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File 132341268911.gif - (12.42KB , 166x156 , twilight_gallop_right.gif )
29647 No. 29647
We're back from page 30 or so with a new version, and a new domain name!

V1.38 changes:

- Ponies now detect the avoidance area (evergreen forest) by means opony pixel hit box around the center of the pony. This should improve detection of the area and avoid flickering.
-Pony "sliding," for those with Windows XP, has been reduced, but not eliminated (you may still see ponies sliding, but they should wake up sooner, instead of sliding across the entire screen)
-Ponies will no longer get stuck near the middle of the screen if the boundary of the avoidance area happened to be near.
-Ponies would rarely get confused and stop moving when they found themselves in an avoidance area. Fixed.
-The old teleport behavior is available again through the options menu. The default will continue to be having ponies slowly walk out of areas they shouldn't be in.
-Ponies should ignore the cursor in screensaver mode, and the cursor itself will now be hidden.
-Screensaver mode now has options for the background:
\Transparent (normal)
\Solid color background
\Custom image background
-Interaction errors no longer show in screensaver mode.
-Effects and speech are disabled when dragging a pony to prevent them from breaking the drag.
-Ponies should get stuck on the cursor less often; they will stop dragging if they find they no longer have input focus.
-Those of you with ffdshow should no longer end up with hundreds of blue icons in your taskbar due to pony sounds.

Pony and art changes:

-Applejack now drops more apples.
-Scratch now moonwalks properly and shouldn't go off stage. Thanks to Darksilver for this.
-Sweetie Belle jumping animation by Cantorlot.
-Scooting Sweetie Bell by StarStep
-New mouseover image for Fluttershy, by Deathpony.
-Improved picture-taking interaction scene image for Photofinish.
-Big Celestia now has sounds. Thanks to Darksilver.
-More art for Gummy + Pinkie Pie by DeathPony
-Interactions between Pinkie pie and Surprise, Pinkie Pie and Gummy by DeathPony
-Drama Couch Rarity by Bot-Chan
-Raging Twilight by Bot-Chan
-Philomena by by Pony Noia
-Tank by Bot-chan
-Fluttershy Dragging animation by DeathPony
-Fluttershy has had image-centering applied
-Galloping Twilight by InfinityDash
-Mental breakdown Twilight image by ??? (couldn't find this for some reason - let me know).
-Discorded Twilight by StarStep
-Pipsqueak by StarStep
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>> No. 29651
Grr... that first change line was mangled by some filter...

Anyway, have a direct link to the download:
>> No. 29654
>-Mental breakdown Twilight image by ??? (couldn't find this for some reason - let me know).

Its by supersaiyanmikito, I just animated in the eye twitch and teeth grind.

Also yay new thread and new version!
>> No. 29657
File 132341597147.jpg - (77.41KB , 795x700 , Pinkie_with_wallet.jpg )
This program is a must have for every desktop. I'm lovin' the changes!
>> No. 29658
I have this and Luna now sleeps on my clock and she is so cute that I just cant wake her up.
>> No. 29659
Whoo! Great update AND a new thread! Let's just hope there's less senseless arguing this time round...
Loving those sound clips and the screensaver options!
>> No. 29662
File 132341873534.png - (3.79KB , 106x96 , derphang22.png )
w00t w00t.

I've completed Derpy's drag! Took two days but it's worth it!

I certainly like how this turned out, and I'd like to sketch (and maybe pixel) more.

PS: the tail, however, is not my work, it's been taken from the "upside down flying" derpy animation. Credit where it is due. :3
>> No. 29667
New page! (No more autosage!)
New domain! (No more fake positive virus alerts!)
New update! (No more old version!)

Keep with the good job, guys! Like Tony the Tiger said, you guys are grr-rrr-rreat!
>> No. 29668
Thank you for my daily dose of heart attack, guys.

I put mouse over Shy and she screamed at me. Like in Green Isn't Your Color.

Coincidence was I put mouse over her as she was napping.

Like "ZZZZZZZZZZ"... *mouse poke* "I'm just so frustraded i could just scream."
>> No. 29670
>> No. 29671
>> No. 29681

as for an animation for this - i feel a pendulum motion would be fitting
just a tiny sway as she is dragged
>> No. 29683
I downloaded the java one, and read the read me, but I still don't know the instructions to get it on my Mac (I am not tech savy) Will you help somepony out?
>> No. 29723
I don't have a mac, but it should be as simple as double (??) clicking on "Java Ponies.jar".
>> No. 29730
Speaking of the java version... I took a look at it today and noticed that you can't actually use most of the newer ponies from the windows version as the ini files are slightly incompatible.

So guess what? I updated it.

Desktop Ponies, Java Version V1.25, graphics update 1.

Dedicated to our beloved Jirugameshi, previous maintainer of the port... May he rest in peace with the ponies in Equestria...
(Actually I have no idea what happened to him.)

Note that it is still on V1.25 and missing a LOT of features. But at least now you'll be able to copy the ponies from the windows version and have them walk around (this download already includes all of them from V1.38).

Consider this a test version, as this is the first time since college that I've touched Java (and the first time ever working with Eclipse...).

In other news... I saw a paper-bag costume Derpy image out there somewhere! Did I miss that, or is somepony holding out on us? :)
>> No. 29741
>Runs program
>RD: It's gonna be SO AWESOME!
>PP: Hey! That's what I said!
>Me: /(^3^)\

Having bit of an issue... not all ponies stop when hovering my mouse over.
And Spike stutters uncontrollably being next to Rarity (changes facing side like crazy)
>> No. 29758
Yeah, that's what I was thinkin'. but I'm kind of scared of animating her for fear of ruining her ^^;
>> No. 29764
Ok. I downloaded it, went through all the sh*t it told me to do and as it loads up...

It says it needs to close due to a error.
I re-downloaded it, and it happens again.

I use XP. Something might have fucked up down there.
>> No. 29766
I had that issue too. As far as I can tell if the pony doesn't have a mouse-over behavior defined, it won't stop on mouse-over.
>> No. 29775

Her eyes aren't derped there, though...I looked at it upside down and they're aligned.
>> No. 29777
A couple other people reported this and I've found a bug. I'm uploading V1.38.1 now to fix this.
>> No. 29778


-Fixed a crash (CLR20r3 Invalid Operation) when starting the program and not having the correct version of DirectX installed (for sounds).
>> No. 29783
File 132357790968.png - (3.79KB , 106x96 , derphang22leftrev.png )
Left facing, fix'd
>> No. 29786
File 132358077318.gif - (23.06KB , 120x120 , fancy_walk_right_8.gif )
this one took me forever
it have FancyPants, which interact with the mane6 with fancy talks and when i say fancy talks, bad grammar usually goes with it...
since you missed my last philomena update, it included in here as well and the big stallion templates( in FancyPants folder). I'll put the other templates in Fleurdelis next time.
>> No. 29788

That is very pompous. Nice.
>> No. 29808
File 132363158345.png - (588.30KB , 1366x1536 , C#-Desktop-Ponies.png )
Hey chaps. I'm the crazy guy mentioned before who did a graphics overhaul. (if you saw that post)

Anyway, if you've ever had any graphics related weirdness or GDI errors, it might be worth checking out this version. Even if you've not had this weirdness, this version should run smoother. You can have hundreds of ponies and it'll chug along just fine, just at lower framerates as you add more ponies.

This is my own code, so it'll look different and it doesn't have all the neat features. But it can use the existing config files. (although there are some square peg in round holes going on to make that work :P)

DPG has the code for the graphics part and he says he hopes to use it. I wish him luck because combining it will be very apples and oranges. But if it works you get all the awesome features you have now just with a hopefully improved graphics engine.

You can find the download here:

Just drop the .exe into the same directory as the current Desktop Ponies.exe and run.

You'll need .NET framework v4 for this, so if the program fails to start try getting the framework from here:
>> No. 29818

You have the 'Random Pony' image hanging around in that crowd (to the left), lol.
>> No. 29819
Um, what are your computer's specs? If your not lagging at all here, you have some powerful-flank computer
>> No. 29820
I just realized with Pony Noia's Fancy Pants we now have 100 Ponies!!

I dont know about him but my computer was running fine with all 100 ponies out. With the normal program it starts having trouble around 30 ponies.
>> No. 29821
...100? SWEET CELESTIA. You must have some bitchin' processor and RAM
>> No. 29823
File 132364691341.png - (311.40KB , 1024x768 , alltheponies.png )
I have an athlon II x4 and 4 gb ram. All the ponies took less than a gb worth of my ram and about 15% of my processor. I used the speed efficient option.
>> No. 29827
File 132364887914.gif - (18.30KB , 126x126 , partycannon_pinkie_pie_right.gif )
Moo, I'm getting out of shape

I'll try to pop out a Twilight intraction sometime soon, I hope
>> No. 29828
File 132364923643.png - (260.59KB , 1366x768 , C#-Desktop-Ponies-1000.png )

Running on a laptop. Processor is 1.8Ghz x2. It also starts having issues around the 30 pony mark for the normal version.

Here's 1000 ponies running steadily if slowly (~5fps) on my machine. Because I can.
>> No. 29831
File 132365010800.png - (335.19KB , 1024x768 , 1000ponies.png )
That is amazing! I did the same thing now and they were still running at a fairly decent pace. Used about the same amount of ram as running 100 did. just 12% more processor power required.

One bug I did notice is rarity was outside my screen for awhile then all of a sudden she was in the middle and was double the size she normally is. Then she changed animations, from gala dress to trot, and went back to normal size. (noticed when I was only running 100)

If DesktopPonyGuy figures out how to implement all the features using this, it will be amazing.

It looks like she's ready to sneak up on somepony and surpirse them.
>> No. 29833
File 132365098102.png - (1.10MB , 1920x1174 , over9000.png )
OVER 9000 ponies still seem to be running at about little less than 1 fps. Quite little memory is used actually but it seems it utilizes only one core. Now quadcore support, that would be awesome XD
*kidding* I don't think over 9000 ponies would have real applications.... ok that's not true.
There seem to be red boxes around ponies that are talking at the moment
>> No. 29834
I just realized there is the issue StarStep discribed >>29831 in my screenshot
>>29833 -> On the very top, the 4th speach "Get back and my dress won't get hurt" is spoken by a giant Rarity
>> No. 29835
There's also a giant twilight in your screenshot too. There's a giant poison joke flower in mine. Having ten thousand ponies on my desktop is pretty cool but only the ponies with the last letters of the alphabet are visible. It seems for placement the ponies either being in front or behind eachother is purely alphabetical.
>> No. 29845
I think Derpy needs to be animated a bit so she's swinging like a pendulum slightly.
>> No. 29858

Pinkie looks as if she were trying to hold a fart.
>> No. 29864
I'm pppppretty sure that this guy is stealing desktop pony ponies - they've got Rainbow Dash's fast dash and Gala Fluttershy uploaded, and want to charge people in order to use them.

Pretty sure those animations were made by different people, ssso.
>> No. 29872
Hey, a new version! Nice! And it even seems to run much smoother than before.

To celebrate, have one of Luna's guards (no preview image this time because I'm on a different computer):
>> No. 29875
File 132369684925.jpg - (57.29KB , 600x400 , myears.jpg )
>hovering pointer over pony first time
>squek sound
>> No. 29876

Have you guys considerated the option of adding a Hall of Shame to the Desktop Ponies main page so you guys could keep a display of the thefts and the thieves's reactions?
The average DA thief doesn't cares if he/she is caught because they can ignore the accusations or just hide/block everything that could make them feel unconfortable, but being exposed on a site where they have no power to manipulate things s something they all fear.

Also, I weeped at the thief's gallery and the shoody edits he/she made to claim everything as his/her own.
>> No. 29878

The subhuman IMBECILE stole your animations and is using it to ask free DA points... so he could give a Premium account to "a sick friend who needs surgery"?

Some cretins are unworty of the gift of life. -_-U
Anyways, can somepony list the real creators of that animations so I could report his piddly flank to kingdom come?
>> No. 29880
The Rainbow dash is Monkeyjay's so we won't have much luck on that one as I don't believe he has it posted anywhere outside of the project, however, Starstep posted a link to the original Gala animation earlier (Thief deleted the comment of course)
>> No. 29881
Although, Monkeyjay does have a deviantart with the RD animation as his av, so that might work:
>> No. 29904

The thief disabled all the comments and is trying to scam 1,000 Deviantart Credits from the community. (Isn't this Fraud?)

So yeah... you know what's the problem when you guys become this awesome?
The problem is that all the bottom fedders try manipulate the system to steal your thunder and profit from your hard work.
>> No. 29909
I consider it fraud. According to the comments before he disabled them, somepony actually paid him too, to use monkeyjay's animation. I replied to that person so they would know and be able to report that they got scammed but I dont know if DA does any refunding or anything like that.
>> No. 29910

I noticed this issue before, it's pretty interesting.

Several of the left-facing pngs are afflicted with the bug. The pngs appear quite normal in any program I care to open them in, and the right-facing ones are fine.

My best guess is that whatever program mirrored them introduced some subtle oddity in the file that only GDI+ picks up on. Anypony think they might know? Might make an interesting bug report.

The fix is simple, just remirror the images so the left version isn't borked. It'd be nice to know what could cause this though, because it's pretty bizarre.

The red boxes are my mistake - they show up on ponies in mouseover range.
>> No. 29913
Oh, that means it was my program since the left facing gala dresses were the originals. Ok I will try to give some info so we can figure out what happened. I make them in photoshop cs2. Mode is set to RGB color, 8 bit/channel. I just save as png then it always asks interlace with none being selected so I just hit enter. Those were all the default settings and I dont believe Ive changed any settings to my knowledge.
>> No. 29914

yes! perfect - lol
>> No. 29915
File 132372329054.gif - (59.10KB , 128x126 , teleport_pinkie_pie_right.gif )
Well, we all knew that Pinkie could teleport for a long time now anyways.
>> No. 29920
Let me tell you I really love this application. Fluttershy is now my desktop friend :)
I hope you'll add many more features to it. They really do lack more interactions, for example: it would be nice if they knew where the windows are and were running on it, looking down on the taskbar from it, jumping from it, reading what I'm writing for example, interacting with the user more. This is probably the only thing that is needed to it: more interaction with the user! you could make them more desktop pet style.
Thank you for that very good application, I really love it :) And I am very looking forward to updates.
Cheers and brohoof!
>> No. 29922
File 132372564897.jpg - (86.74KB , 900x675 , the_4th_wall_by_clk300-d3h8ln2.jpg )
>reading what I'm writing for example

"Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie, and I just happened to notice that you were writing an essay about... uh... 'Anglo-Saxon cultural...' thingys, but wouldn't it be totally more awesome if you wrote about CHOCOLATE CAKES instead? I mean, if I were your teacher I would TOTALLY give you a better grade for an essay on cakes; I mean, who doesn't like CAKE?"

Sadly, I don't think that will be possible. Maybe just reading window titles...

If you'd like the ponies to walk on your windows and jump between them, you might want to take a look at the "Window Ponies" project instead:

I've thought about adding something like that it, but I'm not sure it would fit.
>> No. 29923

Seems standard. But it did give me the idea to poke around some other settings. Managed to pick out that the DPI was set to 72.009. Seemed a bit weird, so I reset it to 72 and lo and behold that fixed it. Guess the program tried to scale it and failed somewhat.
>> No. 29924
What DirectX version do ya need to make the sounds work? They don't work for me and it says above the box that I have the wrong version. ???
>> No. 29926
No no no, not reading as reading, I meant more like watching what I'm writing when I'm writing, so that the ponies seem more, you know, interactive :)
Like, Pinkie Pie would look at what I'm writing, break the 4th wall, smile and go do something else.
But the thing you said would be awesome too, but it would need an artificial intelligence core integrated I presume :D
And those Window Ponies are just walking on the windows, whilst I am more suggesting you to implement some kind of border detection, so they could walk on windows, not only all over the screen. It would totally fit :) Again, the word is: interaction. Now they just wander aimlessly, play presetted animations and sounds. And you do know, I presume, that everybrony's dream is to pat Pinkie on the head and stroke Fluttershy behind her ear? :D It's good, it's very good and I just love it. I'm so looking forward to next updates.
Cheers, *hoof*!
>> No. 29929
See the link in the documentation page under "Installation Instructions":

Ah. I used to have one of those programs (the whole reason I made this one). It was a little dog that you could pet, throw a ball at, or spray with water if it was bad.
>> No. 29931
See, then, you get my idea. Everything but spraying water, I'd never do that to my Fluttershy. :)

I just wanted to turn them off and go to sleep, and Twilight went "Oh nonononono, no" when I hovered my mouse over her to access the menu - and how, for the love of Celestia, can I do this now? ;_;
>> No. 29936
File 132372986742.gif - (1.56KB , 126x126 , happypinkiecannon.gif )
That would be awesome :3
If I remember my VB-days correctly, wouldn't it be possible to make a behavior that reacts to a click and/or doubleclick?
>> No. 29945
Right from the thief's DA account:

"I'm Leaving and never coming back because some idiots accused me of fraud. I did not steal, I made these by hand with countless hours of work, love and care. I am an honest person, and I do not steal. I only wanted to help my friend and pick up some points from people kind enough to pay for my icon and my hard work. Some have accused me story of the need for points for my friend as 'sappy' but it is 100% true. I am sorry for all my watchers, and whoever wants to go against , , and for running me out, you may do so. Get my Icons while you still can (Still pay, I will be giving my friend the points I have gotten), I am deactivating in 24 hours (5:00 pm tomorrow). I know I haven't been here for long, but I will miss DeviantArt and the kindness expressed to me. I will still be looking at art, but not on an account. My watchers are great artists, and should feel ready to conquer the world by now. This is my first, and last, Journal. Goodbye DeviantArt.

Well, looks like somepony is MAD because she didn't got the free money she expected to scam from Deviantart.

StarStepPony, Anonycat and CajNatalie, you guys rule and I congratulate you for crushing that little moron.
>> No. 29965
And nothing of value was lost. Good work, guys!
>> No. 30000
File 132378882929.gif - (64.03KB , 340x156 , congaline_everypony.gif )
Yay! All this good news calls for a party. Conga line!

Humle! Good to see you swing back around here. What have you been up to?
>> No. 30001

The thief hid all the comments and is preparing her revenge as we talk.
I guess she REALLY wanted all of that free money...
>> No. 30007
"Preparing her revenge"? My that sounds dramatic. Should I add a few extra locks to my doors?
>> No. 30009
Ahh that's adorable! How would the interaction work so that they wouldn't end up in the wrong positions relative to each other though?
>> No. 30014
awesome 30000 get, Conga Ponies!
>> No. 30016
File 132379936568.jpg - (36.23KB , 546x558 , CheckEm.jpg )
Nice conga, and quads ~_^
>> No. 30018
File 132380081787.png - (52.38KB , 800x1200 , animateALLtheponies.png )
Everypony conga! Neat!

I've been doing nothing productive at all in terms of ponies, really. I dunno, I just sort of "deflated" and haven't really found my creativity again. But I've been lurking vigorously.
>> No. 30019
Awesome!!! The problem as of now is that if you try to position them for a set period of time that links to the animation, this alignment time is cut of once they are in position. E.g. if you want them to get into position for 15 seconds relative to each other, this 15 seconds will be aborted for the pony that reaches the destination and that pony will switch into the linked animation.
That was the problem with the Gummy biting animation, I planned for Pinkie to wait and for Gummy to get in position for the same time period as Pinkie waits, but Gummy would switch to the next animation once he was in position instead of waiting for the rest of the bahavior time so I had to make them both seak a position relativ to each other and try to make it so they would reach it at about the same time.
From there one could have the enitre animation while the others are invisible for the duration of the animation.

Maybe there could be an option to force a duration of time for a following behavior so that the stalking pony would wait in position for the timer to reach zero?

Also I thought about a little new feature: For adding ponies with the right click, would it be possible to sort the ponies in their filter groups? Either replacing individual names of the ponies by the filter groups or having the filter groups additionally at the top?
>> No. 30020

Hehe, very cute and awesome. My only nitpick is that some of the girl's expressions seem a bit hollow, but it's still a very nice and clever animation.
~ conga!
>> No. 30026
File 132380823140.gif - (49.11KB , 166x156 , magic_twilight_right.gif )
Also here is Twilight teleporting Pinkie. Feel free to add many other failed spells :p

I'll post a package with the interaction once I finish the party cannon
>> No. 30030
Thanks Everypony.
Yeah the interaction between them is really bothering me. So I've been messing around seeing if I could even get two ponies congaing at the same time and I can't. The follow behavior isn't even working right for me. I've been trying to have Fluttershy follow Applejack but she refuses to do the conga animation. I set her to conga over to Applejack but she still trots or flys over to her. I even set up a second conga behavior so I could deselect the auto select images when making the follow behavior and select the second conga behavior to be used but she still flys or trots after AJ with barely any conga if I'm lucky enough to get any.

@deathpony I never thought about making them all invisible before but how would I make them all follow each other when there is six of them instead of just two?
Anyway, I love that facial expression on your twilight.
>> No. 30033
File 132381731814.gif - (4.16KB , 156x156 , TwilightStrongMagic.gif )
I don't have any failed spells but I do have this sprite I made for my game. Its based on on end of Boast Busters where Twilight is stopping the Ursa. Its partially unfinished, if only because its missing the glow around the horn. I did that because my game uses particle effects for that and there's no need for it.
>> No. 30037
File 132381813655.gif - (11.52KB , 138x126 , happypinkiecannonslap.gif )
Well, everypony should follow the one bofore them in the conga line :)
But I think the forced duration for a following behavior would be manditory for that to work, although it might work for the invisible part, I think it only stops for the linked behavior but lining them up would be the hard part. As of now, all six would have to get in the right position at the exact same time (unless I'm missing something)

I think you should upload that gem to dA to be on the save side:)

I still haven't finished the party cannon. But at least she slaps it. That Twilight animation works nicely with the Pinkie-teleporting animation. I made her dissappear wherever she was and reappear near Twilight, but I think a lot of other things could be added:p
>> No. 30043
Yeah you're probably right. Hopefully DesktopPonyGuy can figure out what's going wrong with the following durations and animations.

Also I took your advice and put it on DA just in case.

Speaking of DA
I found that paper bag derpy there:
we can always ask if he'll let it be put into desktop ponies.
>> No. 30048

Considering how that paper Derpy is nothing but a plain Desktop Ponies Derpy with the paper bags crudely pasted on it, I don't think the "author" would refuse.
And even if the author says no, you guys can make a much better version anyways.
>> No. 30049
Random suggestion that may either be of no help at all, or be a good placeholder until linked animations / follow can be improved...

Has anypony tried getting one pony/gif to go in to an 'invisible' animation while the other pony/gif has an animation containing both?

For example, Gummy and Pinkie walk up to each-other... Gummy uses 'invisible' gif, and Pinkie uses a gif that includes Gummy biting her mane... this way Gummy will be perfectly positioned on Pinkie because Gummy is part of Pinkie's gif. When it's over, Gummy returns to a visible gif and Pinkie goes back to one of her other 9001 gifs.
>> No. 30058

I was just thinking about this last night, though my idea was to have both running the same gif and just overlapping...because as it is right now, we don't have any interactions where characters touch...we need stuff like what you said, AJ and RD hoof wrestling, stuff like that.
>> No. 30063

We need Trixie intereacting with her magical cart!
Trixie performing on top of her cart while her fireworks explode around, and maybe some ponies could walk by to watch her show.
>> No. 30066

That would be more of an effect...because making Trixie's cart as a separate character isn't would be more along the lines of AJ's truck or Pinkie's copter thing.
>> No. 30070
The problem here is to get them to start at the same time in the right position, otherwise the invisible "pony" will be visible again too early/late etc.
I had the both follow each other in a manner that the would reach each other at the same time but that wouldn't work with six characters
>> No. 30099
File 132388802142.gif - (101.98KB , 164x126 , cannonfull_pinkie_pie_left.gif )
Boom goes the party.
Off to make some behaviors and displacements
>> No. 30110
File 132389274262.gif - (45.27KB , 164x126 , cannonfull_pinkie_pie_left.gif )
It's done. It has the party cannon and the teleporting interaction.

The only new interaction line is

pinkaport,"Twilight Sparkle",0.02,500,{"Pinkie Pie"},False,{"pinkaport"},300
>> No. 30111
for the conga line thing, what if you have the interaction make the lead pony start dancing, and make the others follow whoever's in front of them, then, when they reach their target, switch to a conga animation and continue following. as long as the dancing is slower than joining the line, wouldnt the line just assemble and work?
>> No. 30116
That was a pretty good idea but the ponies dont seem to like traveling the same direction all the time but when it works it works. I was impressed even when they hit the wall they seemed to keep the perfect distance to keep in conga formation. Out of the eighteen times Ive seen my two test subjects, AJ and Fluttershy, perform the conga they've only gone the same direction 3 times. While that's probably just bad luck I dont think its going to be any better when you put six random chances for failure up there.

Also as a side note never wake up a sleeping fluttershy. She just screamed "How dare you!" when I woke her up wanting to go back to the menu then she gave me the stare. I am now traumatized and feeling incredibly guilty for my actions.

She looks so happy when setting off that cannon. We should have a couple balloons come out as effects.
>> No. 30135
Can I edit the ponies in paint? Every time I try to mess with fillyshy's feet paint won't save the image!
*stamps hoof with irritation*
I would love it if somepony could please explain it to me... if that would be ok... if you wouldn't mind...
>> No. 30140
if you open a gif with paint, paint only opens (and saves) the very first frame.
What you need is either a gif editor or GIMP (or photoshop if you have the coin). in GIMP each frame will be an own layer. You can try Animation Shop Pro as well
both are free. You can either edit in the other software itself or copy a frame to paint
>> No. 30148
File 132395872307.gif - (13.67KB , 106x96 , trotcycle_mmdw_left.gif )
Hello everypony,
I'm relatively new here but I've been watching this program and all the awesome contributions to it for a while, and after more-or-less succeeding at finishing my OC pony I thought I'd try my hoof at making the 'Mysterious Mare Do Well', since it seems she hasn't been done yet.
So far I've only finished the trot cycle and I'm still not entirely satisfied with her cape. Was hoping I could get a bit of feedback.
>> No. 30149

Looks very well for your first, congratulations.
The cape animation looks OK for me, since she's just trotting, not running at full speed.
>> No. 30150
Aw, you've beaten me to it.

It's good. Personally speaking, I think the cape could be longer, but I know how difficult capes can be.
>> No. 30152
Thank you both!
Heh, sorry Bot-Chan, but I'm sure if you did one it would outshine mine by far. The animation and details on the Luna you made were brilliantly done.

I had initially tried a longer cape but alas it proved beyond me to animate it properly. :(

As it is I currently have plans to fiddle with the cape/collar a bit more and add an idle, flying animations, maybe a magic animation where the hat levitates and, if I can find a proper template, running animations.
>> No. 30157
Eee she looks incredible! The only thing is that the party cannon doesn't seem to have much range - would it be possible to code some balloons and streamers and confetti and stuff shooting out as a separate animation though, like with Trixie's fireworks?

