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File 132326563169.png - (360.15KB , 1438x908 , Mane6Fightstick3v1_1png.png )
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>mods, feel free to move this to /art/ if it would be more appropriate there

Hey bronies, need some help here. I'm working on making a fightstick, parents gave me money for upcoming Christmas (they've just given me the money for the gifts I want for the past few years, cause a Sapphire Vapor-X HD5770 1GB GDDR5 sounds like ancient Chinese voodoo witchcraft to them), and I need some input/help on the artwork.

I've got everything else all set and ready to purchase (including light-up LED buttons, très coolio no?), I just am TERRIBLE at all things art. The image here is one of 3 design ideas, with the other two to be posted below.

Any input/ideas/art anypony could provide would be MUCH appreciated!
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>> No. 29500
File 132326602012.png - (423.15KB , 1438x908 , Mane6Fightstick1v1_1.png )
2nd idea, with button and stick holes showing (that sounds kinda saucy...)

The only thing different about this one is that the ponies still have their faces.

Oh, also, forgot to mention, all the ponies are released sprites from Mane6, in case that wasn't already obvious...
>> No. 29501
File 132326630194.png - (334.68KB , 1438x908 , Mane6Fightstick2v1_1.png )
And the last idea, same as before but with nopony whatsoever
>> No. 29505
the background is ok, if a little bit plain.

I must say that the cutie marks as buttons are genius though.

I can see it now:

2AJ >j.c > j.TS > j.TS > 4PP > 236RD

brought to you by dusthoof / pony zaibatsu.
>> No. 30146
Bumpin' for help.

Really, any insight, tips, or general ideas anypony could give would really be appreciated!
>> No. 30153

Not sure why I didn't notice this reply earlier...

Anyway, yeah, kinda plain, but I definitely am determined to hang on to that background though. I love Mane6's simple hexagon-style. It's the foreground that really concerns me.

But yeah, thanks much for the input, and any ideas anypony else wants to throw out would definitely be appreciated greatly as well! I'm planning on ordering everything within the next couple of days, maybe even tonight if I get everything ready, so I'll post the finished project as soon as it's done (I've always wanted to have something posted onto EQD!)
>> No. 30179
Plain background isn't really a bad thing, I've seen some stick art that just looked awful because it was too damn busy everywhere. A nice, minimalist background sidesteps that problem for the most part.

When more resources from the game comes out, you could include character portraits or stills of ponies throwing hooves, plus, if you have an idea of who you want to main now, you might start leaning in that direction.

BTW, wasn't FiM confirmed for four button game?
>> No. 30217
I'll brew a design concept for you in my spare time. I'll post it as soon as I can!
>> No. 30239
FIM is a 4-button fighter, and one of those buttons is "Special", and not a regular attack.

So the 6 button layout is a no-go. I'd recommend using the first layout you had, and then placing 4 buttons in a arc.
>> No. 30277

Hokay, yeah it's a four button fighter, I know that, but have you seen the official mad catz SSFIV fightsticks? Isn't SSFIV a six button fighter? Count the buttons on that one...

Usually the extra buttons are combinations of buttons (such as in the SSFIV mad catz stick), for things like throws. And anyway, why would anypony EVER want a four button stick? That takes away SO much of its versatility!

Also, there's six in MLP's mane cast. If I'm going to do what I said I was with the buttons, how could I ever cut two of them? I wub dem all too much! :3


Anything you want to contribute would be MORE than awesome!

Also, might should have mentioned this earlier, I have another thread about this on /art/, made it after this one because this thread wasn't getting any responses and I figure it could go in either category, art or collab.

Here's the link for that thread:
>> No. 30549
Bumpin' again in the vain hopes of catching somepony's eye.

Also, just an fyi to anypony who DOES post: I don't get a chance to check these threads very often, so if I don't responded immediately don't worry, I haven't lost interest. Sorry about that.
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