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In lieu of seeing the other Card game on EqD, I thought I'd post about my project.

This is the PonyCraft TCG.

I have been working on the rules and fine-tuning everything. so there are only 4 demo cards, and the design, by the way, is not final! I am looking to recruit people to help supply the game with rules, card ideas and any other things that you may think of. This has been in the works since around June now. Go ahead and read the rules, and if you wanna give me your input, or join my card design team, I'd gladly accept!

And the website is dedicated to my Minecraft server. If that curbs your curiosity(It is down right now)
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If you want to see any other cards they are all available here.
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I like it, works well i suppose. Though the costs I'm confused about. Does it work like Mana in Magic? Cause if so, you can use the Elements of Harmony as Land and Cost.
>> No. 29756
No, you get one or 2 points per turn, depending on the "Commander" card you have in play.
>> No. 29817
bumping! Email me if you want any more info.
>> No. 36344
Still working on this if anypony is interested
>> No. 36365
This looks so rad! Brohoof, bro.

(Also, the site's down, so there's that)

I'd like to see more, such as the rules and stuff, but again, the site's down
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Well I'm pretty interested in doing something. I have a fair knowledge of photoshop. Not much on a professional level but enough to know what I'm doing.

Perhaps a small suggestion which I haven't come across on any of these traditional game projects. I recently bumped into a program called Vassal Engine. It is a client to play board-, card- and wargames over the internet and it comes with a module editor. PM me if you are interested.
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