I'm not that experienced, but I could try making some balloons and stuff for her if that could be done; I'm not sure how precise the things would need to be to work though.
>> No. 30159
hey guys...

Theif detected. Again.
>> No. 30161
That one was mentioned last month, and she doesn't seem to have stolen anything else since then. Stolen sprites are still up there though. Always good to see the dA mods doing their job /sarcasm
>> No. 30172
I already did a basic running animation (just have to fine tune it a bit). I could change it a bit to make it fit your trotting animation and save you some work ;)
As for the cape - Trixie's seems to be a suitable length, so she might be a good base.
Oh, something else I noticed: in the episode, the outlines of her hoof wrappings are of a lighter color. Maybe you could do that with the sprite, too. Just a suggestion.
>> No. 30174
>>30018 Hoh you're alive! you don't have to lurk like that, you know. You're always welcome to give cc or even cheer people up a bit. It always nice to hear from you. (Stalking is creepy)
lol that so awesome XD
remind me of a game idea for DP
which was simply a "snake game"
eat ponies get a==> longer conga line
anyhoof you're doing an awesome job each time
>>30033 oh yeah i remember this on "window ponies"
also remind me that there's also "CMC call animation", "brohoof", and more i think...great job too
>>30110 ha! you did it again! oh you
>>30148 hey that really great: hat really well made, the lines on the foots doesn't giggle like mine does
cuz i'm lazy. It a pretty good start actually it great!
But i remember anonycat calling for it but since he haven't made or send it yet or dead or ok i guess.
>> No. 30178
They may be apples and oranges, but it doesn't matter much if you just put them both in a blender.


-new graphics method, from >>29808
-Your settings file will no longer grow continuously every time you save (this also made loading times longer).
-New options in the options menu: Ponies Always On Top. Checked: Ponies walk over everything like they own the place, as they normally do. Unchecked: Ponies will walk behind windows that you are working on.
-Pinkie Pie now lures parasprites again (somehow the interaction was lost in a previous update. Again.).
-The user-specified "standing animation" for behaviors that follow should work properly now. Ponies that reach their destination should wait for a bit using this animation before continuing on (previously they would stop and run in place).
-Checking the option to have ponies teleport immediately if they are outside their allowed area will also affect ponies who are already trying to walk onscreen.
-Selecting more random ponies than there are unique ones and then asking for "no duplicates" will no longer give you the excess as "Raindrops".

Known issues:
-A few images/animations still need fixing. For example: The "Gala dresses" (appear too large) and one of Dash's running images (plays too fast). Let me know if you find any others.
-Ponies seem to have a difficult time walking onscreen if they were dragged out of it.
-I still need to remove the 75 pony limitation (that you can override in the options menu).

I've also added a progress bar for loading ponies... But I think I'll remove it. At least on my machine the loading is too fast to enjoy watching it.

I had a heck of a time making RoosterDragon's method work for multiple monitors... Let me know if you find any bugs (i know they are there...) or if you have worse performance than before with a small # of ponies.
>> No. 30180
File 132401957344.gif - (1.00KB , 111x111 , mmdw_test.gif )
Thanks, I'll definitely consider what you've suggested, and that running animation would be incredibly appreciated. ^^ I've been going through pony folders looking for a psd, like the flying one I found in Rainbow's but so far no luck.

As for the hoof wrappings I noticed them on the reference image I was using and originally made them that colour but the contrast was kind of blah at such small scale.

Here's a test image with the wrappings returned to their original colour and Trixie's cape shopped on as an example. I think I probably will remake the cape using this one as a base. Thanks again for the tip!
>> No. 30181
Ahhh everywhere I click is a pony! I will try to click on something and it will act as though I clicked on the nearest pony even if they are half a screen away. If I set the ponies to walk behind the window Im working on I can alt tab to one but as soon as I try to click on something thats not that program, ie another program desktop icon, it acts as though I clicked on the ponies again. Windows XP.
>> No. 30184
Yikes! That's a heck of a thing for me to not notice. On my XP test machine, both my and the .net 4 version just gives a blank white screen.

I'll have to see why the new way doesn't work while the old one does.
>> No. 30185
It seems like some interactions don't trigger correctly. Sometimes they work, but sometimes it seems that one character is triggered while the other remains unaffected or doesn't run the animation. But I think it only happend with 1.381

There seem to be interactions missing:

I haven't noticed any slowdowns of any sort with a few ponies. 1000 ponies are no problem, but there seem to be some random giant. It arrears to affect animations with only one frame. Sometimes it's not scaled and one time it dissappeared. Sometimees there is a white border around the pony for a time (see screenshot) it will appear and disappear at the same animation.
The dragging and effects seem to be displaced
>> No. 30186
File 132403791055.png - (38.83KB , 203x99 , border.png )
forgot the screenshot and password
>> No. 30187
Moo, my browser wasn't saving the paswords...
The issue with the interactions >>30185
still seems to occur in 1.391

Is a dragged pony now centered, or uncentered? I mean was it correct before or is it correct now?
Is it possible to make a custom curser for the mouseover and dragging?
>> No. 30188
When using autostart, the program creates an entry in the taskbar. Left click does nothing, right click shows close as the only available option. This doesn't happen when i start it manually. Is there a way to avoid this "useless" taskbar entry when using autostart?
>> No. 30191
Rather criminalistic memory usage if you load all the ponies, then return to menu and run just the one pony. (900m of memory for one darned pony) I assume this was to avoid reloading the images since that takes a while.

Better usage would be to specify a manager with New ImageManager(False, True, True) so it keeps loaded stuff around until you say you want it gone.

Then when returning to menu, the images stay loaded whilst a new set of ponies if selected.

After starting, ReleaseUnreferencedHandlers() can be called explicitly to cull the excess.

You'll have to reload new images, but it stops the program becoming #OccupyRAM.
>> No. 30194

So she got to steal and lie, then when she was caught she just kicked people away from her DA, hid the posts calling her on it and happily resumed her stupid, thieving existence without a care or problem in the world.

>Always good to see the dA mods doing their job /sarcasm

Words of wisdom, my friend.
>> No. 30196
File 132406000654.gif - (13.68KB , 106x102 , trotcycle_mmdw_left.gif )
Alright, here's the updated Mare Do Well trot cycle using a longer cape similar to Trixie's, which looks much better imo. Thanks again to Bot-Chan for that. :)
I also redid the collar in a fashion that I'm happy with.
I think I'll keep the hoof wrappings a darker colour for now, unless anypony thinks the original lighter colour would be better, in which case it wouldn't be too much trouble to replace them again.
>> No. 30197

The cape kinda jitters near the end of the cycle.
>> No. 30202
File 132406551371.gif - (14.24KB , 106x102 , trotcycle_mmdw_left.gif )
Yeah, I noticed I had the frame delays set a little to fast and updated my post with a better-timed copy.
It removed some of that 'jitter' but I'll still put some work into making the movement a bit more subtle.
Thanks much for your feedback! :)

Alright, I've done a little more work on the cape. How's this?
>> No. 30207
Everypony look so awesome and adorable in my desktop, all thank to you, Can somepony make Discord? Is my dream to have him paraspriting in my Deskopt.
>> No. 30208
I think the old thread had some Discord animations.
>> No. 30222
File 132412114216.gif - (11.02KB , 126x96 , mdw-gallop-left.gif )
Okay, this is my try at a galloping Mare Do-Well. Maybe you like the hoof wrappings like this? I think it's not to jarring like this, but it's your choice. :)
>> No. 30223
File 132412158434.gif - (53.27KB , 110x210 , rd-dragged-left1.gif )
And here's a potential dragged animation for RD. I guess she'd actually struggle a bit more, but I like her annoyed look.
>> No. 30225
OMG, Praise to Bot-chan
>> No. 30228
Hey, thanks so much!
The animation on your cape looks perfect and I love the little flip on the front of the hat!
I also agree on the foot wrappings, the darkened colour looks a lot better.
Thanks again for your help. :)
>> No. 30230
Hello all! You may remember me from the, what, 3rd thread? Oh well. I had a diff name then. Downloaded the latest i had 1.25 and it's awesome! Keep it up!
>> No. 30231
I love you. No homo.
>> No. 30238

Bot-Chan, have you considered opening a Deviantart account to keep your animations safely placed on a single place?
The other animators here do it all the time to keep better contact among them AND to protect themselves from thieves, which sadly also happens all the time.
>> No. 30246

Not yet, but maybe I will.

Oh, this new version is pretty fast, even with a lot of ponies loaded. That's definizely a good thing (even though it means that I have to readjust the timing of some of my animations).
It's got some bugs, though.
- Often and apparantly at random, speeches wouldn't be triggered anymore (very noticable during interactions and mouse-overs)
- Effects are often misaligned (very noticable with DJ-Pon3 and Carrot Top). This seems to come up mostly when the pony is facing left.
- At times, effects would not appear at all (happened quite often with Filly RD's sonic rainboom)
- Every once in a while, a pony would appear to get stuck motionless for a short while. This seems to be a problem with the graphics for this pony not refreshing and it only affects single ponies.
>> No. 30325

File with a few image fixes that should prevent giant ponies, and the transparent areas on Screwball.

The problem with refreshing graphics seems to be a bug in calculating the areas that need repainting. That might also explain the lack of some effects. Try running with 20 or more ponies onscreen as this forces it to be fully refreshed every time. If that solves it, we've narrowed down the cause, if not then at least we know it's something else.

I don't have any insight into the speech and effect placement issues.
>> No. 30336
Okay, so I tried running the program with just above 20 ponies, and while it's difficult to keep an eye on all of them, I didn't notice any refreshing issues.
But apparantly, more ponies also causes the effects to disappear and speeches to not work anymore. They reappeared after quitting some of the ponies (along with the refreshment problems).

About the effect placements: they look okay on unscaled ponies facing right, but are displaced on every other occassion.
>> No. 30350
So is there any reason Discord isn't in, or has no one just gotten around to him yet?

Also, interesting find... When running Cave Story in a window, the ponies move relative to the game when within the window, that is, if both Quote (scrolling the screen) and the pony are moving right, the pony moves slower, as if rushing to keep up. Is this a quirk of Cave Story's coding, or did you guys code in a special reaction?
>> No. 30351

He was being worked on, but proved difficult...and that's as far as it got.
>> No. 30357
Sorry I had him mostly done but got frustrated with one of his animations so put him on the back burner til I was ready to try it again. I have been super busy these past 3 weeks and havent had time for much spriting. Sorry again for taking this long. I will finish him up before the new year.
>> No. 30379
I realised I forgot a few images, so I did a comprehensive check to make sure I got them all this time. Here's the (hopefully) full set.

Looked at effects, seems like the code is not in place yet to account for pony facing and scaling. So no bug, just unfinished at the moment.

My best bet about speech is that it doesn't like multiple tooltips per window. I got around it by drawing a custom speech box. That also comes with the bonus that you could style it however you wanted. For instance, I was thinking you could have a custom colour scheme to suit each pony.

Absolute coincidence. If I had to speculate (and I really am guessing here) I would say scrolling in Cave Story taxes your processor more, thus the ponies run slower because there's no longer as much CPU.
>> No. 30456
The issue with Cave Story is that it works both ways. If I'm moving right and the pony is moving left, they go faster. I've actually had it set to stay in windows, but then scrolled them out. Like I say, it's probably an odd quirk in Cave Story's code, not Desktop Ponies'.
>> No. 30541
File 132455254554.gif - (17.26KB , 106x96 , spitfire-dash-right.gif )
Another small bug: when there's a change from one animation to another, often the pony would show a wrong frame of the animation for a split second before showing it from the beginning. It's quite noticable on animations with huge size differences like Pinkie unfolding her copter.

But now for something different: Have Spitfire zipping around the screen here:
>> No. 30542
... and a small update for some of Twilight's animations here:
>> No. 30589

That sounds like what I described (or tried to) in the previous thread, where there's another image of the pony for just a moment in the wrong spot as it goes from the end of one animation, into the beginning of another. However, I've also seen this happen on smaller sized animations (like when Twilight sits to read through her book, or when Pinkie rolls on the ground). It seems to be a bug that started around test version #4 or #5 of 1.38, as I don't recall ever seeing it in the earlier test versions, or in 1.37.

Oh, and this happens in both the regular program, and in the screensaver.
>> No. 30592
File 132460375139.gif - (16.58KB , 110x100 , LunaGuard_Headbang_left.gif )
Anypony interested in Luna's royal guards?
>> No. 30596

Someopony else already submited some hi-quality Luna guards.
>> No. 30605

This was an easy one thankfully. The code didn't restart animations until one frame had been drawn, so one random frame would sneak in. This is for 1.39#1 though, I don't think earlier stuff would've had it.

Boring code stuff: Fix is to move condition commented with "This check ensures that animations restart from the first frame when appropriate." in Pony.Update (~ line 686 in Pony.vb) to the end of the method.
>> No. 30611
Question for everypony running 1.39 test #1...

Am I the only one finding that some animations are going way, way, WAY too fast? Rainbow Dash's running animation was what looked like a good 5 or 6 times faster than normal ("normal" being how it was in v1.38), yet she still moved across the screen at the regular pace. It made her look like she was running on ice. I also noticed other animations going a good 2 to 3 times faster than normal for other ponies (Applejack's dropping apples, Twilight's "flame mane" animation, etc.).

Is this a bug that needs to be worked out, or is there a setting I missed when I looked the new executable's menu over?
>> No. 30613
File 132462478021.gif - (14.46KB , 120x120 , cotton_cloudy_walk_left_incomplet.gif )
Hey guys I'm working on a bg pony at request of a friend, and I'm not to sure how I should do her forehead.
I know there are other problems with it, but this is the problem I'm fixing at the moment.
Hears the picture Im using as a reference.
>> No. 30614
working blinking Colgate sitting animation
>> No. 30616
That seems to be a problem with the gif-files themselves. The earlier versions of the program was too slow to handle really fast animations and would slow them down. The new version does not have these problems, so if an animation is super fast, it will be played superfast.

In short, it's not the programs fault, it's the animations that have to be fixed.
>> No. 30630
Okay, forget what I said about the missing effects before. It appears that, no matter if you start the program with just six or with a hundred ponies, the effects will show just fine. Only if you _add_ a pony through the right click menu do the effects dissapear. Removing a pony will make them work again.

Truly a strange bug...
>> No. 30642

Huh. Odd.

I checked the timing for Rainbow Dash's hyper-speed run, and it was set at .01. I slowed it down to .04 and it seemed to be better. It's a scary thought, having to redo all the timing to fit with the new engine, but it looks like that'll be needed.

However, I saw several other problems while I was waiting for RD to go into her run so I could see if it was better...

- Rarity's Gala sprite was at least double its normal size, with the bottom half of her cut off.
- RD's Sonic Rainboom flying sprite was missing her head each time it was done.
- The sprite for Pinkie's sneeze (the one where she careens across the screen) was missing it's back third every time it was done.

Something's knocking at least some of the fast moving sprites off center, and causing them to be cropped incorrectly. Is this a bug in the new engine, or something else attributed to the sprites themselves?
>> No. 30654

See >>30325 and >>30379 for some info on this.
Giant ponies were a sprite issue, I have fixed images in those posts. The bad cropping is indeed a bug. Each pony reports the screen area it occupies so only that area has to be updated. They're not quite reporting the right area at the moment, so you get cropped sprites.

That is weird, but it's damned helpful knowing what's actually triggering it.
>> No. 30692

I've been trying to figure out why the new method doesn't seem to work on XP - Windows will consider the entire screen as the application and not treat the transparent parts as it should.

I haven't found a solution, sadly.

If a fix can't be found, my inclination is to revert the graphics changes. I wouldn't be too keen on having two versions, one for XP and another for the rest...
>> No. 30701
To clarify: Do you mean the form is in fact transparent (no white background) but isn't supporting click-through?

Assuming that's the case, that would seem weird since I just used the same TransparencyKey/BackColor trick. Perhaps the same thing is happening, except it's less apparent since the ponies have their own windows so there isn't much transparent region to steal clicks.

I managed to find something promising about layered windows though, which among other things seems to let mouse events pass through transparent regions.

This code can be chucked into PonyGraphicsForm.vb, it sets the form to have the layered window style.

Protected Overrides ReadOnly Property CreateParams() As CreateParams
Dim cp As CreateParams = MyBase.CreateParams
cp.ExStyle = cp.ExStyle Or &H80000 ' WS_EX_LAYERED
Return cp
End Get
End Property

I can't test if that adds click-through because I don't think I have an XP machine anywhere. Please let me know if it works the necessary magic though.
>> No. 30710
File 132479438871.gif - (11.95KB , 120x120 , best-of-wish.gif )
hohoho happy chrismas everypony
here's fleur de lys
>> No. 30727
Right - the issue is that it doesn't support click-through (the white background apparently is only because i was trying to use a VirtualBox VM to test this - on a physical XP machine transparency works).

The WS_EX_LAYERED code your provided has no effect, however I did find something that does work, sort of:

If you use SetStyle to tell the form to support transparent background colors, and set the background as 0,0,0,0 (0 alpha, black) then it works!

But as you can imagine that is the most inconvenient color to use, and no other combination works.

I'll keep at it to see what else I can do...
>> No. 30751
File 132487371783.png - (498.19KB , 586x918 , клп.png )
Oh my god, Fleur! You are my favorite animator!! ^^

Now, 1.39 test1, onto the bugs: picrelated.
+ sometimes the Sonic Rainboom causes all ponies to stop for a half o' minute - including Dashie, so it's like she turns to her flyzoom.gif, everything stops, 20-30 seconds pass, and ponies are back on their buisness.

Also, I remember that previously, all there ponies were in their own window-apps if you look in ALT+TAB, and now there's only one window - is this a consequence of the new rendering method?
>> No. 30763
Well, I certainly hope that you'll be able to work the bugs out, because the improved performance even with large amount of ponies is just too good to go to waste.

Nice Fleur :)
>> No. 30765
Oh, and yes - the "No pony.ini in <foldername>, ..., do you want to skip seeing these errors?" still appearing every time I launch DP.exe, no matter have I pressed Yes, No or Cancel. *finally moves folder with tryouts at pixeling to one level above*
>> No. 30767
Despite RoosterDragon's efforts, Screwball still looked weird for me, and Pink Filly Celestia also had a transparent spot.
Here are some fixed gifs that hopefully solves these issues with those two ponies (at least it works for me now).
>> No. 30773
The transparency used to be some odd pink color, but the test version uses near-pure-white, which I think is causing the problem. It will be moved to something else eventually.

Right, the new version only uses 1 window per monitor instead of 1 per pony.

I don't think any more testing of the test version 1 is needed at the moment. So please hold off until test v 2. Thanks for everypony's help.
>> No. 30774

That's interesting. Having poked around with it, it seems to set an all black background probably for its own uses. So you can indeed cheat by using a black key but as you say that's a really useless colour to use.

I did so more digging on layered windows, and it seems I missed the step where you tell it what you're up to. Derp. It seems more promising, because I can skip setting a TransparencyKey and it'll work fine.

Anyway in addition to what I had before there's a DllImport.

<System.Runtime.InteropServices.DllImport("user32.dll")> _
Private Shared Function SetLayeredWindowAttributes(hwnd As IntPtr, crKey As Integer, bAlpha As Byte, dwFlags As Integer) As Integer
End Function

In the PonyGraphicsForm constructor, comment out the line that sets TransparencyKey. Add this line after it:

SetLayeredWindowAttributes(Handle, BackColor.ToArgb(), 255, &H1)

Should have the same effect without the use of TransparencyKey. If that doesn't fix it, I'm inclined to blame XP for being different.

Some of that is definitely the clipping problems already brought up, until they're fixed it's hard to know if the other stuff is different bugs.

And yeah, the one window is exactly because of the new rendering method. I figure not having ponies flooding alt-tab is a nice bonus.
>> No. 30801
File 132499390663.gif - (18.18KB , 108x114 , crate-pony-right.gif )
I don't know if this is the universally accepted fanon name for this guy, but anyway, if you ever wanted to have Derpy's forestallion trotting around the screen giving everypony a mean look, well, here's your chance:

Btw, I seem to remember somepony working on Mr. and Mrs. Cake once, but I can't find them anymore. Were they ever finished?
>> No. 30804
His wings are growing out of his neck and the neck itself is too short for him...
>> No. 30878
Yup, I blame XP. I had already tried that and again, no effect.

I found that I can just detect if the OS is XP or not, and if so, set the background color to black, and shift all the blacks in the images up slightly (1,1,1) with a "ColorMap".

It's ugly, and I'm sure not as fast as a plain "drawimageunscaled" but it works. My old XP laptop is now 50 AppleJack-horsepower instead of 5, and I can actually click the background...

Now I can finally get to all the other things that need attention.
>> No. 30882
A request:

Any ponies that have been made in the previous 5 threads that either
A.) Never made it into the main program
B.) Never were finished
Please send to [email protected]

Please excuse my uselessness but I'm a huge fan and will be eternally grateful to whomever can help.


>> No. 30883

Lets see if there are less bugs or more than the last one...


- A problem preventing interation on the desktop ("Everything is a

pony!") for machines running XP (Actually, anything older than

Vista) has been fixed.
- A problematic transparancy color choice (near-white) has been

moved back to the traditional awful-pink. This caused some ponies

(like screwball) to have transparent eyes and other oddities.
- Added a total selected pony counter to the main screen.
- The program will no longer show up in the taskbar when loading in

autostart mode.
- Memory usage is reduced when returning to the menu.
- Ponies should no longer flicker when they overlap each other.
- Speeches that are set to run at the end of a behavior were

inadvertantly disabled. Fixed.
- Effects are now facing the proper direction when ponies move to

the left.
- Opening the right-click menu will no longer disable effects.
- Dead images on unused monitors will be cleaned up periodically.
- Image fixes from RoosterDragon applied for some ponies to fix

various issues.
- Default pony limit increased to 300 from 75.

-NO other new art applied yet.
-Known issues: Old pony images may not be cleaned up properly

if they go too fast or the machine skips some frames.

And now to go through some of the posts i've neglected..

It is correct now, if the pony has image centers set in their ini file.
In older versions, or if there is no image centers set, it was just the center of the image.

I'll have that fixed in the next test version.

Oops. Actually that was just me leaving a whole lot of cleanup stuff commented out.

Mouseover speech was disabled, and it was only end-speech that was broken. Will be fixed in the next test.
Thanks for pointing out the problem with left-facing pony effects. Also will be fixed.

I can't seem to reproduce the other issue though (motionless ponies). Can you give more details?

(I see your note about the effects being broken by the add-pony menu - thanks, i've found the cause of that as well).


Thanks. I haven't noticed this (maybe my eyes are too slow), but

I'll make that change.
>> No. 30884
(And where I say "Next version" in this post I mean the one I just posted...)

I now notice I neglected some issues:

-I tried some interactions but didn't see any problems. Which ones in particular don't work?
-Another cursor for dragging should be doable...
-Also I did NOT fix mouseover speech yet..
>> No. 30897
File 132516841464.jpg - (527.55KB , 840x1332 , clp6382.jpg )
Unhandled exception in the application. When you click "Continue" application will ignore the error and attempt to continue. Pressing the "Exit" the application immediately quits.
Input string was not valid.
And after clicking 'continue' there is just clean screen of DP.exe without any pony, but with working editor, options, etc.

Also, something from.. "Information", that list to the left of 'Continue', with a lot of words I completely don't understand:
************** Exception Text **************
System.FormatException: Input string was not valid.
in Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.Conversions.ParseDouble (String Value, NumberFormatInfo NumberFormat)
in Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.Conversions.ToDouble (String Value, NumberFormatInfo NumberFormat)
>> No. 30902
File 132518238873.png - (640.09KB , 720x700 , graphic-bug.png )
It's not actually motionless ponies, more like a still image that gets left behind while the pony itself is in an area that doesn't get updated, thus being invisible.

I hope that the attached picture can explain it better.

Also (and this also happened in the previous test version) it's at times really difficult to select a pony with the mouse if there are a lot of ponies grouped together (and I don't mean overlapping, just standing in the general area is enough).
>> No. 30927
That ColorMap thing was a good find. Not a bad workaround, and doesn't hurt performance too much.

Regarding XP
I'm thinking it's probably choking on parsing the OS version. Try Environment.OSVersion instead, it doesn't use strings for everything.

Yeah that's definitely clipping problems. The ponies themselves are fine, just the graphics are off. If you dragged a working pony over the affected areas, the leftover pixels should get removed.

I've been working on something to cut the memory usage by creating some indexed graphics. It makes loading a bit slow but cuts memory by 70%. I think it could be used to do a colour map too, but without the slowdown.
>> No. 30931
It is choking on the OS version, but just because I put it before the InvariantCulture part... oops.

Ah, I gotcha. Still working on that bit. I was thinking about having the ponies keep track of their recent positions until the graphics part clears them.
>> No. 30986
Easiest fix would be to set threshold to 0 just for the moment so the whole screen is redone each time.

Solving the clipping problem should be simple, we know the pre/post update draw regions aren't correct. But multiple forms seems to be complicating that a whole bunch, it'd be way easier with just one.

Is it possible to create the form super big so it covers all the screens at once? (e.g. would a 2048x768 form cover two screens of 1024x768 at once?)

One form managing itself would sure beat the main form having to manage several and deal with screen/form co-ordinate conversions and such.
>> No. 31061
One large form it what I tried initially, but it tuns out to be just too many pixels - performance suffers noticeably. For example, my two monitor system would be a total of 3200 x 1200 = 3.8m pixels.

Also, the current system has the benefit of separating monitors out - if the user has multiple monitors but there are only ponies on one, no drawing is done on the others.
>> No. 31071

-Systems set to Russian or other languages will no longer crash on startup.
-The pony counter now is correct on startup.
-"Frozen Pony Syndrome" aka "Leftover Graphics" should no longer occur (hopefully, please let me know).
-New option in the options menu: Suspend and hide when full-screen applications are running. (Enabled by default).

-No new graphics/ponies yet. (If there are no new bugs and all the old ones are fixed, the next one will be all art updates).

Please let me know if you still get these with this version. I'm hoping it is fixed with this (details: Resize_Graphics() was only considering the pony's current location, and not the "DrawAreas" of where it was previously).
>> No. 31072
Bleh, this is me. I cleared my cache :(
>> No. 31077
File 132557413875.jpg - (265.00KB , 1280x1024 , clp6406.jpg )
Well, Dash's "sprint" (dashing_*.gif) still plays fast as hell, and she still becames a Headless Horse while performing Rainboom. But at least that mad flickering on dinodash_*.gif has gone.
And it seems like the program launches a bit slower now.

Also, I've seen this time ago, but didn't reported. If you'll stretch from side to side or turn to fullscreen the ponies' list while being in the middle of it, and then move it back to normal, there appears a big empty space in the begining.
>> No. 31079
Oh well, I edited sprint's sprites so the single frame lasts 0.04 seconds instead of 0.01... and now Dashie works fine. Even the, erhm, headlessness is gone... almost.
>> No. 31082
Hey everypony, I see a lot of amazing sprite animators here (and DPG suggested this was the best place to ask as not a lot of you have easily contactable methods) and I was wondering if anypony would be willing to help out my 8bit/pixel art MLP game? As a programmer I am not a very artistically inclined pony and would really appreciate the help. If you could reply here or shoot me an email that would be awesome. Regardless, hope y'all have a great new years. Cheers!
>> No. 31083
Okay, I've tried the new version, and the leftover graphics are gone now. :)

Some things that are still there are problems with fast moving ponies (the "headless horse" bug as it seems to be called), though as a quick workaround, making the canvas bigger than the sprites themselves (by 30 or so pixels) seems to take care of it.

