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29704 No. 29704
The Ne-ON Lights is an online radio show set in Equestria so no OP (Out of Place).
The radio show itself takes place 2 hours right after The Vinyl Scratch.
This one takes place in Equestria's Present day and the show airs 2-4 days a week.

It has 2 parts, one the scripted radio show, the 2nd... the independent Q&A.
The independent Q&A takes questions from the blog:
And also, taking questions from skype callers. Like Ghost :3

After the show, the show will be edited and posted on youtube.

The host here is of course... Neon Lights a.k.a. DJ-W1SH.
The co-host... Fleur. Which would add a twist ^^

The first interviewed guest is Vinyl Scratch
We need the following people...

People that could find or make music for the show,
People that could find or make commercials RELATED TO EQUESTRIA or TAKES PLACE INSIDE EQUESTRIA,
People that can voice act live.

So, we need voice actors for the following:
Fleur: The Co-Host and Partner of Neon.
Vinyl: The interviewed guest.

Extra VAs will be announced in a Google Doc to be posted soon.

Voice acting will take place at 6PM GMT +8:00

More info will be posted later.
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>> No. 29732
Doing livestream testing:
>> No. 29772
Still finding a good VA.
Even though the stream went well. Wishdream was just a temporary person.
>> No. 29773
Hey!! I'm Hannah, and I've been involved with the voice dubbing of The Vinyl Scratch Tapes, playing the part of Vinyl. This project sounds like a TON of fun, and I'd love to try out for Vinyl on this show too! Just lemme know what I need to do!
>> No. 29798
Contact me on skype and I'll fill you in with the details.
My skype is thisromero
>> No. 29884
Still looking for Fleur ^^
>> No. 30068
Hey guys, we're still open for VAs.
We'll also need a VA for Fancy Pants.
>> No. 30071
I think I would be interested in giving some VA work a shot. I take it you would like me to contact you via skype?
>> No. 30072
File 132384874568.png - (35.64KB , 125x125 , fluttersmile.png )
I wouldn't mind trying out for Fancy Pants if he's still available. Just let me know what times are good for you and I will try to get on Skype to show you my stuff.
>> No. 30082

Please do contact me in Skype :) I'll be on everyday.
>> No. 31704
So just curious, is there any roles left or have I stumbled upon this to late? Cause I really love DJing and have always wanted to try to be involved in this somehow.
>> No. 31906
If you want a ad, and you like it, I'd love to offer mine, I created it with intention of being a bit cheesy and obnoxious, so keep that in mind. :D
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