)

Moar details at the VAA:

Thanks again!
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Is this still going?
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