Lastly, the selecting-the-wrong-pony-with-the-mouse bug is still there. Hmm.
>> No. 31092
File 132562216462.png - (2.11KB , 113x141 , dizzytwsiter.png )
Dizzy Twister.
>> No. 31094

New content!
Yay! :D
>> No. 31253
um can we get a link to the file?
>> No. 31254
It's not finished yet.
>> No. 31256
File 132577526476.png - (6.27KB , 455x166 , Dash-Clip.png )
The clipping looked fixed to me. If you hadn't mentioned dashing dash I wouldn't have noticed. I knocked up a comparison between the test version and mine. Seems like the clip is off for that image but like I say, the others seem fine.

The massive blank area seems to be something funky with Windows. My version gets a similar blank area at the end after a minimise and restore. Weird.

Selecting a pony seems to be going by the top left corner of each pony right now, rather than the centre. A simple fix at least.

Otherwise everything looks pretty good :) An art update would be neat.

In other news, I knocked up a rough gif decoder so I had more control over the images, and now the memory usage is only 230m fully loaded compared to 890m. It doesn't produce the right results for every image, but it's mostly there.

For anypony who fancies giving it a quick go, here's an .exe, just drop into the same folder as the existing one and go. It's mostly changes on the inside though so not much to see.
>> No. 31257
I hate to bring bad news but...

The first one of the year.
>> No. 31259
All I made was a single sprite. Don't really have the time to finish it, so somepony else is free too.
>> No. 31260
Actually, those Lyra and Bon-bon look better than mine.
>> No. 31261
None of those are taken from this program, even the series' ponies seem to have been created from scratch. And tbh, I like that Twilight's face better.
>> No. 31306
File 132590105161.png - (68.11KB , 400x281 , hsjdemo-rc0-screenshot.png )
Hello everypony!

I'm here to request permission to use the desktop ponies sprites for my game "A hop, skip and a jump". Up to this point, I've been contacting artists individually but some of you can only be found here. I was also suggested that I credit the whole team with something like "Desktop Ponies' artists" (rather than individual names), which I'm happy to do (provided there are no objections). This would also make it easier for me so I don't have to identify which sprite belongs to whom.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at my username at derpymail dot org. I can also send you a link to the current version of the game for preview. Although, if there are no problems regarding permissions, I will be posting that link on ponychan anyway.

(I also apologize in advance if this post ends up causing trouble in your thread.)

And just to post something on topic:
I can easily batch process all sprites if they need to be formatted in a certain way so it works with your decoder. So feel free to post here with any such request (its a bit difficult for me to access a Windows machine for testing though).
>> No. 31318
File 132596389884.jpg - (405.77KB , 651x1196 , clp6460.jpg )
Launched, and BOOM! Picrelated.
And second part is after I pressed Enter and hold it through all 103 error messages.

...Is the "sparkledog" termin applyable to them?.. But, however, some are pretty neat, including the actual show's ponies.
>> No. 31362
File 132603137014.png - (270.37KB , 1022x577 , spoiler.png )
It's not working. I open it, and then says it says it stops working, that window closes, and nothing happens.
>> No. 31364
Should've known that would happen. Fixed version below with some additional updates to the decoder. I changed a few things so it should give correct images for most everything now, and otherwise bail out.

The only issue I haven't worked around at the moment is images that use transparency, but don't reserve a spot on the palette for transparent. I could fix that eventually, but if you know a way to adjust the palette on those it'd be handy. Good luck with your game :)

If the program fails to even start, you're probably missing the .NET framework.
The program requires v3.5:

If you have the time, you could also get v4 just to be up to date:
>> No. 31367
Have you solved the clipping while Sonic Rainboom by just deleting the animation?) I had DP launched for a half of hour, and no SR happened yet...
>> No. 31371
File 132606253586.txt - (66.65KB , alltrans.txt )

Actually, I just realized that .gifs have to specify a transparent colour to get any transparency. A .png file on the other hand doesn't (but you specifically said gif decoder).

In fact, the only .gif file that does not have transparency (as far as I can tell) is "Filly Rainbow Dash/Rainbow_Effect.gif". I'm attaching the index of the transparent colour for the first frame of every .gif file to this post. (Getting it for all frames would also be easy.)

Could you post an example of an image that works with your decoder and an example of an image that does not?

Maybe its the dispose method that's actually causing trouble.
>> No. 31379
The next version (test v 4) will fix both of those issues.

After goofing around in Skyrim for a while (sorry), I'm working on the art (and other) updates now; Expect a new test version sometime this week (and then, hopefully, the final V1.39).

I "fixed" the blank areas by just resetting the scroll bars to 0 on a resize...
>> No. 31387
I swear I thought I had fixed the dragging to have the mouse cursor set over the center of the image, if it was specified. It WILL be. Noticed this didn't work when trying to drag derpy by her hooves.
>> No. 31432
I can assure you I didn't :P, besides DPG says he's fixed it so that's good news.

Well I'm a BF3 addict myself :)

I did a similar "fix" for the scrollbars by forcing a layout when the form was restored from minimise. Still a weird bug though. I wonder if a bug submission to MS is in order.

This could take longish post to explain, so apologies to everypony in this thread from whom this is just some long derail. :/

Anyway, the transparency index for each frame isn't the problem. It's the palette.

Imagine an image that uses 16 colours, and also defines a transparency index for each frame. I attempt to decode each frame into an indexed bitmap, which means the palette for that bitmap must hold 17 colours (the 16 colours plus one for transparency).

Most encoders are nice and will build a palette with a spot reserved for transparency whose value doesn't matter. This means I can usurp this value for an actual transparency in the final result. So a nice encoder would build a palette of 17 in my example.

However a clever encoder will use a 16-colour palette. The palette doesn't actually need to have transparent in it, so they could happily use an index of 16 or more. It's clever but it means I can't cheat and usurp a spot in the palette for transparency.

To make it work I'd have to expand the palette from 16 to 17 to provide space, but then that requires an extra bit per pixel. Well a 16-color palette fits exactly into 4bbp so I have to scale up to 8bbp which means I have to upscale all my buffers and refill them and the code is such a mess right now it would go horribly wrong until I get a chance to clean it up somewhat.

As for examples, well so far it works on all the current pony images correctly (as far as I can tell) with the exception of two images that are encoded as described above. They're alt-left.gif and alt-walk-left.gif in the Princess Luna (Season 2) folder. If you need more examples I could zip up some of the images I ran through the optimization tool that are also like that.

Also, it's C# so it should work under Mono which would allow some testing...

Blah I'm getting ahead of myself, it'd be easier if I just fixed my damned code. I mean if I handle this one edge case I can successfully read all the existing files right.

Oh well the text wall was kinda cathartic. Think I need to relax and watch some more pony.
>> No. 31448
File 132616378239.gif - (33.96KB , 144x128 , alt-left-fixed.gif )

I didn't know you could do that. That's really weird. It confuses different programs in different ways (but always ends up displaying the image correctly).

If I understand correctly, all this saves on is the part of the file that stores palette colours. But don't you still need 5 bits to store the pixels? (Or do they always use the full 8 bits regardless of palette size?) Here, I'm talking about the .gif file itself and not how it is stored in your program.

Anyway, tell me if the attached image is indeed fixed. Its not very clever and just increases the palette size. But it also uses local palette sizes (I didn't know this was possible before). If this works, I can process all files this way (or you can give me a list and I'll just process those in the list).

Another thing to note about alt-left.gif in particular is that only the first frame uses 17 colours (and all the others go back to 16!) which makes me think somepony just forgot to reduce the palette size on the first frame (and change the image accordingly, of course).

>Also, it's C# so it should work under Mono which would allow some testing...

I tried Wine and Mono a while back but they didn't work (I didn't try very hard to fix it though and don't remember the error messages).
>> No. 31453
V1.39 Test Version 4. Hopefully the last test version.

Changes since test 3:

+New option in the option menu: Sound Volume control. Allows you to adjust pony speech volume independently of other sounds.
-The Add-Pony right-click option is now sorted, instead of being one giant list.
-The right click menu is now labeled with the name of the pony the menu was generated for.
-New option in the right click menu: "Close all copies of X" (darn parasprites).
-Clicking a pony to drag them should select the appropriate pony more often. (It was selecting them based on their upper-left corner instead of who had the closet center).
-"Headless Horse" disease should be reduced if not eliminated thanks to the recent discovery of ponicillin. (Pre- and Post- drawing clipping areas are given a 40% extra margin).
-When resizing the main menu, the scroll bars will reset to their initial positions to prevent gaps from forming.
-Snips and Snails have been demoted from "Stallions" to "Colts" in the tagging system.
-When dragging, the cursor will be fixed over the specified center of the image (as set in the editor). If no center is specified, the exact center of the image is used. See Derpy or Rainbow Dash for an example.
-A mysterious person named "Jacob" corrected the punctuation for all the ponies and fixed many other issues with the speech text (including correcting the number of "Yes"s in Twilight's line).
-Somepony who signed the e-mail "-Panzi" pointed out a lot of duplicate and un-referenced files, which have been cleaned up or fixed.

New/changed art:
-Berry Bunch has had some minor fixes to her sitting images applied (white spot removal).
-Fleur de Lis by Pony Noia.
-Additional art for Philomena (From a while ago).
-Derpy Dragging animation by Blackfeathr
-Colgate Sitting animation by Vulcan539
-Pinkaport and PinkieCannon animations and interaction by DeathPony
-Rainbow Dash drag-by-the-tail animations by Bot-chan
-New spitfire (uniformed) animations by Bot-chan
-Luna's personal guard, by Bot-Chan
-Fancy Pants by Pony Noia
-Mysterious Mare Do Well by JavaNut

Other items:
-I think I know how to change the cursor now (pretty simple), but I couldn't find a cursor that I wanted for dragging yet...
-I still haven't put in mouseover speech. Maybe I'll leave it off. It was slightly annoying. Opinions?
>> No. 31460
you miss boxxy brown from bot-chan here >>30801
other than that nice work
>> No. 31464
File 132617428796.png - (785B , 84x100 , 131605256204.png )

This is the only Mr Cake I remember seeing.
>> No. 31474
All glitches that I knew are fixed now! *yay*
But is it me, or some animations looks a bit faster now? Like trotting and flying.

And a random thought I had while watching the side-flying Surprise (//isn't she kind of an OC?) and upside down Derpy - can we have an option of the... rotation of sprite? Like, for making behaviors of diagonal flying with pony looking at 30° up without making different rotated .gif. Although, not sure if this will not look strange...
>> No. 31476
Art updates huzaa!

Reflections and 90 degree changes are easy, but you're right in that arbitrary rotations would look weird. Performance would also go down to somewhere between slow and glacial.

Some of the speeds will be faster because the graphics improvements. Whilst I'm thinking about it I think some of the gifs still have durations of 0ms on some frames, those need fixing really. (Big Celestia has a few, not sure what else)

That works great. It'd be better if you could ditch the local palettes though. You've got a global palette with all the colours needed so the local palettes are just wasting space. I'll see about sending the files that would need fixing if that's possible.

Talking of local palettes, I didn't know about them either. They're kinda crazy since you could technically produce a full colour image with them.

As far as saving the pixels, yeah you could use a series of 5bbp codes to save indexes of up to 32. The compression (LZW) used in gifs, among other things, uses a common technique whereby you create variable length codes. Common indexes get shorter codes which means you save space. Rarely used indexes get long codes, but since they're rarer the space used is less.

Since there's no relation between the palette size and the size of the codes with this method, you can change the palette size without breaking everything.
>> No. 31494
Nice. All of the previous bugs seem to be gone now. :)

Just some things that are left to do for the final version:

- Fix all interactions for "Vinyl Scratch" that still use her old "Strobing_Scratch" name.

- Recheck the tags for all ponies (examples: Spike being tagged as having alternate art while suitless Spitfire is not, Pipsqueak being tagged as both a filly and a stallion instead of a colt, Screwball being tagged as a non-pony, Colgate not being tagged at all and so on)

- Speaking of tags: untagged ponies are not shown in the right-click-submenu.

- Program icon shows a generic icon instead of Twilight (but at least that's not a big deal).

And if you could use the updated Twilight sprites, that would be great. :)

Sorry if this sounds so negative, but other than the things I mentioned, this is the best version yet. ;)

Also, thanks for the sprite of Mr. Cake. So, is somepony working on him? Or Mrs. Cake?
>> No. 31502
Uncle Orange and Davenport Pony were included or not?

Was anypony able to finish that animation yet?
>> No. 31523

Since each frame can have their own palette, I think if the total local palette is greater than 256, its not possible use just have a global palette. However, in this particular case, I don't think it happens.

Here's a link to all .gif images (regardless of their previous format) with their palettes fixed (the transparent colour is always in the palette and only global palette is used).

Some of it is due to side effects of some functions so tell me if it didn't work.

> As far as saving the pixels, yeah you could use a series of 5bbp codes to save indexes of up to 32. The compression (LZW) used in gifs, among other things, uses a common technique whereby you create variable length codes.

But my question was whether you know if the pre-compression data does indeed use 5bbp (in .gif's specifications). Because of compression, this data only affects the size of the compressed output slightly so it would be possible to be "lazy" and always use 8 bits (8 bpp) in the uncompressed data. (I've only looked at the sample data from Wikipedia but the example there has a size 256 palette so I couldn't tell.)
>> No. 31526
...? I missed updated Twilight sprites? Where!?

Thanks for the other items.

I found Orange hiding in my "todo" folder. Not sure why I missed him.

I only found one still standing image of "Davenport" (I had to look him up on the wiki...).
>> No. 31531

I have a glitch to report (I'm a bit late on noticing it but eh').

I don't know what causes it, but the ponies seem to occasionally go behind windows suddenly, even if I have the "Ponies are always on top of other windows" option checked. I also have the "Suspend ponies for full screen applications" unchecked, and the glitch described earlier seems more frequent when I exit out of full screen, or when dragging ponies around during full screen.
>> No. 31539
Sorry, here they are again:

Also, I noticed Twilight's left gala-sprite to be too big again. I know a fix was posted before, but eh, don't know in what post.
>> No. 31543
Speculating here: but are the windows they disappear behind the sort of windows that might also decide they want to be top-most? Being top-most only gets you above the windows who didn't want to be top-most. Then all bets are off as to which top-most window actually gets to be top.

Yeah those worked great. I was able to use as a reference set and I've since managed to fix the decoder so it reads those craftily encoded images fine anyway. So no need to worry about that any more.

I'm not sure what you mean about the pre-compressed data. If you mean the values passed to the encoder, I think they're always bytes. But even if they were secretly 4 bit values being bumped up to bytes, it shouldn't make any difference to the compressed result (at least, from what I understand of the spec).

Quite possible I've entirely misunderstood you, so sorry if I have.


Also found a few errors in the .ini files.
Colgate's has a few lines that need commenting out.
Photo Finish's behaviour "stalk_fluttershy" links to speech "Soundboard #4" which doesn't exist.
Rainbow Dash's behaviour "RonboDosh" links to speech "wut" which also doesn't exist.
>> No. 31545

It seems that if scaled, the effects are too high and sometimes white outlines appear around the characters. And it seems to have troubles with animation that consist of only one frame. Those still seem to appear larger
>> No. 31546
File 132630714590.gif - (20.10KB , 106x96 , mrs-cake-idle-right.gif )

>> No. 31560
Oh, another bug: when you have ponies on screen who interact with each other, then quit one of them, the remaining pony will still occassionally display the interaction behavior as if the other pony was still there.
>> No. 31571

10/10 animation and the little pose she strikes is just hhhnnggghhh.
>> No. 31573
File 132637628030.gif - (19.49KB , 111x157 , sparkler_walk_left.gif )
Hey I redid my attempt at Sparkler and would like to know what you guys think.
>> No. 31577

Isn't that just a recolored Lyra animation?
>> No. 31596

Trotting Davenport (and Spike) can be found here:

>> No. 31600
And you would be right. for the trotting animation.

I'm having problems getting anther animation working for her
It only seems to half play and teleports her up and down?
>> No. 31622
From a quick look at the ini file:

Make sure the behaviour lasts as long as the animation so it has time to play (change 3.19 to 26.5 in the ini).

The teleporting up/down might be the image centering. Try replacing both the co-ordinates at the far end with "52,52".
>> No. 31629
File 132648250256.gif - (21.10KB , 100x104 , lily-idle-right.gif )

And here is Lily, completing the flower trio. Watch her trot around while pondering if the things she sees are worth panicking over.
>> No. 31637
File 132649406096.gif - (53.27KB , 110x210 , rd-dragged-left1.gif )
V1.39 (non-test) is out:

Changes since test version 4 (for a list of changes since the last non-test version, v1.38.1, please see the Change Log page):

-Still images are now the right size when using scaling.
-Mrs Cake by Bot-chan.
-Twilight image fixes by Bot-chan
-Spike and the door, by Anonycat
-Davenport (of Sofas and Quills) by Anonycat
-The menu icon is now the same as the exe icon.
-The program will no longer crash is an image file is missing.
-"Non Tagged" ponies appear in the add-pony menu.
-Performance of the Preview Pony window in the editor has been improved.
-While playing a mini-game, the scoreboard and goals were not being drawn. Fixed.

Both Boxxy and Lily have some sort of image corruption that causes crashes on XP (same type as we've battled with previously) although I can't seem to fix it with any graphics program I have (even Paint Shop).

I haven't included them in the latest release due to this.
>> No. 31652
I hate to be a buzzkill, but there's no screensaver file included.
>> No. 31653
Why must I always forget something?
You can just copy the exe and rename it to scr for now. I'll reupload a copy with that done. Thanks.
>> No. 31656
I'm having a minor issue where the program itself starts up while giving me an error screen... No ponies show up whatsoever in the window and me not being well versed in coding have no clue how to fix this.
>> No. 31662
Can you post the error?
>> No. 31672

Very glad that you fixed the decoder. Yes, this answers my question exactly (that they are always bytes or bumped up to bytes since, for example, you could in theory just concate all the 4-bit values without padding before encoding).


I can't find anything unusual about the Lily and Boxxy images. I've applied some generic convertion, but I'm not sure it will work (since I don't know what I'm supposed to fix).

I actually didn't really undertand the end of the conversation about Windows XP image "corruptions" last time. Did Deathpwny's fix work? Did my fix (also) work? For the problem in version 1.37, how did you perform the fix? For reference:

> -A few ponies had bad images (Silver Spoon, Daisy, Blinky Pie) that were causing crashes with "Generic Error in GDI" for older machines (Windows XP specifically it seems). Those images have been corrected and no futher crashes or "red boxes" should appear. Hopefully.
>> No. 31687
Usually the "fix" is just opening it and saving it again. Whatever you did to Lily fixed her.

The problem appears to be specific to the "lily-idle-right.gif" file this time, frame # 20 in particular. Although what, exactly, is wrong with it I can't say.

I imagine that there's probably nothing technically wrong with the image, except perhaps that Microsoft's GDI finds exception with some minor detail, and it's probably a bug that they patched in Vista and Win7.
>> No. 31689
Uh guys
Some girl is making money out of trotting base.
>> No. 31690

This is the dumb girl's DA account.
Her excuse is that "she needs the money"

Of course, being the derpflank she is, she fails to realize she would make way much money if she got a proper job instead of running a piddly scam.
>> No. 31691

How do you report a DA user instead of reporting just a single submission?
I want to report her scam and direct DA Mods to Desktop Ponies's homepage, but I don't know if that's enough to knock her down. (And she was charging $10 for a crappy trotter, but since nopony was biting, she cut it down to $5 instead.)
>> No. 31693

Help Desk
>> No. 31694
Huh. There seems to be a weird bug with animation shop that sometimes randomly corrupts a single image of an animation (which can be uncorrupted by mirroring it). How... odd!

Well, I tried editting the affected files. Hope it works.
>> No. 31695
The same for Lily:
>> No. 31697
And a small fix for Mrs. Cake (the files weren't corrupted, but I made a small mistake with the trotting animation that's fixed now.)
>> No. 31701

Ahh, danke.
Now I'm reporting her with the power of a thousand suns.
>> No. 31710
>Usually the "fix" is just opening it and saving it again. Whatever you did to Lily fixed her.
What I did is essentially equivalent to this.

I'm linking to a version of Boxxy Brown modified in the same way (in case >>31694 doesn't already fix it).

I'd still like to figure out what difference in the .gif file causes the error with GDI.


That's an odd behaviour from a program (probably a bug). Can you tell me how you managed to detect the corruption? The only difference I can find between the old and new version of lily-idle-right.gif are these:

- On frame 17, the delay is changed.

- The new version has a very large colour palette on frame 18. The transparent and background colours on frame 18 are also different.
>> No. 31713
File 132660018426.gif - (2.39KB , 190x148 , twilight_drag.gif )
Twilight is not amused by you trying to drag her around.

Im kind of torn on this. She's making people's OCs for them, then charging them for it which seems all fine and dandy. But, then she is using monkeyjay's base which he said is free to use as long as its not used commercially (ie:something you have to pay for). Yeah I think we need to let her know the base is not intended for that purpose. Its one of the main reasons I havent done any paid requests.
>> No. 31714
File 132660035863.png - (45.60KB , 672x712 , error_report.png )
Oh with the new version I keep getting error reports with Pinkie and the Royal Night Guard. First the box shown up top pops up then after clicking ok it moves on to the second box then after clicking out of that the program closes. The top two are the boxes shown for Pinkie. The third box is the one shown for the Royal night Guard.
>> No. 31715
wow just saw this. I sort of care, because it's making money partly off my work which is pretty much against the whole spirit of what desktop ponies is and why I made the tutorial in the first place: so people could make their own ones (and what she's doing is illegal!).

The fact that she's only getting $5 makes me feel a little better because unless it's taking her less than 10 minutes to do it that's a lot of effort for very little. But on the other hand some people are DOWN $5, that makes me feel kinda worse.

So.. I
>> No. 31716
So.. I (oops) don't really care enough to make anything of it.
>> No. 31719
Yeah I feel a little bad for the people paying for this too especially since looking at her da page a couple of her friends are also doing commissions with your work.

Anyway I don't think you hear it enough, thank you for making that base tutorial and making it easy to get into spriting our favorite ponies.
>> No. 31721
You should.
Soon other people will think it's okay, and more start to ask money for it.
>> No. 31722
Wow, interesting. I had assumed that my XP machine would catch all the errors, but I guess there are more. What OS version are you running? Is it XP SP3? Do you have all your windows updates?

To find the problems caused by these images, all you need to do is run the program on an XP machine. If the image used for the pony on the menu is affected (lily) you'll crash immediately with the very verbose error like in those screenshots, otherwise you will get the shorter error when trying to run the pony.
>> No. 31726
File 132663066445.gif - (9.33KB , 200x192 , sotrue_left.gif )
Ok so I have been sitting on these for too long. Ok here are the conga pony sprites if somepony wants to figure out how to get them to conga right.
then there is Steven Magnet. I thought it would look good if you could have his back sections follow him so it'd look like more natural movement but if not I guess I can edit them into his animations.

Windows XP sp2 so obviously not all updated but all I was planning on updating it.
>> No. 31728

I was hoping there was a way to tell without a Windows (XP) machine. There is surprisingly little (useful) information on this online. I'm not sure if this problem can be fixed from the programming side, but here are two links which might be worth looking at.


Could you try with the sprite files I posted earlier?

Just extract it to the base desktop ponies directory and let it overwrite everything it can overwrite.
>> No. 31729
GDI+ is just a parasprite with this error so it's impossible to diagnose. "A generic error occurred." is just worthless. All we know is that is chokes on the same frames of the same files, which points to something inside the decoder of GDI+ somewhere getting it wrong on XP.

Since it's hard to know the actual problem, by far the easiest fix is just to resave files in different programs until you get a version that doesn't die.

On the plus side, my decoder doesn't choke on these files, so once that's in place we can stop worrying about this particular problem. Plus if there is a bug it can be fixed as opposed to having to lamely appease GDI+ until it decides to work.
>> No. 31734

How did I forget to mention your decoder? Having a decoder with source will of course make solving these problems much easier, not to mention the memory gains.
>> No. 31742
Well, I detected it when I tried opening the file in MS Gif Animator and it would give me an error message (I don't have Windows XP).
I then opened the (uncorrupted) other direction of the animation in Animation Shop and mirrored it frame by frame, saving after each step until MS Gif Animator wouldn't load the file anymore. I then replaced the frame in the later program (hence the palette difference).

Still, even though the file didn't give me any errors anymore, I have no idea if it works for XP. :/
>> No. 31749
Okay, so I tried working on the code for a conga line. It's actually more a "grab the pony in front by the tail" line, but IMHO it doesn't look half bad... if it actually works. Sometimes the timing is a little off and at times a pony doesn't want to participate, but it's the best I could do.

Interaction (might need a little more tweaking):
Conga,"Pinkie Pie",0.2,250,{"Applejack","Fluttershy","Rainbow Dash","Rarity","Twilight Sparkle"},True,{"Conga Start"},300

Behavior,"Conga Start",0,5,5,10,"gallop_right.gif","gallop_left.gif",All,"Conga","","",True,0,12,"Pinkie Pie",True,,,"73,52","54,52"
twilight sparkle",False,stand,Conga,"92,88","70,88"

Behavior,"Conga Start",0,5,5,10,"trotcycle_fluttershy_right.gif","trotcycle_fluttershy_left.gif",Diagonal_horizontal,"Conga","","",True,
0,10,"Pinkie Pie",True,,,"53,53","51,53"

Behavior,"Conga Start",0,5,5,0,"jumpy_pinkiepie_right.gif","jumpy_pinkiepie_left.gif",None,"Conga","","",True,0,0,"",False,bounce_n_n,ju

Behavior,"Conga Start",0,5,5,10,"flyzoom_rainbow_right.gif","flyzoom_rainbow_left.gif",Diagonal_horizontal,"Conga","","",True,0,18,"Pink
ie Pie",True,,,"64,57","39,58"

Behavior,"Conga Start",0,5,5,10,"trotcycle_rarity_right.gif","trotcycle_rarity_left.gif",Diagonal_horizontal,"Conga","","",True,0,14,"Pi
nkie Pie",True,,,"55,61","47,61"
Behavior,"Conga",0,30,30,1,"congararity_right.gif","congararity_left.gif",Horizontal_Only,"","","",True,8,2,"rainbow dash",False,stand,Conga,"92,88","70,88"

Behavior,"Conga Start",0,5,5,10,"twilight_gallop_right.gif","twilight_gallop_left.gif",Diagonal_horizontal,"Conga","","",True,0,16,"Pink
ie Pie",True,,,"93,92","73,92"
Behavior,"Conga",0,30,30,1,"congatwilight_right.gif","congatwilight_left.gif",Horizontal_Only,"","","",True,10,8,"pinkie pie",False,stand,Conga,"96,88","70,88"
>> No. 31750
Okay, so I tried working on the code for a conga line. It's actually more a "grab the pony in front by the tail" line, but IMHO it doesn't look half bad... if it actually works. Sometimes the timing is a little off and at times a pony doesn't want to participate, but it's the best I could do.

Interaction (might need a little more tweaking):
Conga,"Pinkie Pie",0.2,250,{"Applejack","Fluttershy","Rainbow Dash","Rarity","Twilight Sparkle"},True,{"Conga Start"},300

Behavior,"Conga Start",0,5,5,10,"gallop_right.gif","gallop_left.gif",All,"Conga","","",True,0,12,"Pinkie Pie",True,,,"73,52","54,52"
twilight sparkle",False,stand,Conga,"92,88","70,88"

Behavior,"Conga Start",0,5,5,10,"trotcycle_fluttershy_right.gif","trotcycle_fluttershy_left.gif",Diagonal_horizontal,"Conga","","",True,
0,10,"Pinkie Pie",True,,,"53,53","51,53"

Behavior,"Conga Start",0,5,5,0,"jumpy_pinkiepie_right.gif","jumpy_pinkiepie_left.gif",None,"Conga","","",True,0,0,"",False,bounce_n_n,ju

Behavior,"Conga Start",0,5,5,10,"flyzoom_rainbow_right.gif","flyzoom_rainbow_left.gif",Diagonal_horizontal,"Conga","","",True,0,18,"Pink
ie Pie",True,,,"64,57","39,58"

Behavior,"Conga Start",0,5,5,10,"trotcycle_rarity_right.gif","trotcycle_rarity_left.gif",Diagonal_horizontal,"Conga","","",True,0,14,"Pi
nkie Pie",True,,,"55,61","47,61"
Behavior,"Conga",0,30,30,1,"congararity_right.gif","congararity_left.gif",Horizontal_Only,"","","",True,8,2,"rainbow dash",False,stand,Conga,"92,88","70,88"

Behavior,"Conga Start",0,5,5,10,"twilight_gallop_right.gif","twilight_gallop_left.gif",Diagonal_horizontal,"Conga","","",True,0,16,"Pink
ie Pie",True,,,"93,92","73,92"
Behavior,"Conga",0,30,30,1,"congatwilight_right.gif","congatwilight_left.gif",Horizontal_Only,"","","",True,10,8,"pinkie pie",False,stand,Conga,"96,88","70,88"
>> No. 31753
Somepony should make the art for Chief Thunderhooves. Im a brony at CU and would love to have a buff running around with the ponies!
>> No. 31754

People has said like a million times that this is not a request thread and that if you want something you should try doing it all by yourself first.
>> No. 31776

Have read the newest comment?

*LingLiJing 6 hours ago
I've just linked her a site that hosts competitions that have a 4-digit-prize money in euros. Hopefully it can subdue the negative attention concerning the use of trotting bases here Wish her well
>> No. 31779

She's hidding all the posts calling her out on her BS and greed, so it's obvious that she doesn't cares and is just interested into making some quick and easy money at Desktop Ponies's expense.

Typical DA trash.
>> No. 31780

Is this person stealing (and crudely editing) your royal guards animations as well?
Judging for the dumb things he says, this guy is quite the piece of work.
>> No. 31781

Another piece of wortk that is making a profit of your templates by collecting them all and redistributing them as her own. (And let's not start talking of her gallery, full of gaudy recolors that she passes as her own OC, don't steal)

Also, wow. What they say it's true.
The I.Q of a Deviantart user is inversely proportional to the amount of flashy stuff it crams on her DA profile.
>> No. 31784
File 132673951092.gif - (4.33KB , 50x50 , shadow trot.gif )
No, she made them herself. She even made this for me.
>> No. 31785
thank you. That actually worked fairly well.

This guy just looks like he tried making his own with the pony base. They look different enough that I think he's never even seen the original ones. Plus I didnt see anywhere he is taking commisions so he seems fine.

Thats alot of hidden remarks. Did she ever reply to any of them?

Ive seen this da account before. Thats the incomplete trot base that ponyluver used. The person credits monkeyjay. Also it looks like they've stopped doing commisions.

It seems like you are trying to start a witchhunt with these. Yeah most of the ones posted are doing something bad but I think you need to make sure first. Id hate for those who are not doing anything really wrong getting attacked because they tried making a desktop pony of their own.
>> No. 31786
> Id hate for those who are not doing anything really wrong getting attacked because they tried making a desktop pony of their own.

You know that practically all of their "own" Desktop Ponies are just recolored animations with pieces taken from other people's animations, then passed as their "100% original OC, give credit or DIE?"

The gaudy colorshemes taken from MS-Paint color picker tool is what really sells the deal of fail and attention seeking as well. :P
>> No. 31791
If you'd like to help the world out a little, just link any sort of comment on DA about making the pony base to the desktopponies site and download link. My old guide is still linked there and it may mean somepony gives it a go and accomplishes something, also it subtly implies that what she is doing is available to everypony and probably not worth $5.
>> No. 31793
I was talking more about that generaldurandal since it looks like he tried doing his own work. But while we are talking about it, there are always going to be people trying to make OCs with minimal effort, like that flash pony creator, then not wanting 'their' work taken. I just dont think we should get a reputation of attacking everypony in sight who does this. If they try to get money or outright steal one of our cannon ponies then ok but I want this project to be known for the joy it brings others not the griefing of OC makers.
>> No. 31798
File 132674424819.jpg - (1.72MB , 800x4950 , mixermike622 comic dan_vs meta original_character Ponychan the_truth truth.jpg )

The problem is that practically - no one- has shown even a fraction of the dedication that you and your buddies keep showing here, and they limit themselves to recolor other people's work so they could have something, -anything- to show for themselves, in the shortest time and with the smallest effort possible.

You guys have been incredibly humble and awesome, yet the average DA moron always romps around yelling on top of it's lungs to get attention and the highest praise possible, while abusing the system as much as they could to keep their stupidity and theft hidden the longest time possible. And in the examples linked before, all I could see where noting but pathetic recolors with some heads, wings and AJ's hat pasted and recycled over and over and over.

That's not making an OC, that's just being a moron desperate for some attention at a fad's expenses.

Monkeyjay, if you had a cent for every little moron who bastardizes your work to present it as their own, I bet you could solve the country's economic crisis and still have change after that.
>> No. 31835
File 132676905686.png - (139.21KB , 1021x597 , error.png )
is this the right place to post this?i just downloaded the version 1.39. i was in the pony editor and clicked
Granny Smith and this appeared.. also, i can't reach the save button of the options.
>> No. 31945
File 132689351717.jpg - (1.91MB , 1280x4252 , bugreport.jpg )
Got weird issue with two copies of DP launched the same time, and some graphic glitches on my friend's XP machine, both on picrelated.
+ his Carrot Top is "spasmodically" moves from left to right while animating. She also sometimes walks out of the screen, and gets stucked when reaches the screen's bottom.
Checked those on my XP laptop - the same troubles.
>> No. 31948

The chick who was caught trying to sell stolen animations is abandoning her account and move to a new, secret one to escape from responsability and continue her theft.

She's playing the victim card, and I can't say I'm surprised.
>> No. 31954
Hi people, long time no see you all.
I noticed this girl charging for making ponies, so I lurked around and I found out her new DA account:

... she is still trying to make some easy money out of monkeyjay's templates. -_-U

On a different note, I will try to start making new animations, because honestly, November and December were terrible months and I neither had the time or will for ponies back then.
>> No. 31964
File 132692904227.gif - (3.29KB , 42x74 , letter.gif )
Eh, I edited this letter sprite from an old cellphone game to give Twilight something to read.
And to give me something different to think so I could forget about the DA drama I'm receiving right now. (See, this is why normally I neither talk or try to reason with drama queens bleh.)
>> No. 31968

I could come up with animation ideas and improvements for somepony to work on. (I cant sprite, or I would myself.)
>> No. 31971
File 132693590901.gif - (5.68KB , 40x62 , spikeblinkright.gif )
I think I will make some Spike animations until I recover my Mojo.


No offense, but if you can't sprite then your help will make more harm than good.

Practice your skills, and try to submit your own material instead. Who knows, perhaps you have some raw talent just waiting to get polished?
>> No. 31976
good to see you back. Yeah albinomink seems pretty dense. She just doesnt get that free to use and modify does not equal free to sell.

Anyway good job on spike. You'll get your mojo back soon enough.

I wouldnt mind hearing a few rarity animation ideas. I have 2 or so in mind I want to get to eventually but she needs more animations and Im having trouble coming up with good ideas for her.

Speaking of Rarity, didnt she have a sleep animation? In the previous thread I remember her wearing her sleep mask. Did it just not get put in?
>> No. 31979

You should see all the drama and menaces she has been yelling at me since I tried to reason with her. According to her, she is special because her house was on fire and because her mommy doesn't understand her and is mean to her.

Well, I survived a 9.0 quake (followed by a mega tsunami) plus 2 uninterrumpted years of strong aftershocks. In fact, just yesterday we had a 6.1 seismic move and another tsunami alert.

So according to her logic, that should make me the king of the planet or something. (Bow before me, plebs. Wha ha haaa!)

But again, that's Deviantart for you.
>> No. 31981

Heh. None taken. If I can find some time, I might try too sometime.
I know what you mean about the drama, I have been watching this project since right after it started. I know what you mean by the drama. Your advice on not offering ideas makes perfect sense in the context, and I won't randomly spout things. (MAKE THIS MAKE THAT, I'M ENTITLED TO YOUR HARD WORK BECAUSE I'M BREATHING)

Like I've said before, I'm here for emotional support. Woohoo!

Rarity could use a few more "activity" animations. Kind of like what Pinkie has. (Random flower sniff, stuff like that.) There was also talk before about making walking animations for each pony. I think Dash and Pinkie have one. I could be more specific, but don't want to change the topic to requests.
>> No. 31983
File 132694265650.gif - (6.04KB , 180x140 , 132074249463.gif )
I remember seeing that now that you mention it... ah, found it.

I think I held off on using it because the file name was something like "rarity_sleep_wip", and there was some discussion about it going on.

This is the right place! Thanks, I'll take a look at that.

I have a feeling that running two copies on XP is just asking for trouble with the new version. The transparency that makes everything work is really just a trick - not sure that it works two layers deep. Although it seems to be working in that first image before you alt-tab. Hmm.

Can I ask why you want to run two copies? To keep different ponies from crossing between the screens perhaps?
>> No. 31985
File 132694401779.gif - (5.53KB , 38x62 , spike blinking right.gif )
Well, some people said that Spike was a bit too fat and they were right.
So I made him run a few miles and now he's thinner than before.
>> No. 31986
File 132694736664.png - (211.24KB , 640x360 , rarity-in-the-zone.png )

Hm... How about Rarity "in the zone" picking ribbons? Or Rarity's detecting gems? For something funny, maybe Rarity putting her head in a garbage can or drinking and spitting punch?

Admittedly, I have a vested interest in the first one.

More difficult would be Rarity using a sewing machine. Or Rarity drinking tea (maybe as an interaction with Opal).

I'm mostly thinking out loud here.
>> No. 32001
I was running two copies on Windows7; my friend has these gray-tabs glitches with one copy on XP, so do I.

I launched the second copy after a short dialog,
-oh noes, thoes glitches with CT animations again(
-what now?
-spasmodically flinches while animating
-*launches the second copy of DP.exe* OK, lets see what is all this whining about...
so, usually I don't need two DP.exe launched at the same time)
But in fact, having two copies of programm launched, with possibility quickly change one "layout" of the ponies to another, - sounds kinda interesting for me.
//in the old versions, when every pony had her own window, 2+ copies of programm worked normally
>> No. 32005

You read my mind.
>> No. 32027
File 132700146955.gif - (5.28KB , 34x62 , spike right side blink.gif )
Hello guys, I managed to start doing this while I was at work because it's a slow day here meh.

It's... difficult to keep Spike at a reasonable scale and still stuff all of his details and proportions, so I'm all ears for corrections.
>> No. 32028
Looks good. One thing that bugs me is his neck area. I think it's a little thick and it's hunching up his shoulders. I know you don't have many pixels to work with in there though haha. Maybe move the arm down 1 and make the neck slightly thinner somehow? He seems to have gained weight from his 3/4ths view you posted above (which has great proportions)!
>> No. 32035
Regarding the overlay errors when running multiple instances: also confirmed on Vista so that completes the set. My initial thought is that it appears to be VB's somewhat automagical handling of forms, because the C# version is not affected and works as one would expect.

-If a pony window has focus the other will vanish. So give any non-pony window focus and both will reappear.
-Don't run multiple instances (yeah ok not that most useful of advice).

The grey tabs seems to be an XP issue. I ruled out lack of desktop composition as the cause but that's it. I got nothin'.

If the multiple instances thing was just makeshift grouping, maybe a feature could be added to do that in a less clunky way.
>> No. 32036
File 132700646688.png - (477B , 34x62 , spike b.png )

Hmm, yes I can see what you mean about his neck and arms.
Better now?
>> No. 32043
File 132701008714.gif - (9.73KB , 146x67 , beep_beep_i__ma_desktop_pony_cloud_by_felix_0-d4m53uf.gif )
I made left and right fly animations
for RD
Beep beep!
>> No. 32056
File 132701635423.png - (1.38KB , 160x62 , spikemaybe.png )
I had a play! This was more what I was thinking. Unchubbying him a bit.
>> No. 32057
Oops, my edits are the two on the right.
>> No. 32059
While it's cute, the static wings look odd to me.
>> No. 32061
Hmm, yes, that opens new possibilities, thanks for the help.


The cloud would look better if it respected the style used on FiM.
Right now, looks like you just pasted wings, eyes and a tail on a Photoshop premade shape, and then called it a day.
>> No. 32103
File 132707626849.gif - (1.12KB , 44x62 , imustacheaquestion.gif )
I mustache a question: Is this good enough?
>> No. 32105
I think he should blink, and maybe you should add a bit more movement to the moustache and hand.
>> No. 32111
File 132708388868.gif - (1.96KB , 54x62 , Spike_mustache_twirl.gif )
Bitch, please
>> No. 32114
File 132708412863.gif - (11.65KB , 46x62 , lets shave it for later.gif )
>> No. 32115
File 132708421796.gif - (12.15KB , 54x62 , Spike_moustache_magic_right.gif )
Spike moustache scene gifs
>> No. 32116

OK, so I can forget about Spike and start doing other things instead.
>> No. 32132

Not sure which is better...
>> No. 32145
File 132711380276.png - (1.28KB , 178x88 , third and fifth doctors.png )
Well, since Spike was already on good hands, I decided to give a try to the remaining Doctor incarnations.

These are the first versions.
>> No. 32171
A random thought: is this possible to make ponies avoid other ponies without avoiding other windows? Like, ponies will "ricochet" only from DP each other, but not from other applications' windows?
>> No. 32178
So Derpy got some dialogue in the show. Is it coming to the next version?
>> No. 32182
Is Gala Fluttershy supposed to turn giant and have a white outline when she's angry?
>> No. 32195

Yes, she's also supposed to turn green and grow hoofs and smash your screen.

I don't know, but that really sounds like a bug
>> No. 32196

Word filters killed the joke. I hate wordfilters...
I meant to say she grows 'firsts', except without the r.
>> No. 32211
I'm not sure how to go about this, but I thought I'd mention that I'm doing the cloud stomping animation for Derpy from the "The Last Roundup" episode that aired Saturday. I should have a WIP of it to post Sunday night to see if it's up to snuff for the project, or if it needs more work.
>> No. 32212

Shouldn't this be spoilered...? Not that it's particularly spoiler-y, but you know...
>> No. 32214

Oops. I didn't think of that. I don't see a way to edit already made posts here, though.
>> No. 32215
File 132720952447.png - (25.47KB , 945x945 , 277.png )
You could just delete it and repost it with corrections.
>> No. 32219
I tried, but I'm repeatedly told the password's incorrect (I wrote it down, so I know I put in the right one).

I just deleted the post I made a minute ago, so I'm not sure what I typed in wrong or different in that post. Sorry, looks like it's there for good.
>> No. 32221
I just want to pop in and say I am quite excited to see the finished Master/5th Doctor sprite. I've been waiting forever for this one and always been too scared to suggest it in case somepony got mad and said "Doityourselflolol"
These look great. Excited~!
>> No. 32235
File 132724884980.gif - (6.20KB , 78x80 , 5th doctor blink.gif )
>> No. 32244
File 132725922327.gif - (14.78KB , 106x96 , 5th doctor trot.gif )
Hmm, I will see if I can make an animation of this guy producing a celery stalk and then eating it.
If nothing else, I'm sure it's good for his teeth.
>> No. 32250
File 132726639382.gif - (14.10KB , 106x96 , fifth doctor trot.gif )
I shortened his tail a bit to make him look more different than Pokey Piece. (I've noticed that the 3rd, 5th and 11th "Doctors" all reused Pokey's body model except for the head.)
>> No. 32255
File 132727124622.gif - (17.85KB , 116x110 , 11th doctor trot.gif )
Eh, why not.
He also appeared in the cartoon after all.
>> No. 32261

Is that meant to be #2? No other Doctor had black hair, but this pony doesn't really resemble him.

Was he yet another b/g pony that reused that cutie mark? I must have missed him.

Did anypony else notice the 3rd Doctor look-alike in Granny Smith's flashback?
>> No. 32262
File 132728000736.gif - (47.34KB , 196x201 , derpy_cloud_left.gif )
As promised, here's my current WIP of Derpy's lightning cloud bounce. I left the blue background in so that it could be seen better, and left an empty 10 pixel border around the sides. The ending's not in place yet, and there's plenty of little touch ups yet to be done, but what do you guys think so far?
>> No. 32263
File 132728104651.jpg - (160.29KB , 500x1126 , 94761 - 3rd 5th 10th 11th Doctor_Whooves Garden_Party So_many_Doctors.jpg )


I had an awesomegasm from watching that animation.
Very, very nice job, man.
>> No. 32281
Maybe I'm missing it, but has anypony thought of doing Discord?
>> No. 32285
File 132730717886.gif - (59.24KB , 196x201 , derpy_cloud_left2.gif )
New WIP. Got the beginning in, and cleaned up some size issues and pixel problems. I've basically got the ending in as well, but I want her to shake off the soot to give it a nicer loop, so there's a bit more spriting to go. I still have to add some color to the edges of the lightning too.

Thoughts thus far?
>> No. 32288
File 132730846426.png - (4.38KB , 105x57 , derpdifference.png )
I love that shocking animation. That face she makes while being zapped is fantastic. The only thing is when she is standing on the cloud she looks very different from the current model we have of derpy. Not saying she looks bad, just talking about consistency. Cant wait to see it done.

Yes I tried and have him mostly done but everytime I try to finish him I can't seem to do anything with him. I wanted to finish him in december but forgot the computer I left at my parents house was too old to even install let alone have the ram able to run photoshop which is what I had all his file formats in. I do feel horrible, like I shouldnt even be a part of this group for taking this long when people have been waiting on him. I will either finish him or release what I have done for him by the end of the next weekend so others can work on him if they want. Please accept my apologies and I will try to be a better person in the future.
>> No. 32294

You can install Paint Shop Pro 7.04. It runs smoothly even in old computers (including PI and PII machines) and it can open PhotoShop files as well. <-- Since it's a discontinued software, you can get it legally for free here.
>> No. 32312
File 132733715376.gif - (21.69KB , 106x96 , third doctor trot.gif )
First version of the Third Doctor.
I gave him Jon Pertwee's badass gaze to make him look less like a reused Pokey Pierce flash model.
>> No. 32316
File 132734245148.gif - (8.36KB , 106x126 , oink_pinkie_pie_right.gif )
Sorry it took so long
Still need to make some transitions

>>31637 everything works great now, but it seems the effects are misplaced whan a scaler is used. Or are these the correct positions and is it the effects that need to be adjusted?
>> No. 32317
File 132734427572.gif - (3.14KB , 86x88 , third doctor blink.gif )
Oink! Oink Oink! indeed, man.

I also finished this.
>> No. 32318
File 132734563278.png - (226.19KB , 595x287 , 3rdDrPony.png )

I'm liking it so far. But I have some different opinions on the color choices.

The 3rd Doctor always had a similar style to his wardrobe but his color choices were the most varied of all the Doctors. You picked his magenta jacket, which is used in some of the most iconic photographs of him. But I prefer him in a black jacket, which he wore far more often.

You'll notice however, that whichever color he chooses his cuffs are *always* white.

I've attached a reference image from the show as well as some ideas for color schemes I feel work better. Colors from left to right:

Your original, Your coat w/ black jacket, my coat w/ black jacket, sepia tone, my coat w/ red jacket, a slight desaturation of your coat to match better w/ black jacket.
>> No. 32321

That's why I provided the reference image. He's wearing a black coat w/ white cuffs, and what appear to be yellow buttons.

However, being sepia toned his coat is open for interpretation. I think it looks like a sepia version of the desaturated blue I used on the far right.
>> No. 32322

I see what you mean, but I limit myself to follow the colors and designs I see appearing in the cartoon.
The image I already posted at >>32263 shows the screenshoots I'm following as a guide.
>> No. 32323

I see, I see. I suppose it *is* 100% confirmed that the blue coat/red jacket pony has the hourglass cutie mark, while the flashback fellow's is obscured.

Would you at least consider posting your PSDs so I can recolor him to an arguably equally show-accurate color scheme?

I mean, I could do it without the PSDs but it'd take for-freaking-ever frame-by-frame.
>> No. 32324

I don't use Photoshop, what you see posted here is all what exists of this animation.
>> No. 32325

And my respect for your work rises even further.

Seriously? You hand-placed those pixels for every frame? Sheesh.

Anyhoof, I think I'll still recolor it. Let bronies and whovians decide for themselves. As long as you don't mind, of course.
>> No. 32327

Sure, why not.
>> No. 32331
File 132735329841.gif - (21.22KB , 106x96 , 3rdDrPony_WalkRight.gif )
Thanks Anonycat. All done. I didn't bother putting my name in the .ini file since you did all the work, really.

MediaFire Link:

I did both blue+black and tan+red, each has their own folder and pony.ini files.
>> No. 32335

The animations suffered of color corruption after you saved the changes.
>> No. 32337

I'm afraid I don't see what you mean. Could you be more specific? I'm looking at your GIF and mine back to back and the jacket/mane colors look identical.

Your mane was a slightly greener shade than the tail when I looked closely, you might be seeing that I changed that.
>> No. 32344

Not the same person, bro.
But the second frame of your animations changed the white color for a dirty yellow shade.
>> No. 32347

Sorry about that. I blame Anonycat for having an easily mistakable name.

Anyhoof, I've rechecked all of the whites in Photoshop and the color codes are identical from frame to frame.
>> No. 32358
This looks just great! :)
>> No. 32377
File 132737781729.gif - (71.44KB , 224x203 , derpy_cloud_left3.gif )
Thanks for the comments and compliments thus far :)

Here's WIP #3. It's very close to being done, as all the animation's in place. I just have to do come clean up and find extra/blank pixels I might have missed, and little errors like that.

I'm not sure what to do about Derpy's head, beyond copy/pasting the currently used DTP head onto the body in my gif for when she's just standing there with her eyes open. I did use the same colors from the DTP version, along with the same set up for her cutie mark. So at least those aspects are consistent.
>> No. 32379
File 132737979306.gif - (2.98KB , 78x100 , 11th doctor blink.gif )
The 11th Doctor is here and finally we have all "Doctors" just as they look in the cartoon.

Here is an idea: they all go into a single folder and the program uses them all as a single character, so they could cycle through different incarnations ar random, and Derpy could say "You are not my Doctor" whenever she interacts with #3, #5 and #11.
>> No. 32380

Your animation is perfect as it is, so I wouldn't change it to mimic Derpy's "normal" animations.
I suppose we can make some exceptions now and then when the animation's quality amerits it, and yours certainly does it.
>> No. 32385

Damn that's nice. Now we just need a transition for the cloud appearing/disappearing and we're set.
>> No. 32388
Please report this error. Caught GDI error in: DESKTOP PONIES\Pinkie Pie\teleporreapear_pinkie_pie_right.gif

By the way i find that gif file. he not like the teleporreapear_pinkie_pie_left.gif. he's dont replaying. just stoped when animation ends, unlike others animation file. when i just copied another-side teleport apear gif and rename it-it helps.
>> No. 32483
As I loved the actual Derpy's scene, I totally love this shaking-off animation. Confound this The Coop, he drives me to make Derpy my new permanent screenmate )
>> No. 32493
My god, awesome artwork everywhere. You chaps are astound me.
>> No. 32632

The thief has picked some of your most recent submissions and (after pilfering parts and recoloring them) is selling them to unwary people.

>> No. 32633
File 132756442691.gif - (81.87KB , 224x203 , derpy_cloud_left4.gif )
Many thanks for the compliments, everypony.

Here's WIP #4. It's almost fully done (I forgot about the transitions before), but there are some touch ups needed to be sure. Hopefully I can finish catching any errors in it by the end of this weekend, and have it ready to go.
>> No. 32634
My money.
All of it.
Take it.
>> No. 32636
You are amazing, >>32634

I have got another glitch - on every launch of DP.exe, ponies are acting like the "Ponies are always on top of other windows" option is not enabled, despite it's checked. However, ponies are hiding behind any window that I'm changing to. If I'll uncheck this option and check it back, everything is becoming in order until the next restart of program.
And, ponies are still hiding under the taskbar.

And a random thought - can the stopping on mouseover mechanics be changed? It seems like now with this option turned on, when you mouseover pony she will automatically start an idling animation, no matter what behavior is playing now. For example, its occures Dash to quickly changing from sleeping to standing on mouseover, and then falling back to sleep once you've moved pointer away.
How about to play an idling animation only if the pony is moving right now?
>> No. 32642
Hey. I LOVE this program to death. I'm running it right now! I just have few requests for new characters.

Mainly, Discord. I REALLY, REALLY want Discord. That would be INCREDIBLE.

Also, a 3rd Wonderbolt, or even RD in a Wonderbolt suit would be cool, just so I can have 3 unique Wonderbolts on-screen at once.

Also, are the various ponies in Nightmare Night and Hearth's Warming Eve garb being worked on? Because that woul be awesome too.

Also, Discord.

Thanks for reading, everypony.
>> No. 32646

People has said for months nonstop that this is NOT a request thread and that if you want something so much, you should try doing it all by yourself rather than pestering others with selfish requests.
Once you finish explaining to everypony that you can't sprite because it's "difficult" you will immediately understand why nopony has done any of the stuff you were asking.
>> No. 32653
Look, I know requests are not allowed, but is there anything wrong with a friendly suggestion? It's because of reactions like this that I was nervous about coming in and saying "Hey, you know, if you guys ever want some suggestions, I think "insert pony name here" would be a fun one to see."

It's not like these people are DEMANDING the artists here drop everything and draw an OC for them, they are simply saying "Hey, I'd love to see this pony on my screen and I'm asking you guys because I'm not an artist and if I even tried to do this I would get torn a new one because my sprite work is terrible."

You guys are all we have, okay? I can understand telling somepony to P.O. if they are constantly demanding free things, but this is just a harmless suggestion of ponies to work on whenever and if the artists feel like it.

On a side note, I wish I had money to throw at the nice artists in here.
>> No. 32654
Hey, great job on all of these, I'm impressed that you don't use photoshop to do this.
One small concern/suggestion/critique. I noticed the tails seem to be a little jittery? It doesn't seem like they're planted in place. It's not as noticeable when they walk on the screen, but watching the animation on it's own it kind of stands out.

It's great to finally see that blue pony on my screen, I've been doing all sorts of scripting on him, and with a base I've been doing a few alterations of my own, though I doubt they'd be good enough for this project so I'm keeping them to myself. Plus, the animations I'm giving him are part of a head canon of mine, not show canon. He Pinkie Pie hops and bursts into maniacal laughter, for example.
>> No. 32659
File 132760497428.gif - (58.71KB , 106x126 , oinkoinkoinkfullt.gif )
Oink Oink Oink!!!
>> No. 32679

In all my time lurking in these threads (contributing ideas where I can, if able) I have truly never seen quite so impressive an animation as this one you've created The Coop.

I have no idea how you did it, but the transitions and shaking off bit (which I can only assume you made from scratch) are amazing.

The most I could hope to do is take screenshots frame-by-frame and pixelify them (which I may still do, if the urge strikes me). But as I am no artist I can do nothing else but marvel at this kind of sequence you've done up here.

TL;DR Take my money. All of it.
>> No. 32680

Probably he captured the frames from the scenes, then resized them and finally traced them to create the animation.
Which sounds easy but it's actually way harder of how it sounds.

tl:dr: The Coop owns.
>> No. 32701
I appreciate the compliments, guys :)


A mix of that, and eyeballing it, really. Shrinking a 720p image down to the size of the ponies in this program (before they're doubled in size once they're finished... yes, I fought down a Luna reference there) causes a lot of visual data to be lost in the screenshot. So I use the shrunken image to get the basic shapes and such, then I draw in the finer bits (details in the eyes/mane/tail/wings, etc.) by having the full sized image next to the window I'm working in. After that, I do any needed clean up of areas like the legs, body, etc. so they look more accurate to the full-sized image.

It's a pain, but the end result gives you better accuracy than strictly eyeballing it with no guide in the background, and it helps the process go a little quicker.
>> No. 32709
they look great. My only advice would be to work at final res and use 2x2 pixel brush. that way you don't have to resize the initial screenshots down so much to start with, resulting in better edges etc (although you still have the same control over the hard pixels as before).
>> No. 32719

I started this animation that way initially, but after years of working on signatures and such with a 1x1 pixel pencil tool, it's pretty well engrained in my head to work at a 1x1 pixel level. Plus, Image Ready moves one pixel at a time in all directions, even when you use a size 2x2 pixel brush with the pencil tool. It doesn't lock itself to a rigid, 2x2 pixel filling grid like it does for a 1x1 pixel filling grid when drawing with hard-edge pixels, and this results in lots of extra single pixels sticking out that I have to clean up. So, though it's a pain sometimes, drawing at a 1x1 pixel level works best for me.

I do appreciate the tip though.
>> No. 32723
Ah gotcha. Yeah you have to be conscious of your pixel movement at 2x2 and the benefits are minor.
>> No. 32741

Hi, you must be new here.
VERY new.

Months ago, this project had to endure fights, drama and problems at a daily basis because of stupid people coming here all the time. People requested all kind of favours, new characters and animations (and they wanted it RIGHT NOW) or they tried to plug themselves and their trashy OCs onto Desktop Ponies and they had their minds completely locked against a negative reply.

In other words, back then Desktop Ponies threads were a complete nightmare.

Eventually people agreed to never again accept requests, and also agreed to move all OCs to it's own thread so the animators working on Desktop Ponies could have some peace. People desperately tried to find loopholes to plug their requests anyways, and others (such as the infamous member known as "Ponyluver") simply refused to understand, until the Mods had to step in a few times to cool down everypony's heads and made them understand that absolutely nopony here had special privilegies, nopony was going to receive a special treat and if they refused to understand, the Mods would have to start delivering bans.

It worked like a charm and things have (finally) been calm here since then. And they will remain like that as long people keep their silly requests for themselves and understand that they can't just appear out from nowhere and treat others as their personal servants because "Love and Tolerance" and other dumb things they say to manipulate others.

If requests are back, even just for one single person, everypony will start asking things for themselves too and the nightmare will start all over again.

That's is what you want?
>> No. 32746
Been pondering how else I might reduce the memory footprint of the program to sensible levels. Give me your thoughts on this.

Mirroring images: Most actions have a left and right version, and for most characters those are just outright mirror images. I was thinking in the config file you could just specify "mirror" instead of a filename for one of those images and the program could handle it.

Basically halves the amount of images needed, so halves the loading time and memory. But somepony would need to fix the existing files to make use of it.

Storing images at their native size: the discussion of upscaling the ponies by a factor of 2 just gave me this thought. If they were stored in their small version that'd save 75% on each image. Config files would need a "scale,2" or some such so they were returned to the right scale when drawn.

If both were done I think that would bring the loading times down by upto a factor of 8 and the memory would sit comfortably under 100m with all ponies loaded.

That said there's some futzing with config and image files so I wanted to know if you guys would consider that worth the benefit.

In unrelated news, I've found a way to stop the annoying white outline that appears when you scale ponies.
>> No. 32750
Don't you think it's up to the ARTISTS' to accept the requests or not? It's not necessary to get mad over every single request, after all, not everypony checks every past thread. Just ignore them if you really don't like them.
>> No. 32754

The artists here have said lots of times that they simply don't have time to take requests. Some of them have said that yes, they would take requests if they could, but they can't, as they have lives and responsabilities to take care of.

Yet people who isn't involved at all on this project still attempts to decide for everypony and say that yes, it's OK to post requests here, even if they never have contributed with a single thing of value and they aren't going to contribute now either, but hey, it's OK: somepony else will do that, right?

The problem is, out of ALL the people who try to push requests back, they ALL refuse to be that "somepony else" who's supposed to take responsability for the extra work they happily try to drop on other people's shoulders.

Now, it would be a completely different story if people who tries to force requests here were artists and animators themselves, but they aren't: all what they do is bitch, whine, manipulate and create "what if" scenarios where everything would be fine and happy if everypony here just obeyed they orders without questioning how selfish or stupid they are.
>> No. 32755
What you are saying makes total sense, except... it only works if people really did ignore them. Of course people can't help but reply (like I'm doing now!!) and then the original person can't help but reply back, then somepony else can't help but reply to that, then somepony else comes along and replies to everypony telling them to cool it then somepony else comes along to defend one fo the people then somepony comes along to defend the other person then the original person comes back and goes Oh sorry I didn't mean to cause so much drama then some other people either try to console that person or tell them to stop whining etc etc etc .

Basically yeah it would be great if people would just ignore the requests (and if they are good requests somepony can work on it without replying anyway), but it's 500x easier just to have a general rule against requests in the first place.
>> No. 32759

Some months ago a person suggested to create a pinned thread where people could post their animation requests, for BOTH Desktop Ponies and OC Ponies.

The requests would be granted only, and just only if somepony had the time or felt like granting them, as the true purpose of said request thread was not to provide things to others, but to simply act as a damage control thread by corraling up requesters on a single place instead of letting them spread loose around /collab/.

Perhaps we could ask the Mods to create this kind of thread and carefully explain everypony that any requests posted outside of it would be punished?

It's worth to give it a try.
>> No. 32769
That seems pretty sensible! I mean the only reason requests are annoying is the clogging up of threads (kinda like this discussion about requests is clogging up this thread.. oops!) I don't think it would need to be pinned though. I imagine the requests would float it to the front page quite often haha.
>> No. 32774
That'd just be giving false hope to those that do find that thread. The idea of pinning that thread when so many others are more worthy is just laughable. I doubt many others would want it pinned either. Welcome to collab! Here's a thread thats going to be full of terrible drama and not really accomplishing anything and worse would not even be a real project of its own. At least the previously pinned thread had an original project in mind. It would wind up just being a regular thread. Also most of those giving requests are new to ponychan or at least to collab and then to want them to be punished because they didnt know about a thread that would end up dieing pretty quickly once everypony saw the requests were not going to be fulfilled would be pretty unwelcoming. Plus it would only cut down on the amount of requests for a few days til it disappears off the front page. I say put the no requests in the opening post when the new desktop ponies thread gets made that way they dont really have an excuse to not know.

Anyway didnt DPG say that requests were allowed just dont expect them to happen? Im pretty sure thats what he responded with when this issue cropped up last thread.
>> No. 32779
>Anyway didnt DPG say that requests were allowed just dont expect them to happen? Im pretty sure thats what he responded with when this issue cropped up last thread.

Yes, and people immediately twisted his words as "Yay, that means we can request all what we want and they can't say anything bad to us!"
They only see what they WANT to see andf they only understand what the WANT to understand. It's not worth the problem to put up with them or babysit them into making them understand they can't just pop out from nowhere and start treating others as their free servants or saying "Dhurr huur love and tolerance!" whenever they get a "no" for an answer. (They also used to say "THAT'S NOT NICE!" too, but whatever.)

So corraling all the bad elements on a single thread seems like the best choice here. People may get mad saying this would be "unfair" when it actually is very fair, and that's why they would try opposing to it.


See, it's going exactly like you said, people trying to explain why requests shouldn't be allowed here and people covering their ears and stomping on the ground because they want their free requests and their free servants no matter what.
>> No. 32785
>See, it's going exactly like you said, people trying to explain why requests shouldn't be allowed here and people covering their ears and stomping on the ground because they want their free requests and their free servants no matter what.

I hope you're not talking about me >>32774 there. No where did I say that I wanted requests allowed here. I dont believe that this thread should be clogged with requests either. I just don't agree with the way you want to fix it. I was simply pointing out that this arguing is kind of toot if DPG wants them allowed.

As for your first point. Like I was saying, most of these requesters are new and to sick the mod on them for their first post (unless it is something normally bannable) is mean. If their next reply is something like what you said, then go ahead and ban. I would feel allright with the immediate one if the rules were stated in the original post but since they aren't, people don't deserve to be treated harshly, especially in this community, for an unwritten rule.
>> No. 32789

Being new isn't an excuse for not taking a couple of minutes to read older posts and checking how things are supposed to work in the community.
That's just elemental common sense, not just for this place but for any other place they could visit on the net.

Being "nice" and allowing newcomers to ignore rules and go away with whatever they want, just because they are "new" makes no sense at all and only invites trouble.

Now, I have a question for you.
Are you willing to start granting requests and making animations, characters, etc right now, for any person who requests things, 24/7, for as long this community exists?

Because you talk a lot and are evidently trying to find as many loopholes to get things your way, but are you willing to take responsability for the changes you are trying to push so hard?

Or are you just another guy who pretends to Save The Internet by talking, talking and talking some more?

Because if you don't want to walk the talk, then I don't know what do you expect by paraspriting all over this project.
>> No. 32795
I think you seriously have the wrong idea of what Im suggesting. Im saying we need a clear, hard rule of no requests. Then you can scold the newcomers all you want because that rule would be there for them to see. Until there is that rule and DPG agrees to it, I dont think we should jump on the newcomers when in the faq it states that requests are allowed and even when reading the last fifty plus posts there can sometimes be no mention of anything to the contrary allowing one to think it is permittable. This is what needs to be changed in my opinion. The faq and rules set forth on the site and this thread.

Also I was stating why I didnt think a request thread would solve the problem. You need that solid rule first.
>> No. 32811
Just tell DPG to remember adding the line "No requests here" at the OP thread next time.
There. Problem solved. Let's get back to ponies.
>> No. 32821
And none of this would have happened if the person who originally suggested ideas for some new ponies was just ignored or politely told "Thank you for the suggestion, there is no guarantee it will be done since the artists are all working hard on their own projects, but since these ponies are part of the show there may be a small chance they will get done at a future time."

It's called tact. You have to have it when dealing with people, because without it, arguments break out, misunderstandings occur, and people get their feelings unintentionally hurt. I deal with groups on a professional level, so I know what I'm talking about when I say you, anon, dealt very poorly with that post. I don't care how many times it's happened. It would be smart to assume this person was not aware of it and had no ill intent or demands on the artists.
It is also up to the artists to step in and say what they need to. NOT you. You, as far as anypony can see, are just a faceless person standing on the sidelines policing the thread for any potential threats. And this causes problems, because at points, you do react in a poor manner when there is a far better way to deal with these people.
Politeness is ALWAYS the best approach, and always assuming that the person you are talking with is ignorant to to situation.
I personally think it is perfectly harmless for somepony to come in and say, "Hey, think you could consider making (insert canon pony here)?" It's a friendly suggestion, not a demand, and there is absolutely no harm in it. It might even give one of the spriters an idea of what to do next with no stress on them. If they want to do it, or think it would be a fun pony to create, then by all means, they can do it. If they don't want to, that's fine too. That's why it's a "suggestion" and not an order. Learn the difference between these two things, please. I've been following this thread for months now, and the main problem I always see is the way in which problems are dealt with. It's almost always somepony called "anon" jumping on other people without any tact to the situation.

That's all I'm going to say on this matter, I hope you take it into consideration because if you do I guarantee there will be less problems in this thread.

On a side note, for the one who made the 5th Doctor/Master pony sprite, his front leg in the back changes color in one frame when he's walking. Just a small thing I noticed.
>> No. 32826
>It's called tact.

It's called "Know your worth and know your place"

No matter where you go, no matter how you say it, it doesn't matter at all.
If you join a place and the first thing you do is start requesting favours, without showing a silver of care for both the place or it's members, common sense says that you will be received with hostility, no matter how hard you try to justify yourself.

If a perfect stranger knocks at your door and starts requesting things before you could even ask his name, would you go with him and obey all of his demands, or would you ask him to go fly a kite before slamming the door on his face?
And if the same stranger keeps knocking at your door over and over to ask more and more favours, wouldn't you end up losing your temper?

Just because this is the internet, it doesn't means that social rules and common sense doesn't apply anymore, especially if people purposely ignores them so they could benefit themselves from other people's time and talents.
And for what I've seen, it's always the ones who contribute with nothing at all who always try to shove their silly demands and opinions down other people's throats, always looking how to profit from others and trying to paint any different opinion as "evil".

Now, if you guys want to "help" so much, how about if you guys try joining the animaror's crew and start submiting material?
Practice what you preach, instead of projecting like crazy and trying to live the dream through other people's work.

Personally, I have a lot of things I would love to see here. But I can't sprite even if my life depended of it, so the only thing I can do to "help" is keeping my mouth closed and keep my requests for myself.
Is THAT difficult to stop thinking about oneself and try walking a mile on other people's shoes before opening one's mouth and say "I WANT!"?
>> No. 32834
File 132772509396.gif - (8.40KB , 289x219 , pinkie.gif )
I'm equally amazed at the awesome new art that's being created.


This is an interesting idea. Here are my thoughts.

Which animation cannot be mirrored? If they can all be mirrored then you wouldn't even need the extra parameter in the config file. Removing duplicates might be trickier unless they all match some pattern (say they always contain the words "left" or "right" in the filenames).

For scaling, since you are writing a custom gif loader, you could just have it only load pixels where, say, both coordinates are even (and only allocate a quarter of the memory beforehand). I guess this wouldn't help with loading times though.

I can also batch process everything to scale them down to 1x if you want.

I'm a bit confused about memory usage in general though. So the ponies present on screen do not take up any memory? Only the storage does? I guess you are just redrawing every frame from memory every time interval.
>> No. 32842
a couple of the ponies are not just mirrored like Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Sheriff Silverstar, Opalescence and Pipsqueak. Those are all I can think of off the top of my head.
>> No. 32847

I've followed this little exchange without chiming in so far. I've looked at both sides' arguments carefully and this is what I've concluded:

From the perspective of the animators there is no distinction between a "request", a "suggestion", and a "demand". No matter how it is phrased (Though I find the 'knocking on the door' analogy lacking since knocking is intrusive and posting isn't). Constantly feeling as if one is being put upon is not a pleasant state of mind.

BUT, it must be recognized that the artists cannot think of everything. They work on what inspires them, and yet how can they be inspired if the idea simply never occurs to them? While it may be a nuisance, these requests/suggestions/demands are a source of ideas. The only real crime in them is thread clogging.

Therefore, it seems to me the most elegant solution is to create a separate requests thread. That way the artists that feel badgered can ignore it completely and the artists in a creative slump can pick and choose ideas for projects as the ideas come and go.

In response to the already posted opposition to this concept I say this:

Link to the request thread in the OP of each new Desktop Ponies thread.

Post a clear set of rules regarding the nature of requests (No OCs, scenes from the show/concept art only, etc.).

Re-create the thread if it gets auto-saged or whatever it's called and keep an updated list of every worthwhile request in the OP of each new request thread.

Make a short post each time a request is filled and remember to remove it from the list in the next version of the thread.

As long as the thread is visible to everypony that visits the official DP thread I don't see how it can fail.
>> No. 32849
File 132773763005.gif - (8.34KB , 106x96 , rainbow_salute.gif )
Hmmm while I was originally against this idea, I think your arguments may have swayed me.

Thinking back a good portion of my animations were because of requests or suggestions. (you are so right about others not being able to tell the difference between those and demands) Like soarin, blues sax playing, opal, flutterstare, celestia mail, royal guard, screwball(deathpwny's beat mine) and all the oc's Ive done.

I know there was a huge list in the old thread >>11621
that somepony could get some ideas of for what to put in the top of this new thread. Of course you will have to take out all the ones that have been completed since then.

Oh DesktopPonyGuy, I saw that the rainbowdash salute wasnt included in the last update. Just wondering if you missed it or thought it needed something more done with it.
>> No. 32851
File 132773905788.gif - (149.22KB , 225x221 , derpy_cloud_left5.gif )
OK, got it finished :)

I split it into two parts so I could add the "I just don't know what went wrong!" line when she starts jumping, made an MP3 of that line from the show, got it set up in the pony.ini file, and did plenty of little fixes. I tested it out after adding it into the program, and it seemed to work fine, so hopefully I caught all the pixel/ini issues.

Here's a link to the finished addition...

Please let me know if you have any problems getting the zip file.
>> No. 32856
lovely! love the smoke wisps :)
>> No. 32862

That's perfect!
This is why the only decent Desktop Ponies animations are the ones seen in this thread and nowhere else.
>> No. 32873
>Being new isn't an excuse for not taking a couple of minutes to read older posts and checking how things are supposed to work in the community.
Can't agree with that. Not always there is a talking about "-*requests some things*- -omgwtf this is not a request thread-". And sometimes its not a request "i want that animation!!1 pleeease please pretty please, make it, somepony!" exactly, but nothing more than "i think it'd be nice if there will be an animation of this, thanks for listening to my opinion". Of course it may sounds different, though.
(//'although', 'though'.. is the second one just a short version of the first one, or there is a difference that GoogleTrans doesn't show?)

I may also add that there are mostly anons who getting angry at requests, not artists themselves.

Shouldn't her right (saluting) foreleg be drawn over the face, not behind the side of head?

I'm constantly downloading the .html page instead of the .zip itself.
>> No. 32874
> I may also add that there are mostly anons who getting angry at requests, not artists themselves.

I'm tempted to guess that a good chunk of said Anons are artists posting as Anons, so they could freely express their opinions without the fear of an unwarranted backlash.
>> No. 32875
Well, I made a little mistake. I forgot that I added a little extra time to one of the frames, and forgot to make the change in the ini file. The end result, was the cloud bouncing being cut off before the animation was done. So, I fixed it, and here's the whole archive again with the updated ini file... - Slow download


Yeah, I forgot to mention that xthost is a little different. Do a regular left click on the link, and then click the dark gray box (you may have to click it twice). Don't "right click/save as", because you won't get the archive. But just to be safe, I included two other links to make sure DPG can get the file without a problem.
>> No. 32879

Have you considered creating a Deviantart account and host your animations there?
Most of the artists here do that, so they could keep everything easily accesible, AND to have proof of the animations being their own whenever the inevitable theif pops out from nowhere and attempt to profit or get free attention out of other people's work. (That way DA's staff can easily spot and ban theives.)
>> No. 32880
File 132777816745.jpg - (611.41KB , 1280x1024 , clp6522.jpg )
I actually clicking on the gray bar, and my download manager simply downloads the html with that bar. But two other links works fine.

And accidentally I've found another somethings
1. If you took control of pony who has a dragging animation and then move her with mouse, the dragging animation still looping until you release control or move pony with arrow keys.
2. For some reasons Dash uses her crouching animation instead of the default trotcycle when under control.
3. She also getting back the headless horse issue when "sprinting" under control. And sometimes the sprint doesn't works, she just turns from left to right
4. + Dashie can break through the borders of the screen, and walk away from the screenspace, still while under control.
5. For some reasons even if pony is under control now, the right click on her will offer you to "Take control - player #" instead of "Release control - player #"
>> No. 32882
File 132778188082.gif - (764.71KB , 443x331 , tumblr_lyimw4BEZ71r19504o1_500.gif )
So we have jumping cloud Derpy. I wonder, will Doctor Whooves get an update now that he was seen in a green tie? He might be cute having an hourglass spin animation.
I might try to attempt it myself, actually, but I can't guarantee top notch quality here.
>> No. 32884

I just did that, and linked to this thread and the program site as well. Thanks for the suggestion.


Hmm. Maybe xthost has something that disables download managers and download accelerators. I've tried to use the latter on sites that didn't allow them, and wound up only getting an html page instead of the file.
>> No. 32899
File 132779292084.gif - (625B , 85x85 , salto_pinkie_pie_left.gif )
Your Derpy is definitely godlike!
What is your DA-name?
>> No. 32904

Thanks :)

My DA name is The-Coop. Here's my page...

Not much there at the moment, but it'll be added to with plenty of animated gifs and such.
>> No. 32905

"Salto Pinkie?"

Are you spanish, by any chance?
>> No. 32911
or any romance languages! it's also the gymnastics/acrobatic term for what most people call a flip or somersault (source: I did some gym)
>> No. 32914
I think you should give it a go. best way to improve your skills.
>> No. 32920
hey, somepony directed me to this page because I need to report a glitch in the latest desktop ponies... whenever the ponies are up, and if I mouse over something and a description pops up, the description disappears and is replaced by a white rectangle that will only disappear if a pony goes over it or if it is clicked on. For instance, if I were to mouse over the category about called /collab/, the description "Projects" would come up and be replaced. It's getting to be a huge bother, and if anypony knows how to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks to all who read this.
>> No. 32935
Nope, I did study spanish at school but my kinda native tongues are russian and german
>> No. 32938
Well I did a test and scaling up is more expensive than I'd hoped performance-wise, so I'll throw that idea out. But the mirroring works most excellantly.

Memory-wise: Obviously a new onscreen pony takes up some memory, but it's basically nothing. Images are way more expensive in comparison, plus there's literally thousands of them to worry about if you load everything. I think they're maybe 75% of the memory pie currently.

You on XP? I think Artalus posted that same problem.

I'm taking a wild, wild guess on this one (no XP machine to test on). See if this .exe is any better:

Just drop into the same folder as the current one and run.
>> No. 32961
If it's an XP machine you need to test, you could try the Microsoft Virtual PC
It's free and works on Win 7 at least
>> No. 32993
File 132790784127.gif - (1.69KB , 136x120 , turnytimey.gif )
First frame. I'm using the canon in-show doctor, I'm not too fond of the 11th doctor maned one.
>> No. 32995
//I just must ask you - aren't you the Death Prevedus from Everypony?..

Tried it out on my XP laptop - still the same grey tabs like in >>31945 . And controlling bugs are the same in XP as in 7th.
...and for some reasons most of picrelateds are throwing me to 404 page
>> No. 32997
File 132791421948.gif - (12.92KB , 136x120 , turnytimey.gif )
Went ahead and animated it. I suppose he's done?
>> No. 32998

Nice. Have you considered animating some sand in the hourglass, and letting it drain from the top to the bottom reasonably quickly (perhaps, five to ten seconds worth)?
>> No. 32999
File 132791539980.gif - (80.55KB , 150x150 , Pinkaderp8-tag-preview.gif )
No, I've been DeathPony on Unreal Tournament and Killing Floor (mod) before ponies, coz I found Apocalypse Ponies from Robot Chicken funny and after ponies and after I realized that I'll be posting more frequently here I went with that.
I only post here and on DA
>> No. 33001
Nice work discorded
And I second the sand animation
>> No. 33003
Yeah, I'll definitely work on that tomorrow night. I knew it was missing something!
>> No. 33008
File 132794509996.png - (448.39KB , 852x480 , S2E15 Female Thor Pony.png )
I've made some OCs for some people on tumblr using monkeyjay's base template. Somepony's asked me to do the two new background ponies (pictured here) from Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 so I thought I'd check here first in case somepony else got to it already. I didn't see anypony mention it, is anypony in-progress and not posted it yet?

This is also my first time posting on ponychan so please forgive me if I'm missing some kind etiquette issue.
>> No. 33010
So I have spriting competition on Tumblr now?

On topic, the middle one uses Berry Punch's mane and tail, and the one on the right uses Colgate's. So does the one of the left, but no one seems to care about her. :c
>> No. 33011

Probably nopony has cared about these mares because they are just recolors.
>> No. 33012
She looks like Sparkler to me and there are tons of tumblrs for Sparkler. Not sure if it is though?

In any case, are you making them? I don't have my heart set on it or anything, but if they were already made, I'd just point them out to the pony who asked for them.
>> No. 33014
No, I am not making them, but I could make single pose bases for color reference if you need.
>> No. 33026
File 132796797459.gif - (32.87KB , 170x170 , salto_pinkie_pie_full_scaled.gif )
This took foreverrrrrrrrr...

I'll post a package for this in the morning
>> No. 33027
This is insanely well done!
>> No. 33037
>> No. 33039

The awesomeness of this thread (and DeathPony's great Pinkie animations) are so constant that right now, this thread is the main reason for why I lurk around /collab/..

I wish other projects were so great and so well balanced as this one because seriously guys, everypony keep doing their share AND keep outdoing themselves nonstop.
>> No. 33042


Just WOW
>> No. 33050
File 132798968702.gif - (8.62KB , 96x120 , mac stretching.gif )

Whoa, that's fantabulastic, man.

Now I feel ashamed of posting this WIP. XD

why u r so difficult 2 sprite, Big Macintosh.
>> No. 33059
File 132800644054.gif - (31.65KB , 170x170 , salto_pinkie_pie_full_scaled.gif )
Aww guys, you're making me blush

>>33050 That Big Macintosh is badflank!

This pack contains the backflip and the oink oink oink

@DPG: Have you considered implementing an option for linked behaviors to lock one direction, so that a linked animation optionally wouldn't randomly change the direction (but still change normally when hitting a wall or cursor)?
>> No. 33061
Hey, I have a cool suggestion for the program.
What about adding a special behaviour for the first appearance? (when the pony gets added)
Like, Pinkie teleports in and says "Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie!" then just goes do silly stuff as usual.
What do you think?
>> No. 33081
judging by the animation have you done either trampolining or gymnastics before? I mean just look at her set before she tucks! so pro.
>> No. 33090
File 132805307937.gif - (1.22KB , 106x126 , baking these treats_scaled.gif )
Unfortunately no. The most "impressive" thing I can do is a butterfly kick and I could a halfflanked aeorel when I was fitter/less lazy. As I've told before and which is also why I don't feel so comfortable taking all these compliments, is that I mostly trace those. In the backflip I just made the transitions to the initial standing position and adjusted her mane to remove the basket on her head. So what I do doesn't really require skill, just a lot of time as opposed to what for example Anonycat does which is all skill and pro.
>> No. 33105
Thought about that too, but it'll means that every pony will need a special animation of appearing. Untill its just a.. scaling a sprite from 0 to 100% with some kind of effect

The most compliments you have are because you make your animations so fast and they are damn good) And tracing can be pretty hard thing to do too.
>> No. 33109
Even if DeathPony's animations are retraces, they are still awesome, and that's because the guy's talent is the real deal.

Not anypony can retrace and make stuff look so good, and trust me: I tried.
I consider myself a decent spriter and yet my attempts at retracing were terribad.
>> No. 33111
I like the idea but it would mean somepony would have to go thought and do every pony.

Why don't you give it a go?
>> No. 33112
Well, it doesn't have to be manditory, it could just be any bahavior with the option to force it to play on the startup of a pony. It could be a movement option like the mouseover for example.
>> No. 33117

Speaking about behaviors, it's possible to make Derpy say "You are not my Doctor..." to the 3rd, 5th and 11th Doctors every time she interacts with them?
>> No. 33122
File 132811248096.jpg - (247.57KB , 498x478 , error.jpg )
"Overflow as a result of an arithmetic operation"

Got this error while trying to move Fluttershy away from the Start button. Right before that, there was some lagging in Windows.
>> No. 33129
File 132811876036.png - (184.20KB , 1366x768 , 12 Ponies 4 Windows 2 OSes.png )
A startup behaviour sounds like a neat idea, as suggested it could be optionally like mouseover.

When I did my version, I allowed a setting for direction of "none". That allowed standing still and flipping with speed 0, direction horizontal whilst standing still and never flipping was speed 0, direction none. Prehaps it could be done like that.

That was a good idea, so I gave it a shot.

The problems with having multiple windows at once, or those grey tooltips, or the white outline, or randomly missing colours all seemed non-existant. I even ported to VB in case that was the cause but it was fine.

So honestly I have no idea. I can only think the hacky fusing of the two programs is responsible somehow. I've been working to make my stuff more compatible. If I can get as far as multiple monitor support I think I have it covered.

So maybe next time they're combined it'll all magically fix itself. Don't hold me to that though :P
>> No. 33130
File 132812165126.jpg - (298.70KB , 1280x1024 , clp6540.jpg )
Got it on my VirtualBox XP :p

I suppose there's something with compatibility of the program with the actual XP, which is not glitching in 7th's XP emulation.
...or there's something wrong with russian versions of XP..
>> No. 33132
The "working" version is my current graphics code which I've been tinkering. Not the current Desktop Ponies 1.39.

If you want to try my current tinkerings, give this a shot:

Usual drill, drop into the existing folder and run.
>> No. 33133
File 132812400689.gif - (3.18KB , 80x98 , macblink.gif )
Seriously Big Macintosh, why did you had to be built like a tank?

Oh well, WIP is WIP bleh.
>> No. 33134
(Returns to the main board)

Aww, we are already autosaging?
>> No. 33151
File 132814928062.gif - (2.72KB , 76x84 , 10th doctor blink.gif )
Since I'm already done with the Doctors, I decided to update the 10th Doctor as well.
Should I continue with this?
>> No. 33155
File 132815224048.jpg - (343.05KB , 1280x1024 , clp6542.jpg )
Well, those graphical issues looks even weirder...
>> No. 33156
This is all very cool, I downloaded it and it works fine. But how do I actually make this my screensaver?
>> No. 33157
File 132815534108.png - (246.00KB , 1848x1004 , can\'t reach.png )
excuse me but my screen is too small and i can't reach the "save" button in the options.. is there something that can be done about it?
>> No. 33167
As of now, you could press the TAB-key untill the save key is highlighted and use the keyboard.
If you unselect and reselect the DISPLAY (Monitors to use thingy) you must press the TAB key 7 times to have the save key highlighted -> press enter or save
After that press TAB 3 times and enter/space to close

On a different note, if the editor is opened and closed again, the saved settings seem to get lost.
>> No. 33168
I think copying the exe and renaming the .exe to .scr should work
>> No. 33169
My friend tryed this version on his XP, the symptoms are the same as in >>33155
>> No. 33173
File 132820029165.gif - (15.92KB , 106x96 , 10th doctor trot.gif )
And so, the updated 10th Doctor now runs around.
>> No. 33175
File 132820842530.gif - (44.26KB , 128x126 , teleporreapear_pinkie_pie_left.gif )
For most it could simply be a dialog (Hi, I'm <name here>), and there's some of the current animations that may fit well for startup animations as well (pic related)
The only thing needed would be for the program to detect a behaviour called "startup" and run it when the pony gets added (as an example)
>> No. 33190
Here's a copy of v1.39, but with those buttons moved to the top as a makeshift solution. :)

Drag into the existing folder to replace the existing exe.

Ah yes, I remember DPG had to hack in a workaround for XP machines for that issue. I was kinda hoping I had somehow magically fixed it since I couldn't replicate it.

I've applied the same workaround, hopefully that fixes it. I'm hopeful the grey tabs, etc, will still be gone. File here:

My only guess is that maybe it was an issue in an older version of XP or .NET that was later fixed. Would you happen to know if your test machines were both to date and running XP SP3?
>> No. 33209
File 132823692282.gif - (13.32KB , 136x120 , turnytimey2.gif )
Hmm, anonycat, your colors seem to be a bit saturated. Are your computer settings alright? He looks rather yellow tinted, not the same colors used for his original sprite/colors in show.

Here's the finished hourglass turn with tie included, by the way.
>> No. 33210
Wait, his arm animation screwed up hold on...
>> No. 33213
File 132823772099.gif - (16.31KB , 136x102 , turnytimey2.gif )
Fixed his arm.
Should I fix his mane to look the way anonycat made it? Not sure right now. Hrmn.
>> No. 33215
File 132823907580.gif - (16.51KB , 136x102 , turnytimey.gif )
Gah, sorry, one more fix. The hourglass skipped a frame.
>> No. 33220
(random thoughts incoming)

I was thinking how this program could be improved, and I wondered: Why not make a "To-do list" or something, so everypony working will know what could be done, or what a specific character lacks that others have?( for example, Rarity and Applejack do not have sleeping animations) Im not sure how stupid or silly this sounds, I'm just pitching they idea out here.

(End random thoughts. Ignore and move on if it sounds stupid)
>> No. 33226
Is there a version of Desktop Ponies available without the voice clips? Me and a couple other friends have had major issues with the voices, it causes errors and I had to go and delete all the sound files and the sound commands from every pony that had them. Plus, for some people the sounds can be really annoying.
>> No. 33229

Go to options and uncheck enable sounds, I had the sound clips lag up my netbook so I just disabled them and everything ran smoothly.
>> No. 33236
very nice :D
>> No. 33242

Do you see something familiar, Pony Team?
>> No. 33257
I see a ton of OC ponies made from the trotting pony template but nothing indicating theft from the project if that's what you're implying. Or am I missing something?
>> No. 33261

There's something about the pacing of his blinking that's putting me off about this. Maybe don't make him blink in time with his hoof looks strange. And maybe have a quick blink somewhere in the time the sand is falling. It'll just look more natural.
>> No. 33266
File 132830569884.gif - (6.08KB , 86x58 , whyunoderp.gif )
Awww, I was already working on a Doctor animation like that.

Also, whu u don't like Derpy, ppl? (WIP as well)
>> No. 33275
You know, this would be a nice option for download. A "lite" version of the program without the sound files. Not just for compatibility issues, but to reduce the download size for people with hurries or something.
>> No. 33292
I'll see what I can do. I was basing it off his blink in the original animation from the show, he closes his eye when he flips the hourglass.
>> No. 33294
If you're the one harassing the DA artists about this, cut it out. The Desktop Ponies website itself has a tutorial and base for download for the soul purpose of allowing other people to make their OWN ponies. Leave it to the actual artists in desktop ponies to defend themselves and stop making them look like a bunch of egotistical jerks.
>> No. 33301
File 132834547289.jpg - (678.01KB , 1280x1279 , clp6550.jpg )
My friend uses SP2, and there is SP3 on my VirtualBox and laptop. We both have the latest versions of .NET 4
However! When I'm launching new version from >>33190 , the picrelated error appears, "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". But, when I tried to launch the >>33132 version on my laptop, everything went fine - no grey tabs, no errors, no white background (which is still appears on VirtualBox and XP of my friend).
Plus, if I'll rightclick on the background and choose "Keep on top" or "Allow other windows on top", background disappears and then, emm, spreading back from moving ponies.
So, I think its really the problem of a not updated Windows, because my laptop is updating regulary, and I didn't updated VB's XP to last version. I'll do it later, and try again.
//my friend says, "I think it's not good that so small program has so big dependence of the Windows' version"

Derpy... stop breaking my heart... *saves and makes a behavior*
>> No. 33311
This is all very bizarre. If it works on my VM and your laptop, what's different about your VM and your friends computer?

I've fiddled about with a few more things based on your report. Let me know if that affects anything. I also added a version check in the menu. My XP gives 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3, it'd be interesing to know what your machines give.

I also got around to implementing a proper fps counter, which has nothing to do with XP, I just thought it was kinda cool.

Man I hope this finally works.
>> No. 33313
Just realised I uploaded the wrong file. Try this one instead:
>> No. 33320
File 132838332112.gif - (581.24KB , 600x360 , epic brohoof.gif )
it worked! thanks Death Pony!
>> No. 33322

Haven't you noticed that the girl on the link is SELLING the animations, which is against DP's non-profit politics? The issue here is not that dumb chick posting recolors and splices, the issue is her making a profit despite being told that she cannot charge for a DP's derivative work.

Also, "harrasing" sounds like the thief is the victim, when it's the opposite here. Or do you have some special motives to try justifying theft? That seems your intention, given how you stole part of Anonycat's Doctor to make your own.
Don't lie to me, son. The artifacts and colors on your Doctor gave you away on the spot, and don't say you "borrowed" or "took inspiration" from him because you didn't..

Also, I think you bitch and complain too much for a guy who appeared out from thin air and who still hasn't done anything really significant except being annoying.
>> No. 33326
I think this project needs some new pony blood. Anypony have suggestions for ponies they'd like to see sprited that haven't been already? New BG ponies? Old BG ponies? Recolors? Major edits? Have Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake been started yet?
I only plan to make single sprites for any suggestions as I don't have to time to fully animate any, but I hope it's a good spring-board for others to work from.
I'll look through recent episode screenshots for interesting looking BG ponies.
>> No. 33328
File 132838711044.png - (2.86KB , 344x88 , doctorcara.png )
>> No. 33329
i thought we weren't allowed to make requests but.. Prince Blueblood?,
the fat little BG colt from "family appreciation day"?
Mr. Cake?
Allie Way?
should i stop?

i tried doing prince blueblood once, but the result was awful..
>> No. 33333

Need to be frowning, and could have a little more of hair as well, but looks good anyways.

>i thought we weren't allowed to make requests but..

And then you post FIVE requests at once. Atta, boy.
>> No. 33343
File 132839670011.png - (237.97KB , 680x855 , 132797784498.png )
I have seen what may be a Nyx desktop pony.
May I have a link to download Nyx as a Desktop pony?
>> No. 33345
There's 2 different ones on there. Just search for them.

But starly did ask for some so I think it's ok in this case.
>> No. 33346
There's 2 in here.
>> No. 33349

But starly did ask for some so I think it's ok in this case

As far I know, most of those request are impossible to fulfill because the characters in question have an unique build, making all templates available useless.
>> No. 33359
Hello everypony, sorry for my absence and leaving Mare Do Well unfinished for so long. Been busy with college and every time I went to work on it I got so frustrated with the cape.
Here's an updated version that includes better footwraps on the trot cycle, flying animations and a simple idle.
Enjoy! :)
>> No. 33380
My VM's XP is a "raw" version from install-disk with SP3, I don't know how many updates came since it was recorded). And my friend uses his old SP2 disk.

Onto the program. Good ol' background (it also changed color from white to black) on the VM and my friend's computer, and the clear back on the laptop. The program shows that I use the same "Windows NT 5.1.2600 XP Service Pack 3" as you, both on the VM and laptop. And my friend's XP was identified as "Windows NT 5.1.2600 XP Service Pack 2".

Plus, it seems that the background is totally... overlap/cover all that below it - when C# DP is launched, you can't switch to any window under it with mouse, only with Alt+Tab. Seems like the full "background" is the one big window that is shown over the others.
>> No. 33384
I did an attempt on making Daring Do:
My first actually working pony, the animation isn't perfect so feel free to edit.
>> No. 33389
Shame the versions didn't reveal anything, but that's not a problem.

I think this one should do it:

That was a quick turnaround. Awesome.
>> No. 33392

The animations are full of artifacts and the cutie mark is sub-pixelated, making the whole thing unusable.
Still, much better than the average "my first Pony" seen here.
>> No. 33396
Nevermind then... I've tried to make the cutie mark with the same pixel size as the rest but it looked really bad. Why exactly is sub pixelated unusable?
>> No. 33398
I needed a half o' minute to realize it's not the OC or background pony, but something from new episode I didn't watched yet... She blinks insanely while standing still, and I can't figure out what artifacts >>33392 is talking about. Simple, but nice)

Yup, perfectly! Works fine both on VM, laptop and friend's XP. Will this fix be integrated into the actual DPG's version?
>> No. 33407

Didn't even get a chance to see her.
>> No. 33424
Yes, sorry but I want to fix the things 33392 was talking about first.
>> No. 33437
Leave it up next time would have like to have seen it.
Tho put up some WIP animations.

Also once your finished with an animation.
Put a grey green background on it and scroll thought the frames. this will help bring out stray pixels you may have floating around.
>> No. 33441
Hay, wouldn't it be cool if instead of stopping entirely the ponies actually tried to move away from the cursor when [ponies avoid cursor] is checked?
>> No. 33443
File 132853773459.gif - (2.46KB , 106x96 , Violet_safe_drag_right.gif )
Hey I'm a little stuck on getting drag animations to line up with the mouse.
Also can the drag animations be animated?
>> No. 33444
That's what they do. Well, most of the time at least.
>> No. 33445
This almost never happens with me; if the pony's stopped, they're stopped for good (if the cursor's over them).
>> No. 33448
Of course they can be animated) Check the dragging animations of Bot-Chan's Dash and DeathPony's Fluttershy. But, this pony's head looks a bit weird.
>> No. 33452
Thanks for the tip, I will place a WIP when I fixed the cutie mark and improved some of the animation.

I also noticed that when I zoom in the pony has different colored pixels all over it, I animated with animation shop and put the quality on it's best... Does anypony know how to improve the quality?
>> No. 33454
File 132854506852.gif - (25.79KB , 106x96 , trotcycle_daringdo_right.gif )
Well, I just discovered that the frames have dots over them too and I don't want to do everything over again... And when I try to make a cutie mark with the same pixel size it's just a giant dot, or else it doesn't fit on her flank.
Here is the download link again:
Do with it whatever you want. :)
>> No. 33456
File 132854577777.png - (4.85KB , 237x250 , bigpon.png )
I am no animator so I will not even try, but I made a base for Prince Blueblood/ Big Unicorn Model.
>> No. 33459
File 132854725743.png - (2.83KB , 24x14 , cutiemarkcompass.png )
I know that Ive seen that happen when somethings wrong with the color table. Im not sure about animation shop but in photoshop change it to selective or adaptive because it probably has it on whatever animations shops version of restrictive is which tries to make only web ok colors and likes to throw strange pixels everywhere. Or you can take a look at your color table and change the ones that are not suppose to be there back to their original color.
Also this might work as a cutie mark for ya.
>> No. 33460
File 132854751598.png - (4.81KB , 237x250 , bigpony.png )

Accidentaly uploaded wrong version oops
this is a tiny fix a friend did on the base
>> No. 33463
File 132854846180.gif - (25.75KB , 106x96 , trotcycle_daringdo_right.gif )
Thanks for your help! I can't find the selective or adaptive option you're talking about in animation shop, but maybe I can recolor all frames later and post them here so somepony else can try to animate it.

The cutie mark looks good on her, I will change the cutie mark when I'm redoing all frames.

I just made the hat less bouncy on the trotting animation, if anypony sees something else that needs to be fixed, tell me please. :)
>> No. 33465

Seems like an edit of PonyNoia's FancyPants sprite.


The artifacts issue happens when you don't select a proper color limit on your gif animation program- to avoid problems, fix the color limit to 64 colors and you will never again suffer color loss or corruption like that.
>> No. 33469
File 132855200783.jpg - (8.46KB , 306x133 , compare.jpg )

Doesn't look like so to me. Ponynoia's Fancypants is smaller and different stance/shaping all around.
>> No. 33474
Ah thanks, I see it was set on 31 colors automatically. I will know color all frames again and animate it with more colors.
>> No. 33476
That's up to DPG. He'll add it if/when he wants to.

It's a sort of passive avoidance. They won't move into the cursor on purpose, but you can still move the cursor over them.

I guess you want something where they start moving away if the cursor is too close? That would be kinda neat.
>> No. 33514
Another thing that came to mind. What is used to determine the Z-draw? Since the sizes of the ponies are different the Z-draw doesn't always match the percieved position, so maybe a global "leg coordinate" could be set for each character (perhaps relatively to the centering) to determine the Z-draw? I've thought about adjusting the centering itself, but the centering is used to adjust the draggin position.
>> No. 33516
File 132860848057.gif - (1.29KB , 53x48 , DashRoll_Right.gif )
Another random sprite. This one is from Dragonshy when Dash is launched out of the cave. Maybe you can find a use for it...
>> No. 33517
File 132860866795.gif - (2.99KB , 106x96 , Dash_Roll_Right.gif )
Whoops, uploaded the small one...
>> No. 33521
Animation Shop tends to screw around with the colors in one of two ways: Error diffusion (this causes artifacts to appear) or nearest color (this can cause small color changes, but leaves the pictures intact). It's set to error diffusion by default, so change it to nearest color if you haven't done so already.
>> No. 33524
Z-ordering is determined by the bottom of the image. So the ordering itself should work fine.

It's the transparent padding on the images that throws this off. Ideally they'd all be clipped to their smallest sizes.

Removing padding would also help when ponies hit the edges of the screen. Plus it's fewer pixels so that's faster loading, less memory and more performance.

In summary: removing padding is a win in at least 5 ways.
>> No. 33529

Animation Shop Pro is a wonderful software, but since it's quite ancient, the default options were focused to sacrifice quality in exchange of a smaller .gif size, which results in dithered animation or considerable color loss.
Setting the color limit up to 64 can prevent all of those problems indeed.
>> No. 33570
File 132869897634.jpg - (384.49KB , 1280x1024 , clp6567.jpg )
Suddenly determined that there's something wrong with Dash and Derpy, or the 1.39 version.
While Fluttershy and Fleur only uses 40 MB of memory, Dash for one uses 100 MB, and Derpy's memory usage is about 200 MB. Alltogether they're ups the 1.39 DP to use ~300 MB of memory - while the 1.38 with them uses only ~50 MBs.
>> No. 33582
The high memory use is normal for 1.39, although you're right in that it is excessive.

I've improved it quite a bit though. I can load all the ponies and use only 265m for everything. So once those changes are made you won't need to worry about memory hopefully.
>> No. 33586
For fun I commented out both cloud jumping behaviour in Derpy's .ini - memory usage for her dropped back to 40 MB. With only "cloud_bounce" behavior commented out, the memory usage is 80 MB, with only "cloud_start" commented out - 160 MB. I suppose there's something wrong with images themselves, or the way the program... buffering them and keeps in memory.
Not sure if it helps, though, or maybe you already knew it and I'm just commenting overall (well-known?) facts)
>> No. 33594
File 132873741466.gif - (22.51KB , 106x96 , trotcycle_daringdo_right.gif )
Hi, I just finished recoloring Daring Do (removed all the artifacts and saved the animation the right way this time), fixed the cutie mark and made everything the right pixel size. She also has bandage on her right wing now.
>> No. 33621
YES! I don't know what she looked like before but she looks just fine to me now. Do you mind if I announce her availability on my tumblr?
>> No. 33623
That's okay, I'm glad you like her!
>> No. 33631
I noticed there was something wrong with the pixels on 1 frame, so here is another version of Daring Do:

I think everything is alright now.
>> No. 33636
I haven't seen DPG in here for quite a while. And I think the thread is auto-saging (I think I know what that means). Shouldn't it be about time for a new thread/version w/ updated artwork?

Anypony know where he's gone off to?
>> No. 33640
File 132881051779.png - (42.19KB , 206x233 , Screen shot 2012-02-09 at 12_59_59 PM.png )

Nice work but I think the light part of Daring's mane is coming off as too white. It's kinda bothering me. It's not as bright in this picture
>> No. 33646
File 132881409895.gif - (6.89KB , 106x96 , standingright.gif )
Yeah you're right, fixed it.
>> No. 33650
File 132881838782.png - (248.10KB , 1366x768 , 108 Ponies 160 Megabytes.png )
It's the program that's the issue. It's not wrong per se, but it isn't exactly optimal.

Like I say, it's better now and even loading every single pony fits is only ~265m. Hell, with some cheating it's ~160m as you can see.
>> No. 33651
This turned out nice :)
>> No. 33653
Ahh much better! Thanks :)
>> No. 33685
It's really well-done! Kudos!
>> No. 33688
File 132888340020.gif - (16.07KB , 106x96 , trottingmjolnaright.gif )
Thanks everypony!
Just made another pony, Mjolna (background pony which appears in the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000). This one was easy, just recoloring Berry Punch, haha.
>> No. 33692
File 132889437868.gif - (1.05KB , 82x92 , aj-pose-left.gif )
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. :)

Okay, so with the exception of Pinkie, we all agree that the other main ponies still lack a bit in animation, so by the authority bestowed upon me by myself (ahem) I hereby declare this week to be "Applejack Week" (and I don't care that it's already friday, so there).

Anyway, have two new AJ animations:
>> No. 33693
File 132889466252.gif - (27.23KB , 100x116 , aj-idle-left.gif )
And a little something else I've been working on which was meant to be part of a larger Nightmare Night project but you can have it now. Since it's Applejack Week". And stuff.
>> No. 33694
File 132889506476.gif - (12.67KB , 84x100 , mr-cake-idle-right.gif )
And to finish things of, here's Mr. Cake. Okay, so it's not Applejack, but he's orange. Like AJ. Somewhat.


Anyway, I'm not taking any credit for the original standing sprite of him and hope that whoever made it doesn't mind me creating this desktop pony.
>> No. 33704
File 132890921673.gif - (8.04KB , 106x126 , swag_pinkie_pie_WIP.gif )
I disagree. Pinkie lacks a lot of animations:p
But I agree about the rest. I'd love to see more animations for main ponies and some interesting interactions.

I really need to continue some once I have more time again...

What I wanted to ask is: how are the animations determined that are used for a pony to follow another pony? Or are the chosen at random unless one particular is selected? Is there a way to exclude some behaviors for the following?

Also the always on top seems not to work properly, at least when starting with autostart. You have to uncheck and check the ckeckbox for it to work.

And it also seems that the Z-ordering is affected by the scaling in a similar way as the effects, both seem misplaced when scaled
>> No. 33737

That was me and I don't mind it at all because the poor guy was stranded on my WIP limbo for months. :P

I will see if I can make a few other Big Macintosh animations before next monday as well.
>> No. 33746
Ah, that's good to know :)
>> No. 33903
File 132906083458.gif - (12.83KB , 170x96 , Violet_tea_right.gif )
Been working on Violet at the request of somepony over on DA.
BG pony seen in canterlot allot
>> No. 33939
I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but with the last couple of images that have been posted you crazy art people have surpassed 1000 images.That's a hell of a lot of pony.

I shudder to think what the total frame count might come to.

Nice works chaps.

I try not to poke around in the pony logic too much, it's crazy in there.

The automatic selection algorithm is somewhat involved, but it (roughly) disregards images in chained behaviours, and those that don't allow the required movement or speed. From whatever is left, you get the first behaviour in that list.

So you could abuse that somewhat by putting more appriopiate behaviours higher in the list, but obviously it'd be nicer if you could specify a set of behaviours like you suggest.

The other stuff sounds like minor oversights, so hopefully easily fixable.
>> No. 33950
If no one else is working on it, I thought I'd try making the skipping animation for Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle from "Hearts and Hooves Day."
>> No. 33952
Hmm, that's strange, I've seen Pinkie using the party cannon or the parasol animation to get into a position for an interaction which are both parts of a chain. Maybe it's connected with the interaction somehow °_°
>> No. 33955
File 132913237369.gif - (24.57KB , 158x144 , aj_ropetrick.gif )
Applejack Week! Oh man I have to do something for it.

Here ya go.
>> No. 33963
Looks like I was lying. The comments in the code said "chained behaviours" but in the actual code it's throwing out behaviours which should not be run at random.

So parasol is ok, because it can be run at random. The chaining doesn't matter.

Various additional caveats still apply.
>> No. 33966
Thank you for contributing something for Applejack Week. :)
>> No. 33975
I love ya all for doing some more Applejack =3
>> No. 33995
I couldn't let AppleJack week go by and not do something. Though it wouldnt let me download your file last night and now that it has, I find out that you did an even better rope trick animation. Hmm I may have to see if I can do another animation before Applejack week runs out on Friday.
>> No. 34003
When did AppleJack week start?
>> No. 34007
That would be nice, even though I don't see any reason why she shouldn't have multible lasso animations. :)

Applejack Week officially started sometime last friday :)
>> No. 34014
Oh joy! More extra animations for the Mane 6!

But Applejack is my least favorite of them! At least we're getting her out of the way early. I look forward to Fluttershy week :D

About the rope jumping animation, it feels like it plays a bit fast. And I feel like her head could use an extra frame for turning because right now she quick-flips and it looks weird.
>> No. 34023
When I open Desktop Ponies I get an error message saying "no pony.ini configuration file. What do I do?
>> No. 34025
File 132927915212.gif - (21.40KB , 94x144 , Apple_Bloom_Skip_WIP1.gif )
Finally got a WIP put together. It still needs cleaning up, but all the frames are in place. Once I get it finalized, I can use it to help make the skipping for Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo get done a bit quicker.
>> No. 34061
File 132933147101.png - (1.59KB , 97x115 , spoiler.png )
Would be nice if Scootaloo herself was fully updated. Her current sprites are kinda off.
I'm too lazy to redo all but 1 sprite
>> No. 34075
File 132934565023.gif - (16.13KB , 136x102 , turnytimey.gif )
Again. Leave it to the Desktop Ponies team to take care of it. It's fine to point it out, but don't try taking care of the situation yourself.

As for the sprite: No. I did not take from anonycat's Whooves. Did you even download desktop ponies? It came with a file containing the old Doctor Whooves sprite, and those are the exact colors used for it because I wanted it to.. you know... Match with the pony that was already in the program? It would be really weird if he suddenly changed color or sprite style out of nowhere whenever he performed the action.
The arm movement, the blinking, and the hourglass are all hand sprited and animated by me, so I am quite capable of making my own things.

You are being unnecessarily aggressive, sir. Might I suggest some pony episodes and a bit of tea to calm down? I do not appreciate being accused of thievery so easily when I make plenty of my own things and have no need to steal anything.

Anyways, I apologize for the slight arguing and am going to have some tea of my own, going to go back to spriting some other things for my own personal desktop ponies, since I sincerely believe I am not quite up to par with the rest of the folks here.

Anyways, as suggested, here's an updated version with his eye blinking being less awkward. It does look better, so thanks for the advice. I hope it might be used or somepony can improve on it, because Time Turning Doctor is adorable.
>> No. 34086
File 132935403193.png - (1.01KB , 116x102 , dr.png )

You know, when that part about you using my Dr Whooves sprite was brought out, I decided to take a look just to see if the guy needed to be reported for paraspriting or not.
I noticed that the neck and tie on your Doctor were copied from mine, as they shared the same palette and had some color dithering around them, as if you had copied that area from mine and pasted it onto yours.
No big deal to me, and if you wanted to use parets of my sprite I wouldn't have refused, but what I'm starting to dislike here is that finicky behavior of yours and how you have been picking fights and adding fuel to the flames of any discussion you decide to join just because.

I kindly ask you to cut it out, because as you should have noticed by now, that kind of agressive atitude isn't welcome among the Desktop Ponies animators.
We work as a team, each one does his/her share of the work and we respect each oher by keeping any drama outside of here, I hope you understand.

For the record, this was my version of the Doctor's clock animation.
>> No. 34088

(Your image is not an animation. Accidentally uploaded the wrong file?)
>> No. 34089

No, it's just a single WIP image. Since he posted his version before I completed mine, I stopped working on it and picked something different to do instead. :P
>> No. 34092

I have been so extremely busy I have had 0 time for poni. :( I am back now, and will at least try to get an art update out this week. I haven't even looked at my pony e-mail inbox yet...

And I still need to work on all that black magic that RoosterDragon keeps coming up with.

Not to mention my to-do list...

Ah... That used to work when each pony was their own window.. hmm...

Wow. Nice.

Yikes, that's embarrassing. Should have seen that one coming.

The save button on the main menu should work as well if you can get to it.

The virtualbox VM driver/graphics stuff just doesn't support transparency properly from what I saw when I briefly tried to use it.

Pinkie Pie helps me on the pony logic part.
>> No. 34093
Talking of e-mails and black magic, whichever e-mail I last sent you has code long since outdated, as per usual.

>The virtualbox VM driver/graphics stuff just doesn't support transparency properly from what I saw when I briefly tried to use it.
I did manage to solve the transparency and gray tabs issue after some back and forth testing with Artalus (I think he's a time traveler, nopony has access to that many XP machines).

>Pinkie Pie helps me on the pony logic part.
This explains everything.
>> No. 34141
Mmyeah I'll just stick to my own skills in drawing, I don't think I'm going to get anywhere with sprite work. I just don't understand how it works. Sorry for any inconveniences.
Keep up the good work guys.
>> No. 34155
File 132947144346.png - (97.97KB , 422x423 , you\'ve really gone and done it this time.png )
Not working at all again.
>> No. 34197
Could you describe the problem in more detail, maybe provide a screenshot?
>> No. 34204
There's an option in the "Follows/Goto" part of the editor named "Auto Select Images".

If this is checked, then it automagically guesstimates (pinkie-style) what to use.

If it is unchecked, you can tell it what images to use.
>> No. 34209
File 132955718121.gif - (21.44KB , 94x144 , Apple_Bloom_Skip_WIP2.gif )
I believe Apple Bloom's done, which means unless I missed something drastic, I can get started on the animation for Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.
>> No. 34210
File 132955872119.png - (3.03KB , 858x78 , PonyWalk_SpriteStrip.png )
Hey guys, I've got something you might like. Using Pinkie's walking animation(credit to whoever did it), I've created a kind of template. I'm also trying to the remove some of the jitteryness the original had. It currently unfinished and still in strip form. I'll post it again in GIF form when I'm done.

BTW, the was done in Game Maker 8. The image editor is AMAZING for sprites. I recommend trying it out sometime.
>> No. 34219
File 132958768759.gif - (12.44KB , 106x96 , walkcycle_dash.gif )
Finished the walking base. You can get it in the link.

In the process of doing the sprite, I did a little experiment with the head and ended up with this little animation for Dash. Whatever I did for the head, I need to do it more often.
>> No. 34224
I'm torn on this. The leg movement is nice, the unmoving body and head - well, not so much. Plus, the template has some odd movement on the chest and flank.
>> No. 34228
File 132960305152.png - (13.65KB , 400x300 , screenshot102.png )
It's probably due to the speed. It's supposed to be a lot slower but it got sped up for some reason. I originally did the animation for block pushing. It looks great in-game but not so much here.
>> No. 34233
Well, it does look better slowed down, that's true.
However, I still think that at least a bit of movement for the mane and tail would help make it look less static.

The chest movement on the template still looks wrong to me somehow. Oh well. Template. Yay. :)
>> No. 34235
If somepony wants to upgrade it, they're welcome. I only made it for the sake of Scattered Chaos.
>> No. 34244

-Angel, Rainbow Dash, and Winona had behavior durations that didn't make sense (Maximum larger than Minimum). Fixed
-Hoity Troity, 80's cheerilee and Elsie all had invalid parameters in some of their behaviors for following. Fixed.

New and updated art:

+Lily by Bot-chan
+Violet by Vulcan539
+Pinkie Pie sumersault and Oink, Oink animations by DeathPony
+Daring do by Anonymous (Heh, fitting!)
+Mr Cake by Bot-Chan and Anonycat
+Update to Mysterious Mare Do Well by JavaNut
+Mjolna by Anonymous
+Dr Woof's hourglass twirl by Anonycat
+Rainbow beepbeep by Felix-0
+Master by Anonycat
+Spike's Moustash by Anonymous + Anonycat
+Sleeping Rarity by Miriam the Bat
+AppleJack's Nightmare Night costume.
+AJ lasso + pose animations by Starstep and Bot-Chan
+Derpy's "Just don't know what went wrong" by The Coop

-Those of you with very large screens (?) will no longer get overflow errors when clicking ponies.
-The old behavior of hiding the pony when opening up other windows in the editor has been restored.

-Selecting "Return to menu" after the program was "auto-started" will actualy show a visible menu.
-Scaling was improperly being calculated in some instances, causing problems with dragging, among other things.

-Taking control of a pony when playing a game did not work properly. Fixed.

-Known issues:
-XP users may see white/gray bars and other artifacts.
-Some images may cause errors like "Caught an generic error in GDI+" in certain setups (XP Machines).
-PNG files are sometimes displayed much larger than they should be (galla dresses...). Some of these images have been disabled for now.

TO DO List:

- Pony "Houses"
- Merging whatever DragonRooster graciously provides me in the way of graphics and other fixes.
>> No. 34245
Ignore my comment about Daring Do, I was thinking Mysterious Mare do Well... :P

And I guess "Master" is a Dr.Who character name... Thought it was a bland name for a pony.
>> No. 34259
So here is something I don't know the answer to.
When using two displays, how can you get the ponies to be in the second display? I can drag them onto my HDTV [which I use as a second display] but then they just walk back on to my laptop. Is there a way to not have that happen or what?
>> No. 34260
Sweet update.
It seems that the target locations have changed now, was this the change you were talking about?
I rarely get outlines on a win7 64bit machine, it did seem to have happened in the last version.
The location of effects seem to be still distorted when scaling is used.
And if you click on Give me ponies and the program is loading, you can keep clicking the button and it will multiply the amount of ponies by the number of times you click. This may cause some strange glitch graphics
>> No. 34261
Oh, and if you rightclick on a pony, open the menu and start resizing, clones appear on the screen and disappear once the menu is closed
>> No. 34262
I take it back, it appears I had the application opened two times, but one of those disappeared whenever any window was minimized or closed and reapierd when a window opened or got unminimized °_°
>> No. 34269
Has anypony noticed the main form title is Deskop Ponies (missing t)? :)
>> No. 34276
Seeing NMN Applejack as part of regular Applejack came as a surprise. Not that I mind... but then, maybe have it as an interaction with Season 2 Luna?

However, you do realize that the hourglass twirl animation fits the original Dr Whoof better than the fan character? I mean, just compare the manes.

Lastly, no Sparkler? (I don't know if you've choosen not to include her or if you just overlooked her, so I thought I'd mention it).
>> No. 34278
>+Dr Woof's hourglass twirl by Anonycat

Nope, the completed animation was made by that discorded Doctor guy before he quit, not me.
>> No. 34336
File 132972037152.gif - (19.44KB , 111x157 , sparkler_walk_right.gif )
I made a Sparkler animation a wile ago
Not a 100% done
>> No. 34338
This. The current Scootaloo does seem a bit off.
>> No. 34341
Ah, okay. My mistake :)
>> No. 34361
so....i guess this is where one loads the desktop ponies?
>> No. 34378
File 132979330494.png - (155.46KB , 1029x777 , DashSalute.png )
I love the desktop ponies~

But I find a problem. I can't see all of the Options and Mini-game menus due to my screen size (1024 x 600). Any chance of there being a scrollbar added in later versions? :c
>> No. 34404
In the options menu, there's a list of the detected monitors on your system (probably shown as "//DISPLAY1", "//DISPLAY2", etc), just highlight each and any one you want the ponies to be in (you can have them in all of them, or just in your TV and not your PC monitor, etc)
>> No. 34406
First off I would like to say thanks for the work you put in. If only it was in C#, I'd dive right in and help too! (My VB is more than a bit... nonexistent.) Anyways, I wanted to post about a few breaking changes I've noticed since 1.39 came out.

1. Ponies seem to regularly wind up behind the taskbar on Windows 7 64 bit OSes. I don't have 32 bit to confirm there.

2. When using DisplayFusion with multiple taskbars (on multiple monitors) once a second or so the multiple taskbars on other monitors... flicker. This wasn't present with 1.38.1, which I have double checked on. It's like the taskbar glitches for that split second and then is returned to normal.

3. Under VMWare Fusion and Virtualbox, in an XP Pro VM; 1.39 has very high CPU usage (particularly in Fusion, where I've seen it eat up 100% CPU with just 3 ponies on my Macbook Air). 1.38.1 didn't seem to have this issue.

Those are the big ones I've noticed, and the second one is by far the most annoying as most of my computers do have multiple monitors with DisplayFusion. It's enough of an annoyance I've either stopped using (on two machines) and reverted to 1.38.1 (on one other).

If I can be of assistance in tracking these down just let me know; I'm a developer by trade as well and while neither VB nor graphics are specialities of mine, I am happy to contribute what I can.
>> No. 34435
By amazing coincidence, I wrote a C# version of Desktop Ponies. Rather that release yet-another-port, I decided to instead contribute the graphics code since it could handle vastly more pony. That made it into 1.39.

So if you wanted to, I could just post my C# source somewhere, and you could poke around in that. Since you'd have the source it'd make it way easier to trace the cause of the problems you found too. That'd be awesome because they sure do sound annoying. Let me know how that sounds as an idea.
>> No. 34439
ok so the pinkie teleporreappear_right was giving me gdi errors again. Same with saltoend_right. Just flipping the left one and saving over them fixed it. I tossed those images along with the congaponies with the code botchan came up with in here and twilights drag since I didnt see it in the update so they could be added real easy if you want.
>> No. 34440
File 132986999341.gif - (19.96KB , 106x96 , fly_dizzy_right.gif )
I recently made a few GIFs for a video I made, and somepony suggested I post them here. I'm not sure how many of them are even useful, so pick and choose whatever if you decide to use them.
It includes :
Rainbow Dash flying 'dizzy face' (her eyes are spinning)
Rainbow Dash shocked face
Rainbow Dash bucking

Mare Do Well fast flying
Mare Do Well attempting magic
Mare Do Well teleporting

There is no .ini, and it's certainly possible I screwed something up while animating them or saving them, so, sorry if that's the case.
>> No. 34466
Trial and error. If you make a mistake learn.
Tho I haven't had any problums with your animations.
Have you considered doing a bit more work on them, like including a teleport arive animation or rainbow crashing into something?
>> No. 34478
In the options menu, you'll see a "Monitors to use" box. Make sure the monitor you want is highlighted (and you can select more than one at a time).

Heh, so I should disable that button until it finishes loading, eh?

I was hoping I got rid of all the scaling issues...

Nice, thanks. That's almost as bad as my Desktop Pones typo.

I honestly didn't notice the Dr's hair.
Actually, when the heck did the funky hair one become the default...? I'll switch that.

Didn't see Sparkler, I missed her. Got her now.

Oops, thanks.

Yup, I can do that.

Did you know that VB.NET and C# are directly translatable? You can easily translate small bits with this:

Huh. A lot changed 38.1->39, I'm guessing it doesn't like the new graphics stuff. I'll look at that.

I'm not suprised about the virualization performance. Hardware acceleration helps a lot (the whole purpose of the changes in 39 was to decrease cpu load, I guess the hardware is doing more now).

(or that)

>> No. 34489

I don't think I'll expand on these any more. Editing these was seriously time consuming!
>> No. 34492
I'd love to see what you did in C#; I might be able to spot something(s) and go on from there. At the very least I may be able to build/debug/provide more verified information as to the source of the issues.

I remember reading about the complete graphics engine overhaul between 1.38.1->1.39, and hence why I double checked on that! I wonder if it's possible to have the twin engines side by side and have them selectable somehow for those that (like me) run their ponies virtualized and would accept the fewer ponies for lower CPU utilization. It's simply a thought.

And in my experience C#/VB aren't totally translateable. For the most part they are and for simpler classes it can be done no problem, but once you start using more advanced features (certain LINQ actions, yield returns, variations on lambdas) it stops being so translatable. From what I've found the interop works best when you're using two different assemblies, rather than mixing and matching inside an assembly. But maybe it's behaving better these days with .NET 4.5 around the corner.

I've got some time this weekend so if I get the C# code from RoosterDragon too I'll dig and see if I don't spot anything that might cause it. At the very least I can compile the existing code and launch it into debug states to see if I can trace any sort of failures!
>> No. 34503
Have some C# source:

I wonder if the slow performance under VMs stems from having one big form for drawing. Pre-1.39 used to have a form for every pony on screen. Seemed to suck for scalability but maybe it was less overhead when you only had a few ponies.

Might whip up something to test out that theory at some point.
>> No. 34508
>Yikes, that's embarrassing. Should have seen that one coming.
le magic of being an author, cause I don't understand a single line from those error messages.

>I think he's a time traveler, nopony has access to that many XP machines
I laughed really hard at this) I just have a friend with XP, and a disc with it, providing to me to install it on VM and laptop)

It's also fun, because that typo was in the program since at least v1.35

>Seeing NMN Applejack as part of regular Applejack came as a surprise. Not that I mind...
I'm keeping to comment out Dash's Gala dress animation in .ini after every update. Sprite is done very nice, but the behavior looks just... "off topic" for me.

Is it me, or in 1.40.t1 you've deleted the speeches on mouseover?
Also, "pony houses"?..

Btw, is it possible to make quick "go to" function in main menu as in the editor? Like, when you press G, the screen instantly scrolling to the first pony with name starting with G, etc...
>> No. 34512
So I'm not sure if this has already been pointed out, but I just noticed an odd glitch with v 39 - Rarity was hangin on my desktop in her gala dress and somehow grew to twice her size. She was big enough that part of her sprite got cut off.
>> No. 34514
File 132994405102.png - (75.44KB , 940x506 , glitch.png )
She just did it again, so here's a screenshot.
>> No. 34515
A few of the png files have some dodgy images that makes them display at the wrong size. If it's annoying you, a quick fix is this: Open the right-facing image, mirror it, and save over the left-facing image file.

That should stop the image displaying at the wrong size in future.
>> No. 34544
Thanks, I'll give it a gander once I've got a free minute!

The VM performance in that situation wouldn't surprise me; knowing the kind of overhead it would likely carry. 2-3 small forms is probably significantly less overhead than one full screen-sized form, even transparent, if that's the case.

(Now to stop talking before I put my foot in my mouth)
>> No. 34580
File 133006678518.gif - (24.26KB , 100x144 , Apple_Bloom_Skip.gif )
Hey folks.

Just wanted to check in and say I'm still working on the Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo skip animations. Had a few things come along that ate up my time for a bit, but now Sweetie Belle is 1/3 done and Scootaloo's been started. In the meantime, here's the finalized Apple Bloom animation. I'll be doing the ini files for all three of them once I get Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo done.
>> No. 34606
File 133009669933.gif - (23.02KB , 110x100 , raritysmom-trot-right.gif )
That looks really nice!

Okay, here's another small thing by me: Rarity's mother...
>> No. 34607
File 133009738510.gif - (21.30KB , 106x96 , raritys-dad-right.gif )
... and Rarity's dad.

And a little suggestion for DPG:

Would it be possible to add a "DisplayName" parameter or something to the poni.ini file? "Name" then would be internally used as the unique name each pony has, while "DisplayName" would be the name that is shown to the user in the program.

This would really help with renaming ponies as more names get revealed (or with personal preferences for yet unnamed ponies) without having to worry about breaking interactions and stuff.
>> No. 34625
File 133012387770.png - (1.55KB , 150x150 , Pinkie awesome.png )
By the way, sometimes there are timing errors. By that I mean that an animation that is not supposed to be looped starts looping before it switches to the next animation. Like Twilight's teleport for example. I remeber something about not being able to control the loop, so maybe these gifs should be saved to run only one loop. What I do atm is I make the last frame longer and cut the timing. like instead of 4, I set it to 104 and make the bahavior 0.1s shorter. That way the last frame would be "hold" even if the software runs the behavior longer than intended.
>> No. 34627
Huh and all this time I'd just assumed the directory names were keys (on the other hand, I haven't gotten to interactions yet). Go figure.

Well that shouldn't be happening, but it sounds like the behaviours are indeed overrunning their times.

If you want to fudge it until it's fixed, setting the loop count to 1 is cleaner than fudging with the timings.

This also makes me think a keyword that ran a behaviour for the length of the animation would be useful. Plus if you changed the animation you wouldn't have to work out the total runtime again.
>> No. 34664
I must say that is adorable! Cant wait to see how sweetie belle and Scootaloo turn out.

Also just saw this thief.
I think we need a catchy name for these type of people. Diamond Dogs maybe? They see what we're doing and then try to take it once all the hard work is done. *shrug* Sorry Im not very creative with names.
>> No. 34667

God dammit. She already had another account that was previously reported for using stolen material as well.
She simply bounced from an account to another and even opened a donation drive to scam money out from unwary DA members.
>> No. 34671
Thanks for telling me how to fix that problem.
>> No. 34682
I was trying to figure out what's wrong with my Derpy, and then I suddenly realized. DPG, y no add Anonycat's >33266 animation?( Or maybe, because it's titled as WIP, the better question is - Anonycat, y u no finish this animation?(( I had Derpy's behavior with this anim and the line "Don't let them cut me out", and now I'm feeling terribly bad, because Hasbro actually almost did that... //no offense to anypony, though, you guys both do a great job
>> No. 34717
File 133029729167.gif - (39.78KB , 150x150 , front_flip_full_twist_pinkie_pie_left.gif )
Pinkie's awesomeness sure doesn't make it easy for me...
>> No. 34731
not that i dont absolutely admire your spriting skills but....

at the end of the flip - when she's sitting, she drops down like 2 pixels

also during the flip when here legs are furthest to the left, it seems choppy, the tail or something doesn't seem right
>> No. 34745
Mouseover stuff hasn't worked for a while. (1.39)

>>"go to" function in the main menu as in the editor.
I... actually didn't know that worked... That should be doable.

That site tells me that both of these files are "404"'d :(

Here's a small update:

V1.40 TEST 2:

-Updated image handling and gif reading code from Rooster Dragon. Result: Less memory usage, among other things!
-Missing "T" in title fixed
-The options and mini-game menus now have scrollbars if they are resized to be smaller.
-The buttons and other controls on the main menu will always be visible if the window is resized.
-New option: Slowdown factor. Slows the application (including animations) down by the amount specified.
>> No. 34746
File 133032370010.gif - (20.82KB , 108x144 , Sweetie_Belle_Skip_WIP1.gif )
Bot-chan Anonymous- Thanks :)

Here's the first Sweetie Belle WIP. Still a bit of cleaning up to be done, but it's close to being finished.
>> No. 34750
File 133033304223.gif - (39.80KB , 150x150 , front_flip_full_twist_pinkie_pie_left.gif )
Yeah, I also got the right leg colours wrong in some frames... I'm getting too old
>> No. 34751
This is waaaay cute but the timing for the flip itself seems a little slow - especially right before the end, where she seems to pause on one frame for a few milliseconds longer than how fast the rest of 'em have run
>> No. 34759
File 133037185057.gif - (21.30KB , 106x96 , raritys-dad-right.gif )
How odd.
Okay, new download links are up. Hope these work better:

Rarity's dad
>> No. 34760
File 133037238551.gif - (23.02KB , 110x100 , raritysmom-trot-right.gif )
... and Rarity's mom
>> No. 34789
Got a strange issue, of all ponies there was only Fleur left, and when clicking on her got an error message saying something about "arithmetic operations overflow". Closed the window before understanding that I should probably screen it. The reason probably is that I had them launched on constantly for about four days

Hm, hadn't noticed this before, oh however.

Woo-hoo! Back to good ol' 75 MB with four ponies, thx) //although, it wasn't a big problem, especially if I can handle Firefox getting over 1 GB of memory

And when slowed down to 1.2x, walking ponies looks better and a bit more "real".
>> No. 34807
Accidental features: Control time! You can skip forward or backward in time as you adjust the slowdown factor.

For example - watch a rainboom in real time, than whack slowdown to 5x for an instant slow-mo replay.

(Time not being linear is actually kinda bad, particularly for animations that don't cycle since they'll end at the wrong times, but it is amusing.)
>> No. 34875
Would it be possible to add a checkbox for "do not run randomly" when creating a new behavior?
>> No. 34876
File 133060334433.gif - (39.80KB , 150x150 , front_flip_full_twist_pinkie_pie_left.gif )
What do you mean with the pause? Do you mean where one hoof is still raised? She is supposed to be on the floor by that time. Maybe it's resolved with the motion
>> No. 34903

dunno whatcha did, but that looks way better
>> No. 34947
Not too sure about her right eye -- when Pinkie turns her head, her eye looks almost completely blue :)

Also, I believe that the last update broke Princess Celestia's horizontal movement (she 'slides' rather than walks)
>> No. 34953
Oh yeah, Slidestia is because of changes to my gif code. The image is at fault here, because every frame has zero duration. It just needs to be fixed to specify some proper values. The old code just happened to let the image get away with it.

I did a quick test with some incredibly hacky code to spawn multiple forms. Nothing much to say apart from the fact it proved the hypothesis. It's much less overhead which is great for a few ponies, but it scales really badly which is bad for larger amounts.

It's not like I can just drop the old engine back in, it wasn't really an engine but a totally different architecture. But if I find the time I could clean up my hacky test into something usable, and that could be easily dropped in.
>> No. 34976
Hmm. I wonder what can be done then in those circumstances! I finally got a chance to dig around in the code tonight and I'm working my way through it to get a grip on what's going on.

Is there an easy way to get ahold of you that's not this thread to go over geeky details and such?
>> No. 34988
Entered an email on this post. Send away.
>> No. 35075

Convert supporting ponies to multiple categories

Guest star - supporting pony who is primarily a single episode role and has a lot to do with the plot

Supporting pony - has lines and a defined name in single episode

Background pony - the rest

Recurring pony - Multiple episodes with both a name and speech
>> No. 35086
Hm, I was thinking that there's something wrong with YouTube, or my Flash player, or maybe even with my videodrivers. But then I accidentally noticed, that this glitch appears only with launched DP. Well, now to trying to explain the problem itself...

So, I'm watching any video, no matter, from internet browser or from media player, and have Desktop Ponies running on the screen. If there are some quickly changing frames in video, like quickly moving object, and there is a pony over this moving something, then the video's frame... Well, it looks like the part of frame that is to the left of pony does not manage to change as quickly as the right part. So it looks like a line on the frame, with previous frame to the left of it, and the next one to the right. Can't catch it to the screenshot, though.
>> No. 35103
Will anypony be taking on the challenge of making Flim & Flam or Iron Will?
>> No. 35107
File 133102624340.gif - (10.96KB , 184x172 , ironwill_walk_left.gif )
ok you got me to try it. Wait. Ahh I just became a doormat again. Allright, treat me like a pushover, and you'll get the once over. Umm if you don't mind that is. Dang it. Mister Ironwill? I think I need to attend another seminar.
>> No. 35114
Certainly it needs some breaking down. Those even sound like decent categories to me.

I'm going to assume XP on this? Sounds like a side effect from the days before desktop composition. The pony window will constantly be spamming windows underneath it, telling them to fill in the gaps left behind as ponies move. The video window might be filling in with a half finished frame in response.

That's just my wild guess. If it's the case though, there's not much you can do about it. I could only suggest unhelpful things like not letting the ponies near that area, or switching to Vista or later.

If the problem occurs on a newer OS, that would be worth looking into.
>> No. 35138

Ok, so that leaves some-one attempting:
Cranky Doodle
The Cake Twins
>> No. 35169
File 133118391187.gif - (23.55KB , 110x144 , Sweetie_Belle_Skip.gif )
OK, I believe Sweetie Belle's done. Scootaloo to go.
>> No. 35178

Banned thief who jumped from her old account to a new one to repost (and charge money) for her crappy Desktop Ponis recolors and splices stolen from DP homepage and several DA accounts as well.

She blocked out all the people who called her out on this, claiming she was the real victim and that "she had rights"
>> No. 35179
Is this where requests for ponies can be placed? Becasue I totally think that we need a Doctor Adorable pony. :D
>> No. 35180
File 133123191178.jpg - (6.64KB , 225x225 , dszgv.jpg )
>> No. 35183
Fun thing that it actually happens with me on W7 - and it seems like my XP-friend doesn't has this problem. However, I still couldn't get a chance to test it on my laptop.
>> No. 35191
File 133124529483.gif - (17.01KB , 110x126 , sit_pinkie_pie_left.gif )
Made a littly unlikely scenario. There is more on the way so I'll upload a package once I have a few more.

@DPG: When you edit something in the editor, when the changes are "applied" it always scrolls back to the top. Could that be avoided with reasonable efford? If it's much work, I'd say don't bother with it, since I'm probably the only one with that issue and it's all my own fault
>> No. 35226
File 133130554947.gif - (37.93KB , 180x136 , omnomnom_pinkie_pie - Kopie2.gif )
This is gonna take a while...
>> No. 35228
That one isn't a thief... somepony from here even made a comment on there saying what's going on regarding use of the pony base.

This is old news.

>> No. 35231

It IS a thief.
If you check carefully, "her" animations are made of splices between the base AND Desktop Ponies, then she adds an horrible recolor job or simply adds extra stuff over a stolen animation to pass it as her own.

Why are you trying to defend the thief anyways? Are you a friend trying to protect her?
>> No. 35232
No she is a con. Very slight distinction. She admits openly that she uses the base and stuff from here, because it is free to use, but its charging people for the work she does to the base that is the deplorable thing. It and all its derivatives are suppose to be free for everypony and her charging for them is against the copyright type placed on the base.
>> No. 35244
File 133135014975.gif - (49.59KB , 116x108 , rarity_tantrum_left.gif )
I took a break from animating Scootaloo's skip, and made a tantrum animation for Rarity (which I'm surprised wasn't already done). I believe I've fixed all the issues now, so here are the files (left, right, and pony.ini). Hope you guys like it...
>> No. 35245
These are glorious. I'm always in awe of new sprites, even if my posts are mostly dulling your thread with coding stuff.

Well I poked at my code a bit, but it'll need some more reworking before it's modular enough that you could swap out different backends. Couldn't quite be bothered to start at it for merely working better under a VM.

However I did muck around with Gtk somewhat, and got a reasonable test running on that. So if the work could be done to allow backends to be dropped in, a Gtk backend would allow the program to work on more platforms.

Ok boring stuff over, hopefully something interesting-ish for everypony else:

Does the "official" version of Desktop Ponies being available for Mac and Unix systems sound like a worthwhile idea? I think it could be done, and there are no ports I know of that have all the features DPG has managed to add over time.

(I'm just asking, since it would take a while to do, and I'd rather not spend time on it if there's no demand for it, you know?)
>> No. 35250
I dunno how big the demand would be, but it would definitely be there. I've had a few people aks me about a mac version and one time something desktop ponies related was postet on my little bronies and there were some people asking for a mac version as well. I dunno however how many mac/linux users would be aware of it, so maybe it would be best to make ports, if you decide to make them, once desktop ponies get mentioned on EQD once more.
>> No. 35251
but if he can make the main program multi platform then he won't have to worry about always modifing the ports to include the fixes and additions and making sure people download the correct one for their platform. Im sure that if desktop ponies did become cross platform then it would be eligible for another eqd post Also a change on the site would let everypony know that too along with word of mouth.

yes there is demand for it since I have seen alot of people ask for it too. Half of my time is spent on a mac so it would be nice to have.

I don't know what I find more disturbing. That I know she's eventually going to eat that dough or that she enjoys squishing out then back into it. Anyway can't wait to see the finished thing.
>> No. 35254
LMAO, the paranoia in your reply.

It's not important, really... this is just old news and whenever a thief is found and confirmed, you usually see Anonycat and a bunch of others smack them down. That never happened, so I'm not going to pounce on them.

Find me a new one, and confirm without a doubt for me they're worth pouncing on, and if I'm online I'll help.
But now, lol calm down; old news - nothing happened to that person then so there's nothing to do now.
>> No. 35257
>LMAO, the paranoia in your reply.

>> No. 35264
File 133141725288.gif - (22.47KB , 106x116 , allie-trot-right.gif )
Oh, nice animations, guys. :)

Okay, and here is a little Allie Way for you to download:
>> No. 35298
Finding needless paranoia funny is grounds for being reported?

Well, lol to that as well.
>> No. 35299

Being a rude troublemaker with an unwarranted self-importance complex is the problem here. If you truly want to help as you claim to, then the first thing you can do is stop being a little moron and go cause problems elsewhere.

>you usually see Anonycat and a bunch of others smack them down.

The thief blocked out Anonycat from posting and hid all comments calling her out on her theft and scam, then posted walls of text full of drama and hyperbole to justify her scam because "her life was tough, she needed the money, she refused to get a job and she had rights over DP's material"

The problem here is not that chick using the bases, the problem is her making a profit out of them AND taking other people's animations (which are not part of the templates) to pass them as her own after recoloring them a bit.
That and her own self centered (and incredibly stupid) atitude.
>> No. 35317
File 133150438440.gif - (23.77KB , 126x156 , Scootaloo_Skip_Wip1.gif )
Finally got a Scootaloo WIP done!

I'm currently doing clean up on her, as well as final bits of clean up on the other two to keep all three the same body-wise, in hopes of posting the finished gifs with ini files either tonight or tomorrow.
>> No. 35324
Resorting to ad hominem, I see.
Well, this 'little moron' has reported you. ^.^

I won't help you if you're going to throw all your toys out of the pram at me.
I'm outta here.
>> No. 35325
File 133151819159.png - (258.16KB , 600x700 )
Please try to be more civil... this is a /collab/ thread about Desktop Ponies and your fighting does not do anypony any good.

If you both continue fighting, i am afraid i will have to give you both a timeout. Sorry for disturbing the thread!
>> No. 35334
File 133152804695.gif - (26.60KB , 133x64 , CMC_Skip.gif )
I finally got them done. I put them all together in one zip file, but inside, they each have their own folders with their respective left/right/pony.ini files.
>> No. 35335
File 133152839578.gif - (50.00KB , 116x108 , rarity_tantrum_right.gif )
OK, I promise that this is the last version (I hope). I did a couple of minor fixes in the pony.ini file, and little things like that. Nothing drastic, but things that were for the better I believe.
>> No. 35369
File 133156721488.gif - (73.18KB , 180x136 , omnomnom_pinkie_pie_right.gif )
Now to get the cake in the cannon
>> No. 35372

Sorry, but who -exactly- are you?

You are not one of the animators, neither you are one of the debuggers, you have absolutely nothing to do with this project and you have done absolutely nothing for anypony here.

Yet you come out as if your "help" were somehing invaluable and irreplaceable, plus you have a rude, bossy behavior and when you got reported for it, you immediately went agressive and tried to use the Mods as your personal army because nopony can say anything bad at you, period.

>I'm outta here.

Well, that's the best help you could do for everypony here.
Seriously, the amazing thing about Desktop Ponies is the great harmony among it's team members and the awful thing is that all the problems always come from outsiders who act as if they were part of the team or simply from people who think that just being alive makes them "important".

>If you both continue fighting, i am afraid i will have to give you both a timeout.

This project would run smoother if a Mod could watch it from time on time to deflat egos and and deliver out timeouts when needed.

>Sorry for disturbing the thread!

Nope, you actually prevented it from getting disturbed.


Amazing stuff as always.
Seriously, Desktop Ponies is a shinning example of teamwork and how a fanproject should be .
>> No. 35374
>You are not one of the animators, neither you are one of the debuggers, you have absolutely nothing to do with this project and you have done absolutely nothing for anypony here.

I guess you aren't either.

Just leave this drama die by not responding to every single post and taking words out of context to make them seem rude. That's horrible.
>> No. 35381

Somepony please clear that stuff out. It's not needed in this thread.
LunaFTW is clearly paraspriting by baiting whoever that Anon is, while whoever that Anon is really needs to take a look at themselves and see that they're not doing anypony any good by being here either.
Both of you, be quiet.

Please remove the drama, and feel free to remove my post, too, if you feel it's also not helping. I won't mind or be offended.

Then we can get back to loving the ponies, and supporting the awesome people who spend hours of their free time making awesome little pony animations to trot around on our desktops.

Every time somepony adds a new update, like the CMC skip, I download it. It's all so awesome. ^.^
>> No. 35411
File 133162819465.gif - (26.60KB , 133x64 , CMC_Skip.gif )
Sorry to do this again, but I missed a number of errors in my trio of CMC gifs that needed fixing. So, I went back and did just that. As far as I can tell, they're done. So, here are the updated files for all three (left, right, and pony.ini)...

Let me know if you have any problems downloading this new (and hopefully final) update.
>> No. 35456
Hey guys
Just wondering been working on obscure BG ponies more and more.
I'm just wondering would those be included hear if they were up to par?
>> No. 35460

Ponies are rejected here only if they are OCs or just badly done. (Recoloring other people's animations and trying to resubmit them under the excuse they are BlindBag pony was tried and rejected as well.)
>> No. 35465
Better said, as long as it's from the actual show (link exact episode appearance for proof) it's welcome. Toys aren't part of the project.
>> No. 35492
File 133178678775.gif - (20.02KB , 100x102 , Archer_marksmare_right.gif )
I'm aware of the OC rule hear.
Always better to make sure I say.

S1 EP12 Min00 Sec04
>> No. 35503
there needs to be more animations for princess luna season 2 version
>> No. 35507
The same could be said about alot of the BG & supporting ponies.

Ever thought about trying your hand at it?
>> No. 35513
>Ever thought about trying your hand at it?

None of the people who "suggests" things here actually tries or does anything at all.
They just come, post their requests and lurk around hoping that somepony gives them what they want.

Nice animation, by the way.
>> No. 35514
I'm well aware of suggestion lurkers.
But a pony can dream, no?
>> No. 35536
File 133188006207.gif - (2.50KB , 100x100 , applefritter_sleep_left.gif )
Hey added some extra Apple Fritter animations and slowed down her trot cycle a bit.
>> No. 35580
File 133202275826.png - (416.20KB , 1366x768 , Screenshot at 2012-03-17 21:53:07.png )
Been working more on code that should work on all systems. Nowhere near complete. But it does the basics. Ponies. Desktop.

It'll be a long while before I bridge all the gaps in terms of missing bits. But the cool thing is that the existing features that don't directly rely on the graphics should "just work". For example the behaviours and interactions of the ponies. I don't even have an interactions system for instance, but you could just drop in DPGs code and it would do that.

Screenshot running on a slightly outdated Ubuntu, for those wondering.
>> No. 35591
File 133205167614.gif - (59.50KB , 116x108 , rarity_tantrum_right.gif )
I decided to update my tantrum animation as it felt a little... lacking. I added some new animations to it, did further adjustments, and now I'm happy with it.

I also went ahead and fixed the problems with the sleeping animations that weren't being used. They seemed to cause errors in the Pony Editor, so I re-exported them. Now they work, and I added behaviors for them.

Here are the files...
>> No. 35596
I'm not quite sure what it is, but personally, something about her face looks odd to me in this additional part of her tantrum animation...
>> No. 35605
File 133209606952.gif - (77.43KB , 116x108 , rarity_tantrum_left.gif )

It's her pouting face from "Green Isn't Your Color," during the spa scene where she and Fluttershy are standing in the tubs beside each other. It's a funky duck face-like look. That said, I went back in and tried a few things. Hopefully this'll look better. Fresh links...
>> No. 35608
The left facing sleep animations seem to have acquired some dithering.

The tantrum animation wasn't affected though, and I'm loving it.
>> No. 35614
File 133210997292.gif - (3.45KB , 86x72 , sleep_right_cover.gif )

Huh, looks like I missed that. I went back and checked, and the whoever made the original files missed it too. But, it's been fixed now, and I decided to update the two "sleep_right" gifs so that it wasn't just mirrored from the left ones, but instead featured the different hair for her right side found in the standing and tantrum gifs. Here are the new links...
>> No. 35618
File 133211990565.gif - (23.26KB , 108x126 , epic_pinkie_pie_left.gif )
One more to go with:p
>> No. 35626
File 133213220702.gif - (7.48KB , 106x96 , derpy_sit_left_short.gif )
Alrighty then.

After tooling around with the ini file of Rarity when I made the tantrum animation, I decided to see if I could get everything lined up properly (have the animations link smoothly without vertical or horizontal jumps). I believe I managed to pull it off, and I decided to do the same with Derpy since I contributed to her a while ago. I also fixed a problem with Derpy's sitting animation (half of her face vanished in one frame), and I fixed that annoying ini timing issue regarding Rarity's "drama couch" animation (it would start up again and then cut away abruptly).

I put it all together in this new (and hopefully final) zip for this stuff. Here are the links...

If no one has a problem with it, I'll do the same with Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.
>> No. 35636

What I find easiest to do is to either make an imaginary (or real) 1px dot on definite position of a standing frame and zoom in and write down the x and y position of it or to make a dit in the center of the standing frame and look where this dot would be. Then I make a copy of a differently sized animation and add and position the standing frame so that it would fit and read the coordinates of that dot which can be used to displace the animation.
>> No. 35744
For some reason, the last frame of your Derpy animations are set to show for about 1 1/2 minutes instead of the 0.02 seconds they were supposed to be.

Also, in Rarity's pony.ini, some of her behaviors and interactions are missing.

Maybe you should just write down the code for the new/updated stuff next time instead of uploading an outdated (?) pony.ini.
>> No. 35755
Hi, I'm working on qt-ponies (Desktop ponies in Qt, ) and was wondering about the official license to the various pony data in the Desktop Ponies project.

I don't know if you have discussed/agreed on a license before, but from what I can gather, a Creative Commons license fits pretty well to the description given on the Desktop Ponies EGGHEAD page (or maybe something other than Creative Commons?).

CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 ( ) fits the best, but maybe
CC BY-SA 3.0 ( would fit better, depending if the various artists are for/against commercial use.

Why am I asking is because I would like to properly credit all of you in the qt-ponies project (and to fill the License field in the Debian packages with the appropriate license for the pony data :P).
>> No. 35771
File 133231766246.gif - (7.38KB , 106x96 , derpy_sit_left_short.gif )

That final frame for Derpy's sitting (short) was long to begin with from whoever made it originally. I left it alone because of that. But yeah, it is pretty long, so I just deleted it now (it's the same frame as the one at the beginning of the gif) and made the first frame a little longer.

As for Rarity's ini, I have no clue what might have happened. I have all the behaviors in the pony.ini file on my PC. Sorry for the screw up (however it happened)

Here are the fixed Derpy gifs and Rarity's double checked ini...

... and here's Rarity's ini in copy/paste form, just to be safe...

'Rarity2 config file
'Behavior parameters:
'Name (can be anything),
'Relative Probability (0.1 = 10%),
'Max Duration (seconds)
'Min Duration (seconds)
'Movement Speed (Pixel's per tick - one tick = 100msec)
'Animation/Image name (.jpg, .png, .gif) - not all gifs may work.
'Movement allowed: None (stand still), Horizontal_only, Vertical_Only, Horizontal_Veritcal, Diagonal_Only
' Diagonal_Horizontal, Diagonal_Vertical, all
'Lines for the pony to say (when hovered over, or small random chance
'Tantrum sprite and Sleep 1+2 edits by The Coop
Categories,"main ponies","mares","unicorns"
Behavior,"theme 1",0,14.5,14.5,3,"trotcycle_rarity_right.gif","trotcycle_rarity_left.gif",Diagonal_horizontal,"","","theme 1",True,0,0,"",True,,,"55,61","49,61"

Behavior,"Drama Couch",0.2,6.8,6.8,0,"rarity-dramacouch-right1.gif","rarity-dramacouch-left1.gif",None,"None","Soundboard #10","",False,0,0,"",True,,,"217,127","381,127"
Behavior,"Sleep 1",0.25,42,21,0,"sleep_right.gif","sleep_left.gif",None,"None","","",False,0,0,"",True,,,"35,28","50,28"
Behavior,"Sleep 2",0.05,42,21,0,"sleep_right_cover.gif","sleep_left_cover.gif",None,"","","",False,0,0,"",True,,,"35,28","50,28"
Speak,"Unnamed #1","Marvelous, darling!",,False
Speak,"Unnamed #3","Watch the mane, please.",,False
Speak,"Unnamed #4","Thread by thread, stitching it together~",,False
Speak,"Theme 1","A beautiful heart!",,True
Speak,"dress","Stay back, and my dress doesn't get hurt!",,True
Speak,"Soundboard #1","Afraid to get dirty?",{"afraid to get dirty.mp3","afraid to get dirty.ogg"},False
Speak,"Whining","But i thought you wanted whining?",{"but i thought you wanted whining.mp3","but i thought you wanted whining.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #3","I simply cannot let such a crime against fabulosity go uncorrected!",{"crime against fabulosity.mp3","crime against fabulosity.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #4","Doesn't even make sense.",{"doesn't even make sense.mp3","doesn't even make sense.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #6","Gently, please!",{"gently please.mp3","gently please.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #7","How can you be so insensitive?",{"how can you be so insensitive.mp3","how can you be so insensitive.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #8","How could you?",{"how could you.mp3","how could you.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #9","Ideaaaaa!",{"idea.mp3","idea.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #10","I'm so pathetic!",{"i'm so pathetic.mp3","i'm so pathetic.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #11","Oh, it is ON!",{"it is on.mp3","it is on.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #12","Leave me alone!",{"leave me alone.mp3","leave me alone.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #13","Mama's coming!",{"mama's coming.mp3","mama's coming.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #14","Oooooooooooooooo!",{"oooooooooooooooo.mp3","oooooooooooooooo.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #15","Please, please, pleeeeeeeease!",{"please.mp3","please.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #16","My hooves are getting positively pruney, I've been waiting here so long.",{"pruney hooves.mp3","pruney hooves.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #17","Some of us DO have standards!",{"some of us do have standards.mp3","some of us do have standards.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #18","Take that you ruffian!",{"take that you ruffian.mp3","take that you ruffian.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #19","Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me!",{"tell me.mp3","tell me.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #20","Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!",{"thank you.mp3","thank you.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #21","I can't wait to hear all about the... thing at the place.",{"thing at the place.mp3","thing at the place.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #22","This is whining!",{"this is whining.mp3","this is whining.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #23","Try it, punk!",{"try it punk.mp3","try it punk.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #24","Wahahaha!",{"wahahaha.mp3","wahahaha.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #25","What ever shall we do?",{"what ever shall we do.mp3","what ever shall we do.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #26","You look smashing!",{"you look smashing.mp3","you look smashing.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #27","You must. You must, you must!",{"you must.mp3","you must.ogg"},False
Speak,"Soundboard #28","You're just saying that!",{"you're just saying that.mp3","you're just saying that.ogg"},False
>> No. 35784
Quick question about making animations. I hope this is the right place to ask!
I was wondering about other people's working style (and whether I could be improving mine). Do you use a ton of layers and layer groups for individual moving parts of an animation or do you have just one layer for each frame and edit that directly? Or some other method?
>> No. 35785
Yeah, this looks much better. :)

For me, it depends on the sprite. For trotting sprites, I mostly have one layer containing all of the basic pony's frames, one or more layers for the mane, one for the tail, one for the cutiemark and maybe some for clothes if they wear any.
For other sprites with many unique frames I'll put each frame in a layer.
Or a combination of both. Layers for each frame plus layers for reusable parts. But this is rare. I try to keep things simple.
>> No. 35788
Okay, this is probably not that big of a deal, and I guess that everypony already fixed it on their own, but on the off-chance that you still need it:

There. I just added fully transparent frames at the end of Twilight's teleport animation. No more Twilight reappearing for a split second.
>> No. 35791
For me it usually starts off as me trying to be smart about it and making different layers for the different parts but it usually quickly turns into me having about 2 layers or less for each frame of the animation. Unless I am trying my hardest to make a base for myself or know that the character is not symmetrical then I may have a group or two for things.

I know that I use the first one for all the sprites that I make and it sounded like monkeyjay would use the same for the ones he's added but I dont know about the other contributors. Good luck on your project

Thats a pretty clever little animation.
>> No. 35940
The sitting animations for Derpy are mine.
Must say your fix looks a hell of a lot better

Thanks for the complement ^.^
>> No. 35971
Hey DPG, I have a few assets I hope you might be willing to go over to add to the release. Some are alterations/fixes/improvements to existing assets, and one is a background foal associated with a background pony already included in Desktop Ponies. I posted in the OC thread, but since these are all directly related to core assets I figured I'd request here.

Updated Berry Punch:
Animation updates to the Berry Punch archive hidden in the OPPP folder. Adds sit and sleep sprites/animations. Not to be added to Berry Punch (OPPP) for obvious reasons, but meant for the archive inside the OPPP folder.

Minor Capeless Trixie Update:
If you look at the original (1.39) Trixie - Capeless trotcycles there is a single blue pixel in the bottom rear corner ~frame 8 or so, causing a pixel flash while she walks, though usually only noticeable against dark backgrounds. This removes the pixel on both trotcycles (no ini edit included as it's too minor to be worth credit).

Minor Colgate Update:
A change to Colgate's ini to use the stretch animation randomly and when she stands from sitting. Not the full brush interaction, just the stretch frames. Seemed fitting (uncredited in the ini as it's too minor to deserve credit). Different from OC thread: does not include tumblrverse content.

Ruby pinch:
Berry Punch/OPPP's foal as depicted in episode Bridle Gossip. Trotcycle, stand, sit, sleep animations, minor quotes, and follows for both Berry Punch and OPPP included. RAR differentiated from OC thread version as this has a minor tumblrverse tie removed.
>> No. 35972
Disregard my previous Berry Punch update. I forgot to adjust the ini from the OC thread version. Here's the proper link:
>> No. 35973
Quick thing, and I hope this is not sacrilegious. Would it be possible to use this to a non-pony? I know it would be possible, but I have not seen anything to this effect before, and was wondering if I was just looking in the right place.
>> No. 35976
I am the same person, trying to clarify. What I mean, to ask is this: has anypony ever used to program to art up, say, a plain stick figure? I was thinking it would be interesting to have characters from another series, or very simple humanified-ponies as well.
>> No. 35977
Yes I know somepony made a few adventure time or something sprites and had them walking on their desktop along the ponies. Also another person found some lion king sprites and had them interacting with the ponies on their desktop too. So if you have sprite animations of it, it can probably work with this program. Just make a pony.ini file for them.
>> No. 35997
File 133274418352.gif - (143.08KB , 146x100 , rarity_galla_left.gif )
This turned into more than I thought it would.

I set out to just fix Rarity's heads in the gifs where they was simply mirrored, instead of having the different hair for the left and right. I wound up making fixes and adjustments to pretty much everything with Rarity. I fixed the color issues with the drama couch and added little bits of animation to it, animated and recolored/tweaked the Gala gown, did fixes to the flying and tantrum gifs, added animation to the ponder gif, and a whole bunch of other things. I also lined everything up so it goes smoothly from one gif to the other. So basically, I worked on everything in the folder for Rarity.

I hope I didn't step on anypony's toes doing this. I didn't intend for it to turn into as big a project as it did, but I got started, I figured I may as well finish it. Hopefully you guys will like the end result.

So here are the new gif files for Rarity, and her new pony.ini file (with everything intact... I checked). And since I had to make a few small adjustments to Derpy's pony.ini file earlier tonight, I included that, along with the gifs I did/fixed for her.

Here's the whole thing...
>> No. 36002
It's... beautiful!
>> No. 36005
File 133276146648.gif - (103.97KB , 212x222 , discord2-idle-left.gif )
Nice! I especially like the gala-dress animation.

Hey guys, what happened to all those Discord projects? Are they still being worked on or should I throw in something of my own?
>> No. 36017

Discord was claimed by a very dumb and unnerving member called "Ponyluver" who ended up causing a ton of problems and headaches by merely existing, until she finally got the message and went away forever.

Nopony bothered to reclaim the vacant slot, so if you want to keep working on Discord, then by all means please continue, you are already doing awesome.
>> No. 36038
actually I had kind of taken over Discord but could never get happy with it and it fell by the wayside.

Feel free to take over. I have a feeling your Discord is going to be better than what I was working on. Here is what I had if you want to take some inspiration.
Let me know if you want the psd files too.

Wow you really went all out on her. Nice.
>> No. 36074

Thanks you three. It was quite a little undertaking, but I was determined to see it through. The most tedious part was going through and flipping Rarity's cutie mark on all of the gifs, which was backward (the vertically middle gem in it should be pointing to her rear, not her head), and making sure her mane was the same throughout all the gifs (both the left, and right version of it). That felt like it took forever, but it was worth it to give all the gifs consistency.
>> No. 36076
I think Rarity is currently broken. She becomes bigger at times when she puts on her dress..

Is it possible to get a version of Rarity where she doesn't put on her dress?
>> No. 36081
This usually just happens with some of the png files. Have you tried using The Coop's updated files (just a few posts above, hard to miss)?

Anyway, if you just want to get rid of the dress, that's easy enough: Just go into Rarity's pony.ini and delete the line that starts with "Behavior,"Galla_Dress"".
>> No. 36160
I have this program currently and i can tell everypony it is really awesome! The only way to make it better would be to add more interactions between the various ponies, like sometimes 2 or more ponies act out a scene from the series. Also it would be cool if they had a tendency to go to sleep ontop of your open windows and start bar n shit instead of just anywhere they fancy, that would be super awesome!
>> No. 36171

I can agree with this. I remember from long ago I had a certain desktop buddy. I honestly can't remember what the buddy was based on, though...
Anyway, this buddy walked on top of the windows and even fell over the edge. It interacted with the mouse/cursor by being scared of it when it moves fast, and just looking at it when it moves slowly or doesn't move at all.
It did all of this cool stuff to interact with the environment, and that made it seem more alive. I don't know if it's at all possible to program something akin to this for Desktop Ponies.
>> No. 36192
File 133311955205.gif - (348.24KB , 200x152 , Rarity's_Fashion_Show.gif )
Hey I was sort of proud of this so thought I'd toss it up here a little early to hopefully get some more ideas. Since The Coop was working on Rarity, I figured let's just make this Rarity Week. I made some more dresses but this time I have been animating them so they don't look so out of place just appearing out of nowhere.

I made the
not just another jane doe dress
cape and headdress from green is not your color
the glamouflage outfit
the candy cane gown from green is not your color
the boast busters dress and
the super sweet and elite dress
and Im planning on making the garden party outfit later

Now I made little animations for the first three but am wondering if anypony has any little ideas for the remaining ones or just some critiques on what I've already done.
>> No. 36215
That is amazing! I don't have any ideas on how you could improve though.
>> No. 36226
Fine work so far. Might I suggest her beatnik outfit as well (unless I've missed somepony else working on it)? I've considered trying my hand at it myself, but it was hard enough to convince myself to release what little I've done.

As for critique, my biggest question is about how you're planning to handle the dresses. Are you going animated transition->trotcycle(or stand)+/-quote->transition back or separate pony entry (a la Fluttershy vs. Gala Fluttershy)? My personal hope is for the former. For some reason the separate Gala ponies bug me. Otherwise the snippets of art in the animation look good and I can't find anything to pick apart.

PS: Whatever you end up doing, INCLUDE the posted transition just as a random animation. It's just too perfect.
>> No. 36229
Oh, well I was planning on having the dressing screen/fashion show thing be it's own self contained little animation like what The Coop did with Rarity's gala dress. That way there is no static images appearing out of nowhere like with some of the gala dresses. I wasn't planning on doing a whole walk cycle or anything like that with them. Trying my hand at doing that with the gala pony animations made me not want to try for that route especially with the amount of outfits I made for her. Just too tedious. I'm going to keep having little 2-3 second animations between the screen shifts like what I've already done for the first few dresses. Sorry for the confusion.
Also for the beatnik outfit I was thinking about maybe doing a separate animation for it later but Im not planning on adding it to this one.
Anyway when you say separate gala ponies, do you mean like with Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy?
Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad everypony has liked what I've done with it so far.
>> No. 36230